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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 20, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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rachel maddow. good evening, rachel. >> hi. >> it's always strange, that hand off, i have to say. thank you for staying home with us. the culture war to revoke civil
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rights for gay people is back and raging in the state of maine. the bellwether congressional race is turning into a blood bath. just among the conservatives. it will be news that conserves the heart of the most pessimistic democrat. george w. bush had a big. a speaker. plus, we're talking spitballs. you know you are wondering. it's coming up over the course of the hour. we begin with three words that bring me an extraordinary amount of joy to say, again. roll the animation. yes, it's that time of year, again. we are now precisely two weeks away from election 2009, when voters across specific parts of the country take to the polls to vote in a local and statewide election. some elections gained national attention like new jersey and virginia. for the country as a whole, the races are important to the extent they are bellwethers, real world indicators of what's going on in american politics. if today's crazy news about one of these bellwether races is anything to go by, what's going on here in american politics is absolute chaos on one side of the political spectrum. the race in question is to replace the upstate new york
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republican congressman john mchugh. he needs to be replaced because he's appointed by president obama to be the new secretary of the army. his district is described by one of the local papers there as one of the most reliably republican seats in the nation. parts of the district haven't been led by a democrat since the civil war when francis spinner was elected back in 1854. this year, this new york district which hasn't elected a democrat since the civil war era looks close to electing a democrat in 2009 because of a be bare-knuckled, hair-pulling fight that's broken out over this race on the political right. when former house speaker newt gingrich endorsed the republican candidate, the conservative club for growth went after gingrich with both barrels. they snarked about mr. gingrich
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saying gingrich does this all the time. he likes to cultivate the image of being an innovator and thinker and so on. when the conservative magazine "the weekly standard" sent a reporter to question the republican candidate in the race, the candidate called the police to question the reporter, prompting "weekly standard" editor bill crystal to put out a snarky statement of his own calling the republican, desperadecembe despera desperate. the house republican leadership, like john boehner and eric cantor have come out in favor of the republican candidate. the republican party spent more than $300,000 in the race on her behalf. that caused republican columnist michelle malkin to held her readers, quote, if you have given to the national republican congressional committee, the republican national committee, or newt gingrich under the impression that they are using the money to support conservati conservatism, you might want to ask for your money back. even as the republican party and usual suspects like the national rifle association support the
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republican running to replace a republican congressman in this republican district, the conservative movement is bolting. they are instead supporting a candidate who's running on the conservative party ticket. he's even got t.e.a. party support in the form of an endorsement former lobbyist dick armey. and the split isn't just between elected republicans and the conservative movement. as the leadership endorses and funds the race, other ambitious elected house republicans like mike pence, who appears to want to run for president and tom price of georgia, they have refused to back the republican candidate. this is all regardless of the democrat in the race. essentially, the right has fractured over this one race. they are not only disagreeing about whether to choose the republican party or conservative party candidate, they are denouncing one another in the process, pledging the death of one another's political careers over this split.
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the local impact of this chaos on the right, the ultimate affect for the 23rd district may very well be they elect their first democrat since the civil war. with republicans split over the two candidates on the right, they are ahead in recent polling. wisdom, the first round of elections in the president's first year are a referendum on that president. this year's bellwether looks a lot more like a referendum on the state of the republican party. the democrats rejoice. it's a cage map. joining us now is dave weigel who's been covering the republican infighting in new york's rd. thanks for joining us. >> it's nice to be here. >> is what we're seeing here, is this the t.e.a. party mooumpvem flexing their electoral muscles. is that how we should see it? >> it is. it's the most telling thing about the race.
