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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 20, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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reddi-wip uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi-wip. putting on the pressure. president obama will soon be heading to capitol hill to talk with fellow democrats about his health care plans. can he get enough on board to pass the bill tomorrow? plus, red river warnings. one day until the river between north dakota and minnesota will crest. will the millions of sandbags prevent flooding? and tiger woods prepares for his return to golf. one of his alleged mistresses is not going away quietly. look at these bite marks on a new york city tab driver. good saturday morning. i'm alex whit. thanks for joining us. we're talking about the democrats closing in on the 216 votes they need to pass the health care bill. house democrats say they are
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confident they'll hit the magic number by tomorrow's vote. so president obama will be on the hill to help close the deal. luke recess eussert is live for capitol hill. who are the people we should be watching closely today? >> reporter: sources close to democratic leadership tell me they're right around 207 or 212. the folks we should be watching today are a collection of folks who were no votes the last time, but who are retired. guys like tanner from tennessee. a blue dog from utah, math soes. president obama appointed his brother to a judgeship. most likely democrats are looking for these three to come on board to get closer to the magic number of 216.
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the big umbrella where they're looking for votes, folks that voted no the first time, ones who are retiring, who obviously have nothing to lose, and then folks that are okay with the senate abortion language. who after last week, a pro life guy from michigan, who trained to be a catholic priest, said he was okay with the abortion language. they're trying to emphasize that to some pro life democrats on the fence. >> let's get to the rules committee meeting. you're calling that the kickoff point. >> reporter: the rules committee will meet at 10:00 a.m. in simple language, in the house of representatives, the ruling power writes the rules for debate for how a bill will go to the floor and proceed. at 10:00 a.m., we'll see louise slaughter of new york who will essentially tell us how the debate will go forward. we're expecting to know whether or not the house will use the deem and pass, the slaughter
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solution, which is take the senate bill -- the senate health care bill and pass it on a rules vote, meaning it's assumed pass or the reconciliation bill, either one of those. we will know that probably 11:30 in the morning after a good contentious hour of rules debate. >> what about an hour after that, congressman bart stupak. what is he going to say? we assume it's about trying to insert strict language in the bill. >> reporter: essentially what he would like to do is offer a bill that if it were to pass the house and then the senate, it would put the original stupak language in the final health care bill. very confusing. it's an enrollment resolution. it's a parliamentary tactic.
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democrats from the beginning have been trying to get this health care bill passed without the stupak dirty dozen. this is something that happened last time around. remember, health care won in november. it was an 11th hour deal with bart sti pack that got that bill passed. he has three or four people close to him, pro life democrats they might have to placate at the end of the day. >> luke, we'll get with you later again. thank you. one of the major obstacles to the health care plan is is the trillion dollar cost and how the president plans to pay for it. although the white house is focusing on what the bill will save, new tax hikes are playing into the mix. joining us is jonathan allen, reporter with politico. it it was great meeting you in person this week. that was fun, right? >> it was very fun. it was great meeting you too. >> it's always so fun to it meet
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the people you see on tv all the time. >> your viewers should know you're kinder in person. >> oh. but you didn't say prettier. >> no, that's true too. >> what you're going to apply to people whose earnings come through investment income. does that mean there's a greatable pool of taxable americans to pay for all of the health care? >> i think on some level, a lot of americans will be taxable. certainly investment income, capital gains, dividends are taxed at a lower rate than income is for most people. at the end of the day, i think they're triying to get -- the house would like to get that income taxed at a lower rate to pay for the bill. the real deal in terms of the house and the senate is whether individuals bear the cost of the taxes or if you're going to have these insurance plans, sort of
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the cadillac tax stuff you've heard. the senate wanted to see that. this is a way of taxing these capital gains and dividends of getting more individual income. >> you bring up the cadillac tax. that's not supposed to go into effect until 2018. but could that come up sooner? >> i think it's more likely it will come up later, alex. putting it off until 2018 means that president obama won't have to be in office when that goes into effect. the politics of trying it to put that into place given the opposition that we've seen from labor unions, all sorts of corners on it make it a very difficult sell. they were able to get that inside their ten-year window to help pay for that bill. whether that will go into effect is a big question. >> how about funding for this bill in part for cuts proposed to medicare? are there programs that will be eliminated? >> there's no question that
