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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 31, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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the protests come in response to u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria that killed dozens of fighters from an iran-backed malitia group. the united states blamed the malitia for a friday attack that killed a u.s. contractor and wounded four troops. and president trump just issued a broad warning about these protests this morning. this video shows smoke billowing from the compound where fires have been set as protesters shout "death to america". we have our team of reporters standing by with the latest on what's happening overseas and also the response from the white house. we begin with tehran ali in london. and talk about the level of tension that we're seeing at the embassy. >> reporter: there's a lot of tension there, frances. this isn't something that you normally see. the supporters broke down the embassy gate door and stormed the compound, gunshots were fired, sirens were ringing. fires have been set all over the
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place. hundreds of protesters, iran-backed malitia fighters had assembled earlier in the day to condemn the air strikes that killed 25 of their fighters in iraq from a group called hezbollah, which is heavily backed by iran and then today's protesters have initially held funerals for the fighters killed in the air strikes in a neighborhood fr neighborhood, the protesters started with chance of death to the usa, security cameras were smashed and yellow malitia flags were hung all over the embassy walls. then the situation took a much more violent and serious turn as the day progressed, and iraqi security sources tell nbc news that guards inside the embassy
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have used tear gas grenades to try and prevent the demonstrators from moving towards the main buildings inside the embassy compound. of course it's a huge compound there, about 100 acres. it's multi-layered. but we're also getting reports that about 60 protesters have been injuried by the tear gas that's being fired and live rounds by guards at the embassy. there's also been some very dramatic pictures of protesters trying to break down doors with a makeshift battering ram at an initial layer of the embassy. so it's quite a melee there and it's got to be distressing for any staff that are there, no matter how deep within the compound. as we're speaking now, it's slightly quieting down, but there's still a commotion going on. there's an angry mob of several dozen people that continue to swarm the outer layer of the
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embassy. we've seen pictures of tents set up around the embassy, so it looks like people are pitching in. they want to stay there for a while. now, the iraqi interior minister had shown up at the scene, trying to calm the situation and the iraqi prime minister had also sent message asking the protesters to leave the area. some of them appeared to have, but a hard core group, probably very loyal to iran, are still there and protesting those 25 fighters of theirs that had been killed during those air strikes. >> hopefully that will decrease in escalation. we'll see what happens and certainly check back in with you. let's check in with hans nichols who is traveling with the president in florida. the president tweeting within the hour about this. >> reporter: the president has tweeted. we also know that the secretary of state has spoken with the prime minister of iraq, as well
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as the head of the regional government, basically putting them on notice saying that they expect them to protect property and personnel. there's a two-pronged approach, the idea of holding them accountable and the rhetoric of the president towards iran. he is squarely blaming iran for this. there's no doubt about that, in the president's tweets. and he's saying that iran will be held responsible. we've also heard from the white house press secretary just moments ago and what she's indicating is, yes, iran will be held responsible. but the interesting thing about her comments is that the president will respond when and how he decides to. it isn't a question of if. and that raises the possibility that there will be some sort of action. now, i don't want to say military action because something that's guided the president in the past on this is the idea of proportionality. remember, he called off the mission in june when planes, as he said, were already in the air in response to the downing of an unmanned drone. but the president didn't want to
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at the time escalate because no u.s. service members had been killed and he didn't want to escalate and end up killing a couple dozen, maybe 100 iranians. so proportionality is one of the watch words for the president and we'll have to see what sort of damage was done to the u.s. and crucially and importantly, if any u.s. lives were lost in these protests. >> that is the big question and concern. i want to bring in a former director of the national counterterrorism center, nicholas rasmussen, an msnbc security and intelligence analyst. nick, talk about the level here, the extent of danger, especially for embassy personnel, and also the security implications of what we're seeing given that this is a massive compound here inside that fortified green zone. >> well, at one level i would say that the personnel in the embassy are not in any immediate risk. it does not look like the kind of crowd that has gathered is
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one that poses an immediate threat to the personnel inside the embassy because the embassy is very well fortified and protected. on the other hand, any time you see violence of this sort, especially violence, it can be tied back to iran, it brings to mind the potential escalatory spiral. and the thing about escalatory spirals is that you don't always get to choose when it escalates and how fast it escalates, and you don't get to choose when it stops escalating. so i would imagine the white house and the state department are concerned that we avoid one of those escalatory spirals. >> we've had word that the president is watching closely and keeping in touch with the national security team. and we're getting word that the u.s. ambassador to iraq was not in the country and was not in the compound at the time. nick, give us some perspective on what the court terrorism experts who are in the government right now and what can they be doing about the situation?
