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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  September 13, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> appreciate it. and on this friday the 13th, you've got the 2020 democrats this morning getting back to work on the campaign trail after back-to-back attacks on the debate stage. many of them are out defending the biggest and controversial moments of the night. >> are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? >> i wouldn't differently. >> that's a question that i would ask my opponent on stage. >> hell, yes, we're going to take your ak-47. >> it is mandatory, it will be the law. >> while bernie wrote the bill, i read the bill. i don't do it personally. i'm friends with bernie and i came in together, we've worked together. >> the top ten candidates sharing the stage for the first time, but making clear they are not sharing the same vision for the country with the clear contrast between moderates and progressives coming into particular focus on health care. >> the senator says she's for bernie. well, i'm for barack. >> we all owe huge debt to
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president obama. >> i trust you to choose what makes the most sense for you. >> our team of correspondents and analysts are standing by the share our new reporting on this and other stories of the day. i want to start with garrett haake in houston. what are you hearing about the folks inside the campaigns? it seems like team biden is fairly happy with how joe biden seemed to have done. >> reporter: i think that's right. not a lot of shake-up among the top three, although there are some lower polling candidates who punched up. as for team biden, they were very pleased with the front-runner's performance last night. they felt like he was punchy and engaged throughout. he got dinged a little bit in the debate for making reference to a record player. he also had a very modern meme worthy answer on health care earlier in the debate. the idea of she's with bernie, i'm with barack, comparing and contrasting his vision on health care with elizabeth warren's.
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it's probably the cleanest distillation of where his team and supporters want him to be. i think the strange of the night was the back and forth between biden and julian castro over health care specifically, but over who is essentially the better heir on the obama-biden legacy, the fight over whether or not obama would allow a buy-in to his health care plan took a lot of attention last night. let's play the moment and talk about it on the other side. >> my plan would do that, your plan would not. >> they do not have to buy in. >> you just said that. you just said that two minutes ago. you just said two minutes ago that they would have to buy in. you said they would have to buy in. >> they would not have to buy in. >> are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? are you forgetting already what you said just two minutes ago? >> three things of note here. biden's plan does require some people to opt into it, but not buy into it. those are the facts of the matter there. the second thing here is the
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question about whether or not biden forgot what he was saying. a lot of folks are accusing castro of essentially playing into the trump line here about biden as somebody who perhaps is too old, not all there mentally, can't hang in this environment. and i think you're going to see perhaps a backlash here against julian castro for making that attack. he is defending it today. it's not clear how well it will play in the long-term. >> ms nbc's garrett haake live for day 4 lun in houston. thanks. >> with me from the biden campaign, kate. it's good to have you back on the show. thanks for being with us. >> thank for having me. >> with julian castro defending that moment that is getting so much attention between him and the former vice president last night, i want to play with you what the former hud secretary had to say. watch. >> the vice president is, you know, i mean, he's been around
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for a long time, okay. when we're up there, we're up there to debate. it didn't matter that it was joe biden. had it been another candidate that tried to deny what they just said two minutes ago, i would have asked them the same thing. >> he says he would have asked the same thing, kate. do you believe him? >> i mean, look, secretary castro likes to talk about who has learned the lessons of the past and i think it's very clear that he hasn't learned the lesson that attacking joe biden in personal terms is not the way to advance yourself in the polls. that certainly hasn't been true for anybody else who has tried to a jattack joe biden in the l few months. particularly because he was wrong on the facts. he came at vice president biden in a personal and disrespectful way and was factually wrong with his attack. so i think it frankly went over like a lead balloon in the room. i think it has been panned as being disrespectful and classless. >> you've called it personal,
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disrespectful and classless. do you believe it was specifically an attack on the vice president's age and his mental fitness? >> i think it's clear what he was implying and i think it was unfortunate. and as democrats we are all focused and united on beating donald trump and i think those kind of personal attacks are exactly the kind of thing that's going to lead to donald trump's reelection. so i think the implication was very clear and frankly, it was very disappointing. >> you talk about how, and in fact when you look at the transcript it appears as though the former vice president was correctly referring to something that julian castro incorrectly mischaracterized. let me pull back to 30,000 feet and talk about the plan sort of overall and on the policy of who opts in and who doesn't. "the new york times" has the fact check that points out that most people would have to enroll themselves in the public option under your candidate's plan, leaving the possibility that some would fall through the cracks. many people would be automatically enrolled if they sign up for certain programs in certain states, but there are some people who would potentially fall through the cracks, no?