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there is a fair amount of waste, fraud and abuse in medicare. we've seen is a lot from the justice department in the last six years. $600 billion is a lot of money. there is a legitimate question as to whether they'll find those savings and how you'll find those savings. you'll see some things cut you back on medicare advantage is one of the programs you'll see, that's subsidies for insurers. things that elderly folks can buy. you'll see cutbacks certainly. it's not clear they'll goat that $600 billion. it's one of the leaps of faith members are asking their party to take. >> the president said they won't raise taxes on the middle class. but everybody is asked to buy if they live below a certain poverty line. if they don't, they will get with a fine. do you know where they will go
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if they get hit with a fine? >> certainly the burden of this bill can be borne by bill who you and i would consider to be middle class. whether or not they're being taxeded is another question. these penalties would apply to folks who you and i would think of as middle class if they don't by insurance. >> thank you. msnbc will provide live coverage all day tomorrow as the house prepares to take this historic vote. keep it right here on msnbc sunday for the final round of the health care battle. it's a tense weekend for many in the midwest. residents in fargo, north dakota and moorehead, minnesota, are bracing for more flooding. that have i ever expected to crest sometime tomorrow. kevin tibbles is keeping an eye on us in moorehead. let's get it to his report. >> reporter: on the red river with scientists from the u.s. gle logical survey, measuring the river's flow near fargo.
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>> we're measuring how much river is going past fargo so they can update the flood prediction for the city. >> reporter: the fargo area has been on high alert all week as rests use some 1 million sandbags in an effort to keep the rising water back. >> there's a lot of water. >> reporter: the red is expected to crest sometime sunday. and there is some good news in the if forecast. it is only expected to reach 37.5 feet above flood stage, lower than first feared, and lower than last year's 40-foot level. >> what happened last year was a much more significant event than this year. and what i mean by that is we are projecting to a higher number, more area was involved. >> reporter: is still, no one is taking any chances. it's not just fargo and neighboring moorehead, minnesota. the river has already washed out several local highways.
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rural areas are getting hammered by the overflow of the red. on men farms, tmany farms, fiel swamped. horses and cattle are penned in, forced to wait until the waters recede. >> as long as we keep them dry, we're safe. if the water gets any higher, we can move them out if we have to. >> reporter: emergency workers are there to ensure any farm families cut off by the river can be rescued and taken to dry land. the crest of the red river is expected to happen sometime tomorrow. it's always good to deliver some good news. we've just been talking about, it's not expected to get to last year's record levels. these million-plus sandbags are expected to hold it back. >> fingers crossed it stays that way. thank you very much, kevin. a vampire attack in new york city? police are searching for this
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man, who allegedly tried to rob a cab driver and then repeatedly beat him when he wouldn't hand over the cash. take a look at the bites on the taxi driver's neck and arms. we explain what happened after they reached their destination. >> reporter: instead of paying for the ride, the guy in the back seat, took out a gun. there was a struggle. the suspect is, he says, pulled the trigger but nothing happened. that's when the driver says he grabbed the gun. that's when the robber went vampire on the stunned driver. >> that driver has not gotten back in his cab since the attack. we can understand why, right? but he does plan to go back to work next month. a new threat issued in southern california for an anti-gang police force. last night, someone called 911 saying a police car would be blown up you in the next 24 to 48 hours. the net comes on the heels of booby traps set for police
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recovers. a $200,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest in this case. police have arrested a suspect for making racist comments over the public address system in new jersey. a male voice came over the intercom and calmly announced, all black people, leave the store now. the store manager apologized immediately. details of the arrest will be announced later today. tiger woods will be returning to the green in just a couple of weeks. some people are making it hard for him to put the multiple affairs behind him. a former mistress as well as the creators of "south park." >> round 2, fight. you're going down, elin. >> i don't think so. i get the pre-nup power up. i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at.
