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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 11, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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covering. congress took aim at toyota. we'll talk about it with ad man danny deutsche. he had a unique idea about how to save the reputation. tornado warnings issued. we'll show you the latest track. later health care reform face agnew hurdle in congress because of a plan for immigration reform. we will talk about that in the shuster showdown. if you've lost your job or don't like the one you have, why not start your own business. a man who built an empire out of nothing. russell simmons in the special series, get to work america. hello, everybody. i'm david shuster live from washington. we've got a big show for you today. let's get to it. japanese automaker toyota taking another pounding today on capitol hill. right now a house panel is hammering the automaker and criticizing the apparent lack of oversight by the u.s. government's national highway traffic safety administration.
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the congressman from massachusetts questioning now. he and other lawmakers accused the agency of being too cozy with toyota. it's now clear safety inspectors in the department of transportation and in toyota lacked the resources to test for electronic vehicle problems. joining me to talk about this, danny deutsche, chairman of a multi-billion dollar advertising company. you do business with clients around the globe including volkswagen. that being said toyota is becoming the butt of jokes for what's happening. what can they do to stop it. >> this is the fartheres thing from a joke. this is going to go down as probably one of the greatest self-destructions of a brand in the history of capitalism. the only thing they can do, there is a 101 playbook for handling crisis like this. tylenol in the past when they had health scares. hit it head on, draw a very firm line and say this the past. this is the future. this is where we screwed up.
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shame on us. these are the people screwed up. these are the new systems. where toyota has gone horribly wrong is, american public will forget a broken product but not a brand they can't trust. there's murky issues when they responded, what information they have, when they had it. that you never recover from. shame on them. a product can go wrong, a brand is an ecosystem. they have forever money a huge trust with the american public. >> toyota announced they are going to form a commission to try and study things. would it help them if some big names, well respected names in the world of automakers, even the u.s. government, were part of the commission to will evaluate what they should be doing. >> the u.s. government will do things on their own. as we see civil lawsuits in the future we see stuff go out. we see to be company historic stuff. what did they know, what did they not know. i think it's shameful. i have to tell you, these are
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lives. this is not just oh, a strategic gap and whatnot. clearly there were things going wrong with these vehicles and they did not act, i believe, in a commensurate matter in what i call the stunning frightfulness of what's happening here. a lot of people estimated they may lose between 4 and 6 million customers as a result of this. this is something that cannot be tolerated. when we buy products as american, we are basically putting our faith in these people, trusting our lives to them. there have been lives lost already. to me the murkyness of this is the biggest concern i have. >> here is what toyota said in the most recent statement. we've launched a top to bottom review, to make sure we meet or exceed high safety standards that defined our country. donny, i want to run through the most famous pr disasters of the last several years. tell us which one this is like. merck vioxx, 2,000 bridgestone
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firestone tire recall, 1977 wyeth fen-phen controversy. '82, johnson & johnson tylenol. 1963, chevy corvette investigation. which one is it most like and why. >> this is infinitely worse than the other ones. they had the ability to draw a straight line and say this product is flawed we're recalling it. this seems to be another shoe dropping every day. can i trust this company to respond the way i need them to. the american consumer will forgive a screwup, things happen, products go bad. here is what happened to these 4 million products. we're taking them off the market and correcting them. what's happening here, there seems to be denial, confusion along the way and doesn't seem to be solved. right now as a consumer i can't draw that straight line and say that was yesterday, this is tomorrow. right now this is new territory tore them and the shoes continue to drop. >> finally, how much of the
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stink rubs off on the u.s. government for those safety investigators who didn't seem to be aware of what's happening. >> shame on them but still back to the manufacturer. we're learning in a post madoff world the government can only protect us so much. we put our trust in companies that make products. when they violate, there should be jail. people should go to prison as a result of this. >> donny deutsche, good to see you as always. we appreciate it. a series of strong aftershocks rocked chile today weeks after that huge earthquake last month. the strongest rubble registered at 6.9 magnitude. the aftershocks came while the country was in the middle of inauguration ceremony for the new president sebastian. ending the practice spending billions of dollars for
