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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 14, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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were complaining the lack of direct testimony that democrats were bringing, rudy giuliani would be the ultimate direct witness. >> he certainly would. >> joy vance, thank you for joining us. "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. >> tonight the late warning of another government employee breaks the silence on the impeachment inquiry as we are hours away from a veteran former ambassador who says she felt threatened by her own government while working for the u.s. overseas. what words were they talking about? cameras capture the conversation between the president and his attorney general despite waiting for the helicopter in the backyard. the speaker compares the president to nixon and spells out the crimes she believes he's
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guilty of. all of it as "the 11th hour" gets underway on a thursday night. good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. day 1,029 of the trump administration. a day between this week's public impeachmentme hearings. the president flew to louisiana tonight for a rally. back in washington, a new witness who's ready to break ranks and go against the white house ordered to remain silence. "the washington post" reports that mark sandy a career employee over at the office of management and budget will appear in a closed door session with lawmakers on saturday if subpoenaed. this has been confirmed by nbc news. he would be the first employee to testify in the inquiry after omb acting director russell
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t.vought and two other political appointees at the agency defied. they go onto add he was among the career staffers who raised questions about the hold-up on the aid. this comes ahead of the public hearing of this investigation of course which begins in less than 12 hours now. tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. the former ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch will appear before the house intel committee. she was abruptly removed from her most earlier this year. it is not unusual in that line of work for ambassadors to be recalled. in her closed doors testimony, she told impeachment investigators there was quote "a certain campaign against me and that the department had been under pressure from the president to remove me summer of
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2018." she testified having powerful adversaries working against her in ukraine, rudy giuliani and igor fruman and parnas. >> over the course of 2018 and 2019, i became increasingly aware of an effort of rudy giuliani including his associates parnas and fruman to run the campaign to smear ambassador yovanovitch and other officials at the u.s. embassy and kiev. >> ambassador yovanovitch had been treated poorly. >> bloomberg news reports that rudy giuliani is now under scrutiny from federal prosecutor in manhattan for finance violation and failure to register as a foreign agent. tomorrow house investigators
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will hear from another witness, david holmes. he's the guy who apparently over heard trump on a cell phone call with the eu ambassador and a restaurant in kiev. he's scheduled to testify in close sessions tomorrow. the associated press reports a second u.s. official was also able to hear the president on that cell phone call. nbc news had not spoken anyone who confirmed that particular reporting. next week of firsthand knowledge of trump's conduct will testify publicly and including alexander vindman who was on that july 25th call, ambassador gordon sondland and fiona hill. house speaker nancy pelosi is being cautious about steps beyond these hearings and we'll see actual articles of
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impeachment drawn up. today she did use the word bribery to describe the evidence against the president and she took no prisoners when it came to the defense spread by trump and his republican allies. >> the president had something -- that means you have anything that shows you are innocent, then he should make it known. >> that's part of the inquiry. >> republicans argued that yesterday's witnesses heard things secondhand, i am wondering if you think it is worth waiting for those who heard things firsthand like bolton and mulvaney. >> oh, don't fall into the secondhand stuff really. that's such a fraudulent proposition put forward by the republicans. they know it and that's why they are talking about process rather than the substance we heard.
