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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  February 4, 2020 3:00am-5:59am PST

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and that may ye . florida. much. reading axios in a bit. change the nature of this going >> yeah. >> here's a guy vice president all of those require money to for eight years. organize, to advertise, and this forward. supposed to be the front-runner. is the biggest challenge is how sign up for the newsletter going republicans had this problem i know it was college campuses. themselves in 2012. to signup aes santorum actually won the iowa do you keep these operations sorry. if you've been in politics since moving when other candidates are caucus even though on caucus gaining on name. >> i d.? up to this point, what we've nig 1972-73, 7'74, you need more thn nightit looked like miatt romne seen is a nominating contest that does it for us. it. with the exception of pete, the "morning joe" starts right now. we are going on to new the one guy really happy today three candidates in the race hampshire victorious! with biggest name i.d. are the >> we're going to be doing very, is donald trump. caucusing in colleges for you. >> correct. >> and impeachment roars on in three in the lead. very well here innd let's that slowly begins to -- zero on the ground in states >> at this point, compete with washington. like michigan. head to new hampshire! state of the union tonight. know why? because he doesn't have money. bloomberg? how? >> they don't. >> that's the problem. thank you, iowa. >> you won! the possibility of censure from >> they don't. people are frantically calling unless maybe bernie can try to joe manchin and trying to get their money, got to get us get close with his grass roots [ cheers ] >> we feel good about where we other republicans to join with people on the ground in these are and, look, so it's on to new him. what can you tell us? states. on super tuesday and beyond. fund-raising? but those are unlimited pockets? >> i can tell you that the hamp president wanted to be a qucquid he's got nothing. he's running out of money. right? >> yes. bloomberg can do whatever he you're all winners. when he gave the state of the wants, spend whatever he wants. this is -- yes. it sort of sounds like five last night may have bought him no candidate can compete. with biden particularly union. pressing to accelerate the another week or two, but this different candidates claiming problematic. victory in iowa last night. timeline to make sure this would guy has got to start performing his super pac was supposed to help out bit they're having and raising money, or it will be happen for him. it did not happen for him bu he trouble raising money, too. >> this seriously is, this is over for him. it's obviously very difficult to >> the campaign wrote a letter like the boomer hit to kids goes to the state of the union to the iowa state democratic get grass roots support and young people support when the thing. party last night >> trophy culture. and lists off things he did to review all results before you you're running specifically a >> everybody wins. >> everybody's the winner! including a new trade deal, make them public. >> you and i post-boomers what they're setting themselves up to nostalgic campaign. i don't know if you feel this, including a new immigration say, let's discount what guy. maybe makes sense to say i'm not do we tell our kids? restriction, and a list of happened there.
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things that the white house everything is in dispute in >> you're a loser. legal team put up during the >> it's the ricky bobby club. iowa. turn the corner, go to new competing in new hampshire. go straight to south carolina senate trial, all sorts of bills because i have two neighboring son, if you ain't first, you're hampshire and maybe finish he passed. second behind bernie sanders and senators who will wipe up the last. right? what we're hear from the that's a good result for us. floor here and i need to wait. hold on, mika. president is an optimistic yes, he needs something here. i got this. i think those pictures we saw in actually have that fire to add hold on. message but also i think not this is all very exciting. able to not talk about the gyms last night, splashed intent to it. >> uh-huh. >> buttigieg, victorious. impeachment. i think there are people in the i don't think they'll ever make white house who want the across msnbc were a reflection that play because it speaks to >> hmm -- >> right? not just of the vote in iowa but weakness. that conversation has to be bernie -- victorious. president to say, wait until happening in campaign nationally. you see young people like the >> hmm. wednesday and deal with that. college students, enthusiastic headquarters. >> not after thing much in iowa. >> amy, stay happy! i don't know us covering president trump so closely, for bernie sanders and elizabeth pushing the focus on to south >> hmm. usually he wants to be able to warren and andrew yang and >> warren, you won! >> uh-huh. spike the ball. buttigieg, and then they would carolina. the challenge is south carolina >> biden, look going. i think he'll be spiking the sort of pan over and there would ball this morning and of course is quite aways away. let's go on. >> okay. on wednesday when he's be three people knitting in the so maybe our graphics will help corner saying we're for joe >> and hard to get through acquitted, what we think will clear things up. >> no, no. biden. multiple contests without a win >> first the winner board. happen, the white house is >> good god. >> what does this muddled result prepared to deal with a censure and move into south carolina and >> nobody won. >> that's a problem. and we will get a result today, expect that to propel you later. fight and think eventually it say we're going to find out who let's go to the map. we're going to go to the map to will fail and joe manchin won't won but called into question by >> the results last night, be clear, terrible for biden. break things down county by a lot of people. what does a muddled result mean get enough people to censure the only saved by the bureaucratic county. president. for joe biden? joe biden, 0. >> david, what are you expecting the best thing that could have bernie sanders, 0. happened to him? incompetence of the democratic >> okay. tonight? >> the challenge for biden, >> maybe the bell get count will does the president deal with party. republicans in the senate and do challenge for klobuchar, a fourth-place finish, everyone help shed light on things and -- probably the challenge for what his own white house wants everybody but maybe bernie, projected from internals is and talk about the economy? or does he get down in the dirt? elizabeth a little pete is the truly horrible. no. that's because a technical >> let's wait and see what the >> i guess on script, which money. right? it's that you need these events results actually are, but it did meltdown set off chaos and anger to propel you forward to raise means he will give a fairly really bad images coming out. last night in the first we need to go to break. standard state of the union. online money. >> that's the whole -- all-important test of the 2020 the state of our economy is >> the reality is that no result strong. guy, ask you first about what markets are near record highs. is almost as bad as a you guys are doing, doing so
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presidential race. as politico notes, triggering >> best economy ever. fourth-place result in this competing claims of victory and >> continues to grow, the whi particular case, because we're much work on trying to figure stoking doubts about the going to have 1,300 delegates up out where trump voters are, legitimacy of the eventual where the persuadables are. economy. for grabs in a month, in the in outcome. unemployment growing. i can tell you over the past a little scary. good morning and welcome to couple of months, people who, "morning joe" on this tuesday, pull troops back from unpopular you know -- only thing that february 4th. we are in washington this wars and give us kind of a status report on that. impeachment has done for a lot morning, where tonight president the negatives, i think have been of people who might be trump delivers the state of the union address before the senate so clearly demonstrated in this persuadable, say you know what? i don't like the guy. votes tomorrow on his acquittal impeachment trial. i'd never invite him over to my for weeks i've been wondering, in the impeachment trial. more on that in a bit along with would the net effect of this house. he's a jerk, an embarrassment. joe, willie and me here in he's rude. my -- never let him around my trial leave the democrats more washington we have the host of vulnerable heading into november kids. he's just -- he's the worst or stronger? msnbc's "politics nation "and right now i'd say probably a human being. little stronger. >> around my wife. president of the national action you know, the fact that lease is >> worst to ever be in the white house but my small business is murkowski describes the doing better than its ever been. network. reverend al sharpton. president's conduct as shameful political reporter for the and wrong. tax cuts really helped me out "washington post" and msnbc that lamar alexander essentially and saying i'm going to vote for political analyst robert costa, him. certainly not voting for a grants all particulars of moderator of "washington week" socialist taking away my health democratic case. on pbs. those and other examples we can care. is that what you're hearing and white house reporter for the right now in february? >> look, there's no question associated press jonathan lemire cite i think carry into november that the biggest gap in american is with us. with the sense they did prove politics is the fact that 50% of >> so -- >> i'm sorry. most of their case. president of the national action didn't get impeached. americans believe donald trump is doing a good job on the network. i think i said it wrong, but -- that won't be talked about i wouldn't think tonight. economy. making sure. he'll give the standard speech but 65% of americans don't >> and undersecretary, come on! and if the economy stays strong believe their wages are keeping >> there's a thing today about up with cost of living and cost as it is he'll be tough to beat.
