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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  April 26, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm monica novotny. right now on msnbc, death and destruction in the wake of those southern tornadoes. >> all i had time to do was ask the lord to save me and he did. twisters ripping through the south, killing dozens of people and destroying homes. they are starting to pick up the pieces but more severe weather is looming. fallout from immigration laws in arizona, others vow to protest. john edwards weighs in. the infamous sex tape, did the presidential candidate use campaign cash to help hide his affair with rielle hunter. left to die a good samaritan stabbed after jumping in to stop a mugging and dozens of people just walk on by.
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the search is on now for survivors. those deadly twisters killed at least 10 people in mississippi including a baby and two other children. hundreds of homes across 16 counties were damaged or destroyed. mississippi governor haley barbour describing the aftermath as utter obliteration. he was inside his church alone when the tornado struck. >> the building started shaking. i went back and it was just like a giant cloud on the ground. swirling wind and rain. i knew then that i was in trouble. i went up under that communion table. about that time all the glass in the church started blowing out, the building started shaking and collapsed around me. all i had time to do was ask the lord to save me and he did. the national weather service investigating whether another tornado touched down in south carolina last night. three people were hurt there as strong winds battered buildings including an elementary school. but the damage there nothing compared to what we're seeing in weir, mississippi. that is where kerry sanders is live for us.
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kerry, tell us about what you're seeing there today. >> reporter: monica, what a mess. it's really hard to believe. two days and still sinking in to the residents here. about 700 homes in mississippi either damaged or destroyed. just look at this. you get a really good understanding as to why when you look at the statistics and realize at one point one of the twisters on the ground here was a mile and a half wide. it was a monster. >> it keeps changing shape, bigger, wider. >> reporter: the storm chasers were just a little too close. they made it out alive n others were not as lucky when as many as 30 tornadoes touched down across the southeast. yazoo city, mississippi was hard hit. nearby in mill springs, some of the worst destruction. j.w. carter lost two grandchildren when they were ripped from their father's arms.
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>> he said he grabbed the kids and tried to get on top of him and keep them in his arms but the wind lifted them off. >> reporter: also amazing stories of survivor. she heard the wind but didn't think it was a tornado. >> we dropped to the floor. everything was off the wall. everything flying around, debris, insulation. we were covered in trash. we held on, just laid down on the floor. >> reporter: next door her granddaughter was in another trailer that disappeared in the 160-mile-an-hour winds. the house explodes, you're on the phone. the next thing you know you're in the air and then what. >> i fell on a tree and grabbed onto it. >> reporter: you reached down and grabbed a limb? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: at bennie week's house they grabbed furniture. >> furniture was hitting me and
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i was able to get in the bathroom and on top of them before it hurt us. we're lucky to have our babies with us. >> reporter: he knows he's one of the lucky ones. >> lives can't be replaced. these things can be replaced. >> reporter: therpd they were fortunate it struck in the afternoon when people w aware of the danger. >> we had five fatalities. it could have been so much worse. >> reporter: national guard units are now on patrol, while over the weekend parishioners at mill springs missionary baptist church based thanks at the sight of their heavily damaged sanctuary. >> we're resilient. we're a tough community. we have a lot of faith in god. so we get up the next day and shake the dust off and realize we've got to go on. ♪ praise the lord >> reporter: federal officials are expected to be out in mississippi today from fema
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assessing damage. a lot of the folks who have gone through this say it reminds them of katrina. they felt like they had just cleaned up. now they are having to go through it all again. the trucks you're seeing here are loading up in the back of dumped trucks, the destroyed homes, taking them to the dump. they are going to be burned. rebuilding will take a long time. statistics, they are still assessing the national weather service. but it may turn out the tornado, one of the tornadoes, the one that came through here, a record on the ground possibly for 97 miles through the state. monica. >> just incredible. kerry, thanks for bringing those pictures to us this morning. dozens of tornadoes have moved across the country. are we in for more today? bill karins tracking it for us? >> reporter: nothing bad. we've seen the severe weather outbreak. in florida, things are interesting. show you that in a second. first things first.