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>> while there is also this. there is substance, it is the visual kind before the president left the white house. cameras and reporters observed and animated conversation with his attorney general barr in the oval office. shortly after that, a photographer caught barr talking with white house counsel. here for our lead off discussion, phillip rucker is here with us in new york. in washington tamyra keith, white house correspondent for npr and peter baker, our correspondent for the new york times and coauthor of "impeachment" book. >> phil, i would like to begin with you. what does mark sandy bring to the conversation, remind the omb role in this story? >> mark sandy is as career
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official at the office of management and budget. he's not as political appointee of president trump. he decided to defy the order, trying to present all of these lawyers testifying. it was the omb that was involved and stopping the $400 million aid from flowing into ukraine. the aid went to ukraine but there was a delay, it was ordered according to reporting by the president, sets forth by mulvaney and the omb director and mr. sandy should shed much more light and details in the process inside. and what the system was for documenting that. >> we should repeat these witnesses that have come forward
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are about to appear in these hearings. they are not limited in their testimony to what's on the deposition indeed, mr. taylor, gave us new details we did not know. what is yovanovitch likely able to add to the story tomorrow? >> well, what she does not know a lot about is what happened after she left. so she does not have a lot of visibility on july 5th phone call. she knows a lot about what happens leading up to her firing and the campaign that was led by rudy giuliani to have her ousted and at one point the president's son was tweeting she should be fired. the president has the right to fire any ambassador he wants. but, she is somebody who was working in the civil society group. she was working to push back
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against corruption in ukraine and so she is a figure who has some insights into what was going on in ukraine and this sort of alternate channel, this side channel of foreign policy that was being led by rudy giuliani. >> peter baker, meanwhile this was on thursday in ukraine. a nation involved in the military effort against russia and it really was until the two rett van diplomats yesterday spoke with empathy and passion about ukraine and the ukrainian people that we had our attention focused back on that conflict and the on-going trouble. you tweeted out a photograph that i would love for you to describe along with the ver verbiage that came with it.
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>> president trump authorized legal assistance. the biggest symbol of that was these javelin tight weapons that he supplied. my colleague out there has pointed out to us, javelins are not allowed to be used in the war. they're stored at a safe location and not on the front line. what ukrainian soldiers were doing was creating fake javelins to give the silhouette of what a javelins would look like in order to scare off potential russian tanks. even when we talk about what president has had, it comes with limits and loopholes and conditions on it that have not been useful to the ukrainians as
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they would like. >> it is a useful reminder. phil rucker, i never have been successful in getting you to speculate wildly. what do you think was going on in the oval office late today. ma marine one is idling. he stayed behind the oval office and all we saw was speculation and both men with his ag talking in the oval office. brian to be a fly on that curve wall, right? >> exactly. >> we don't know what was being discussed in that moment but there are a couple of things to keep in mind about attorney general barr. he's in the middle of personally overseeing this investigation into the investigation that the justice department has launched in the russia investigation, something that president trump cares deeply about. perhaps, that came up in the
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discussion to something barr himself traveled to several foreign countries to get to the bottom of. there is a desire on the president's conservative allies. detracting attention away from the impeachment proceedings. one thing to remember from a couple of years earlier, this has happened before. there was that moment when the president was late to get on marin one and was in the oval office yelling at don mccgan an reince priebus. >> and so this is not the fers time we have seen a moment like this. >> the bullet proof glass is so thick, it gives everything a green cast and yet we can still see often especially given the lighting of what's going on.
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t tamyra, we are underway. these hearings are a given and they continue tomorrow. has anything about the reaction machine changed in 24 hours? >> they have amped up their communications to their surrogates, both sort of in the broader conservative community and also on capitol hill. so although they are not sending talking points to the press particularly, there is been a steady stream of information sent to the president's surrogate. it was interesting during the hearing president trump was not doing his usual play by play and television criticism. he was busy with president erdogan. it will be interesting to see in a day with a less heavy schedule tomorrow whether the president is watching the hearing and
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commenting on it or he's going to continues the package of just retweeting allies who are saying things that he likes. >> peter baker, the coverage on the right hand side, the ledger already got personal tonight. mr. hannity said "he was moved to tears and wondered if the same thing would happen at tomorrow's hearing." >> your news and a.j. sis piece tonight has an incredible drive-by take down of ambassador taylor by the president's former lawyer. >> yes, it does. most republicans yesterday tried not to go after ambassador taylor in a personal way. he came across the great deal of credibility of any efforts to tear him down in the way that the president points down with other witnesses. i did get in touch with john dow.