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presidents and who's going to be of health care. and what title. be honest. number one strategic imperative so i understand. >> and peter you wroewrote impe for democrats help close that >> i apologize if i messed up gap. if we are not making clear the your title. challenge is that working-class >> just can't get right who the would leave a stain on donald trump's legacy. americans are facing, president s. and undecided. you say he'll remove from this middle-class americans are going to jump in. >> i have already won. look at the results. unshackled? >> yeah. facing are a direct result of especially if any democrats this president. not a thing happening to a >> exactly. voted to acquit him. so, willie, the first manchin said yesterday still singular family, problem is, undecided. significant event after a jones still undecided. we're not doing that. we're talking about impeachment, we haven't heard from others. presidential contest questioned iowa caucus results, about and look, claim exoneration no process, about apps. this is not the way we win a the legitimacy of which matter what. general election. if we are not talking about questioned in 2016. acquitted him. it was a hoax, witch-hunt all we come to iowa and here we have health care, wages, jobs, again reports of apps not that kind of stuff. education, we're going to lose. working, the possibility of the longer-term impact where is hacking going on with the apps. accountability left now? >> guy cecil, thank you, david democrats rolled out their and this -- let's just face it. ignatius thank you as well. biggest constitutional weapon >> thank you, guys. coming up, senator -- and it didn't work and now he iowa. every four years now. >> wait. will feel he can do all sorts of breaking news. breaking news. guy -- they have problems. things without the consequences >> if it's about "star wars." four years ago declared victory of worrying about congress. >> not as good asters st"star w for hillary clinton in the early who's going to impeach him morning when nobody else would again? the constitution says you can, have claimed victory, and but as a practical matter, does undercut -- sure she won at the end, well, but undercut the anyone think that could happen? it's close. >> it could. tater tot casserole. >> it could. >> think about the timing, legitimacy of that. >> yep. the picture of your dinner. >> and then four years before willie. this ukraine call happened right
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that, the rick santorum debacle. four helpings of tater tot after mueller's testimony. i mean, this is -- i've got to >> immediately after. casserole. >> what's he doing thursday? >> before i went to bed. >> tell us about tater tot say that we don't know who won, >> so i can't wait -- yeah -- to casserole to get a bite. but we know who lost, and it's >> the "star wars" cantina would iowa. figure out what he's going to do have ban much better example of >> hmm. >> i would be -- democratic on thursday, because he can't last night than your death star party will be hard pressed to help himself. >> and iowa -- start their election process in analogy. cheese, potatoes, cream of >> and what's the remaining iowa in january 2024. check on his power? they went all the way to mushroom soup. >> ah. >> what else? this is insanity, when the impeachment and it's not a little protein in there. resulted in his conviction. >> steak. >> a little steak in the -- world, the whole world is what's left? yeah. >> heart attack, man. watching. i knew it was a bad sign when i >> has republicans saying, yes, >> delicious. it was great. ply into the des moines airport this was horrible. >> all right. marco rubio, just because it's first bathroom i go into, two of coming up senator dick durbin an impeachable offense doesn't says the house impeachment the five stalls, not working, mean i have to impeachmur prosecutors made clear, out of order signs. compelling and thorough i knew it was an omen. arguments, but could we see a number of democrats vote to i kept it to myself. acquit the president? murmur -- murkowski, worst of we'll talk to the senator about >> wow! >> you never talk about things where tomorrow's pivotal vote like that on the air, but i just the worst. the democrats proved the case stands ahead on "morning joe." did, because i'm thinking, you with a mountain of evidence but >> one of the best music know what? y'all, no, lamar alexander. you can't run a bathroom how are turnarounds ever. >> that's great. >> and not only vote to convict like a 20-second. they going to run democracy? i won't vote to allow witnesses and actually hold a trial. >> you're going to start talking 20-second turnaround. about -- 14 times, or whatever went one step further. >> cute. rnaround >> cute. yes. (beep) i don't want to know the truth is what republicans told donald trump -- >> early polling from joe from trump. do what you want to do. we won't hold your feet to the
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the airport bathroom at des fire. it in fact, we will make sure you have an unfair trial. moines. positive news. we'll find out later today who we will obstruct justice for you. won i bap everything else is bad we will stop evidence from news. coming in. an unmitigated disaster for iowa we will stop witnesses from and the entire process. coming in. go ahead. do what you want. david plouffe ran the campaign >> question is, what country might he then go and ask for for president obama in 2008 said this last night. information for other political "we may be witnessing the last rivals? iowa caucus." because -- >> already suggested it. >> yeah. it's bad on its face. >> all right suggested it, and if you're just waking up, went on the lawn talked about china to bed early, we have no idea and reporter it's -- did we hear who won, no results until that right jt did he just ask the ups and downs of frequent mood swings because of inconsistencies. can plummet you to extreme lows. >> incredible. china for political opposition? >> but worse because of the >> yes. >> we know the president will (crying) context you put around it, which feelemboldened. lift you to intense highs. is in 2016 we know russians and (muffled arguing) others interfered in our >> what were the conversations with putin, no notetaker? or, make you feel both at once. election. there's already now a blanket of curious. overwhelmed by bipolar i symptoms? suspicion that's over all of our >> you never will know. >> and white house says ask about vraylar. elections. and this feeds that, and i will. privately their position now is some medications only treat the lows or the highs. that democrats came at the king how about counting them by hand? twice and missed. vraylar effectively treats depression, first with the mueller acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i. >> the trump campaign last night already put out a tweet where he investigation. survived that. i mean a lot of evidence there suggested the process was was wrongdoing there and now full-spectrum relief of all symptoms. rigged, and now they will go on and say the entire process, the grog to survive impeachment. with just one pill, once a day. he walks through the fire like a elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis entire process by which this martyr in the eyes of nominee has chosen is rigged, republicans. have an increased risk of death or stroke. >> you know what, though? because of what happened last night in iowa, i got to say, call your doctor about unusual changes i remember people, people like in behavior or suicidal thoughts. first of all --
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>> who cares? tearing their hair out and antidepressants can increase these >> it's pure. in children and young adults. >> just saying they'll say it putting on sack cloth and ashes report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, all through. before 2018, because donald >> pure insanity. which may mean a life-threatening reaction, probably focus on teaching the trump was sending troops to the president of the united states or uncontrollable muscle movements, to do this. border and he was talking about may be permanent. >> pledge of allegiance. side effects may not appear for several weeks. >> while the national anthem is people coming in and a lot of metabolic changes may occur. going on. probably keep their mouths shut his trumpists were talking about movement dysfunction, restlessness, sleepiness, until they put the president of stomach issues are common side effects. united states in a room and illegal immigrants with leprosy when bipolar i overwhelms, teach him what we teach our coming to the border and the vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. 3-year-old children, because if caravans and everybody shocked, my 3-year-old child, 4-year-old, how can he do this and he's for a nasty cold, take dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. going to get away with it? whoa! 5-year-old child acted the way no. and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors. the president of the united biggest landslide for a midterm states did during the national ahhhhhhhhhh! election against donald trump and republicans. anthem at the super bowl. there is a check and it's called dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. mocking it, ridiculing it, the american vote. >> we'll see in nine months. the daytime, coughing, stuffy head, like -- fake conducting. thinking that was a time to vaporize your cold, medicine. interesting about this trial, point fingers at people. >> i thought he had an itch upon finishes up a process of several (sensethe lack of control when iover my businessai, months where his actions have been questioned. made me a little intense. kneeling. he hasn't been impeached and but now quickbooks helps me get paid, >> show the president showing disrespect to the national will always be impeached in manage cash flow, and run payroll. anthem, disrespect to the history. and now i'm back on top... the public where it was when it with koala kai. american flag, disrespect to (vo) save over 40 hours a month with intuit quickbooks. america. >> now, back to iowa. started. slightly for than against. almost exactly what the popular >> that short video posted on vote was in 2016. instagram appears to show the the public hasn't changed its president doing all that, it's mind about this guy. pretty much him. >> can i just ask a question to mand up their minds about him everybody.
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we're throwing this up and on early. the table, and don't worry it's what does that mean? in november pull the same inside not about des moines bathrooms. straight he did three years ago. it's about paper ballots. that's a hard thing to do, to does last night not show again get -- >> especially running as an people with their crappy little apps. remember mitt romney's crappy incumbent instead of a challenger. little app. >> not one day of his support we've got the best app in the you know mitt was a tech guy. happened in the history of polling. >> i think obama's health care a weak place for an incumbent president to be, however, he app had a rollout. plays a weak hand strong. very good taking down enemies. >> but, rev, we got to have good at taking down opponents, whoever the democrats nominate ought to be, has to be strong paper ballots everywhere. they had some paper ballots there last night but you want to enough to stand up to it and i'm rig a process, make sure no not sure they have that candidate in front of us. >> before we go to break talking paper is involved. >> no question about it. to democratic sources, the iowa people need to realize is the people in iowa are democratic party maintains their app didn't crash but a lot of disenfranchised. they robbed people. precinct leaders just couldn't upload results. voters rights. then tried a secondary method came out and caucused for hours, and they tried to call the spent weeks some of them, they results in to the iowa robbed them of their vote. democratic party hot line. results will come out it will they couldn't get through and now will have to count them one almost not matter because it by one. my question, why can't they just will be under a cloud. say how long that's going to and what about the people of take and --
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iowa? i also think this will be the >> because they don't know. last iowa caucus, those that >> just some information. felt it didn't represent it's pathetic. >> this is pathetic. diversity, now all of a sudden everybody's going to say move it >> the vacuum of real out of iowa. information when the whole i have to say this. country is waiting. you've got to go back to that >> i'm hearing from campaigns the app definitively did il trump mocking the national anthem. >> the app failed. >> oh, my gosh. >> and they're now going back >> because for those of us that through the paper trail and stood by the right for counting the votes. literally counting the votes. kaepernick to take a knee, he >> tell us that. did not mock the national i mean -- peter baker, yamiche anthem. this is a mockery. this is acting like it was composed for me and i think it thank you both. still ahead on "morning joe" was unpatriot for the president of the united states to act like presidential candidate pete buttigieg join us live from new this was some composition that he could exploit rather than hampshire where the final sprint to that that primary is under respect. way. plus, joe biden already fund no one -- for him to criticize raising uf iowa suggesting it kaepernick and him to do that was close race even while other shows the ultimate hypocrisy. campaigns say that might not >> disgraceful and any be --. republican senators who need anymore evidence about this mayor pete or bernie. president needs to look at this who won? >> close to being a complete video. >> unfit. failure. sam stein is digging into all of >> unfit! this next on "morning joe." >> give me your reports from >> the president's behavior was iowa. >> what happened last night wasn't a surprise for political reporters. you think the iowa caucuses have shameful and wrong. been a thing in american his personal interests do not i see no path to the 67 politics since jimmy carter in
