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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  December 23, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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could, that's not what i want to do. >> how did levi johnston crush sarah palin. >> he goes by rocky hollywood now. >> it would have been better for the ex-governor if there had claimed to be hanky panky instead of what levi johnston wrote. she thought her job as governor was hard. she thought she was running for president. she doesn't hunt for her own food, she makes her kids fetch crunch wrap supremes from taco bell. >> now, levi johnston gets it with protection. >> let's get this one out of the way. >> it turns out pistachios only the only nuts levi johnston is
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selling. he will pose for playgirl. in an effort to become the most famous model since zoolander, he's posing for "playgirl." he said, i'm assuming where a dude poses for women. what do we think they're going to -- is there a motif they're going with after that burt reynolds, cosmo, bear skin rug stuff that started all this cliche of cliches from 1972? >> i think there will be some moose-like body parts. >> levi johnston, a countdown favorite for 2009. you can watch all the "countdown" favorites next monday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, i'll be watching it at 5:00 p.m. pacific. that will do it for this wednesday edition of "countdown."
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i'm lawrence o'donnell in for keith olbermann, our msnbc coverage continues now with the rachel maddow show. >> good evening, lawrence, merry christmas to you. thank you for joining us for rolicking hour. it's been a very exciting day here at the rachel maddow show. the health care plot to secretly kill old people myth has been dragged out of the grave for another go round. we were all wrong all them when we last talked about them on the show. george w. bush revives the second horse-related scandal of his administration. we have a double sports anniversary to celebrate, we have way, way tmi on a hot presidential prospect for 2012 and we have cocktails, live on set. cocktails that feature the involvement of the new york fire department. like i said, a rollicking hour ahead. we begin tonight with a time at which hell will officially
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freeze over. you will remember that republican senator john cornyn of texas said that republicans would fight health reform with their last dying breath. he said, quote, till the bitter end, 'til hell freezes over and we're skating on the ice. yesterday republicans decided that that time being as late as they could possibly push it, between 7:00 and 10:00 p.m., they decided they wanted to leave a little earlier. they changed the time to 8:00 a.m. instead of 10:00 p.m. in case you were planning on lacing on the old hockey skates and going for a twirl, i have to tell you that there's been a change in plans. the vote has been moved up even earlier than that, it's now 7:00 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m., which means that unless you're an early riser, by the time you wake up tomorrow, in all
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likelihood, health reform will have passed the united states senate. that doesn't mean it's ready to be signed into law, still a ways to go, but this is one giant previously insurmountable step toward health reform being a done deal. that fact, that reality that it is going to pass has not stopped some people on the right who have hoped to reap political benefit out of this. from throwing up one last hail mary attempt to stop it. they have decided to go back to the idea that health reform is really a secret plan to kill old people. >> there are death panels back in this bill. and this is what harry reid says cannot be repealed. >> the death panels are back. if you don't trust rush limbaugh on that, you can also take it from this credible source, michelle bachmann. >> harry reid slipped in a provision that made it virtually impossible to repeal part of this legislation and it's the
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health care advisory board, what many people have labelled the death panels because these unelected bureaucracies will decide what we can and can't get in future health insurance policies, that's why they're called death panels. >> that's why they're called death panels. this morning a new death panel has turned into a last-minute clarion call on the right. death panel pioneer sarah palin tweeted yesterday saying r death panels back in in bill kristol warning about creepy permanent death panels. and you know it's reached its apex of a good talking point when fox and friends get schooled on the matter by dick morris. >> they're going to be saying no, you can't give this person hip replacement, they're too old, and no you can't treat this
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person for colon cancer with the best drug available. this is the death panel that sarah palin was talking about. >> see, sarah palin was right, so says dick morris. you may be shocked to hear that what they're now pushing as the new death panel is made up. what they're talking about is something called the independent medicare advisory board, which is as it says, an independent advisory board on medicare. the language of the bill creating the board says, quote, the proposal shall not include any recommendation to ration health care. naturally the right has decided that's the smoking gun that this is all about rationing health care. as usual, the truth lies in the fine print. where it says shall not. maybe that not is written very small. why turn back to the death panels idea?