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they said it was an ef-4, winds of 170 miles an hour. this is the enhanced fujita scale. we're towards the top of that scale. it's a powerful twister. it's a long time since mississippi has seen one this strong on the ground for this long. as far as what we're dealing with today, already had severe weather. not tornadoes, a couple around darlington. we've had wind damage all morning long throughout the peninsula of florida. those are blue dots, a lot of trees down. we still have thunderstorms approaching the highly populated areas of southeast florida. fort lauderdale is under some thunderstorms right now. it's all going to sweep down over the top of miami in the next hour or two. we had tornado warnings earlier this morning. those did not materialize. we don't have tornado warnings currently but you can definitely see the threat there around the miami area. down along the keys the storms will be slicing down your way this afternoon. isolated chance of a tornado this morning. then we get a break for the next
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several days. the next severe outbreak will be thursday and friday. >> we'll be watching for that. thank you. ohio man arrested at the airport shortly after president obama took off, he'll be appearing before a judge today. this is 23-year-old joseph sean mcvay. he was taken into custody at the airport and charged in being armed in terror of the public. he told police he wanted to see the president. that doesn't explain why his car was equipped with police gear, flashing lights and sirens. he's not in law enforcement. more on this bizarre story. pete, what do you know this morning? >> reporter: despite the spooky sound of the statute, it turns out to be a misdemeanor. it's basically a public nuisance charge. he pulled into the rental car parking lot at the airport about a minute after the airplane took off. he was wearing a sidearm. i'm told he had a license to
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wear that. he did have flashing lights and a siren as well. but he apparently said the initial reports were that he wanted to see the president. what i'm told this morning is what he really wanted said was that he wanted to see air force one take off. but in any event, there's a pretty wide consensus here that he was no threat to the president, never got anywhere near the president, and he pulled into the airport parking lot after the president's plane took off, monica. >> at least that is good news. pete williams, thank you. breaking news out of afghanistan, a wave of violence in the southern city of afghanistan forcing the united nations to warn 200 of its afghan employees to stay home. this is in kandahar. u.n. also moving foreign employees to kabul. three explosions rocking the city this morning killing two people. the violence comes as the u.s. plans a summer offensive to clear the city of the taliban. a legal firestorm brewing over arizona's controversial new immigration law. over the weekend, outraged
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demonstrators protest against the tough new bill. it requires police to question people suspected of being in the country illegally about their immigration status. republican governor jan brewer signed the bill friday saying it is critical to protect the state's borders. opponents fear it will lead to racial profiling. meanwhile president obama called the law misguided. he's telling his staff to review potential civil rights implications. chairman and ceo of national p latino clergy preparing a legal argument to block this. >> first of all, racial profiling, as you mentioned. the truth is any person who looks like me or brown, has basically been a suspect. police officers have to complete this type of new job for them, which is basically create a distrust among the community. >> do you believe this law sanctions racial profiling?
