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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  September 22, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that friends will on recalled their ambassador to the u.s., and semi invest in the back to washington. the fight was over a new submarine deal that the u.s. government made with australia. in which france made with australia and had thought that it still in that deal from. then after getting very mad and recalling their message today there was a phone call between president biden and president macron, after that the two president have seemed to have pet things up. ambassadors coming back they also announced at the two presidents will meet together in president next month. it's weird right? we president gets on the phone with another world leader and things get better? temperature drops? things don't get worse? things don't get it done saying? it's weird right, i almost forgot how that feels. it's nice. that's gonna do it for us tonight, we will do it. not to have the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> rachel just want to make sure i i was never in a fight with friends. i don't want anyone over there
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getting in the ideas about me when i -- next time i show up. which who knows when that will be. >> well france's ambassador was never recalled. >> that's correct. >> >>. you can talk about how smooth things remain, there was absolutely no cloth flicked, no conflict with france whatsoever. >> yes francis i have never been on speaking terms in the first place, so for us there was no relationship, but i'm glad to hear that you're fine. >> i thank you rachel. well today president joe biden took over the negotiation among democrats on help to pass the two track biden infrastructure legislation in congress. the president began a series of meetings today with democratic members of the house and senate beginning at the top with house speaker nancy pelosi and senator majority leader chuck
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schumer. as usual there are no real reports of what was said in that private meeting, but i can guarantee that having been in such oval office meetings, when i was working in the senate. that chuck schumer used his time with the president to tell him exactly what has been said to each senator who needs persuading, and what needs to be said now. and speaker pelosi surely did exactly the same thing with the president concerning the democratic members of the house who need to be moved from this agreement to agreement. joe biden took that advice, along with his 36 years as a senator, and eight years as vice president, negotiating with congress and to his later meetings with members of the house and senate. 11 so-called moderate members of the house and senate met with the president, and i say so-called moderate because they are all far more liberal than
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moderate democrats used to be in congress. just as joe biden is now far more liberal as president than he was as a senate. the 11 moderates included six senators, senator joe manchin kyrsten sinema jon tester mark warner jeanne shaheen, catherine cortez masto, i've moderate democrats from the house were in that meeting representative josh gottheimer who for speaker pelosi to schedule a vote on the senate passed by parts infrastructure bill for next monday. also there was steve horshford congresswoman stephanie murphy, congressmen mike thomson, and congresswoman suzan delbene. who will be our first guest tonight. and she will tell us everything that was said in that room. and after that meeting president biden met with a group of more liberal senators and house members. senator bernie saners chairman of the budget committee, ron
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wyden chairman of the finance committee, cory booker, patty murray, brian schatz the house members attending the meeting of the liberal groups were congresswoman pramila jayapal, congressmen jim mcgovern the chair of the rules committee, congress woman kathrine clark, congresswoman babara lee, and congressman mark pocan. after that meeting pramila jayapal released a written statement that the majority of our 96 member caucus will only vote for the small infrastructure bill after the build act passes. the bill congress woman pramila jayapal is now calling the small infrastructure bill is not the largest infrastructure bill in history, and has already passed the senate with a bike artisan vote. this afternoon senator bernie saners feature to read a statement with ten other
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democratic senators saying we . the ten democratic senator joining is kirsten gillbrand senator, mazie hirono, senator ed markey, senator alex padilla, senator tina smith, senator jeff merkley, brian schatz,. that written statement of the senators reminded all the democrats in congress of the original deal that all of the democrats and congress agreed to at the beginning of the legislative process earlier this summer.