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the split between newt gingrich an dick armey. dick army has been in line with the t.e.a. party since the inception, since they voted for t.a.r.p. the weekly standard role is the biggest for me. they were backing john mccain to the republican party. as a center left challenge to the republican party. now, they are backing the third party, the conservative candidate and it's in alignment with the t.e.a. party movement. they're saying the republican party must -- if they come back to power, they must be pure candidates approved with dick armey's rubber stamp and with the right statements on card check and a.c.o.r.n. and the other litmus tests created over the last year. >> what are the forces weighing in against the republican party from the right here. there's dick armey. there's "the weekly standard." it seems to me like there aren't a lot of local divisions that
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parallel the national division here. it seems like it's a who's who movement of national figures coming in and big-footing this race. >> that's the way it looks. in d.c., i remember when the candidate was first announced and the first republicans talked about said it was over. the republican activists said it was over. will you m t but in the district, the t.e.a. party activists are working the phones getting local republicans to diss her. the republican party spoke to an original t.e.a. party. he said i've written the race off. we lost it from the get go. the conservative party can't run it. it's a very organic fight. as much as they are organizing around it. t.e.a. parties have always pounded their chests about being independents and not republican party pawns. this is the -- this is the most extreme case you have seen of that. they are willing to make a republican go down with the
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ship, locally and nationally, if it proves the conservative movement is independent. >> what do you think the national waves of this would be. local republicans in this district thought they needed a moderate republican to win in this district. if conservatives, whether local or national as we're also seeing, if conservatives force that moderate republican candidate out of the race who local republicans chose, what's the -- what are the ripples? what's the impact nationally? >> republicans are pretty confident they've going to win the virginia governor's race. they're going to sweep in virginia, they think. they are ready to spin the day after the election that conservatism won. if a democrat picks up the seat in new york, they're going to say, well, look at the conservative vote plus the republican vote. and look at bob mcdonald in virginia and the republican election in maine. they view this as almost a free vote. if a republican wins the race, all those who endorse say they
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are ready to go and mount a primary challenge to her. she would be spending ten months as an incumbent member of congress, getting beaten up by michelle malkin, dick armey, all these people, having trouble getting members of congress to endorse her. this is not so much a campaign about electing a congressman, it's part of the cause. for the run in 2010, they're willing to throw this republican under the bus if it makes the point that the republican party cannot be allowed to send moderate liberals, supporters of abortion rights to congress. '. >> it's just fascinating. we've been talking for the last year about how the republicans are going to rebuild and whether or not they're going to be able to short out amongst themselves whether or not the way forward is through moderation and trying to appear more centrist forthey're going to go into a sort of death spiral of ideological purism. and it's no longer theoretical. we're actually seeing it happen right here. to see john boehner and eric cantor and the republicans of
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the country lose the fight is remarkable. dave, as far as i understand your take on it, you think no matter what happens, the republicans will find a way to take credit for it, despite this fight? >> they will. "the weekly standard's" role is interesting. it's a conservative magazine. i think they are ready to see some blood in the water and say look, this proves our point. you know? if the republicans just listened to us and nominated a far right candidate. if they lose in new jersey, they'll say if you had listened to us and nominated a more liberal candidate, we would have won. it's an opportunity to flex muscles. if you're a republican that would like to get back into the majority someday, look at the t.e.a. party movement that gives you a big, active electoral base
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that's ready to pound the pavement and elect republicans. you look at them and realize you can't control them. these people have beliefs and they're going to act on them and sometimes they'll burn you. >> the sound you hear in the distance is democrats cheering and clapping and popping champagne bottles all over the country at this news. >> not yet. they love to use the civil war anecdote. we're not going to win this. it's very close. pay no attention to this district where obama beat mccain by three points. >> thank you for your time. thank you very much. the passing of proposition 8 restored the second class citizenship of same-sex couples and gay people in the state. number two, it galvanized gay right activists like few things have in recent memory. the next battleground, the state of maine where question one is the new prop eight. that fight is upon us and apparently tied in the polls
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same-sex marriage has been declared legal in six states, five of them in new england plus iowa, bless its cotton socks. plus california for a time issued marriage licenses for same-sex couples, but then, 50 weeks ago today, as progressives hailed the election of barack obama and a sweeping v ining de
11:16 pm
victory in the 2008 selection, california passed proposition 8. it was an $83 million culture war, an initiative that rescinded the rights of california's same-sex couples. they upheld prop 8 and you may recall it made people mad. today, a fight is under way in the great state of maine, where the initiative to repeal the same-sex marriage rights is question one. it's a vote to revoke the rights granted by the equality law. it was signed earlier this year by the state's governor. the people leading the charge are the folks that worked to pass proposition 8 in california. the stand for marriage campaign in maine hired the same pr company that ran the campaign in california. they are schubert, flint, public affairs. they are trying to eliminate the gay rights in maine as in california are using exactly the
11:17 pm
same campaign. exactly. watch closely and see if you can identify the similarities. >> it's already happened in massachusetts. gay marriage will be taught in our schools. unless we vote yes on proposition 8. >> okay. that's california. here's maine. >> it's already happened in massachusetts. vote yes on question one to keep homosexual marriage from being taught in schools. you think the anti-gay people got their money's worth? they did change the actors, some of them. now, in maine, the latest poll numbers are dead even. 48% in favor and 48% opposed. joining us now is the campaign manager for the no on one campaign in maine.
