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tv   MSNBC Live With Alison Morris  MSNBC  January 12, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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we're all out of time here on "weekends with alex witt." my colleague is ready to continue coverage. >> thank you so much. i'm allison morris live from necessary nbc headquarters in new york. we are following breaking news. an irany spokesperson says four
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soldiers were injured but no u.s. troops were harmed. joining me, matt bradley in tel aviv, israel. do we have any sense of who may have launched this rocket attack? >> reporter: it's not entirely clear but this is consistent with previous rocket attacks, especially the make and model of the rocket. remember, this is the type of rocket and this is the type of attack that started all of this a little more than two weeks ago. that's when a rocket attack on an iraqy base that was housing u.s. soldiers ended up killing a u.s. citizen. that's what caused this tit for tat retaliation and ended in the killing of qassem soleimani and brought us to the point where now. it likely is one of those iranian proxies.
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rockets were landed in the iraqi air base. that was answered by the rockets that the u.s. launched on the iraqi-syrian border. it could be then again or any number of different militia groups backed by the iranians or not in iraq. there are several of them. many of them have representatives within the iraqi government with which the united states is allied. it's all a very awkward bed fellow situation in iraq. a lot of moving parts and awkward players having to spare shas and political goals. it's not surprising this has happened. it happened in the last couple days and could very well happen again. i don't think this represents the full thrust of some kind of iranian retaliation against the u.s. >> what do we know about the base that was involved here and the extent of the american presence there? >> we were told that there are no american troops at balad air base. there used to be u.s. troops there. it seems as though it only injured four iraqis.
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two of them were officers. of those eight rockets, that's not much damage and goes to show if anything either the iranians are deliberately trying to hit u.s. soldiers, or their weapons systems just aren't up to snuff. >> in iran today, hundreds of people taking to the streets there calling on the ayatollah to resign after tuesday's deadly plane crash. what is the ayatollah's reaction been? >> reporter: this is the second day of protests. these protests aren't as big as the ones that were coming after a memoriam to qassem soleimani. they were basically blessed and in part organized by the iranian government. every single person you're seeing in these images are people who are defying the law and that's why police are answering them with tear gas. they're basically calling for a revolution, but this again, allison, isn't new.
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this is one of the reasons why the iranian regime is so sensitive right now. it's why their back is up and why they're on a defensive posture and have been for so long. >> matt bradley in tel aviv, thanks so much. we are following the stunning admission that undercuts one of the president's claims about the decision to kill iranian general qassem soleimani. president trump said he believed the u.s. had intelligence that soleimani was planning attacks on four u.s. embassies but now defense secretary mark esper walking that back. here's what he told margaret brennan on cbs's "face the nation". >> what the president saide -- he didn't cite a specific piece of evidence but i share the president's view that probably the expectation was they were going the go after our embassies, the most prominent display of american presence in a country. >> hans nichols joins us from
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the white house. i want to play what the president said about the embassy threat to laura ingraham that was on fox friday night. >> don't the american people have a right to know what specifically was targeted without revealing methods and sources? >> i don't think so but we will tell you that probably it was going to be the embassy in baghd baghdad. you saw that happening. you saw it with all of the men, very few women, circling very strongly and very viciously, knocking out windows and trying to get in and they were close to getting in and i called out the military. >> did they have large scale attacks planned for other embassies, and if those were planned, why can't we reveal that to the american people? wouldn't that help your case? >> i can reveal that i believe it would have been four embassies and i think that probably baghdad already started, but baghdad certainly would have been the lead but i think it would have been four embassies. it could have been military bases or a lot of other things
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too. but it was imminent and then all of a sudden he was gone. >> hans, it sure sounds like the president and the defense secretary are saying different things there. what's going on? >> reporter: the only way you can possibly harmonize this is to look at it on a semantics and legal level. look, i've been pouring over these transcripts. the president couched it with a couple of probablies. he said it could have been, maybe. esper is also hedging his language. this is also now in the political space and it seems as though the secretary of defense is contradicting the commander-in-chief and the evidence that they sent to capitol hill isn't entirely in harmony and that's going to be a challenge because you see speaker nancy pelosi saying she's dissatisfied. you see another member of the gang of eight, adam schiff, also saying that evidence presented wasn't sufficient. so when you look at how they're speaking, they're speaking very