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>> vice president biden's plan, under his plan everybody will be eligible for health care and i think you saw last night is a very defining exchange between senator warren and senator sanders a clear difference of opinion on the best by to get to universal coverage and i think vice president biden made very forceful case for building on obamacare and adding a public option as the cheapest and fastest and most effective way to get to universal coverage. and i think importantly in that exchange, you know, we saw that senator warren didn't answer a question, a very important question about whether middle class taxes are going to go up. so i thought that that was a powerful and defining exchange on health care and that vice president biden very clearly articulated his position. >> there was another exchange that i think was the most tweeted about exchanges of the night and that was when joe biden was asked specifically about the responsibility that americans need to take more the legacy of slavery in this country.
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i want to play his response for you. >> make sure that every single child does, in fact, have three, four and five year olds go to school. school, not daycare. we bring social workers into homes with parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. it's not that they'll want to help. they don't know quite what to do. play the radio, make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. >> dice responded to that calling it essentially a sermon implying that black parents don't know how to raise their own children, saying is this not one of the most explicitly racist moments. if joe biden were given the opportunity, would he answer that question differently today? >> he made the same point that he makes all the time about the investment in underserved communities across this country and his record of investing in underserved communities over the course of his career.
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and i think the point that he was making was an incredibly important one, which is about exposure to language and making sure that kids have the opportunity and the resources that they need to learn. that's something that he would do as president. he's put forward an education plan that triples funding for title one schools that are underserved across the country. it's a priority for him, it's personal for him. >> you don't think that point got lost in the language, kate? >> no, i don't. i think he very clearly expressed that this is a priority for him, it's something that's motivated him his entire career and i think anybody watching the debate came away with that impression. >> kate, thanks for being back on the show. i appreciate it. let me bring you now to president and ceo of the center for american progress and a democratic strategist who served as an adviser on hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. i think christine reynolds is going to try to pop up in a second, too. your reaction to what we heard. let me start with from kate specifically on joe biden's
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performance at last night's debate. >> so i thought his performance, particularly in the health care debate, was a very strong one. i think he answered -- he was stronger yesterday than he has been in previous debates. i do think his answer on race could have been a lot stronger, a lot more clear about the challenges. but i actually thought he did a pretty good job and i think the actual exchange with castro, i thought the challenge of that, i think it made a lot of democrats feel defensive for joe biden. >> the challenge for castro, you mean? can i just do this when we were playing the sound bite at the top of the show. both of you were sitting here shaking your heads and antwan, you said that was a mistake to do that? >> everyone who has tried to go after joe biden, a few of them are not around to talk about it anymore, and others have suffered in the polls. they've suffered in the poll as a result. i think you can run for a
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party's nomination and not against each other and i think the candidates are starting to learn that, particularly those on the debate stage last night. as for joe biden, i think he was a much more prepared joe biden and a much more -- probably stronger joe biden than we've seen before. and i think last night his offense was his best defense. >> let me ask you this. our team is saying this is a stats quo debate. did anything really change? >> i actually think a lot of the candidates who were polling at the midlevel or behind -- >> so you think the lower-tier candidates this may have made a difference? >> i think they demonstrated that they very much deserve to be on the stage. we saw a lot of performances from people that you don't hear a lot about on cable news, beto o'rourke, amy klobuchar, even mayor pete. i thought that kamala did a great job in the debate. and i think to your point, i think actually democrats are looking for the face you're
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going to make for yourself and against trump. >> kamala harris sure did that. >> and it was a lot better yesterday than in previous debates. people recognize that the challenge is not destroying each other, it's actually taking on trump. >> as promised, christine ya reynolds is joining us late to the party, but we welcome you, nonetheless. let me let you jump this here. sf specifically we talked about beto o'rourke and the moment on guns that frankly conservatives are already seizing on. there was a state lawmaker in texas who tweeted about this, he said something like i'm coming for the ar or something along those lines. o'rourke is describing it as a death threat this morning. >> i think we need to take that seriously. democrats share the same values on guns, which is that we need to do something about gun violence prevention. that separates us from trump and from the republicans right now, who are blocking any effort to do anything.