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contracts to for profit companies and marks the most significant step in the congressional effort to curb the abuse of earmarks. not to be outdown house minority leader john boehner said republicans will propose banning all earmarks for the rest of the year, including earmarks that do to nonprofit organizations and to universities. a top republican on the house g oversight committee claiming they broke the law when they tried to convince this man to challenge arlen specter. the administration offered him a job to stay out of the race. darrell issa writes, white house may think this is politics as usual. what is spectacularly unusual is when a candidate, a u.s. congressman no less -- freely acknowledges a proposal. all candidates keep quiet about such deals for good reason, they are against the law. he first made the accusation
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last month on msnbc. the white house has not yet responded to congressman darrell issa's letter. republicans calling for an ethics probe into congressman massa. john boehner wants to know what democratic leaders and their staff knew about sexual harassment allegations regarding the former democratic congressman. a short time ago house speaker nancy pelosi asked about boehner's resolution that passed 400 to 2 this afternoon. >> the massa issue. >> i guess it's over. >> i guess we're done. >> as you can see, speaker pelosi did not respond. she simply walked out. joining us capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. kelly, where is this headed? >> reporter: there was a vote on the house floor overwhelmingly passed, democrats and house republicans saying, yes, the house committee officially known
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as the house committee on standards of conduct, the official office of standards of conduct, that they should look at this. we're not talking about specific of former congressman eric massa did since he is out of congress. the question is who knew what when, were the complaints handled properly. was this going through the set of steps that follows the ethical rules all the members are supposed to maintain. that's what they want to look at. it was a political vote in that republicans said this had to be done. earlier democratic leadership said it had to be done. it's over. move on. republicans wanted to hold them to account because of a few years back when another congressman, republican mark foley went through his own type of scandal and left office. there was a continuing investigation about what took place then. so what will happen is the investigative committee that looks into these things will begin. we don't know where it will go. republicans were able to bring the resolution and many many
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members overwhelmingly said it should go forward. david. kelly, i wonder if it's a case of whose ox is getting gored. you bring up foley. there was evidence the speaker knew about the foley issues. it's not clear whether nancy pelosi knew about congressman massa, yet you had republicans back then defending speaker as tert and attacking nancy pelosi. >> reporter: it extends to be a practice about who is in charge and who has what to lose or gain. republicans say this is about the american people. voters will get to decide that. it is unclear what was known when. the speaker's office said it had been alerted to concerns about foul language being used in massa's office, things of that nature back in october. aides say they did not know about allegations of unwanted advances or harassment until member, and then it was quickly
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referred to the ethics committee. people say is that really the whole story and that's part of why they want the investigation to go on. david. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. kelly, great reporting as always. thank you. house minority leader john boehner the guest on the daily rundown at 9:00 a.m. with chuck todd and savannah guthrie. here are some other stories we're following across the usa. right now a convicted child molester released from prison tomorrow in california will be rearrested as soon as he's set free. george joseph england spent three years in jail for sexually assaulting three girls. he'll be arrested tomorrow on a warrant out of florida. the palm beach d.a. said the case may involve child pornography. in minneapolis the public school lockdown is finally over. the district's 32,000 students locked down for the third day in the row. the threat was on the internet and turned out to be fake. kansas city, missouri, the cool board voted 5-4 in favor of closing half the city's public
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schools. the school's superintendent said the closures will save $50 million. 700 of the 3,000 employees will lose their jobs, 285 are teachers. the schools will close at the end of this school year. up next, business and media mogul russell simmons will join us live and share his advice on building a business from the ground up in our special series, get to work america. then we'll tell you whatnot to do if you're looking to start your own company. and what do you think were the three worst business decisions ever made in u.s. history? our list is ahead. ♪
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rob blagojevich asked himself before appearing on
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"celebrity apprentice" number ten. >> can i get paid in shampoo. is there any chance nbc will replace me with leno? indicted an disgraced former governor rob blagojevich making the most of his 15 minutes of fame. he delivered david letterman's top ten in advance of his star turn on nbc "celebrity apprentice." here are entertainment stories creating buzz today. conan o'brien is hitting the road announce ag 30-city tour that will begin april 12th in eugene, oregon. his exit deal keeps him off tv until september 1st. betty white, the actress of host "saturday night live" may 8th. white's super bowl ad for snicker's has made her a hot commodity again. there's a new tellall book about angelina jolie and brad pitt. whether the stories are true or not they are certainly interesting.