11:18 pm
mr. connelly, thanks for vuch for your time tonight. >> thank you rachel for having me on. >> is it right to characterize the antigay marriage campaign as a tactical rerun of prop 8 in california? >> yeah, rachel. i think we are seeing in maine similar tactics that were put out in california by the same pr firm that you mentioned. i think maine people are fair minded people that will see through the attacks and we feel confident about where the campaign is headed as we head into the next two weeks. >> what are you doing differently in maine than california. i know you studied some of that campaign and the strategies on both sides. >> it's been a multiyear advocates that knew it was a two-pronged approach. simultaneously build the referendum clause in our campaign. we are been working hard for
11:19 pm
over a year now to make sure we are in the best position to win this november 3. >> in terms of your strategy, tell me how you are going to do it. the polling is tied. similar sex marriage has a record of 0-30 at the ballot box. you are an experienced maine campaigner. what makes you think yours could be the first to win? >> i think a couple things are going on. this is an off year election. we feel the field effort we put on the ground that's been building over the years, second to none. the organizers have been working day in and day out. we have an experienced team of seasoned political veterans putting together messages on the air waves. we field the combination of our field effort that's been going on for the past year and the paid media that we've been pushing will really sort of make sure that are maine voters understand just how critical it
11:20 pm
is to vote no this november 3. >> on proposition 8, the wisdom that i share, was that the antigay marriage forces knew exactly what they were doing. the promarriage were slightly -- gay people and people who support gay rights were taken aback galvanized by it. i wonder if you have benefits from that? have they decided to support question one in maine. the no on one because they feel guilty that enough wasn't done to stop prop 8. >> i can't really talk about prop 8. i'm excited about the levels of support we are seeing from folks around the country. they are donating time and coming on a volunteer vacation to do the hard work we need to do in the field. it's critical. we looked at the play book.
11:21 pm
these are the same ads putting forth. we think our ads that have been done really put these guys back in their box. we're not going to let anything go unchallenged. we push back hard and quickly. the combination of the ads is critical for our success. we think we will be successful. >> the portland diocese played a roll passing the collection plate for donations against gay marriage. are there religious dynamics at work here and has that complicated the effort for you guys? are there religious works together? >> there are. i think they are on both sides of the issue. we have catholics for marriage equality. when the catholic diocese did a collection, we had supporters out there, really making sure
11:22 pm
the message of full equality is not something one side of the religious podium gets to claim for themselves. we have looked at putting people of faith in front of the campaign as leaders and spokes people for the campaign. it's important that mess snlg is something we all deserve. campaign manager for no on one, protect maine equality. i can tell from looking at the sober, serious people behind you, they are waging a serious effort there. feel free to tell them to smile and laugh now that the segment is over. >> thanks so much for having us. >> thanks, jesse, appreciate it. good luck to you. the upcoming get motivated seminar in san antonio ya, texas. they include terry brad shaw. a minister, robert shuler. and a guy that's built the 43rd
11:23 pm
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tonight, we have a little new insight on how the republican party is dealing with the political minority.
11:27 pm
we got the news of the post electoral career paths. come december, the future of the party, half-term alaska governor and vice president candidate sarah palin will speak in front of a sold-out crowd at a private christian school in missouri. they are most famous for hosting sarah palin as well as the policy on lifestyle/sexuality. they prohibit sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assaults and also homosexual conduct. because, you know, it's all basically the same thing. but the bigger scheduling surprise of the day comes from the bush family. news that former president george w. bush and former first lady will be doing stints as motivational speakers, headlining multiple events for
11:28 pm
this couple, tamera and peter lowe. they create and produce the get motivated seminar. they have been married for 20 years. to add punch to the statement, they have posted a picture of themselves online kissing at the event at which george w. bush will be speaking is described on line as a motivational megashow that packs more inspirational firepower than a stick of dynamite. because dynamite is very inspirational? these are some of the promotional materials being put out here. that's the 43rd president. right between camera low and dr. robert shuler. described as best-selling author of more than 25 books. his speech promises to teach you the skill of assessing good and
11:29 pm
bad ideas. he says it's not as obvious as you think. i don't know if it will be before or after george bush's speech, but i'm guessing before. he'll speak at two dates one in october and one in december. for the december event, look who he appears to be replacing. if you go to the corpus christi event for december 1, among the speakers is dr. earl mendell. described as the ultimate on vitamins, fitness and nutrition. go to the next date, you'll see in dr. earl mendell's place is george bush. he has replaced the vitamin guy. laura bush will be speaking for the same series, but she'll be speaking in a separate city from the former president. she's described as recognized a -- by gallup polls as one of the most popular and beloved first ladies in american history.