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i think beto offered a policy position that is a valid part of the debate and to come back with something that is so glib at a time when we face real serious issues with this kind of gun violence, it is not great. it's a challenge and something that we should call out. >> i think last night proves several things. i think the front-runners kept running in front. but i think for some of the down ballot candidates, i think it gave them an opportunity to really make their case for trying to stay on the debate stage for the next debate. what we do not know is whether some of those moments will transfer into a movement post the debate that will give them enough credibility to make the stage. >> we don't know until we see some of the poll numbers. although you do have candidates who are surprisingly fundraising off of some of their moments. thank you all for joining us. we have to give you breaking news. this is from the u.s. appeals court in manhattan and it's about a lawsuit that claims
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president trump improperly profited from accepting foreign and domestic government payments through his business. let me bring in nbc news justice correspondent who is with the new development. what do we know? >> the lawsuit has been revived is the headline. it was originally filed by a group called crew, an ethics group of restaurant owners and business operators in new york and washington. crew has since fallen out of the lawsuit, but the lower court said no, these groups don't have standing to sue. they appealed and today the second circuit court of appeals in manhattan said, yes, they do have standing. so this is not a decision on the merits about whether they're right or wrong. it's a decision about whether they get to keep up the fight and the answer is yes, they do. their argument is -- >> pete, go ahead. >> their argument is that the president's ownership of his hotels and restaurants in washington and new york unfairly competes when foreign and domestic government officials stay in those facilities that
7:14 am
are competing with other businesses, because they want to curry favor with the president and the president benefits financially and they say that violates the constitutions emoluments clause, an obscure part of the constitution that no one ever talked about until donald trump became president. it goes back to the district court now and this is just the opposite of the conclusion that was reached by other courts that have looked at the same question, that these groups don't have standing. so if this continues along this way, we're set up for a possible circuit split here and this could wind up before the supreme court in the next couple of years. >> pete williams, i appreciate you bringing us the breaking news. we're going to talk about that later in the show. we're also going to talk more about the big democratic slowdown, including a change in strategy who are now hugging barack obama. one of the senior advisers to the former president is joining us live. plus democrats are growing more and more frustrated at
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republicans and the president for what they describe as a failure to act on gun reform. we're taking you live right now to the congressional leaders that are talking about their next moves. we've got it. you should know the location of a decent bathroom.ation, my gut says, take new benefiber healthy balance. this daily supplement helps maintain digestive health naturally while relieving occasional constipation and abdominal discomfort. new benefiber healthy balance
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right now house republicans are on their annual retreat up in baltimore and we've just heard from the house minority leader on an issue congress is feeling some pressure on and that's the possibility of some kind of action sometime soon on gun legislation. here is kevin mccarthy. we're going to show you just a
7:19 am