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it details her prepitt affairs. it claims brad and angelina are planning ultimately to have 13 kids. now to a developing weather situation we're following. you are looking at an ominous swirl of clouds in arkansas. this comes to us from a weather channel viewer in ashtown not far from the texas border. today parts of arkansas are cleaning up from winds that spawned these tornadoes. it injured four people and destroyed a handful of homes. a new round of storms hitting today from great lakes down to florida. let's bring in weather channel meteorologist chris warren with a look at what's going on now. chris. >> david, right now we are keeping an eye right here. this red box you see, this is a tornado watch. this is where we're waiting for the severe threat to develop. we've had reports of tornadoes and also funnel clouds around daytona beach, over lake
3:17 pm
okeechobee. you can see here, this red indicating intense showers, possibly hail associated with this. as we make our way into the overnight hours, the threat is going to shift now. this is going to be eventually coming to an end as we get later into the night. this will be moving offshore. now we're watching this. this is the next round which will be moving throughout parts of the south. we'll watch this threat develop overnight and into friday. so for the rest of this afternoon and this evening, we'll be watching the south portion of florida. then the severe threat will be happening overnight throughout parts of louisiana, into mississippi and alabama during the day on friday. so we're going to keep a close eye on this one as severe weather season is definitely with us, david. >> chris warren, thanks for the update. coming up, our get to work america series continues today. starting your own business. we will talk with russell simmons about what it took for him to build his empire.
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his last name is slim but he's got the fattest wallet in the world. mexican telecom tycoon carlos slim is the richest person. jumps over destitute and struggling icons as bill gates and warren buffett. slim is the first person from a developing nation to top this list. it is time now for our week long series, get to work america. russell simmons started out promoting concerts and inner city rap artists. he went on to co-found def jam. he's widely considered the man who took hip-hop culture mainstream. he later branched into fashion with fat farm, seen it sci rocket into the millions.
3:22 pm
larry sold baseball cards before going to work at his father's liquor store. he watched customers collect wine the way people collected cards, he tookverywhere and you have to find it. i think things that are done you have to find and the rest of the world is a white space. i'm a creative person from my financial service business to my four fashion companies to all of my television work and all my companies are meant to fill
3:23 pm
white space. they are brand-new. they are not because other examples made them possible. it's because the white space makes them obvious. >> russell, what do you see as being the next opportunity for the next russell simmons to come along? >> i'm in many industries, jewelry, fashion, financial services. i have five philanthropic organizations. i'm a busy guy. i don't believe there's one space coming. i'm enjoying the banking business. there's an underserved community overlooked, the banks are ignoring the poor and exploiting the poor. my unirush financial service company in many places can replace the bank. everybody makes $500 a week and pays the bank, pays $500 to manage the account. we rebuild credit, card to card transfers. we have budgeting opportunities. we are much cheaper than the banks. for $70 million who don't have
3:24 pm
banks accounts, we are invaluable. >> larry, as far as your story, what's the one thing people thinking of starting up as a business need to know in terms of taking that step. >> that everything has changed. the game is wide open now. if your dad or grandma or grandmother wanted to start a business it cost them a lot of money. now you can build a brand or business on line for sweat equity. double 0. right this for the taking more than it's ever been. >> what about the role of social media, networking sites in technology. >> that's my world. i started a consulting company because of it. the fact you can tell your story, i think everybody watching this, how russell's brands were built, word of mouth. facebook, twitter, geo location check-in things, these are built on word of mouth. word of mouth converts. when can you activate word of mouth at no cost, it gets very
3:25 pm
sexy. russell, what are the big potholes to avoid for somebody starting up a business. >> people looking at the end result. the process is what makes you happy and talented, when you're invested in the process. so you have to have a little courage. have you to have a little faith and delve into the process. i think people are too worried about results. entrepreneurs for the most part they go to work and have faith and are resilient and dedicated and don't give numbers as their god. >> russell, i understand you lost money for several years before you started making money? >> in every company, fashion, film, television, records, financial services for years. now we have one of the most innovative financial service companies in the world. >> gary, is that the same case for you? you have to have currency to risk money, put it on the line. >> you have to be willing to work. i think we're soft out there. i'm sure russell didn't sleep a whole lot.