11:30 pm
they spelled gallup wrong, it makes me sad. motivational events including this one. i'm being pressured to attend. i don't think i need to be fixed. the answer posted on this website to this frequently asked question is, quote, neither do we. the kwet motivated seminar is designed for anyone interested in continuing to grow and achieve levels of success. this is the perfect opportunity to obtain more of what you want in your life and less of what you don't. unless what you don't want is to be pressured to go to a motivational seminar. another question they answer on their website is this -- can i get the same information from reading books? the answer is, not even if you read a billion books. this is really just the beginning of the george bush speaking tour.
11:31 pm
who knows what kind of speeches this will lead to. the future looks bright. wayne, it's nice to see you again. >> great to be with you, rachel. >> i'm going to disclose my feelings about this, if they're not already clear. this seems like a strange signal to send for the president's first big american multi-occasion speaking gigs. what signal do you think he's trying to send? >> look, this is the granddaddy of the sales motivation seminars. this is babbitt meats the super bowl. this is what everyone would want to see if you're a mid level salesman trying to sell stuff to people who don't want to buy what you're selling. i think part of what george w. bush is doing, this is really an
11:32 pm
introduction to the george w. bush legacy project, of which we're going to see a lot. karl rove is putting together a book -- he's finished itting actually going to be out early next year, explaining the bush years. bush himself is going to prepare a book. a library is being built, of course, in dallas. this is part of the legacy tour. and george bush, who left office, as you may remember, with a couple of unpopular wars and an economy going down the tubes is going to be on the stage with winners, not losers. they're all winners up there. >> but he's going to be on stage at an event. i spent so much time on this website today. some of the things they will talk about is eight keys to communication and captivating public speaking. how to get your ideas accepted, acted upon and accomplished. seems like an odd thing for a
11:33 pm
recent president to be aligning himself with. just in terms of the tone, doesn't it? >> these are george bush's people. zig zeigler is a motivational legend in the sort of latter day dale carnegie ranks. and i think george bush feels comfortable with a number of these folks. but you're right, it's not the council on foreign relations. it's not that kind of speech. >> it's interesting to me that laura bush is doing more of these events than her husband, george bush. he's doing two, she's doing a sprinkling of events. do you think there's a texas dynamic at play here? >> there is. laura bush did lots of them as george bush was leaving the white house. this is his first time. zig zeigler is a legend around dallas, texas. this is not where he's from. there's an upbeat, up, up with people's spirit in texas,
11:34 pm
certainly around dallas, ft. worth, san antonio and corpus christi. you have the president of the united states who here in texas remains fairly popular, really points to the optimism, even the sales craft of a place like texas. >> i love the way you sell texas. you could sell texas to anybody. you don't need to be inspired by one of these seminars. let me ask one last question. is this likely to be a financial decision for the former president as well? is this the sort of thing that pays very well for the people who are brought on as speakers? >> this pays very well. my sense is george bush gets at least $100,000 for 40 minutes of work, one speech. they don't talk about how much they pay these people. it's a big event. the actual night they have them at a football stadium or soccer arena doesn't make a lot of money.
11:35 pm
they also sell, people associated with it sell everything from dvds, inspirational tapes to weight loss programs and make money. it's not his first motivation, i'm sure. but it sure doesn't hurt putting $100,000 in your pocket that night. >> wayne, senior political reporter with the dallas morning news. thanks for your insight. >> new york yankees pitcher mariano rivera appeared to spit on a baseball during yesterday's playoff game against the l.a. angels. there are people in this room now, operating cameras are angry with me for bringing this up. rob, calm down. that would seem to appear to create a spitball if you spit on a ball. i would say it's cheating. to talk me down about it is bill wolff.