few minutes ago. >> the president is getting all the information from law enforcement, the from the legal community, from barr and others. he's meeting with others on both sides of the aisle and i expect he'll come forward with a package quite soon. but he wants to gather all the information first. >> hans and monica are with me. there have been these questions about when the president was going to roll out the legislative package that he would support. it sounds like from what kevin mccarthy says, it's probably not going to be today. soon but gathering doesn't sound like eminent. >> maybe but that conflicts with what the senators have been talking about and they said 48 hours about 48 hours ago. chris murphy also referred to it as the witching hour, so i don't think that senator has a whole lot of confidence either. here's what the hold-up appears to be. it appears to be over the definition of background checks. you'll remember in the oval office when the president was asked if he would support
7:20 am
background checks for private gun sales, he punted and didn't really answer it. and then yesterday when the president was asked on the south lawn before he went up to baltimore, he seemed awfully quick to blame democrats if a deal didn't go through. >> i think so. it depends really on the democrats. it depends on whether or not the democrats want to take your guns away, because there's a possibility that this is just a employ to take your guns away or whether or not it's meaningful. if it's meaningful, we'll make a deal. if this is a movement by the democrats to take your guns away, then it's never going to happen. >> you know, when the president was on the south lawn back in september right after one of these most latest shootings, he almost seemed to think that background checks wouldn't make that big of a difference. at least that was his opinion at the time. the president shifted around a lot on this and i think that's why senators are trying to stay close to him. senator toomey up in pennsylvania says the president is on the cusp of doing something meaningful, but that
7:21 am
would mean different things to different parties on this particular issue. >> mon, what are you hearing on the ground from republicans about their expectations of moving forward on something? >> reporter: hey there, hallie. so guns is something that hasn't been brought up as much by republicans here in baltimore, except when asked by reporters. the republicans here are really trying to focus on other issues. they're trying to focus on their legislative agenda. but it was interesting last night when the president was here, of course his first visit to baltimore, a city that over the summer he called a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess where he went as far to say no human being would want to live. he was here to speak to the members and treated this more sort of like a mini rally touching on all his greatest hits and among that there was mention of the second amendment. and that was actually one of the moments that got a standing ovation from the republicans here. he didn't go into any discussion of gun control measures or what we might expect to hear from him in the coming weeks, so it sort
7:22 am
of seems like an issue where republicans are waiting to see what kind of signals they're going to get from the president as hans mentioned. something else that was notable that the president himself brought up and that republicans have been bringing up over and over again is the issue of impeachment. and i say that's interesting because it didn't actually come up last night during the democratic debate. so republicans are banking on a strategy here that if they talk up impeachment, that will make it difficult for the democrats on their sort of muddled messaging and they're hoping that that's something they can rally around. we heard it from everybody here, from leader mccarthy and congress steve scalise, everybody has been pointing the other finger, essentially double dog daring the democrats to go forward with impeachment because they think it will be helpful to them. we're going to hear from vice president pence and secretary of state mike pompeo will be here later as well. >> thank you, appreciate it. the 2020 democrats may have clashed on policy but it's a
7:23 am
much more united front when it comes to a person, a former president. >> of course we owe a debt of gratitude to president barack obama. >> so what's with the about-face since the last debates from some of these candidates and is legit? former obama senior adviser is joining us live after the break. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce. and if you have the wrong home insurance coverage, you could be coughing up the cash for this. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like me-ow. for a restless night's sleep. pain settle so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed.