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>> this group has long been a source of concern to the united states. it's a shia militant group with strong ties to the iranian regime and there's always been an intense relationship between our forces and personnel on the ground and that group. and so when one of these incidents flares up, there's always the chance that it could grow into something far more significant and lead to much more wider violence. this also comes at a particularly bad time in iraq as the iraqi government is particularly weak right now. as hans pointed out, the administration wants to hold the iraqi government responsible for protecting our embassy, but the iraqi government is particularly weak right now because they have a caretaker prime minister and they're in the midst of their own domestic crisis right now. >> taking a live look at the situation there outside the embassy, live images. you can see the smoke billowing out as we know that they have been using tools and equipment and gear for the protesters.
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they have escalated, and now they seem to be standing back for the time being, engaging the kind of tension there. ali, while we have you here, i want to talk about the white house. the prime minister and the president in a phone call earlier this morning with the secretary of state, mike pompeo, promised to protect the u.s. personnel and property there. they also said that they would guarantee the safety of americans and personnel. so how will iran interpret that? >> reporter: well, united states and iran are the most powerful influential forces in iraq. and iraq has been caught in the middle of that power struggle for years now. this is a terrible situation for them. the country continues to become more destabilized, while rifts grow deeper in iraq. the government and baghdad don't want this to escalate. as i said, their interior minister on the scene trying to calm things down.
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the prime minister sending messages asking the protesters to leave. this is not good for iraq. they don't want to upset the united states. they also have to walk a very fine balance with iran. as for iran, that kind of language from the president will only probably make them dig in deeper. iran has smelled that president trump wants to talk to them in some way, but iran doesn't want to do that from a position of weakness. and that's why we see these sort of belligerent attacks. we've seen the oil tanker attacks, the attacks in saudi arabia. all of that from iran's point of view is making them much stronger, so if any negotiation was to take place with the united states in the future, they from pr perspective, could do it from a position of strength. so i think the president making tough remarks about tehran is probably exactly what they want to hear at this point. and interestingly, watching the videos that have been displayed
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out there, these malitias that are heavily backed by iran, there was graffiti sprayed on the embassy wall saying their leader. one of the senior revolutionary guard figures, head of the international arm. so that's also got to be quite distressing for u.s. personnel and people in washington, seeing his name sprawled all over the embassy wall, saying that he's their leader. >> nick, i want to bring you in. how do you expect this to shift as far as the u.s. position there in iraq? and really being a test of the trump administration policy there? >> well, the trump administration has already signaled in many ways that it wants a smaller u.s. presence in iraq. it has talked about a much smaller embassy presence and certainly a much smaller military presence. now of course there will be tremendous pressure from iraq he's all across the political sp spectrum in iraq to try to
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shrink the presence even further. even iraq he's who do not support hezbollah, were troubled by the fact that the united states took military actions in the military strikes. so i expect a period of a lot of turmoil and tension in the weeks ahead until this sorts out. >> all right, and whether the response from the president, as hans was reporting, it's about when and how. and it's got to be proportionate as well. hans, while i have you here, i want to shift to president trump, and also the big news coming out of china, the trade deal that he just tweeted about. any other information you can provide? >> reporter: well, we clearly have a date for the signing ceremony. it will be at the white house january 15th. and then the president has announced that he's going to be going to china to work on phase two of the trade deal at some point in the future. so the president clearly closing one chapter of this, looking forward to the next, with some international travel on the agenda. >> maybe an impeachment trial, senate trial there in between.
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that is yet to be determined. we're filling up the calendars. so all of you, i appreciate your time. thank you. still to come, democrats are calling it a game-changer, a new bombshell report they say should shake up president trump's senate impeachment trial. first, we've got new 2020 polling. president trump holding his own in key battleground states. those surprising numbers next. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. ends new year's day. sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquil pure zzzs sleep. our liquid has a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep.