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he never wanted to be shy. he referred to ambassador taylor as -- i don't have the exact words. >> i am being told in my ear. >> pitiful and in subordinate with no trusty information. >> they're trying to not to go there yesterday. >> john gaifr voice to what people are thinking. it does not have any firsthand knowledge. they try to stay focus on the issue of the secondhand quality of this testimony. it was my colleague, cheryl asking speaker pelosi about it. does that factor into how much weight to get to his testimony. it would be more useful from hearing from somebody like
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mulvaney or john bolton who was in the office everyday or in the case of bolton, he was pushed out. >> but, they have not been able to get those two there fusing the testify, looks like the democrats are waiting for kind of core. they may be right for a party line votes. >> the to your point is that the argument for hearsay probably has a timer on it before that runs out. >> our thanks to our big three for starting us off tonight. >> tamyra keith, phillip rucker, and peter. >> thank you, guys. >> the president will ask the former prosecutor her take on the democrat criminal case against trump. with a stroke of a pen, another candidate has entered the 2020 race. if was not suffering from a
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and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. when the president does it, that means it is not illegal. >> what president trump has done on the record in terms of acting to advantage his foreign power to help him and his own election and of the obstruction of information about that, the
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cover up, makes what nixon did looks almost small, almost small. >> the first impeachment inquiry hearing in generation is now history. the second comes up tomorrow. today the speaker gives trump's crime a name. >> the devastatiing corroborate and evidence in bribery. he threatened to withhold military aid and exchange for an investigation into his political rival. that's in the constitution attached to the impeachment proceeding. >> nick fandos pointed out. the speaker's explicit
8:22 pm
allegation of bribery a misdeed identified in the constitution as an itmpeachment. moving specific set of charges that could be cod fified in the coming weeks. back with us tonight. please expand to us why it is significance and why is it important to label this bribery, berit? >> bribery is something that most people understand especially people who have children. we all have a general understanding of that. this this is in the constitution that's a basis for impeachment along with treason and high crimes and misdemeanor, bribery
8:23 pm
is identified. much like other prosecutors, what she's doing is navorrrowinp the facts and d lthe law. this is the specific bases for which it could lead into impeachment. remind us of what subset of the case that ambassador yovanovitch can speak into and fit into? >> she does not haves much knowledge of what happened in the call. what she can talk about is what happened before that. she can show this is apart of a broader picture that she was the target of this smeared campaign by rudy giuliani and others that were apart of this. >> not outlandish but irregular. she can talk about what she thought was the issue and why she felt it. >> i am glad you mentioned rudy
8:24 pm
giuliani, i have something for you from "the cougguardian." in a telephone interview with "the guardian" in response to a question about whether he was nervous trump might throw him under the bus. robert costello called who was also on the call then interjected "he's joking." they are the investigating arm in this case. how much jeopardy does he face as of right now tonight? >> i think it is the southern district of new york is looking into you, you are facing a lot of jeopardy. it is never a good day if the prosecutors of the southern
8:25 pm
district starts to dig into a case to see if there is evidence against you. we heard from reporting earlier that one of rudy giuliani's associate, parnas may be cooperating. if he's cooperating, that could be devastating for rudy giuliani. >> to get a corroboration, you have to testify of all the misdeeds of the people that you know. if parnas is cooperating, that would be including of everything he knows of rudy giuliani and the entire scandal. >> the district attorney of new york, he's doing the questions today. to get it away from filibustering potential members of congress. >> absolutely. >> and dan really led a master class yesterday and how do an
8:26 pm
effective examination. i thought he handled it perfectly. they have the benefit of having depositions and transcripts and it was a friendly transcript. they did a great job of fnot ony listing the facts but showing why they are important and why it is not a bad phone call or national security friend. if they can keep up that side of the narrative and driving home, why not only the senate should care about this but why the public should care about this or the threat of the united states, that'll be in the right direction. >> always a pleasure to have you. >> of course. >> nikki haley has made a lot of glowing statements about president trump and now her kindness extends to rudy giuliani when we come back. to y giuliani when we come back let's be honest, every insurance company says they can save you these. in fact, if you had a dollar for every time they said it, you'd have a lot of dollars.