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i'm not exactly sure why they have decided to do it. they don't ask my advise on these things. but it should be noted that the death panels accusation is critically acclaimed. the original claims were declared as lie of the year for 2009 in politics. that's not an award that most people in politics would like to win but it is something. you would think the right would have been embarrassed for having pushed something that was debunked as roundly as this one was the first time around, but look at these folks being named lie of the year and say, hey, it may have been a lie, but it was award winning. joining us now is senator klobuchar. let me ask you if you feel like everything is still on schedule, if you think the vote really will happen at 7:00 a.m.? >> i'm putting on my mukluks and
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viking cap and getting there at 7:00 a.m. and i think we will have a vote and this is a historic moment to be there when we had the 1:00 a.m. vote a few days ago, and had vicky kennedy sitting there watching, as she said in the piece she wrote in "the washington post," when this is finally done, the american people will wonder why did this take so long? and of course we're going to see these last-minute attacks, you always see them, you're going to see them through the first few months. if we do nothing, if we just put our head in the snow bank, medicare will go in the red by 2017. and my mom who's 82 wants to live well into her 90s and beyond. people who are 55 want to get medicare when they're 65. if we do nothing, we will be in trouble. i come from minnesota, and i look at some of the studies that show you can get mayo clinic
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tape care in other parts of the country for cheaper. and it's just counter intuitive. one study showed if you just use the protocol mayor uses for chronically ill patients, you would save $50 billion just for that, every year using that protocol. so i'm actually excited about the possibility that we can have that higher quality care in other parts of the country, save medicare and fill the doughnut hole so that our seniors aren't having to foot the bill for expensive prescription drugs. >> the conservative strategy and the republican strategy against this, i think we're seeing health death panels come back, and this other sort of c conspiritorial stuff come back. i'm guessing because republicans and conservatives are really hoping that what happened in august, in terms of people being really riled up and scared about
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health reform, opposing it almost to the point of violence during those town hall meetings, i think they're hoping that's going to happen over the holiday break as well. do you think that's likely to be true. >> there's been so much misinformation out there, and there still is. i still think that the american people do agree that they know we need to reduce costs and we need to be smart about it. we need to make sure that that stable care is in place. look at the benefits people can see from this bill. immediately after the bill is signed, if your kid gets sick, they're not going to be kicked off your health insurance. you can keep kids on your health insurance until they're 26 years old. the doughnut hole will be filled so seniors can get help paying for their prescription drugs. there won't be lifetime caps on benefits. all of these things will happen in the first year or so of this bill. that is a major change and something that the american people have wanted for a long time. so the misinformation will continue and when we think about this whole notion they have
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cooked up with the death panels, to me what this is about is really people being able to have control over their own care, putting the patients in the drivers seat. being able to talk to my doctor, what are my options, you can have this surgery, or you can have this kind of treatment and the patient should be able to decide. and that's what this bill is all about. >> insurance reforms are going to go into effect right away. but the subsidies for people to be able to purchase insurance, that's not going to happen for quite a long time. as the senate bill gets merged with the house bill, the house says it should take effect a year before the senate bill does. do you think it's possible that the house time line might be adopted? >> i really hope so. i think there's some good things in the senate bill there,'s more cost reforms that i really want to see and things in the house bill that move up some of these benefits are very good. and the exchanges, some of the small business tax credits that we had in the senate that really help to defray 30% of employee
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health care costs, those start in 2011. so by melding these two bills, we could get a very good final product. but there's a lot of work that still needs to be done. >> as a senator, your constituents include all of the constituents of michele bachmann and michele bachmann has been most responsible for advancing some of the most conspiritorial and totally untrue things about health reform, including the death panel idea as you just heard in the introduction. michele bachmann divide to reach those constituents who are also yours? >> you would have to ask her that, hopefully she will come on your sometime, rachel, you can dream. but i will talk about her constituents, they are very cost conscious, they're very focused on making sure we don't add to to the deficit.
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one of the good things about this bill, $132 p.m. saved in the first ten-years. $1.3 trillion on the next ten-years saved on the deficit. i wouldn't be for this bill if it added to the deficit. we can't afford to do that. so health reform is one of the main ways that we can go toward reducing some of the costs in our country that have been dragging us down. $60 billion dollars a year wasted on medicare fraud. checks that should be going to our seniors have been going to people who set up store fronts that say doctor and there's no doctor there, they're stealing the money. it allows for getting out of this antiquated system and do direct deposit. the people in minnesota in her district and really throughout our state are focused on bringing down the cost of health care, reducing some of these unnecessary costs.
