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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  October 3, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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ll, click, or visit a store today. thanks for being with us. and here are ali velshi and stefphanie ruhle. >> a great conversation you were having with rachel. >> what a book. >> have a good afternoon, andrea. that lhello, everybody. coming up, the latest on the impeachment inquiry and an unexpected new twist. president trump is now calling on china to investigate the bidens. it is noteworthy since he suggested quhil speaking about his own trade war with china. a trade war that he still is negotiating and is hurting americans badly by the way. meanwhile the former u.s. envoy to ukraine kurt volker is testifying in the impeachment inquiry. we'll explain who he is and how he fits into the story and what
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he might know about president trump's dealings in the country. plus we're breaking down exactly how whistleblowers are protected in this country. and we are answering the all-important question, does the president of the united states have to protect them too. and bernie sanders just had a heart procedure. his campaign is being mostly silent about the situation. we'll tell you about what we know about his condition now and what it means for his campaign. but today president trump floating new theories in his anger over the impeachment inquiry into his dealings with ukraine. >> now he's suggesting that another foreign country might help with his agenda demanding china investigate joe biden and his son hunter just moments after the president said the u.s. had strong power over china in these trade negotiations. watch this. >> i have a lot of options on china. but if they don't do what we want, we have tremendous power.
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>> what exactly did you hope zelensky would do? >> well, i would think that if they were honest about it, they would start a major investigation into the bidens. it is a very simple answer. they should investigate the bidens because how does a company that is newly formed and all these companies that you -- and by the way, likewise china should start an investigation into the bidens. because what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. i think biden is going down and i think that his whole situation, because now you may very well find that there are many other countries that they scammed just like they scammed china and ukraine and basically who are they really scamming? the usa. and it is not good. and that is probably why china for so many years has had a
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sweetheart deal where china rips off the usa because they deal with people like biden where they give the son a billion and a half dollars and probably why china has such a sweetheart deal. >> okay. so did you catch that? in the span of 30 seconds, donald trump talked about trade negotiations with china and then publicly told china to investigate a political rival. remind you of anything? >> confusing and normalizing. join us now, kelly o'donnell and michael fuchs. kelly, rump said he htrump said asked president xi to investigate biden but something to think about it. >> reporter: and the president has really laced into his
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comments about ukraine always referencing china and the allegations he's been upset about and he's been making with very loaded terms against the bidens with respect to china. today he just said it out in the open. seemingly unaware of how that violates american law to ask a foreign country to interfere in potentially a u.s. election. looking at joe biden as a likely rival for 2020 or certainly in the political atmosphere as a candidate right now. the president is saying that china should get involved here. now, he did not ask -- did not respond to the specific question about whether he has discussed it with president xi, but look at all of the relationship that he talks about with president xi regularly, with what is at stake on trade and the economy and how that affects real americans and real businesses with so much at stake on the trade war with china. the president has a regular relationship with the chinese president by phone and with staff to staff.
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often praises the chinese president in public and today asked him point blank to look at the bidens. this is just the beginning of a story that was really percolating under the surface right along with the ukraine allegations from the time this broke open a couple weeks ago. so the president is potentially mixing the high stakes game of u.s. trade talks with china with his own personal political agenda for the reasons that he has laid out which are loaded with a lot of hyperbolic terms about the bidens and at the same time saying it in plain sight as if there is nothing wrong with it at a time when this is exactly what congress is looking at with heightened scrutiny leading to this impeachment inquiry. >> assuming joe biden was not a political rival, under what circumstances would the united states reach out to other countries to investigate a u.s.
