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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  October 18, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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morning. thank you. >> i'm stephanie ruhle if is friday, october 18th and the white house is making a very specific request of the american people. believe what we tell you to believe even if it doesn't match what you have seen with your own eyes. for example, the white house says say it's is great for the kurds. also the g 7 will be held at the trump resort, but mick mulvaney says don't worry the president won't make a dime. and mulvaney going on tv and saying of course there was a quid pro quo. >> they look back to 2016. it is absolutely appropriate. >> what you just described is a
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quid pro quo, it is funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server as well. >> we do that all of the time. i have news for everybody, get over it. there is political influence in foreign policy. >> mulvaney was asked to clarify four times in that press briefing and every single time he indicated that linking the aid to the request for an investigation was perfectly a-okay. m mulvaney seemed to realize his mistake when he said let me be clear, there was absolutely no quid pro quo between ukrainian military. there was never any condition in the aid related to the server.
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he says no aid. >> what you just described is a quid pro quo. funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server happens as well. >> we do that all of the time with foreign policy. one of trumps as lied said that in the briefing room it was a disaster. okay, hans, mulvaney is now saying the media misconstrued what he said. it was not a closed door interview and then a print story. we all sat here and watched mick mulvaney quadruple down on that trip. >> they have explained how they
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got into a tizzy over this entire briefing and that she will not do in briefings herself. what is also clear in all of this is that the legal team, the president's actual lawyers trying to defend him were also left out of the loop. thereon what jay sekulow said, the president's legal counsel was not involved in acting chief of staff mick mulvaney's press briefing. there is always a pr push and a legal push. sometimes they work in can dumb, sometimes they are really doubling down on their pr push. and that is that democrats are completely overplaying their hand. >> thank you, we have a lot to dig into. we know what happened. we have to figure out why and what it all means.
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joel reuben, former deputy assistant secretary of state, he was at that briefing on thursday, and my friend elise jordan, former aid to the white house and state department under president george w bush. fi first i want to share what president said in the last few weeks. please watch this. there was no quid pro quo. at all. >> there is no quid pro quo. >> there is no quid pro quo. >> there was no quid pro quo unlike biden. >> the text message that i saw from ambassador sondland was "there is no quid pro quo." he said by the way, there is no quid pro quo. and there isn't. >> there was no quid pro quo. there was nothing.
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>> how much damage was there. >> donald's supporters know he is a frequent shameless liar. mick mulvaney's performance yesterday, refuting what the president had been saying and admitting to a quid pro quo, he doesn't get a do over the way that donald trump gets to spew nonsense constantly. he is not trump. he is not perceived as someone off balance, off kilter, crazy. he is supposed to be the chief of staff at the white house overseeing everything happening in government at the president's behest. it is very damaging for the trump administration. >> jeff, what position does this put mick mulvaney in? could they send him packing. the white house fully expected
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mulvaney expected him to say there was no quid pro quo, so what happened? >> te was notable that he said he had confidence in mick mulvaney. we have seen the president before say he has confidence in someone. so i'm not saying that is what happened with mick mulvaney. in terms of what happened, i spoke to an it was something that the president knew was going to happen and gave his blessing to. so in terms of what came out of his mouth versus what the plan was, this is what we have to keep asking. >> let's go back in time. the reason that the president
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held up the money was because of that thing in 2016. that thing is a conspiracy theory that links ukraine to hillary clinton's e-mails and i want to share what the first homeland security advisory said about that in september. >> it is completely debunked. it sticks in his mind, and for clarity here, george, let me just again repeat that it has non nova ln no validity. it's not just that the president was holding up the money, it was why he was holding it up. >> that's right. ? it is being done to undermind an opponent. how stupid do they think the
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american people are? at a super poiou certain point, looking after false targets, trying to underline our diplomacy in the world. having the chief of staff confused. being honest, taking it back. this is all descending very rapidly and collapsing right in front of our face, and i just -- i can't imagine that right now senate republicans in particular are feeling comfortable in their position, and i'm sure that nancy pelosi realizes now that she is playing with house money and she has these republicans twisting in the wind. >> elise, meanwhile, stephanie grisham is saying the media is in a tizzy, but for republicans,
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does it change it in any way? >> house republicans, senate republicans, you see very few individuals willing to put forward a very strong defense of trump. . and within minutes of it it is shaky territory for anyone to risk their reputation particularly with this particular scandal. >> how strange is that. someone in stephanie grisham's roll, isn't that what person that fills her job does? >> we're seeing them right
