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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 30, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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are thinking of you tonight. that is our broadcast for this evening. we thank you for being here with us. good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. is this morning, a national security official who testified before congress is contradicting the president's claim that the transcript of his call with the leader of ukraine was, quote, exactly. and new details about lieutenant colonel alexander vindman's testimony. plus, house democrats releasing the resolution of the probe. ande criticizing it before it s even made public. and the washington nationals and houston astros heading to a game seven. after the nats tied up the series yesterday. good morning, everyone.
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it's wednesday, october 30th, i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. we beginhy with the impeachment probe and parts of the phone call at theent of the inquiry that the white house admitted from the memo. the revelations coming from alexander vindman, a tupe ukraine expert on the national security council who testified ten hours yesterday. according to a lawmaker present for the testimony and another source, vindman told investigators that he tried to edit the transcript to reflect president trump's mention of the ukrainian president and the gas company burismo. it appears to be speaking at an event. according to "the new york times," vindman testified that
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some of his edits made it into the reconstructed transcript. he did not specify why the mentions of joe biden and burisma were admitted. >> and this contradicts the repeated claims that the white house released an exact transcript of the phonee call. here he is as recently as monday. >> they tried to take that conversation and make it into a big scandal. the problem was, we had it transcribed. it was an exact transcription of the conversation. the whistle-blower recorded a totally different conversation than i had. i released a transcript of my conversation. an exact transcript. >> i thought that i would finish off the first term without the threat of people making false claims. but this one turned out to be incredible. all because they didn't know that i had a transcript done by very, very talented people. word foren word. comma for comma, done by people who do it for a living.
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we had an exact transcript. >> to be clear, it was not an exact transcript. in n fact, it was a memo and it saysmo here on the actual documt released by the white house, paige 1, caution of a memorandum of a telephone conversation is not a verbatim transcript of the discussion. the text in this document records the notes and recollections of situation room duty officers and msc policy staff designed to memorialize the conversation in written form as the conversationwr takes pla. >>ta so president trump yesterd criticized lieutenant colonel alexander vindman as he prepared to testify. trump called vindman a quote, never-trumper, questioned his july 25th phone q call with the president. and accused the purple heart recipient of participating in a wit witch hunt against him. and then questioned his loyalty
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on cnn saying this. >> it seems very clear that he is incorrectly concerned about ukraine an defense. i don't know if he's concerned about american policy. but his main mission was to make sure that the ukraine got that reference. i understand that we all have an affinity to our homeland. >> we also know he was born in the soviet union. he tends to feel simpatico with the ukraine. >> in a tweet, the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani accused vindman of being confused because he's been advising twoe' governments. >> house democrats have released testimony of the impeachment inqui inquiry. the eight-page resolution which the house is expected to vote on tomorrow lays out the general formatth for the impeachment investigation. it i calls for public hearings d would also allow the president or his counsel to participate in proceedings held by the house judiciary committee. thedi judiciary committee will
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ultimately decide whether to report articles of impeachment to the full house. democrats say if the president refuses to cooperate unlawfully with congressional requests, the chair will have discretion to impose appropriate remedies which include denying specific requests by the president or by his counsel. so the top republicans on three committees handling the impeachment probe sent a letter to the house rules committee before the resolution was released. devin nunes, jim jordan and michael mccall said they were disappointed that democrats are racing to break house rules to directly illegitimatize the inquiry. and it confirms that the house democratic impeachment has been an illegitimate chant . and it continues to scam by
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allow i allowing due process. >> danny, i'm going to start with you on this one, if the president refuses to cooperate going forward with the impeachment inquiry, the chair of the judiciary committee may impose, quote, appropriate remedies. what do those remedies or what could thosedi remedies look lik? >> i think this is such a clever move by s democrats to give the presidentcr some form of due process, butue to leave wide op the discretion to punish him if he doesn't engage in essentially discovery, if you want to make analogy to a court process. they're giving him an opportunity to get discovery. to question witnesses to be involved. but they are giving a lot of power to the committee to sanction him, if he doesn't >> and let me get you in on this conversation foru a moment. president trump's push for republicans on the hill to
