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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  September 22, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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the conversation i had was largely congratulatory. was largely corruption. all of the corruption taking place. largely the fact that we don't want our people like vice president biden and his son creating the corruption already in the ukraine. >> senator elizabeth warren on top of a new poll in iowa, and an apology from the defense department after a tweet threatening american citizens heading to area 51. there's a lot happening this hour including presidential candidate pete buttigieg trying to rally voters with a new bus tour in iowa. over seas in israel, serious discussions are underway between prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the opposition party to form a government. and later this hour nbc's kerry sanders takes us underwater to show us why the ocean's coral reefs are a canary in the coal mine when it comes to climate change. first our top story.
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president trump wrapping up his joint appearance with india's prime minister modi a few minutes ago. it had many of the trappings of a maga rally. he mentioned undocumented citizens, the u.s. economy and even touched on the space force. nbc's hans nichols is live on the ground there. hans, do you get more of a political rally feel from today's event? what was the scene like in the room? >> reporter: right. morgan, my metric for that is the president goes off prompter, it's a political rally and if not it's a policy speech. based on that, this felt more like a policy speech. he mentioned overtly political themes. he did talk about the border. he got big cheers, huge applause from the crowd here but it didn't have that late night maga riffing feel that we get sometimes from the president when he's out on the campaign trail. we did get three important developments from the president on his way out here. number one, he seems to acknowledge that he spoke to the
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ukrainian president about the biden family. two, he said he seems to be indicating that he knows what real pressure is like and that he didn't bring that real pressure. finally, he's hinting that he may have some third party look at the transcript or look at what this call was about and see if they can release it. it's clear that he doesn't think he did anything wrong. listen to how he described that conversation. >> i said absolutely nothing wrong. it was perfect. that call was a great call. it was a perfect call. a perfect call. what wasn't perfect is the horrible thing that joe biden said. >> reporter: now, morgan, we've now transitioned to the part of the speech where mode did i is speaking. he's speaking in hindi. every now and then owe offers
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translation. >> anything would be a guess. the president said there were more than 50,000 people here. it does look pretty full. it seems to be about 80, 90% indian american. when i talk to some people on the sidelines here, a lot of them say they're republicans. they say they support their president. when you press them they say, look, this is still texas. we are mostly professional republicans and, yes, we're also here to see modi. that said, on the applause meter, modi is getting bigger applause than the president of the united states. he's brought this place down several times. morgan? >> nbc's hans nichols, thank you so much for joining us live from houston. signs today of what could be a significant shift in the democratic presidential primary race. a new poll shows elizabeth warren edging ahead of former vice president joe biden in iowa. the cnn survey with a four point margin shows warren leading
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biden by 2 points. 22% to 20% and bernie sanders coming in third at 11%. nearly all the democratic hopefuls are in iowa. nbc road warrior vonn hilliard joins us live. do these new numbers reflect what you are seeing there on the ground with those voters? >> reporter: you know, to be frank, morgan, when you're talking to voters here, there's definitely what elizabeth warren likes to call a movement towards her candidacy. we are still 134 days out. it's a similar feel in talking to voters a number of days ago it was felt around the beto o'rourke campaign, pete buttigieg campaign and kamala harris campaign. obviously elizabeth warren's campaign does not want this to be a moment but they want this to go for the next four months and really firm up the support. you know, if you're talking to folks here on the ground, which we have talked to many of them, they aren't deterred by poll
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numbers. we should be clear. we talked to people supporting beto o'rourke. bernie sanders dropping five points in the iowa poll since june. there continued to be a strong group of folks that say he is still their top choice. so when you're having those conversations here, folks say there's a lot of time to be had. kamala harris just this week, she put it that she intends to move to iowa calling this the fourth quarter of her campaign and really starting to hone in. yesterday you're seeing the images from the polk county steak fry. this is an annual event here in des moines in which you saw 17 presidential candidates all descend with their organizers, with volunteers here on the ground and they had an opportunity to mobilize. we should note kamala harris is at the funeral service for emily cliburn who is the wife of congressman james cliburn in south carolina. elizabeth warren is up in michigan where she was on the picket line with uaw workers.
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over in kansas city joe biden is going to be on a picket line for uaw workers. there are several candidates in the state. julian castro, bernie sanders is just down the road as well as several other candidates taking part in a youth voices forum. >> you mentioned biden a moment ago. the reality is this is the first major shakeup so should the biden camp be worried. >> reporter: you have seen if you're going to look just at that iowa poll, you have seen ever since he ever announced his candidacy slowly his polling numbers going down. he's essentially in a tie for elizabeth warren. the headline is he is no longer solely the clear front-runner. they have him six points ahead over elizabeth warren. joe biden never expected to remain without strong competition, but what you've seen them do is hold on despite being the target at those three
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debates. just the last debate, still have 14 million viewers. if you're the biden campaign you still see a candidate that has pushed back and also to note has maintained strong support among the african-american community. we should know eight years ago ultimately that's how barack obama defeated hillary clinton, by proving himself to black voters as being able to win. essentially that electability question that joe biden is trying to hold firm to his own candidacy at this point. if you're looking at that, if you are kamala harris, if you're beto o'rourke, pete buttigieg, you need the numbers not to incrementally increase and you need it to make a play and jump up and make this competitive and not a top three candidate race at this point, morgan. >> it's interesting that you mentioned biden's sort of loyalty among african-american voters. that loyalty is very much split. he polls very well when you're talking about older african-american voters. when the younger african-american voters are not
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so convinced yet. vonn hilliard joining us live. thanks so much. we appreciate you being there. now to a tweet that's causing some controversy this weekend. the department of defense is apologizing for a now deleted message that's blowing up online. it was a social media call to storm area 51. it read, the last thing millennials will see if they attempt the area 51 raid today. joining me now with more, ryan pickerel with business insider. ryan, tell me, can you give me some background on this tweet? really the viral backlash that it's seeing. >> so, indeed, this tweet was a little bit unusual although it is the latest twitter gaffe for the u.s. military. it highlighted the last thing the millennials will see is this b2 bomber which is a stealth bomber designed to absolutely obliterate targets. in the wake of it, there was a
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lot of criticism online from both experts and average twitter users commenting that the department of defense or any division of the department of defense, which this was, should not be suggesting it's going to kill u.s. citizens. so on saturday one day after the tweet was published they deleted the tweet and the issuing body, the division visual information distribution service issued an apology saying that the employee who published the tweet or posted the tweet, their attitudes expressed does not represent the st. albans of the department of defense basically backtracking on the tweet. the internet captured it in post tert through screen shots and other -- >> give me some sense.