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citizen and how would that normally go? wouldn't the u.s. want to have access to that person investigate themselves? what would this normally look like? >> first let me say that it would almost never happen with china or a country like china. now, there are a number of countries, close allies like the unite the kingdom, australia, italy, close intelligence partners of the united states that it would be relatively normal for certain agencies in the united states government to work with certain agencies to try to find out information about and ongoing investigatio. but it would be something that is very carefully and closely monitored and coordinated among ls the agencies and it would not be something of course that the president of the united states would be talking about here. and absolutely would not be
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about a political rival or anyone construed such. >> like the fbi would deal with an investigative agency in another country, the cia might deal with the intelligence community in another country, the treasury department might request information. but it doesn't generally play out like this because we've never -- we can't imagine this playing out. we haven't seen anything like that. >> absolutely. this is completely unprecedented. and when it comes to president trump, this falls into the category again of shocking but not surprising unfortunately. this is now the third country i guess since 2016 that the president has publicly asked for help in trying to smear a political opponent. >> so right there, when the president does this, when he does it publicly, doesn't that normalize it to the general public who doesn't really understand, me included, how these things operate? if congress is right now saying it could potentially be an
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impeachable offense for the president of the united states to ask a foreign government to help dig up dirt on an adversary, if the president's response is to then say i'm just going to say it out loud in front of a press pool and say it about china, isn't that strategic move on the president's part? because we know that democrats need to convince the public impeachment is the way to go. we could sit here and say oh, my goodness, how key do this, but at the same time, it actually seems like strategy. >> i think that that is right. i think that the president like most other issues where we usually think that he is stoking controversy, he is trying to normalize this kind of behavior. what i think is important for the american people to understand though is not just that this is not how things are supposed to work, but that he is very openly saying that he is willing to potentially trade the interests of the united states and the interests of the american people for his own personal political gain. so we're in a current trade war with china. you may agree or disagree with
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the way he is approaching china right now, but at least the stated reasons are to address what everyone agrees are problems with our economic and trading relationship with china. but what he is putting on the table right now to the chinese is that there is another thing on the table i want from you, i would like you to investigate my political opponent. so what happens if tomorrow xi jinping calls donald trump and says you know, what i heard what you said about biden, i'm gone willi willing to do that in exchange for you dropping those tariffs. that would not be the president looking out for the measure people's interests. it would be looking out for his own.measure people's interests. it would be looking out for his own. >> michael, kelly, thank you so much. and today kurt volker is being deposed by lawmakers behind closed doors part of the impeachment inquiry into president trump. and now kurt volker's testimony could be critical. here is a primer on just who he is before he resigned from his post. he was a key figure in u.s./ukranian relations.
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he is mentioned by name in the whistleblower kpcomplaint. it says a day after the july phone call volker met with zelensky and other officials to provide advice about how to, quote, navigate the demands the president had made. volker also offered to introduce president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani to a close zelensky adviser in mid-july before the phone call. that is according to a text message posted by giuliani on twitter. volker was the special representative for ukraine negotiations from 2017 until his resignation on friday. it was a part-time unpaid position. he was involved in negotiations to mediate peace between ukraine and russia. volker is currently the executive director of the mccain institute for international leadership at arizona state university and he was the u.s. ambassador to nato from 2008 to 2009. joining us now from capitol
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hill, geoff bennett and ross garbhchltga garbe represent. geoff, what have we heard from the deposition? >> it is now entering its fourth hour. you have congressional staffers actually deposing kurt volker and lawmakers have been going into the room as they are allowed to do, a couple have talked to us reporters. the democrats chose not to speak on the record, but mark med companies and jim jordan, two republicans, they make the case that kurt volker they say did not give anything in terms of testimony that comports to adam schiff's theory of the case. i have to use the caveat that this deposition is still on going and we likely won't now the results potentially for some days. but you also have mike you were
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ite e -- turner who also makes the point that he believes that volker did not participate in nor would have allowed anything improper to happen. and it actually tracks with our own reporting. i've talked to people who know the former ambassador, his thinking, the role that they played. and they will at the me that he is adamant that he did not participate, had no role in the decision to hold up ukranian military aid in this overall interaction with president trump and the ukranian leader and that when the whistleblower complaint outlines that he had a role, what i'm told is that volker made clear to those ukranian officials that they should not in any way play a role in the 2020 elections. >> ross, what do you make of the president now calling on china to investigate the bidens? he may be skilled when it come to pr and the court of public opinion, but take us to the actual law. is this an impeachable offense?