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before her eyes. and it is clear president trump ran and said only i can do this. he is failing, and his team is aphrase of him. it looks like she is suffering from stolkholm syndrome. he dictated the language about no quid pro quo. that is the decapitation. and it seems leek it is going to show. >> they said that the remarks are not a smoking gun but just
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another piece to the puzzle. what do they mean by that and how it l it impact the impeachment inquiry. >> i spoke to a former officials that sort of ek quoed that sentiment. they didn't think this was going to be the thing that would bring the president down, but they thought it gave more fod fodder democrats. and they thought the white house was not taking the impeachment inquiry seriously enough. and they're eager to go out and defend the president, talk about things, and they're not getting talking points or getting direction from the white house. one of the things that mick mulvaney said is he didn't feel they needed a war room at the white house because the president had done nothing wrong. one of the other officials i spoke to said even if you did nothing wrong it doesn't mean that you should not have a team around the president helping to deal with this. one person is not enough. and that one person so far has been trump. >> there is one more thing elise
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i would like you to weigh in on if is about the diplomats leaving their posts and testifying, please watch this. >> what you're seeing now is career bureaucrats saying i don't like president trump's politics so i'm going to participate in this witch hunt. elections do have consequences and they should, and your foreign policy will change. obama did it one way, we're doing it another way, and there is no problem with that. >> is that how you characterize the people coming forward to testify? >> i find what mulvaney said to be very offensive if it is a tension that all of the administrations tolerate. you can't do away with the
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demand structure of our foreign policy and outsource it to your personal lawyer because he, your personal emissary, is willing to break the law. >> all right, thank you so much. we have to move forward, we have breaking news in northern syria where there is now new fighting this morning despite the trump administration making a deal with turkey to pause the attack. president trump is saying the deal is amazing because it saves kurdish living, but only by diving turkey kurdish land and telling the kurds to get out. we're going to richard engel. this is a great deal for everyone according to the president, how do you see that and b, there is fighting going on again.
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>> there has been some fighting in one pocket along the border area. there have been some air strikes, some artillery, there have been some exchanges of fire, but mostly in this one area and in other border areas it has been relatively quiet. and that is fairly normal with cease fires. there is no on-off switch in war. the longer term consequences however are much, much more profound. this decision may have started a n new civil war. things are changing, but this is a temporary situation. longer term, the kurds are facing what they say will be their end in northern syria.
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ethnic cleansing on a mass scale. >> richard engel joining us from the front lines. >> president trump tries to distract us from the growing impeachment inquiry by announcing next year's g 7 being held at his florida resort. the man who knows trump finances very well, the guy who has seen his taxes, will be here. up next, 2020 democratic candidate, governor steph bullock joins us to weigh in on the impeachment inquiry and why he refuses to drop out of the presidential race. refuses to d presidential race. great friends. you just saved a bunch of money by switching your boat insurance to geico. it was easy. folks, can it get any better than this? is that what i think it is? that is an armada of tiny sushi boats. awesome! i forgot to pack lunch. you had one job... chopsticks wasabi and soy!
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this week a debate about rudy juliani's shadow policy, a meeting at the white house that resulted in democratic leaders walking out, and rick perry, another cabinet official announcing that he is leaving his post. here to waig in on all of that and the presidential election, steve bullock, become, governor. >> thank you, i have to ask you about mick mulvaney admitted to
6:20 am
quid pro quo. >> this is acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. when they say look, he did, it is just week after week after week. but even when the chief of staff is directing it, it is demonstrating they have to go forward. >> your campaign even launched a website that is people talking about what they need most, is this what you should be focused on? >> no, it's not what any of us should be focused on. but it was, at the time, for his own gain, i said this is bigger than the politics of the game.
6:21 am
>> why is it your best move for the day. you can convince the american people that you can help them live their best lives. >> i think that time and time again, as a former attorney general, a lawyer, someone that understands the rule of law. i don't want to spend the next 14 months just talking about donald trump. we should be exactly right. we should be talking about folks losing health care, jobs not getting better, what the trump tax cuts did for their lives. we have to realize that this has to go forward, but there will be great divides going on. this country will be deeply divided. >> the trump administration
6:22 am
reached a deal with turkey yesterday pausing the offensive for five days and giving the kurds a chance to withdrawal and get out of the way. >> if i was commander in chief, we never would have got into this administration. the kurds, and bigger than the kurds, that they have think that america's word means something. isis.we fought side by side with all on the president's whim, he didn't speak with anyone other than erogan, we're in so much more trouble. >> let's talk about the people in the state of montana who voted for the president that say they are corrupt.
