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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  December 31, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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good afternoon, i'm katie tur. 3:00 p.m. in the east and 11:00
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p.m. in baghdad where the most fortified u.s. embassy in the world came under siege. demonstrators stormed the compound and threw stones while chanting death to america. we're told the staff at the em baa sit are safe and have plans to evacuate. and there's already sent hospitalers and more marines. this plays into a larger power struggle in the region between the united states and iran as iraq struggles to establish a a stable long-term government. this past weekend the u.s. carried out airstrikes and carried iran-backed fighters. those airstrikes were in retaliation for the death of an american contractor. president trump is blaming today's violence at the embassy on iran. he tweeted during his florida vacation to those millions of people in iraq who want freedom and do not want to be controlled by iran, this is your time.
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hans nichols joins us. hans, the president president has responded he's blaming this on iran. what is he planning on doing beyond the tweet? >> we don't know. that's one of the big questions here. what sort of response and will it be proportional in the past the president used that as a watch word to guide them on the response. we know most recently he has spoken with his counterpart in iraq. and for a conversation with him, that follows a conversation that secretary of state mike pompeo also had with the iraqi prime minister. the president reminding the prime minister on twitter that he has obligations to keep diplomatic facilities secure. so there's a message to the iraqis. there's clearly a a message to the iranians and there's this overall question of what the
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response will be when the president said that iran will be held accountable. that's the significant number. several platoons to actually leave kuwait and arrive and flew in at least half of them are already there. that's a sense they are taking it seriously and force protection very seriously. just a reminder there's 5,000 military personnel in iraq. many of those are north of the can country and part of the counterisis fight. headquarters are in baghdad. and there are also a lot of forces in the region. >> so last hour, we were talking to a washingt"washington post" on the ground there in baghdad. he was saying those protesters have not gone away. they are camping out and surrounding the embassy. it's still very tense situation. and security forces are concerned because they are very
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angry. if they are not going to leave, what happens next? >> that's the big question. it depends on what happens on the situation on the ground. tiredness may set in. they may not be able to reach further layers of the the embassy and may disperse them. i saw video earlier of one of the protesters on a loud speaker saying to the mob, we have delivered our message let's go now. but if the situation gets worse, if one of the ro testers is shot dead by one of the guards at the embassy, then the situation could spiral out of control. and that's probably a situation iran would probably prefer right now. they like to see america on the back foot of iraq. they sent messages continually saying america should leave iraq, should leave the region. this kind of volatility suits them. but it really depends on how the situation is handled. there's a large defensive force
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flying this there. half of them are in n there now. that's going to make it a a more dell indicate situation. the protesters that are there right now are pretty hard core protesters. they have set up tents around that compound. that means that they are planning to stay there for the time being. it's a very delicate situation. let's see how it plays out. >> joining me now is senior fellow and former supreme allied commander in europe general west lee clark. too many titles. >> this situation is tense right now. and it could escalate further. what would you be doing if you were in charge out there? >> i would be working with the
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iraqi government. this is a problem for the iraqi government. they are caught in the middle between the united states and the iran. but it's their responsibility to secure the em be sit outside their walls. they have to clear the protesters. they have to open the routes so the embassy could be resupplied and disperse the crowds. and that's really their problem. and so the embassy is under no danger of immediately falling. and it could be replied by air. this is not like what happened in tehran in 1979 at all. we have to treat it as such. so we secure the em bassyembass. and we, if necessary, help the government of iraq to respond. >> the general was completely right with everything he mentioned. at the end of the day, you have
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a proxy situation. iraq is the perfect scenario for that because you have u.s. military forces and paramilitary and iranian military presence in the same country. you have both of them a steaming teapot that's literally about to blow. i would take issue with the idea these are protesters. these are militia men staging a demonstration. they are part of the iran-backed milit militias. it was sanctioned as a terrorist organization. i was at the treasury department. their leader is the one who led today's attack against the embassy in baghdad. what you do with iran specifically, though, i think we have to see that's why we haven't seen the military response to these attackers a at the embassy. my guess having been at the white house when our embassy in damascus was breached that our military luckily we have