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take precedence over those of 1976, but in 2012 we are on the this great nation. votes required to impeach ground in iowa, when rick president trump and haven't the president has the since this trial started. santorum seemed to lose the iowa however, i do believe a caucuses then seemed he won the responsibility to uphold the bipartisan majority if this body iowa caucuses. integrity and the honor of the would vote to censure president complications in 2016 early on whether senator sanders or office. trump for his actions and his not just for himself, but for manner. censure would allow this body to secretary clinton won the iowa all future presidents. unite across party lines and as caucuses. this is the third straight cycle an equal branch of government to we've seen challenges in iowa. degrading the office by actions formally denounce the questions about iowa. president's accesses and hold so now you move into new or even name-calling weakens it him accountable. his behavior cannot go unchecked hampshire, and fascinating about for future presidents, and it by the senate and censure would last night beyond not having a weakens our country. allow a bipartisan statement re cooker, result, nobody dropped out of the best of pressure cooking and air frying condemning his unacceptable this race. >> do we know when we'll get the now in one pot, and with tendercrisp technology, behavior in the strongest terms. >> that is joe manchin. you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside >> yep. >> brother joe comes from a results jchlts th state, willie, how much did results? and juicy on the inside. >> they say they're going to the ninja foodi pressure cooker, donald trump win it by? announce them. >> have they lost them? >> spread 42 points. what's going on? >> does anybody know what the pressure cooker that crisps. a democrat in a plus-42 trump actually happened. state. >> jump to vaughn hillyard. >> telling me it was close? >> hear the latest. >> walking the line. >> telling me that, you're the story keeps changing. telling me that elizabeth warren >> manually verifying all if she returns against trump, she has a chance? precinct results validating >> going to steal that state every piece of paper against the knop question about it. >> and senior editor for paper trail and took pains, not national review and bloomberg election interference as we've
3:10 am
come to understand it. view columnist, and with us "usa vaughn hillyard what are you hearing about what happened last today" opinion columnist and night? former senior advisers for the >> reporter: that's the issue. house and government oversight you're not hearing anything from committee, a "morning joe" the democratic party, guys. contributor. great to have you both with us this morning. 2:00 a.m. eastern, 1:00 a.m. >> and just saying, ib lo love she is on her way to our house. what? i got it. alexa, start roomba. press time, a press call lasted reading the articles. the lexus es. do what i do with the "new york 24 seconds. eagerly prepared for the unexpected. little we know. there are reports from lease the 2020 es 350 for $389 a month for 36 months. times." take them out back and burn them in the backyard. precincts. >> that's not okay. 1,678 precincts around this you read and learn. state. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> i call -- you're on the right i was on the phone with a couple half. call jack and start yelling at iowa democratic county chair lease the 2020 es 350 for $389 and i like to question your i'm yoevery move.n law. him. >> you learn a lot. >> you have a new column. folks last night who were baffled by what the position like this left turn. alan dershowitz is wrong. it's the next one. that they find themselves in you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? of course, dershowitz, i love right now. that must be why you're always so late. dershowitz. wholly acknowledging what this just like -- donald trump and i do not speed. means for iowa and the part everybody else around trump. about this for the iowa caucus and that's saving me cash with drivewise. he forget that we live in an age and what reverend al just my son, he did say that you were the safe option. mentioned was everything that that has videotape. went into this moment. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. that we can actually see what he for the last year hundreds of so get allstate. stop bossing. said on the floor, and now, of staffers have been on the where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. ground, young people that have course, writes an op-ed left school, left their lives at home to come and be a part of yesterday doing this is this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. this process. dangerous. they have twisted my words from you're working with volunteers their proper context. that were knocking on doors in [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady. nah. >> yeah. zero-degree weather this winter. got a lot of blowback and dealing with folk whose went to for the past few weeks because, criticism say ig was making
3:11 am
campaign events to be a part of fun fact, a recent study suggests crime goes down myself out to be a better lawyer than him. he's a good lawyer. this democratic, or believed to when people tune in.. and football is awesome. be democratic process and it if i ever kill and ex-wife he is comes down to the fact that folks don't know what to - win, win. the first person i would call. to thank you for watching, >> exactly. believe. in the democratic party here in we're kicking off adt's pass the protection contest. >> let's not do that. iowa right now, saying they will >> but he -- but the - it's your chance to win a $250,000 home makeover release the results here at some constitutional argument that he was making -- point later today. >> by the way, a wonderful so has means potentially from adt, designed by us. reference to sonny von bulow. sometime when the sun is up, but - and a new adt smart home security system. the biden campaign is pushing - visit >> thank you. back sending a letter to iowa >> okay. democratic party saying they and tell us what you want to protect. we got o r.resent jeffrey want to be able to review the ♪ results before the democratic party puts them out there. epstein? last night they released two >> i think i heard such a thing. phone calls that the campaigns >> just party with him? >> he actually represented -- took part in with iowa >> there was an association democratic party, but there. >> they have a lot of frustration on those calls and, connections together. again, little answers from the >> so go ahead. >> he and jeffrey. iowa democratic party. >> i think the constitutional argument that if it's not a and as robert just mentioned there, this is not surprise. stach other violation you can't over the last year, they have impeach the president. nothing in the context of the talked about the development of the app and, yes, an effort to constitution or nothing in the original founders that reflect try to make this a more open that narrow understanding of process, but ultimately in the impeachment and the experts who process they never were able to are actually constitutional law experts who looked at this and say that they were wholly ready looked at the history of that for the moment and clearly the last hours proved that they were
3:12 am
not ready for it. near lly concluded dershowitz i willie? >> quick, follow-up on vaughn's great reporting, a campaign most wrong about this. frustrated on that call with the >> and the other arguments were iowa democratic party, senator preposterous. >> of all the people to make the bernie sanders campaign. argument. >> how many people are there? called the process bogus and about 8 billion people on earth right now? >> pushing 8 billion, and you says maybe flawed for decades. >> vaughn, do you have sanders pick out of 8 billion people, internal numbers? hey, why don't we get ken starr. the result that, non-result, aloud everyone to declare >> right. too much impeachment. this has gotten way out of hand. victory. joe biden's campaign wants to yes, maybe make that argument review the numbers before made public. with somebody else, but that pete buttigieg hopped onstage, person making that argument the mayor saying we were really was almost as though, to victorious last night. what are those internal sanders troll everybody. numbers telling that campaign? >> yeah. >> republicans very concerned about the culture of impeachment >> the sanders campaign says except joni ernst says they'll that based on their own internal numbers from about 44% of the impeach joe biden soon as he precincts in the state that they [ fast-paced drumming ] steps into the office. are going to be the ones that and for lawyers across country, come out victorious, but then started pulling out their hair the buttigieg campaign just a when he set effectively the short while later put out their president believes his own re-election is in the national own internal numbers say be from interests, therefore can do what has to be done including 75% of precincts their oeb apparently holding up military internal numbers from their aid to ukraine to get dirt on an organizers across the state indicate they're the winners the
3:13 am
iowa caucus. opponent to get re-elected. yes, the sanders campaign is >> that'sopponent. frustrated. look at pete buttigieg. you could say the south bend >> he is not saying you can do mayor needed that moment upon that stage to declare himself the one individual in this race anything because you can't break who could win the midwest against donald trump. yet he didn't take the stage statutes in a criminal wade, until 11:30 last night, and right? otherwise it is fair game. he says in his book that the after every other candidate went up there and suggested that they president could give alaska back to the russians, right? were leaving iowa doing well. that is where that comment comes so it was a missed opportunity for the buttigieg campaign. they took a plane and will be from. showing up in new hampshire but the dershowitz argument, that's not able to go and launch not a crazy thing that someone themselves into these next state able to declare themselves you would be surprised how invented, that is an example of many members of the senate are what he says -- surprise withiners of the iowa >> joni earnst walked back her talking about the chiefs don't caucus. >> thank you, vaughn. know that kansas city is appreciate your reporting. really appreciate it. primarily, is in missouri. so jonathan lemire what is wrong >> come on. >> no. seriously. comment by the way saying that with the iowa democratic party? seriously. but a little more screening on it was taken out of context. again, this is a party who that. we had, there were lots of botched the call four years ago, the state of impeachment, kansas fans there last night and rushed it when the media was it was a great game. what are you hearing for what it will look like in there, what shocked that they would be so >> come on, roy! will the democrats do to perhaps
3:14 am
transparent. and -- and now they get on the you know, people joked. rattle the president. >> i was talking to folks in the the republicans would come to phone for 74 seconds? the president's defense after he house leadership last night and the world's watching this. they're trying to make sure ut initially congratulated kansas. we're not being melodramatic. >> and it was just a joke. >> instead of missouri for the hou for a year and a half, american chiefs super bowl victory, the house impeachment managers politics has been focused on but -- senator roy blunt this moment, and the democratic obliged. >> that's just -- sit together in his line of >> thanks, roy. party has a crappy app and say, with us now, politics editor for well, nothing happened to the sight. he will not be able to help app. then you hear reports something the "daily beast" and for himself, he will riff and start did happen to the app. was there election interference? going off and do what we have did somebody try to hack into priorities usa, guy cecil. the app? seen him do many times and lose was it just pure incompetence? guy, come on, baby. what's going on in your party? that air of being presidential >> is the information lost? >> yeah. what's going on? did they lose the information? >> pathetic. >> is it gone? >> just pathetic. to go after those that impeached >> why were they only on the >> embarrassing. >> embarrassing! phone for 74 seconds when they >> i don't have the words. i'm in the slot where should be holding 2-hour press everything's been said but not everybody has said it. him. >> previewers of the speech said >> it's your turn. conferences explaining to >> i'm trying to think of new america and the world what agetives of what happened. happened. >> this is a disaster on every it you're a 22-year-old field level for democrats and for organizer paid basically nothing for the past year living in that it is very optimistic. iowa. to the reserve's point, already questions about iowa's place supporter housing, knocking on doors in snow, organizing being first with iowa and new he will not be able to resist volunteers, up all night for hampshire not being this moment and this is your taking swipes at the democrats representative of the country in terms of demographic. first experience, it's just -- in the process.
3:15 am
the third cycle with issues. >> this was going to be mayor how do you think voter wills an app provided by a company pete's breakthrough. take this. more people will be watching >> yes. >> mayor pete and --. tonight than any other speech a called shadow inc. and might have been. >> talked about bernie, reason appropriate nickname for to be angry. president will give probably something that -- until the convention. >> lev must have helped him name that not provided any daylight mayor pete, with his if you twor awere to advise the whatsoever. >> ask you, though, is it true supportering given their all and taken away from them. that you had cybersecurity >> strange. at this hour the strongest president, everyone is expecting people that said no safeguards, you to take the low road, do no tests run on this app? photograph you're seeing at least i an online, the one of what you do at the rallies. >> early reports are, yes, questions about security, but the somewhat grandfatherly joe biden with a big, beaming smile the state party flat out saying and mayor pete who may have had the breakthrough he dreamed of, weren't not election interference rather wouldn't it be a joke on the bernie sanders who is as strong out there as he kept saying he a malfunction a glitch. media, you would be playing a >> how can we believe that? fast one on the main stream was, must be just shaking their media. >> i would love to write a speech for a president that can talked to reporters 74 seconds. heads, more than that furious at >> and sat there for hours, no how this happened. >> it's like the los angeles interest whatsoever, state get up there and say the state dodgers. how angry they have to be all of officials huddled upstairs with those years that a-rod was doing of the union is great. no update it's and the call talk about the lowest steroids! >> no, no. come on. lasted only a minute and a half. >> come on! unemployment, the economy is makes sense. growing and china is staggering shadowed in darkness throughout. >> there's a big astros, big this is how we will fix it, none along. of that and don't know what time astro scandal. all of the things you have, life >> and a big asterisk in results are coming out. your point can't be underscored american politics.