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defend him as we've seen over the past couple of days during the house impeachment inquiry create a conflict in an already fractured caucus. do you thing that the republican caucus is unified behind the way that they should be defending this president? >> well, certainly not 89 that fi. there's been kind of an emerging strategies from housegi republicans. it's interesting to see how the strategies actually shifted yesterday after the president he wanted them to defend not only on the process but also on the merits. house republicans said they weren't comfortable with the process. the president said he also wanted them to defend him against what's in the allegations. so, we did see a bit of a shift and defense from the most lawyer followers in house republicans. >> and incredible the way he and his surrogates have gone after alexander vindman. i think liz cheney was defensive of him. >> liz cheney got up there and
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defended vindman in front of people. danny three top republicans calling the investigation an illegal sham because it, quote, lacks any properly authorization. is there any merit to this argument whatsoever? >> republicans are wrong on this front. the constitution gives the house the sole power to impeach, not the senate, not any other branch of government, but the house. to that end, when they conduct investigations, not post impeachment, i'm talking about before there's an actual impeachment, they have considerable latitude to conduct those investigations. and while republicans can argue that maybe they should put it to a vote, there's no explicit requirement that they have to vote to conduct the impeachment inquiry. and an analogy would be the criminal process prior to an indictment, a criminal defense attorney has noim right to be ia grand jury room. no right to be involved or participate in the prosecution's
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process for bringing an indictment or criminal charges. so, this, even though there's very littleev precedent, there , in a sense, precedent in the judicial process. >> anna, do you think the testimony in lieutenant colonel vindman will encourage others who are hesitant to cooperate with the impeachment probe? could we see others just come forward on their own will? >> yeah, there are two ways to kind of think about this. on the one hand if you have a career public servant who doesn't necessarily want to be a household name it might be a little intimidating. no one knew who alexander vindman was before this week and now he's a well-known person whose testimony was quite the bombshell. on thes other hand if you have public servants who love their country andva worried about the institution, especially from the diplomatic t corps, this is the chance to say these are the facts. and it gives a chance to lay out what has happened in this white house and try to make sure they
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protect the institution that they care deeply about. >> do you think as we move forward, all of this is only speeding up thef release of so of this testimony publicly? >> well, that's one thing the resolution ison about. in the resolution, they also promised to release documents and call back some of these witnesses for public hearings. so, we are going to move in the public phase of this. one of the complaints we heard from republicans they only had leaked opening statements. we're about to get a much more complete picture of what these people have said and how they corroborate each other's stories orch not. >> danny, to that point, give me your legal perspective on this. does the longer this part of the process drag on, does that work in the advantage of investigators, the democrats in this case who d wanted to push forward with impeachment? or does it raise questions as to whether there's a there there. you often think in a criminal case, if they have evidence very quickly you see them move forward to indict in a trial.
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if it drags on, defense have to face to say what they're gathering, whether it's valid or not. >> on the one hand, the longer the evidence drags on there's always an opportunity togs uncor more medicine. but politically, from a pr standpoint, the longer the investigation drags on, the public may start thinking about what is this all about. especially in a case like this where the core facts are really driving this case fromac the beginning. and so far, the facts that have been uncovered have supported those core facts that initiated this impeachment inquiry. butch there's always the chance that they could dig and uncover something brand-new. >> and we have to say that this investigation ends if they move forward with the impeachment. they can still come back and discover more things in the trial phase, right? >> theoreticalltheoretically, s. it's possible. >> thank you both. we'll talk to you again in just a little bit. still ahead, all of the highlights from the game six in the world series. the nationals top the astros,
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welcome back, everyone. the world series will be decided in a winner take all game seven tonight after the washington nationals evened up a contest with the win over the houston astros in game six. to houston, both teams on the board early last night as the astros answer anthony rondon's single. a sac fly from jose altuve that sends george springer to third base. that's all houston would muster as washington starter stephen strasburg allows five hits striking out seven in a little over eight innings of work. solo home runs by adam eden and
2:16 am
juan soto. it puts the nationals up for good. but the game did not conclude without controversy as you can imagine in the seventh where with two runners on base and nobody out, umpires ruled that washington's trea turner interfered with a play by running inside the line and obstructing the throw. the call is rendered moot moments later. still fuelling over the turner call, nationals manager dave martinez begins his tirade between innings. he is ultimately ejected. the bench coach picks up his duties. and then another two rbis with a tally to two off the ball in deep right field. that's all, folks, the nats hold off houston from a 7-2 victory. as we mentioned game seven tonight. it's probably going to be the quietest night in washington.
