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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 13, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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thousands of iranians erupt in fury over iran's mistaken shootdown and potential cover-up of the airliner. and the president's claim of an imminent threat against mult embassies. >> the president didn't cite a specific piece of evidence. he said he probably, he believed. >> are you saying there wasn't one? >> i didn't see one with regard to four embassies. power struggle with nancy pelosi trying to w get mitch
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mcconnell to holdry an impeachmt trial versus dismissing the case. >> very unusual the leader of the senate, mitch mcconnell, has signed onto a resolution to dismiss the case. dismissing is a cover-up. dismissing is a cover-up. booker exits. the democratic field has a major diversity gap after failing to make tomorrow's debate stage. >> now, i commit myself to the work. i can't wait to get back on the campaign trail and campaign as hard as i can for whoever is the eventual nominee and for candidates up and down the ballot. for now, i want to say thank you. >> we start with this breaking news from the royal family who have been holding a summit at the queen's estate about the duke and duchess of sussex. sir simmons, i know you just
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flew in this morning. what is going on? keir simmons. >> we are learning the royal familye summit has now broken and a statement from the queen has been released. it looks as if -- kind of a holding pattern but headline the royal family have agreed the succe two will be able to spend time in canada. these are complex matters for my family to resolve and there is more work to be done. her majesty says, there is a final decision to be reached in the coming days. the statement from the queen describes the conversation today as constructive discussions on the future of my grandson and his family. goes on to say, andrea, the queen and her family, the royal family are entirely supportive
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of harry and meghan's desire to create a new life as a young family. this is interesting. we would have preferred them to remain full-time working memberi of the royal family. we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family, while remaining as a valued part of my family. she also says they have made clear they don't want to be reliant on public funds which means they don't want to rely on the british taxpayer, one of the crucial questions. i think the royal family would have felt they needed to make some statement after this unprecedented meeting with prince harry, prince charles, prince william and the queen. there clearly is an awful lot more to be figured out here, what the queen is saying. >> as you're reading through the statement, there are clear signals here. public funds is a big issue because the british taxpayers, means they will no longer rely
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on british taxpayers. will they have security and who will pay for that? he does get $6 million, translated from pounds from prince charles' funds and has a big inheritance from princess diana. they will be well off. the question, i guess, one of the bigs, issues with princess diana's terrible disaster, fatal crash, was she did not have british security or she would have never been in that situation. will they have security when they spend their time in canada, part of the commonwealth. will they be getting -- without taxpayer money will there be restrictions and what restrictions will there be on their independent endeavors, in other words, what kind of commercial activities can they undertake becauseey there were some possible commercial activities thatsi might not hav fit with the royal brand, if you will. >> i would be amazed, honestly, if the -- if harry and meghan
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are not given some kind of security. the point you make is a good one, what happened with princess diana.a the queen has a long memory and doing this a long time, what happened with princess diana in that fatal car crash in paris, she no longer had security and people said that might not have happened if she did have security. that's one aspect. i can't image the royal family agreeing for harry and meghan to go off for some type of protection. but where this money is spent on their new life, that is a really difficult one because of course the british taxpayer wants to know they're getting value for money. it's not going to look good if harry and meghan are seen to be off having a good time at the expense of the british taxpayer. that is a difficult issue. they're still clearly trying to figure out is how you deal with the prospect of harry and meghan doing some kind of commercial
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deals,ia maybe meghan going bac to work as an actress or in fashion, how you deal with that, if it has implications for the royal brand, if you like. one final point, very important, too, harry and meghan have been on them of being quite political, friends with the obamas, their network of hollywood stars and other very famous people, particularly here in the u.s. are often outspoken politically. that again has potential to cause problems for the royal family. what you can't have is a royal court in north america headed by harry and meghan as a rival to the royal court in london. these are the kind of things it doesn't take a day to work through and that's why this statement is clear there's a lot to do and haven't figured it all out yet. >> there is a lot of reporting to be done what emotionally is connected to a lot of americans