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>> leading off our discussion tonight is someone who was in the room with the president today, democratic congresswoman suzan delbene of the state of washington, she is the vice chair of the house winds and means committee. congresswoman suzan delbene, thank you very much for joining us. you have the floor. you can just tell us word for word everything joe biden said. everything everyone in the room said. will cancel all the rest of the guests if it takes the whole hour. go ahead. just everything. >> well it was a great meeting, thanks lawrence, it's great to be here. it was a great meeting because we need to bring folks together, we need to talk about what that build back better, that final bill is gonna be. because it's important that we land the plane, and passed importing legislation that's going to help families communities and deliver on the promise of building back better. that's the goal. so we talked in the meeting
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about what's the meeting, what for half of the legislation, what it would take to bring folks together to have that vote. obviously they have a small majority in the house and a very small majority in the senate. so every vote counts. and i think the president did an excellent job of hearing people's priorities, their concerns, as he works with everyone across the democratic caucus to get things done. and this is a group effort. we sink or swim together. and i think the only acceptable answer is to pass a strong infrastructure bill. pass a strong build back better act. so that we are delivering for families, for workers, for communities across the country. so that was our discussion, we obviously had a separate discussion after ours, and now i think it's about what is our collective conversation to come up with that final piece of legislation. i'm chair of the new gym
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coalition, the new democrat collision, it's 40% of the house, moderate members are goal is to get things done. and no one's going to feel the benefit of the policy if we don't pass in the house. the gotta be the goal. >> so you point out that first meeting after the leadership meeting, which was the moderate group. and we all understand what the bipartisan infrastructure bill is, because it's already passed the senate. and you're all in favor of. that and so the realist gushing in that room had to be about what is now the shape of the 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation package. was there an agreement in that groom about that reconciliation package? and what was your position on that reconciliation package, and the discussion with the president tonight? >> i think the most important part, and i said this to the president, to the most important part is what's the contents of the bill. there's been a lot of talk
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about a number. but i think what people want to know is what are we going to invest. and what's the impact of that investment. that's really what makes legislation. and so our priority has been to make sure that we extend, expanded child tax credit, an important program that was part of the american rescue plan, it was only put in place for a year. we know that already ordered million families have been able to provide food for their children. over 3 million children have been lifted out of poverty. just in the last few months since the first check swing, out the families said to july 15th. 90% of kids in our country their families are benefiting from that tax credit, really a middle class tax cut. but kids don't grow up in a year. we need to make sure that we had this a long term policy that's an important priority. including refundable it which means that we're reaching every
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family because in the past the tax credit didn't reach families who made enough money to earn the full credit. that's something we fix in the american rescue plan, something we need to take going forward. so the titled tax credit is also priority, is keeping the premium subsidies going on. those of help people obtain health care, and affordable care act. making sure that we address the things that didn't expand medicaid, so that people have coverage. because really this is about making sure that everyone in their country has coverage building on aca, so important it's another top 30. so those are two priorities in the climate. i think a lot of folks in the room shut the importance of making sure that we are past serious legislation to address the climate crisis. those are three of the top priorities that we have for the new then position. but the other element that i think is important is, what i raise, and some of the others have raised in the room, it's
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important that we pick the few impactful things and do them very well. the child tax credit, making sure we extended at least through 2025. making sure we have refunded biloxi to do it well, so that people can know and rely on. it i think that that's an important ten ever any final piece of legislative. so that we do things well and so that the american people we could help them right. now as folks are continuing to struggle through the impact of the pandemic. and as we work to build back better programs like that are going to be top priority for us to fun, that's another core component of the final piece of legislation. >> so it sounds like you support everything in the reconciliation package, that would be the 3.5 trillion dollar version of the package. >> actually i think what's the important part of the package is what are we going to prioritize in the package. i think that's the final
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decision the child tax credit -- >> so when you say prioritize, does that mean get rid of some of the things? >> i think right now we have a lot of things, there has not been an agreement between the house in the senate. everything is gonna be in that final package. that's what we have to come to. we have to come to an agreement on the specific so we have a bill that has 218 votes in the house, and 50 votes in the senate. >> does joe biden have your vote on the reconciliation bill. did you leave with an agreement that when he gets this bill in the best shape that he could get it, then he can call you and he has your vote? >> i want to pass a reconciliation bill, i think new words want to pass the reconciliation bill, i think these are important priorities, so we're working to get that bill there and absolutely want to support the president. because that's how we help families in our communities. it's by passing the infrastructure bill, making a
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difference for our community, this is a historic time, and an important opportunity. and we need to get that done. >> congresswoman susan del benny, thank you so much for starting us off tonight, i really appreciated. >> no problem thank, you. >> and joining us now an opinion either for the congress foes, and at the new york daily news, he is the host of the sunday show on msnbc. >> also with us for the washington post and the senior fellow at the booking institution. so jonathan now we know everything that happened in that room except for who's voting for wife. we just don't quite know that yet. >> no we don't quite know that yet but congresswoman suzan delbene i was playing very close attention to what she had to say lawrence, and i notice that this is a group effort, the build back better act content of the bill, what are we going to invest in? pick the fuel and do them well. it was that last part that she
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said that really made my ears perk up. because if you honed in on, so congresswoman you support everything that's in the reconciliation bill, and she would negotiate with you lawrence on live television. but i got the distinct impression that now this is where the rubber meets the road. and that there are going to be hashing out what are those things that big can get into this reconciliation bill, do them well, they get to 18 in the house, and 15 in the senate, with the vice president casting the deciding vote, and that may mean, that 3.5 trillion might not be the number. and so just from that interview i come away with a little more hopeful feeling. but i do think that the pressure now is on the white house and is on president biden to stay engaged. don't let tonight just be the only time that he physically gets into the game.