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this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. in fairness, this is irregular channel of diplomacy is not as outlandish as it could be, is it correct? >> it is not as outlandish as it could be. >> it is simply outlandish. there is a phrase that pays. that was one argument that republican council tried to make in the effort to defend the president, from impeach.
8:31 pm
you can judge its effectiveness yourself. jason johnson, politics editor at "the root" and our republican strategist, rick wilson, with his book "everything trump touches." is that what you saw watching the hearing yesterday? the president have never been united. republicans in a state of edgy panic and they're trying to talk faster and louder in hopes of trying to pass the fact that those witnesses laid there and laid out a timeline and calendar and facts and witnesses. this was not a good day for those folks. no matter how many times jimbo danced out there. it is not going to shape the
8:32 pm
facts against donald trump and the witnesses against donald trump. that was day one. they had a bad day on day one. i don't think it is going to get much better as we go forward. >> with day one in the books, we have learned they can schedule witnesses and kconduct question. >> yes. >> when will you have confirmation that they found right messaging that all we lived through with mueller, 400 plus pages. this is the story to tell, this is the story people could understand at the heart of the phone call. >> we'll find out the next couple of days if adam schiff and pelosi, if they can set up the lineup properly with the witnesses. the first day you had two people who you said set the timeline, they were clear, they did not allow jim jordan or anybody else to ask him any sort of strange
8:33 pm
questions. republicans were not unified. they did not seem to have a coherent strategy other than do you follow all the conspiracy spe theory on reddit. the democrats did a good job. what they need to do is lay out the story and not screw up. the american public already seemed to be in favor of the impeachment. >> do you think this hearsay line of argument is catching on. do you think it has a time limit on it? >> i don't think hearsay works because you got too many people talking about the same story. everybody out there who's watching this and my grandmother and everybody else, they watched "law & order." these people all come off credible until somebody blows up. everyone watching this riepgt now, well, these people are
8:34 pm
credible. that's the weakness i saw on tuesday. >> rick, i have something for you. this is nikki haley tonight on the topic of rudy giuliani. was it appropriate based on everything for rudy giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, someone who had no security clearances to be engaged in what's being described as a shadow of diplomacy. >> i had during my time, i never saw rudy giuliani engaged in that way. it is best practice if you have a special envoy to handle certain area. i think they should named him special envoy. >> rick, is that the rosiest possible reading of the situation nor question, two. what is going on with nikki
8:35 pm
hal haley? >> you know i think nikki haley is missing those profound rules in life. tonight she gambles more of her credibility away by essentially you know putting her arms around rudy giuliani. a guy who's being dragged behind the bar because they're done with him. the trump people are trying to cut him lose. republicans and congress are blaming this thing on rudy giuliani. she's praising rudy giuliani at a moment where his stock is falling so far with trump personally and the trump's world. it is a matter of time where he's just a coffee boy or volunteer or that we barely knew him. >> jason, yovanovitch tomorrow, give us a little bit of a preview. we recall ambassadors all the time. rarely do they say they feel
8:36 pm
threatened and rarely one of the locals say to them "watch your back." >> when she says "i felt threaten." this is going to be the emotional punch. we got the story first, now we hear people felt concerned and people in the ukraine, we don't know what's going on or what's dangerous here. this is something like rudy giuliani and all these other individuals coming into play. it does not matter she was named special envoy. everyone knew trump had a lot of people operating in this envoy channel. that's the story that americans will take with them over the weekend. >> both of these gentlemen have agreed to stay with us. a new england democrat born in chicago who works at mit romney's company. yes, it is complicated. this man just made the democratic race more complicated. his story, the rest of the day
8:37 pm
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sorry! he's a baby! i love that we are the party of the wolf. i believe that we have to be the party of the still waking. >> former two terms massachusetts, governor deval patrick made his entry into the democratic race today. he announced this morning. this spring for those playing our home game. the democratic feel is backup to 18 on your bingo card while we wait to see if michael bloomberg ultimately gets on board. still with us tonight jason johnson and rick will cson.