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military there, are trying to figure out the best response for this. it's the broader implications for the u.s., iran, the potential for a conflict in iraq. it's prime for that. that's what's particularly dangerous. >> how effective are sanctions? the president removed the united states from the iran deal. iran is heavily sanged by the united states. how persuadable with more sanctions. >> saxes are my jam. it's my favorite thing to discuss. the sanctions are the heaviest they have been. as part of this pressure campaign, it's specific with a goal to target the financial networks from iran to their proxies across the region and terrorist organizations across the region. and they are effective in that way. we already know the sanctions are working to siphon off money to hezbala, so they are working
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in that regard. they don't seem to be as tied to a larger goal to get to an agreement of iran. i don't know the sanctions would get us there. they are effective in targeting iran support. >> general clark? >> i think the sanctions have some utility. but the message is going to be if the militias escalate, they will be targeted. if iran is sport iing those, th cannot assume as it was able to do in 2005, 06, and 07, it would be able to escape without feeling the direct retaliation of the united states. in that period of time, the iranians put in the, employeesive penetrators that caused a lot of casualties to the american forces. we never struck back directly against iran. it's a different time today. if i were the iranian government, i would recognize they are dealing with the different president and military
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and situation in the region. so this can be run right up the ladder of escalation to impact directly on iran very quickly if iran chooses to escalate. >> how concerned should the u.s. government be about alienating iraq? those strikes that killed a number of iranian militiamen in the border, iraq felt that they were sovereignty was breached with that. should we be concerned about potentially alienating our allies, those who are there in charge to protect people like the ones in our embassy? >> it's always a delicate balance. the iraqi government are split. there are different fangss in the government. there will always be voices of p protest raised. but the iraqi government doesn't want to be fallen and completely dependent on iran. so it needs the continue d
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presence of the united states. it has to balance its own coalitions and various factions. so this is right now where the point of focus is. how will the iraqi government respond to this? will it clear out the militiamen and prevent escalation. the united states will want to help them do that. >> thank you very much. stick with us. still to come, susan collins has strong words for both parties ahead of the president's senate impeachment trial. but next, the wild ride to 2020. the biggest twists and the biggest turns on the campaign trail so far. gosh, it's already been a lifetime. it's still going. stay with us. lifetime it's still going stay with us when it comes to using data, everyone is different.
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this year was full of highs and lows in political news as you all of us know. as with head into 2020, let's take a look at where the race for the democratic nomination began. >> the calendar says 2019, but don't be fooled. 2020 is already in full force. >> a crowded and diverse field of likely democrats. >> i'm full-time fooiling an exploratory committee. >> i would lead with integrity. >> you don't get what you don't fight for. >> bernie sanders making it official. >> i'm running for president.
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>> sanders is face iing a completely different primary terrain from last time. >> on this snowy day didn't. >> i announce my candidacy. >> we need dreamers in washington. >> good leadership brings out the best of us. >> ooum running for president of the united states of america. >> i'm going to run for president. >> we have to beat donald trump. >> that's why i'm running for president. >> donald trump must be stopped. >> we will take our democracy back. >> join me if you want to get to work. >> i'm on my 40th trip to iowa. >> joe biden nearly declared himself a candidate early. >> this weekend we'll see a cushion of his potential bid. >> i felt these hands on my shoulders. >> protecting personal space have been reset and i get it.
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>> joe biden finally makes it official. >> i can beat donald trump. that's the signal they are trying to send with this rollout. >> for a small town mayor, pete buttigieg has big ambitions. >> they call me mayor pete. >> he would be the youngest president, first openly gay. there were times when if you had shown me exactly what it was inside me that made me gay, i would have cut it out with a knife. >> we're draining the swamp. >> president trump in front of a capacity crowd kicking off his 2020 campaign with familiar themes. >> our radical democrat opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice and rage. >> donald trump violated his oath of office. he should be impeached. >> sleepily joe biden's numbers are up. >> we need to get rid of donald trump. >> trump is a pathological liar and a racist. >> crazy bernie. >> there were a little girl in california and she was bussed to school every day.