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>> definitely. opens the door for all racial profiling. our concern, 300 pastors, members of our coalition, very concerned, 37% of the members of our church are transporting from homes to worship makes it a crime for our pastors. the truth is, there's no other alternative but to understand this issue, which is such a complex issue, is being made a political pawn for opportunistic purposes for miss brewer only. >> let me ask you about -- we'll get to the governor in a moment. let me ask you about the specific wording of the law. i want to read a little bit of it to you, then i want to play a clip from the governor. the law states in part, "where reasonable suspicion exists, that the person an alien that is unlawfully present in the united states, a reasonable attempt will be made, when practicable to determine the immigration status of the person. governor brewer was asked about this and the racial profiling. let me ask about this and i want
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your thoughts on the other side. >> what about illegal profiling? >> i do not know. i do not know what an illegal immigrant looks like. i can tell you i think there are people in arizona that assume they know what an illegal immigrant looks like. i don't know if they know that for a fact or not. >> how do you know? what does an illegal immigrant looks like, a question that no one will answer. will police be able to answer this question? >> she couldn't have answered it better. assume. racial profiling opens the door for a police officer just to assume. and assuming is not exactly the best professional way for a police officer to work. >> let's talk about law enforcement, though. you've got republican chair vocal on the issue. we've heard from police officers on the air. they talk about rampant crime, deaths, the problems they are seeing in their communities. they say they need this law. sheriff saying this is one more
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tool to fight this persistent illegal immigration battle. do they have a point? >> i came from arizona a few weeks ago. i was a week down there. the truth is, every other border state it's a serious concern, especially south area of arizona. on the other hand, there is no such increase in crimes compared to any other cities like new york city or washington, d.c. the reality is they are just making a political pawn issue from so much a complex concern, which is comprehensive immigration reform. >> you think this is all about politics. >> it's all about politics. >> reverend, this is a topic we'll be discussing. i'm sure we'll talk again. we'll talk about the political fallout with governor bill richardson coming up. he'll be joining us. a good samaritan stabbed on a city street while trying to help a woman. we'll examine the bystander
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we've got news just coming into the newsroom in washington. the supreme court will weigh whether california can ban the rental of violent video games to children. they are review the ban to throw out that ban. the united states appeals court in sacramento said the ban violated min ors' rights under first and 14th amendments. the law never took effect and was challenged after being signed by governor schwarzenegger. the supreme court will weigh whether california can ban the sale of violent video games to
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children. emergency officials in mississippi are getting ready to survey the damage in several counties. they were hit hard by a weekend tornado. all ten people were killed in mississippi. a twister in alabama killed two people as well. the governor there plans to survey damage today. in mississippi the tornado cut a path of destruction through 16 counties. new developments in the fight over financial reform. this afternoon's scheduled test vote, it may be pushed back according to the ranking republican on the banking committee. >> i don't believe we'll have a deal today. i believe we're going to get a good bill. that's what we want. we want a strong bill. we want a bill that will put this to bed together, the idea that you're going to bill out somebody. >> nbc's luke russert that the deal in "hill say." there you see it, not so fast. >> reporter: that's right. although senator shelby and dodd worked hard over the weekend, it doesn't look like there's a deal
10:20 am
in place to move financial regulatory reform forward in a bipartisan manner. yesterday on "meet the press," senator shelby, prophetic alabama slang, inches are sometimes miles. although they say they are close, the small changes are miles for republicans and democrats. what are the issues at hand? a few. number one, $50 billion resolution plan they see as a bailout for wall street. that he want it taken away. also discussions of the volcker rule. the idea the government would regulate what investments wall street could get involved in, banning hedge funds. also, whether the federal government could preempt a state law. republicans don't want that. big picture, the same we see everywhere. republicans and democrats agree there needs to be more
10:21 am
regulation. republicans afraid of too much intervention, democrats want more. if the 5:00 vote doesn't go down, they don't get it. they will say the gop stands with wall street. tomorrow, guess who is p up here, goldman sachs testifying before the senate. you'll see democrats saying not ensemble is gop with wall street they are going to go aggressively after goldman tomorrow. it's going to be a wall street beatdown, shall we say, in the next few days. >> no kidding, with all the e-mails out as well. "washington post" poll finds two-thirds of american support stricter regulations. we'll see what happens, thank you. >> take care. >> the leak on the offshore rig in new mexico. crews using sub marines trying to stop the leak. it's a mile below the coast off the louisiana coast. the drilling platform is leaking an estimated 42,000 gallons of oil today, 11 workers missing and assumed dead following haass
10:22 am
week's enormous explosion there. reality tv star and the lead singer of the rock band poison, bret michaels remains in critical condition. he's in the hospital after being diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. the rock star and celebrity apprentice was rushed to the hospital late thursday night after he complained of an excruciating headache. bret michaels publicist is reporting he is conscious and talking with slurred speech. some disturbing surveillance video emerged from queens, new york. it's showing how cruel people can be. a good samaritan is stabbed and dozens of people walk on by as he bleeds to death. so what drives a person to just ignore something like that and walk on by? the story this morning from nbc's jeff rossen. >> reporter: the surveillance tape is chilling. just off camera this woman is mugged. that's when police say a good samaritan jumped in to help. the mugger stabbed him and ran away. the injured samaritan chases him