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>> the answer is i think it depends on what the president's intent is. and my read on the situation and remember i've represented a bunch of public officials in impeachment proceedings all of my clients impeachments have been republicans. and i think that there is a good chance here that the president is not going to be impeached. but what i'm seeing is what appears to be a remarkable lack of discipline by the president and the trump white house. i'm not sure that there is a a grand plan here. i think what he was probably trying to do was send a message that, look, it is totally fine for the president of the united states to ask other countries to root out corruption. that it is totally fine, it is acceptable, and i think that he is probably saying that the bidens raised serious corruption issues. so it is important for ukraine and now china to take a look at those issues. the problem the president has had is it is hard then to explain the role of rudy giuliani in all of this. what is his personal lawyer
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doing going off and participating in these activities and so far i haven't seen the white house come out with a coherent theory. and that will be important in any impeachment investigation. >> and so the "washington post" reports that volker was angered by what he saw as giuliani's attempts to interfere in the u.s.-ukraine relationship by urging zelensky to focus on alleged corruption by democrats. this is airpois important to wh were saying. there might be a case to be made that donald trump although he has never indicated some remarkable interest in dealing with corruption in other countries is interested in corruption. and as it relates to money being given briy the united states. how does the giuliani thing play into the president and what appears to be the president's culpability from an impeachment perspective? >> so it is pretty well accepted now you don't impeach a president for doing his job in a way that you didn't like. the framers of the constitution
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actually thought about including a provision like that in the impeachment clause and decided against it. so it is treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors. so if on the one hand the president was just doing his job, even if it was in a way that people think was a terrible way to do your job, that is not impeachable. if on the other hand -- >> but ross -- >> yeah. >> this isn't just wiabout we don't like his style. this is an issue of national security or having this keen interest in krupg. we're talking about the president using his resources, using relationships with other countries that need our aid to get information on his potentially biggest political foe he. come on. >> and that is exactly where the issue is going to boil down to. the president will say, hey, there is nothing to look at here, i'm just focused on rooting out corruption. but you are exactly right, what
10:16 am
the house democrats are going to say and try to prove is that, no, instead what was going on was actually an improper and illegal effort to use official resources of the united states government and as some would say trade on relationships in exchange for political and personal gain and that would be another matter. that i think is going to be the dividing line here and what we'll see play out over the next several weeks and months in terms of the debate. >> ross, good to see you. thank you for joining us. and jeff bgeoff bennett for us capitol hill. and next, president trump keeps threatening the whistleblower. we'll break down all of the ways whistleblowers are protected in this country and why. and there are questions about senator bernie sanders' health. we're in the hearing much about his team. we'll talk about the procedure that he had. but first, mgm resorts has agreed to pay up to $800 million to the victims of the 2017 las
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president called the list a spy and indicated that he would like to interview that person personally. so it is worth taking a look at exactly what legal protections whistleblowers have. there is no one law that protects whistleblowers. there are many laws that create difference shields for whistleblowers in the federal government. they provide protections for employees who want to give information to congress in good faith. according to these laws, as long as a whistleblower follows proper protocol, they cannot be punished by their superiors. for those in the intelligence community, the laws also provide protect against having security clearances revoked. but it is worth noting that these protections were written when considering retaliation from a boss not retaliation from the president of the united states. and in the intelligence community, it is a unique spot. in a 1998 congress situation,
10:22 am
they spassed the whistleblower protection act specifically to protect whistleblowers in the intelligence community. intel whistleblowers have the same protections against retaliation, but there is a very specific catch. if an intelligence whistleblower is retaliated against, they cannot take their case to court due to concerns about classified material meaning they are protected but still more vulnerable than the average whistleblower. as for anonymity, the act says that the ig is prohibited from disclosing the identity of the whistleblower. ig michael atkinson has so far protected the whistleblower and acting gchlt ni maguire has testified that he does not know the whistleblower's identity. but the only person, the only person who legally cannot identify the whistleblower is atkinson. if the president for example discovers the identity of the whistleblower and he wants to go public, it appears that he did so. >> and joining us now is former
10:23 am
cia analyst and whistleblower himself patrick eddington. whistleblowers are typically protected from replies al. but donald trump wants this whistleblower exposed and by extension some say but donald trump wants this whistleblower exposed and by extension some say targeted. >> thanks for having me on. and let me just say that i think i would take some issue with the idea that the law you serves as any kind of meaningful protection. yesterday i hosted a panel in which i had the government accountability project on stage to talk about some of these very issues. and g.a.p. hams whistleblowers -- ham handles whistleblowers case by case basis.