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>> democratic senator amey klobuchhar tomorrow in her mukluks and viking hat at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. after we reported next year's conservative conference will be cosponsored by the original right wing fringy mcfringersons, the john birch society. the john birch society accused us of getting the facts wrong. we have done a lot of triple checking the facts and the hilarious results are next. i'm so excited. plus we have got the full blown down to the last detail irony of george w. bush's upcoming pbs show. [ male announcer ] for a better-looking tomorrow. vicks nyquil cold & flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. ♪
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so it's almost christmas and there's lots of movies that box office bounty tends to bring. there's the new sherlock holmes movie, avatar. the long awaited alvin and the chipmunks the squeakwel. and there's "invictus." the story of nelson mandela and
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the inspirational rugby team. inspirational to some, sure, but not to the john birch society. their website declares that mandela is nothing more than a communist terrorist thug. we talked about that article and about the john birch society on this show last week when it was announced the john birch society would be a cosponsor of cpac, which takes place every spring. that communist conspiracy that they wanted to rout and their fevered imaginings about dwight eisenhower. according to the john birch society at the time, ike was a dedicated conscious agent of the communist conspiracy. the john birch society also contended that fluoride being added to drinking water was a communist mind control plot and the secret conspiracy to control america encompassing everything from that darn fluoride to the
11:20 pm
league of women voters and the civil rights act. the john birch society was so opposed to civil rights, that they responded to the supreme court court's brown versus the board of education decision with bills calling for the impeachment of the supreme court chief justice. they're claiming that their campaign to impeach john warren was not for ending discrimination against african-americans in the south. they said that it had nothing at all to do with the supreme court's decision to desegregate schools. if i were in the john birch society today i would want people to think that i hadn't wanted to impeach somebody because of brown v. board of education. i wouldn't want anybody to think that, i understand. unfortunately, there's a record here, there's an actual record of what the john birch society said it was doing at the time and why. quote, the communists had used
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the racial question as zbris for their mills for 30 years and groundout nothing but amazing disappointments for themselves. not only the decision of may 17, 1954 did they even begin to make any head way in their nefarious aims. and that defiant reversal simply by our judicial decree of law is simply known as the earl warren decision. the fact that warren could remain on the supreme court after such arrogant disregard of the constitution, of the english-american law, and of his own oath of office as shown in the school of segregation case, it encouraged communists and their dupes and sympathizers. the john birch society, co-sponsor of this year's cpac wanted to impeach earl warren for desegregating schools, it's in the record, even if they
11:22 pm
don't want it to be. and while we're on the subject of the co-sponsor of this year's cpac and race? the 1960 edition of the birmingham news. it's titled what's wrong with civil rights, it says, quote, the average american negro's security of person and assurance of honorable treatment have been exactly on par with those of his white neighbors. so what is all the complaining about? the complaining or the civil rights movement as we have come to know it, according to the john birch society was actually a secret communist plot to create, and i quote, a negro soviet republic in the united states. the exact boundaries of which were undetermined but which would definitely include cities like richmond, virginia, and new orleans and memphis. you got that in civil rights to establish a communist plot to establish a negro soviet union.
11:23 pm
the john birch society said it never labelled fluoridation of water as a communist mind control plot. because that sounds crazy, right? they wrote that actually the john birch society opposed water flouridation because it called for a precedent for the socialized medicine that maddow supports. i know they would love that to be true. but, well, here's a page from the march 1960 john birch society bulletin. you'll see that there's a section at the bottom of the page 13 titled how to defeat fluoridation in your city after providing them to paper their community with anti-flouridation
11:24 pm
pamphlets, the john birch society said that if you have determined to have enough support, the above formula alone may not stop them. john birch society you may wish that you hadn't said that fluoride days was a secret communist plot wasn't in writing, but it was. the john birch society was always cautious in accusing people of being part of a conspiracy. gather around here for a second. i know we're on the eve of a holiday and everything and i just want to read to you from the minutes of the first meeting of the john birch society national council on january 9, 1960. we got this document from ernie la czar. he's put together a pretty amazing archive of the group's history. this is robert welch, today,
11:25 pm
gentlemen, i can assure you without the slightest doubt in my own mind that the take over at the top is for all practical purposes virtually complete, whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not, our federal government is already literally in the hands of the communists. our congress now contains a number of men who are certainly actual communists. and plenty more who are sympathetic to communist purposes for either ideological or opportunist reasons. he then lists a number of contemporaneous members of congress at the time including john f. kennedy and hubert humphrey. he says they're definitely commies or commi simps. our state department is loaded with communists from top to bottom to to extend that our role call of ambassadors almost sounds like a list somebody has put together to start a communist front. it is estimated that from 70% to 90% of the responsible personnel in the department of health,
11:26 pm
education and welfare are communists. our central intelligence agency under allen dulles is nothing more than an agency to promote communism throughout the world. almost all the other departments are loaded with communists and communist sympathizers, and this organization most specifically does not include in whole or in part our department of defense. but the john birch society has always been very cautious about accusing any one of being part of a conspiracy. except for that one time when they accused everybody of being part of a giant conspiracy. cpac and modern conservative movement choosing to align itself with these guys, letting these guys cosponsor a mainstream conservative event in january.