11:36 pm
he's head of prime time programming at nbc. he pays a lot of attention to baseball and rarely spits anymore. he assures me the yankees don't cheat as much as i think they do. stick around. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 tdd# 1-800-345-2550 well we're going to be living on this money pretty soon. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 there's no time to make mistakes, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 at this point we need all the help we can get. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i've got investments all over, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 so i just need some reassurance, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 ya know, that i'm doing the right thing. tdd# 1-800-345-2550
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>> i'm not crazy about the new york yankees baseball team. notice i'm here doing this show and not watching them right now. as a red sox fan, in fact, i'll admit i'm hard wired to believe that yankees cheat. i will ask bill wolff to talk me down in just a moment. but first, some holy mackerel stories in the news. somali pirates took crew members hostage. it's the first successful attack since three warships last year. a roiters reporter was able to actually call one of the pirates onboard. they said they were carrying fuel and will bring it back to somalia. a lot of ships have been hijacked off the coast. this is record breaking, therefore making tonight's news because of where the ship was when it was attacked. the ship was attacked and boarded about 350 miles north of the seychelles. 700 miles from somalia.
11:40 pm
that's the farthest afield any pirates have struck in modern pirating history. 700 miles, which i think means i sort of need to take it back, there was no hijacking off the coast of somalia. that would be like saying in late january, barack and michelle obama picked up the kids and moved to the outskirts of chicago. if you define the white house in d.c. as being on the chicago outskirts. 700 miles. and a new u.s. navy ship is about to be commissioned. you could describe it as a return home. 7.5 tons of the steel used to build the ship's forward hull was taken from the wreckage of the world trade buildings on knocked down on 9/11. the metal in it doesn't stop there.
11:41 pm
in the navy, there's a tradition called the ship's silver, like the china your grandmother would only bring out for special occasions. but instead of your grandmother, it's the captain of a ship carrying u.s. ma reens. the ship's silver is handed down. for example, on the uss new york, this sugar bowl and punch bowl will be passed down from a previous ship with the same name. here is the part of the story we had to check to make sure it wasn't sourced to "the onion." beyond the fancy silver inherited from previous ships, the way they're trying to outfit the uss new york with the rest of its silver, they've registered the uss new york at tiffany's, as if it was a bride. you could buy this billion vehicle, a $4200 teapot or you could buy them a $2,000 trey. if the recession has taken its toll and you're having a rough year, we might also suggest this fork.
11:42 pm
that contract with the pentagon is starting to lo i-- that $2,0e pentagon is starting to look like a real steal. republicans are now a small minority. a new washington post abc news poll, 25% of the republicans identify themselves as republicans. they lost control of the house and senate in 2006. then getting further clobbered in the election. in the senate, it's been a rough few years for republicans. they were in the majority through the 2004 election. democrats took the senate minority, then last year, they blew up for the republicans. 2008 was a senate disaster for them. they lost eight seats in one election. they gave democrats a supermajority. to be fair, a lot of political winds were blowing against them when they got clobbered. but it cannot have hem heped
11:43 pm
that the man in charge of the republican party's senate campaign commit tier, the man in charge of electing and re-electing republican senators in '08 was nevada's john ensign. while senator ensign was supposed to be in charge of, say, republicans not losing eight seats in the senate, we know he was also doing elaborate damage control about his extramarital affair that's now become known. it included putting his mistress' teenage son on the payroll. we know it involved him having the political director of the republican senate campaign committee in the heat of the lead-up to the '08 elections stop working on electing republican senators and instead start working on finding a job for the husband of john ensign's mistress. that apparently was pressing campaign business under john ensi ensign's leadership.
11:44 pm
the efforts to elect republicans in '08 failed miserably. they lost eight seats. now we know why that effort might have been a little distracted. as both parties gear up, we just learned from added further insult to injury of what they have done in in their party's chances in washington. specifically in the senate. according to new fund raising reports his parents famous for paying off his mistress maxed out personal donations to harry reid. the leader of the senate democrats. ouch. , kids cheering ] ♪ ♪ [ cheering ] [ female announcer ] sharing. that's video on the human network.
11:45 pm
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but when i got back from my first trip... the look was unmistakable. more room for adventure. the all-new subaru outback. motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year.