10:24 am
and they are usually willing to run the risk of retaliating somebody against. when i worked for a congressman, we developed legislation that would have made it a felony for folks in the government to engage in that kind of behavior that would have carried a mandatory minimum ten year sentence and $100,000 fine. now, that would certainly be great if we had something like that today to help protect whistleblowers. but your larger issue here with respect to the individual correct. and here is the other vulnerability. i have no idea whether this prn works for the cia or not. that has been reported by the knock ti "new york times" but not independently confirmed. but if that person does work for the cia, the issue you have is that everybody who works at the cia is what is known as accepted service. and in a federal hiring and firing context, what that means is that you don't have the same kind of civil service protections that folks in other parts of the government often do. so if the president were to find out who this person was, he could actually fire them.
10:25 am
and in-that th think that shoul trigger for action as far as i'm concerned if mr. schiff and the speaker are actually serious about this. so this person is really in a deeply tenuous situation. and the president's overattempts to intimidate this person are not just aimed at this person, they are aimed at anybody else in the federal government who is thinking about coming forward and potentially talking about waste or abuse or criminal conduct. that is the concern that i have. >> do you think the president's tactics work? you yourself are a whistleblower. you know what it is like. when he says the things that he does, when he makes the threats, what do you think it does to people? >> well, you have to understand that the folks like me who are very, very inner directed who have a specific code that we live by, at the end of the day, we don't give a rip what the president of the united states says because we didn't take an oath to the president of the krund. we took an oath to preserve,
10:26 am
protect and defend the constitution. and so that being said, you know, the thomas tams are rare, the edward snowdens are rare. and all charges against social med media -- snowden should be dismissed and he should be able to come back. but back to this topic, i fear if the president were to learn their identity, that person's physical safety would be at risk. >> and that is an important point. a lot of whistleblower protections are about a person's job, being punished, things like that. we're in a different category here. >> we are. there is absolutely no question about it. and we've never had a circumstance in which any whistleblower in the government has actually pointed a finger directly at the president of the united states and made the allegations that we're hearing here. so yeah, mr. trump 's conduct is well beyond the pale to say the least. >> patrick, good to talk to you.
10:27 am
wow. >> yeah. so the things that we normally think about protecting whistleblowers, is this a different story. >> it is a different story. that was a lot. coming up next, senator bernie sanders just had a heart procedure and he has canceled a number of campaign events. we want to know about what it means for his campaign. and we're digging into all things impeachment with ben cardin. and at least four police officers were killed inside paris police headquarters today. a spokesperson confirmed the killings and said that the assailant was shot and killed by another police officer. the attacker had been an administrative employee who worked at the headquarters for more than 20 years. a motive is not yet known. when you shop for your home at wayfair, you get more than free shipping. you get everything you need for your home at a great price, the way it works best for you, i'll take that. wait honey, no.