6:23 am
i'm sick and tired of all of it. is there a moral high ground that one can stand on and say no, we're the good guys here. >> i think washington is broken. someone that never served in washington dc. someone that looks at so many of the other candidates, someone that has had to work with republicans to get things done in montana, i think there is a lot of problems with washington dc. i also think at some point you to call out and we have an obligation to turn around and say you can't use the presidency to sell timeshares at your golf resort. >> but the thing is they can. time and time again we have said this is a red line. and he says yep, yesterday, from mick mulvaney saying the g 7 is going to take place at trump's
6:24 am
resort, he is saying we can and we will. >> what does that look like? >> it looks like an impeach mme inquiry going on. a distraction from. here you
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welcome back, we have breaking news this morning. our own richard engel who is on the ground says the pause in fighting is mostly holding but what you're looking at are images are bombing and gunfire can be heard less than 24 hours
6:32 am
after the u.s. and turkey reached what vp pence called a cease fire deal. turkey agreeing to stop their offensive for five days giving time to withdraw from the region but it is unclear this morning if either side is going to comply. still president trump seems very happy with the deal. >> the kurds were great. i want to grate and thank president erdogan. she a friend of mine. he is a hell of a leader, a tough man, a strong man, and he did the right thing. >> joining us now to discuss, a former assistant secretary of state. and at the national security council for the first two years at the syrian crisis advising
6:33 am
president obama. ie, we have the experts. what did you think? >> we got steam rolled again. president trump and his co-harts, we have gotten steam rolled and they're spinning it or if they actually believe that we got a good deal out of this. so this deal that they struck is bad for a few reasons. first it shows the united states is not really a force to be reckoned with, right? whatever turkey wants. and now we have given them what we wanted in a possibly less violent way. >> turkey wants the kurds out of that region. they're going to get that, but there just won't be bloodshed, is that the case? >> right, we believe that, but there will eventually. you a situation that was relatively stable in a region that is not at all stable, right? we took that and we made it unstable.
6:34 am
second, circumstanturkey says i through what they say they want to, in that 20 mile buffer zone, we're talking about a possible conflict, right? they may not have even been from that region. when you have a situation where you have different religions, tribes, and area where's it is kill or be killed, you could be reigniting this. >> the president say it's is a great day for civilization, but i want to share what mitt romney said yesterday. >> the announcement is being portrayed as a victory, but it is far from a victory. it violates one of our most sacred duties. what we have done to the kurds will stand as a bloodstain. there was no chance for diplomacy? are we so week and inept that
6:35 am
turkey forced the hand of the united states of america? turkey? >> i think he is largely right. there is always a contradiction in the u.s. policy, we are allied with the kurds, we do most of the heavy lifting. but turkey is a nato ally and sees the van guard of the syrian democratic forces as a threat to turkey. but in confronting this, we have done it in the worst possible way. at best you can say the cease fire put a band aid on a very deep seventy inflicted wound. and that stress, that straining already, it is not going to hold. meanwhile whatever does happen going forward in syria, you know
6:36 am
with the withdrawal of u.s. forces from northern syria, they will not be a factor in how this unfolds. >> then what is the solution? that the president decided to withdraw troops. we know the situation is serious. >> i fear it is a little too little too late. >> really? >> yeah, first we have unleashed this situation now. and on top of it, one of the things we taken about what iran and russia stand to gain. they're murders. they aligned with them because they have no choice. that alignment still exists. it is survival of the fittest out there. so russia and iran will now have influence in the rebeyond where the kurds are. so we have made it much worse, and the notion that by the way that we can sanction our way to fix this, as you know i love
6:37 am
sanctions, i was in the treasury for a long time and they're not going to work in this regard. i'm not saying that trump can't obliterate turkey, but to say that sanctions are the fiction, that is just not how it works. >> pj, i want to share this and it is long but i think it is important. retired navy admiral is out with an op-ed and he writes this. if our promises are meaningless, how will our allies ever trust us. if we cannot have faith in our principals why would they join our military. if we are not the champions of the good and right, who will follow us. if no one follows us, are will the world end up. two days before this, one of the president's 2020 advisors, his dau daughter-in-law said most
6:38 am
americans would have to google what a kurds is. what is jr. take in will they have a lasting impact on the trump administration? >> i think already you're seeing a recorral collation of security interests in the region. for example, how this fits in with the broader strategy of maximum pressure on iran is anyone's guess. you know we have been trying to confront iran in their expansion in regional influence and yet we're already seeing that in light of the trump decision on syria, the trump decision not to respond last month to the downing of an american drone, they're seeking a back channel to tehran. there will be an accommodation to iran and not a confrontation. i think our broader strategy is in tatters. you know we're in retreat, everyone knows it, and that only benefits, you know, iran,
6:39 am
russia, syria, the islamic state, none of that can be good for the united states. >> thank you both so much, it definitely helps make us a bit smarter. coming up, president trump loves the fact that his comments can move markets but a stunning new report says the president's comments has made a mysterious group of traders billions off of their stock bet. we don't know, but there are two members of congress who definitely want to find out and launch a new investigation. exclusive details, next. investn exclusive details, next. the different. subaru presents the underdogs. these shelter dogs still love unconditionally. they're just hoping to find their human, who does too. to help, subaru is establishing national make a dog's day to ask you to please consider adopting an underdog, or do something extra-special for your dog.