10:23 am
before collapsing on the sidewalk. over the next hour and 20 minutes, more than 25 people passed by and did nothing. in one case a man took a picture on his cell phone camera. another lifted his body and walked off leaving him for dead. by the time emergency workers arrived it was too late. when you saw that video, what went through your mind? >>. >> i thought it was sad. we shouldn't be cruel to each other. at the minimum, somebody would call 911. >> anybody that would do that, leave him there to die, no morals new york city conscious. >> reporter: it's happened before in hartford, connecticut, a 78-year-old man hit by a car on this busy road. at least nine drivers and countless pedestrians passed him by. he later died. in brooklyn, new york, a patient in a psych word collapsed face down unconscious in the waiting room. hospital staff and other patients ignored her for nearly an hour. she also died. in seattle earlier this year it was security guards who stood by
10:24 am
as this girl was beaten by a group of teenagers. psychologists say there's an explanation for this, something called the bystander effect. believe it or not, the more people around, the less likely it is for someone to help you. >> there's an assumption that somebody else must be helping out. we're motivated to try to fit into our social environment. we're influenced by others. we want to do what others do. our behavior will follow. >> reporter: he says we're hardwired to look away, from the notorious case in 1964, stabbed to death in new york as neighbors ignored her screams to this latest case more than 40 years later where a man may have been saved if not for the indifference of his neighbors. >> that was jeff rossen reporting for us. meanwhile shifting gears here, if people were to encounter aliens, there would be no hollywood ending. that's according to astrophysicist. he said aliens are so advanced humans would have no chance.
10:25 am
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following breaking news coming into our newsroom. the former university of tennessee student charged with hacking sarah palin's e-mail will not testify in his own defense. his attorney said the defense will rest their case after putting one witness on the stand. he's accused of trying to derail her campaign run when he accessed her personal e-mail in 2008. the prosecution rested its case on friday after sarah palin herself took the stand. he faces up to 50 years in prison if he's found guilty. we in arizona have been more than patient waiting for washington to absent. but decades of federal inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and
10:29 am
unacceptable situation. >> that's arizona governor jan brewer explaining friday why she signed a tough new immigration law that let's police question anyone who they think is in the country illegally. in fact, it requires them to. the law sparking massive protests as demonstrators claim this will lead to racial profiling. bill richardson, the governor of the neighboring state, new mexico. the governor joins us on the phone. we appreciate your time. i know you know governor brewer personally. what do you make of her decision? >> she's very since over. i know she's frustrated with her lack of resources on her border. this is a very bad bill. this will lead to racial profiling. i believe the obama administration will challenge the law in terms of whose jurisdiction it is. it's clearly a federal jurisdiction. it's going to spur other states to take some kind of action like
10:30 am
this, which is really wrong. the answer is a federal, national comprehensive immigration bill as rapidly as possible. >> you're concerned about ripple effect on a state level before something could be done? >> yeah. you're going to get other states saying arizona did this. we're empowering our police officers to go out and try to find somebody that looks suspicious. that's going to lead to massive discrimination. >> right. >> it won't happen in my state, but other neighboring border states, it could happen. politically it's a hotly charged issue. >> governor. >> go ahead. >> is there a way i was speaking with reverend rivera, with the national coalition of clergy. they are putting together a lawsuit saying this supports racial profiling. is there a way to support the law without racial profiling? >> no, it's impractical. you're putting able, competent, good police officers at a terrible risk. how are they going to determine
10:31 am
somebody looks suspicious? because they might look hispanic, because they might have eyes that look shifty. it's impossible to enforce. it's an invitation to lawsuits and real tension. thirty percent close to arizona's population is hispanic that have been there for generations. >> right. let me ask you one more thing politically in terms of the timing. representative -- republican senator lindsey graham, he supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. but he warns this is not the time for democrats to try to push this reform through. what do you think in terms of timing? >> he's a very valuable person because he reaches out. i think what we need to do, the congress has eight months before the end of the year. if we go ahead and move with climate change legislation, there's no reason why when more of a consensus might be developed. i think this bill spurs it on. for comprehensive immigration reform with more border
10:32 am
enforcement, with legalization, with verification of people working, i think this kind of bill can be put together on a comprehensive basis. president bush tried it. it didn't happen. i think president obama has the momentum. the congress has to act. i think the president is leading on this. >> governor bill richardson, great to have you weighing in on this this morning. thank you for your time. a bullfight ends badly for one of mexico's top matadors. these pictures are disturbing. star bullfighter was gored saturday during a show. a spectacular was videotaping as the 1100 pound bull picked the matador up, threw him in the air. the animal's horn dug four inches into his groin. it punctured a vein and artery. he was rushed to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. final lap at talladega.