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whether lived through the diana tragedy and their growing up and even those people in america who knew harry personally, and william a bit, and certainly knew diana, because she was traveling here so often is the relationship between the brothers. we will hear from you throughout the day and "nightly news." thank you so much. >> you bet. president trump's national security team struggling to explain the evolving story on the so-called imminent threat that led to the killing of uranium general qassem soleimani. and a startling break from the president and security cabinet, defense secretary mark esberg disagreeing on the interview in "face the nation." >> i can reveal i believe it would have been four embassies and ifo think probably baghdad already started. >> he didn't say a specific piece of evidence. >> i didn't see one with regard to four embassies. what i'm saying i shared the
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president's view, my expectation, they will go after our embassies. >> joining me now, kristen, mark crowley and president obama's national security council representative and also a former senator. thank you all very much. kristen, first to you. the president and iran. the evolving explanation and justification for the strike against soleimani, the fact iran isac also back on its heels aft the admission, the belated admission they were responsible for the accidental strike of the airliner.e >> right. it's been a political problem for the president as he deals with the foreign policy crisis as t relates to iran, the administration has been criticized for these shifting
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explanations why it was necessary to take out iran's top general, soleimani. president trump initially saying it was because he posed an imminent threat, in recent days, giving more details what that threat looked like and remarkable details over the weekend of his cabinet member that didn't appear to back him up whether or not terrorist soleimani was imminent, noting he spelled it with an e and then changed it or not and was my team in agreement. the answer to both is a strong yes. it doesn't really matter because of his horrible past. really, andrea, in this tweet again putting the focus on his past. that's something president trump did last week from the white
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house when he addressed those strikes iran launched. this is yet another shifting explanation and will only add more pressure on the administration to declassify the intelligence behind the president's decision. the administration said they're not prepared to do that because they don't want to risk exposing sources. we should point out all this comes as our colleague, carol lee, found out the president actually gave the green light to takee outsole sole seven month ago but only if an american were to be killed and he wanted to be the one to make the phone call. that new explanation raises questions yet again how imminent this threat really may have been. >> let's share richard engel's reporting this morning because some of us were told thursday night after confirmation the pentagon had taken outsole sole, the retaliatory air strike
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following that was in fact deliberately missed by american troops. what richard engel discovered when going to one of those air bases that had been hit, that was not the case. our information had come from within the administration. take a look what richard reported today. >> reporter: you can see, these were containers that had beds and air-conditioning units where people were living at the time. one was knocked out, then the next andou the next, all completely destroyed by the blast waves and then incinerated in the fire. take one more look here. if there had been dozens of american troops living here and they hadn't got the notice that they did, there had been a mass casualty event on this base, i think we'd be in a very very different situation right now than we are. >> michael crowley, it's pretty extraordinary, the consequence of events. the reporting of the "new york
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times" yesterday that gina haspel, along with pompeo were pushing hard in the retaliation for taking outsole sole rather. for taking out soleimani, rather. >> that's right. it's becoming more and more clear soleimani was on the hit list in key figures of the administration a long time, even if the actual final authorization didn't come until after the contractor was killed innt iraq, now a couple weeks a or just under that. something that's gone overlooked, mike pompeo actually sent a letter to soleimani when he was cia director in 2017 essentially saying you will be held directly responsible for any americans' deaths i think was a form of a threat. they had been looking at soleimani a long time and we're starting to see a picture that emerges that is a campaign that
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brings president trump on board with this. as the excellent reporting by nbc showed, this was on the president's desk months ago, didn't quite get over the finish linee and didn't get it there t we saw what happened in the killing of this iranian leader. >> the u.s. certainly had eyes on soleimani. there's plenty of intelligence. the fact the president had not struck when the drone struck and not retaliated for others. in fact, my sources among the persian gulf countries they're happy soleimani was taken down because they felt president trump had displayed weakness similar to what they viewed as president obama's weakness intelligence syria. >> we heard from the president's defenders they had to take this strike to deter deterrence.