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carefully as though these statements are going to be reviewed, and they have hedges in them but that really only matters if we're parsing words. when you look at the thrust of what they're saying, president trump is saying that the imminent attack apparently had to do with four embassies or military installations and esper said he hadn't received specific intelligence but he believes that the president believes that four embassies were under threat. >> hans nichols at the white house, thank you so much. turning now to impeachment, the senate expecting the house to hand over the articles of impeachment this week, but the exact timing still in question. >> will it happen this week, and have you settled on house managers for the trial? >> well, what i did say is i would be consulting with my members this week on tuesday morning at our regular caucus meeting, that we would vote to send them over and will determine in our meeting when we send them over. >> the speaker also left open the possibility that the house
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may file additional articles. >> do you think it's possible that the house may have to file new articles of impeachment? >> well, let's just see what the senate does. the ball will be in their court soon. >> and joining me now, maya wiley, msnbc legal contributor and a professor at the new school. maya, great to have you here. what do you make of the speaker's loose timeline? she says she'll meet with members on tuesday, decide when to send the articles over after that, but she hasn't exactly committed to anything just yet. what do you think? >> i think she's doing what any leader would do. one, she's making sure she's not getting out ahead of her caucus. she's making sure they feel included in the process. she also, remember, has had this fight essentially with the senate on telling her how they are going to conduct the trial. >> right. >> the first thing that she does that really triggers the impeachment trial process is she decides who the house managers are. those are the people who go over and present the chargers and
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essentially make the case and argue the case. think about it from her perspective. if you're trying to decide how you put on your best trial, are you putting on an argument around the constitution and the law, or are you putting on prosecutors who know how to question witnesses. big difference between we're having an intellectual argument versus we're talking about facts, people, what happened, where it happened and when it happened. so far, the republicans have said we don't want to know. and so she has rightly said i do have a right to have some way of deciding who the best managers are. so she will have to pull the trigger at some point. there's no question about that. but i think that's part of what's going on. >> she talks about the possibility of perhaps more articles of impeachment. do we have any sense right now what could be on the table, or do we have to wait and see if anything new comes out in the senate trial if we do hear from witnesses, john bolton for example? >> look, i think there are a couple of different ways of thinking about this. one is we already know that adam
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schiff had said at the conclusion of his committee's process that they were continuing to investigate. >> right. >> and in a context where one of the articles is that the president of the united states has refused every reasonable request from congress to know and understand what happened, that they have the right to say if we get more evidence we may have more charges. that said, i think it's impossible to know and i think that what democrats rightly do is say our job is oversight and we keep doing oversight. whether that oversight produces more charges, who can say. if they're being fair, they shouldn't say unless they have evidence that suggests there are additional charges. i think they're right -- she is right certainly not to say yes or no to that question. >> i'd like to play a little bit of rudy giuliani. he's been talking quite a bit about the impeachment trial. on janine pirro's show on fox news last night he said this and
11:11 am
i'd like your reaction to it if we can play that. >> the remedy is to go before the supreme court of the united states and have it declared unconstitution unconstitutional. there's nothing in the constitution, as you know from the early days of constitutional law, that allows the supreme court to declare a law of congress unconstitutional. marshall made it up. >> okay, you're a legal expert. i got to be totally honest with you. i read his op-ed last week. i listened to that sound. i'm just straight up confused. could you clarify for us what rudy is talking about here? got you too? >> got me too. when i saw that i said, okay, let me separate out two things that he said. the first, anyone can make any argument they want to the supreme court including you should hear this case because we think it's unconstitutional. everybody has that right including the president of the united states. in this case we have a supreme court decision in a case of a judge who was impeached when he
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tried to claim that it was unconstitutional or in this case that they had to have witnesses at his trial, and the supreme court said the constitution doesn't give us power to even hear this case because it's the sole purview of congress in the case of the trial of the senate. number one, rudy's wrong on that. but the second point he made that was astounding was going back to the founding principle. he was referring to a case called marbury versus madison, the supreme court case that said, no, there is a separate thing called the judiciary that has its own authority to decide that this is wrong, that a law of congress is wrong. for him to say that was made up is crazy. it's astounding, and frankly, anyone who went to law school would go, no. >> i'm so glad that you did go to law school and you can say no because i had to scratch my head
11:13 am
a little bit, wasn't clear on that one. thank you so much. always a pleasure to have you. >> pleasure to be here. now to 2020 and senator bernie sanders on the attack. politico reporting that sanders' campaign volunteers are being told to zero in on the perceived weaknesses of the top contenders, specifically senator elizabeth warren. vaughn hilliard joins us live from iowa city. talk to me about the strategy from the sanders campaign. a little more aggressive, huh? >> reporter: let's be clear, allison, for a moment. none of this is coming out of bernie sanders' mouth. of course his campaign we should note, the adviser for the campaign put an op-ed into the columbia newspaper calling into question joe biden's record with black voters, his history on race relations. then you see these talking points that essentially are driving home this idea that elizabeth warren wouldn't be able to track independent voters or voters that are not already going to vote democrat.