10:33 am
it sent setzer airborne before it caught fire. remarkably, though, there were not any serious injuries. the massive twister that killed 10 people in mississippi because because the on camera showing sheer force of wind and rain. a report in just under three minutes. losing weight clicked for me...when i found out i could still eat the foods that i love to eat. love the chicken parm -- gotta have the chicken parm. [ laughs ] on the weight watchers online website there's a whole bunch of little tools
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maxwell house custom-roasts each bean... for a full-flavored cup of coffee. so you can be good to the last drop. death and devastation iniad auto city. ground zero for the biggest natural disaster since hurricane katrina. crews out looking for anyone who may be trapped as residents are surveying the damage. survivors call this twister unbelievable. >> the wind goes were popping, stuff flying and falling. we could hear it. in no time it was over. >> the weather channel's mike seidel in yazoo city sorting
10:37 am
through some of the worst destruction. >> reporter: monica, this is all that's left of the hick baptist church in yazoo city, mississippi. that ef 4 tornado came roaring across highway 49 and just literally blew the church down to smithereens. there's nothing left. a few items they may be able to save. one member of the church was in the church at the time. in fact, he was over here in the office. he got a call from his wife telling him a storm was coming. he looked out the window and saw it coming from the southwest. he ran to the back of the church, got under a confirmation table and was able to save his life. just a few scratches on his wrist and hand and a carpet burn. he's okay. we're thankful for that. some others were not so lucky. four fatalities in yazoo county and a dozen injuries, some critical. today the national weather service will continue their survey. right now rated ef-4, winds of 170 miles an hour. the path as wide as 1 3/4 miles. continue to survey north and
10:38 am
east of her. that path may increase on this killer tornado in mississippi. monica, back to you. >> pentagon officials tell nbc news defense department is negotiating with senator lieberman in the showdown over documents of the attack at ft. hood. the chair and raining member issued subpoenas to two of president obama's cabinet secretaries. pentagon officials could not say whether the justice department, which was also subpoenaed, was involved in those negotiations. senators lieberman and collins want to find out why the joint terrorism task force knew some 10 to 11 months before the shooting that the suspect, army psychologist hasan was exchanging e-mails with a known al qaeda recruiter but failed to warn the pentagon or army. more ammunition for washington and its battle against wall street. ahead of the hearing on capitol hill, goldman sachs releasing more internal e-mails showing
10:39 am
the company was aware the housing market was collapsing but kept selling investments tied to real estate. a trader said he just sold some of those exotic products to widow's and orphans. in another he compares the product he helped create to frankenstein turning against its own inventor. another e-mail, the subprime business is totally dead and the poor little subprime borrowers will not last so long. let's bring in msnbc dylan ratigan, host of the dylan ratigan show. the perfect guest for this segment. i'm going to start by what both of us have talked about, a lot of great, smart people work at goldman sachs, whoever sent these, this is disgusting. how damaging is it? >> here is the big question. it's not about the banks. it's not about the reform. the question, monica, will our government give the american people, the unemployed, the underwater in their homes, the retirees deprived of their pensions to this day an
10:40 am
appropriate investigation into the e-mail trail that is the banking system over the past 10 yea years. all i can conclude from these e-mails is what goldman sachs says in public is not always what they are saying in private. i know there is meaningful inconsistency in the public representations of bank executives. what is being said privately by those same executives or associates of those executives. i know the american taxpayer has delivered and continues to deliver trillions of dollars in support to these institutions. i know the treasury department and the american government continues to deny the american people a thorough investigation as to why this money from the american taxpayer was and continues to be delivered to the banking institutions, some of whom may be guilty of multi-billion dollar fraud. we don't know the answer because
10:41 am