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the last time the new york yankees baseball team was as good as they are now, the owner described them as the evil empire. you know who bought in? me. headlines screaming angels fans cry foul over mare ya know ra vary ya's spitball video. the secret to his cutter, he has been and remains the star relief pitcher of the new york yankees. the cause of the controversy was nine seconds of tv footage from the tenth inning of last night's
11:49 pm
yankees-an jills playoff game. when frankly, it looked like mariano rivera cheated by spitting on the baseball. spitballs are illegal, right? he's a cheater. at least that's what yankees haters decided to think. however, major league baseball reviewed it frame by frame. seriously, they had to look at the video frame by frame. and they concluded, we have found no evidence that mariano rivera spit on the ball. what did he just spit near the ball? the yankees ended up losing the game 5-4 in the 11th inning, i'm delighted to tell you. joining us now is the vice president of prime time programming at msnbc and the executive producer of this this show, mr. bill wolfe, also a guest columnist for the "philadelphia inquirer" and quasi religious cardinals
11:50 pm
baseball fan. glad to have you here. >> always a pleasure. busy booking my flight to ft. worth. i have a motivational seminar. >> tell me your take. you don't think he cheated. >> total utter nonsense. to believe it you have to believe two things. mariano is one of the greatest pitchers ever. he does a cutter, does the same thing every time. you have to believe he used a spitball to do that every time last 13 years a spitball likes a curt is unpredictable. what he does is mystifying and unpredictable. number two, you have to believe he has to have had a brain cramp and hock an lugie for the first time on national tv. and a unable to control a pitch and b, fool enough to hock the lugie on the ball. >> people who rise to great
11:51 pm
heights and get caught with stuff have to always be excused to say, he can't be this successful if he was dumb enough to get caught. couldn't this have been a one-time thing. >> no. how you throw a spitball isn't by hocking a lugie on the ball. >> why is it called a spat spitball? >> back in the day when lugies were more vicious -- i didn't mean that. but in the olden day, the last 80 years, they totally do it, they don't actually spit, they put some other substance on the ball. >> what are your props. >> these are props for doctoring a baseball. it can be explained like every other question in the history of humanity, like walter mattieu.
11:52 pm
>> what's he doing now? >> that's the spitter. wets her fingers and appears to dry them on the peak of her cap but she's not really drying them because she has vaseline on them. watch this. >> it happens. >> even in "bad news bears," it's baffling. >> the reason is the baseball is essential lay perfect sphere. the way you get it, if it flies without special spin, it flies straight. in order to get it to curve unpredictably, you have to change how round it is, make it less perfect sperrically and aerodynam aerodynamics. that requires soap or something, not an lugie. unless it's extraordinary, maybe he's got the flu there, are other ways to do it. you can use a thumbtack, you start scratching the side of the
11:53 pm
ball, causes an im balance. hide an emory board in your pocket and shave on it. or have the catcher caught hole and rub interest the mud, causes a spot of mud on it. anything that causes a spot of balan on the ball is an unpre didicta move. the principle is like the whiff ball. it's lopsided not perfectly spherical and eaerodynamics caue it to break. every day, kent jones and i take 2 1/2 hours in the middle of the day, motivational speak and play whifl ball in the middle of the day. i will show you what happened today and if you watch this videotape, that's me pitching. and then swing and a miss. that is a result of the whiffle ball break because of the imbalance of the ball and that is what a spitball does.
11:54 pm
it takes something more than spit to make it happen. you saw the videotape of kent an me doing it. mariano did not cheat. he missed very badly because of the break. >> i still -- i want to believe there's cheating but you sort of talked me out of it. >> so do i. like rooting for the ca sin know against the gambler and the chinese government against the dissidents. it's not very fun, they're going to win. i wish i could tell you he doctored the ball. he hocked a lugie, disgusting but not illegal. >> the executive producer of this show and geek. thanks for joining us. >> great pleasure, as always. >> next, ireland twins taking it by storm. ostal service, if it fits, it ships
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we turn now to our correspondent, ken jones. >> is there an x factor produced by mo""american idol"" fans. they may have found the next sensation. >> if is there one constant, it is this, pale young dudes with big teeth who dance with each other. right on schedule, john and edward grirngsd 18 identical twins from dublin. when it comes to singing and dancing, they have great hair. think insync without the sync part. nevertheless, they are stars. >> i see myself being older. >> on saturday night, john and edward unveiled their vegas worthy staging of britney spears, oops, i did it again.
11:59 pm
e ♪ ♪ >> you know, i don't think i truly appreciated britney until now. afterwards, simon was simon. >> my initial reaction was, what they bloody hell was that? i didn't like it but i wanted to watch it again. >> nevertheless, john and edward seem unstoppable. the guardian mup said it was utterly magestic, it was life changing, it was the sort of performance if it was projected onto the side of the moon, it would stop all global conflict and unite mankind in an instant. whatever it takes. >> maybe they can do a motivational speech with the president. >> i'd go. >> "hardball" with crhris matthews is up next.


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