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and that little girl was me. >> i did not oppose bussing in america. >> kamala harris mischaracterized her position on the bussing question. >> she did. >> get the people that are racist off the streets. >> we said second place with white voters. black voters, 0%. >> two american cities in shock and mourning this hour after two mass shooting in less than 24 hours. >> we're going to take your ah-15 and ak-47. >> i have a little boy. i can't imagine if he was one that got shot. >> that's been the sub text of this campaign. the issue of the concerns about biden's age. >> you said they would have to buy in. are you forget whag you said two minutes ago? >> one day it's joe biden. the next elizabeth warren. >> what should we make of the surging in polls? >> i don't do polls. >> we don't want each other's families bankrupted by medical
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bills. i've got a plan to fix it. >> your signature is to have a plan for everything. except this. >> the dimps between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done. >> guaranteed universal medicare for all. >> maybe a nice idea. >> i wrote the damn bill. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. >> senator bernie sanders was hospitalized last night after experiencing chest discomfort. >> he's off the road for a little bit. appearances have been cancelled. >> it might feel bernie sanders. >> i am back. >> i think they've got their eye on somebody who's currently in the democratic primary. she's the favorite of the russians. >> she knows she can't control me. >> mike bloomberg started as a middle class kid. >> he launched with the single largest political advertising buy in u.s. history. >> i'm not a billionaire.
12:20 pm
i can't fund my own campaign. i'm suspending our campaign today. >> it is a problem that we now have an overall campaign for the 2020 presidency that has more billionaires than black people. >> it's the least diverse democratic field on a debate stage so far. >> i have not denigrated your experience as a local official. >> you did denigrate my experience. it was before the break. i was going to let it go because we have bigger fish to fry. but you implied -- >> we have bigger fish to fry than picking a president of the united states. >> it's feeling real intense as the contenders try to get a toe hold. >> mr. vice president, why don't you come on up? >> we're live on msnbc. >> fantastic. >> look at that. >> the question, congressman, where is the rental car from? >> elizabeth warren is in that are you really asking me?
12:21 pm
>> i would. if that's possible. >> the president of the united states. >> the iowa state fair. don't eat your way out of it. >> are you ready to be presid t president. >> the bad news is i caught a cold. nevertheless, i persist. >> you tweeted watching sleepy joe, so boring. >> he should get a life. >> we don't want to be politically correct. >> he and his account should be taken down. >> it's elizabeth warren. >> thank god this wasn't beto's
12:22 pm
day to see the proctologist. >> i'm going to get me a beer. >> it's dpoing to be a really long election. >> god, the proctologist line. joining me now, that's all already happened. we still have another 11 months to go. >> that was the preseason. >> i don't know. what do we expect. elizabeth warren is still a really interesting story. she came out and she wasn't doing great in the polls. she had the flap with her heritage. her finance director quit thinking she wasn't going to be able to make it without taking big donations. then she had this amazing surge. now she's dipping again. do you think she has another chance in 2020? >> i don't think anybody can say for sure. probably not even elizabeth warren. she's shown she has good plut
12:23 pm
call chops and she's a really good campaigner. and a happy warrior. it helps to be update.political really good campaigner. and a happy warrior. it helps to be update. it's become a character trait for her and people respect that substance. but i think she got tripped up for a reason that her people might not like me saying, and that's that she doesn't do any polling. you can say that's nice. polls are out of control. why does erbe poll all the time. if she had done polling, she would have seen that coming out for a medicare for all position -- >> but can she walk it back? can she find a middle ground that says, listen, we're going to do a health care plan that's not quite medicare for all, but it's one that will cover all americans. and withstand the attacks that she's back pedalled or polled and realized that it's not good.
12:24 pm
>> absolutely. politicians reposition themselves all the time. george h.w. bush called the economic problem voodoo economics and then went on the tickets. you have a lot of opportunities to do that when you become a major figure in american politics. it's a test of how she execute this is retreat from what is not popular in a general election. people want the buttigieg position. that's what the public wants. because there's a certain number of people who don't want to be force d off their health insurance. they like it. and i think she didn't understand that early enough. now she does. her transition plan is very substantia substantiative. she can survive this. anybody who says she's not electable hasn't been paying attention. she's plenty electable, but she has to get back on the bike and start raising money.