11:14 am
but then also jeff weaver, another senior adviser for the campaign, he in a statement overnight put out a statement about joe biden's iraq war vote from the early 2000s. i want to read you part of that statement. quote, it is appalling that after 18 years joe biden still refuses to admit he was dead wrong on the iraq war. bernie sanders saw the same information and had the judgment to vote against the iraq war. of course, this does not come from sanders himself over the last 24 hours but we should note that the next democratic debate is here in iowa on tuesday night and the question is to what extent does bernie sanders who is now leading in iowa polling, to what extent does he make that explicit argument to voters himself, calling into question joe biden's record on foreign policy but also on his own race relations. i think those are the questions when it comes to bernie sanders, is he going to be willing to make this case to voters.
11:15 am
what you've seen over the last year is somebody who's been focused on his own message. >> thank you so much, my friend. coming up, no end in sight. the latest on the devastating wildfires in australia and what the prime minister is saying about how they're handling the crisis there. plus, julian castro returns stumping for elizabeth warren. will it give her a boost? we will back to find out. a boot we will back to find out but now quickbooks helps me get paid, manage cash flow, and run payroll. and now i'm back on top... with koala kai. (vo) save over 40 hours a month with intuit quickbooks.
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at least 11 people died this weekend in some powerful storms stretching from the south to the midwest and louisiana and mississippi tornados have torn homes and trailers from their foundations. winds pummeling homes in florida. on the cold side of this wild weather, several inches of snow fellows far south as dallas. australia's prime minister now admitting there were things he could have done better in handling the wild fafire crisis. those growing blazes have killed at least 27 people and a billion animals. the land scorched since they first started back in september, now bigger in size than south korea. nbc's janice mackie is in australia's badly hit kangaroo island with the details. >> reporter: here on kangaroo island, the fires continue to
11:20 am
burn having already ravaged the island. it's about the size of delaware and nearly half of it has been burned. there are veterinarians, volunteers, even the army has been deployed to try to help the wildlife population, literally plucking injured koalas from the trees. the army also delivering much needed supplies like hay to the farmers who have been hard hit here. it's the story across southeastern australia as the fires continue to burn and the danger still posed to firefighters, another one losing his life today. there is mounting pressure on the government in australia to do more, that it did not do enough and that it did it too late. the prime minister today even admitting that. >> there are things that i could have handled on the ground much better. >> reporter: meanwhile, there's been an overwhelming outpouring of support from around the world. millions of dollars flowing this way to help wildlife, to help firefighters, to help australia get back on its feet.
11:21 am
>> an act of good will from serena williams this morning. the tennis star won a tournament in new zealand, and at the closing ceremony she announced she's donating that prize money to the wildfires in australia. the prize check for winning that tournament, $43,000. senator elizabeth warren getting some help on the campaign trial from an ex arrive. julian castro has been stumping for the senator since he endorsed her. nbc news road warrior ali vitaly is in marshall town hall with the latest. >> reporter: it's great to see you on sunday and good to see you when we have a little bit of news to talk about. we just finished a gaggle with senator elizabeth warren. you're right, she's stumping on the campaign trial in iowa with julian castro but the person we
11:22 am
were talking about was senator bernie sanders, someone warren has had a detente with. the two progressive senators are in marching step on many of the policy issues and are at the center of this primary but news overnight from politico that bernie sanders is going negative on warren with his volunteers door knocking basically saying she's someone who the voters that support her already would vote democrat and that she's not adding any bases to the democratic tent. i asked her about that and her answer is pretty newsy. listen. >> i was disappointed to hear that bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me. bernie knows me and has known me for a long time. he knows who i am, where i come from, what i have worked on and fought for, and the coalition and grassroots movement we're trying to build.