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in this case is there a public relations problem within the department of defense? >> i think the department of defense, like most major corporations or anything else, is trying to adapt to the social media age and get their message out there in a way that's going to connect with people. sometimes unfortunately you're going to miss the fat end of the bat when you're aiming for the ball. in this case they missed it. they definitely took some criticism forward and had to come out and apologize. there have been several incidents where they have had to come back and say, yeah, we took it too far. that's part of the social media age. you have to get that out there in a new way, different way than you have in the past. >> ryan, thank you for joining us this afternoon. president trump fires back defending his phone call with the president of ukraine. democrats are now renewing their calls for impeachment. we'll have the latest with the whistle-blower complaint just ahe ahead. plus, big business while
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big businesses are responding to public pressure pulling back on both semi-automatic rifles and electronic cigarettes. firearm manufacturer colt took the gun market by surprise when the company announced it would no longer make ar-15 rifle for everyday consumers. in a statement they said
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decreased demand for high powered semi-automatic guns led to that decision. meanwhile, wall mafrt and sam's club will no longer celek tron anything cigarettes in the u.s. stores after a trump administration pushed to ban the sales of ecigarettes. eight people have died from seemingly vape-related lung i will pss. president trump defending to defend a phone call he had with ukrainian president. this after they reported that he allegedly repeated to pressure ukraine over hunter biden. now the question facing congressional democrats, will this latest controversy move the needle on impeachment? house speaker nancy pelosi is declining to support impeachment proceedings sparking the ire of her colleagues. meanwhile, virtual radio silence. joining me, barbara mcquade and
11:17 am
niles stanich. now i want to start with you, president trump is trying to put the spotlight on joe biden this morning. he spoke with nbc's chuck todd and he pressed treasury secretary steve mnuchin about why the president didn't just take his concern to the fbi instead. take a listen to this. >> these allegations. >> i don't, but let me just say i wasn't on this call. i've been in on many calls with world leaders. first of all, there are multiple people on these calls. i think it would be highly inappropriate to release a transcript of a call between two world leaders. >> i don't understand how that has anything to do with what's going on with this situation. going back to what you just -- why if the president believes an american is committing some -- doing something wrong, why did he go to the fbi? why is he outsourcing it to the ukraine yab government? >> i don't know if he -- i don't believe he did outsource the investigation. i wasn't on the call. >> outsourcing the
11:18 am
investigation. now what do you make of mnuchin's response? is this a valid concern? >> i think it's a pretty shifty, shaky response on the part of secretary mnuchin but he's having to rationalize or excuse something that is very difficult to rationalize or excuse. here we have at least as democrats and critics of the president would see it the president doing exactly what he had been accused of doing in the mueller probe. the mueller probe was about whether the president was willing to collude with a foreign power to influence an american election. here, at least in the minds of democrats, the president no sooner has mueller reported than the president is on the phone, you know, hello, foreign government, would you collude with me to help influence an election or to hit an opponent. the crassness of that and the crudeness of that i think is very difficult to excuse by anyone. >> barbara, i want your take on this whistle-blower saga because it continues this week with the
11:19 am
president meeting with the ukrainian president on wednesday and then on thursday acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire is also expected to testify after refusing to share those details about president trump's alleged transgressions. barbara, what should the house intelligence committee be asking maguire to get more information? >> well, i think this is an opportunity to, number one, expose process wise why this is so problematic and then get to the substance of why it can be damaging. on the process level, you know, one, establishing that the inspector general found this complaint to be both credible and urgent establishing that the director of national intelligence has no legal authority to override the sharing of that with congress and inquiring about the role of the white house and the department of justice in prev t preventing that disclosure. does the president know who this whistle-blower is? he said the other day that he believes this to be a very partisan person. >> right. >> how does he know that? ftd president knows who the
11:20 am
whistle-blower is, have we defeated the protection of whistle-blower laws. if you have a reality winner or her colleagues, you want them to think about using the proper method of sharing things and not just leaking it with the press. with regard to the substantive nature, i think probing him about the substantive nature of the conversation if it was true. is it a threat to our national security to withhold what we believe to be important military aid to ukraine to protect it against a threat against russia in exchange for a personal gain to president trump? i think by exposing both the process and the substantive concerns perhaps we will see a ground swell of support for a ground swell to congress. >> you talk about the process and speaking of process, let's talk impeachment. house speaker nancy pelosi is still refusing to endorse impeachment. it seems a majority of voters are against it. according to a morning consult poll, 48% of voters oppose impeachment while only 37%
11:21 am
support it. nile, could this cause another internal shift within the party? >> i think it already is doing so quite honestly, morgan. nancy pelosi has been trying to hold back the tide in her own ranks for impeachment and that tide keeps rising higher and higher as we see more allegations and particularly with this story, which adam schiff has talked about crossing a rubicon. so nancy pelosi has to be careful that she is not swept away in that tide if she keeps resisting impeachment and on the other hand, she clearly has an eye on the kind of poll that you just showed. pelosi's position has always been democrats are better fighting elections on kitchen table issues but i don't think her members necessarily see it that way and i certainly don't think democratic activists on the ground see it that way. they are demanding impeachment proceedings because they think if you let the president get away with this kind of thing then basically you're just
11:22 am
permitting random breaking of very serious laws and norms. >> how do you see it, barbara. speaker pelosi is instead saying laws should be passed that would allow for sitting presidents to be indicted. do you think that's the right approach? >> i don't know, but i think that this particular question could stre well be valid grounds for impeachment. one of the specific provisions for impeachment is bribery and depending on the facts here, the facts matter, but demanding a thing of value in exchange for the performance of an official act is the federal statutory definition of bribery. if president trump demanded dirt on joe biden in exchange for sharing foreign aid, that would meet the definition of bribery and would be a neat and clean and impeachable offense. one of the problems with the mueller probe was it was difficult to understand what dprump. this is a very discrease act that the public can understand.