12:25 pm
>> when does the field start to whittle. if we see a winner in iowa, another in new hampshire, a third in south carolina, who can survive that sort of race? >> if we have that and then we get to march 3rd super tuesday and that becomes a big muddle, then we have one of the most interesting nomination fights in my memory. i'm embarrassed to say is 11 of these things. and the chances of that happening are not that great. buzz usually the process starts whittling out better super tuesday. but a third of the delegates are selected that day, if you have a situation where buttigieg wins iowa and warren wins new hampshire and sanders wins nevada and biden wins south carolina and then they kind of fragment on super tuesday, then you could have what they call a brokered convention. where nobody has votes on the first ballot. then it gets real interest iing. >> who are you watching? >> i'm watching 3w50iden.
12:26 pm
i think he has a decent chance of making a comeback here. i have seen john kerry do that in 2004 where he was counted out in december. he came back to win the iowa caucus caucuses. it happened to john mccain on the republican side. he was counted out and came back to win. there were some signs that biden has stabilized and he has a chance even with a strong second in iowa of dominating this thing pretty quickly. but he's still gaffe prone. he has these things he says and he's said a couple of them in the last few days. they don't trip them up though. that's the amazing thing. >> people have a lot of leeway. >> is they do. that will help as time goes on. buttigieg plays error-free ball. so howard dean, who blew his big lead because he kept making mistakes, buttigieg has very little and that's a huge
12:27 pm
handicap. but he's kind of a steady as she goes candidate who could hang in there. >> we will watch. thank you. happy new year. still to come, you'll hear the disturbing accounts who spoke out to report one of their own. plus the rhetoric about the president's upcoming trial in the senate. stay with us. senate stay with us
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susan collins is disappointed. the republican who faces a tough reelection battle thinks senators on both sides of the aisle are handling impeachment in an inappropriate way fpz. >> it was inappropriate for senators on either side of the aisle to prejudge the evidence before they have heard. they said the the president should be impeached and removed from office. you have heard the senator
12:32 pm
majority leaders taking the cues from the white house. there are senators on both sides of the aisle who, to me, are not give i giving the appearance and the reality of judging this in an impartial way. >> joining me now is miles santage, kurt bardella and kyle cheney, reporter for plit kolip. kyle s is this going to change anything? >> the question is left what sue son collins said and what she's prepared to do. to do anything to affect the way this trial is going to be run is you need four republicans to join to force the issue. so is he willing to vote against mitch mcconnell on procedural issues to set up more balanced trial? we don't know.
12:33 pm
lisa murkowski raised similar concerns. will they try to recruit colleagues and vote as a bloc to affect change the way they are talking about. >> what do you think? >> i think we have seen this play before. republicans might say they are concerned or disapointed about process, but as we saw with the brett kavanaugh confirmation, rhetoric really doesn't mean a whole lot. what are you prepared to do on the record, how are you willing to cast your vote and take action. >> how many more articles have to come out in "the new york times" or another publication or how many more times does mitch mcconnell say get in line for the white house for enough pressure to build on some republicans to vote for a rules package that would include witnesses. >> i have been talking to sources about this. there's a small number of senators who don't want to be seen as carrying water for the
12:34 pm
president. now i emp fa size small number. but someone like susan collins seeking reelection in a purple state, she could be an exception to that. her political self-interest lies in a slightly different direction to someone representing a more reliablely red state. >> i just wonder, a the what point is the calculous going to change for these senators. if it hasn't changed now on december 31st, is it going to be different if it's january 6th or january 14, may or may not start. >> most likely not. the things that drive these shifts are primary season, primary schedules. as mentioned, sue son collins is facing a difficult reelection. she has to get through a
12:35 pm
primary. it's hard to ignore that she's being squeezed on both ends here. so it's not much that's going to really shift the calculous. you have senators retiring. and you have someone like a mitt romney who is a wild card and not afraid to criticize the president. >> let's take the flip side of the coin. what about red state democrats? what about doug jones who talked about how he wants a fair trial and whether he would vote to remove the president. or somebody like joe mansion in west virginia. are they in the bag with democrats for a vote for removal or could we see them not to remove the president? >> i think there's a possibility that someone like manks could. he has a bit of a record of that. doug jones is in a different category. it's not clear that how much doug jones is going to try to trim his sails to win
12:36 pm