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he's gotta be in the game until those bills pass. >> e.j. dionne i think the point jonathan just made about engaged, is so important, and i also think that's a very significant part about what these meetings were today. it's joe biden creating the glue that he needs, the personal glue that he needs. throughout the range of opinion of the democratic party. so that when the moment comes he can make the call to the left side of the party, to the middle of the party, to say, this is one we need to, this is one it's gonna be, this is the best the bill can be. i know you don't get everything you want, i know it's not where you want, but it's where we have to vote today. and we don't know exactly what's gonna look like when the day comes he makes that call. >> well i think biden is unusual compared to recent presidents as somebody who has spent years in the senate. i'm bringing all these members of congress up to the white house to have them negotiations
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there. and to have separate meetings with the, as you said so calm water when, and progressive wing, in attempt to be a kind of honest broker between them is a really big deal. i continue to think that the democrats, no matter how much hostage taking between now and threats to vote for this, no matter how much of that goes on no democrat wants the party to commit political suicide. and that's what they do if they don't pass these bills. and so i think this meeting comes as a very opportune time, because some of this just has to get away to real negotiations. and i think congresswoman suzan delbene made a really important point. americans aren't going to rally around, let's stand 3.5 trillion on whatever. this bill is about very specific stuff. that is actually quite popular. childcare is popular, but child
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tax credit is popular, health care expansions are popular, climate action is popular, and i think democrats have to shift this discussion from a number two here is the stuff we are actually trying to do. because once the pass whatever number, they're going to have to spend the next year selling this and persuading voters in 2020, that this was a big deal and that it did things that most voters want to happen. >> let's listen to what jen psaki had to say today. >> the president has always been open to negotiations and discussions and knew that he was not going to be alone, or able to wave a magic wand or press a proposal, i know we focus understandably on disagreement, there's a lot of agreement. a lot of agreement on the white cause for american families, making sure that we're investing now and addressing the climate crisis. and making the tax system more fair. we need to figure out what the path forward is, the president is gonna play a role in
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hopefully uniting the people around the next steps. >> this president, in this moment has more experience in this kind of negotiations then literally any president who has ever held at office before, i mean lbj did not serve in the senate have as long as joe biden did. and did not serve in the senate with the kind of legislative complexity, there's no such thing as a budget committee, never mind a budget resolution, or reconciliation rules, or any of that stuff. that has jumped up the process. now so this is one of those situations where it is so strange and so rare. the most experienced legislator in the room is the president of the united states. >> right and it is an advantage for the president. however, we have a president who is dealing with the congress unlike any other of his prices centers, have to deal with.