11:23 am
if the facts pan out could be a very strong basis for impeachment. >> barbara, nile, thank you very much for joining us this sunday afternoon. we appreciate you being here. >> thanks, morgan. political uncertainty in israel where the parliament has begun the process of forming a new government after tuesday's election. the two largest parties in the kinesset will have to pull minority factions into their party. will it be incumbent benjamin netanyahu and his conservative party or will it be benny gantz. matt joins us now. what's happened so far? >> reporter: well, it's like you said, morgan, lots of comings and goings at the president's residence in jerusalem. that's where we're watching to see, which of these candidates the president will invite to form a new government. the biggest news just came in the past few hours. benjamin netanyahu, the longest
11:24 am
serving prime minister in israeli history, he's in big trouble. the arab joint list, they just threw their weight behind bennie gantz and netanyahu's top opponent. morgan, this doesn't quite mean that netanyahu's long rein has finally ended and gantz gets to be the prime minister. they have refused to sit in a government with gantz. the number of seats can't give gantz the outright majority that he needs. what's important is it shows that arab israelis are uniting together. arab party hasn't supported an israeli government in nearly 30 years, morgan. >> it's interesting. you say he's in big trouble, but if the president picks gantz to form a government, what's at steak for netanyahu at that point? >> that's the other really fascinating drama behind this, morgan. not only is netanyahu fighting for his political life but he's
11:25 am
fighting for his own freedom because netanyahu, he faces three different corruption investigations with court hearings and the possibility of an indictment as soon as next month. so staying in the prime minister's office is one of the best -- it's really the only way for netanyahu to stay immune from prosecution but here's the rub. gantz has already said he won't join in a government with netanyahu as long as netanyahu faces these charges and is under investigation. so netanyahu, he really has his back up here. don't expect a resolution any time soon because with this kind of political impasse with this political wrangling, it could go on for weeks and weeks and you'll maybe, just maybe israelis are still going to have to go back to the polls and do this whole thing again. >> wow. >> big turmoil indeed. nbc's matt bradley joining us from london. thank you, matt. we appreciate it. presidential candidate pete buttigieg touring through iowa meeting voters. we're touring with him bringing
11:26 am
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a new nbc news wall street journal poll finds personal distaste for president trump is at an all-time high.
11:30 am
many american voters had doubts about the democrats and their policies as well. the poll shows that while the president's approval rating remains stable at 45%, a record share of voters dislike president trump personally. that's nearly seven in ten. joining me now to break down what these numbers mean, shan onpeto -- shannon petty-peace. what's the biggest take away? >> i think it's that disapproval number and our poll guru, carrie dan pointed out a great statistical piece. that is a record disapproval for a president. the second most disapproved or personally disliked president, i should say. people who personally dislike the president aside from their policies was 46% who said that of george w. bush. for 69% to say they dislike him,
11:31 am
it goes against the strategy. i will add and the president's allies would add this, too. he was elected as a pretty dislikable candidate. many people in polls right up until election day said they personally disliked him yet they liked his policies and they voted for him anyway or they felt he was a better alternative. so that's what they're hoping for again in 2020. this idea that president trump, you might not like him and he often says in his rallies now, you might not like me, but you have no choice to vote for me because i'm the best shot for your economy. i don't think it's all doom and gloom for the trump campaign even though that is a very surprising number to see. >> which is interesting because i know out on the trail whenever i'm interviewing people, especially people who support him. i like x, y, z policy but i don't like the way he says
11:32 am
things. it's interesting there's a disconnect. what about the issues? shannon, these voters have some issues with democratic candidates as well. what's the biggest issue dividing the democratic voters? >> reporter: that was great -- really great data to see, too. for example, president trump's key signature item, the wall with mexico, which he continues to keep promoting, just had a visit to the wall recently, the majority of americans do not want to see a border wall built with mexico. it's like an option to buy into medicare if you're under 65. expanding government-run health care in a sense. it would be tuition help, free tuition or tuition reimbursement for people going to college, which is a big platform for elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and the other democrats. so while it looks like there's a movement to the left on the issues, you know, you're still
11:33 am
seeing the president's approval rating hold steady at about 45% and why of course it takes 50% and just a little over that to get re-elected as president, if you look at obama and bush at this time last year, they were around 45%, too. so his floor is not -- does not seem to be dropping despite where people are on the issues and this sort of daily drum beat of controversy around him. >> shannon, what about fitness for office? that was pretty interesting about this poll. voters had similar concerns for both trump and biden. can you explain that to us a little bit? >> yes. there was a big increase in the number of people who were concerned about both president trump and vice president joe biden's fitness for office, particularly on biden. it seemed after his performance in the past debate people's discomfort level with him increased and that could correlate to these rise we're seeing in the numbers for elizabeth warren. one of the key iowa polls showed
11:34 am
warren for the first time surpassing biden as the front-runner. people say there are concerns about age, energy level, whether he has what it takes to go up against trump and then be a president. this is something, again, i talked to the trump campaign regularly and the president's allies. this is something they've been trying to push and promote for months now, that biden even though president trump is also in his 70s, biden has about five years on the president and so that gives him some sort of age disadvantage. >> shannon pettypiece breaking down those numbers. thank you so much for being live for us from ohio. and back to the race for the white house and a road trip through iowa. south bend mayor pete buttigieg kicked off his first bus tour in the hawkeye state. >> nbc political reporter josh letterman is traveling on that
11:35 am
bus and joins us live from webster city. josh, new polling from the des moines register and cnn shows buttigieg now in fourth place and that same poll shows senator elizabeth warren overtaking vice president biden. what's buttigieg's message on the trail and how he's hoping to make up some of that lost ground? >> reporter: yeah, you're right, morgan. not great news for pete buttigieg in that poll. he is in fourth place. a few extra cups and they said among all the people they are considering, they are considering voting for peat buttigieg. he's been downplaying it saying a lot of voters in iowa aren't going to make up their minds until the last five to ten days before they actually go to caucus. he thinks he's got plenty of time to be working to improve his numbers here, including at
11:36 am
this town hall here in webster city. he's also been talking a lot on the trail today. the president was trying to get the ukrainians to investigate. buttigieg is calling that a betrayal of the united states of america. i asked him this morning while we were riding the bus with him about whether people think that he should be -- people should raise legitimate questions about joe biden and what he said, we'll play it for you right now. >> i've not seen any evidence and i think it's also taking our eye off the ball to a shocking reality or a shocking allegation, let's say that. we have the american president whose most shameful back story has to do with interference in 2016 in the middle of what appears to be soliciting interference in 2020. it's just -- even with this presidency it's something that
11:37 am
is disheartening. >> reporter: and, morgan, in the next hour we're going to be speaking to pete buttigieg in webster city. we will bring that to you live here on msnbc. >> josh, quickly before i let you go. we see buttigieg speaking. i thought i heard him spoork about climate change. what's his pitch? what's he talking about now? >> reporter: yeah, he's been talking a lot about climate change and dealing with the issue of agriculture. you can't do conservation work and use the soil to absorb some of that carbon that has been put into the environment. he's trying to make the case that dealing with climate change in a very forward way is going to be good for the economy, not only all across the country but specifically here in rural areas like iowa. >> nbc's josh letter man for us there. thanks so much, josh. president trump turning a meeting with the world leader into what looks a whole lot like
11:38 am
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♪ it was an appearance with a major world leader but it had many of the trappings of a maga rally. president trump wrapping up a joint appearance with india's prime minister. he mentioned undocumented citizens, the u.s. economy and even touched on the space force. joining me now, former spokesman
11:42 am
for hillary clinton, phillip reinnis and bobby ghosh. let's start with you, bobby. did president trump just use the indian prime minister for a re-election rally? >> pretty much every appearance that the president makes from here on to next november is going to have a strong political coloration. you know, if a president is willing to call the leader of ukraine and ask for dirt on a political rival in the united states, compared with that, going to a rally with the indian prime minister doesn't really seem like a big hill of beans. and the other point to consider here is that it is the indian prime minister who's using the president to try and whitewash his own image in the world. he's gone through a really bad patch in the middle and they're being accused of human rights
11:43 am
violations in kashmir. >> i want to interrupt you for just a minute here because i want our viewers to be able to see this live picture. to your point, we see president trump and the prime minister holding hands walking through the street and waving to people there. that shows just the alliance that i think you're describing. philippe, what stuck out to you most about that joint appearance that's continuing as we speak? >> well, i'm watching the footage here and it's crazy. i worked for the secretary of state for four years and you just never saw an american official do that. you certainly never saw barack obama do it. i think the point is i would just add to bobby's is it's not just from here on out that we're going to see this. this is what he's been doing since inauguration. if you closed your eyes and didn't know where he was standing, you couldn't tell the difference between a boy scout jamboree or a maga rally or the south lawn of the white house or the oval. they're all the same.