11:27 pm
well, that's just -- well, wait, on the one hand, begin what the john birch society was and is, it's kind of hysterical that cpac has chosen to align itself with them. given the state of the conservative movement today, maybe this is a natural coming together. certainly a lot of people are calling a lot of other people commi's now. your record is your record and when confirmed speakers at next year's cpac like tim pawlenty and mitt romney get up to speak they will be speaking for the john birch society. and maybe then it will be worth asking if they also think the civil rights movement was a plot to turn arkansas into a negro soviet republic. national car rental knows i'm picky.
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first thing to absorb, george w. bush as a former u.s. president gets a library. that's named after him. second thing to absorb, former president bush has decided that as an addition to his library, he would also like to have a think tank which will also bear the name george w. bush and will be devoted to george w. bush style thinking. the george w. bush think tank has in fact announced it's first initiative, it's going to make a tv show, specifically a public
11:32 pm
tv show hosted by the bush think tank executive director and distributed to public television stations nationwide, it will be a george w. bush think tank tv show on public television. if hearing that makes you feel like a cat being petted in the wrong direction, it may help you think something about how president bush handled the whole issue of public broadcasting. he appointed a man named kenneth tomlinson to be head of the board of governors. mr. tomlinson distinguished himself by secretly paying conservative activists to monitor the political leanings of guests on public broadcasting programs. mr. tomlinson gave the op-ed page at "the wall street journal" a public tv show. and in one of the most memorable and unexpected news leads about the broadcasting board of governors ever, quote, state department investigators found that tomlinson used his office to run a horseracing operation. while george w. bush is head of the corporation for public broadcasting and the broadcasting board of governors was on the taxpayers dime,er if
11:33 pm
etting out guests for the shows, tomlinson also, according to the inspector general spent time while at work overseeing his stable of thoroughbreds, which i kid you not included one horse that he named hamid karzai. that is who president bush put in charge of public broadcasting. now president bush wants his legacy to include a george w. bush think tank public tv program. if they need a co-host, i volunteer. joining us now is wayne slater, senior political writer with "the dallas morning news" and co-author of the book "bush's brain." how karl rove made george w. bush presidential. thank you for joining us tonight. >> great to be with you rachel. >> when i think about the bush administration and public broadcasting, i think i mostly remember ken tomlinson because of the horse named hamid karzai thing. is there a bigger picture to remember about george w. bush and public broadcasting? >> absolutely. i mean, look, the republicans
11:34 pm
for years have tried to target public broadcasting to cut programs, to cut spending, to abolish it all together. the bush administration tried for eight years to defund public broadcasting. the 2009 budget sent to congress cut public broadcasting funding in half. and by the end of 2009 it had zero dollars. so, yeah, this is an outfit the bush administration that targeted public broadcasting from the beginning, tomlinson was the high point or the low point, depending on where you looked a it. tomlinson did what bush and particularly karl rove wanted to be done and that was his part of politicizing government, while rove and company were politicizing all kinds of things, tomlinson was trying to politicize public broadcasting. i can remember one thing, there was a meeting where he met with some affiliates and he reminded
11:35 pm
them that they ought to make sure that their programming reflected the republican mandate. he said later he was kidding. people at the meeting said, i don't think he was. >> wasn't there also sort of a miniscandal about, something about a bunny visiting like a same-sex couple or something and they tried to get that show banned, am i remembering that correctly? >> absolutely. tomlinson wasn't the only one, margaret spelling the education chief complained loudly and effectively against a program where a cartoon bunny buster visited a pair of lesbian parents. spelling said that was an awful kind of thing, public broadcasting shouldn't be showing that in america. and several public broadcasting stations, though not all, pulled that segment. so i think there was a political agenda that worked out of the white house that reflected itself in the way it felt public