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welcome back. this hour we do not know where bernie sanders is after undergoing a heart procedure for a blocked artery. his campaign won't say if he is hospitalized or at hope and we don't exactly know what his recovery will look like. >> campaign headquarters of the 78-year-old is not even
10:32 am
promising that they will give an update today. last time we saw sanders was tuesday evening at a campaign event and he did need to sit down. >> well, ari, can you -- get me a chair up here for a moment. it's been a long day. that chair works. >> upcoming events have been postponed and also on hold, a $1.3 million ad buy this iowa. joining us now is shaquille brewster. what have you been able to learn? >> reporter: it is still a lot of information that we just don't know as you list the out there. the latest that we heard from the campaign aide who telling us that plans have not changed and that senator sanders will be at that next presidential debate which we know is on october 15th in columbus, ohio. but beyond that, there are very basic details about senator sande
10:33 am
sanders condition. we don't know if he is currently in the hospital or if he has since been released. and we're getting a no comment on even if he is still in the las vegas area. what the campaign did tell us yesterday is that jane sanders his wife did fly out from the east coast to meet with him in las vegas and be with him in that area. and we don't know much about that. and what the campaign did yesterday is yesterday they released a statement and you saw that statement that explained the situation, it said that he is in good condition -- or good spirits, he is conversing with people, but they are not going beyond that statement in terms of telling us his condition. so still a lot of questions that many sanders supporters and the public are still waiting for. >> what do we know about the decision to pull that advertisement in iowa? >> reporter: it was a $1.3 million ad that the campaign announced on tuesday october 1. they first announced that they had the big fund raising haul and that they would come out and have an ad in iowa. and that ad was supposed to air
10:34 am
today but the ad tracker says that the campaign has pulled that ad. the campaign is telling us that it is a postponement, that they will eventually put the ad back up there. but if you watch that ad, it paints senator sanders as a fighter, someone willing to take the fight to president trump. it has a closing line similar to something like he has been a fighter -- he will be a fighter for you as he has always been. i think with this situation going on now, it is reasonable to think that with this health situation, they don't want that image of senator sanders to be out there. but i will also say his campaign still is trying to seem as if -- show them operating, continuing to be out there. his surrogates for example, c carman cruz, she will be in washington. and the campaign trying to put on a front that they are still mobilizing. >> shaquille, thank you for reporting on this.
10:35 am
good to see you. coming up, it is true that joe biden's son hunter was on the board of a ukranian energy company. but for facts sake, a lot of other things are being said about the bidens right now that are simply not true. we'll break down the conspiracy theories and the outright lies. but first, we'll speak with senator ben cardin, a member of the foreign relations committee on what he thinks are the most important piece of the impeachment inquiry. inquiry. there are ordinary eggs... inquiry. and the best. which egg tastes more farm-fresh and delicious? on what he thinks are the most important piece of the impeachment inquiry. relations on what he thinks are the most important piece of the impeachment inquiry. piece of the impeachment inquiry. only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs.
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welcome back. we are continuing to follow president trump's latest comments suggesting that another foreign power investigate his political rival. today at the white house, the president doubled down on his assertion that ukraine should investigate joe and hunter biden. and shortly after addressing trade talks between the united states and china, the president then suggested that china also investigate the biden family. >> i have a lot of options on china. if they don't do what we want, we have tremendous power. china should start an investigation into the bidens. because what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. so i would say that president zelensky, if it were me, i would recommend that they start an investigation into the bidens. because nobody has any doubt
10:40 am
that they weren't crooked. >> joining us now, democratic senator from maryland and a member of the senate foreign relations committee ben cardin. senator, white house spokesperson was asked about what the president said and responded with no comment. is it from for the president to publicly call on another country in this case china to investigate a political foe, joe biden, on the eve of restarting trade negotiations between the united states and china? >> no, not at all. the president of the united states can should not be using his position as president of the united states to ask a foreign power to get involved in something that could affect the u.s. elections. that is asking for help in the 2020 elections. that is not appropriate for the president. it compromises his position on behalf of the united states on national security. and it is clearly wrong.