11:44 am
frankly, i think if he closed his eyes and didn't know where he was, it's all the same thing. he's essentially a windup doll which, you know, to some extent you tell public figures you want to be on track. he takes that to the nth degree. bobby is right. our international partners, they're also getting a lot out of it. i think we'll see that this week at the u.n. general assembly. >> speaking of the general assembly, bobby, i want to switch gears. i want to look at trump's week ahead. he's set to face a litany of people this week. what's his message to his friends and more importantly to his foes, bobby. >> it depends on what he decides his big agenda is going to be in new york. if it's going to be iran, which is what many people expect, then the challenge for him is to try and rally global opinion behind the united states and against
11:45 am
iran, especially in the context of these attacks on saudi arabia. trump is very -- is not very good at doing that. he's much better at putting people off, including america's allies. he's not good at building coalitions but at this moment this is what the united states means. the attack on saudi arabia was an attack on the economy. they're quite limited. the sanctions are already quite near their limit. so the only additional pressure short of military action that the united states can bring to bear against iran is to bring the rest of the world along. new york is an opportunity to do that. whether or not the president has the ability to execute is a much bigger question. >> to that point, philippe, "time magazine" is reporting that trump might meet the eye rannian leader on the sidelines quite possibly involving french
11:46 am
president macrone. do you think it will happen? >> i do mostly because he said it won't happen. he does it in large part because he knows that he's upsetting the apple cart and he knows he's upsetting the foreign policy establishment, both his own party and the democratic party. there's a lot to that. i can answer bobby's question for him. it's going to be the same. he's not going to achieve anything. he's not going to try to achieve international partnerships. he's going to do what he does best, just declare victory that things have never been in better shape with iran and north korea and that had hillary clinton been elected there would have been a nuclear bomb in the middle of the general assembly. that's the way he acts. if you remember, i believe it was last year in the middle of his speech to the general assembly with every world leader listening to him, they laughed at him. he said something that they just -- it wasn't meant to be a joke and they just snickered at him. i believe where they are is that
11:47 am
the world community has just sort of written him off and has moved on without him. >> bobby, i saw you there nodding your head. do you agree? >> yeah. i think the example that philippe is referring to is when he claimed to be the most successful american president in his first year or something like that. yeah, so one community is laughing at him. i think there's an undertone and the shock of oil prices rising. that clarifies thinking. a lot of world leaders, particularly in countries that are heavily dependent on oil imports, are going to come to new york wanting or at least hoping that there will be some progress in the persian gulf. i don't think they will be putting their house on that actually happening, but they might at least be keeping their fingers crossed. >> think about how easy it will be for him, how convenient for him to walk around with a tin
11:48 am
cup asking for dirt on joe biden with everyone just assembled there. >> thank you both so much for joining us this afternoon. and in other news, it's national hispanic heritage month. nbc latino is spotlighting the work of 20 business leaders, activists working to inspire their community. you can get more on the nbcnews 20 list. often out of site and out of mind. waterways now in crisis. up next we go deep underwater to look at the threats to these fragile ecosystems. stay with us here on msnbc. to remind you to go in for your annual check-up, and be open with your doctor about anything you feel - physically and emotionally. but now cigna has a plan that can help everyone see stress differently. just find a period of time to unwind. a location to de-stress. an activity to enjoy. or the name of someone to talk to.
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another danger forming in the atlantic. tropical storm karen is already pack winds of 40 miles per hour. and thoot has eyes on puerto rico and the virgin islands. it is expect today make landfall on tuesday as texans pick up the pieces following tropical storm imelda hthat has killed five people and dumped over 40 inches of rain as it slammed the coast
11:53 am
earlier this week. the amazon rain forest fires that gained global attention are still going on. and while the extent of the fires has decreased in recent weerks, experts say the damage and the loss of wildlife remains worse than last year. it is also being blamed on land grabers. turning to the fight against climate change. nbc's kerry sanders went diving off the coast of florida to show us what's threatening the fragile ecosystem underwater. >> reporter: just six miles off the atlantic coast in the florida keys, a view to behold, a 300,000-year-old coral reef that to the untrained eye appears to be thriving. a research scientist at florida atlantic university studied the reef for the last 30 years.
11:54 am
f we went diving to see the devastation first-hand. >> how sad are you when you see what the coral looks like today versus 30 years ago? >> reporter: side by side views charted over the last three decades best show the decline. this looks beautiful to me. what did it used to look like? >> it used to be covered with coral right up to the surface. these are beautiful brown branching corals. over 95% of that coral is gone. why is this happening? for years scientists thought it was warming ocean waters believed that weakened corals and made them susceptible to deadly diseases. >> the temperature looks to be about 30.6 degrees c. >> but lapoint found multiple years with lower water temperatures and now significant
11:55 am
fluctuations with solidity. he zeroed in on nitrogen. in lab tests, water with nitrogen turns green. absent nitrogen, yellow. >> what we have found is that it is a little more complicated than just temperature alone. the planet is warming, but it's also simultaneously being enriched with nitrogen. >> reporter: nitrogen has the comes in part from what's driving climate change. nitrogen also from agricultural run off and in untreated wastewater. >> like all science, it's complicated. >> it's complicated. >> what's not complicated is what is visible down below. this is the last elcorn coral here. and scientists say growing back what was once here would take another 300,000 years. >> that's nbc's kerry sanders. president trump is on his way to ohio after denying any wrong
11:56 am
doing and doubling down on allegations against the bideens. the latest revelations coming up next. coming up next. because they need the massive capacity of 5g with ultra wideband, so more screaming, streaming, posting fans... can experience 5g all at once. this is happening in 13 stadiums all across the country. now if verizon 5g can do this for the nfl... imagine what it can do for you. >> vo: my car is my after-work de♪ music ion zone. >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust.