8:41 pm
jason, deval patrick, born in south chicago, raised by a single mom. harvard of law school. >> justice department civil rights division, two terms of governor of massachusetts. now however he's at a company when he associate with one mit romney called bain capitol. he was asked about bain capitol and let's run his answer and we'll talk about best campaign practices with our friend jason. >> there is a place for private equity in the private economy. there is a place for business in our lives. but it is also true that capitalism generally has a lot to answer for. that's so and we need to be able to confront that and that's the work that i have been doing at bain capital. >> handicap his entry just hours old.
8:42 pm
>> this is the worst barack obama and mit romney remix that he could release. this is the party of the woke and start talking about how you work from these private equities. these things don't make sense. he does not have a message or a lane. he appears to be coming at the same time that a lot of activists and the democratic party, billionaires and billionaires are worried of elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. he did not buy the proper domain name for his campaign site. we there are scandal about his behavior. this is the worst rule out ever. i don't know what he's thinking. i don't know he's going to make that much of a difference. >> rick wilson, a lot to react to there. first of all, does his envy into
8:43 pm
the race presuppose a biden collap collapse. >> it helps biden a little bit in new hampshire. >> if biden loses new hampshire which most people anticipate, it is not going to be as bad. i think jason is right on point. this roll out was -- did they just decide over the weekend? did they get lit up in a poker game? this was not well-done. at this point you got to have your business together if you are going to get in the race, oh, you getter have a lot of zeros in your bank account leek bloomberg does. this was not a successful day for him. i don't think he survives long in this contest. >> what lane we are talking about?
8:44 pm
what lane does bloomberg sees for himself especially he says i will seal ye you all after the t primary. >> i'm siting around with my wealthy friends and we don't like what we see on television, i bet you that i can do that. that's what happens with howard schultz and see how successful he could be. i don't know what he's thinking. he's probably wasting his money like tom steyer. satisfaction with the democratic field is actually high with voters. elite donors with dissatisfied with it. that's a disconnect both of these candidates are jumping in the race don't understand. >> rick wilson. i have heard some democrats who are not happy to see bloomberg's name in this race.
8:45 pm
and imagine what his money could buy and how his money could change the fate and fortune of the democratic party. here is a guy who has changed life in america, public smoking bans and he largely credited it and we started that in new york. >> michael bloomberg, a guy who is worth $60 billion is dedicated to remove donald trump from office, he'll go up on the air and the state hurts by the trade wars with ads with donald trump's promises. he'll go out there and do digital stuff and data science program for candidates and raise money for people.
8:46 pm
if you want to get rid of trump. that's how to do it if you are a billionaire right now, not having a vanity project that's going to buy a few ferraris or beach houses. >> jason, if you listen to the republicans, the democrats are coming for your guns and money. bloomberg is coming for any large shipment of drinks into the house. what's going on right now in your view in the democratic party? >> this sort of fear that they always have it. maybe we have gone too far and they don't seem to want to listen to what the public is saying. this is the party of the world. 40% of the democratic primary voters want prerogative chanogr. i don't think democrats understand they won the popular vote last time. they got a 3 million lead, all you have to do is be a candidate of conviction but rather than trying to play in the middle
8:47 pm
which is sometimes happening with biden and patrick and bloomberg. you have people who don't want to realize that the country wants change. donald trump was change. that's not what this country wants anymore. >> rick wilson, when you and i talked, you had a theory of how much the election and electorates, state by state is baked in your view? >> the election is already decided. we know how alabama is going to vote in the general election. we know how california is going to vote in the agageneral elect. those 35 states are done. those states are complicated. they are not hard to the left.