10:19 pm
back then lbj had a complain concuss. he had a complaint congress. they understood the norms and the rules and everything. we are in a different time in american politics, where all of the folks who are involved in this, on both sides of the aisle, feel like they can defy the president. that they don't have to listen to the president. that they are beholden to their constituents, but back to your original point, the fact that the president spent 36 years in the senate, eight years as white president, he knows how that plays should work. how that plays should work when things are working. what people need because he has had to run for statewide office because he has had to ask the people for their trust time and time again. he knows what each one of those legislators need in order to run for reelection. now the key thing is for him to
10:20 pm
stay engaged to keep them -- to be the honest or as e.j. dionne was saying before, but also remind them why they came to washington. it's not about going on cable tv or to having a twitter spat, it's about doing something for their constituents, who are hurting in the middle of a pandemic. >> e.j. dionne, the president the way he sequence this meeting today, was so fascinating. and everyone involved new. the liberals knew that the moderates were already here, they knew exactly how this flow of information was working throughout the day. one of the things that struck me is very little has reached out from what went on in those rooms. and tries i might, i wasn't able to get the congresswoman to share much about what really happened in that room and so there's a discipline leaving the room that so far impresses me, very few -- very little leaking about what was in those rooms. >> it was just bad for
10:21 pm
journalism, and really good for passing the bill. i think that's right. and i think that what you have here is a bit of an imbalance, because the progressives are insisting that they get the big bill first, because moderates don't want as much as the progressives do. and that inherently strengthens the moderate position. so that the progressives want to pass the big bill before they pass -- as you said it's pretty big the smaller bill on a physical infrastructure. because they want to keep their leverage for the other side. but having them together this way is really a sign that biden's trying to send the signal, of democrats have to hang together, or they really will hang separately, imagine the catastrophe the democrats will face if at the end of all this they don't pass anything. the old cliché of democrats in
10:22 pm
disarray is way over used, but it really would be a legitimate in that case. but i think that the fact that they all came together have suggested, no matter how heated the rioters have been in the last few days. and i think it's escalated. we understand that. and i think biden's meetings will actually have the effect of toning down potentially destructive rioters, and that's also really important to getting stuff done. >> you did diana jonathan capehart, thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> and coming up republican congress has decided now is the moment for america to stop paying insteps, senator chris will join us next. where cultures and bonds are made between us. where we create things together. open each other's minds. raise each other's ambitions. and do together, what we can't do apart.
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appeal of the conservative movement is the appeal of being a jerk. mocking people mocking people once again, republicans are saying the time has come for the united states of america to stop paying its debts. >> are we hostage to republicans who are threatening
10:27 pm
to blow up a part of the economic system? because they want to do that for politics? that's just not where we should be as a nation. >> joining us now is democratic senator chris van hollen of maryland, a member of the senate appropriations committee and the senate budget committee. can you cut the suspense for us and tell us what is going to happen on the debt ceiling and raising or suspending the debt ceiling by october 1st? so that the country does not go to default? >> lawrence, i wish i could provide you assurances but right now we are seeing mitch mcconnell once again being entirely hypocritical. it is not surprising. but i do think the country will focus on what they are doing to all of us, the country, which is threatening a total economic meltdown. plain economic arson.