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to the wait did frowe just win-ners. prouders everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. good afternoon. new denials and more allegations. the whistleblower report has embroiled the president in yet another controversy as trump finishes an appearance with a major world leader. new polling shows senator elizabeth warren now beading joe
12:00 pm
biden in iowa. what can other candidates do to gain traction? we'll ask presidential candidate mayor pete buttigieg live. puerto rico under threat once again. the storm system that's barrelling toward the still-recovering island as well as other parts of the caribbean. we start with the top story, president trump denying wrong doing in the wake of the whistleblower fire storm insisting that all phone calls with the ukrainian president were perfect. joining live from linden with the latest. the president admitted that he did speak to the ukrainian president about joe biden, but then he tried to piv toot an unstanchiated attack. what is the strategy here? >> in a way by doing that, trump is winning a little bit, because it's putting the focus on what is a legitimate story even
12:01 pm
though it is often misleading and wrong. the fact that joe biden's son took a jaup while biden was vice president is a legitimate subject for inquiry. the things that trump and rudy giuliani are saying about it are false. as you said, democrats are really pressing calling this phone call and this whistleblower complaint a gross abuse of power, while donald trump is denying that he did anything wrong. he did confirm thad he talked to the ukrainian president about investigating corruption including joe biden. let's listen to what he had to say. >> we had a great conversation. the conversation i had was largely congradualatory. it was largely the fact that we don't want our people like vice president biden and his son creating to the corruption
12:02 pm
already in ukraine. >> a lot now hinges, morgan, on what exactly was said in this conversation, because if donald trump hinted at all that military aid to ukraine was contingent on the president reopening the investigation involving biden, that could be a very serious matter. if he was more oblique, this could wind up bloeping over. nancy pelosi is taking a stand on the fact that congress seems to have a copy of the whistleblower complaint. she said if the director of national intelligence and the trump administration continues to block the whistleblower complaint, it will open a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of the investigation. democrats are as serious as they could possibly be about this. >> thanks so much. now, to the campaign trail and new polling showing snenato
12:03 pm
elizabeth warren overtaking joe biden in the top spot. warren at 22% just ahead of biden's 20%. von hilliard joins us from iowa where both candidates have been campaigning over the weekend there. do you see that polling translating on the ground in wyoming? what are you hearing from voters? >> reporter: you know, morgan, it's very similar to what we have been hearing over the course of the last many months. when beto o'rourke jumped in the race and the enthusiasm on the ground across iowa as he made his way in that van across the state. and then you saw it with kamala harris after the first debate. we should note that elizabeth warren has had a steady increase over the course of her
12:04 pm
candidacy. that's where the campaign is hoping to hold on. we should note that elizabeth warren has not wanted to talk about polling numbers. just again today, she made a similar statement. she left iowa last night to head to michigan where she joined uaw workers on a picket line. >> i don't do polls. we are still months away from the iowa caucuses and the first primary elections. >> reporter: the part about the elizabeth warren campaign to note is that there is an enthusiasm among the broader part of this democratic electorate. just yesterday at the steak fry here in des moines which 17 of the democratic presidential candidates attended, elizabeth warren in her traditional fashion did her now famous selfie line. it wasn't just folks with
12:05 pm
elizabeth warren shirts on. there were folks with other candidates' shirts on there. i talked to one woman with a pete buttigieg shirt. she goes i like pete, but i'm just wearing his shirt today. nine percent of foekts in the national nbc news wall street poll only nine percent say they are firmly backing one specific candidate, which means this is still much up for grabs. over the course of joe biden's campaign, his numbers have slowly decreased. he dropped by three percentage points since the last des moines poll in june. there is much movement and much to gain for several candidates over the next days before the iowa caucus. >> you mentioned biden. he is having to confront the president on accusations regarding his son's dealings in ukraine. do voters see that as an
12:06 pm
advantage in the race or more interested in hearing joe biden talk about the kitchen table issues? >> reporter: i think what you saw from joe biden at the steak fry yesterday, he literally got out of his vehicle, went to reporters and addressed the specific questions about the president's unfounded allegations about him and his family. when you saw joe biden was pushing back and fighting back and showing a willingness to go and beat donald trump in a general election. he said president trump is attacking him because he is scared of him. and joe biden said that he would beat donald trump like a drum, to quote the former vice president in the general election. and what joe biden is doing is not only saying that we will return to normalcy, we will return this country to a state of certainty, but at the same time demonstrating that he would be able to take donald trump on in a general election, much like what he has shown in this democratic primary. there have been three democratic
12:07 pm
presidential debates to date. for folks talking about joe biden's age, in each of the debates he has shown a willingness to essentially with the stick beat off the resistance from others on the stage when it comes to his health care positions and passing the obama administration. joe biden has demonstrated time and again over the course of his candidacy that he is willing to push back and fight and that includes taking on donald trump. >> thanks so much. now, to a dangerous and deadly mosquito-born illness. two more people in new jersey have been infected with a rare illness that people under the age of 15 and over the age of 50 are particularly susceptible to. while initial symptoms can be mild, in severe cases it can cause swelling of the brain. in total seven people have died around the country and at least 27 people have been infected. joining me now is nbc's kathie park. what should people be looking
12:08 pm
out for? >> i do want to clarify that these -- if you do get infected, the chance is pretty rare. what's unusual is that there have been 27 cases. we will up the number tlmpt have been two confirmed deaths in addition to the seven. annually, there is only about seven. but going back to the symptoms, they are flu-like. pain in your joints, stiff neck, headache. but when it becomes more severe for the vulnerable, the under 15, the over 50, potentially it can affect your brain and folks can have permanent brain damage. >> how soon do you feel shows symptoms? >> typically, they are saying four to ten days. so if you happen to have gone out into the woods, swampy areas and you are seeing things that are a little unusual and going
12:09 pm
back to the symptoms again, if you are noticing that pattern, you want to get medical attention. >> what are officials saying that people should do to stay safe? >> obviously, avoiding the areas where the mosquitos are prevalent. the wooded areas, swampy areas. if you do go outside, wear the insect repellent. if you have standing water, obviously, dump that out and cover your windows and doors so the mosquitos don't get into your house. >> we will be watching your report tonight on nbc's nightly news. as president trump rallies supporters during a joint appearance with india's prime minister in houston, new poll numbers. we'll break down the numbers with our panel. and not out of danger just yet. flood warnings remain in effect for parts of texas. now there is new concern about a storm that could be headed in
12:10 pm
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tropical storm karen is the latest to form in the atlantic and the storm threatens puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands, both of which are still recovering after the deadly hurricane maria destroyed much of each territory. communities in texas are cleaning up after tropical storm imelda caused widespread