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this morning turns out one of the people who may have come out looking the best at the democratic debate wasn't even there and that's former president barack obama, who is perhaps blushing at all the high raise heaped on him, with a lot of democratic candidates looking to take up the mantle of his legacy and maybe take over the support of his many backers in the party. >> we all owe huge debt to president obama. >> i want to give credit first to barack obama. >> what i favor is something that what barack obama wanted to do from the very beginning. >> i'm fulfilling the legacy of barack obama and you're not. >> that will be a surprise to him. >> joining me now, former senior adviser to president obama, valerie jarrett, she is the author of finding my voice, my journey to the west wing and the path forward. to you so much for being on the
7:28 am
show. >> my pleasure. >> so for some of these candidates, with the notable exception of joe biden this was kind of a 180 frankly from the last debate when people were going after the president's former policies. do you think the democrats learned their lesson? >> first of all, i think by every possible metric president obama moved our country forward while he was president and when he left office he challenged the rest of us to pick up the mantle and continue the progress. and i think what we heard last night were candidates recognize the progress that we made and recognize that he is the most popular person in the democratic party for a good reason and the question is how are they going to build on it. and i was heartnd to see many of the issues that i hear as i travel the country front and center from what are we going to do to make sure we don't lose health care and build the health care. what are we going to do to reduce gun violence and issues about economy and trade, those were all important issues that were discussed. i wish that the moderators will also asked about the working
7:29 am
family issues that i hear about from paid leave to work place flexibility and equal pay for women. we still know women aren't earning as much as men. freeing our society from domestic violence and sexual harassment. those are issues that i do wish the candidates had a chance to talk about. >> does it seem authentic to you when elizabeth warren praises former president obama about health care but then talks about a policy that would go in a dramatically different direction? >> not at all. i think everyone has to recognize that we'rer ahead on the issue of health care. 20 million people received health care, many who hadn't had it before. we are concerned that 2 million people have lost their health insurance between the year before last and last year as a direct result of the policies of the trump administration. but of course the candidates are free to say, well, okay, now where do we go moving forward. and i think one of the comments i think that was really
7:30 am
important that senator harris made last night is all of the candidates on the stage agree that we need to build on health insurance, make sure every american has access to it, and that it's affordable. there's no disagreement there. and then once elected, then the issue is going to be how do you make that dream turn into a reality. that's a stark contrast to the trump administration in court right now trying to repeal the affordable care act, which would strip all the benefits way from americans. so i think that's where the spotlight should be and i encouraged the candidates to really focus on the contrast between the democratic agenda which they all share and what we're seeing right now by the trump administration. >> right before we introduced you we played the line from former hud secretary julian castro to joe biden saying i'm fulfilling the legacy of barack obama and you are not. is julian castro correct? >> i think they all have the ability to fulfill the legacy. being in the race, i'm thrilled by the --
7:31 am
>> that is very diplomatic of you. do you think that was a fair line? >> i think they can all say that and the question is the voters get to decide. i think the fact that he was a member of the administration and he has idea going forward, some of which are very consistent with what president obama tried to do and some of the other candidates in the field. again, i don't know that there's very much difference in terms of the core values of the candidates. all of them stand head and shoulders over the current occupant of the white house. the question is how do you convince the american people that you're going to turn your vision into a reality and that that is going to affect the quality of their lives. that's what i think voters are looking for. >> president obama has made it clear he's not going to endorse in the primary. have you made a decision on that yet? >> right now i am speaking with any candidate who wants my advi advice. i want us to go into the general election with the strongest candidate, nominee possible, and i am offering my advice to all
7:32 am
who are interested. >> and will you endorse by the end of the primary, do you think, or no? >> i'm not prepared to make that decision right now. i think we have an embarrassment of riches and i'll tell you one thing, that whoever emerges as a nominee, i will get behind that person and work tirelessly throughout the general election period. >> valerie jarrett, thank you very much for being on the show. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> a former fbi dep pete director appeal has been rejected. might an indictment be eminent? we're taking you live to the doj for the very latest. try great-tasting boost glucose control. the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein than the leading diabetes nutrition shake and contains only 1 carb choice. enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control as part of a healthy diet.