3:26 pm
you have to grind it out. if you're not hustling, you've got no shot. >> so great to talk to you both. thank you for coming on today. we appreciate it. tomorrow we wrap up our series get to work america with a look at how to be happy in the job you have. yes, it's possible. tomorrow we will tell you how to try and do it. our top three today related to all of this. here is our list for the worst business decisions of all time. are you ready? number three involves two of america's most famous moguls. in 1979 ross perot had a chance to buy out bill gates and take over microsoft. per on the offered $50 million, dpats wanted $60 million and he walked away. gates is the second richest, per otis 287. we all know the story of alexander graham bell inventing the telephone. western union was offered bell's
3:27 pm
patent for the telephone for $100,000 and declined asking what use could they possibly have for, quote, an electrical toy. oops. number one on the list. the worst business decision of all time, saying no to the beatles. in 1961 beatles spent two hours auditioning for decca records in london. they said no, they didn't like the group's sound. to understand how bad a decision that was, nearly 50 years later, we are not playing a beatles song right now because the rights to broadcast even five seconds of a beatles song costs a fortune. still ahead, it wasn't fists flying but bats flying when a big fight broke out on a cuban baseball field. plus a push for immigration reform derail the health care fight in congress? the shuster showdown is next. these days, money market funds are paying less...
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i'm julia boorstin with cnbc market wrap. take a look how stocks are doing today. they have been pushing up over the course of a day. dow jones trading up 30, s&p 2.25 and nasdaq up 4.5 points. the next glass of orange juice will cost you a bit more. that's because tropicana orange juice is raising its prices by 8% for a gallon. at the same time the company is shrinking its 64 ounce carton to 59 ounces but keeping the same price. it's due to the losses during the deep freeze in january. saving the iconic hollywood sign. they are $3 million short of the $12.5 million they need to buy and preserve the hilltop property beside the world famous sign. the postcard view could be in danger from developers.
3:32 pm
the purchase option expires soon. first in cnbc, david over to you. >> thanks, julia. welcome back to msnbc. a look at what we're following. democratic hispanic lawmakers are threatening to bring down health care reform over immigration provisions in the bill. we will talk to congressmen on both sides of this burning issue. yesterday we heard from a georgia woman accusing abortion providers of targeting black women. we'll bring you that side from planned parenthood. something strange keeps lighting up the sky near cleveland. today we learn more about what this may or may not be. it is time now for the fastest three minutes of news. we go town to the wire. ready? hit the clock. first off, what did tiger woods and the bush administration have in common? the "new york post" reports woods hired ari fleischer to help him deal with media sources. woods and fleischer are thinking
3:33 pm
about coming back to the tour at the arnold palmer invitational in two weeks. the day is set, sarah palin set to testify in a trial of a college student accused of hacking the e-mail of then vice presidential nominee. the trial for the student in knoxville, tennessee is scheduled to be begin april 20. focus on a small mississippi town after it canceled prom. the reason, a female student wanted to show up in a tux and bring her girlfriend. the senior petitioned against the school rule that barred same sex prom dates so the school canceled the dance calling the girl's request a distraction to the educational process. the aclu is now getting involved. now to a special delivery in florida. police say a kissimmee postal worker doubling as a drug mule and knowingly dropped off marijuana and cocaine on his appointed route. investigators say an undercover camera in the mail truck shows the postal worker snorting cocaine up to six times a day.