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it was the president that let it slip byha not acting in the aftermath of this provocation. as summarized this morning, the intelligence doesn't matter. the intelligence is the differencein between a lawful a unlawful operation and one appropriate versus profoundly reckless. we have seen this president feel free to disregard intelligence when it doesn't suit his prerogatives, whether russia, north korea or others. this is something different, the president appearing to fabricate out of whole cloth intelligence that didn't exist and we're hearing the defense secretary fess up to that. the president has told 15,000 lies during this is presidency and not one more dangerous than this, the lie between war and peace and raises why the administration felt it was necessary to undertake this
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operation in the first place, if it wasn't for self-defense, increasing disguised as the president wanting to appear tough and silence his critics and stymie benghazi. >> i want to go to iran because the tensions throughout iran continue on anti-government protests and thousands taking to thein streets following the regime's finally accepting responsibility for taking down the airlines commercial flight killing 176 people. in iran, ali, what's next for protesters and how is the government responding? >> reporter: hi, andrea. there were huge protests last night in iran. even caught the authorities here off guard. they spread across the country. they turned very violent.
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they were met by force by the security apparatus in this country and lots of slogans against the government and leadership in this country. it wasn't a bloodbath like we had seen in november but still violent and a lot of arrests. there were a lot of calls for people to come out again. we've only seen gatherings at the universities. the streets and main thoroughfares in this country arere lined with riot police. as you know, coming out and protesting in iran has a high cost for demonstrators. tonight seems calmer and i don't think we will see the melee we saw last night. the government is in a tricky position here. they came out with very contrite statements after they got caught lying about the plane and had to admit in theha face of
9:17 am
irrefoughtble evidence they shot it out. the fact is nobody has resigned and taken the responsibility for that plane being downed. we haven't seen any public funeralbl gatherings because th haven't been allowed here at the universities. they want to hold vigils for the people that were killed, and those haven't been allowed. still, a lot of pent-up emotion in this country. people want answers. we're seeing very unusual things happen here, andrea, an anchor for state tv resigned today after saying she was tired of lying for 13 years on air. there's a major film festival due in iran next month which happens every all the major directors and actors meant to attend that film festival have t boycotted it. a lot of questions remain how the authorities in this country are going to handle this situation that's really left 80
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million iranians shocked and angry s over what happened, ove the downing of the plane, firstly because there were all sorts of reasons being made by the authorities here other than a missile hit that plane.or when the truth did finally come out, it really really took this country by shock, and there was an outpouring of grief and anger evidenced from the scenes we saw last night. we saw a very very delicate situation in this country. it's unclear how things are going forward. again, uncertainty in iran. >> thank you so much for joining us today. i want to turn to william cone, former senator from maine and former house member and former secretary of defense for presidenten obama. >> a pleasure. >> let's talk about the situation in iran, first of all, and then return to the situation
9:19 am
back home. the revolutionary guard air force acknowledged finally they had shot it down, mistakenly. initially tried to claim it had made an improper turn toward their base but it had not. it was a commercial flight path. from my best knowledge, and these things are imperfect, from talking to iranian sources, if you will, the political -- the foreign ministry, the political wing, not the revolutionary guard, were not aware of that, and had been lied to. do you see a split here in the regime as well? you've seen incredible pictures coming out ofle iran where protesters were deliberately not walking on flags of the u.s. and israel, which had been laid down on the ground for them to march across. there's been so many splits, the mood swing, the anti-americanism that was so virulent after the