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we are monitoring some legal developments today potentially, including the road to a potential indictment against former fbi director andrew mccabe. that's because the doj, we understand, is rejecting his appeal to try and avoid criminal charges. why? for allegedly lying about the disclosure of information on an ongoing fbi investigation. the latest in the complicated saga that eventually cost mccabe his job less than 48 hours after he was eligible. after the inspector general said mcgabe lacked candor during the investigation. let's bring in julia who is at the justice department in washington. >> julia, let me start with you. what does this rejection means for mccabe in practical terms and what might be coming down the park here? >> reporter: we understand that the office of the deputy attorney general informed andrew mccabe's lawyer that the justice
7:37 am
department had rejected his appeal to try to avoid criminal charges. but really, hallie, it doesn't come down to what the justice department prosecutors thinks. it comes down to a grand jury who would be meeting at the federal courthouse just down the road from me here. if 12 out of 23 of those people on the grand jury decide not to move forward with an indictment of andrew mccabe, there's nothing the justice department can do dabout it. it would be a huge below to them because it is very rare not to get an indictment. they say you can indite a ham sandwich. it's the conviction that actually comes later when you go to a trial. so at this point this would be a big blow and it would show that there were some flaws in the prosecution's case and that maybe they couldn't convince the grand jury that they weren't just going after andrew mccabe for political reasons, which of course is this whole case is flaut wi fraught with that criticism, that andrew mccabe really didn't
7:38 am
contradict himself, that this was a small infraction. what he lied about was not even something illegal. it wasn't leg for him to disclose the information that he did in 2016, but simply that they're trying to catch him in political cross hairs because of his involvement into the investigation between the trump campaign and russia. so at this point we're all waiting to see what's going to come out of the grand jury, but it's very clear from the message yesterday from the justice department that they are ready to go forward with this and they are blocking any roads that andrew act kab has to avoid criminal charges. >> and what are the possible penalties, joyce, that mccabe could face in in fact this were to move forward? >> reporter: well, if this were to move forward to a conviction, which as julie is pointing out is somewhat in question at this point in time. it's unlikely that mccabe would face any significant jail time. he has no prior criminal history. he would be dharjd under 18 u.s. code 1001 with making false statements to the government and
7:39 am
he would likely fall within this recommended sentencing range of 0 to 6 months, which would permit him to ultimately spend no time to federal prison. >> you have mccabe currently suing the trump administration, right? he says that he was fired, as you know, for essentially retaliating -- the trump administration retaliated against him for his role in the justice department's investigation, as julia talked about, between the trump campaign and russia and potential collusion here. what does this mean for that lawsuit, if anything? >> reporter: they'll proceed on two parallel tracks. the civil lawsuits is in essence mccabe's effort to claim the pension that he worked for so many years to earn, claiming that he was fired in an inappropriate manner without cause too close to that date. and if you'll recall, those circumstances were really pretty unusual with a late friday evening firing by then attorney general jeff sessions, just 48
7:40 am
hours before mccabe's pension would have accrued. but the criminal case will proceed on a parallel track on its own timeline and what we're seeing here, hallie, is really an unusual window into the criminal process. grand jury proceedings are held in secrecy, the public doesn't have a window in. the only reason we know what's going on here is that apparently mccabe's lawyers sought an interview with the deputy attorney general. that's not all that unusual, actually, in a high-profile case. but they asked the deputy attorney general to reconsider and not bring charges. it's interesting that this case has gone to grand jury. we don't know if the rumors that there was a vote by the grand jury not to proceed are true. but sometimes prosecutors will take a very close case to the grand jury and let the grand jury make the call. we just won't know until we hear more. but a grand jury no bill is a strong signal to prosecutors
7:41 am
that a case is dead in the water. >> joyce vans, julia, thank you for that. we have some breaking news coming into us and that is a new move by the trump administration against north korea. the administration is announcing some new sanctions there after a week of mixed signals. the regime is launching more weapons test after showing willingness to try and restart talks. they're trying to have it both ways. back with me with hans nichols over at the white house. talk through these new sanctions. what are they? >> it's really the timing of the sanctions that are significant. what the u.s. government and the treasury department, sanctioning three north korean state-sponsored cyber entities. now, for the most part we already knew and there had been sanctions against parts of these for what they had done. this had to do with the cyberattack back in 2017. you may remember the bank heist from bangladesh where the north koreans were accused of stealing some $80 million.