3:34 pm
a scene of mayhem caught on camera. in cuba what happened here on the pitcher's mound remains a mystery. it turned out into an all-out fight. we're told nobody was hurt. the newest crew members of the international space station began a series of final tests today. u.s. astronaut tracy caldwell dyson along with two astronauts have been undergoing training for the past five months and seem to work well. we spoke with the current crew and they say they are ready to get back to earth. >> we're ready to go home. we've been here a long time away from our families. i've been here since we launched the end of september. >> the crew welcomes the new residents april 4th. planning protection for these ocean creatures. loggerheads could go on the
3:35 pm
endangered species list. the decision isn't final and the proposal is open to public comment. looks like hollywood is heading back over the rainbow. "los angeles times" reports they are looking at oz remake movies. when dorothy clicked her heels in 2009, this woman was 50 years old. she will allegedly turn 130. the guinness book of world records is trying to verify her birth documents to see if she is, in fact, the oldest living person ever. regardless the keys to her longevity include playing backgammon and drinking vodka. that brings us down to the wire. right on time. it was just a few years ago when illegal immigration prompt add reform proposal by then president bush. that effort went nowhere. today the issue, though, is back in a big way because a group of
3:36 pm
hispanic lawmakers are telling president obama they may not vote for health care reform until they see changes to the immigration provisions. both the senate and house versions of the bill put strict limits on health care for illegal immigrants and that has some democrats unfurriated. are illegal immigrants entitled to health care? that is at the heart of today's shuster showdown. a great scene from "gangs of new york" a movie centered on the hatred of this nation's first immigrants. joining us for shuster showdown, mr. gutierrez from illinois, congressman from california. i want to start with you, something in the hill newspaper. quote, illegal immigrants will one way or another need medical attention in the united states.
3:37 pm
it would be cheaper and more humane to provide them coverage if they pay for it. otherwise they will seek treatments in the nation's emergency room at an increased cost. >> the fact is by broadcasting around the world that we're going to provide health care to somebody illegally in the country, we're sending the wrong message. we're actually encouraging people, just like the people who hire illegals do and we wonder why a mixed message. we want them to come legally not illegally. we ties. we'll give you jobs and health care. that is the mixed mental that causes people to cross the border illegally. creates the deaths we see in my county every year. >> congressman gutierrez, how about it? >> first of all, let me clarify that, i and my colleagues in the hispanic congressional caucus accepted voting for the health care reform bill in spite of the fact it excluded undocumented workers, illegal immigrants.
3:38 pm
we had a problem with it but we bit the bullet. the issue is the president went one step further. even if you wish to purchase your health care in this great bazaar of health care providers and purchase it there, you can't even use your own money to purchase it there. and we said, wait a minute, there are legal permanent residents, legal immigrants to the united states that will also be excluded or barred from being able to be in the health care reform proposal but they will be required to purchase it. so we think it was a mean-spirited, over the top kind of reaction and we could have moved forward on this issue. look, we need to fix the immigration system because immigration really effects almost every aspect of our socioeconomic society. >> as far as health care here is what president obama said if illegal immigrants should be covered by the health care bill but then he offered one possible
3:39 pm
exception. watch. >> if you've got children who may be here illegally but still in playgrounds and at schools, potentially passing on illnesses and commune cable diseases, you'll have to make a decision. >> you're going to vote against health care anyone but why not what the president said, cover the children already here. >> the president is operating a program that covers the poor in this country, i have. i was the county supervisor and chairman. we already provide health care to children in this country that are in the poverty zone. we do it through community clinics, through a whole network of process. so the president to say this is a ruse, that kind of gap does not exist right now. it's being fabricated. what it really says, if you come here illegally and have a child, you can claim you're the parent of a u.s. citizen and be
3:40 pm
rewarded for not only crossing illegally but having a child on the government dole. >> congressman gutierrez, we're almost out of time, ten seconds. we'll give you the last word. >> look, there were 12 million undocumented workers here yesterday. they are here today. as you see, no one has offered a solution to the undocumented. they are here. they need health care and their very presence is very costly and very expensive. what i say is make them pay. make the undocumented workers pay into the system beginning today. we have a proposal that can do that. >> congressman gutierrez and congressman bill bre, a fascinating discussion. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next, the debate over abortionings in georgia and whether providers are targeting the plaque community. planned parenthood responds. there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm.