reelection. he knows the circumstances of his election the first time around. we're so unusual that i think he may well just vote his conscience. >> thank you very much. happy new year. next up, video that's flown under the radar. the heaarrowing accounts from t seals who broke silence to hold accountable for war crimes. this is must-see. stick around. r crimes this is must-see stick around
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the navy seals who served with edward gallagher described him as evil and toxic. new video recordings conducted by criminal investigators obtain ed by "the new york times." >> the guy got crazier and crazier. >> he was okay with killing anybody. i think he's justs to kill
12:40 pm
anybody he can. >> what did you see gallagher do? >> all of a sudden, he starts stabbing the dude. >> i see eddie laying over him with the knife. >> did he say anything or did he just pull out a knife and start stabbing him? >> he pulled out a knife and started stabbing him. >> in your mind, is what happened that day and what happened with the other incidents war crimes? >> yes. >> is there any doubt in your mind these are war crimes? >> no. >> these were other navy seals who served with gallagher. his lawyer told the tooims the video interviews with ripe with inconsistencies and falsehoods that created a road map to the acquittal. he was accused of war crimes but only found guilty on a charge of taking a photo with a corpse. president trump reversed his punishment and allowed him to retire with full honors. general wesley clark is back with me. this is a story that has gotten lost in the impeachment mix. these interviews that were conducted with other navy seels
12:41 pm
about eddie gallagher's conduct, i think the regular person watch pg at home would find their words deeply disturbing and worrisome that a service member serving overseas was called evil, toxic and that he was just looking to kill anybody. >> i think the other navy seels all that i have known would find that disturbing also. i have known a lot of other navy seals and special operators and they are without exception honorable men. men who have undergone tough training, served in difficult positions. many of them have used force. many of them had to use deadly force against the enemy and they are good at it. that doesn't mean they are killers in the sense of jugs can't wait to get out and kill somebody. that's what kind of comes through from the tapes. i understand what his lawyer said. there's a lot of inconsistency. of course, there is. people's memories of dates,
12:42 pm
times, circumstances for months and years in the past, they change, they vary. a good lawyer can always find inconsistencies. i wish the president of the united states had been able to see the tapes before he went into the case. >> why? >> i think it might have come out with a little bit different answer. i'm a strong believer in the military chain of commands on war crimes and military justice issues. our leaders are well educated, thorough, they love their troops. they are going to do the best they can to sort out fact from fiction. and in this case, the president took a decision he was in power to take. i'm not sure he had access to all the facts. maybe this is a different color. >> what does this do for the reputation of the navy seals and the reputation of service members serving overseas and in very precarious situations?
12:43 pm
>> well, i think the release of these visdeos probably restores the reputation of the navy seals more than anything else that's happened thus far. it was an action by the comma commander-in-chief to be honest. normally the president of the the united states doesn't get involved in military cases like this. this case he did. he had the right to do so. but i think when you look at those videos and listen to the passion of the men who serve beside eddie gallagher, it tells a real story about the character of the navy seals. >> what does it say to those in the place where is some of the seals are serving, in places where navy seals are operating? the civilians who are there coming into contact with our service members, what sort of confidence are they going to have in our ability to do what's right and to do what's good, to
12:44 pm
obey the rules of war and not commit war crimes. this has to hurt. >> honstly, those civilians there, the afghans, the iraqis, the others in these countries like somalia, they don't read "the new york times." they are -- >> this stuff is on twitter and social media. i think it's too simple to say they just don't know. this stuff gets -- it becomes propaganda for the other side. >> it can be used as propaganda, but i think the record of service and the capabilities and the potential of our special operations community is so strong. they are so capable that this is not a significant event. it's a bad event. it's bad for the chain of command. it's bad for the people in that unit. they feel like justice wasn't served.
12:45 pm
but for the united states armed forces and for their mission readiness, we'll soldier through this. >> general wesley clark, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. we would like to correct two errors from shows earlier today. in a tease in the 11:00 a.m. hour, we displayed an old democratic candidate video that did not include andrew yang and a graphic from president trump, the graphic attributed the quote to another twitter user's account. we apologize for these mistakes. we'll be right back. we apologize for these mistakes. we'll be right back. you could say align puts the pro in probiotic. so, where you go, the pro goes. go with align, the pros in digestive health. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health.