12:14 pm
flooding in texas and left five people dead. the storm dumped more than 40 inches of rain in the houston area inundated neighborhoods and displacing thousands in areas that are still feeling the lingering effects of hurricane harvey in 2017. president trump spoke to reporters at the joint reserve base thanking the coast guard and first responders. during his first appearance with india prime minister in houston, he gave his condolences to those affected by the disaster. i want to take a moment to address every resident of houston, affected by the recent horrible flooding. the entire american nation is standing by your side. we're ready. we love you. we support you. we will be there with you every single step of the way. >> the houston chronicle says emergency personnel raevlged more than 2,000 people on thursday alone. a new nbc wall street journal poll finds personal
12:15 pm
distaste for president trump is at an all-time high, but many american voters also have doubts about the democrats and their policies. the poll shows while the approval rating remains stable at 45%, a record share of voters dislike president trump personally. joining me now, writer and editor with the washington examiner and also an msnbc contributor. let's start with you. what do you think is the top take away from this poll, especially that split between the overall approval rating and the personal feelings towards the president? >> you know, what's important to keep in mind about polls like this is just because voters don't like someone, don't like their personality traits does not mean that they will oppose them at the ballot box. that's an important thing for democrats and voters to keep in mind here. just because peemp don't like donald trump doesn't mean it is
12:16 pm
an automatic block of voters who will not be supporting him. something else that does stand out is the opposition that some voters have towards some of the very progress cive policies especially medicare for all. when you look at it on the surface, medicare for all is very popular. when people realize i might have to lose my private health insurance, if we institute an overall medicare for all system in the united states, then that number drops significantly. so i urge this to my fellow democrats to just be mindful that there is a large sector of americans, not just democratic primary voters, but voters who are willing to support a democratic candidate in this election cycle, who are wary of some of the policies going a little too far to the left. >> you're mentioning these progressive policies specifically. our polling also shows the medicare for all and health care for undocumented immigrants were
12:17 pm
pretty unpopular with voters overall. does that signal poorly for candidates pushing a more progressive agenda? >> i don't think necessarily. you have to go to who your base is. who is your constituency? i think when you have elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, these are candidates who fundamentally believe in a medicare for all system. they are running to attract a base of supporters who share the values. my main concern is if we kmooz a nominee who will go forward with a general election who does support a medicare for all position and supports a wealth tax, how will you pivot those policies to attract a wider swath of voters? i'm not overly concerned right now. we have a long history of candidates who are able to pivot in the general election. those are going to be the things
12:18 pm
i'm looking for in the next few months. >> i want to pivot and talk about front runner joe biden. because while the former vice president has been the front runner in most polls, to date a third of voters have lost confidence in him. is that something the biden campaign should be worried about at this point? >> joe biden definitely has a lot to worry about not only in the primary but the general election should he make it past the primary. at this point, the ukraine story is not a good look. president trump is definitely taking as many shots as he possibly can. democrats for the most part are against biden for mainly the reason that he's sticking with obamacare policies and medicare for all which is certainly becoming more and more popular amongst the democratic caucus. it's not a good look for him to say everything is fine right now. all we need is for biden to be
12:19 pm
in office, and your health insurance will be perfect. >> you mentioned this controversy, of course, around ukraine swirling around him. do you think that's enough to upset those who are loyal biden supporters? >> there is a lot of things that we don't know about president trump's conversation with the president of ukraine. f i mean, the reason why we're talking about this situation is because donald trump did something that arguably violated the law. the biden campaign has made it clear, he did nothing wrong. he was above the board in every way, shape or form. he did not get involved in this when he was vice president. the reason why we're talking about this is because donald trump did something where he violated the law. we have a lot of details to learn on that. >> what law did he violate? i'm curious?
12:20 pm
>> what we are trying to find out right now and what we will find out when donald trump's white house eventually releases a transcript if there is one that exists that they -- >> what were you saying? >> i was saying the allegations against joe biden is that he allegedly withheld aid to ukraine in exchange for firing the top prosecutor that was looking at the oil company that his son, hunter biden, was a board member of. >> how do you think that is going to affect the voters? >> it will probably reaffirm that biden supporters believe it is a political witch-hunt much how trump supporters believe trump was the subject of a political witch-hunt for three years. it's probably going to eke off some independent voters who may have voted for biden in primary elections coming up. >> it sounds like the point that there is this huge swath of
12:21 pm
people who would potentially vote for a democratic nominee. >> exactly. i don't think this is going to impact vice president biden's campaign at all. i think his supporters know that this is a ridiculous attack by the president trying to deflect from his actual problems to try to pivot it back on vice president biden. i think if it would have had an impact it would have happened, because this news has been out there for quite some time. it's something that the biden campaign dealt with before he ran for president. so i don't think it's going to impact him. i think voters see this yet again as donald trump deflecting from the real problems that he is constantly facing as problem. >> thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. president trump hand in hand with india's prime minister just a short time ago. what happened at this event that looked somewhat like a magga rally? loedok somewhat like a magga rally? let's be honest, you need insurance.
12:22 pm
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12:25 pm
and the united auto workers union is preparing a few words from front runner joe biden. he's there on the back of a
12:26 pm
pickup truck addressing the local union workers. president trump wrapping up an appearance with a major world leader. the commander and chief flew down to hoous toon speak along side india's prime minister modi. the event at the nrg stadium had many trappings of a maga rally. the president mentioned undocumented citizens and touched on the space force. what's the big headline from today's event? >> reporter: it has to do with the president saying before he left, and that is an acknowledgment that he discussed with ukraine's president joe biden and his family's business inside ukraine. the president wasn't that explicit about it, but it's clear that he acknowledged that the biden's came up in the
12:27 pm
conversation. later in the day, he said look i know what pressure is like and i didn't bring pressure. and the president is also hinting at this idea that maybe he will release to a third party parts of this transcript or something, a read out of the call. the other development was here in houston where we actually did hear from senator cornen talking explicitly and said congress will likely look into this. they are now cleaning things up here. >> you were there with tens of thousands of people. hans nickels joining us live from houston. mayor pete buttigieg is traveling through iowa meeting voters on a bus tour. next, we sit down with him to talk about the state of the race, right here on msnbc. talk race, right here on msnbc. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) performance comes in lots of flavors.