11:23 am
democrats want to win in 2020. we all saw the impact of the fashi factionalism in 2016 and we can't have a repeat of that. democrats need to unite our party. >> allison, a few things worth pointing out. you saw she was pretty deliberate when she was answering my question there, and this is a question that usually when we ask about bernie sanders elizabeth warren demurs. he's not someone she wants to go on the attack with so clearly there's something bubbling as we get into this home stretch in iowa. when she brings up the factionalism of 2016, he's not being subtle there. we know there's simmering resentment among democrats both here in the party and on the ground when i talk about the role that bernie sanders played in 2016 in relation to hillary clinton. one thing i pressed, you say you need democrats to unite the
11:24 am
party. is that not bernie sanders? she said she thinks it's her. pretty interesting here today in marshalltown. >> great to see you on a sunday and as you said especially a sunday with so much news. thank you. still to come, the fascinating story of former nissan executive car goes goen. plus the state of the 2020 race ahead of tuesday's debate. we're in new hampshire where polls are tight among the top four candidates. what to expect when six of the democratic contenders take the stage tuesday night. atcric conte stage tuesday night. if you live with diabetes, why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes.
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welcome back. i'm alison morris. we want to update breaking news out of the middle east. eight rockets have struck the balad military base in iraq. joining me live from beirut, chris, what do we know about the injuries, the damage? what do we know about this attack? >> reporter: that's right, alisyn. so far we're being told by the iraqi military that four of its airmen have been injured in this attack. this is an iraqi air base that typically houses american military personnel as well.
11:29 am
however, our team at the pentagon confirms that there were no u.s. airmen at the base at the time of this attack. a couple of points to keep in mind. this same air base was attacked on january 4th. at the time there were some u.s. military personnel but there were no reports of any injuries to them. since then, amidst soaring tensions in the middle east and tensions particularly between the trump administration and iran, we're told that those airmen have been relocated. it's also important to note that this was not one of the two bases that iran attacked on january 8th in retaliation for the trump administration's targeted killing of soleimani. however, it is just the latest sign of those escalating tensions and now even violence in the region. >> chris, thank you so much. coming up tonight on msnbc, as the renewed conflict between the u.s. and iran unfolds, we break down the history and the
11:30 am
impact of u.s. foreign policy in the region from involvement in the 1953 iranian coup to the iran hostage crisis and the regional conflicts that exist today. watch "iran crisis" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. the world's most infamous businessman/fugitive waging a global media campaign to defend himself. new video obtained by nbc shows the criminally indicted former ceo of nissan, carlos ghosn, in istanbul, turkey boarding a flight to lebanon while stowed away a large audio equipment container. he was arrested back in 2018 under suspicion of misusing company funds. he's saying he skipped out of japan because he felt there was absolutely no chance for a fair trial. >> there would be no opportunity for me to have a fair trial in japan. that's why i'm in lebanon. i could be in france or brazil,
11:31 am
any country to have a fair trial for me would be good. >> joining me now to break this down, yahoo! finance correspondent julia laroche. they're saying japan abused his rights, interrogating him for hours without an attorney. this is not a guy who is hiding away quietly. >> definitely not. look, he's shining a really uncomfortable spotlight on the japanese legal system. there's a lot of questions now that folks have about that. look, this presser that he hosted earlier this week, he was really making a case for himself, quite a salesman, if you will, saying i didn't have contact with my family. i wasn't able to talk to my wife. i was in solitary confinement. i was interrogated for hours on end, almost being cooererced in admitting guilt. really kind of selling his side of the story here. very few details -- actually no details when it came to how
11:32 am
exactly he pulled off the escape, instead moving the narrative toward the japanese legal system. >> i got to ask you about that because we keep going back to this. his japanese lawyer had his three passports. he got in this equipment case, if you will. how on earth could he have possibly gotten out of japan? did anybody check the case? did they x-ray it at the airport? >> it certainly seems like they did not check the case. you're referencing his japanese attorney. he actually put out a blog post after ghosn had left japan and he said at first he felt betrayed but then he goes on this blog post to say it wasn't me being betrayed by ghosn, it was the legal system. he, the attorney, the former defense attorney for ghosn criticized the japanese defense system and said you would not get a fair trial here. it's a 99% conviction rate as we talked about earlier and really not being able to talk to his family for days.