7:42 am
the interesting thing here is really the timing. because in the context of denuclearization talks the president and north koreans have hinted they're coming up at the end of the month. this really marks the first time you've seen the u.s. do something aggressive toward the north koreans. for the most part the president has been tamping down rhetoric and there haven't been new instances of what they call in the administration the maximum pressure campaign. >> but again -- >> but the fact that tresry is announcing this is significant. >> i just want to be clear. this is for something that happened prior to donald trump taking office? >> correct. well, i think the one in 2017, the u.s. government had already acknowledged who was behind that and blamed the north koreans. so some of these happened before trump, some of them during. but it's really the idea treasury is tightens the screws and they're going after north korea just ahead of the meetings later this month. and remember the north koreans
7:43 am
have said they are willing to meet at the end of the month and the administration is saying the window for negotiations is closing. so this could be an attempt by the trump administration to increase pressure on the north koreans. hallie. >> hans nichols live from the house north lawn. hans, thank you much. we are also on swamp watch this morning. two top cabinet members not shying away from events that financially benefit businessman donald trump. the details of the new story is here. but first another one we're going to be following throughout the day. judgment day for fell lisity h huffman. she is the first parent to learn her fate. she pleaded guilty to paying $15,000 to rig her daughter's sat scores. the prosecutors want her sentenced to one month behind bars and pay some fines. her defense team is asking for a year of probation. we'll find out what they actually get later today.
7:44 am
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we are following that breaking news this morning over a lawsuit against president trump. the u.s. appeals court in manhattan is reviving that suit now. looking at whether the president broke the law by making money off payments from foreign governments and even the u.s. government to his properties.
7:48 am
then there's this new piece out in the "washington post" today. our swamp watch of the day centers around the president's hotel in washington where the vice president and secretary of state are head lining two separate events hosted by a nonprofit paying to rent ball rooms there. the post detailing what it describes as the latest example of the administration's public power mixing with the president's private businesses. the reporter behind that piece, an ms nbc contributor is joining us from the news room. david, good to have you back on, my friend. >> thank you. >> talk through the breaking news that we brought folks at the top of the show. i know you've had a chance to get a bit read in on this. the attorney's office is allowing this to move forward to determine whether the president profited off of these payments. why is that significant? >> this area of law, the emoluments clause has been in the constitution for so many years but it's never been
7:49 am
tested, where most presidents have stayed away from it and donald trump has run the opposite direction. so there's three lawsuits that have been filed to try to challenge him on this and all of them faced legal hurdles because nobody has dealt with this area of law before. so in this case this is a lawsuit filed by competitors of his, other people who own restaurants and hotel thas compete with trump. and they say we can offer steaks and hotel rooms just like trump does, we can't offer something that only he can offer, which is the presidency, the access to power. and they say that's illegal and the court should stop him from using that advantage. so the court in 2017 originally said no, that's not enough. you have to prove you lost a customer to donald trump. this appeals court is saying, no, let's start over again. just if you can possible allege that you might have lost a customer, that's at least enough to get the court case going. that's where we are right now. honestly, i think this is all going to the supreme court who is going to have to make a ruling on what the clause means. >> pete williams said the same
7:50 am
thing on the show and it seems like that is going to be one to watch. we often see current and former trump administration officials over there down pennsylvania avenue from the white house. but you have this reporting rep secretary of state mike pompeo, v. p. pence giving these speeches. what's the administration saying about those bookings? >> they've said they've vetted them and they're final. in the legal sense, they're right. there's nothing illegal. you're seeing an excaccelerated willingness to do things that bring money to the president's pocket. you've seen vice president pence way out of his way to visit trump's report in ireland. this is another example where they're going to help a customer. this is a customer of donald trump's business. pompeo and pence are going to help that customer. if you look at it in that light, they're getting more aggressive about doing that kind of thing. >> let me ask you about that. why do you call it an accelerated willingness and more aggressive willingness?