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president obama released an internet video aimed directly at the iranian people. he lays out hope for a future where iranians can exercise their rights and participate in the world community. >> even as we continue to have differences with the iranian government, we will sustain our commitment to a more hopeful future for the iranian people. by increasing opportunities for educational opportunities. and through our efforts to ensure that iranians can have access to the software and internet technologies that will enable them to communicate with the world and with each out without fear of acceptancensors. >> the president recorded the message for the people of iran at the same time last year. the director of the cia, le
8:18 am
not panetta, says al qaeda is on the run. he says the terror organization is in such bad shape that the u.s. recently intercepted a message from an al qaeda lieutenant who was pleading with osama bin laden to step up and take charge. i'm joined live by the national security reporter for the washington post. good morning. >> good to be with us, alex. >> you interviewed leon panetta for your article. what is the cia doing right to thwart al qaeda? >> on this front on the war on terror, which is the fight against al qaeda, they really feel like they're on a roll. they've got impressive numbers. they've had something like 75 predator strikes since obama came into office. they've had more than 600 operatives killed. that's more than -- almost more than three times what were killed in the last four years of the bush administration. they feel like they've got a great story to tell. more cooperation with the pakistanis than previously. we're seeing high level taliban
8:19 am
officials arrested. this is adding up to a picture that shows in this part of the world, thth narrow part of the fight, they're doing quite well. >> interestingly, they are talking about it. it's been categorized as a secret war up to this point. why is leon panetta speaking out now? >> it's one of the best-kept or worst-kept secrets in washington that this secret war is under way. these predators are being used. officially leon panetta can't say we're using predators in pakistan. even knows it. the pakistanis know it and they're being more supportive because they're seeing what is being done. they feel like they want to talk about it now because nesting pakistan is being overshadowed by the domestic debate at home and by the sense by republicans that obama is weak on terrorism for the shutting down of guantanamo and doing away with some of the interrogation techniques. but they're saying, hey, look, we're killing more people under
8:20 am
this administration than were killed under bush. we think we're doing a great job. >> with regard to the fate of osama bin laden, conflicting views there. you have general stanley mcchrystal saying he believes he will be caught and brought to justice at some point, presumably in a court. you've got attorney general holder saying the reality is he believes he'll probably be killed and never caught alive and would not go on trial. what's your reaction to that? >> yeah. they seem to be falling all over themselves talking about how tough they're going to be on bin laden when he's found. the truth is they don't know where he is. they think he's in the tribal areas of pakistan. there have been no hard information on his whereabouts since 2003. holder trying to look tough is saying, no, we're going to kill him. the question is how valuable is bin laden? nobody thinks he has much operational control over al qaeda. he's more of a figure head.
8:21 am
everybody would like to get him. if they do, will it make a big difference in the world of terrorism? >> always good to talk to you. just a couple more weeks until tiger woods returns to the game of golf. how much has he missed? plus, the first full day of spring. it still looks like winter in part of the country. we'll tell you who's gotting hit with the snow. wrinkle protocol is as effective as the leading wrinkle prescription brand at reducing the look of wrinkles. that's because olay has teamed with a highly specialized group of dermatologists and created a wrinkle protocol that gives you the results of the leading wrinkle prescription brand, without a prescription. olay professional pro-x. this is a guarantee you're guaranteed to love. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm.