11:33 am
it's an interesting take. >> this is a guy people didn't have a whole lot of empathy for. all of a sudden they're thinking maybe he wasn't exactly getting a fair shake. quickly because we have to wrap, do we have a sense that lebanon may send him back to japan? >> as of right now we do not have that. they don't have the extradition treaty with japan. they did ask him not to leave the country. maybe he'll face a trial in lebanon. ghosn did say that he would want to get his reputation cleared, you know, stand in a fair venue as he would like it and address these allegations, allegations of misuse of company funds, underreporting earnings, those sorts of things. look, these are still very serious allegations. it's just is it really the right justification, the right punishment for those allegations. >> julia, thank you so much for being with us. we we'll be keeping an eye on musical equipment cases.
11:34 am
the risk of more earthquakes after a series of them left the island crippled last week along the southern coast, a magnitude 5.9. the u.s. geological survey predicts puerto rico is 4% more likely to be hit in the coming week. they're still reeling from tuesday's 6.4 magnitude quake that killed at least one person and caused millions of dollars in damage. the next democratic presidential debate is this tuesday and the dynamic will be different. with just six candidates qualifying this time around, four of the candidates who will be on that stage are in a pretty tight race in iowa and new hampshire. beth buoy is in new hampshire. beth, what can we expect from tuesday's debate? >> well, like you said, alison, six candidates on the stage, no candidates of color which has become not surprisingly a bit of a sticking point for several of the candidates who didn't make the stage and for the dnc who is being asked to answer questions
11:35 am
about that, how they set up polling thresholds and donor thresholds that somehow pushed away all these candidates of color, for example, andrew yang, who's made his voice very clear on this matter. we will have six candidates. we will have a little bit of diversity. there are going to be two women on that stage, senator klobuchar and senator warren. you have a gay candidate, pete buttigieg. so the field is not without diversity but it's not without ethnic diversity and of course the democratic party which sort of positions itself as the party that welcomes people of color is still having to answer questions about that. >> it seems like it's not exactly a good look for the party when you're talking about two white women as an example of diversity. does this hurt the party's message of inclusivity, of diversity? it's the party for a range of different people. >> you know, the dnc has been talking a lot of questions about this. they insist the answer is no, that once a democratic nominee
11:36 am
is selected, that people of all walks of life and all backgrounds and skin colors will get behind that person, support that person, vote for that person because they so desperately want to see president trump unelected. it could be a fairly big leap for the dnc to make that assumption but they do know that there is certainly a lot of enthusiasm among democratic voters and among voters who want to see president trump not return to office. that's what they're betting on at this point. >> thank you so much. up next, new developments on the megxit front. what prince william is saying about the growing rift with prince harry ahead of tomorrow's royal family suck mitt. plus a look ahead to the harvey weinstein trial. the former movie mogul's legal team fighting to get a new judge before they even have a jury in place. judge before they even have a jury in place. pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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the royals meeting tomorrow to figure out prince harry and meghan markle's future roles after their bombshell announcement last week. the queen herself will attend the talks along with harry and princes charles and william. the duchess of sussex currently in canada but is expected to conference call in. prince william's first public comments on the scandal are surfacing. according to reports from the sunday times, william told a friend, quote, i've put my arm around my brother all our lives. i can't do it anymore. joining me from london with the very latest, nbc's katie beck. katie, oh, my gosh, a lot to get to here. first, what can we expect from
11:41 am
this palace meeting tomorrow? >> reporter: this is a landmark royal summit, something that's never been done before. you have all of these high ranking royal family members in one place and they are talking about the future of meghan and harry, what is that going to look like. are they going to keep their royal titles, their home in windsor, what's going to happen with their pay and royal details. this is something taxpayers want the answers to but quite frankly the royal family wants the answers to these complex questions as well. they need to figure out how do we best meet the needs between harry and meghan and the royal family and be dutiful to the taxpayer as well. the queen has said she wants to resolve this swiftly, days and not weeks is what has been said. hopefully they will be able to meet there and have some kind of meeting of the minds and figure out what is the path forward for this couple as they sort of forge a new progressive path. >> you mentioned the british taxpayer. there are a lot of questions about the couple's plan to become financially independent. will we get answers on that any time sooner is this one of the