10:41 am
>> senator, what are you looking at in terms of the impeachment process? because at some point it may come to you in the senate. how are you thinking about it and talking about it? >> well, clearly it is up to the house of representatives in its impeachment inquiry to determine whether the president's conduct rises to the level of an impeachable offense under the constitution. that is solely within the discretion of the house of representatives. i think we all want to see a more thorough investigation and conclusion. if they decide it does not, that tends it. if they decide there are articles of impeachment, then it comes to the senate and each is basically a juror. what we urge is that members of the house until the investigation is complete, let's let the investigation go forward and listen to the facts, put country over party. this is a serious constitutional issue for us to determine whether it is an impeachable offense and if it is, whether there should be conviction under the constitution of high crime
10:42 am
a and misdemeanor in office 37. >> what do you make of the documents that the ig wrought to congress about the former ambassador to ukraine and is there any ron to believe that secretary of state mike pompeo was aware of these documents? >> i know the whistleblower is scheduled to testify before the house and senate i believe that has been confirmed. clearly the ig will be there and testify. we already know that. i think secretary pompeo should testify. so we need to get the facts so to what was involved, how they were conducting foreign policy, how much the president's political ambitions influence those decisions. all of that is important information and whether there was a coverup of some of this information by putting it in a separate file. >> senator, than you fk you for
10:43 am
joining us. right now president trump is in florida speaking at a retirement community. he is set to in-so an executive order on medicare for senior citizens. let's -- we'll be back in a moment to listen to that. en to t
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welcome back. president trump continues to attack hunter biden. the president woke up tweeting about hunter and ukraine and hours later talking about hunter and china. so for fact sake, let's look at what has been debunked. first biden's son hunter joined the board of a uhe in-i can'tian energy company back in 2014. he was paid as much as $50,000 a month but had no experience in natural gas, ukraine or regulatory oversight. that is all fact. the payments to hunter confirmed by the "new york times." second, critics claim that hunter biden's work was under investigation by then prosecutor. that was not the case. the company was being investigated long before hunter biden arrived on the scene. and his role specifically was not being investigated always any point. third, former vice president joe biden was the point person for
10:48 am
ukraine at the time. biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid unless the prosecutor was fired, but biden wasn't alone. the united states and many other european allies wanted him out. that is a fasct. joe biden said it himself in 2018. critics cry foul saying that he shoved shokin out. but that theory was debunked. biden and several western nat n nations pushed for his ouster because he wasn't doing enough. and now here we go with china. >> china should start an investigation into the bidens. because what happened to china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. >> okay. let's bring in national security intelligence correspondent ken dilanian. ken, china. in 2013, hunter biden joined his
10:49 am
dad vice president biden on an official trip to asia. at the same time biden was forming a chinese -- unhunter w forming a fund. and he says that he met with a banker and called it a social visit. ten days after, china issues a business license clearing the way for a fund. talk to me about how we should think about this. >> is this a great example of something that would have been a news story had jblg become toe the nominee as part of the normal scrutiny that we give to every candidate. and it doesn't look very good. it looks about as smarr any as hunter biden getting a $50,000 a month job on the board of a gas company. but no evidence that i've seen that anyone has brought to the fore that joe biden took any steps in his official capacity to 5id his son. you could argue should he have instructed his adult son to not take these jobs that seem to
10:50 am
jive with his authority in government is this absolutely. and people have written that and said that. and this stuff was covered at the time and people said it was problematic. but the things that donald trump and rudy giuliani are saying about these arrangements are completely fantasy. they have taken to another level. they are calling for criminal investigations. they are assuming facts not in evidence when they could have just simply pointed it out, it might have been an effective political scda campaign techniq. >> and hunter biden was a private citizen at the time then and now. the president's daughter and senior adviser to him who is a white house official, ivanka trump, she won approval for a total of 34 new trademarks from china last year according to the a.p. at least five more this year
10:51 am
can. and all of this while the trump administration is locked in a trade war with china. is the president on shaky ground making these kind of accusations against hunter and joe biden given what is going on in his own family? >> shaky ground is generous. he is in quick sand! this is the most conflicted president we've ever had. unimaginable that the founders could not have conceived of a president of the united states with a global business empire and children continuing to do business abroad and without divesting this stuff like every other president did in history. and without disclosing even some of these businesses by submitting his tax returns. this is absolutely the pot calling the kettle black and that is why anything that hirnts biden and his children have done that may not look company shkos multiply it and that is the
10:52 am
trump family. and we should never lose sight of the fact that this is a president who continues to earn money from international businesses while he is exercising his authority to conduct foreign relations with some of these very countries. >> is baso joe biden made a stat about wanting to replace the brother in ukraine. and a lot of right wing media sort of latched on that as proof. you heard the laundry list of accusations that have been debunked. is there enough there for anybody to be investigating, do we know if the fbi is actually investigate something donald trump is telling everybody to investigate. and if there is something wrong, someone should be investigating. is that under way? >> we have no evidence that there is any u.s. criminal investigation. and when i've asked people about this, they say look, there really isn't an ethics law that covers relatives of office holders. they are free to take these kind of jobs legally.