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or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. i thought i was doing enough to lower my cholesterol, but i needed more help. what are you doing about yours? [ male announcer ] have a heart to heart with your doctor about your cholesterol. and about lipitor. oh, dude, i clocked you. >> i told you thu game was sweet, dude. hang on. hang on. i'm switching to a 7 iron. oh, man, i lost another endorsement. how did you do that? >> hit a and x together. >> that is south park's take on tiger woods. tiger announced he'll return to professional golf at next month's masters. can he tune out all the noise and return to championship form? sports writers dave zirin joins
8:25 am
me alive in studio. i'm glad you're here in person. how do you think tiger is going to do in the comeback? can he do this? >> first thing he has to do is stop texting. that's a very good start. there's an old expression that tiger woods plays golf better than anybody else does anything. so despite all of the distractions, despite even his recent knee surgery, which not a lot of people are talking about, despite the fact he definitely has more than a little rust on him, i think the expectations are that this is tiger woods. he owns this sport. he's going to come back with a vengeance. >> the "wall street journal" says tiger doesn't need to excel at the masters. he can play an average game. do you agree with that? >> this is another example that the "wall street journal" doesn't know what it's talking about. it doesn't work at all. i'll tell you why. tiger woods, the only way he gets the scandal behind him and all the nonsense is to remind
8:26 am
the world exactly why they fell in love with him in the first place. there's a whole world full of average golfers. there's only one tiger woods. if he becomes eldrick woods, the average golfer, it ain't going to do it. his legacy is about going forward. >> that is the only thing that will silence his critics. >> absolutely. it's what silenced kobe bryant's critics. you can argue it's what silenced bill clinton's critics. it's going to keep john edwards in purgatory for the next several decades. the only thing that moves scandal behind you is to remind the world why they were attracted you to you in the first place. >> how about tiger's attraction to sponsors? is that going to play well? >> i think it will. because the niche audience around golf is well heeled. that's why nike has stood behind
8:27 am
him every step of the way. you'll have this highest-rated golf tournament in history. it might sound strange like being the prettiest frog. but this will be like nfl ratings, this tournament. >> how much do you think? >> ninth wike will reap the ben. i guarantee you if a vampire beats tiger, it will be in the shape of a whoosh by the time he gets to the masters tournament. >> with regard to tv, will it be live or might there be delays to compensate for something that could happen? you never know. >> it's a terrific question. this is exactly what makes this the perfect tournament for tiger to come back. there is no more controlled audience than the masters. they will not allow one extra person. the people who run the masters,
8:28 am
they literally see themselves like the old man in the white tuxedo on the porch drinking a mint jewulep. >> you are so coming back and doing in studio. president obama is making one last case for his plans for health care. this time he's taking it straight to congress. what will he say to sway the undecideds? plus, pope benedict writes a letter about sex abuse in the church. what can you tell me about shell nitrogen enriched gasoline?
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we love getting our outback dirty. because it seems like the dirtier it gets, the more it shines. the subaru outback®. motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year®. hurry in to the subaru love spring event for great deals on all models. now through march 31st. it's msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. the fate of the president's health care bill is still in doubt. the president will head to capitol hill to urge wavering
8:32 am
democrats to vote yes on the bill. mike viqueira is live at the white house. good morning. starting with those that have previously been nos and switching to yes. >> reporter: there was an iteration of this health care bill that came to the house of representatives back in november. i think it was 39 at the time voted against that bill. so the task before the president and democrats is to get the no votes to swing to yes votes. meanwhile, keep all the yes votes as yes votes. the president according to aides has had 64 meetings. no votes switching to notes. john boccieri from ohio, alan boyd, bart gord condition, dennis kucinich, the presidential candidate, bets markey from colorado, another freshman, and scott murphy of new york. these are all very vulnerable democrats.