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it. testifying before the impeachment inquiry, blasting the syria withdrawal, the administration decided to start with this. the 46th g 7, at the trump national doral in miami, florida. we believe this is the best place to have it. we'll have it there, and some people will never get over the fact that it is a trump property. we get that but we're still going there. >> how is a man who has seen
6:44 am
president trump's taxes and seen his finances better than anyone i know. tim, you wrote about this piece this morning, calling this development e molumental. the >> there is a clause that says the president cannot financially benefit, it is another word from bribe, and he is to keep the president from being influenced by foreign powers. i don't know why they felt they would need to roll out anything about the g 7. it is not until next june. they have no one left in the white house to go out and take bullets for the president and i think he makes people walk the plank.
6:45 am
is but they knew when they announced it this people would go crazy. >> it is not just another day when they say we decided it was the g 7 that the president's business in florida, and we can deal with that. they're wearing their malfeasance on their sleeve, financial conflicts of interest occur so frequently that the administration says we're going to have taxpayer funded dollars into a property owned by the president's family. >> it could be just from a legal perspective. when he stands at the podium and
6:46 am
says we're not going to make money off of it, we're doing it at cost, at cost is a profit for trump in resort is currently losing money if is in the negative. if they then host the g 7 at cost, at cost is a positive, that is a profit, that being the case. how can they get through this legally? >> don't think doral is losing money. their revenue and profits are declining, i think they're in the black marginally, but i think it is the biggest golf property that the trump organization owns. it is key to what they're doing, and i think that trump is worried about keeping it under water. >> the month of june, i'm not talking anything like that, june is one of the least popular months in the state of florida, this would be a boom for them. >> it is hot, the occupancy rates plunge.
6:47 am
>> and it is not just the money, but trump gets enormous brand and marketing value out of having an event there that is hard to figure out how he monetizes that, but there is great value in it for him. there is nothing above board about the white house using the president's property. >> could they get away with doing renovations and putting it on the american taxpayer dime? there is only two presidential suites, there is no way seven gor world leaders will be in two double beds and a shower. jet, his private jet got retro fitted at taxpayer expense after he became president. trump spent his business career flying around on second-hand
6:48 am
727s without dated avionics. his casinos paid for it for years and year, it had to get updated when he became president. there is a reasonable argument to make for that. when it comes to updating his golf resort so he can keep the finances above water, that argument floats out the window. >> he knows his finances, that is why it is always great to have tim in the house. now for hand exclusive. fears about possible insider trading are prompting for calls of an investigation. it points out ultimate. trades that points out if the people who made money on them were incredibly lucky or if they had inside knowledge.
6:49 am
frins, trump says china talks are back on track, the trader made nearly $2 billion in profits. similar trades happened in august and september, sometimes just before trump made an announcement about china, and once just before drone's attacked saudi arabia. traders made out with nearly $4 billion in profits. ted lu and kathleen wright are talking about it in congress. taken alone it seems suspect, but if you know about the way trading works, the last ten minutes of trading way you see lots of macro books hedge, and they could hedge very big sides, why do you believe something nefarious is happening. >> thank you for your question. i'm honored to be here. we're both former prosecutors.