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everyone is going to be at home or a bar watching the game. california residents are under new warnings as power outages threaten. and residents were warned that they may need to leave at a moment's notice as the potential could cause more fires and cause the rapid growth of new blazes. so far, the kincade fire has burned 70,000 acres and just 15% contained. meanwhile, the national weather service issued its first ever extreme red flag warning. the getti fire in los angeles has burned 650 acres and 16% contained. let's check on the weather. >> scary images. >> just incredible images. >> amazing, driving down the highways and seeing stuff like that. >> i was wondering if the
2:18 am
highway was still operational. >> yeah, right down the 405. >> it's terrifying to live in that area. >> oh, yeah, their scared. 1 million plus don't have power because of power lines down. good morning, everyone, overnight, things so far so good in california. northern california had the highest winds overnight, 60-mile-per-hour winds, but the kincade fire has stayed within its containment lines. northern california can wake up and breathe a sigh relief. now, the focus is on southern california. strong winds starting now. they're just beginning to ramp up. i've seen a couple reports of 50-mile-per-hour winds. and it's going to be extremely windy today and into halloween morning. this area of pink is under extreme risk. that's the mountainous areas outside of l.a. and southern california. here's the red flag warnings. as i mentioned it's still bone dry in the north but it's not going to be as windy during the
2:19 am
day today. all of the major problems where we have this very rare extreme red flag warning is from los angeles all the way down to the southern border with mexico. and the concern is for fires that we have out there to reignite. ambers from them to start new spot fires. and those fires once they form to make runs. that's the concern, in the dry conditions, low humidity and high winds. and widespread power outages are possible, just from the high winds alone without dealing with the preemptive ones from the power companies. these are the max wind gusts with the potentials from 60 to 70 in higher elevations. the other storm in the next half hour, the huge rainmaker in the south. it is snowing this morning in chicago. they're going to have about an inch of snow on the ground as people try to get out and head out the door. this is going to be a huge halloween mess heading our way. >> oh, man. >> even severe weather and
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2:23 am
arguing it was designed to reveal the whistle-blower's identity which is something that president trump is fixated on doing. >> president would love to punish the whistle-blower. the president's comments and actions have jeopardized the whistle-blower's safety. the president's allies would like nothing better than to help the president out this whistle-blower. our committee will not be a part of that. we will not stand for that. >> republicans in the room disputed the accusation and claimed they were attempting to under the person's motivations for coming forward. but according to the daily beast, republican resistance is something top democrats including members of the intelligence and judiciary committees have been heavily preparing for. two sources claim yesterday that in a meeting yesterday morning, house speaker nancy pelosi discussed how to handle gop efforts to reveal the whistle-blower's identity amid the impeachment inquiry. and the house of
2:24 am
representatives took several actions that are bound to escalate the tensions between u.s. and turkey. in an act the house approvaled a sanction yesterday. it passed 403 to 16. one democrat and 15 republicans voted against the measure. it imposes sanctions on turkish officials, penalizes turkish newses, prevents the sales of arms for use in syria and on anchkara and the missile defens systems. the administration has ejected the program of the f-35 program. and new reports turkey is in talks to buy rush year's counterpap. and the house with the armenian genocide. an estimated 1.5 armenians were
2:25 am
killed at the hands of what was ottoman empire now present day turkey. it's been on the forum for the past couple of decades. it passed yesterday. 405 to 11. there will be a new election in the united kingdom on december 12th. it will mark the first election held in december in almost a century. the prime minister has been pushing for it for weeks. the vote will directly impact how brexit will be implemented although it remains unknown it if it will be enough to break the ongoing chaos and uncertainty surrounding the divorce. it comes day after the european union granted the brexit exit. still ahead, we see some republicans attacking the lieutenant colonel alexander vindman. but not all gop makers are on the same page.