8:48 pm
minnesota is probably one of the most blue of all the swing states. they're not like oregon or massachusetts. wisconsin and michigan, they have a lot of blue areas but they're not super worked. florida, god knows, everything north of i-40, we look at alabama being too liberal. these states are complicated. these guys can't go in here with this national message that works great in california and hope to win in. they can pick georgia this year. i know republicans are dancing in the streets because that message scares the he'll out of people. >> two friends of this broadcast, gentlemen, thank you both. we don't know what it says about
8:49 pm
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there's been another school shooting in our country. two students were killed, three others wounded after a teenage gunman opened fire at saugus high school in santa clarita california. first shots fired around 7:30 a.m. the whole thing took 16 seconds from the first shot to turning the gun on himself. surveillance video captured images of him pulling a handgun from his backpack and then opening fire. the first officer to respond was a detective who had just dropped off his own child at that school. it was the gunman's 16th birthday. he was taken to the hospital in grave condition. when asked today about stalled gun legislation that's already been passed by the house lindsey graham of south carolina blamed impeachment just as the attorney general did yesterday. >> there's been another school
8:53 pm
shooting in california. >> yeah, terrible. >> what's the latest? >> we're kind of stuck, i think. impeachment i think has sucked all the energy out of this place, and that's too bad. but i can't tell you the latest. >> is there any bandwidth within the senate and white house? >> it is for me. i'm dying to do something about this and a bunch of other things. >> during the clinton presidency during the '90 and his own impeachment inquiry congress passed a bill on background checks and an assault weapons band. >> you got hired to do a job you don't get the days back you blow off. every day is an opportunity to make something good happen. and i would say i've got lawyers and staff people handling this impeachment inquiry, and they should just have at it. meanwhile i'm going to work for
8:54 pm
the american people. that's what i would do. >> "the washington post" says this is at least the seventh shooting at a u.s. school this year according to "the post" analysis. more than 233 school children have been exposed to gun violence in their schools since the shooting at columbine in '99. another break. coming up we will meet america's newest federal judge. he's never tried a case in court. he could now be on the bench for the next half century. ow be on r the next half century. of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy. with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to open airways, keep them open and reduce inflammation for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma.
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last thing before we go tonight, the latest installment in our occasional series of reports called elections have consequences. short of sending u.s. troops into battle, the most awesome power of the presidency is the ability to reshape the judiciary, the supreme court, federal judges. that's how presidents get to change american society for generations after they've come and gone. and this much trump understands perhaps in part because his sister was a federal judge. here is the president from last week. >> we have confirmed 157 judges to follow the constitution as written. >> mitch mcconnell has made federal judges his priority, and so just today the u.s. senate voted to confirm steven menashi.
8:59 pm
he's never tried a case, never made an oral argument or conducted a deposition. he now takes a seat on the second circuit court of appeals previously held by thurgood marshal. at his hearing he was hammered on everything from his race to islamaphobia to education to lgbtq and womens rights and choice and his own lack of transparency. >> you're a really smart guy but i wish you'd be more forthcoming. this isn't supposed to be a game. >> i've worked on immigration matters but can't speak further about that. >> so you can't tell us anything about what you did so we cannot learn anything about what your positions are. >> but it would be inappropriate to start weighing in -- >> it's inappropriate for you to seek this nomination.
9:00 pm
>> democrats are fuming but powerless. chuck schumer called him one of the most contemptable nominees to come before the senate in all his time there. he's 40 years old. he's now been appoint today the federal bench for the rest of his adult life. that is our broadcast for this thursday night. thank you so much for being here with us. good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. first of all let me clear something up right away. the first of the donald j. trump impeachment hearings yesterday, the one with bill taylor and george kent from the state department as witnesses, that first hearing yesterday started at 10:00 a.m. eastern. the second impeachment hearing is tomorrow, but it does not start at 10:00 a.m. eastern like the first one did.


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