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3:43 pm
georgia has sparked anger on
3:44 pm
both sides of the issue, introducing a bill that would outlaw abortion on race, color or sex of the baby. georgia right to life put up billboards in atlanta claiming black children are an endangered species because doctors in abortion clinics are targeting black women for abortions. a representative on right to life said abortion providers like planned parenthood have a history of racism and said if they disagree they should support the bill. >> there would be no reason for planned parenthood or any other abortion provider to fight against this bill because we would be working arm in arm to prevent abortion discrimination. so if that's what they really believe, i welcome their support and ask them to come out in support of this bill. >> dr. vanessa collins, vice president of medical affairs for planned parenthood federation of america. dr. collins, does planned parenthood support the georgia
3:45 pm
bill. >> we definitely do not support the georgia bill. now, david, i want to that you so much for having me on your program to share planned parenthood's views. i think it's important for viewers to understand a little bit about planned parenthood. we're the largest reproductive health provider in the united states. we serve over 3 million men, women and teens each year, and the majority of our services are preventive. >> fair enough. but how do you respond specifically to the georgia right to life group that says your clinics are located in predominantly minority neighborhoods around atlanta. as katherine davis told us planned parenthood according to her has a history of racism and does not want black babies to live. how does planned parenthood respond to that. >> first of all, we trust many women to make the decisions that are best for them and their families. it is outright wrong that the
3:46 pm
abortion clinics within the state of georgia are located predominantly in african-american communities. there are a total of 15 abortion clinics in the state. four of the 15 are located in african-american communities. the preventive care that planned parenthood provides includes sexually transmitted disease infection management and treatment. we have some affiliates that provide prenatal care and we also provide abortion, yet abortion is less than 5% of the services that we provide. now, we have to look at the underlying motivation of the folks that are putting forth this particular bill. that is to outlaw abortion. >> absolutely. i think the underlying motive for them is now perfectly clear to our viewers. dr. vanessa collins from planned parenthood, dr. collins, thanks for joining us today, we appreciate it. >> thank you so much, david. >> you're welcome. coming up next, the senate
3:47 pm
majority leader harry reid says he will use reconciliation to push health care reform through the senate. all of the day's top stories are straight ahead. plus new details of the ufo sighting in cleveland we told you about yesterday. we have more information thnd is intriguing. you're watching msnbc. ntage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for heart health. ( crowd roars ) that's a great call. one a day men's.
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i would love to be a fly on the wall in that congressional steam room and see how many closet cases there are in this congress. i think the >> bill ma har on "countdown" last night on his thoughts on eric massa. catch it right here on msnbc. time for a look at some of the top stories we are following. and it is official. democrats will use reconciliation for health care in a letter to senate republican leader mitch mcconnell.