10:53 am
ethically and appearance-wise, it may not be a good idea. and in terms of you 0oo kra00 u ukranian officials say there is no investigation ongoing and no evidence of wrongdoing. in fact if there was a u.s. investigation, biggest question is on what basis and did the president order that and was that proper. >> ken, thank you for your reporting. ken dilanian. and in the last hour, our colleague rachel shadow was on an degree a mit andrea mitchell reports arguing that the president's comments render an impeachment inquiry basically irrelevant. watch this. >> i wanted to quickly ask you to expand about what happened on the south lawn because the president is now bringing china into it. >> and your previous guest congressman rose was talking
10:54 am
about this. the republicans defending the president on this have spent the last couple days trying to make us not believe the white house notes about the call between trump and zelensky. make us not believe that trump actually approached ukraine about giving them something on biden that he could use for his election. they have been denying that maybe that the whistleblower got it right, denying that the call was accurately reflected and the way the house is pursuing impeachment. but the president walked out on to the south lawn and was asked what did you learn from ukraine and he said they ought to investigate biden. so i think his theory here is, you know, you get caught murdering somebody and your defense is, yeah, i killed the guy, he needed to be killed. and so what. doing it in public makes it less of a scandal? i don't know. but they don't really need an inquiry anymore. >> an interesting point. doing this public doesn't make it less of a scandal. donald trump is talking about the very things that make people think that he should be impeached and he is out there
10:55 am
saying yeah, i'm doing it. >> and it doesn't normalize it, it underscores it. coming up, who is afraid of elizabeth warren? turns out quite a few people. we'll tell you who they are. searching for a way to help stop your cold sore? only abreva can get rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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welcome back. put that dow up and see what happened today. this doesn't happen a ton these days. where the market opened suddenly
10:59 am
dropped and hangs around zero mark and starts gaining. we're up a third of a point. what do you think is going on? >> who knows. we'll get the official jobs report tomorrow. private payroll for the month of september. things are not as robust as they once were. but remember, large businesses and small, if they believe that recession is coming at the very least they start to slow down. you don't see them overarching. >> and that is the disconnect between the stock market and the world. we are seeing layoffs. but however sometimes it is a technical thing for them. they have seen the market acceptoff and sometimaccep selloff and they get in thinking it is a buying opportunity. >> and even if you look beiat t slowdown, there is more political instability outside of the united states. so we may be the best of the worst. >> and if you invested one year ago today, you are negative. so for all the talk, you lost
11:00 am
money based on investing on this date one year ago. thank you for watching. >> end on a high note. you can listen to "velshi & ruhle" on sirius xm radio. right now katy tur picks up coverage and she is about to tell you who is afraid of elizabeth warren. >> and it is not who you might think. >> a good tease. i'mstaying right here. it is 2:00 p.m. in washington and we're so day ten of the impeachment inquiry into president trump. thenv


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