3:16 am
enough. this is the moment. expe the 2020 election. my own inititakeaway, iowa and expectancy is going up, the party that built everything hampshire muddled, michael everything is going up. to defeat president trump. this is the first step and botched it. bloomberg. too early to say but you begin yes, talk about the national we're in the 10th year of the anthem again, we will. to wonld sir thder is that the but you've handed the republicans a clutch hold. >> couldn't have been a better obama recovery. he has a lot of good news to can't trust this party to run a night for bloomberg. talk about and work with. caucus, suggest fraud, >> big night for bloomberg. he has a democratic front runner corruption and also incompetence >> if the democratic party that appears to be a socialist. and that's what they're doing. >> people will be talking about wanted to get people organized, it appears that bernie is going the national anthem, because you inspired ready to go, this was can't trust the president of the an unmitigated disaster that united states to show respect to the flag. to come out of these first few i think a lot of people would depresses a ton of voters and find that to be a little more saps confidence and the ability contests looking like a front of the party to organize the searing. >> disturbing. runner. >> and disturbing, but, willie, stuff. two things for the candidates up can bernie sanders actually win top too. think about it. one, bernie supporters will feel in november against donald trump. you had mayor pete. >> i don't know if he would be like this was rigged this was going to be his moment. essentially. favored especially with the and dave wasserman is coming up >> yeah. and make a lot of noise. economy looking the best it is next block. >> and irresponsible and, two, it looked as the night went on right now. but yeah, i mean trump has been like mayor pete may be the guy if mayor pete did in fact win. moving out front and he was there's no indication yet. weak. sanders has been leading him in going have the headline that he won in iowa, which could propel michigan consistently in the we have noiad of the results. that's a historic moment. state head to head polls. him to new hampshire and who you were losing this. i think that just given the knows, propel him to do well first openly gay candidate to unusual popularity of this
3:17 am
super tuesday. win a nominating process and and then bernie, thought this doesn't get that chance to president that any democratic would be his state as well. and on the other side of it we actually celebrate that moment, nor do we? nominee at least has a shot heard a lot of negative reports against him. that's something we shouldn't about joe biden. lose sight of. what a disaster. >> but jonathan, if bernie makes we don't know. of course, they don't know how >> terrible. >> first mayor from south to record votes and report them it to the general election, we in iowa, but we heard he might bend -- >> that's big, too. >> i thought about that, but, be doing better in the country, read the op-ed from new york really -- >> valid point. in the rural districts, but say >> jonathan lemire -- really magazine about bernie sanders he didn't. let's say he got in fourth and his past. valid point -- jonathan lemire, it is a varied -- it is a varied place. or maybe even fifth place. i mean -- it always goes back to the other candidates would say, okay, he deserves to be knocked "star wars." around by that. >> no, please. why? >> there's one. past. not going to get knocked around. >> i'm in. and it was a progressive very >> let's do it. >> you've got the death star in can't get punched. if i'm joe biden i'm going to front of you. well known columnist talking say the whole process was and you're staring at the death rigged. these people don't know how to star for three and a half years. about him paddling around with run an election. guess what? our first election in new soviet leaders and really right? hampshire next week. >> okay. >> and you're like, okay. we're going to get luke and han radical positions he has >> yep. throw out the raumt esult in io. taken -- >> i think they said he would be and we're going to go blow that can't trust. one she's completely different the worst nominee in thing up. result from one poll to another. and luke and han get up and it's >> you can't have campaign data like that. >> not surprising. like, whoo -- and princess leia you mentioned it. generations. saying he would be a disaster the state party went out of its way to say this was not the app. for democrats. nothing's wrong with the app. and the wookie and may the force this is not someone that can win
3:18 am
volunteers on the record inside be with you and, boom, crash in the general nebecause he is t these churches and high schools who said the app didn't work. into each other. don't even get off the ship. >> oh, my god. >> and volunteers on the phone this is a fight -- i'm joking -- of step. two hours trying to get on to bernie sanders did win in the hot line to explain why the and most importantly nobody in democratic primaries in places process wasn't working angd tv land is laughing, but this is couldn't get through because the an incredibly critical moment like michigan and wisconsin. he might have an appeal in some lines were so overloaded. for the democratic party and i i mean, it's a quaint process would say, as somebody who's not of the rust belt states that flip for president trump last that everyone enjoyed for a long time because it speaks to a democrat, for our time. there is certainly a white watching democracy in action. house, this is the candidate constitutional republic. >> quaint? and the democrats have had three time to get rid of it. they want. >> when watching our coverage and we see it not just years to get ready for this, and necessarily from the campaign last night and elections for the they got a bunch of candidates presidency are determined by but the president himself. the process is being rigged coin tosses, and people, that run in the first contest and they don't even get off the against bernie. someone's offering to buy you're trying to steer the launch pad. somebody dinner if he comes and blows up on the launch pad. democrats that way because they votes over here, it's quaint, this is a disaster for feel like she is too far left. that's a polite word at this democrats. point. we can't go on like this. they've got to figure out how to fix quickly. >> so the millennial falcon and >> for every worker that they >> what about a separate ballot? pick up, how many people in the some of these small towns you luke's x wing run into each don't want to be seen. other all the way to the death suburbs did he lose, in for instance, the republican star. yeah. caucus. >> yes. charlotte, in tampa, in orlando, sure donald trump would the have >> an appropriate analogy. won 95%. >> see, mika? say somebody in a small town, a see? >> it worked. small town pharmacist wanted to >> lemire, you're a suck-up. and in atlanta. >> this is why he is going out register a protest vet against keep going. >> i like "star wars." of his way to promote bernie donald trump. just -- you couldn't do that, do rankings of the movies later.
3:19 am
she couldn't do that, because certainly, it's such a she is not going to sit alone in self-inflicted wound here. and this is, to underscore the sanders. what are the odds that trump the corner over there and risk point, this has been three-plus years in the making. says what happened in iowa is upsetting everybody inside that small town. democrats since the moment of >> this is when it works. november 8, 2016 when donald very bad. he sees that for every person he >> this doesn't work. trump scored his shocking >> a small town they have to live in after the election. victory democrats said all that matters this can't happen again. >> yes! >> a secret ballot, paper all that matters, marshal might lose. ballot, all of that is important, but as we raise these forces, organize, raise money, >> all right, thank you both for set up a process to beat him. questions, of voter suppression being here this morning. to not let him be re-elected and >> thank you, guys, appreciate and voting suppression and all, now as the starting gun goes off it. still ahead on "morning joe." they stumble out of the box. start the first votes for this iowa, you have shocked the and the results are going to be season in terms of a democratic questioned even when they do primary with this kind of nation. that is for sure if is the catastrophe is devastating for come out later today. all of us, particularly those to sam's point. morning after the iowa caucuses everyone at the table. bernie sanders and pete and we still don't know who won, that consider the right and use buttigieg deprived of a bounce. of the vote to be sacred. should be noted. it's devastating. this would be a historic win for but pete boouttigieg is declari >> as the morning goes on i the former mayor if he were to think we'll be able to get our actually grab this. also sort of gives joe biden arms around this. still ahead on "morning joe," breathing space here where he victory. "morning joe" is right back. can say, look, maybe i didn't, as a struggling actor, pete buttigieg reacts to last questioned results say let's move on to new hampshire and night's fiasco. pretend iowa never happened. he has 0% of the vote yet he i need all the breaks that i can get. and looming to complete the says he's victorious never the at liberty butchemel...
3:20 am
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with just that point of view? we've got a different way to look at it, from right here on the ground. we dwe're grateful for whatates we you bring, towns. and all the sparks you've shown, in the thousands of towns that we get to call home. ♪ we are going on to new hampshire victorious. >> we're doing very well here in amazon prime video so when you say words like, "show me best of prime video" iowa. >> let's head to new hampshire, into this, you'll see awesome stuff like this. thank you, iowa! >> you won! discover prime originals like, >> we feel good about where we the emmy award winning the marvelous mrs. maisel, tom clancy's jack ryan, are, and look, so it is on to and the man in the high castle. all in the same place as your live tv. new hampshire! >> yes, you're all winners. it's all included with your amazon prime membership. it sounds like five different
3:24 am
that's how xfinity makes tv... candidates claiming victory in simple. easy. awesome. new hampshire last night. this is like the whole boomer to ♪ i'm feeing good right now kids thing. trophy culture. serve the winner. i have to say you and i post boomers, what do we tell our kids -- >> you're a loser. >> if you're not first, you're last. the ricky bobby quote. this is all very exciting. well, the iowa democratic party is working to get this buttigieg victorious. result, get them straight, and i want to make sure they're very bernie victorious. careful in their deliberations, amy stay happy. and indications are, warren warren you won. biden, looking good let's go on. indication is close, we're going to walk out of here with our >> so maybe our graphics will share of delegates. we don't know exactly what it is help clear things up, first the yet but feel good about where we are and, look, so -- so it's on winner board. to new hampshire! that is a problem. we're going to go to the map to >> hmm. break things down county by that was joe biden last night. >> trying to figure out how to county. couch this. >> kind of impossible when the >> joe biden zero, bernie
3:25 am
democratic party of iowa doesn't know how to couch it. sanders zero. bring in dave wasserman. that's because a technical melt so, dave, this read the tea down set off chaos and anger leaves for us, and tell us who did well last night, who last night in the first all important test of the 2020 appeared to be overperforming, who appeared to be presidential race. underperforming, and do any of us have any idea who's going to as politico notes is causing win this thing? >> remember the last des moines register poll? competing claims of victory. selzer poll spiked because, of course, issues. good morning and welcome to that turned out to be the best "morning joe" on this tuesday, most accurate poll around. february 4th. we're in washington this morning right? but, look, this wasn't quite the where tonight president trump delivers the state of the union fire festival of results reporting but it was close. address before the senate votes look, we're probably going to tomorrow on the acquittal and the impeachment trial. have results today that show more on that in a bit. we have the host of msnbc that bernie sanders came out on top. that's my expectation. politics nation and president of buttigieg, warren, two, three in the national action network some order, but i think the interesting thing about the reverend al sharpton. timing last night was that the political reporter from the fact it was clear biden and klobuchar would not be in the "washington post" robert costa top three kind of freed them to
3:26 am
and moderator of washington week go on tv before everyone went to bed and seized the stage at a on pbs. time that, you know, probably served them as best it could given the circumstances. >> yeah. >> and jonathan lamire. so i think the networks were going to a lot of the places that served joe biden's interests worse. you know, let's go now to >> there is a lot going on today hippieville and -- >> exactly. about presidents. >> the field is sleepy. >> a lot of colleges. >> yeah. and happy sack you to see how >> i have already won, look at the results. that's going to -- you'd have, like. >> remember hacky-sack? >> so willy, the first >> you'd have like 800 for -- significant event after after >> -- presidential context questioned. >> hacky-sack. the legitimacy questioned in where'd you get that? 2016. >> and 800 for colored hair and we come to iowa, and here we elizabeth her crowd and half of have again reports of apps not that for yang and then there would be three people, like, you working. the possibility of hacking going know, playing with pixie sticks, on with the apps. and they were for joe biden over and this, let's just face it, in the corner of the gym. iowa every four years now has
3:27 am
and time and time again, joe biden that week, or was it just problems. four years ago they declared unfortunate they went to all the victory for hillary clinton in colleges and universities on the early mornings. cable news? because you know what? the three-second way to ask that nobody else would have claimed question is, did the images we victory, i'm sure she won in the see last night reflect the results on the ground across end, but under cut the iowa? >> no. totally distorted. legitimacy of that. and four years before that the caucuses don't provide an rick santorum debacle. accurate portrayal. it's a caucus, rewards liberal we don't know who won, but we passion and also about 90% know who lost, and it's iowa. white. which is not reflective of the the democratic party is hard large democratic party which is pressed to start their election a 50/50, and -- process in iowa in january 2024. >> a lot younger. >> a lot younger. this is insanity. all three of those things are the whole world is watching, i know it was a bad sign when i joe biden's worst factors. the danger for joe biden two fly into the des moines airport states echo first giving a and the first bathroom i go totally wrong impression how the larger electorate is feeling and a better version of his speech, into, three of the five stalls, please hold the results from iowa and new hampshire until out of order. after south carolina in i knew it, you don't talk about
3:28 am
february. looking ahead to do new hampshire one big questions that, but i'm thinking if you facing mayor buttigieg is, and can't run a bathroom how are he has a big outcome in iowa, they going to run democracy. can he consolidate the center? take on vice president biden and say to the democratic party, i'm going to be that moderate >> early entrance polling from candidate and for senator sanders, can he consolidate the joe from the men's room at the left? likely he'll have a strong democrat airport. outcome out of iowa, but does he >> we're going to find out later go into new hampshire which he won in 2016 and win? today who won oiowa. this is an unmitigated disaster carry that into super tuesday? for the state of iowa and the entire process. and can joe biden go into the david pluff who rap in t in 2008 next state and say i'm going to be your candidate. let's go beat donald trump. said we may be witnessing the >> show pictures of mayor pete as well, because mayor pete last iowa caucus. it's bad on it's face. could have won. we have no idea who won. this is -- if you're -- there you go. thank you. we have no results in because of so if you're at home, bernie may inconsistencies, but it is worst because of the context you put have won. around it. mayor pete may have won. in 2016 we know that russians and others interfered in our biden may have come in third place after they count all the rural counties. election. biden could have ended a there is now a blanket of disastrous fifth place, because amy klobuchar seemed to be
3:29 am
suspicion -- >> the trump campaign, already overperforming. we know absolutely nothing. and, of course, that's not that put out a tweet where they different, but the rest of the world knows absolutely nothing suggested the process was rigged this morning either about and now they will say the entire american politics. process by which this nominee is so let's talk about new chosen is rigged because of what hampshire. because -- >> okay. >> what the hell's there to talk happened last night in iowa. about in iowa? >> first of all, that is pure >> not much. you heard joe biden say it's on to new hampshire one week away from that primary. senator bernie sanders leads the democratic presidential field insanity. there. according to the latest boston they should probably keep their globe, wbz-tv poll sanders at mouths shut until they put the president of the united states 24%. six points ahead of former vice president joe biden who has 18. in a room and teach him how to elizabeth warren 13. essentially tied with mayor pete at 11, both candidates sit with act. the poll's margin of error. >> and not good news for like fake conducting, thinking elizabeth warren. good news for bernie, of course, that was a time to point fingers also, joe biden at this point, at people. he'll take a place. why don't you worry about the
3:30 am
he'll take a show. president showing disrespect to you know what? just don't keep me in the barn. the national anthem, showing >> it's good for joe biden disrespect to the american flag, particularly when there's going to be questions about iowa. showing disrespect to america. >> yeah. >> if he comes in second in new back to iowa. >> and that was posted on hampshire, a neighboring state instagram appearing to show the to bernie sanders vermont, president doing all of that. that's good for him. the challenge coming out of the iowa debacle is now can pete consolidate latino votes in it is not just about democrat nevada and the black vote in bathrooms, it is about paper south carolina where he's been having problems. that's where people are going to ballots. people with their crappy little have to watch now. and can we see bernie deal with black votes in south carolina? apps. mitt romney said i have the best >> right. app in the world, he kept saying >> so i think coming out of iowa, if everything remains the way it looks, sanders wins, but i have the best app in the world buttigieg gets a big boost or and it crashed two minutes in. we have to have paper ballots reverse, they've got to prove an expanded field and what they everywhere. you want to rig a process, make ought to think about this sure there is no paper involved. morning, and iowa will hurt candidates, if you're bernie, you needed that win last night. you needed the headline. >> no question what people need to vaelz that the people in iowa >> clarity. >> you needed to send a message to the south carolina older black voters.