10:28 pm
and as we saw from an independent study from movies, threatening 6 million jobs and 16 trillion dollars in lost wealth and more. so this is what mitch mcconnell is prepared to do, apparently for political reasons. i don't understand his calculus here, i think the american people will hold him responsible if there is damage done. >> so what is happening here is that if the democrats -- if chuck schumer brings up a change to the debt ceiling, mcconnell is saying that the republicans will require a 60 vote threshold, they will block it. they don't have to do that. it used to be that no one would dare try to bring a 60 vote threshold to a must pass bill like a debt ceiling or other things in the senate. but now mcconnell is saying you will need 60 votes to do that, you won't get the republican
10:29 pm
votes to do that. and therefore he is in effect saying, democrats should just do it in the reconciliation bill. >> you are making a very important point, which is mitch mcconnell and the republicans should do, what they should do versus what they did during donald trump's term, which is to lift the debt ceiling. but if they don't want to do that, if they don't want to provide security for the country's economy, at the very least, get out of the way. don't block the democrats from passing a vote to protect our economy. but right now he is threatening exactly that, threatening to use the filibuster to cause an economic meltdown. i remember back in 2008, lawrence, during the financial meltdown, when we had a vote in the house. on the rescue plan. no one wanted to vote for it by speaker pelosi assured
10:30 pm
president bush that enough president bush that enough democrats would vote for that -- what happened was, speaker boehner, deliver the republican votes, and we watched the stock market crash. within 24 hours, there were votes to salvage the situation. i hope mitch mcconnell doesn't take us to that point. but that is where they are headed. if he wants to take us over the cliff, and wants the economy to crash, because he is filibustering, then it will be totally on him. and the american people will know. it >> went about democrats just doing it in the reconciliation bill? >> in order to put it in the reconciliation bill, we would have had to include it in the original budget resolution. and we decided for a variety of reasons not to do it that way. and now we are where we are. and mitch mcconnell doesn't get
10:31 pm
some kind of concession simply for getting out of the way and doing the right thing on the debt ceiling. as you know, we don't just wake up tomorrow morning and say, we are not going to make our car or mortgage payments. and what mitch mcconnell is saying, the country should wake up and say to the rest of the world, we will not abide by our full faith and credit. the united states is not going to pay its bills. and that is a recipe for fiscal chaos and would hurt every single american. that's where we are. >> so if mitch mcconnell is in effect, inviting you to do it in the budget reconciliation bill, if you do do it in the budget reconciliation bill, then presumably mitch mcconnell would have the republicans not raise any point of order against it. and therefore it could just stay in. the parliamentarian is not going to challenge it on her
10:32 pm
own. they have to raise an objection. so is there any possibility that that is where -- that at that point, mitch mcconnell is allowing it to happen? >> i think you would have to go through lots of legislative somersaults to get to that point. here is what he wants to do, lawrence. he wants to create the false impression that the money that would be required to raise the debt ceiling is the cost of the reconciliation bill. and the reality is, is that we know we are working very hard with president biden to make sure we can pay for the reconciliation bill, through tax reform and closing some big tax loopholes for corporations, who parked their property overseas. by making sure that wealthy people pay their fair share in taxes. what mcconnell wants to do in that reconciliation bill, this price tag for raising the debt
10:33 pm
ceiling, over 30% of that debt was run out by the trump administration. what he wants to do is add both that number to that bill, so they can totally mislead the american people into suggesting that, in the reconciliation bill, it costs trillions and trillions. that is the political play. and i don't think he should fall for that. >> senator chris van hollen, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, great to be with you. >> coming up, tonight the fda authorized a third shot for people over 65 who receive the pfizer vaccine and people over 18 who are at higher risk for covid exposure. meanwhile, 96% of people in africa are still waiting for their first shot. today the biden administration made some major commitments to improving that situation internationally. hhs director and the office of
10:34 pm
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ today i'm announcing another
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historic commitment. the united states is buying another half billion doses of pfizer, to donate to lower and middle income countries around the world. we've already ship nearly 160 million doses to 100 countries. more than every other country has donated combined. for every one shot we've administered to date in america, we have now committed to do three shots to the rest of the world. >> today president biden hosted a virtual global 19 some mid, with heads of state and leaders from heads of organization to increase the distribution of vaccines around the world. in the united states, 54.9% of the total population is fully vaccinated, in africa nearly 4% of the total population of that continent has been fully vaccinated. african has the lowest
10:39 pm
vaccination rate of any continent. the five african countries with the lowest vaccination rates are, the democratic republic of congo, tanzania, chad, south sudan, and king of hostile all with less than 1% of less of their population vaccinated. president has made the united states the world leader in distributing vaccines. joining us now is lois pace the director of the global affairs, and department of health and human services. thank you very much for joining us tonight with, what are some of the challenges you're facing and actually getting these vaccines delivered especially to countries where refrigeration is a challenge for the pfizer vaccine the not only don't have refrigeration, but they also have the generators to power, if there is some infrastructure to this? >> well first off lawrence it was exciting they announced it that the president made today
10:40 pm
that we will be able to in addition purchased 5 million, bringing our total to about a billion that will be sharing for the next year, but you're right. there are challenges in regards to readiness that we need to consider, and that was also part of today's covid summit discussion. when you think about issues like refrigeration in other logistics, those are certainly issues that would focus on here at each ace as. and across the government. and we're actually working in countries like those you named. the drc in particular. to help bring them up, to a standard where they can absorb this pfizer vaccine. we've been able to work with them on a bull a vaccine, distribution for example. so we're confident in our part ships on the ground, in that we can accelerate the uptake of providing. >> what is on your wish list for the united states hasn't yet been able to get to in terms of international support? >> well, i think some of that is outlined in what we shared
10:41 pm
today. but one key piece is just transparency, one of the biggest questions we have is what surprised is really available. and we aren't sure if some of the issues around the supplies of vaccine is related to the supply chain itself. if they are regulatory issues in countries. or something else entirely like the logistics you mentioned. and we're hopeful that by bringing the global community together, including companies, as well as as a government, we can look more closely at what we are all tracking, and just be honest with one another. about what's in the pipeline, what's projecting versus actually available. and so one of our calls was for that level of data transparency and that communication. we found that one were able to have those conversations, with other government leaders, our industry leaders that we fare a lot better in the support we're trying to offer worldwide. >> let's listen to more about the president had to say today.