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♪ welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the top stories. a decade the war hero lieutenant colonel alexander vindman testified yesterday and told lawmakers that the white house omitted two key parts of the july 25th phone call with the president of ukraine.
2:30 am
according to a lawmaker who was present and another source familiar with it, vindman told investigators that he tried to edit the white house's reconstructed transcript to reflect president trump's mention of joe biden discussing ukraine corruption. and then the ukrainian president zelensky's specific mention of the company burisma. some of the edits made it into the reconstructed transcript but those two did not. this revelation contradicts the president's repeated claims that the white house released a, quote, exact transcript of his call. >> and prominent republicans joined democrats in defending army lieutenant colonel alexander vindman against attacks from those who question his allegiance to the united states. ahead of his closed-door testimony in the house impeachment inquiry. >> now, i also want to say a word over something else going on over the course of the last several hours and last night. and that is questioning the
2:31 am
patriotism and questioning the dedication of country of people like mr. vindman, lieutenant colonel vindman who will be coming today and others who have testified. i think that we need to show that we are better than that as a nation. they're patriotism, their love of country. we're talking about decorated veterans who have served this nation. who have put their lives on the line. and it is a shame to question their dedication. and we should not be involved in that process. >> i thank him for his service, but he is wrong. >> i'm not going to question the patriotism of any of the people who are coming forward. >> it's absurd, disgusting and way off the mark. this is a decorated american soldier and he should be given the respect that his service to our country demands. >> and republican senator john kuhn of south dakota tells politico, quote, that guy's a purple heart.
2:32 am
i think it would be a mistake to attack his credibility. adding you could obviously take issue with the substance and there are different interpretations about all of that stuff. but i wouldn't go after him personally, he is a patriot. >> as house democrats don't move forward with the impeachment inquiry, americans are split on whether americans should remove him from office. according to the late "usa today" sufficient folks university poll, 46% of voters said if the house impeaches trump, 46% of senate agreed. the poll also found that 36% of voters believe the house should vote to impeach the president. 22% said the house should continue to investigate but not vote to impeach. and 37% said congress should drop its investigation. and after president trump characterized the impeachment
2:33 am
inquiry as the equivalent of a political, quote, lynching, in words. more than half of voters, 54% disagree with the comment. 40% asaid they agreed. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer issued this warning when it comes to the impeachment probe and the possibility of a government shutdown. >> look, i believe left to our own devices congress could work out an agreement to quickly fund the government. but i'm increasingly worried that president trump may want to shut down the government again because of impeachment. and impeachment inquiry. he always likes to create diversions. i hope and pray he won't want to cause another government shutdown, because it might be a diversion away from impeachment. >> so far the house and senate have yet to reach an agreement on 12 of the appropriations bill needed to be passed by the deadline of november 21st. yesterday, the white house director of legislative affairs did little to shut down the idea that the president is trying to distract from impeachment,
2:34 am
telling reporters, quote, in terms of a shutdown, obviously there are many weeks between now and november 21st. so, we will take it each day as it comes. asked if the impeachment fight might make it harder to fund the government, he said, quote, i am hopeful that it doesn't. >> joining us now from washington, politics editor for bloomberg anna edgerton. let's talk about the possibility of yet another government shutdown, this time as schumer has said to possibly avoid the impeachment probe. is this the direction that you are seeing the government heading right now? >> well, it is true, that we have a few weeks to figure this out. and also a few weeks for the impeachment inquiry to play out more. i'm glad you played that clip from schumer because he pointed out a few things, one is left to their own devices they can figure this out. but republicans have to sign it. so republicans are not going to
2:35 am
strike a deal that the president is not going to sign. and he also makes a stance about the border wall. all of this taking place with other negotiations happening, drug pricing and the new nafta, there's a confluence of things that are being negotiated, one of which is funding the government. >> let's talk about the house democrats in all of this. because we know they have set out some rules to guide the rest of the impeachment process. walk us through what stands out to you. what you have noticed about that process that is striking? >> there are a few things that have caught my attention. one is there's no time line. they have not set out when they wanted to finish. we heard they want to wrap up by the end of year, so that's going to be difficult to do. we'll see if this ends up running into the presidential election. the other thing, the scope, it allows six committees to continue the probe, rather than the three focused on ukraine. and all six of those committees could recommend issues that the