11:42 am
more complicated pieces of the puzzle? >> that is certainly the most complicated piece of the puzzle, i would think. as taxpayers sort of mull all over of this, many of them support harry and meghan's need for independence and wanting to be free of their royal duties. what they don't support is continuing to fund them. so how they maneuver and spin and craft that part of the narrative will be really instrumental into the favorability of the monarchy and how people are seeing their tax dollars, whether or not they're resenting this move or supporting it. i think that is the most critical component and that is one that is sort of most vague at this moment. >> katie beck in london, thank you so much. more than 1,000 anti-government demonstrators took to hong kong's business district today for yet another day of protests. activist groups from canada, europe and taiwan urging people to support the city's pro democracy movement and oppose china's ruling communist party. demonstrators also celebrating saturday's presidential election in taiwan. the democratic progressive
11:43 am
party's candidate who was against mainland china rule won a second term in a land slide victory. jury selection in the harvey weinstein sex crime trial will resume this week. the hope is that opening statements will now begin on january 22nd after plenty of courtroom drama last week. weinstein facing five sex crimes charges involving two women. he has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges and denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex. joining me now, cynthia alksne. it would be hard to find someone not familiar with the weinstein allegations. what challenges are both sides facing? >> it's going to be hard to find somebody who hasn't heard anything about it. if you find somebody in the jury pool who's never heard about this, you don't want them anyway because they're living under a rock and they're not the kind of person you're looking for. >> let me ask you, i would think they want someone who has
11:44 am
absolutely no opinion on this. >> no. people who aren't engaged in the world, i'm not interested in people who are not engaged in the world. i would be afraid of that person frankly. i'm looking for somebody who can be fair, who can put what they've learned aside, not somebody who's done a lot of research, reading the "new yorker at yorker" articles. i want somebody a little younger, a mix of men and women. i wouldn't want an authority figure. as a general rule if you're the prosecutor you want to be the authority on the law. you don't want to put a police officer in the jury room. you don't want to put an attorney in the jury room. you don't want to put a doctor in the jury room. like a teacher is a good person in the jury room if they're more on the young side. so it's going to be hard to find that mix. this judge has pulled 2,000 people that they're doing initial screening on and eventually they'll have to whittle that down to 12 and 6 alternates. it's a big job and an important
11:45 am
job. there's a couple of key touch points in addition to picking your victims that you're going to press charges with and winning that prior bad acts motion which we can talk about if you like. the next thing is picking this jury and during jury selection in new york you're allowed to really talk to the jury more than you are in, say, a federal case. you can begin to frame the case and explain your theory of the case in jury selection so it's very critical in a sex crimes case, especially one where the defense is consent. >> let's talk about the motion where the judge threatened to throw weinstein in jail for using his cell phone. how does that factor in and is that a smart legal move in your opinion? >> it's just a battle. it's meaningless, frankly. defense attorneys like to throw everything up, but it's meaningless. i wouldn't spend too much time on it. >> this trial started in new york on monday and on the same day in los angeles the district attorney announced new charges against weinstein.
11:46 am
could that factor in in any way in this new york case? >> it's going to factor in in one big way. in the trial in new york the prosecution has won the right to bring women who have had similar sexual assaults by weinstein. one of those women is the victim in the l.a. case. so it does bring the l.a. case into the courtroom. there are four women who will testify about prior bad acts of weinstein's to show a pattern of behavior, and that means that there will be basically four little mini trials in addition to the two mini trials we're already having. it's a very complicated case to try and i understand that the prosecutor is an experienced homicide prosecutor and that's what will be required. it takes a lot of experience to try a case like this. it's a very hard case. >> thank you so much for your legal expertise.