9:20 am
killing of soleimani, and his martyrdom to them and fury when they've been lied to. you have this litter at population. how do you explain it? >> the iranians are a monolithic group and you have an even prosperous sector of the iranian population that wants truth, lived under lies so many years now. they are expected to react to a lie so blatant. to say they were tired of listening to your lies.ay you still have very strong elements of the irgc. you have this split.s the administration believes, the split, if they maximize the pressure more it will do one of two things, bend the iranians will to the president and bring them back to the table or break
9:21 am
the iranians. the bet now is on either bend it or break it. that's the policy that seems to be on part of the united states. i think that tends to discount the history of the iranian people. they've been around 3 or 4,000 years. it seems to me they're not going to simply succumb to what the president is demanding. >> to these economic demands to lift sanctions, unless the u.s. lifts sanctions, i can't see them returning to the table. >> i don't either. i think there will be other players coming in, president putin and others, perhaps the chinese, saying, let's not let this get out of hand and putin being the arbiter as he was in syria, saying i can help solve this. >> let me ask you as cre taitors and consumers of against. is there a scenario initially
9:22 am
the ayatollah might have worried about soleimani's popularity and notim entirely unhappy about hi being taken out? is that completely fictitious? >> there's always an element whether he would have been surplanted by soleimani. i don't think that's the issue. >>th he could be possibly the nt president to rouhani, and he opposed the nuclear deal. >> we have to speculate on that. the other issue in against whether our secretary of defense would not have received the same information president trump did about thetr four embassies. i find it unbelievable any secretary of defense would not beef reading from the same intelligence given to the president calling upon the defense department to take action. >> isn't it clear the president was extrapolating and other members of the national security team were trained to cover his tracks, whereas mark esper was
9:23 am
trying to tell the truth? >> he committed, i think the ultimate sin and went close to the truth. it is inconceivable the secretary of defense would have seen something like that. not true the secretary of defense receives less intelligence, he receives more detailedec against. if there were a threat to four, five embassies, the secretary of defense would have seen >> one of the things, kristen welker, we have been reporting, we tracked every embassy alert that went to embassy staff, not the military, but embassy personnel. there were none, not at three or four. there's a 1990 law that says if you're going to alert an embassy you have to alert the populous as well, the travelers, others around the region. >> reporter: that's one of the revelations, that is problematic for this president and this
9:24 am
administration. that's why, i think, you will see the pressure mount on him to give proof why he thought this was a necessary attack. remember, members of congress, both the house and senate, were briefed last week by senior trump administration officials, and you had some lawmakers coming out saying the briefing wasn't good enough, including some republicans, mike lee for example, saying it wasn't good enough. we need more information to justify why this is necessary. there is momentum building behind a senate measure that would essentially force president trump to seekll congressional approvalen before taking military action in iran. >> those were classified briefings so when they say they can't reveal sources and methods, classified briefings by those who have the authority to read such briefings. thank you all. coming up next, gearing up,
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after refusing to transmit the articles of impeachment to the senate for three weeks, tomorrow, house speaker, nancy pelosi will meet with her caucus to finalize sending the articles as early as this week and recommend up to 10 democratic trial managers for ousting the president once the trial begins. and they have the votes right now to kill any demands for witnesses. although susan collins from maine up for reelection says she's working with a small group and other republicans to at least allow witnesses. in a rare live sunday talk show, pelosi slammed mitch mcconnell and responded to the president's attack. >> this president is impeached for life regardless of any gamesman ship on the part of mitch mcconnell. they have to neverry knock from him is a boost.