2:36 am
judiciary committee should take up in the impeachment inquiry. so it's not necessarily limited to ukraine, although that is the focus. also the participation of the president. we'll see how the president and his counsel does or doesn't participate in this, not only in defending himself, but also providing documents and other material that these committees have requested. >> i'm curious as to know what you're hearing on the ground there as the optics of all of this, if in fact this impeachment inquiry bleeds into the election year. how that plays on politically for both democrats and republicans. >> that's a great question on a few different levels. one is the presidential election and all of the house members running for re-election. it's not just democrats vying for each other for the nomination. it's also how democrats especially in moderate districts are positioning themselves with their constituents about this process. how do they explain this to the american people, especially people who might not like president trump but also don't want to go through this divisive
2:37 am
process. so the more time we spend on public hearings as they get into the new year is only going to get more complicated for the election itself. >> let me go back to alexander vindman and get your thoughts how republicans have handled the criticism against him. what do you make of essentially republicans coming either for or against him, for some of the criticism that he's phased? >> those are really important comments that you played from liz cheney. she was not equivocal in how she defended this true patriot, this man wounded in iraq and served his country. serve the united states of america. you did see walking about from kevin mccarthy and even john kuhn said what you see as interpretation. so we'll see which republicans come down on the side of this is a patriot, we believe what he says, he loves his country.
2:38 am
or basically coming down to disagreeing with the fact. we have a first person witness who was on that call. >> and we know where the president and rudy giuliani stand on that. >> we do. >> anna, thank you. congress is set to receive classified briefings on syria focusing on the al baghdadi mission the briefings will be led by defense secretary mark esper chairman, mark milley, commander of the u.s. central command, kenneth mckenzie and dni joe mcgwire. it comes as president trump confirmed reports just yesterday that baghdadi's aide was killed over the weekend. a senior state department official is telling nbc news. >> it seems the trump campaign was inspired by the military dog who took part in the raid. president trump tweeted a picture of the dog assigned to the army's elite delta force who
2:39 am
chased down the isis leader. the dog whose name is classified suffered minor wounds and has returned to duty. yesterday, the trump administration took it one step further and revealed a new item for sale on the trump website. a bandana with the caption, show your support with this u.s. camo dog bandana. it salutes the four-legged here rees. still ahead, new polling positions. where the democrats stand in one key state. from a bid in jail to a bid for congress. we're going to tell you which of niece felons from the mueller probe is now making a bid for office. your first look at "morning joe" is back in a moment.
2:40 am
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welcome back, everyone. some 2020 news to get to in new hampshire. . elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are neck and neck.
2:43 am
sanders and warren are statistically tied within the poll's four-point margin of error. 21% support sanders' run up two points since july. 18%, warren, down a point. former vice president joe biden is also statistically tied with warren at 15%. down nine points. and mayor pete buttigieg sits at 10 png. tulsi gabbard and amy klobuchar and an drew wang in a three-way tie. only 26% of new hampshire is likely that they're definitely decided on their pick. twin% are leaning toward the candidate. 57% are still trying to decide. also suggesting that we have a long way to go. >> that's exactly what i was going to say. former trump adviser, george papadopoulos who pled guilty to lying to the fbi is looking to make his own bid for congress. papadopoulos has been dropping hints at a potential
2:44 am
congressional run on twitter and yesterday filed paperwork to run for california's 25th district, the seat formerly held by katie hill. hill resigned on sunday after allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a staffer led to an ethics relationship. he took to twitter following hill's resignation saying california's 25th congressional district is wide open for the taking. someone has to step up. i love my state too much to see it run down by candidates like hill. papadopoulos served a two-month stint in jail. after making statements with regard to the trump campaign ties to russia but feels it might be his time to step up. >> answer the call of duty. all right. let's switch gears get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> hey, bill. >> this is the time i bring disappointment to millions. >> thanks, bill. >> okay, just this time? >> the daily time.