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today as we prepare to enter a new year, let's take a look back at some of the people we lost in had 2019. >> welcome to paradise, man. welcome to your dreams come true. >> i'm going to snap you like a twig and throw you in a ball. >> how are you? >> there's something i don't understand.
12:50 pm
♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ when i was just a little girl ♪ ♪ i asked my mother what will i be ♪ ♪ will i be pretty will i be rich ♪ ♪ here's what she said to me ♪ ♪ que sara sara whatever will be will be ♪ ♪ the future's not ours to see que sara sara ♪ ♪ mousketeers roll call
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count off now ♪ >> karen. ♪ this is the way we get to see a mouse cartoon for you and me ♪ ♪ i'm popeye the sailor man ♪ ♪ i'm popeye the sailor man ♪ >> help me, eddie, please. >> you're turning violet, violet. >> what are you talking about? ♪ i could meet the wind of the blue bird as she sings ♪ ♪ 6:00 alarm would never ring ♪ ♪ wipe the sleep out of my eyes ♪ ♪ shaven razors
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♪ cheer up sleepy jean ♪ ♪ oh what can it mean day dream believer ♪ ♪ and homecoming queen >> one more thing, if you can find a better car, buy it. ♪ you might think i'm crazy ♪ ♪ to hang around with you ♪ ♪ maybe i think i'm lucky that's something to do ♪ ♪ but i think that you're wild ♪ ♪ you might think i'm foolish ♪ ♪ baby it's untrue ♪ ♪ you might think i'm crazy ♪ ♪ all i want is you ♪ >> like sands through the
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hourglass, so are the days of our lives. ♪ >> you win some, you lose some. but you live and you live to fight another day. ♪ >> welcome always, number 6, bill buckner! ♪ ♪ the shadows ♪ before the parade passes by ♪ ♪ i'm going to go
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and taste saturday's high life ♪ ♪ before the parade passes by ♪ ♪ i'm going to get some life back into my life ♪ ♪ with the rest of them with the best of them ♪ ♪ i can hold my head up high ♪ ♪ for i've got to go again i've got to drive again ♪ ♪ i'm going to feel my heart coming alive again ♪ ♪ before the parade >> jerry, marty. >> marty, how are you doing? >> good. want to hear a joke? >> there's a point, a very simple point, but it is one that i live by, it says i only have a minute, 60 seconds in it, forced upon me i did not choose it, but
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i know that i must use it, give account if i abuse it, suffer if i lose it. only a sign little minute. but eternity is in it. >> take care, big bird. >> bye, big bird. >> don't forget, big bird, we love you! >> big bird. up next, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. let's get this show on the road. . $12.99 all you can eat now with boneless wings. only at applebee's.
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scraper. it hasn't made any sense. it is like looking in the mirror and finding out your hands and feet are mangos and being told you're going to be a very stable genius anyway. toilet flushes, sharpie gate, windmills and whistle-blowers, the president trying to talk double talk got himself in trouble talk. no quid pro quo. now with 2020 only a few hours away, people keep asking what's going to happen, don't ask me, i'm convinced the whole day long that all i learn is always wrong. so shout a name into the wind, run like an antelope out of control, confuse what you can of the ending, and, remember, this is what 2019 smelled like, you will always remember where you were. that will wrap things up for me this hour. i'm katy tur in new york. i'll see you next year and see
1:00 pm
you tonight. "deadline: white house" begins right now. hi, everyone, it is 4:00 in new york. the prospect of a trial in the senate, donald trump is ending his year making the kind of history he did not want to make becoming the third president in u.s. history to be impeached by the house of representatives. the woman running the house, speaker nancy pelosi, is making history herself as the highest ranking and most powerful woman serving in elective office. the only woman to ever hold the position of speaker, a position she held twice. we have watched nancy pelosi square off against donald trump and refused to back down. even in the face of his bullying and constant harassment. which came to a head when she presided over the historic house vote on impeachment. >> today, as speaker of the


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