the government is not delivering to us the access toúf"el e-mail that we have the rights to as the owners of aig. that's the real question. will the government give us the investigation they deserve or give us the $8 million budget they are giving to the fcic and no disclosure of the aic. a lot of people interested in the contents of this. let's read this one, of course we didn't dodge the mortgage mess. we lost money, then made more than we lost because of shorts. also, it's not over. who knows how it will turn out ultimately. what do you think of that? >> it's rational thought. to evaluate lloyd blankfein, any institutions it's to evaluate 10 pieces of data when there's 10,000 pieces of data. what's being asked of american public, legislature, our treasury department, government is irresponsible and hostile to
10:42 am
the future of this country by virtue of its refusal to allow real access to information so we can actually come to understand where the fraud was, where the stupidity was and get back to the business of having a wall street, a healthy wall street that lends and invests money and get rid of all the back room gambling. >> thanks for joining us dylan. dylan will have more on the showdown on wall street on the dylan ratigan show on msnbc. dylan will talk with the former sheriff of wall street, former new york governor eliot spitzer. thanks. sex, lies & videotape john edwards prepares to testify about the details of his affair and the infamous sex tape. bullies nearly killed michael brewer last october setting him on fire. live at noon we'll talk with his grandmother to see how he's doing. part of the special series at noon. v is for violence. why are kids attacking kids? we'll examine school violence and bullying every day this week. check it out at noon eastern right here on msnbc news.
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it seems depression and smoking go hand in hand. new data from hhs finds the link between depression and smoking holds for both men and women and in all age groups. the study shows more than half middle aged men with depression are smokers compared to about a quarter of men without depression with similar rates for women. we're following breaking news right now following the west virginia coal mine. massey energy, the firm that owns that mine said air samples just prior to the explosion they say did not show any concentration of explosive gases. the samples were taken by the
10:47 am
foreman as part of a shift change at the mine. we know that was about the time it happened around a shift change. the examination also shows the airflow in the upper big branch mine was fine. again, the investigation there continues. residents in one ohio county are urged to arm themselves after major cuts to the sheriff's department. across america state and local governments are dealing with cuts to local governments often forced to make painful cuts. the county slashed its sheriff's department by more than half. this prompted a county judge to offer this warning to residents. >> arm themselves. be very careful. just be vigilant. because we're going to have to look after each other. >> joining me from cleveland, law professor at case western reserve university. good to have you, sir. the judge's comments have been
10:48 am
raising some eyebrows. how concerned when you hear this are you that it could lead to vigilanteism? >> good morning, monica, thank you for having me. the concern is the judge could misconstrue comments. as you see from the video, he's a mild mannered people and certainly wasn't asking people to engage in lawlessness. whenever anything like this happens, there's a risk of misperception. there's a risk people will hear vigilant and think vigilante. that's a concern coming from somebody who is supposed to be defender of the laws. >> we should put his comments in context. when you hear the sound bite, it is taken out of context. he also said, they have to be law abiding. if they are not familiar with firearms, they have to take a safety course so they are not a threat to their family and friends and themselves. he clearly was not putting out a call to take up articles and start shooting. certainly when people hear this, there's that concern vigilantes
10:49 am
will jump on board. there's been reports from local people who say, let's not pull a gun out, let's pull a shotgun out and make sure somebody is dead and not walking around. >> it's a dangerous thing to engage citizens that way. as the sound bites get played it ignores the piece you clarified. people see the piece played on your segment. people who see that think it's a license to actually use guns, not own guns. they could get themselves and other people in trouble if they do. >> regardless of how you feel about his comments, the budget cuts to the sheriff's department are severe. we've talked about cities and states facing these budget crunches. there is concern about what people are to do when you've got very little law enforcement going on. >> there's always a concern. but i think the sheriff's spokesperson also interviewed for the original story said, please, if there's an issue, call us. call the sheriff's department. let us worry about how to respond. i think people need to do that. they need to use law enforcement the way law enforcement has