3:31 am
>> that's right. >> i can win an election, same with mayor pete who desperately disenfranchise. they came out and said weeks, needs momentum in south carolina. again, taken away from them last some of them. night. another winner last night, it will almost not matter. michael bloomberg. >> in a big way. it will be under a cloud now. >> another poll come out. what about the people of iowa. "morning consult" poll comes i also think it will be the last out. look in bloomberg, third place, iowa caucus. now all of a sudden everybody 14% tied with elizabeth warren, will say move it out of iowa. up two and, dave -- i haven't i have to say this, you to go back to that trump mocking the national anthem. for those of us that stood by had your take on michael bloomberg. yesterday heard a lot of people the right of kaepernick to take on tv when it looked like bernie a need, he did not mock the national anthem. would sweep the first three this was a mockery. states and saying, okay. maybe the democratic this was like it was composed establishment will throw all of its weight behind bloomberg to for me, and i think it was stop sanders from sweeping to the nomination. think that's a possibility? unpatriotic for him to act like >> i think that's a little this was a kopgs suggestion. crazy, and i'm a bit more >> and for him to criticize skeptical than you are, joe, when it comes to bloomberg. kaepernick and to do that shows 15%. the number that will be really the ultimate hypocrisy. important for here on howe out.
3:32 am
>> any republican senators that the minimum you need in each need any more evidence about this president need to look at caucus and primary. keep in mind, 90% are primaries this video. unfit. give me your report from iowa. to be eligible to win delegates. >> the numbers keep going on. >> what happened last night was not a surprise from political he was at 3%, 5%, 9%, 14%. >> you ang 9%, 10% higher than i reporters. but in 2012 we're on the ground would have expected him to be at in iowa when rick santorum this point. the problem, the only two candidates virtually assured of seemed to lose the iowa caucuses, then he seemed to have being at at least 15% everywhere are joe biden and bernie won. complications in 2016 about sanders. they have a geographic breadth of support that is important whether or not senator sanders when it comes to this nominating or secretary clinton won. process and the rules on the this is the third straight democratic side. the problem i see for bloomberg cycle. we have seen questions about and to an extent buttigieg and warren, their support is likely to be concentrated among whites ohio. with college degrees, nobody dropped out of this race. geographically clustered in this country. that means they could fall short of that threshold on their do we know when they're going to get on the results -- current trajectories in a lot of >> have they lost them? congressional districts. what is going on? >> jonathan lemire, talk about >> does anyone know what actually happened? bloomberg, latest poll has him up to 14% nationally. >> we have vaughn hilliard and
3:33 am
how does last night impact him? get the latest in democrat. >> they'll lean into this idea suggesting they're the moderate alternative. the iowa democratic party says if these results sort of hold and joe biden does put up a their manual validating all of disappointing fourth-place the results. finish, that's certainly they say they took pains to say something that mayor bloomberg this was not election and his team will try to interference as we have come to emphasize. look, he's wounded. understand it. what are you hearing from the we're the best alternative to democratic party this morning donald trump. pete buttigieg, and why last about what happened last night. night hurts mayor pete buttigieg so much. >> that's the issue, you're not he could have come out with a hearing anything from the iowa headline, if he's won a strong democratic party last night. second, he could make that at 2:00 a.m. eastern. attempt to coalesce modern there was a press call that democratic voters say, look, i'm your alternative. lasted 74 seconds. you don't need to turn your eyes there was no opportunity to ask to bloomberg, a billionaire, questions. used to be a republican, maybe there is little that we know. out of step with parts of the democratic party. another candidate, it's just bad 1678 presipcincts around this throughout. joe biden here may be in some ways the luckiest guy here, as state. i was with a couple county chair pointed out, he can suggest results of invalid, say you folks and they were just shouldn't trust these. move on to new hampshire. baffled. they were acknowledging what i'll do better there. this means for iowa and the part if he'd come out with fourth or about this, what you guys and fifth, what we're talking about right now, that's a tough blow
3:34 am
what reverend al just mentioned for him and potentially will was everything that went into slow down his fund-raising, and issue throughout his campaign this moment. for the last year hundreds of and he needs a war chest for staffers have been on the south carolina and super tuesday still a month away. ground. people left school to come be elizabeth warren also part of the process. volunteers were knocking on anecdotally seetmed to be pickig doors in zero degree weather. up days before the caucus, folks that went into campaign another uncertainty pip goes into new hampshire not nearly as events to be part of the popular as a neighboring senator democratic process and now it comes down to the fact that as bernie sanders is, so right folks don't know what to now with momentum being so key, believe. in the democratic party here in no one got any. iowa right now they say they now instead we're, the release the results here at some democratic party is looking at point later today, so that means itself and has to ask potentially some time when the themselves, how did we mess this sun is up, but the biden up again? >> no one got any and, again, campaign is pushing back saying talking about bloomberg, if he's the iowa democratic party they want to review the results trying to fill that gap in the before the democratic party puts middle of the democratic party, them out there. his main competitor is the guy last night they released two who by all accounts is running phone calls that the campaigns out of money fast. took part in with the iowa joe biden. >> and as vice president biden democratic party. goes through a brutal february, there was frustrations and state after state, contest after little answers from the democratic party. as robert just mentioned there, contest trying to fight for his
3:35 am
vote, mayor bloomberg is sitting there ready for early march, this is no surprise. super tuesday, spending millions they talked about the on television advertising. development of the app, and it largely avoiding the fights. was an effort to try to make he's not on television that this a more open process. often. he's taken strategic trips ultimately in the process they around the country, and you see him with his message introducing himself to voter on social media were never able to say they were and television and his numbers wholly ready for the moment. keep rising. >> just to follow up on vaughn's his team is watching. can biden really come out of great reporting the campaign south carolina with a boom and most frustrated on that call say, i'm going to be the last night, senator benny sand standard bearer for the moderate wing? if that's not the case, if it's a muddled result out of south -- bernie sanders campaign. carolina heading into super tuesday, that's where bloomberg believes he has the opportunity. they say maybe the process has because he comes out of super been flawed for decades. >> this result that -- oreffect. tuesday maybe inching up to 20% in polls. 25%, and mayor buttigieg and biden, if they're not there, say joe biden's campaign wants to we are ready to take on sanders for the long haul. remember, sanders committed to going all the way to the review them. convention. >> yes, he will. what are the internal sanders >> so bloomberg's whole argument is i'm the only one in his view, he says, who can do the same. numbers telling that campaign? >> his theory of the case, >> the sanders campaign says based on their own internal
3:36 am
sitting here waiting if there is chaos. haven't made up your mind i'm sitting here waiting. pump all of this money in states numbers from nobody even has staff yet. what we have this morning so far precincts they say they're is chaos. i'd say one for one for victorious. and their own internal numbers bloomberg and see what goes from here. >> quickly. got to go. can't let you go before we talk from boouttigiegbuttigieg's cam about the house races and the senate races. where do they sit right now with impeachment about to end? >> well, for the 30 democrats their own internal numbers say sitting in trump districts they can't wait to get it over with. democrats look pretty good in they're victorious. terms of their odds in the house of keeping the house first. he didn't take the stage until they've got a number of republican retirements. 11:30 last night and after every they can pick up i think four or other candidate went up and five seats in republican suggested they were leaving iowa districts. doing well. so it was a missed opportunity new north carolina map gives two districts for free. more than that, democrats are for the buttigieg campaign. clobbering republicans in the they took a plain and they're money chase. >> are they really? >> we haven't seen impeachment give republicans the energy boost in terms of recruitment sh showing up in new hampshire, but and fund-raising i thought they they not able to declare might get out of it. in the senate, uphill climb for democrats.