12:28 pm
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12:31 pm
back now to our top story. the whistleblower complaint against president trump and the political fire storm surrounding it. president trump is meeting with the ukrainian president on wednesday. this after wall street journal report alleging that the president repeatedly pressured ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden's son, hunter biden. now, on thursday, the acting director of nationalgency who is refusing to release the details of that complaint is set to
12:32 pm
testify in an open hearing before the house intelligence committee. a warning from house speaker nancy pelosi. she says if the administration persists in blocking this whistleblower from disclosing to congress a serious possible breach of constitutional duties by the president, they will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of investigation. joining me now is molly hooper and msnbc legal analyst. molly, i would like to start with you, because the house intelligence committee chairman has down played impeachment but says this latest scandal could mark a turning point. let's take a listen. >> i have been very reluctant to go down the path of impeachment. if the president is essentially with holding military aid at the same time that he is trying to browbeat a foreign leader into doing something illicit that is providing dirt on his opponent
12:33 pm
during a presidential campaign, then that may be the only remedy that is co-equal to the evil that conduct represents. >> so molly is this latest scandal going to be enough to move the needle on impeachment? >> that's a good question, because if you look at the impeachment question and which democrats are for it and which are against it, it's very much a district centric issue. you look at some 40 democrats who won their elections in trump-dominated districts, impeachment is not popular. however, this current breach could actually have some ramifications, because one issue that democrats are running up against in the house at least is that republicans, there aren't republicans coming on board with the exception of justin amash who became an independent. really in order to move this impeachment process forward, they need to get some republican support. depending on kwhaut intelligence
12:34 pm
committee hears from the inspector general and if they are able to see that complaint, because that's actually one of the biggest frustrations that the intelligence committee has is that the intelligence ig said the administration barred him from sharing that whistleblower complaint with the intelligence committees. and it's spelled out in the constitution that congress has the right to conduct oversight and donate investigations. and so we shall see how this moves forward. but again democrats do need republican support. >> the impeachment question centers on not just whether or not trump asked the ukrainian leader to start an investigation, but also whether or not there was some quid pro quo in with holding or threatening to with hold some kind of aid. now, on the one hand thrks president has very broad executive power to conduct international affairs.
12:35 pm
so he might argue that i can ask the ukrainian president to conduct investigation of corruption in his own country. but if you add that quid pro quo, now you get closer. >> that's the issue here is the quid pro quo? >> this for that. that is at the heart of most corruption cases. i can tell you that federal defines quid pro quo so broadly, much more broadly than the traditional idea of a political favor here is a bag of cash. it can be benefits to other people way down the line that aren't even directly between the two actors. the quid pro quo should concern the executive branch and trump very seriously because it's so broadly defined in federal law. and this is exactly the kind of conduct the framers were concerned with was corruption. the two example impeachable offenses are corruption offenses. it's not murder or theft. what happens when a leader is
12:36 pm
essentially corrupted by outside forces? so certainly the quid pro quo aspect is an important component and gets congress closer to an impeachable type offense. >> what should house intelligence members be asking the acting dni to get the information that they need? >> not just what was reported and maybe who reported it, but what happened after it was reported? the law requires to go through several channels. the inspector general within the intelligence community and then it goes up to the director of national intelligence. what was filtered to congress? and where is the pushback? why isn't congress getting everything it wants? these are all important questions beyond just what was the sum and substance of the original complaint. >> i want to turn to you now because house speaker nancy pelosi is refusing to endorse impeachment proceedings and seems the majority of voters are also against it.
12:37 pm
if you look here, 48% of voters oppose president trump's impeachment bhiwhile only 37% support it. what can that new stage of investigation as nancy pelosi put it look like without upsetting those voters? >> that's the whole problem. impeachment is not a legal question. it's not indicting. he hasn't been indicted. this is very much a political issue. and if nancy pelosi, who is one of the best vote counters i have ever seen, i have seen her in action. she knows how to whip a vote. she has told her caucus, we do not have 218 votes to move forward with articles of impeachment against this president, regardless of what the charge is. we don't have the votes. until they get the votes, those democrats on board, they can't move forward. that's one of the frustrations that chairman nadler is running up against and other chairman of
12:38 pm
the investigative committees are running up against is they don't have the moderate democrats who won and represent trump majority districts. these are all republican seats. nancy pelosi needs to hold on to those seats if she wants to maintain control of the house come 2020. and that's what she is looking at. keep in mind one other thing. the voters can vote president trump out of office. even if the house does move forward with impeachment proceedings, it doesn't mean he will be removed from office. we're coming up on an election. nancy pelosi is taking a calculated risk and graded the political calculations. impeachment is very much a political question. >> we'll see if it's still in play. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. and on the road again. for many candidates in the race for the white house, that road is rolling through iowa. nbc political reporter josh
12:39 pm
letterman is traveling with mayor pete buttigieg's bus tour through that state. what is buttigieg's message today. >> reporter: he has done two stops today already here. we are here with mayor pete buttigieg y. have to start with the new iowa poll because it is the buzz all across the country as far as the political conversation. a lot of voters won't make up their minds. if you see your numbers slipping in iowa this month. >> we are clearly in the mix being in the top four is a good place to be historically at this stage for the iowa race. maybe the most important thing there is that only one out of five voters say they have made up their mind. this is clearly very fluid and why we see such a great opportunity in reaching out to communities including here in hamilton county where often presidential politics passes people by and making sure when
12:40 pm
building the relationships now if a lot of people aren't going to make up their minds. >> elizabeth warren climbing into first place kicking joe biden out of that slot. sharpening the knives a little against her talking about how she was evasive on how she would pay for health care policies. is she the one to beat now? >> there is going to be a lot of ups and downs in the race. i believe in medicare for all who want it. that means a public plan that is available to everybody, but without ordering anybody to take it. if we are right that that plan is better, people will decide to choose it. i don't think that president trump is a blip. i don't think there is such a thing as going back to an old normal. it's just a different message. if you're looking for the furthest left policy candidate, you've already got your choice. if you're looking for the candidate who spent the most years in washington, you've got your choice.