11:36 pm
broadcasting should operate, if it should operate at all. >> right, the important ideological point that they wanted to abolish it all together. the show's producer has cautioned us to not jump to conclusions about the content of the george w. bush think thank public tv show. but isn't -- i mean the whole idea of the george w. bush think tank is to promote his ideas and his legacy, right? isn't that the -- by definition, the purpose of the agency that's going to be producing this show? >> well, it is, and that's really the problem, look, these could be good people. james glassman who was the executive director of the bush institute will be a coproducer of this program. i'm sure he's a great guy. he has some journalistic credentials, but on the one hand he's going to try to shape the bush legacy, the bush legacy restoration project through the library and the institute. and on the other hand is supposedly going to be putting
11:37 pm
on a program where there's going to be an emphasis on exploring ideas in a way that would reflect favorably, i suspect, not unfavorably, on the bush administration. what program are they going to do about the collapse of the economy? how will they describe that in a way, in an intelligent way on public broadcasting without mentioning that it happened under the bush administration. so it's a problem, i think. >> wayne slater, senior political reporter with "the dallas morning news." thanks very much for coming on the show tonight and marking a landmark occasion, the first show in which i've asked a question in all seriousness, wasn't there something about a bunny. >> great to be with you. all right, if we could put the rest of the show in a big red bag we would been able to get down the chimney with it it would be so packed. we have tmi on a republican presidential hopeful coming up. we have the actual mixture of an actual flaming cocktail. my friend josey packard and the new york fire department will be
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osama bin laden reportedly has 19 children by a whole bunch of different wives. six or seven of them had been living in afghanistan at the time of 9/11. and those kids fled afghanistan when we invaded that country after 9/11. they fled reportedly by walking to the iranian border. then what happened to them? before today we did not know. but now according to a report in a saudi owned newspaper picked up by the ap, we know that iran has been holding those six or seven bin ladin kids under house arrest in iran for eight years. we know this now because apparently the one sister among all the bin ladin brothers, iman bin ladin gave her iranian guards the slip, three and a half weeks ago. escaping from them in tehran and taking refuge in the embassy in saudi arabia.
11:42 pm
the saudi embassy said that imam bin laden has been trying to get her brothers out of eight years of house arrest. then what will happen to them? today marks two landmark sporting anniversaries, one of the greatest anniversaries and one of the worst. 37 years ago today was one of the most famous plays in football history. the immaculate reception. when pittsburgh steelers quarterback terry bradshaw threw a long desperate pass which bounced off somebody and came back the wrong direction, it was caught near his shoe strings by famed steeler running back frank owe harris. he then scored the miraculous winning touchdown. that's the anniversary that everyone recognized today maybe because one of the principal steelers was named frenchy
11:43 pm
fuqua. everybody likes talking about the immaculate reception. 30 years ago this day the boston bruins had just beaten the new york rangers 4-3 at madison square garden. when one of the rangers fans did something to one of the bruins who was still on the ice. in the 1970s, that was an unfortunate choice. the bruins left the rink, they charged up into the stands to extract their prevention and bruin mike milbury took the shoe off one of the men he was fighting with and used that man's own shoe to hit him with. >> he's gone into the stands and this is going to be something, o'reilly is in the stands fighting with a ranger fan and all the bruins are going over and they're all into the stands, mcnabb is going up to grab somebody about seven or eight
11:44 pm
rows up. this is too bad that after the game is over it gets out of hand like this, and you have you to worry about a spectator. >> yeah, you got to worry. if you are too young to remember the 1970s, and everything you hear and see in grainy video makes everything slightly out of control and coming apart at the seams, you will find no american that will contradict you. ♪
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that's total hair satisfaction. smooth from pantene.