3:37 am
key is really going to be, can they put those two seats in themselves the surprising winner georgia in play? >> you know, mika, everybody claiming that impeachment is such a nightmare, all of the trumpists online and, you know, writing columns and on cable of the iowa cause discucuses. cu. news saying that impeachment is so bad for democrats. have laser drilled holes. they may want to pass that word they release medicine fast, along to the republican senators for fast pain relief. who are begging donald trump to tylenol®. not talk about impeachment tonight. please, mr. trump, just talk about the economy. >> oh, my lord. >> or maybe how you hold your hand over your heart when they play the "star-spangled banner". >> we'll see. dave wasserman, thank you so much. still ahead, we don't know who won iowa but we learned a lot about the voters and the issues that matter most to them. steve kornacki joins us from the big board next on "morning joe." ♪
3:38 am
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3:41 am
welcome back to "morning joe." former mayor pete buttigieg of south bend, indiana. do we congratulate you? >> you're a winner, everybody's a winner. >> it does seem by the early results that you deserve more than a precipitation trophy, you're cutting across all types i'd say he has a reason to of voters, it seemed very
3:42 am
be ang gris thry this morning. successful for you and your >> who's that? team. >> i think we were able to >> kcorkornacki. demonstrate the winning message and the winning organization and rb we all? and political reporter and aunger of "the red and the blue" what was so important. steve kornacki. steve what can you tell us about iowa? >> not at much as i thought i'd we voted democratic in the past be able to 24 hours ago coming and we do d well, this is really into today. the first proof point for the there you go. looks exactly like it did yesterday. >> what? >> yeah. campaign putly going on to we thought it might actually be a relatively quick night turned into the longest night ever in defeat trump. iowa caucus history. no results in yet across the and fighting people and not state. shutting people out, and i think hopefully we will get some of that approach served us very those today. we do have, the only thing to go on basically two things. number one, isolated precinct well. media folks observing going through the process and saw what i don't think there is anyone happened in those few precincts. the other thing we have, the more eager than i am to get the entrance poll. a look at the iowa caucus electorate as it entered the numbers certified. but we did have the numbers we caucuses last night. we can show awe few findings had and those numbers are just from that one. talked about it so much in the
3:43 am
polling going into the caucus. phenomenal. >> what is the campaign being the divide when it came to age. told about what exactly went what we saw in the polls very much what we saw in the results wrong? what happened? last night. look at this. >> so i have not heard much of first you see about 55% of an explanation about what the caucusgoers over age 45, 45% technicals are. were told there is a paper trail under age 45. start with older voters, 45-plus and a back up system and that is what that picture looked like. biden and buttigieg basically very important giving that plan battling for the lead there. a did not work out. we need to see those numbers and klobuchar, warren, guess who's name you continue to see here? i'm glad there is that way back, buried in low single verification process. but i'm frustrated and impatient digits here among voters like everybody. and here we are in new hampshire 45-plus, bernie sanders. so buttigieg, biden leading where of course a week from today we're going to have the there. sanders not registering. next test, the next opportunity, what you're seeing at that end and i'm convinced here, too, of the hd. go to the other end. 45 and under. that our effort, our message, completely different story. and our organizing approach will here is where you see bernie sanders running away with it. serve us well. >> mr. mayor, tell me about your 41% for sanders, in single decision last night to go out digits over 45. at 41% under 45. and declare victory. that is doubling up pete
3:44 am
buttigieg, warren, look that. andrew yang double digits and >> we were looking at the guess who's name you continue to see here? the former vice president joe internal numbers that we had and biden. he's buried in single digits on beginning to realize that something extraordinary happened this question of age. so that the divide we've been last night pap cap pain that was seeing in the polls. very much the divide we saw in the entrance poll. obviously, i'm sure folks at really talk about reaching the home can do the math. what you're seeing, when you flatten those things out perhaps a bit of advantage, suggesting position that we did, and it was a clear victory for this possibly for buttigieg and campaign. >> not based on anything you sanders with the others a little heard from the state democratic behind them. that's the entrance poll. party, for example? >> no, we don't have anything always take that with a grain of salt and start measuring against from the party. nothing that you wouldn't have the actual results. heard as well. we saw that early trickle, but quickly on ideology, the nix mi the thing about this, unlike a primary where there is a secret the iowa caucus. somewhat liberal voters, larger ballot, this is folks standing in the room for all to see, with group, take you through what that looked like. why was the presser right there and with our own observers right there. this group, largest among so it made it possible for us to democrats. see him leading there. get a very clear sense of just also the smallest group here how extraordinary of a night it is and that's what i want today ideologic share with our reporters who are ideologically, liberal and no surprise here.
3:45 am
where sanders was running away just so charged up and excited with it. about this campaign. buttigieg buried biden further behind with that. >> i know you're certainly those were divides we saw in pleased with the results or your polling leading up to uit. sense of how last night went, but there is certainly a sense of dismay about the process that surprise in the entrance polls we don't have conclusive buttigieg stronger than expectations. see how that actually plays out in the individual precincts and counties. hopefully infew hours results. there has been whispers from other campaigns suggesting that. days, weeks? we'll see. that perhaps iowa should be >> and it's willie. watching saying thank god we have steve kornacki on our team. tossed out. so let me just ask you that, he is so good even with no should americans, should information to work with, but tell me about your interactions last night with the iowa state americans feel confident later democratic party? today, if we get those results you did read a statement about two hours in at least an hour should we believe them? >> that is why that paper trail after you thought we'd have some results, that was sort of the is so important. first red flag to a lot of people they didn't have what they needed. it wasn't forthcoming. the entire thing takes place out what type of panic, what did you in the open. pick up from them as you spoke the frustration is the timing. to them over the course of the the results will come in and i night? >> what we picked up was not very much. will trust the results but we i can tell you, look at the past wanted to see those results last
3:46 am
four democratic iowa caucuses before last night. night to we could support them. 2000, 2004, 2008, 2016, in all of those cases by about 8:30, that's why we're waiting for the 8:45, you started to have a official numbers to come through, and at the same time we fairly significant amount of vote that was in that you could know for the road ahead that we start to look at. are arriving with the 8:50 last night, 8-5-0, we have extraordinary momentum. we have beaten other expectation zero. at that point, 8:50 p.m. eastern and this is why i was about to time, iowa democratic party told say with confidence when we got us it's coming soon. on that plane that we were the word they used, "soon." and used the word soon victorious. repeatedly over the next couple >> just to pick up on jonathan's of hours and soon became 9:30 point, why should any democratic and 10:00. then when you start, got a statement there saying that, hey, they were having some, quality control issues. party under take an iowa caucus >> right. >> what exactly that means? basically got a couple without a mass i confusing statements out of them revealing result in the end. quality control concerns left a >> well, i think one question is lot of questions and then at about how do you put together a 2:00 a.m. eastern time said they technical system to move out e would do a conference call with reporters. got on that 2:00 a.m. eastern time. precinct numbers. chairmanning of state party came another is the future of the on read a very brief statement
3:47 am
american public. saying the results would be out i see a gathering majority of sometime today trying to make it americans that are united in sound like they had been wanting to make sure we turn the prepared for this all along. there were no questions. page on this presidency. there were no specifics. there was no sense of what the timing would be today. we saw democrats, we saw is it 8:00 a.m.? independents who walked away from the process in the past, we 8:00 p.m. today? ended the call. saw a lot of republicans, took no questions. that was the last communication disaffected republicans that we were with them. will not agree with me on >> the exit poll suggests everything but are just tired of obviously that only pete buttigieg seems to do well in trying to look their kids in the almost all of the demographic eye to explain this to them. groups. probably if those exit polls end while there is certainly up being accurate that's good frustration about the reporting news for him. but based on the -- the reports numbers coming out, this is about the american people that you got from the media, the choosing our future in a way media reports you got from some of the caucuses, just what's that will will what all things are about. we need a surge of support and i have to ask anybody who is your thumbnail sketch of what you're looking at, what you're following this campaign that believes in that approach to expecting when the results are politics to go to finally made public? >> yeah. to chip in here what i'm looking for. take you back to the map here. and lend us a hand.
3:48 am
>> i know we have four daughters see. go to this one. so what you're describing there between us, mayor pete you're in terms of -- the sanders support, if the entrance poll is number one from my girls and right and sanders is blowing everybody out with the youngest voters, but isn't registering joe's daughters are waiting for even with the oldest voters, it your campaign texts as we speak. raises the question to me again, is hi support concentrated in the college counties around the >> someone made a snide remark state? iowa state, you know, luther and they said joe and mika will colleges, grinnell college over here. is his support going to be win iowa because of their concentrated in a few big daughters. >> if is a good start, if we can college student dense young voter dense county where is he just count the votes, just runs up the score and congratulations. potentially is able to win that from everything you're saying it first preference? seems like you had a heck of a you know the people who night last night. initially show up popular vote >> thanks for having me on. essentially. able to do that for him? >> just -- i have to say, how whereas, again, entrance polls frustrating. >> the work they have done -- are right and buttigieg >> this is after all of that supporters are more spread out work. agewise, potentially spread out i feel like this is the first geographically, is buttigieg doing a little better significantly better than sanders in the more rural areas, "lord of the rings." in the older areas of the state? i watch it'd for 3 1/2 hours because there is an imbalance in with my kids and at the end of
3:49 am
the iowa state democratic it i'm like okay, how will it party's formula in terms ever awarding actual state delegates end, right? in this thing and the imbalance >> i sure do like walking with favorses the rural parts of the you, frodo. state. we showed it yesterday. go west of des moines basically, >> i like walking with you, sam. take this part of the state, and i'm like that's it? this is probably about 10% or "star wars," "lord of the 11% of the turnout in the democratic caucus is. rings" -- >> but you get into the second it's more like 14% or 15% of one. >> i could do "potter" all day. delegate strength. >> "two and three in lord of the bonus delegate wise in the rural rings." areas and looking at that >> you can tell he feels like he entrance poll and extrapolate did great last night. it, an if, if it happens, it it was an extraordinary night. those are internal campaign raises the possibility. look for it today. numbers, but the reason he is on hopefully today, of a split tv, they think they did well verdict. >> thank you so much, steve. last night. i know you're exhausted. go back into your "star wars" we'll find out if the actual numbers match internal numbers cryogenic pod and they'll unfreeze you in an hour or two. today. >> but pop cultural references we greatly appreciate it. what a mess. aside, but what stood out the >> he won't sleep whamplts. most is you had joe biden doing >> what a mess. the entire purpose of iowa and
3:50 am
talk to these campaigns every well with older voters, but day. you talk to the candidates. i've sat down with them. really pour with younger voters. more than a year of their life, bernie sanders doing great with oh, on the ground, des moines, younger voters and poorly with sioux city. iowa city. >> all wonderful city. older voters, and mayor pete >> great city. doing well with both sets of i love iowa. i love the people in des moines. voters. that means something. not just in iowa. java joe's. great people. that is a transferable skill however, these people, these candidates, these aides spent months, years, for this one night. >> yeah. every place he goes. >> tireless, regardless of which campaign you're on, tireless work. >> and i will say that he was -- reporters go in there. we're not the story but we're there covering it, taking it he dismissed the idea that you should be worried about this but serious seriously. and then on the night where it turnout was not up that much matters, we're just looking for an accurate result for the iowa last night. if i were a democratic looking at this, it is not just the democratic party, to not have it ready, it raises serious missteps, but where was the questions about iowa's role, because iowa beyond just the problems last night, 90% white. entuesde >> yeah. enthusiasm to beat trump was not >> many older voters. quite there last night either. it's not representative of the >> do you feel robbed? democratic party. and why has this process
3:51 am
continued after all of these challenges in previous cycles? >>. >> i dropped a dumb and dumber because people want the bounce. reference earlier this morning. >> time and again. so you're saying he has a unbelievable, jonathan lemire. again, the backdrop to this is chance. wouldn't you say? >> i had ricky bobby, if you're even more remarkable where you have the director of the fbi, not first you're last. when i'm throwing i stay this director of the cia, the ndi, you name it. the military intel community. weekend, it was on. everybody saying that the >> it was awful. greatest threat to american >> she would sit back there democracy is the sanctity of our going oh, it's awful, and then election process, that it is the father would show up to the under attack and we have a president who ignores their career day and she is dieing laughing in the back of the warnings. >> right. room. >> how about the dinner table >> and so we come to the scene with the prayer, he thanks democrats first chance to show all of the sponsors and little that they know how to return an election, and it is just baby jesus. >> coming up on "morning joe" botched. >> right. the president, of course, downplayed the election the impeachment vote is a day interference in 2016. taken a few steps to safeguard elections this nime 20time in 2. away. we'll talk more about that and to bob's point, taken coming up on "morning joe." coming up on "morning joe.