9:30 am
he's the president that says i should have impeached george bush because of the war in iraq and says i'm possessed. when he calls somebody crazy he knows that he is. joining us now, chris liu, former cabinet member of president obama and former house spokesman for john boehner, two experts on procedures, what was nancy pelosi up to, michael, in terms of the caucus and three week delay because she didn't get anything from mitch mcconnell. >> it's all over but the shouting and go to the meeting tomorrow and transmit the articles. she accomplished nothing. this was a silly idea from liberal twitter, thought it didn't hurt anything and might as well try and appeased some of her members of the caucus but it was utterly senseless. >> i don't disagree. while she may not have changed
9:31 am
the rules of the senate trial she reframed the public debate. during this intervening weeks we had new documents come out and learned of additional meetings at the white house and a key witness in john bolton who said he would be willing to come forward. she showed there was additional information out there. she will put moderate republicans in a tough spot to make them vote for additional witnesses. >> the senate trial, rules of the trial haven't changed. >> no. >> john bolton agreement to answer a subpoena because he's publishing a book and making a speech, and the e-mails from the state department would have come out in the opening of the trial. did she put the focus on fairness or lack of fairness of
9:32 am
a senate trial? is that the point? >> i think she has put it on the lack of fairness. public opinion polls shows there's a wide majority of americans that think this should be done. i don't think she's lost the battle and additional reporting comes out about other information out there. >> can mitch mcconnell change the rules? he can always change the rules. can he go to a nuclear option and move for immediate dismissal or protect his reelection senate moderate candidates? >> he doesn't actually have a nuclear option to dismiss this with 51 votes. there was a similar one in the clinton impeachment. it will be determined by 51 plus senators whether they want more witnesses or want to dismiss after hearing the presentation. >> does he need to at least allow opening arguments rather than immediate dismissal to
9:33 am
protect arizona, iowa? >> yes. i think he signaled very clearly that's what he wants to do. he wants to hear the presentations. the senators will be sitting at their desk listening to these demonstrations. >> what does this do to the senators in iowa, we're talking 21 days to iowa. the fact is they're trapped. they can't campaign. >> yeah. >> they have to show the seriousness of purpose, but a lot of these early days, let's say next week, let's say it starts after martin luther king holiday break, starts next week, those early days, they walk it over and the chief justice swears them in, it's kind of procedural and boring. you won't hear opening arguments. >> this will be a challenge for them, but whether senator warren or sanders or klobuchar, they understand this is their constitutional duty and take it
9:34 am
seriously. one argues it takes them off the campaign trail. the fact they're sitting there everyday doing their constitutional responsibilities is somewhat of an advantage to them. it's fair to say given where the democratic race is now it probably won't be settled in iowa and goes on much longer but the impact is fairly minimal. >> although for amy klobuchar, iowa could be make or break. thank you both. coming up, booker ends, senator cory booker explaining why he's dropping out of the 2020 race. plus, oscar nod from president obama's production company got a nod in the oscar category. president obama has already won two grammys for spoken word albums of his book, "the audacity of hope" and "dreams from my father." stay with us. stay with us (music)
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we have a major shake-up in the 2020 race today. new jersey senator cory booker announcing he is suspending his presidential campaign, just three weeks ahead of iowa with this video on twitter. >> today, i'm suspending my campaign for president with the same spirit with which it began. it is my faith in us, faith in us together as a nation that we share common pain and common problems that can only be solved with a common purpose and sense
9:39 am
of common cause. joining me now, our white house correspondent and msnbc political analyst from the iowa location, vaughn hilliard. thank you very much. what is the significance of cory booker, a prominent senator, with all his advantages, not being able to raise the money and get on the debate stage and a less diverse democratic field. >> reporter: resonating in people's minds, now that cory booker is out you only have one african-american contender, deval patrick and andrew yang. the next debate will be an all white debate. there are a lot of democratic voters wondering if democrats will continue to rely on african-american voters and
9:40 am
african-american women for their loyalty and how to make that case while not having a field that looks like the voters they're trying to get. cory booker had a message of coming together, not attacking his opponents. it might now look like there might be a way to win this race with sanders and warren. and cory booker had what a lot want in their next candidate, experience living in multi-racial inner city community. he could not do it. we have several billionaires in the race and tells us cory booker was looking for money and shows billionaires are running rather than funding campaigns. >> booker did go after joe biden in our debate on november 20th. you're right. he was trying to be more conciliatory and reaching out