8:33 am
it is a very tough vote for them. but the problem for the president and democratic leaders is you've got people going the other way because of various things they don't like about the bill. unexpectedly. steven lynch of massachusetts says he's going from a yes to a no. a lot of upstate new york members are having problems with this bill. peter it defazio and zach space on the fence. he comes from a conservative district in eastern ohio. what might turn out to be the key is the anti-abortion democrats who they believe that the language that's coming before them in this senate bill does not sufficiently restrict the use of federal funds to cover abortions in some of the insurance policys. they'll be sold in the marketplace set up by the legislation. this is a nail biter. we don't know how this is going to turn out. they say they'll go ahead with a vote tomorrow afternoon. all you eyes will be on the u.s. you congress. i want to be up in that press
8:34 am
balcony tomorrow. >> i know you do. you'd probably love to be there. with regard to your last point with the anti-abortion elements, that's spear-headed by spabart stupak. we have a press conference scheduled two hours from now. do you have any idea what he's going to say? >> reporter: i do not. he's got some legislative vehicle he wants to see passed along with all of these other bills that pertain to health care that would correct in his view this problem with the abortion language. the problem with that is nancy pelosi and house leaders are not going to go for that unless it's absolutely necessary. as a matter of fact, they've been unwilling to even entertain a question of trying to mollify stupak and what we believe are as many as ten anti-abortion democrats. they might end up needing them or the whole bill goes down. it remains to be seen what happens. >> that historic health care
8:35 am
vote set for tomorrow afternoon. will the democrats get the votes they need? we'll keep it right here. msnbc will have live coverage all day sunday. new this morning, a medical examiner in washington states an 8-year-old boy who went missing last week drowned, and his death was an accident. officials found carver's body on the beach thursday south of tacoma. the boy and his mother failed it to show up at a relative a house last saturday. the mother is still missing. a texas man is undergoing psychiatric evaluation after being rescued from a billboard where he was naked. the man climbed to the 69 in the buff and began dancing around. police had to approach him on a ladder truck. one official said it appeared the man was under the influence. there's the job, having to get the guy that's naked. new this morning, the pope issued an apology to child
8:36 am
victims of sex abuse by irish clergy and set an investigation of diocesis. >> the pope benedict is deeply dismayed of what he referred to as sinful and criminal acts and the way the church authorities in ireland dealt with them. >> msnbc's stephanie gosk is following all of this from rome. what else did the pope say? >> reporter: good morning, alex. this letter was explicitly to irish catholics alone. he did say he was truly sorry for what they suffered at the hands of these priests. he goes on to direct the letter specifically to the guilty priests themselves. this is really the most potent part of this letter. he tells them they are responsible for harming the name of the church and they have to submit themselves to the demands
8:37 am
of justice, which really is the civil authority. this is important because the church has been criticized for protecting priests in the past. it does seem like this is an effort to right that wrong. he goes on to say that serious mistakes were made in the way sex abuse allegations were handled by the court. it seems an effort to move forward from them. >> did the pope give explanations why he believes the sexual abuse has been a problem in ireland? >> reporter: well, he does. in the very beginning of the letter, he talks about the growing secularization of the world and society over the last three or four decade. he gives four reasons why he thinks the catholic church fell into this trap of sexual abuse b by priests of children. he said there were inadequate procedures for the choosing of priests. two, that there was insufficient training and a poor moral
8:38 am
environment in seminaries where priests were training. and three, that there was a tendency to favor clergy. and finally, that there was a misplaced concern for the reputation of the church. >> stephanie with the vatican behind her. thank you so much. a swarm of killer bees attacked a florida homeowner and killed his dog. the man was trimming a tree yesterday when thousands of africanized killer bees began to swarm. the man was stung but he was able to run away. his german shepherd was not. the bees are sealed inside that tree. get ready. it's a weekend of wild weather in some parts. snow slamming the plains while residents in the midwest brace for more flooding. bill karins has the latest details. good morning. >> good morning, alex. it's just not fair sometimes in march. some areas can be so warm and perfect. others, brutally cold and snowy. all of the east coast from key
8:39 am
west northward through areas into new you england, going to be a perfect day. in the middle of the country, temperatures plunging. we have heavy snow through oklahoma and southern portion ons of kansas. this area of snow will be with us in the daylight hours. the roads will be treacherous from oklahoma city up through tulsa. so the contrast to that is the beautiful weather on i-95 from boston to d.c. as i mentioned through the southeast, nearly perfect. the west coast looks great today. in case you're wondering about your sunday, that wet weather starts to head east. it will not be as nice tomorrow as it will be today in areas of new york and all of the east coast. back to you. >> thanks for that update. let's check in on the snowstorm hitting the plains. we've got the weather channel's mike slidell in oklahoma city, oklahoma. with a good morning to you, it's the first day of spring, but you'd never know it looking at you. >> reporter: no.