6:50 am
if this happened once or twice, we would not think much of it, but now it has happened at least four times and in these trades they made hundreds of millions of dollars or billions of sec, as well as the commodity future trading commission to look at these trades. >> this could be a coincidence. remember, when a trade happens, somebody wins, somebody loses, so there's a losing side of the trade, too. is it you just want to know more information or you actually mow of wrongdoing that hasn't been made public yet? >> this is clearly to get information. it looks very much like there could be insider information being given to these traders and that's when they made these trades, knowing that there was either going to be an international event or even a tweet from the president that could move the markets. the president has made no bones about the fact that he knows that by tweeting something,
6:51 am
whether it's true or false, he has the ability single handedly to move the market. and i also think it's important to look not at this incident, not just as an isolated incident, but in the larger environment of questionable activity by this administration. and people associated with it. >> bill cohen, the person who wrote the vanity fair article, reached out to the sec and they said show us the trades. a couple days later they came back to him and they said no comment. congressman lu, since you've put this request in to launch an investigation, has the sec responded? >> normally these institutions do not respond when we make these requests, but we just wanted to make sure that they know that congress is watching and that they've got a formal request and we expect them to do their job. i also note that people in the administration as well as in congress, we do get information. in fact, a republican congressman has been indicted and he had to resign from new
6:52 am
york for insider trading. so clearly there's people in the trump administration that have information before it's public. we just want to know if any of them leaked this out or somehow gave it to people who then made trades. >> then what happens from here, congresswoman? do you have any leverage or pressure that you can put to the sec? do they owe you any sort of response? you've put the request in. can they just keep moving on and do nothing? >> very often agencies will give no comment because they say we don't comment on ongoing investigations. and ted and i both understand that. but the problem that we have here is we have seen almost a complete destruction of any regulatory action on the part of federal agencies under the trump administration. and trump talks about how that's one of the things that he ran on. we're going to get rid of all the regulation. but in this instance it's important for congress, since we do have oversight ability, that that's our job, that we need to
6:53 am
make it clear to these federal agencies that we have jurisdiction over ultimately, that we are watching and we need them to do their job. we cannot just look the other way. >> what does that mean? if you have oversight responsibility, how do you actually get that information? the sec could say, no, thanks, we're all set? >> we're going to keep pushing. this kind of behavior, which we see which is so disturbing, is an attempt by donald trump and this administration to normalize behavior that swings from outright potentially criminal to completely ethically improper behavior. and there is an attempt by this administration to normalize that behavior, to get the american public to say i know that this is what you're seeing, but it shouldn't matter to you and it's not really what you're seeing. and we can't allow that to happen. and ted and i are going to continue to keep pushing these
6:54 am
agencies to do what they should be doing from a regulatory standpoint. >> in terms of getting more information, let's talk about the impeachment inquiry before we go. congressman lu specifically, do you believe that the process needs to be more open in order to help the american people know that it's fair? it's huge to see people go in for hours and hours of testimony, but we don't actually know what they're saying. >> republicans do, because their lawyers are in these rooms. the republican members are in these rooms. >> but the american people don't. >> we're going to release the transcripts when they're done. the witnesses actually have to approve the transcripts. we're in the fact-finding phase. the house is acting like a grand jury. and when you do an investigation you just don't do it in public. that's not what prosecutors do, it's not what the grand jury does. but at some point the transcripts will be released and the american public will see what these witnesses have said and then there will be opening hearings. >> and stephanie, i think it's important to go back to the ken starr investigation.
6:55 am
that was done in secrecy and then the report was handed over to the judiciary committee. so this is not irregular behavior. the trump administration is trying to convince the american people that we're doing something in secret. but as former prosecutors, the general public, they know that investigations are done privately and then the findings are brought publicly and then the accused, if there are any, have the ability to respond. so this is totally normal procedure. and the american public should not be hoodwinked by this administration trying to taint this normal process that has happened before. >> a little historical perspective, dear america, this is how it works. congresswoman rice and congressman lu, thank you so much for joining me this morning. much or on mick mulvaney's stunning press conference yesterday. a former chief of staff will be here on just how absurd it all was.
6:56 am
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that wraps up a very busy hour. i am stephanie ruhl. i'll see you again at 1:00 p.m.. check out the modern ruhles podcast wherever you get your podcasts, coming up right now, my dear friend chris jansen is in the house. >> does every day feel like a week? >> a day, a week, a year. >> an unmit grated disaster, that's what one ally of president trump tells nbc news, describing the astonishing news conference by acting chief of staff mick mulvaney, who
7:00 am
admitted the president engaged in a quid pro quo with ukraine, despite weeks of denials by the house. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. >> let's be clear about what he did there. he undercut the president and gave ammunition for the democrats impeachment inquiry that is ongoing. and then mulvaney went on to say get over it, before later trying to walk everything back, denying he ever said there was a quid pro quo. we have our new reporting on exactly what went down in the hours after, and reaction from capitol hill from a lawmaker on one of the committees leading the impeachment investigation. and it's dead line day. democrats demanding documents from mick mulvaney and energy secretary rick perry as part of their impeachment probe. we've learned that perry, who has emerged as a central figure in the ukraine controversy, has resigned and will leave by the end of the year. he spoke just a short time ago. we'll tell


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