3:51 pm
harry reid says he will use the reconciliation to process to pass fixes to the reform bill, that prevents republicans from filibustering. reid says, "we planned to use the regular budget reconciliation process that the republicans have used many times." the government may require automakers to include brake systems that can override the gas pedal in response to toyota's mass recall involving runaway cars. magnitude 6.9 magnitude aftershot shook chile today. they urged coastal residents to head to higher ground in case of a tsunami. merlin olsen has passed away after a battle with cancer. he's remembered for his role on "little house on the prairie. "olson was 69. yesterday in this hour we told you about the mysterious lights that keep appearing over
3:52 pm
lake erie over cleveland. they're unlike aircraft or helicopters that fly there. and last night for the eighth night in a row, they said these lights were back. appearing around 7:30 p.m. and lasting about two hours. nasa has a lab in cleveland called the glenn research center. they test rockets and various aircraft but say they haven't done any testing this week. a pentagon official told me the u.s. military has not been testing anything recently in that area. the faa acknowledge also the light pattern seems different from commercial flight paths in the area. so what on earth is going on? nick ran the british government's ufo project at the ministry of defense. nick, first of all, what do you make of what we're all hearing from cleveland, eight days the lights seem to be similar, but they look unlike anything people have ever seen. >> it certainly seems to be an interesting wave of sightings. it's always fascinating when you get activity like this over a
3:53 pm
period of different nights. i think my key question would be, and it's really a question for the air force and the faa, has anyone checked the radar tapes to see if anything unusual was trapped. >> as a matter of fact, i spoke to officials at the faa today. they checked in with cleveland air traffic control, and they don't have anything unusual. nothing unusual in the radar. no unusual reporting from any pilots. is it possible that maybe this is some sort of a helicopter, rescue service from one of the cleveland hospitals that people east of the city are looking at a little bit differently? >> i wouldn't have thought so. and i've seen some of this footage myself. and what struck me about it was the way that it appeared to change color at some stage. and that's quite interesting. i think as ever, one would need to get hold of the original camera, the original film footage and do some proper forensic analysis to get to the bottom of it. but it's certainly interesting.
3:54 pm
as i say, the fact that it's come back over several nights and been seen by many different people makes it quite a significant sighting. >> as far as the analysis of the film, we intend to do just that. it's now several people we're being told because this has been happening night after night, people are now gathered on the beaches along lake erie where this kid first saw it. apparently for eight nights in a row, it happens about each night between 7:00 and 7:30 in the evening. the lights stay up for about two hours. sometimes they dim. sometimes they get brighter. sometimes they move up. they move to one side and then they eventually disappear. what do you make of it? >> most ufo sightings do turn out to have conventional explanations. they can be lasers, search lights, fireworks, the chinese lanterns which are quite popular and people light these off at parties and barbecues and things like that. but i think what is interesting that these days, of course,
3:55 pm
almost everyone has a cell phone with the capability to take photos and videos. so out of the tens of thousands of people who see ufos each year, we're getting more and more of this interesting footage. so we're more likely to get to the bottom of these sorts of mysteries. >> we certainly hope to get to the bottom of this one. nick pope from london, thank you so much. we'll keep you posted on how things go over here. we appreciate it. by the way, we do have breaking news. this involves andrew cuomo, the attorney general of new york. he has announced now independent investigation of new york governor david paterson over some of the ethics charges. this will be led by judge judith kay, leading off the investigation into new york governor david paterson. finally today's notebook item. based on what's happening in cleveland, you may think we're crazy, gullible or not serious. but the fact is, as a journalist, our job is to keep an open mind and let the chips fall where they may. it's a lesson i learned the hard way nearly 12 years ago after
3:56 pm
covering the whitewater investigations in arkansas. i had the best contacts and sources in ken starr's independent counsel office of any reporter, period. and yet when i got a tip in january of '98 that starr was now investigating an intern who allegedly had sexual relations with bill clinton, i didn't pursue the story for several crucial hours. i told a friend there is no chance this kind of issue would ever fall within ken starr's investigation mandate. a competing news organization found out that starr's mandate had been expanded and they broke the lewinsky story, not me. now, does it seem logical that a ufo is flying around cleveland? of course not. but a lot of things we hear don't seem logical or plausible. the question is, is the information we are collecting accurate and true and how can it be explained? on this story and every other we bring you, we will report like hell, and keep you posted. that's our show for this thursday. i'm david shuster in washington.
3:57 pm
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