10:42 pm
>> we're also known from the experience that getting those vaccines into peoples arms, maybe the hardest logistical challenge we faced. today the united states is also announcing and providing additional 300 and $70 million to supported administering the shot and delivery globally. and we will be providing more than 300 and $80 million, to assist in the global vaccine alliance. to further facilitate vaccine distribution, in reason with the greatest need. >> the united states is so far out in front of any other country and this kind of sharing of the vaccine. what is the united states doing to try and encourage other countries with the capacity to share the vaccine? >> that was a big impetus for our meeting today lawrence. really bringing the world
10:43 pm
together. and giving them the platform to share with us with their ambitions would be. we know that more needs to be done, and we've been doing a lot as we said, but we're even willing to put more out there. to put more on the table. and so our call to action for the country is to do the same, it's something a lot of people don't realize, is that as we continue to contribute those additional doses, there still a number of doses that have yet to be unlocked. there's a number of commitments that have yet to be fulfilled. and so one of our asked for a g7 leaders, for example in other countries that have made commitments. it just to make good on those commitments, and it's very hopeful to hear the president of the eu for example say just that. >> loyce pace, like you very much for joining us on this important story, really appreciated. >> thank you learn. >> coming up, it seems impossible to be a member of congress and an optimist. and the bipartisan negotiation over police reforms seem to
10:44 pm
have highlighted that once again today, congresswoman karen bass, the participant in those bipartisan negotiation on police reforms will join us next. i karen bass
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♪♪ there is something about new jersey senators and optimism, something good. something verging on the noble. when i was the chief of staff at the senate finance committee, the leading tax expert with a brilliant senator bill bradley, a former rhodes scholar, with two world championship rings. one day in the finance committee room, when we were at an impasse on legislation, i overheard senator bradley say with a reporter, i'm in the optimism business. my relationship to optimism was best defined by my then boss, senator daniel patrick moynahan, who said that to be irish, is to know that in the end the world will break your heart. today, new jersey senator cory
10:49 pm
booker seems to be the senate's leading optimist. senator booker takes on the impossible and he always does it with that smile. this year's example of that is senator booker's long and winding road of negotiations with republican senator tim scott over police reform legislation in the aftermath of the murder of george floyd. he insisted that he and other republicans were really ready to write a bipartisan police reform bill. many observers said that would never happen. but cory booker is not an observer. he is an optimist. he went to work with senator scott. and long after anyone else would have given up, senator cory booker held on and kept negotiating as republicans kept moving further from an agreement. and today senator booker said his negotiation with senator scott has come to an end. here is what senator booker said in an exchange with reporters, near the senate
10:50 pm
florida, where cameras are not allowed. >> i had a quick conversation with tim scott. we weren't making progress. it was clear that we were not making the progress that we needed to give america would i think the largest civil rights protest we've had in our country's history demands for meaningful reform. this is all new. i haven't even talked to chuck schumer. it was clear in this moment we were not making progress. in fact, recent back and forth with paper showed me that we were actually moving away from it. so i am not stopping. i imagine that it is something that he has said very purposefully that is important to him. tim scott and i have had both had horrible, personal experiences with police officers. there are shameful things that have happened to us and members of our families that should not go on in america. we know about the history of policing in this country. we know that there have been people tragically, over and
10:51 pm