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morning are painting a new picture of two battleground states that could be crucial in 2020. the polling from mason dixon shows joe biden with a two point lead over president trump in florida and a four point lead in virginia. both are within the margin of error. president trump leads all the other top democratic contenders in those states. i want to bring in vaughn hillyard who has been out on the trail for months. how big of a factor is the electability in beating president trump? >> reporter: that's almost the foremost reason for folks when they're trying to select their candidate. it's interesting, you can call it -- some of us have talked about this being the punditry election. especially here in iowa, there's a lot of folks that go into analyzing who has the best chance of beating donald trump and why. regionally, people think we need to pick someone with midwestern roots or some people say we need
7:17 am
a diverse candidate that can bring in counties to extract higher democratic turnout. so what you've seen from a lot of these candidates is arguing, whether you're elizabeth warren or bernie sanders, arguing that you need to pick a candidate who is a progressive candidate that is going to be able to make big change to convince folks to really come out on election day. but then you also hear pete buttigieg, joe biden, arguing you need to pick a more practical candidate, pick somebody who can attract independents and conservatives. before we get to all of that, you've got caucus day where really there is no state that is taking this more seriously right now an iowa. because we are 34 days away from caucus day. elizabeth warren announced her bid literally a year ago today, so folks have been immersed for a long time now. we may be looking at polling and the top candidates, there's still others that are in this race. and one of those, cory booker, actually had a house party. i want to bring in the state
7:18 am
senator, you're hosting a house party about an hour from now for senator booker. give me a sense as to why cory booker still has a shot, why you're hosting this house party. i know there's 1,681 different caucus locations. how do you pull off a victory 34 days from now? >> thank you so much. i am supporting cory booker and i'm doing this today because corey inspires me to rise to the challenges that we face as a nation. and his calls for civic grace, talking about our common pain and common purpose is what i think we need as a country more than ever. >> how do you practically pull off a win? how do you gel win on caucus day. >> you organize and get hot at the end. that is how the caucus process works. caucuses are all about individual relationships and they are built between organizers and individuals. and it's getting folks like me, state representatives and others, to host events like this, to make sure that our
7:19 am
friends and neighbors know who we're supporting and get them in our corner on caucus night. because it is all about relationships. >> thank you very much. 34 days away, frances. you have cory booker who is going to be rolling through the state. he just went up on tv with his first advertisement that is playing. you have the likes of amy klobuchar visiting all 99 counties this weekend. this is what this is about. and ultimately heather matson lost a bid for the statehouse back in 2016, but she knocked on enough doors to pull off a victory in 2018. and that's a lot of what you see here, presidential politics here in iowa. >> it's going to be fast and furious. vaughn, thank you. i want to bring in now a team of democratic strategists and president of omara strategy group and michael singleton. he has worked on multiple campaigns. as we get started with you, it's delve into the numbers again, the battleground polls. how do you read those numbers? we're talking about the two
7:20 am
point lead over president trump in florida and the four point lead in virginia. >> well, virginia, i'll start with, first. i'm not surprised. hillary clinton did squeak out a victory over president trump in virginia. if you look at the most recent elections in virginia, it's very clear that the state is certainly a purple state. democrats obviously have a clear advantage. i believe that advantage will maintain if joe biden becomes the democratic nominee. florida, however, is very different. the last republican to win the presidency without winning the state of florida was calvin coolidge in 1924. and so that makes it clear that donald trump has to win florida in order to win the presidency. it's the third most populus state and it's arguably the most critical of the battleground states. so if i was the trump campaign, i would be extremely worried and concerned because he only won florida by a very, very slim margin and i think some of the issues that plagued the clinton campaign, i think joe biden does not have. so i think he arguably at this
7:21 am
point has a clear but slight advantage over the president. >> we've got to factor in also the news he was making when he was campaigning in new hampshire yesterday. he said, the headline, he would be open to a republican running mate. i want your take on that, because is that something that's a good idea as far as bridging the divide here, reaching out to maybe those who are kind of pushing trump away for 2020? or is that underscoring elizabeth warren's argument that he's naive? >> i'm going to think that the vice president was being humeor is when he made that point. it sort of undercuts an argument that he's made all along, in order for this process known as democracy to work, we have to work together. and this notion that one party or the other party can do it alone is a notion that we have seen with the trump presidency. we saw it throughout president obama's two terms, the process that is not beneficial to the whole of the nation. so i think the argument from vice president biden is that though we have political differences, we have to find