8:40 am
they've gotten used to the snow. they had the big blockbuster biggest storm ever on christmas eve with 13.5 inches. if we get 4.6 inches today, we're expecting at least that much. it will be end up being the s w snowiest season on record in oklahoma city. the wind was howling out of the northwest. it dropped from 72 to 46 in a couple of hours. we're down to 35 with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. yesterday, the same deal in denver. 60s on thursday. and near boulder, upwards of two feet of snow. in nebraska, not quite that bad. half an inch of wet snowfall. but it's cold this morning across many areas of the plains. temperatures are between 15 and 20 degrees. this morning, we're expecting 5
8:41 am
to 8 here. tauls c tulsa, sleet and freezing rain. it will be a big storm. not unusual to see snow in march. with dallas getting their biggest storm on record, most everybody is pretty much done with this. especially after how nice it was yesterday. the bragging rights go to you on the east coast. what a beautiful day in new york city. >> tell me about it. i think lunch sxououtside and 7 degrees. sorry for where you are. thank you for the live report. for the latest on the snowstorm and the weekend forecast furthermore your area, logon to as an estimated 70,000 marchers appear to descend on the capitol to rally for immigration reform, the obama administration is taking flack from both sides of the issues. conservatives say the president isn't doing enough to enforce
8:42 am
current laws. i'm joined by a reporter for the washington post. good morning. >> good morning. >> you write about this issue in the washington post. what has changed under the obama administration and what hasn't? >> it's a mixed bag. that's part of the issue. on the one hand, the kind of work site raids that were ramped up during the last year of the bush administration, those are down. the arrest numbers of illegal immigrant workers are down by 68%. on the other hand, this administration has continued with deportations. they reached a record high, nearly 400,000, in the 380,000 range. as before, the vast majority of those immigrants continue to be what's called noncriminal illegal immigrants. in other words, immigrants who are guilty of being in the country illegally but no further crimes. >> let's look at the numbers at what you found tell us.
8:43 am
deportation down 5%. you say the administration doubled auditing of companies' employment records. what's the detail in that? >> yeah. so as part of their work site enforcement, they've shifted emphasis. instead of arriving at a meat packing plant and rounding up workers, they've ramped up what are called i-9 audits. systematically over a long period, they review the record and check whether the employees are authorized to work. if they're not, they perform the company, which may fire the workers. if they find that the company, the employer has knowingly hired illegal immigrants, they may also fine them. they have increased those fines and the number of companies find. >> what is it that immigrants
8:44 am
rights groups want and employers, and what is realistic? >> the government takes it from both sides. the immigrant advocates really want a halt to deportations, particularly of noncriminal imgrant. they feel it separates families and particularly if there is some sort of legalization plan that is passed. these people would be eligible for legalization. why deport them? there are 11 million of them. they feel it's harmful to the individuals affected but doesn't solve the overall problem. on the other hand, they feel it's important to focus on criminal illegal immigrants. even noncriminal illegal immigrants may take a job an american would be able to have. there's a concern that the administration is shifting too far away from that focus on just noncriminal illegal immigrants. they would like even more
8:45 am
arrests and deportations. >> do you think realistically speaking the president can push through immigration reform on the heels of everything we have going on, health care, you name it, economy, jobs, wars? >> it's a very, very tall order. for a variety of reasons. not least of which is this health care debate. because in order to push through immigration reform, they will need some level of bipartisan support. and many republicans, including senator lindsey graham, who would be the primary sponsor of an immigration bill on the senate side for the republicans said if the health care legislation is pushed through the reconciliation measure, which would essentially bypass republican votes, they will not cooperate on immigration. so that's a very tall order. on the other hand, we have this march that's going to be taking
8:46 am
place tomorrow. and a large goal of the demonstrators to show their muscle and try to indicate not only to democrats but also to republicans that they're an important sector of the voting population and they may hold people to account in november. >> still ahead, 3-d movies are the big craze in hollywood. soon you won't have to leave your home for lots of 3-d action. i'll be talking with democratic kong man john dingell. les. chevy malibu stands behind theirs for up to 100,000 miles. which makes it pretty clear whose standing out front. a consumers digest "best buy" two years running. chevy malibu. compare it to anyone and may the best car win. now, qualified lessees get a low mileage lease on this 2010 malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. see your local chevy dealer.