12:41 pm
i'm for everybody else. i believe that's where most folks in iowa and the country are looking for the right person. >> let's talk about cory booker. your formal rival, senator gillibrand is encouraging her donors to donate to him. what's more important at this point in the race? is it to widdle the field or continue to have folks like cory booker in the race? >> i don't think it's my place to comment on other strategies or what the field is like other than i seek to stand out in the field and ultimately win. what's important to us is to have the ground game and resources and the message that gets us into the candidates that is in the hunt to begin with. i think that will propel us toward victory. >> president trump is holding a
12:42 pm
big rally in texas today with indian prime minister modi. do you have concerns about the message particularly given the way the government has been dealing with the kashmir crisis? >> i haven't had a chance to see the footage of it. if the intent is to involve a foreign leader in supporting a domestic political agenda, it is as inappropriate for a foreign leader to do that here as it is for a president to try to use foreign leaders. it's almost as if this president is doubling down on mixing domestic and foreign policies. it is a terrible precedent and ignores the rule that politics is supposed to stop at the water's edge. when you see this kind of behavior and the shamelessness about it and what's been going
12:43 pm
on with the ukraine and some of the ways other countries' politics are getting intermingled, with reflects a president who perhaps is not confident that he can succeed and win on the merits by campaigning on the norms that every candidate is expected to honor. >> reporter: four days on the road in iowa with reporters on the bus with you on the record. i heard a little bit of interesting stuff about the bus. the bus was used in the past by folks like hillary clinton, mitt romney, barack obama and used in television shows. what are you hoping to accomplish by touring iowa in this way? >> this is an opportunity to open a curtain and making sure people can see more deeply in the campaign. we believe in access and transparency and accountability and inviding members of the media to be on the journey with us as we make our way through the state to talk about what it is we're seeing and what we think the conversations we are having means.
12:44 pm
i think it's iowa campaigning at its best. >> as a veteran of the u.s. military, what are your thoughts at the moment about the situation with saudi arabia, u.s. sending additional troops as the president seems to have trouble making a decision about whether and how he will respond to iran? >> we have an indecisive president who does not seem to be capable of settling on a strategy. we are seeing troops caught in the middle. the escalation of tension in the middle east is damaging to everybody. it's bad for people there and bad for people here. one of the most important things for me is to make sure troops are never used as a prop and to make sure that troops are only ever committed when absolutely necessary. i'm very worried that the dynamic hears one who can stumble into a war. we need a strategy for de-escalation and leaders capable of executing that strategy. >> reporter: a lot of concern has been that the president would do something unplanned
12:45 pm
without a lot of thinking and start a military conflict. does he deserve praise for the fact that he has shown restraint? >> pretty low bar to give the president credit for not starting a war although that's certainly better than starting a war. he decided to launch a war and changed his mind and called off the orders. this is no way to run the most pourchl military in the most powerful country in the world. i would also add, we are seeing a reminder of how the dependence of fossil fuels keeps us much more connected than we want to be. >> mayor pete, we'll see you back on the bus. >> i was really fascinated by what he said about the new normal and the new future. thanks so much. a football fan's sign accidently raises nearly a million dollars for charity. that's coming up. we'll explain in the good, the
12:46 pm
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going to put a little fuel in your bus. my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. may the sun always shine upon you. may the wind always be at your back. and may god always hold you in the cradle of her hands. congratulations. >> that was billionaire tech investor robert f. smith in may telling morehouse college graduates that he would wipe out as much as $40 million of their student debt. the university announced in a statement that smith has followed through spending $34 million to zero out student loan balances. this is a tiny dent in the student debt crisis. this gift is has absolutely changed the lives of the 396 hbcu graduates.
12:51 pm
>> it is time for our weekly segment, the good, the bad and the ugly. >> guys, what was the good this week? danny, let's start with you. >> if you watch college football, you know game day is full of fans in the background doing anything they can to get their sign or face on tv. one fan held up a sign essentially said bush light supply needs replenished. venmow and then his name. he probably thought it got on tv. this is fun. there it is. low and behold, his venmo account starts filling up little by little. this really has an amazing end to the story. i can't keep track of the money he raised. he said he would keep an amount to buy a case of beer and the rest would be donate today
12:52 pm
charity. i think he had $225,000 as of friday. i think he has a lot more than that now. >> look at that. >> you tell your kids when they go to college, nothing good can come of drinking beer. i think that's a good rule. this may be an exception. >> what about you? >> senator kamala harris got her dance on in iowa. she was dancing with a drum line, drum beats, everything like that. i thought it was great. crazy election season, everything is so tense. she really showed a fun side of herself. she has good viral dance videos online. >> this isn't the first time for her. >> it was a good way to show here i am, iowa. >> she catches a clean beat right there. >> what about the bad? where was your bad moment? >> my bad is a facebook event that called for people to storm the famous area 51, that
12:53 pm
supersecret military base has turned into more of a gathering. it is a good thing, but it is bad. we don't want to storm area 51. whatever is locked up is locked up for a good reason. we do not want it roaming around among us. >> the d.o.d. tweeted about this in a controversial tweet. >> it's been a dicy moment there for the area 51 followers. >> my bad is sean spicer "dancing with the stars." >> another dancing one. in lime green dancing salsa with no seasoning. >> you can't unsee that. >> it's very scary. >> it just goes to show you the former folk oz in this administration are on realty shows, celebrity big brother,
12:54 pm
"dancing with the stars," some are indicted. >> speaking of someone who did not catch a clean beat. what about the ugly? >> the ugly for me, an alleged banana thrown at a man's alleged face prompted a call to omaha, nebraska police. apparently police responded. the man said he was in an argument with a younger woman. as he was walking away, here comes flying a banana. he alleges that it hit him in the face and stained his shirt. as a criminal defense attorney, this may seem like an unusual story. trust me, police reports are full of nonsensical waste of the police's time reports like this. this kind of thing, police are watching this saying i get called out for something like that at least once a week. it's a massive waste of our time. banana assaults are not the priority for federal or state law enforcement. >> what about you? what's the ugly? >> this is just despicable.
12:55 pm
the woman who once said that the nra was a civil rights group to protect black folks from the kkk was called upon republicans to speak at congress about white supremacy. she said white supremacy is not an issue. it's incorrect, offensive. >> it's currently incorrect. >> i have been saying for a long time that there is always money to be made for a black person who will go on the national stage and path aulicize other black people. >> we do know that white supremacy has been an issue in this country. we know it is dangerous to people's lives and when it tries to infiltrate our mainstream political process. thank you for being with us. nearly 6 million americans are living with alzheimer's disease including a disproportionate amount of military veterans.
12:56 pm
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f. thanks so much for watching this hour of msnbc live. the news continues now with my colleague. >> hello all of you. right here in new york city, right now, we're awaiting president trump. he is set to arrive at this podium in ohio this hour. he is visiting the state with the australian prime minister after visiting texas with
1:00 pm
india's prime minister, as well. this is ahead of the u.n. general assembly and amid the whie whistleblower scandal swirling around him. math may give us a clue as to why he is head today the two states. they have 56 electoral votes between them. in 2020 looming large, one state is a swing state and the other potentially turning into a purple state. two more 2020 numbers for you sure to upset the president. the nbc poll just out shows nearly 70% of voters dislike this president personally. 49% are uncomfortable with president trump as a presidential candidate. much more on the new polls ahead this hour for you. i want to start this hour with the allegations president trump sought foreign interference to hurt his presidential rival, joe biden. did he do that or did he not do that? firstoo w


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