9:41 am
and not being as aggressive. to you, vaughn, you covered so much of booker's campaign. to our friends of the "atlantic," he said booker and his campaign got to where they'd been inching toward. there was no way to win. he crowds were enthusiastic but polls never took off. when kamala harris dropped out he got a bump and another one when julian castro dropped out after new year's. booker and his aides were holding hope while some outside the campaign were asking if he was the last person to realize it was over. what is your perspective? >> reporter: andrea, over the last year, at his very first campaign event zero degrees in mason city, from that point on forward the same cory booker you saw that february was the same
9:42 am
we saw earlier this january at house parties. constantly talking to folks, honestly, this lack of belief cory booker would ultimately be the nominee and whether he could beat donald trump in an election. that was what he was up against, that electability argument. people brought up the idea pete buttigieg and joe biden were more electable from the midwest. booker brought up the message, you have to win places like milwaukee and detroit. but you saw from iowa the numbers never moved. that man was electric in a room. you would agree you've been with the senator before that man was an emotional man and moved you and felt like a church service. ultimately, we call this the punditry election and questioned whether he could pull off the
9:43 am
nomination and that's a big reason why you saw his numbers never go up. >> what about the des moines register poll showing bernie surging, bernie rising and taking after elizabeth warren after their truce, their long-standing progressive truce certainly evaporated the last couple of days. >> reporter: this battle for the progressive wing of the party between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren is a potential feud while both are champing down on the idea they're actually feuding. people have been waiting for them to go after each other because they were going after very similar voters. in 2016, a lot of people saying, i'm supporting bernie sanders. if elizabeth warren was running i might change my mind. we're learning a lot of supporters speaking with bernie sanders and the idea elizabeth warren is disappointed bernie sanders sent out volunteers to trash her is a real change in
9:44 am
this election. >> vaughn, you were there, the person interviewing bernie and talking to elizabeth warren. >> reporter: yeah. let's play a little bit of bernie sanders reacting to that yesterday pushing against the idea he was directory involved and seemingly want -- was directly involved and seemingly wanting to hold onto that truth. >> we have hundreds of employees and elizabeth warren has hundreds of employees and people sometimes say something they shouldn't. you have heard me give hundreds of speeches. have i ever said anything negative about elizabeth warren? no, of course, i did not. >> it was clearly not intended to meet the eyes of the press. at the same time, two top advisors for sanders over the weekend put out blistering statements and op-eds about joe biden. that is who we should expect sanders to square off in the
9:45 am
debate. >> thank you to both. coming up, trial and tribulations as the president suggests an impeachment trial should not even happen. what will democratic senators do to insure it does. democratic senator, judiciary committee member, mazie hirono up next. when you save for retirement a lot of things can get in the way. like unnecessary fees and hidden costs. but when you open a new fidelity account, you'll pay zero fees and no minimums. so there's nothing to stop you from moving forward.
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all i can say is that the impeachment articles are a danger to the presidency. the way they impeached the president is un-american. this trial will end in a matter of days, not weeks, and he will be acquitted. i hope every republican votes to acquit and i hope some democrats will, too. this is a sham, political revenge, not a constitutional abuse by the president. >> so says lindsey graham on fox news saturday urging the president to end the trial as quickly as possible as the sena senator signals they should dismiss the articles before the trial even begins. senator, happy to see you. what kind of trial are you going to have?
9:50 am
nancy pelosi did not win any concessions from mitch mcconnell. does he need to at least make opening statements before there's a motion to dismiss? >> i should say so. what i'd like to see is a fair trial. get neither. just as the president tried to rig his reelection through all the things that he did regarding ukraine, he's trying to rig the trial through mitch mcconnell. and so that's what's happening. and it's a pretty sad day that they're so afraid that we can't even call appropriate witnesses and get relevant documents. >> now, if you have, perhaps, mitt romney, susan collins, perhaps a few others agreeing that you should hear from john bolton. he's the firsthand witness to what he said according to fiona hill was the drug deal going down over ukraine, could then mitch mcconnell argue or lindsey graham argue, let's bring in -- if democrats get their witnesses, we should get our witnesses. >> the thing about trials is the witnesses and the documents
9:51 am