3:52 am
seriously and dealt disservice by the state party the results can't be counted in a timely fashion all for democrats now this unknown, just going to feed into intraparty tensions and given life to conspiracy theories. the other concern, talk in the days before this iowa caucus about record turnout. a statement the state party put out earlier in the evening, how bout no? no. turnout along the lines of 2016. uh uh, no way. ♪ not a record. seems turnout might be down from come on. no. where the party hoped it would no. be. a question of enthusiasm? n... ni ni, no no! a question about the candidates? only discover has no annual fee on any card. adds to the utter mess for democrats coming out of iowa. >> we have to be careful talking the best of pressure cooking and air frying about this because we, again now in one pot, and with tendercrisp technology, have no idea what happened last night. candidates are putting out their you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside own internal polls used and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, beneficial to them, but if you're joe biden and not likely the pressure cooker that crisps. to finish one, two or three and consternation about your candidacy coming out of iowa, can you not just leap ahead, plant your feet in new hampshire and say, we got to throw out
3:53 am
iowa. i mean, not literally throw out iowa but say we don't really know what happened in the state of iowa. the campaign starts now in new hampshire and if i finish a close race against bernie sanders. 22 points eventual nominee hillary clinton a pretty good start for me? >> put it this way. if i was joe biden i wouldn't want to clear up what happened our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. iowa. as long as it is cloudy, he can yeah, they help us with achievable steps along the way... escape through the smoke, so to we can spend a bit now, speak, but i think it raises knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. distinction for him in south carolina. mayor pete, i'm worried more oooh, well... i'm good at my condo. than before how i can get the black vote support up, and bern you who is not, who's doing oh. better than '16 but not killing i love her condo. nana throws the best parties. it in terms of the black vote. the question now is nevada and well planned, well invested, well protected. in terms of the latino and the voya. be confident to and through retirement. black vote expanding this. the winners last night unfortunately was donald trump hoot can now say, oh, they're talking about vote incompetence. look what happened in their opening round. >> yep. >> and michael bloomberg who can
3:54 am
say, i'm the one democrat that is an expert on competence and i'm not supporting anybody at this point, but bloomberg's got to be fixing his collar for appearances today, because he's the one that can say, i'm competent. they can't even run an election. >> i know how to run things. talk about what's going on on when a nasty cold won't let you sleep, the hill today obviously. try nyquil severe with vicks vapocool impeachment continues. whoa! and vaporize it. you spoke with joe manchin. ahhhhh! >> important speech. shhhhh! nyquil severe with vicks vapocool. moderate democrat. on the phone after announcing the vaporizing nighttime, pushing for censure and got a coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. copy of that censure resolution. trying to win over some republicans, romney and collins be stronger... both voted for witnesses. with nicorette coated ice mint. >> murkowski, worst thing in the layered with flavor. it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. world wasn't going to impeach. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. what about alexander? >> it's an option. senator manchin has work to do nicorette ice mint. to win them over. no one came out yesterday on the for an amazing taste... ...tamazon prime videocraving. so when you say words like, republican side said we stand with manchin on censure, but "show me best of prime video" into this, you'll see awesome stuff like this. that's way to have a lesser
3:55 am
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3:59 am
senate. >> all right, would you support a senture resolution? >> i certainly would, but i hope it is not viewed as an alternative to impuchment. senator murkowski who is my friend and who i respect very much, they have all but conceded the facts of this impeachment trial, they understand what he did, we all do. and i think they put something on it. the iowa caucus is the big >> i guess that leads to my next deal of the day for democrats today. why? i still don't know. question, assuming the kwle feel the iowa caucus, a lot like polaroid cameras in that no one even more emboldened, what is understands how they work. the next procedural. iowa gets to go first because -- i don't know. i guess they have nothing else to look forward to. you live in iowa you don't have it is clear that even despite
4:00 am
to actually be in iowa to cast the admission by my republican your vote. this is what they call a colleagues of his wrong doing, satellite caucus in florida, they will take no action to show snow birds go and tells you him down or stop him. his aides or staff have now caucuswise all you need to know about this process. exact on the man's decision especially when you throw a little florida in the mix. >> sanders won. steyer, two. making, but prepared and be warren, 12. yang, one. and i don't have uncommitted yet. ready. >> hey senate eor durbin, you h >> were there any uncommitteds? been in that body for tsome tim now. i'm curious what you make of his >> okay, okay. >> wait, wait. were you uncommitted back there? he voted not to acquit the >> what about deceased? president, he didn't even want is anyone deceased? no? okay. to vote to have witnesses or evidence. how does he explain that vote to you? good luck havie hacking that, p did you lobby him at all? welcome back to "morning did you speak to him privately? joe" live in washington it is tuesday february 4th. >> i didn't walk the floor or lobby my friends on the other joining joe, willie and me,
4:01 am
columnist and associate editor side. i listened to him and i know for the "washington post" david ignatius. white house correspondent for they're saddened by this moment. pbs newshour, yamiche alcindor and peter baker, from the "new york times." good to have you onboard. . still do not know. send the impeach mement they bod last night's caucuses after what the democratic party says are "inconsistencies in reporting the data." >> we have that story. claim. i'm aphrase this impeachment also the "miami herald" showed a trial was a sad moment in the clip of the president of the united states. >> oh, my goodness. body. >> thinking about the document >> mocking the "star-spangled rendered now i have the voters, banner." peter baker, any word from the what is the message that you white house yet from this "miami would like the senate to ask the herald" report the president mocking the "star bangled voters to deliver. president trump will say this banner." look at him there conducting, vote acquits him, showing it was a witch hunt, how do you counter everybody else, wife, hand over heart. >> showing respect. >> and here he is clowning that as you think about november? around and being extraordinarily >> i just think it doesn't disrespectful. a city council person who did reflect the majorities of this would be run from their office. a country music star who did america.
4:02 am
he does not reflect who we are this would lose their fans and who we want to be. overnight. a preacher who did this would probably lose their congregation which he put economic numbers up as long as he wishes, but the next sunday. look at this. here he is mockingly -- intuitively the american people mocking -- are not being as pushed and >> horsing around. >> yes, horsing around during -- prodded and persuaded by this at all. they understand this president the "star-spangled banner." is not someone that respects our >> is he making fun of it? values our speaks for us. >> it looks like it. it is extraordinary. of course we know the backdrop to it also. let's not miss this opportunity. that he made such a big damn deal for a year or two when a >> whether or not it is tonight at the state of the union or black man didn't so sufficient some time in the very near respect to the flag and, oh, you future, we expect the president have to respect the flag. there's the president, in the to go on and it will happen super bowl. >> yeah. >> and this is what he said last year about this. tomorrow, but could you just talk about what this means for >> you have to stand proudly for the senate itself? the national anthem or you do you feel like your colleagues shouldn't be playing. shouldn't be there, maybe you on both sides of the isle lived shouldn't be in the country. >> so he says you should stand up to what they asked them to proudly. take another look at "miami uphold about delivering herald" the clip the "miami impartial justice? herald" showed from an instagram it was saeved here in the last
4:03 am
few weeks. photo of him and see if you think he's standing closing the door was the end of respectfully. looking around, talking, patting any effort to show. people on the back. >> pointing at them. >> mockingly conducting -- the and i will give you one number to remember. we considered exactly 22 band. so peter baker, heard anything from the white house about this? i've got to say, just say, at least in my district, my old amendments opinion six were throw away no votes, 22 were district. >> that wouldn't work. >> they would consider that to be disgusting behavior. >> haven't heard anything from the white house about it but a amendments. by saying we're going to take up phenomena with donald trump, all no substantive election, we're the things you said. if this were done biby -- fill just focused on filling federal judicial spots and that is it. the blank. and identified the kansas city that is a change in the right chiefs being located in kansas. direction and this senate is a >> hmm. >> and same rules don't apply for donald trump. capstone of the mcconnell right? the other thing utraged b strategy. >> you mentioned that there was >> will they in this case?ntic recourse. there was confusion what is your >> so many other things provoked reaction to what you're seeing. the fact that we have no idea outrage and don't seem to among
4:04 am
his own supporters. what happened last night because he has a remarkable political skill at sort of skating through of the technology vote, do you things that would seem to be inconsistent, seem to be think the iowa caucus is a good way to elect a presidential inappropriate or outrageous, and his own people just cheer him on and think that, that show as nominee. >> i spent a lot of time real person in their view. campaigning for them over the >> and the super bowl link. remember many people expressed years, they're wonderful people and they're a great bunch. moral outrage about the halftime having said that i think that show. franklin graham and others who the democratic caucus in iowa is support donald trump looked a kwauquarky tradition that sho other way for someone who cheated on his wife with a porn wife and paid her off to keep it quiet. >> illegally, we might add. come to an end. top story of the morning, the iowa caucus is the most painful situation we face for voting. people that work all day, do you david ignatius, intread it think they're going to the reporter. tell us, what happened? caucus next? >> an extraordinary story we of course not. we have to have a means for feel just don't know. >> how's that possible? >> well, we're going to find out. it's going to be one of the express themselves and the better tick tock as we say in caucus is not it. our business reconstruction stories. just how did this happen? >> you're the second most why was there such poor powerful democratic in the communication by the iowa
4:05 am
authorities? why was the system so vulnerable united states senate. we talk about this all of the after so many months of preparation? but it is one of the big time. the democratic party doesn't anti-climaxes i can remember in look to two of the whitest states in america to pick the primary history. >> you know, david, you remember presidential nominee from -- for back at the 2000 recount. republicans and democrats alike a very diverse party. got together and a lot of us were talking after that about how does this -- it has to stop, having a more unified, national everybody says it has to stop. system to stop butterfly ballots in florida from happening to stop this sort of thing from happening. i know we want to allow the the same thing happens. states to have some deference, why not start with florida, but should there be a minimum illinois, jazz even. standard? >> so, that's one of the questions we're going to look these two very white states. at. the vulnerability that's been >> i love my neighbors in iowa demonstrated in the system, the and i have campaigned with them fear is the demonstration effect. and i respect them very much for here in this primary we've been their commitment to the party, waiting for a whole year, it's but the state of iowa does not reflect our party and the fact obvious to anyone who looks at that we're putting so many chips home or abroad that the system on the table in iowa. here we are the morning after in some ways that we still don't with the iowa caucus to be one understand can be interfered with, and i just worry that that
4:06 am
demonstration effect will encourage other people to play games down the road. big political asterisk. i just was talking last week i would like to see a more diverse beginning. with secretary of state from a key swing state and he had been >> all right, senator dick meeting with other secretaries of state and they are pulling durbin, thank you very much. out their hair thinking how do >> david, iowa and new hampshire we, without having federal make sense for the republican rules, which saints don't want. they want to run elections on party. i would guess about 90% of their own, have severe republicans are white. elections? i don't have the exact number, just the rumor of what happened iowa could happen in your state but we're saying this is nothing will be the destabilizing factor. they've got to figure it out. against iowa. >> and yamiche, not like iowa and new hampshire work. but if you have a party that is tornadoes were racing through more diverse, you have to go to there. wasn't even apparently a record turnout which we heard about. states like florida or arizona in fact, in many of the precincts heard the turnout was or georgia or illinois. >> yeah, i think that message about the same as 2016. will be clear that this was a they weren't overwhelmed. muddy tuesday morning where we're just trying to think how they knew what to expect for four years and still botched it. to parse all of this, but one how long did you say the call? 74-second call report but you
4:07 am
said actually shorter than that? clear conclusion this being the >> the call, yeah. iowa state democratic party had a call between 53 seconds and 74 seconds to say basically we will starting gate, that has to end, give you more information when we have it. and if the democrats want to be that obviously means they are the start of the minority being defensive, because it's embarrassing for them. iowa, this is something that majority -- they talk about all year. >> the idea of pushing iowa something that was so out -- >> they could make the first anticipated and then when the actual big night comes there are contest a battleground state. no results. i think if you're someone like there is diversity where they amy klobuchar or joe biden this is a gift for you, that you can could capitalize on them. say, well, you know, just stick >> michigan would be a great with me in new hampshire. stick with me in south carolina, state. michigan would be a great state and super tuesday. for democrats. of course, the president and the you have diversity. you have cities, you have rural trump campaign has already seized on this making fun of areas, you have working class democrats saying how in the world can you fix health care, democrats, you have union -- a redesign the health care system strong union. if you can't deal with item wa you have all of the elements that make the democratic party strong and made it strong over caucuses? also a big question whether or the past century all in the not iowa should be first to get it. i'm not sure they'll change it state of michigan, why not start because of this one thing but look at demographics of iowa and there. >> iowa seems like the wrong a state like florida or texas or place to start and this morning other places more we don't even have results which demographically look like the makes it worse.