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when each one of us comes to this floor when we're elected, we raise our right hand, put our hand on the bible and take an oath, each one of us take an oath to defend the constitution of the united states. we do not take an oath to reform health care. when we take an oath to defend this constitution, we better take that as a solemn oath and think about whether we're violating that oath. >> republicans couldn't find anybody else to give the solemn oath speech today? had to be john ensign? the same john ensign who's under an ethics investigation for cheating on his wife with the
11:49 pm
sta staffer, who fired the staffer and then had his parents pay them like $100,000. he's the respect of our solemn oath for the republican party? >> we better take that as a solemn oath and think about whether we're violating that oath. >> we ought to. we ought to. the amazing thing about the republicans picking john ensign, he was trying to raise a constitutional point of order. he had a cosponsor who could have made the point on the floor instead of ensign. his co-sponsor was north carolina senator jim demint. it would also have been awkward for jim demint to be up there making a solemn oath case. but for totally different
11:50 pm
reasons. he's on record saying he loves the massachusetts health plan, which m.i.t. romny signed into law. that plan has a mandate. so jim demint has just decided now that he thinks mandates are unconstitutional and an outrage. since jim demint has decided to make himself into senator stop everything by every means necessary, it does seem like it might be worth learning a little more about him and on this show, that means one thing. tmi. ♪ >> all right, ken, senator jim demint, what have we learned? >> hi, rachel, of all the staunch conservatives in south carolina, jim demint is the south carolinaist. south carolina senator jim demint is the most conservative member of congress. wait, more conservative than john shadegg?
11:51 pm
>> we are getting soviet style goulog health care. >> or virginia foxx? >> more fear from the potential of that bill passing than we do from any terrorist right now in any country. >> or even james "mountain" inhofe. >> the reported history of our family, we have never had a divorce or any kind of a homosexual relationship. >> yes, according to the national journal rankings, jim demint is the most conservative conservative, even beating out fellow south carolinans lindsey graham and joe wilson. >> you lie! >> so how did this 58-year-old former businessman rise to the top of the charts? fundamentals. >> there's a lot of reasons for big government and growing government is our cultural decline and one of the reasons our cultural is declining is because of a lot of government action. >> got that? in his world view, big government and cultural decline are locked in a tag team cage
11:52 pm
match against freedom. jim demint loves freedom. >> government is out of control and freedom is the only solution. government and cultural decline are locked in a tag team cage match against freedom. jim demint loves freedom. >> government is out of control and freedom is the only solution. that are derived from christian convictions. if we allow this government to continue to purge religion and faith, religious values and the principals we have derived, we will lose our fleedom. >> he wrote a book called "saving freedom". he keeps using the word socialism. i thought i would look it up. freedom. now, stuff i like. >> hate crimes has nothing to do with crimes or hate.
11:53 pm
>> collective bargaining would standardize things across the country. stimulus funds going hiking and biking trails, and that's a very short list. how would he feel about a day president? it would be bothersome to many just personally. because i consider it immoral. day people make freedom cry. and gym demint wants to get rid of some republican candidates who don't love freedom as much as he does. he went to meet with the
11:54 pm
president of han dor russ who was installed in a military coux. freedomy. >> a friend of freedom is a friend of america. our commitment to freedom is not confined to a culture or continent. >> there is the f-word again. that's how jim demint earned his number one ranking, by keeping his eye on the ball. it is that focus that has some republicans thinking this way. if you are wondering, the shirt costs $14.95. freedom isn't free. >> jim demint not only wants to be president but thinks he can be the new conservative king maker. >> absolutely. if you say freedom enough times, it will sink in.
11:55 pm
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for tonight's coke tail moment, i am pleased to be joined by one of my dear friends who tends bar. both the new york city fire department explosives units and nbc's pyro technicians are here on standby. and i am not kidding. really appreciate you guys being here.
11:59 pm
it is reassuring and very cool. thanks, man. what are we going to do here? >> we are going do a flaming holiday punch. it is loosely based on the handbook for hosts from 1949. i have taken oranges and roasted them after having studded them with cloves. >> you did this in my apartment? >> i did it in your own kitchen. >> did you take the basketball out of the oven first? >> i have half brandy and half rum. i have heated it using hot tap water. >> so you put the jug in a bath of hot tap water. i got it. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> i will just drizzle sugar over the whole thing. now i think it is time -- >> this is rum and brandy. >> rum and brandy. >> in equal parts, heated. then we will do something with our


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