over again, abused, beaten and killed by police officers in an unjust manner. so this work must continue. i will not give up. >> joining us now is a participant in this negotiations, democratic congresswoman karen bass of california. congresswoman karen bass, so many people on the sidelines were saying from the start, no way, it's homeless. there's cory booker, even after all of the setbacks he has had. and having, in effect now, given up on the negotiations with tim scott, saying that he will not give up. for those of you who do not want to give up, what is your next move? >> well, first of all, i agree with him 100%. i will not give up either. i have been fighting for police reform at the local and national level for many, many, many years. what we have decided to do, is to call on the biden administration, and you ask
10:52 pm
them to use all of the powers at their disposal to continue to move the needle forward. and so, we have to continue in the legislative side and continue to try to put at least minimum reforms into law. but the bottom line was, was that we just could not seem to get senator scott to yes. granted, there were a lot of pressures from outside forces. but i also think the other thing is, that we may have missed our moment. i think our best moment was when there were tens of thousands of people on the street in every state and many countries around the world, demanding that change take place. but you know lawrence, the senate kind of moves a little slow. and i think when that momentum had subsided, i do think that in the campaigns last year, democrats were accused of defunding the police. i absolutely do not support
10:53 pm
defunding police and either does senator booker. but that was, essentially, how we were labeled. crime cycles. crime ticked off and i think that that was used to say, actually, the reason why crime is sticking up, is because we are tying the hands of police. so i think it was used as a campaign strategy. and i think that that helped to destroy the momentum that we had last year. but i am not giving up. and i believe that -- >> but what about turning to a local focus now? you all represent districts with police departments that you could encourage locally, within your districts, and within your states. new jersey for cory booker. to approach them locally, to say, here are the steps we hope you will be taking and moving in these directions. >> you know, you raise a really important point, lawrence. because even though we may not have succeeded on a national
10:54 pm
level, we have seen reforms take place all around the country. many states, cities and counties -- certainly, in my state of california, we have been moving the needle forward on police reform for a long time. in los angeles, the police, even though there are issues that police have to work on, they certainly participated on a national level, in terms of calling for some of the reforms we were working for, to take place. so it is different situations in every location. but i think that the movement that we saw last year, absolutely had many successes, all around the country. and i think that that will continue. just because things stall on a federal level, that doesn't mean that change at a local and state level does not take place. >> i know there has been some reporting about your possible considering running for mayor of los angeles, and i'm wondering if an experience like
10:55 pm
this, coming to, at least for the moment, the end of the road, legislatively -- i wonder does that make you look out at city hall in los angeles, and think, maybe that is the place where i should take that crusade? >> well, i believe in change on every single level. i am concerned in los angeles that i don't want to see our city's turn on itself. because we do have serious problems in l.a.. and truthfully, the last four years, watching the trump administration and what we went through, i don't want to see the division that has taken place at the national level take place locally. >> congresswoman karen bass, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me on. >> we will be right back with tonight's last word. ght's last word.
10:56 pm
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committee governor.
11:00 pm
he doesn't want to raise the ceiling to want to repeat. it healed around us here at the last word with the latest on the debt ceiling the two track infrastructure bill, and more. that is tonight's last word, the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. >> and good evening once again the 246 of the biden administration, and briefly hear our breaking news tonight has to do with those booster shots. the fda has now signed off on a third dose of the pfizer vaccine for people 65 and over as well as those at risk of severe disease. the cdc is expected to weigh in with more specific guidelines within the next day, or so. it's complicated. that news comes as president biden is on a full court press to say his first term agenda. and the stakes as we keep reporting, could not be higher. he spent today getting his own democrats on board trying to bridge the differences between members of the home team. this afternoon he held three separate face to face meetings wi


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