7:22 am
commonalities in order to make this republic work for the interest of all people, is a legitimate argument that i believe most people buy into. >> i want to move on to elizabeth warren, because again, this is her one year anniversary when she decided to jump in the race. she's going to be speaking in boston later today. you know, she says this when it comes to what she's going to say today in massachusetts. she says we are tall and short, we have different accountant, different needs and talents and dreams. fought all of our differences, we are ready to fight bid sigh bid for our common aspirations. can she somebody who can build the coalition beyond the progressive base and does a democratic candidate need to win that nomination? >> absolutely, i think i'll go back to sort of the discussion we had earlier on the polls in florida and virginia. biden certainly is ahead when you look at it compared to trump, but the way that warren is looking specifically in
7:23 am
virginia, and i'll speak to that, because that's where i've done most of my work, is that she is only ahead of trump by five points and the polls are a margin of error of four points. and bernie in florida is only getting beat by trump by five points. that's not great news for trump and it's also saying there's definitely not this sort of like massive centrists or mass of progressive sort of like, you know, mandate as it were. it's definitely a mandate of a coalition of people who are looking to elect a democratic candidate or a candidate that's going to be opposition to trump. and all three of them are doing well in the polls to be able to show that definitively on election day. >> while i have you, we've got to talk about bernie sanders also. we got letters from three doctors saying he's fit for the presidency. one of the letters says he's no
7:24 am
longer taking the medications initially prescribed after the heart attack. how is this going to come up when it comes to voters who think the issue of health is still on top of their list? >> i think everybody is going to be interested in making sure that our candidates for president are healthy right now, you know, bernie has been continuously staying out, engaged campaigning across the country. so i think there's a lot of feelings about the fact that trump has never been very honest about his own medical history and that's what's playing into these questions. but certainly bernie, senator sanders is actually a lot more honest and forthcoming than even the current president as it stands. >> to both of you, we thank you both. happy new year to both of you. >> thank you. happy new year. also this morning, we are learning troubling new details about the man charged in a hanukkah stabbing spree in new york. grafton thomas now faces federal hate crime charges after the fbi uncovered handwritten journals where anti-semitic writings in
7:25 am
his own. and on his phone, internet searches for nearby temples and phrases like "why did hitler made the jews". nbc's kathy park is here with the latest on the investigation. it seems like the more we find out, the more disturbing it is. >> a lot of that information came from the federal complaint which was released yesterday and he's supposed to be back in court on january 13th. but in those court documents, we learn that he allegedly went into the rabbi's home on the seventh night of hanukkah with an 18-inch machete and the injuries range from deep lacerations to a skull fracture and a 71-year-old man who was among the injured is still in critical condition at the hospital. and then when officials found his vehicle and found grafton thomas in manhattan, about two hours after the attack, they found several pieces of evidence, including a machete, a knife, and they said that it
7:26 am
apparently had traces of blood on it and that his car was smelling of bleach. his attorney was come out with a statement and his family, saying that he has a long history of mental illness and his lawyer has asked that he get some sort of psychiatric evaluation. right now officials are still obviously investigating. they haven't come out and said what the actual motive was. so that's still part of the ongoing investigation. but the mental health issue has really kind of come to the surface in the wake of these federal charges. he has already pleaded not guilty at the state level on attempted murder, as well as the one count of burglary. but yeah, this is just really troubling. i was out in monsey for the past two days and the community has definitely been shaken by the violence and security has been heightened in that community, but really all across the country as well. >> i'm sure even more troubled by what was on his phone or police say was in his journals
7:27 am
and vehicle. kathy park for us. good to have you with me. thank you. still to come, democrats looking for a reason to shake up president trump's impeachment trial and they think they've found one in a new bombshell report. plus, an ex-associate of rudy giuliani is looking to share more material with congressional investigators. the reporter who broke the story joins us next. app? app? , actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board... and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪ the good news? our comfort lasts all day. the bad news? so does his energy. depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed.