10:50 am
always been used and not resort to self-help. a lot of people can get hurt if it happens the wrong way? >> andrew with case western reserve university, thanks for your time on this one. >> thank you. >> the details of john edwards sex tape out in the open. why the presidential candidate is expected to testify under oath about that tape. "the daily beast" has the exclusive. you can listen to msnbc 24/7 on satellite radar. live breaking news and the best political analysis anywhere, tune into surrious channel 90 and 120 on xm. ♪
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following breaking news. severe weather in the miami area. a severe thunderstorm for miami and florida. this is part of the same system that ripped through mississippi causing tornadoes. ten deaths in mississippi. we're going to follow the
10:54 am
system. we'll let you know as it progresses. brita britain's foreign office apologized over a foolish internal memo, never supposed to be seen in public. the memo offered tongue in cheek suggestion for the upcoming visit to britain, including opening an abortion clinic, blessing a gay marriage and launching a papal brand of condoms. nice. some british newspapers apparently weren't in on that joke. one wrote about dark forces within the foreign offices. meantime vatican officials accepted the apology and the pope's visit will take place as scheduled. jim macedo in our london bureau. jim, how did this happen? >> reporter: it feels like a silly season story but we're only april not august. the memo was written by a 23-year-old oxford graduate, a low ranking civil servant at the office. he described it as a brainstorming session. he called it some farfetched ideas. it addressed the question of
10:55 am
what would the ideal papal visit look like. it really does read more like david letterman top 10 reasons why the pope should come to britain. the pope could apologizes for suspicious armada, sing a duet with queen elizabeth ii. how could something this idiotic happen? over the weekend a number of civil servants weighing in on the blogosphere saying these happened all the time. these spoof memos written to stay alert or stay sane. the thing is they normally don't leave the building. somehow by accident or a very practical joke, this specific memo, which was an e-mail, got out way, way too far. back to you. >> thank you. former presidential candidate john edwards will testify in court about his affair and a possible sex tape. this according to an exclusive report in the "daily beast." edwards will have to submit a sworn deposition. joining us, investigative
10:56 am
reporter for "the daily beast." first of all tmi on the sex tape. i think i speak for everyone when i say we've heard enough about this. tell us what's going to happen. >> john edwards has been noticed he is to give a sworn deposition on may 13th in the case of rielle hunter against andrew young. what will they ask. of course they ask about the sex tape and how it came about. they are going to ask him to put on the record in sworn testimony exactly how rielle hunter moved place to place as the pregnancy progressed with the help of andrew young paid for by john edwards once that's put on the record a federal grand jury will be interested in what he had to say. >> the suit over rielle hunter's privacy. how is it violated when she herself has been on gq magazine, given interviews. >> she's going to be on oprah. that is the question.
10:57 am
she filed innovativasion of pri. she realized i left the tape behind, they have photographs. i want them back. they went to court, i was in north carolina several times, why did she receive this. i'll tell you andrew young believes it was to harass him because he told everything in the book, "the politician." john edwards will -- >> people want to know, yes or no, are they together? >> i think they are together in some form because they have this love child together. he does see the child. he's not with his wife elizabeth anymore. it's a very convoluted tale. i'll tell you what my prediction is. john edwards will finally say to
10:58 am
rielle, okay, probably time to drop this lawsuit now because i don't want to give a deposition. >> let's move on. diane diamond. that does it for me. i'm monica novotny. tamron hall picks up next. reverend al sharpton squares off against sheriff joe arpaio in the battle over the strict immigration law. plus, inside the devastating mississippi twister, tamron talks to one of the tornado chasers who go this amazing video. be good to your heart?
10:59 am
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