should be relevant. and for them to continue to point to what about biden and what about this or that, well, i'm looking at what about the this which is what the president did, and the trial is all about what the president did to shake down the president of another country. >> can you get a fair what you would consider a fair ruling on relevance? let's pause it that joe biden, hunter biden had nothing to do with what went on on the national security council. if they had 51 votes, could they demand one of the witnesses as being relevant? >> they could but -- >> does the chief justice have a role? >> i think his role is pretty limited. although you don't know how things are going to go. i doubt mitch mcconnell wants to turn over what could happen in the trial to a chief justice. he will retain control. i think the person public knows. they want witnesses and documents. if 71 or so requests for documents to this white house. not a single one, document, was
9:52 am
produced. and there was a directive from the white house, the administration saying to all the potential witnesses, don't testify. that is called stone walling. and i think the american public knows that this is -- the president is trying to rig this trial. that's how i characterize what's going on. >> adam schiff was asked about the political problem for at least two or three senators now still in the race. we're talking about sanders, of course, and warren and klobuchar who now have to worry about not being in iowa. this is what adam schiff had to say today on "the view". >> i've always felt the best campaign was simply doing a good job. i don't think voters are going to hold it against senators for taking the impeachment of the president of the united states seriously. >> there's a lot at stake. if it means senators are off the campaign trail for a couple more weeks, i think it's worth the trade. >> now, senator, you're not running in iowa. i'm sure you're grateful for that, but you as a senator as a
9:53 am
juror, you don't -- you all don't get the speak during this trial or ask questions. you're sitting there. >> i think it's still important for all of us to do our constitutional jobs, and that is to sit through this trial, and all three -- all of our democratic candidates, most of them anyway, are good friends. they're going to do their constitutional job. these are responsible people, so they'll be there for the trial. >> i want to ask you as a throwback to 1206 if you have any ptsd from bernie sanders now going after elizabeth warren through his surrogates, through his staff, really, not just campaign volunteers, but through campaign staff, that this could really inject a lot of animosity in the democratic campaign, and prolong the primary battle. >> i think the democrats are so focussed on making sure that this president doesn't get ree lelkted that whatever happens during the course of the primary battles, that we will all come together because we know who we
9:54 am
really need to focus on. and that is donald trump. because our country cannot afford another four years of this chaos and this impech use decision making by this president that brings us to the brink of war. we'll be very focussed and come together after -- once we have our candidate. i have -- little doubt that that is going to happen. >> what about energizing the base? what about joe biden's low numbers among young numbers. bernie sanders has the opposite with high numbers among young voters. how do you make african americans passionate about voting when cory booker is dropping out today and you have much less diverse field? >> i have no doubt that cory booker when we have our nominee will be right there along with kamala harris and anyone else who has had to make the tough decision and their campaign said they will come together as will all of us. as a minority person myself, i
9:55 am
will be out there beating the bushes to make sure our base turns out. because there is voter suppression going on across our country, even as we speak. taking people off the voter roles by the thousands, hundreds of thousands, doing all kinds of things to make it tough for our base. minority people to come forward to vote. and so our job, my job is to be very much a part of making sure that our base stays just as motivated as ever to make sure that this president doesn't get reelected. >> good to see you again. thank you so much. as you can see, i'm very energized. >> you certainly are. >> i continue to be. >> as always. >> thank you. >> thank you. and we'll be right back. ack. needles. essential for the sea urchin, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling
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and even before all the political action in iowa there's still some unfinished business on the football field. just a few hours south of the hawkeye state in kansas city. the chiefs trying to win their first super bowl in five decades. pat ma homes keeping hope alive. 24 point deficit with four touchdown passes. three within three and a half minutes in the second quarter alone. the chiefs host the tennessee titans on sunday with another
10:00 am
matchup in the nfc as the san francisco 49ers will host aaron rodgers and the packers. trying to get back to the super bowl after a decade of close calls. what a weekend it was. and that does it for this edition of andrea mitchel reports. stay with us and remember follow the show online. and next is "velshi and ruhle." >> i've seen you in a lot of incarnations, i've never heard andrea mitchel sports commentator. that's amazing? . >> she's a number one nationals fan. >> i know she is, but what she did was a whole thing i think we could be watching two minute clips on what's going on in sports? >> another show possibility. >> yes. >> ali doesn't talk sport. >> there you go. >> really? >> i do. but andrea, great to see you. have a great afternoon. >> thanks, guys. >> it is january 13th. coming up this hour on "velshi and ruhle," exclusive reporting that president trump authori


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