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television manufacturers are trying to cash in on the growing popularity of 3-d movies in theatres. they unveiled their new line of 3-d tvs in tokyo. joining me in studio, caroline mccarthy for c-net.
8:50 am
this is a pretty hot thing. >> panasonic said their entire shipment of 3-d tvs, 2,900 models sold out in the first week. >> how much are they? >> $2,900. generally the cheaper end is 2,500. >> and they're selling out? >> they're selling out. >> we have a lot of fans apparently. >> oh, yeah. >> there's a bit of confusion about the channels. look, we've recently come across the threshold of having tvs broadcast in hd. >> yeah. >> who's going in 3-d? >> i think what we're going to see first is sports. msg is broadcasting a rangers/islanders game in 3-ded. across the pond there will be a chelsea versus manchester united. those all 3-d channels are on their way, but i think they'll
8:51 am
encounter a bit of red tape. >> do you think people are wise to buy it now or will the price come down such. >> the price will come down. the 3-d glasses will be prohibitive right now. they cost over $100 for a pair. at least for now, the glasses that correspond with the p panasonic won't be compatible with a sony tv. there are a couple of brands trying to create universal ones. there's at to shake out before people go out and buy one. a couple of bars will probably be showing these sports games. you'll get your fix. who knew alpacas could surf? . mnh-mnh. oh gosh! woo! it's this drab one-tone hair color, ick.
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8:55 am
some of the lighter moments in the health care debate are among the highlights in this week's weekend review with willie geist. they include tiger's comeback announcement and that alpaca that's surfing. take a look. ♪ at number three, the surfing alpaca. ♪ the country's single-minded focus on health care reform was disrupted momentarily this week by the sight of a pack animal on a surf board. the alpaca surfs with his owner, off the coast of peru. by surf, we mean he sits on the board for a few seconds before falling off and entering a fight for his life in the unforgiving surf. the surfing alpaca now threat inz twiggy, the water-skiing
8:56 am
squirrel as news anchors furry animal that enjoys water sports. >> how about that? that squirrel can water ski. >> at number two, tiger ends his exile. >> tiger woods coming back to golf. he wants another green jacket. he left the other one in a las vegas motel room. >> nearly four months after the thanksgiving night fender bender that opened the cocktail waitress flood gates, tiger woods announced he will return to doing what he does best. >> who am i to judge anybody? >> he's a guy going through some things right now. >> woods will make this is comeback at the maefrts. a tournament that doesn't take kindly to outsiders asking a lot of nosey questions. augusta national is a safe place where tiger hopes to put all of this behind him. >> hey, it's tiger. >> i got nothing out of this it
8:57 am
relationship but a broken heart. >> i am sole sorry. >> and the number one story of the week. >> i groped him? i tickled him until he couldn't breathe. >> that was last week. this week, the big story was the interminable health care debate entering its final close. as nancy pelosi tried to pass the bill using a parliamentary pa pass. deem and pass. >> deem and pass. >> deem and pass. >> sounds satanic. >> president obama slipped off his jacket and tried to get comfortable trying to drum up support on the road. former presidential candidate dennis kucinich was among those moved to change his vote by the presidential's passion. plus, the swede ride on air force one.
8:58 am
but kucinich remains steadfast on his position on unidentified flying objects. >> it was an unidentified flying object, okay. it's unidentified. >> on the other side of the aisle, the republican opposition was summed up by senator lindsay graham. >> i don't know whether it's sa saki or moon shine but no sober person would do this. >> you can watch willie weekday mornings at 5:30 eastern. coming up at the top of the hour, democrats are positive they'll have enough votes to pass health care reform by tomorrow. how many more votes does house speaker nancy pelosi need? we'll take a look and count on msnbc saturday. ♪
8:59 am
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