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right now we are staying on top of the breaking news in iraq, protesters stormed the u.s. embassy compound, setting fires and smashing property. nbc news has just confirmed u.s. ambassador to iraq, matthew tiller, was out of the country as all of this was unfolding. and the white house is out with a new statement saying president trump is in close touch with his national security team about how and when to respond to iran for this escalation. of course we'll keep you posted on this quickly developing story here on msnbc. here at home, senate minority leader shuck schumer is armed with new information for his demand for witnesses to be called at the impeachment trial of president trump. it comes from new reporting in "the new york times" that revealed new details about the fight within the trump administration after the president ordered a freeze on u.s. military aid to ukraine. >> simply put, in our fight to
7:32 am
have key documents and witnesses in the senate impeachment trial, these new revelations are a game-changer. the story makes the choice even clearer. will the senate hold a fair trial or will it enable a cover-up? >> i'm joined now by politics reporter for "the daily beast" and msnbc contributor. also with us is cynthia, former federal prosecutor and also an msnbc legal analyst. betsy, you heard the words from chuck schumer calling it a game changer. there's been a tug of war. we know for him to get the trial that he wants, there are four republicans that he needs to join with him to get to the number of 51. as far as this morning, it looks like he's lost at least one for good. let's take a listen to what senator susan collins said yesterday. >> i am open to witnesses. i think it's premature to decide
7:33 am
who should be called until we see the evidence that is presented and get the answers to the questions that we senators can submit through the chief justice to both sides. >> there she appears to be backing mcconnell's vision for this trial of not having any witnesses. >> right, and that's very much classic susan collins, indicating on the one hand that she's open to bringing in people, but on the other hand, sort of very much stiff-arming any immediate action that would have to be taken. that said, collins sometimes will shift where she's at from day-to-d day-to-day depending on whether or not new information come out. and there are several other senators who democrats are eyeing in hopes that they will potentially be on board with helping them try to bring in witnesses, people to keep an eye on obviously are mitt romney of utah, who has been from time to time a vocal critic of the
7:34 am
president, as well as lisa murkowski of las sa, who has already said she's uncomfortable with some of the movies that mcconnell has taken in handling the impeachment trial. and one sleeper senator is cory gardner of colorado. he's kept his head down through most of this process, but eventually he's going to have to say where he's at on these very key questions of whether or not to bring in witnesses who didn't talk to the house. so keep an eye on gardener as well. >> we're talking about the new reporting and what it's doing to push it towards the bull's-eye. you've got chuck schumer ae's argument that they need to hear from the witnesses, mick mulvaney and john bolton, and the others here. so how much of a push is that argument getting from this reporting? >> well, we've known for a long time, i mean "the new york times" article is illuminating, but not surprising. we've known for a long time that there was a lot of action
7:35 am
regarding whether or not to hold this aid in abeyance until the president got what he wanted. so in a way, that doesn't really surprise me at all. but this timing -- it does make pelosi look smarter, because she's made a pause and we're getting more and more information. on the other hand, recognize that i don't believe any of these senators, particularly collins and murkowski, are ever going to vote to do witnesses. they always hem and haw and sigh and wring their hands and then in the end, they vote with mcconnell. witness the kavanaugh hearings. there was a lot of sighing and anguish and then collins voted for kavanaugh and murkowski voted present. what is that? that's not even having the guts to take a stand. so my guess is, while this information is interesting, illuminating and further supports the impeachment, there's not going to be any witnesses in this trial.
7:36 am
and my last point is, there don't need to be any witnesses in this trial. the transcript of the phone call is pure, simple evidence of impeachable conduct. my guess is they won't do it, but it's not like we need this evidence in order to decide whether or not the president deserves to be impeached. >> it all needs to be ironed out as far as this process going through of how the senate trial and what it will shape up to be. betsy, i want to talk about your reporting in "the daily beast." you reported that lev parnas wants to share more material with congressional investigators. so talk about what that might be, what that evidence may be, and why it may be significant as part of the larger impeachment investigation. >> lev parnas has said through his lawyer in a court filing that he has an iphone, as well as a series of documents that federal authorities seized from him when they arrested him as he was about to leave the country
7:37 am
in october, and then when they subsequently raided his home. the feds have gone through those documents, presumably gleaned the information they think they may need for his trial, copied the stuff that they want to hang onto, and now they are returning those materials to mr. parnas himself. however, there's a court order that blocks him from sharing them with others, so his lawyer has asked the court to green light that they give those materials to the house intelligence committee. there's very little visibility from this particular document i reviewed into what the material includes, except that the lawyer said some of these materials could be used to corroborate claims that parnas has already made and to shore up his credibility as a potential witness as people are investigating trump's relationship with ukraine and rudy giuliani's involvement in it. parnas really had a front-row seat to a lot of what giuliani was doing. he was actually there at a meeting with one of the ukrainian president's top aids in madrid, where it was just parnas, this aid and giuliani.