7:51 am
what have you seen change in the last six months or so? >> it started with trump going to his golf resort in scotland, taking a big detour. he wants to host the g7 at his property in doral. he says it doesn't matter as much to him anymore. other people seem to go further to impress him by doing things at his properties. >> david fahrenthold, always great to have you on. thank you. a big nbc news exclusive story, about the national security consequences of the trump administration's decision to move money around for the president's border wall. this outlines a behind-the-scenes push back from the air force in a report obtained by our pentagon team. in that report the air force explains the importance of dozens of military construction projects chosen by the administration to lose or at least have their funding
7:52 am
delayed. courtney kube joins me from the pentagon. thanks for bringing this skub to us. talk about how serious these national security concerns are and what else you're hearing? >> it lays out the 51 military construction projects that the trump administration and department of defense selected to have funding taken away and diverted to the border wall in the southern united states. each one of these projects, it lays out exactly the scope of what is to be done. there's a section in each that says impact if not completed. that's what we focused on here. there were a number of them, it was really jarring, for the potential consequences for not completing these projects. one, the main gain at the air base in turkey. the report explains how it needs to be completely redone, essentially. it's the wrong size and presents a security concern to a base that is already in a volatile area and that's seen a potential increase in their threat as the
7:53 am
united states has been more involved in the war in syria and in operation inherent resolve in iraq. that was one of them. there were also ones throughout much of europe. these are part of what the pentagon calls the european defense initiative. this is something that it's u.s. and nato having more of a forward presence throughout europe to try to deter russian aggression, deter russia from moving into parts of europe. there were also projects here in the united states. one specifically that talked about concerns for aircraft that are supposed to be on a constant watch for an operation that deals with the u.s. homeland. these are fighter aircraft that have to be loaded with munitions and on alert at all times to respond to a threat in the air and they don't have the kind of infrastructure that they need, hallie. >> really quickly, this report gets written up and handed over. do you have any indication of how seriously the higher-ups are
7:54 am
taking this report? >> the reality is within the air force and within osd, they knew about -- and presumably the white house, they knew about these concerns, why these projects were important when they selected them for this. the big question now is what's going to happen next? will this money be backfilled or not? that's going to be something that the hill has to decide. are they going to provide an automatic backfill for this money in the next budget? we don't know the answer. the number of people i've been talking to, it's not automatic that the money will be backfilled for these projects. >> courtney kube, thank you for bringing us that exclusive. you can find it on coming up, the newest and biggest battle ground of the 2020 election. how one state's 45 million latino voters might be game changers on next year's presidential election. we'll be right back with what our sources are saying.
7:55 am
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it's a kind of milestone a lot of folks in washington may not like as the u.s. budget deficit now trops a trillion dollars so far this year. this is an increase of 19% over this time last year, despite president trump's promise on the campaign trail to eliminate the federal debt. time to get a look at what our sources are saying. white house correspondent for reuters jeff mason is joining us. i know you're working on a story about trade. what you got? >> reporter: for starters the president and his counterparts
7:59 am
in china have been making conciliatory gestures the last few days about trade. the president delaying tariffs that were supposed to go in october until a couple weeks later. my sources are saying don't expect an interim deal, even though the president left the door open to that slightly yesterday when he was speaking to us outside. my sources are saying that's not what they're working on and the two sides are still pretty far apart on the key structural issues that the u.s. wants china to change. >> those talks are still set for next month between top chinese officials and the u.s. negotiators? >> reporter: that's right. and then higher level talks in october. >> jeff mason from reuters. always great to see you. >> than, hallie. to my colleague chris jansing, picking up our coverage on new york on what is a surprisingly busy friday morning. >> i'm not surprised by any busy
8:00 am
day, hallie jackson. have a great weekend. thank you so much. i'm chris jansing in for craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york. new policies, new allegiances and a new attacker. we're digging into the fallout after the democrats faced off in their third debate including one candidate doing some damage control after a contentious moment with front-runner joe biden. plus the line is drawn like never before, the issue of gun control took center stage with beto o'rourke's defiant push for a mandatory buyback on assault weapons while president trump leaned into the gun lobby with his own message. messing with texas. how democrats are betting big on a sleeping giant and the group of voters they're hoping to tap into for 2020. a lot to get to. let's start with democratic race for president and a


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