11:47 am
we want a jury who maybe doesn't know everything about weinstein but doesn't live under a rock. thank you so much. >> we're not looking for people under rocks, that's right. >> thanks. up next, how the tense situation with iran is giving us a glimpse of where the presidential candidates stand on foreign policy issues. on foreign policy issues. we're oscar mayer deli fresh, and you may remember us from your very first sandwich, your move-in-day feast, your bold canine caper, your dinner in the dark, your mammoth masterpiece, (whispering) your 3:47am snack, and whatever happened here. oscar mayer is found in more fridges than anyone else, because it's the taste you count on. make every sandwich count. (mom vo) we got a subaru to give him some ato reconnect and be together. and once we did that, we realized his greatest adventure
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the president never said there was specific intelligence to -- >> he said he believed it. >> and i believed it, too. what -- >> four embassies, you believed that? >> i believe there was a threat to multiple embassies. >> is he embellishing? >> i believe he had exquisite intelligence. >> and while that may be debatable, there is no question that this has thrown foreign policy to the forefront of the 2020 race. sean sullivan focuses on bernie sanders in a new "washington post" article writing, trump has already upended the order with an approach that tests western alliances. and sanders echos some criticisms of military action. let's bring in a democratic strategist, former chief of
11:52 am
staff to joe manchin and rick tyler. rick, sanders is a democratic socialist. how do you think his critique of u.s. foreign policy will play with voters here? >> well, i think iowa is actually going to play very well. i can't believe i'm saying this, but for bernie sanders, the advantage goes to him -- >> it's all right, you can say it. >> among the four top candidates who are competing for the nomination, and iowa tends to be dovish. bernie's not a pacifist. he voted for the war in afghanistan, although he voted against the war, some say the invasion of iraq. but his answer is quite different. everybody had the same sort of answer that everybody else had. soleimani, really bad guy, glad he's dead, but he -- and really sort of equivocal. bernie hasn't been equivocal about it at all. and he's had a very -- although i disagree with it, i think i disagree with his ultimate answers. he's had a very clear and
11:53 am
consistent foreign policy position that he hasn't actually talked much about over the years. he's been very clear and he's been very consistent. he has a broader view about foreign policy, meaning that it's not just about nuclear proliferation or defeating terrorists, which he's actually been very pro-defeating isis. but it is many other issues. again, it's something i don't agree with, but it's climate change, it's income inequality, health of people. so, i think he has a coherent vision. he cozies up to authoritarians like trump does. and i don't know why he just can't be against all forms of authoritarianism. he's got a paper-thin record on foreign policy. >> chris, after years in congress and his time as vice
11:54 am
president, you'd think joe biden might have an edge here. but team sanders taking a pretty clear aim at biden's vote. >> it depends on the primary. i think the issue about iran and foreign policy, it really wasn't an issue until the last few weeks and all of a sudden i think everything has kind of dramatically changed. iowa and i think the first few states tend to be more complicating, particularly iowa because it is a little bit more, if you will, dovish. i think sanders has the ability to kind of make inroads there. there is a strategy behind the attacks on biden and the iraq vote. >> sure. >> iraq was a long time ago. but it's one of those things that i think he is using. i think then the question is once you get past new hampshire and nevada, and you go to south carolina, the critiques by sanders i think become more of a liability. yeah. >> this is i think the complexity of this race for the democrats is that there is no
11:55 am
one perfect formula to win any of one of these races because i think these candidates represent so many different factions within the party. >> rick, the latest poll from abc news shows that 56% of americans disapprove of the president's handling of the crisis with iran. do you think democrats could exploit that, especially if we see further action from iran? >> yeah. it's really remarkable. usually if you take out a bad guy like soleimani who supported terrorists' actions against our troops and killed and maimed many of them, you would think that there would be some sort of rallying around the president. but there's been quite the opposite because the president has been so inconsistent about his rationale for taking out soleimani. and in particular that's highlighted because they tried to take out another general in yemen. and the whole argument was soleimani was an imminent threat, but they provided no evidence of that. how is a yemeni general an
11:56 am
imminent threat? >> i think part of the problem i think for the president is when the american people don't trust you or at least a significant percentage of them don't, they're not going to trust your decisions whether it's on domestic policy or foreign policy. i think the lack of the rally around the flag effect, i think is a reflection of trump's unique ability to divide the country on almost every issue. >> chris, rick, thank you both so much. coming up next hour, we are continuing to follow breaking news, reports of a rocket attack on a military base in iraq and the very latest on that just ahead. plus, a look at the mum ultous seven days between the u.s. and iran. seven days betwe u.s. and iran. pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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welcome back. i'm alison morris live from msnbc headquarters in new york. we are following breaking news out of the middle east where an iraqi military spokesperson tells nbc news that eight rockets have struck the balad air base. four iraqi soldiers were injured in that strike but no fatalities. no u.s. troops are stationed at the base currently. matt bradley is in tel aviv, israel. >> there were eight rockets that hit the balad air base which is just north of baghdad. and about four iraqi fairforce personnel were injured. two of them according to the iraqis were officers. it doesn't seem as though at the moment there were u.s. airmen on


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