7:38 am
the aide confirms to me on the record that parnas was there for that meeting. he would have insight into giuliani's behavior that no other witness is likely to have. and that's part of the reason that any documents that he's able to produce to congress are going to generate intense interest from capitol hill. >> last word on the legal implications of what we'll see with the court orders, will the iphone evidence or documents ever be seen or will we ever know about it? >> yes, i think we will. parnas is desperately looking for friends because he signalled that he wanted to cooperate and it looked like he was going to maybe be able to do that with the southern district. then all of a sudden it turns out he lied when he was arrested to the pretrial services people about a million dollars that he hid that he got from russia and he put it in his wife's name. now he's made all the prosecutors mad. that's not a good place to be when somebody has indicted you. it makes all the prosecutors mad that you've lied to them. he desperately needs friends and he's looking for them in the
7:39 am
congressional investigators. my guess is that's not going to make a big difference in his federal case, but that's what he's trying to do. >> always good to have you weigh in. thank you. to all of you, our holiday new year's red, happy new year to you. major crowds and security in new york time square are ready to ring in 2020 in just a few hours. and for the first time drones will be used for surveillance. a live report from the square next. ♪ $12.99 all you can eat now with boneless wings. only at applebee's. are you currently using a whitening toothpaste, but not seeing results? try crest 3d whitestrips. its enamel-safe formula lifts and removes stains
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new years celebrations are already well under way in some parts of the world. as we look at the fireworks display in australia where they brought in the new year a couple of hours ago. 5 punt 1 million people are expected to watch the ball drop in times square. millions are going to have their eye on the ball. >> reporter: yeah, they will, they're arriving slowly but surely and the nypd is closing down streets. they have been putting in place a kurt apparatus and changing for years now. it includes thousands of police officers, many of them will be in the hotels that ring times square. there are also bomb sniffing
7:44 am
dogs, and a whole range of different security procedures, really layers of security to keep what is really one of the biggest parties on new year's eve as safe as possible. people are starting to load up into these pens, which it's not a great word. maybe we'll call them sections. there's a whole host of rules that you have to follow when you're in one of them. you can't bring a cooler or a backpack or a chair. you're not allowed to leave. when you look at the rules, it almost sounds like they're trying to make them as uncomfortable as possible. it's really an effort to try to contain these crowds and keep them as safe as possible. >> certainly the case. and when you say they can't leave, the big question right there is always how are they going to use the bathroom? we're not going to put it on you to answer that one, stephanie. happy new year to you. >> you have to use your imagination. >> exactly. those of us new yorkers know how that's done. thank you. happy new year.
7:45 am
in the next 15 minutes or so, senator elizabeth warren is expected to give a big speech marking one year since she decided to run for president. this is a live look at where she'll speak. we're live in boston in the next hour. e zip code're born in can determine your future. the y helps fill the opportunity gap with education programs for all. for a better us, donate to your local y today.
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following this breaking news, massive wildfires are burning in australia, forcing close to 4,000 people to leave their homes. this dramatic new video shows firefighters driving through one of the powerful fighters. the crew was forced to shelter in their truck. the fire department says all of them are safe. wildfires have caused significant damage, destroying more than 1,000 homes since september, and right now there is a state of emergency. as we close out the year today, here's a look back at the famous faces who left us in 2019. >> welcome to paradise, man. welcome to your dream come true. >> i'm going to snap you lying a twig. >> oh, rhoda. hi, rhoda.
7:50 am
>> benson, there's something i don't understand here. come here a minute. ♪ >> chewy. ♪ ♪ when i was just a little girl, i asked my mother what will i be ♪ ♪ will i be pretty ♪ will i be rich
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♪ here's what she said to me ♪ kay sara ♪
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♪ >> one more thing. if you can find a better car, buy it. ♪
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>> like sands through the hour glass, sow are the "days of our lives." >> you win some. you lose some. but you live, you live to fight another day. >> let him know he is welcome always, number six, bill buckner.
7:54 am
7:55 am
♪ >> there's a poem, very simple poem but one i live by. it says i only have a minute, 60 seconds, forced upon me. i did not choose it, but i know i must use it, suffer if i lose it. only a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it. >> take care big bird. >> bye big bird. >> don't forget big bird. we love you. >> lives lost and lives changed in 2019. still to come, we're staying on top of breaking news. moments ago, a message from the
7:56 am
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that does it for me. i'm frances rivera. more news with yasmin vossoughian. >> good to see you in the middle of the day. we're both overnight folks. >> kind of upside down still. >> it's kind of nice. good morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian here at msnbc headquarters in new york. a dangerous new flare-up in
8:00 am
iraq, dozens of iranian-backed protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in bagdad. a tense scene involving live bullets, teargas. what sparked their calls of death to america and how president trump is responding. significant new developments that could impact the impeachment fight. a new court ruling could answer the question would president trump's former national security adviser john bolton testify before congress? several democratic candidates are closing out 2019 on the campaign trail as they sprint towards the first contest in iowa. we'll head live to the hawkeye state ahead. we're live in boston where senator elizabeth warren is marking exactly one year since she became the first major candidate to enter the 2020 race for president. we still have a long ways ahead. we'll start with breaking news from bagdad, everybody. it has been a long 24 hours where hundreds of


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