2:45 am
>> the regular segment. >> regular segment. disappointing weather headlines, we're starting with obviously the fire danger in california. nothing flared up overnight. the winds are really starting to pick up in southern california. so far, so good. no new fires of any concern. we have historically cold conditions in the rockies. salt lake city, the coldest temperature they've after seen in october. yeah, it's a pretty wild weather pattern and now we have snow that's broken out in chicago. the first snow of the season. a lot of roads will be slushy. maybe an inch or so on top of the cars. that's a big wake-up to the season ahead. let's go to chicago. as i mentioned there, a lot of the roads are kind of wet or slushy. nice shot there. they've been seeing snowflakes, especially outside of the city. better chance of slippery roads and bridges. all of this rain is heading northwards. areas of concern.
2:46 am
memphis possible delays, chicago with the rain and snow mix. kansas city is going to get a little rain and snow. anyone driving through the south, the tennessee valley, it's one of those days where you could drive through heavy periods of rain. as far as the forecast goes, this little sliver here of northern portions of missouri and northern illinois, away from the lakefront, some could get 4 to 5 inches of snow by the time we're all said and done with this. that would be today. and round two is tomorrow on halloween. here's the historic cold, only 18 for a high today in denver. you're not melting any snow with that. it's full flerned winter in the rockies. warm in florida. you're waiting for fall. record high temperatures in tampa and miami. northeast, cloudy and murky. you notice the humidity beginning to increase. and halloween, this big storm pushes up through the great lakes we could have strong to severe thunderstorms in the mid-atlantic region.
2:47 am
that's not what you want with kids running around on the streets and possible snow on the back side. as far as the severe weather forecast, again, this is during the afternoon and evening on halloween, we have 27 million people at risk of seeing severe storms. it goes from washington, d.c. to baltimore. interior sections, north carolina and south carolina. you got to keep that in the backs of your mind, if you're out there, you could have really strong winds with thunderstorms as they sweep on through. the rainfall, a soaker, 2 to 3 inches of rain in red. >> an excuse to stay home, order a pizza and watch a scary movie. >> some towns, especially with the severe weather threat have rescheduled. >> makes sense. still ahead, major win for college athletes who have been fighting rules that prevent them from getting paid. plus, a dramatic moment on
2:48 am
capitol hill, family members holding pictures of their loved ones as lawmakers grill the ceo of those two deadly 737 max crashes. we're going to tell you what we've learned. because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. high protein. low sugar. tastes great! high protein. low sugar. so good! high protein.