4:08 am
rest of the state, you have to there is a lot of history being wonder whether or not democrats will say, is this the day or the made in politics lately. year we really rethink our nominating system? >> well, and a textbook example we'll be back on "morning joe." . of a winner. here are the candidates. >> so we don't know all the results. but -- we know -- by the time it's all said and done, iowa, you have shocked the nation. [ cheers and applause ] i love rakuten, it's basically free money. because by all indications we . it's an easy way to earn cashback on the stuff are going on to new hampshire victorious! i'm already buying. sometimes it's 3% sometimes it's 8% but you're always getting cashback. so it's like getting free money. go to and sign up today for a $10 bonus. >> i imagine, have a strong feeling, that at some point the results will be announced. [ cheers and applause ] introducing a razor that works differently.
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4:11 am
we are shocked, iowa. it's how i led a complex, we are shocked. diverse city and it's how i'll you know, willie, the sanders unite and lead this country. supporters right there from time i'm mike bloomberg and to time are described as angry i approve this message. people. i will tell you if i were a sanders supporter or if i were bernie sanders, man, and there's not a word for what i would be. he worked his ass off for years survived a heart attack, like -- like -- outperformed everybody on the ground. >> supporters. >> 500,000 doors -- and the victory, either -- he or mayor pete won last night. we don't know. but if i'm bernie, man, or if i'm mayor pete, i am really angry right now. >> yeah. >> this is inexcusable. >> all that work, all of those volunteers, all of those door knocks, those tens of millions of dollars in advertising were all pushed into iowa for this morning. and this morning is when we go on the air and announce the winner. bernie sanders believed it would have been him.
4:12 am
pete buttigieg thought it would have been him and then you're off to the races. right? you go into new hampshire. >> pat buchanan said got $100 million of earned media from an iowa win. >> yes. >> they got nothing. >> got nothing. so they all did last night what they should do. with no result go up on the stage and say you won. why the hell not? pete buttigieg got out early said we won. they've all turned the corner. going to new hampshire. mayor buttigieg on the show notw joining us now, susan a page hampshire. they're walking away from this. and author on nbc news news we'll get a result later in the day. peter, i think to the question presidential historian michael about what the democratic party in iowa has said or hasn't said in that lack of communication beshlov. >> can you think of anything like what you have seen tonight? that yamiche talked about. >> bike we see tonight, on the the last communication, they said the ad did not go down. not a hack or intrusion trying heels of the caucus. to put to rest the speculation in terms of news, no. about foreign intrusion or 21 years ago, you all remember everything we know russia has been up to over the last few that when bill clinton gave his years but those in the precinct state of the union in the middle of his impeachment trial he was said the app didn't work. saying we were on hold two hours
4:13 am
not running for reelection. trying to work out the kinks and clinton was so disciplined with our app or report results. he tried to keep what he with this is an unmitigated disaster. no other way to put it. the question now is, will iowa impeachment, and these long speeches, they felt longer the remain the first in the nation when we do this four years from better, people would hear a proposal that would make clinton now? and more immediately, was does more popular, but didn't mention it mean for this race, today? >> that's right. impeachment. look, if you're message is we do you think donald trump will have the same inclination don't need the russians to screw tonight? >> i remember those speeches, i things up because we do it was sitting in the chamber. ourselves, it's not a good message. right? it went on and on. >> oh, my god. >> for years what's looked like a quirky, charming relic of i would wander to the cloak room, lie down on the couch, watch tv, wander back out. american democracy today looks i always thought this is going dangerous, reckless, to bomb. no. people loved it. incompetent, embarrassing, dysfunctional, pick your the numbers went up. adjective. >> susan, somebody whose numbers you heard last night even former didn't go up, joe biden's. dnc chairman terry mcauliffe saying it's over. looked like joe may have dodged we can't keep iowa as first in the nation. for all sorts of reasons long a very bad result. before this issue started in >> the luckiest man in america terms of representation, in today is joe biden because we terms of why them? to test our kwn best state in know from what indications we have, he was not doing well in
4:14 am
iowa, enabled him to dodge the bullet. if pete buttigieg does as well as it seems he has done in iowa, it prevents him getting that banner headline going into new hampshire today. >> so what is the soonest we would get results if they hand count and everything? does it matter? how are the results impacted by the catastrophic delay? >> i think they still matter, but they don't have the impact they would have had if they had come out as they usually do last night. >> it is beyond unbelievable. >> you're the presidential historian, let's talk competence. we have a president talking tonight, we have mitch mcconnell, nothing happening in the senate, nothing happening from the white house other than nasty tweets and a lot of back and forth. you think back, look at the field. i ask in the field who has the competence, who has the understanding how to make washington work again. you think about lbj. he inherits the presidency from
4:15 am
a martyred president who though wildly popular didn't know how to get things passed. lbj breaks the log jam, passes civil rights. same thing with tr. he had the working knowledge to use the bully pulpit to pass some remarkable -- break up the trusts, give working class americans rights. who's out there that knows how to run washington in. >> you're making an argument for experience. richard nixon's slogan in 1960 was it is experience that counts. i wouldn't suggest that be a great slogan for people to use nowadays, but what you're saying is strong presidents who hr effective had been ones with a history of knowing how to deal with congress and knowing how to talk to the american people. it is not something that's really very much valued in a lot of early contests. >> lbj wasn't popular. i remember reading about how the
4:16 am
congress who had their way with kennedy tee siddecided they wer stopping him sending grain to russia. he said in his subtle texas way i'm going to kill that bill. and he did. and he did it in such a way that suddenly the power went back. >> from the days after kennedy's death with this life force, this passion, famous moment where he said what the hell is the presidency for if not to make a difference. and people picked up on that. there's one person that will have a pretty interesting argument today, michael bloomberg, the guy that sort of invented modern data crunching, who was a competent mayor. interesting to see how he plays this. say after the mess of iowa,
4:17 am
personal positions move into the post iowa, post new hampshire, post south carolina world, maybe michael bloomberg. >> wasn't that his plan? his plan is sanders will be doing well, he is leading in new hampshire, biden will stumble, there will be an opening for someone more centrist than bernie sanders. we never had a super tuesday like march 3rd, one so early and big, a third of delegates to be nominated elected on that single day. that's the michael bloomberg dream. >> michael, on the question of competence, the president and republicans are already saying they're drawing a straight line from what the iowa democratic party did to say bernie sanders being president, the line is they can't run a caucus in iowa but they want to run the national health care system. does that strike you as an effective argument? >> it might actually work in certain ways with certain voters just as in 1968, for instance, when richard nixon was running for president, he said the democrats could not run a
4:18 am
convention in chicago, do they have the competence to lead america. >> i want to show you guys as we end, "miami herald" showed the president of the united states clowning around, acting mockingly, mockingly conducting an orchestra during the super bowl star-spangled banner. can we run the clip real quick? >> yeah. >> michael, i would ask you for precedent to this. i'm pretty certain -- >> i think we would be waiting a long time to find one, joe. >> you know of none. do you guys have it? >> it is coming. >> have you seen the clip? >> i have seen the clip. >> here is donald trump, everybody else, hand over heart, his son, hand over heart, his wife, hand over heart, lock at him mockingly conducting, pointing at people that are all hand over hearts.
4:19 am
thoughts, susan? >> i think it is distressing and it probably will not have any impact on president trump's supporters giving what we have seen happen in the past. i agree with susan. people think they know him, it is not a huge surprise he would do something like this, i think they'll cut him slack. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up coverage after a quick final break. as parents of six, this network is one less thing i have to worry about. (vo) why the aceves family chose verizon. we all use our phones very differently. these two are always gaming and this one is always on facetime. and my oldest is learning to be a pilot. we need a reliable network because i need to know he's safe. as soon as he lands, he knows he better call mama. mama! (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like plans your family can mix and match starting at just $35. and apple music on us.
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hi there. i'm stephanie ruhle. it is tuesday, february 4th. here's what's happening this morning. absolute chaos and confusion in the state of iowa as technical issues overshadow the first votes of the presidential election. by this time this morning, we were supposed to have a clear winner and delegate count. one or more democratic candidates were supposed to be riding a wave of momentum and iowa was supposed to be boasting a new transparent reporting process. instead, front pages of newspapers across this nation are telling a very different story of a party in self inflicted disarray. the iowa democratic party says
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