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welcome back, everybody, so president trump and first lady melania trump, speaking of halloween, they seem to be serving more tricks than treats at the white house halloween festivities. a video of the event is going viral after a brief moment where the first couple placed candy on
2:51 am
the head of a child dressed as a minion from the movie despicable me. the costume propermpted a laugh from the president who patted the child on the head before leaving it there with melania following sut following suit. the candy bars are seen following off of another child's costume. >> the poor kid is like where's the candy. >> the child's like i can't see. what happened to my candy? >> file that under what in the world. let's switch gears for a moment now and talk about business for a moment. the ceo of boeing was on capitol hill yesterday and took a grilling over those back to back crashes of its new 737 max planes over the past year. juliana tall balm joins us live from london. did we get any answers from boeing executives about these tragedies? >> well, we did hear from boeing that they admitted that these
2:52 am
safety assessments that they did of the 737 max fell short, and this was a brutal hearing. it lasted for more than two hours, and one comment from a senator i think is worth highlighting from senator richa richard blumenthal. he called the crashes a result of a pattern of deliberate concealme concealment. very strong language from the senators. they raised concerns around boeing's relationship with the faa suggesting they became too cozy with the regulators. just to remind you, the planes remain grounded as boeing tries to work out a software fix. this isn't the end of the hearings. we are due to hear from mulenberg once again. he's going to face the house committee on infrastructure today around 10:00 a.m., something to continue watching for sure. another area i want to highlight for you, a story that's making headlines in the defense space, the pentagon and lockheed martin
2:53 am
have scaled a long anticipated weapons deal. this deal is worth $34 billion for hundreds of f-35 fighter jets. you may know the air force has long struggled to keep its aging jets battle ready. this deal should help them with their aim of keeping their jets battle ready. a huge decision yesterday, the largest governing body for college sports in the country, the ncaa made a landmark decision to begin allowing amateur athletes to profit off their fame. athletes will be allowed the opportunity to receive compensation and quote, benefit from the use of their name, their image and their likeness. the ncaa is still working to figure out the necessary guidelines to allowing athletes to profit while still preserving their amateur status. each of the divisions to create a new list of rules to have them
2:54 am
in no later than january 2021. >> big decision. up next, the editor in chief of "axios," and coming up on "morning joe," despite the president's claim that it was an exact transcript. plus new reporting on how democrats plan to frame the president's actions as impeachable. "morning joe" is moments away. n. i recently spoke to a group of students about being a scientist at 3m. i wanted them to know that innovation is not just
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joining us now from washington, d.c., editor in chief mr. nicholas johnson. great to have you with us. what is the 1 big thing for today? >> a world of growing crisises and little leadership. a new report out this morning from the atlanta council, that's a global affairs think tank paints a pretty stark picture of the coming decades in global affai affairs. the era of american dominance is definitively coming to an end,
2:58 am
and it's very much focused on the rise of china, a new bipolar world with china and the united states being the real centers of gravity there and underlying this entire thing are broader trends which are rising up. they focus a lot on the importance of climate change and equality, the rights of robotics and artificial intelligence as trends that are underlining this new relationship, and there's no sense of leadership. the united states is not playing the role it should be playing adds a counter balance to china. and china is starting to view with suspicion the united states as sort of not accepting china as a real sort of partner or peer on the global stage, and what they warn about is that could lead to very much a misunderstanding between the two nations, warning like the threat of war similar to world war i where a small misunderstanding can spill into a global conflagration. that's the grim picture of what to look ahead for.
2:59 am
>> quite a picture there. >> "axios" also has reporting on democrats' time line for impeachment. speed up very quickly. i think a key moment this week will be the formal vote in the house that's set forward with the impeachment inquiry. that will start the clock ticking. look for that to start mid-november after a prearranged house recess. that will lead to public hearings in the house, which will then set the stage for the senate trial of the president. senate republicans are telling us they want to get this done very quickly sort of right after thanksgiving into december, they don't want to scare anybody, but we're almost at 2020, which is an election year. the iowa caucuses are 15 weeks away. that is a clock the republicans have their eye on. >> really quickly, what else are you tracking? what else are you watching out for today or later on this week? >> i think very fascinated is what we're going to see continue to come out of these final private hearings out of the house impeachment inquiry. a lot of things digging more into the -- what happened in that sort of rough transcript, that national security council
3:00 am
member who testified yesterday saying he was trying to get more information into that. this is not an exact transcript, which has been shared. it's a rough tripleanscript. there's a lot of ellipses, and what are those gaps hiding. >> live for us in washington, d.c., we appreciate it. we're going to be reading "axios" in just a bit. >> that does it for us on this wednesday morning, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. and it seems very clear that he is incredibly concerned about ukrainian defense. i don't know that he's concerned about american policy, but his main mission was to make sure the ukraine got those weapons. i understand that. we all have an affinity to our homeland. >> ooh, how did we sink to such a low point that someone would openly question the loyalty of an american combat veteran in the name of partisan


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