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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  December 15, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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good wednesday morning, i'm chris jansing. this is "jansing & company." what we are about to show you is shocking and you may find it hard to watch. we're talking about a florida school board meeting and last night a man with a gun took hostages and absolutely terrorized board members by firing at them point blank and the entire drama unfolded while cameras were rolling. mark potter has the latest on this developing story from panama city, florida. >> reporter: just as the school board opened the floor for a
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public comment, a man later identified as a 6-year-old clay duke began spraypainting the wall with a circal and a big v after drawing a handgun, he ordered most people out of the room. >> you may leave, you may leave. the six men stay. everyone else leaves. >> reporter: one board member who left the room tried to intervene hitting the gunman with her purse. ji >> ginger, no. >> reporter: she left again and why he explained that his wife had been fired. board members repeatedly pressed him for details. >> please, just talk to us. if i can help you get your wife a job somewhere else, i'll be glad to do that. yes, sir. i'll be very honest with you, i swear, i don't know who your wife is or what she did.
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i don't. i don't want to die like anybody else doesn't. >> hey, i will go with you, i will stand up with you to get your wife a job. whatever it takes. >> reporter: off camera, the superintendent tried to get duke to let the others go. >> i'm the one that signed the paper, right? okay. i don't remember and i don't know who she is. but let them go. i'm the one that did it. i mean, they don't sign the papers. i'm the only one that signs them. will you let them go? >> reporter: as the board kept talking duke seemed unruly and spiraled out of control. >> i've got a feeling that what you want is the cops come in and kill you because you're mad. you say you're going to die today. but why? this isn't worth it. this is a problem -- please don't, please don't. please.
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>> reporter: after he fired at the board members, witnesses say school board security chief mike jones rushed in and exchanged shots with him. panama city police say duke who was wounded then ended up killing himself with his own weapon. >> you can see in his eyes that he was intent on dying. i don't have a lot of experience in this, but you can tell he was going to kill himself, at least, if not other people. we thought he was going to try to shoot us, as well. >> reporter: the entire incident was captured on a school board camera and streamed live as they watched the drama unfold. >> the only thing i could think is that he wants somebody to rush in here and, you know, it was a tragedy all the way around. it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: on facebook duke reportedly posted some people, the government sponsored media, will say i was evil, a monster,
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no, i was just born poor in a country where the wealthy manipulate. the v similar to the one he painted on the school board wall. the one some suggested looks like the v for vendetta. no link between duke's action and the movie. >> that was mark potter reporting. now, police just held a news conference and they confirm that clay duke's wife did work as a teacher in the district but was let go about a year ago. they say his family did not see the tragedy coming. >> the family was as shocked as everyone else that this had occurred. you know, it was unforeseen on their part from the investigative rs i have spoken with. >> we'll speak with that school superintendent you squus saw on tape in just a couple minutes. right now president obama is meeting with a group of 20 big-time ceos and they're
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talking about jobs. the icy climate between the president and businesses warmed up a bit after he announced the deal to extend the bush tax cuts for everyone. the ceos of american express and google are part of that group. the president said he hopes to get some ideas on how to spur economic growth and he's also hoping the extension of the bush tax cuts will help the economy. >> we can't afford to let it fall victim to either delay or defeat. so, i urge members of congress to pass these tax cuts as swiftly as possible. >> now, at noon today the tax cut showdown begins in the senate with the reid mcconnell bill. sharon brown who originally opposed this deal says he will now vote for it. a fetest vote did pass overwhelmingly but the big question mark is what is going to happen when the bill gets to the house where there is opposition from liberal democrats as far as far right
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conservatives. a huge cry from republicans because we just learned that two gop senators want to block a trillion dollar budget bill that's necessary to keep the government running. they say it's because it's chock-full of those earmarks. senators will hold a news conference this hour and check out these numbers. we're talking about a $1.2 trillion budget bill packed with more than 6,000 earmarks for a total of $8 billion. richard lui has been looking at this earmark battle and we've seen this before. when you look at where some of this money is going, taxpayers couldn't necessarily be criticized for shaking their heads. >> yeah, you can hear the growns right n right now coming. shaking their finger at republicans and democrats and tea partiers who say earmarks were not good. in the 20 pounds of paper that makes this bill, some crazy things. but it came down to about $575
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million per page. that's a lot of cash. some of the crazy earmarks. 208,000 for beaver management in north carolina. huh? also peanut research in alabama. $413,000. 247,000 for virus free wine grapes and we can go on and on. here's one, $30,000 for polynesian voyaging society. chris, i don't know what that is about. funny to some, but not to senator john mccain. >> the american people said just 42 days ago, enough. are we, are we tone deaf? are we stricken with amnesia? what is going on here? >> i think that the people on the appropriation's committee work very hard. i think they have a good piece of legislation and we'll move forward at that.
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>> chris, outrage is aimed at both sides, but the bill has a million dollars for an environmental study and 400,000 for a research park that benefits state florida. lindsey graham on the other side of the aisle moposes the bill a says we don't want to go down this road. he has an earmark to study dredging. here are the top. mary landrieu wants $4.5 million roger wicker wants $3.7 billion. let me show you the next requests. top of the list right now, we take a look at a number of time folks are looking for things. 855 requests from bob menendez. look at those numbers, chris. but as politifacts notes, they
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don't increase spending. where budgeted monies should go. >> richard lui, we have a lot to talk about. let's bring in our company. hillary clinton supporter, reuters washington correspondent john decker and msnbc political analyst pat buchanan. john, let me start with you in terms of this budget bill and earmarks. what are you hearing? what is going to happen? >> looks like republicans will vote and block against this bill, despite what richard just said. there are a number of republicans who have earmarks included in this bill, including the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. he has an earmark in this bill. despite that, democrats who controlled the senate right now during this lame duck senate are also going to vote in unison. not what many democrats like in the aftermath of the election but this is going to fund the government for the next two months and i might add one thing, chris, that is house speaker nancy pelosi says she will support this bill despite the fact there are no earmarks in the house version of the
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bill. >> mitch mcconnell, pat, as you just heard john say, he's in vigorous opposition to the bill, but he has a $650,000 earmark in there for a genetic tech center at the university of kentucky. is this just more politics as usual or given the current climate and the deficit is this tone deaf as john mccain has suggested? >> well, i think what mitch mcconnell has got to do and the republicans have to do is follow john mccain's lead on this because they did get marching orders in november. if they go along with this monster spending bill without a fight and resistance, especially on the earmarks, i think they're going to have a real problem with the tea party folks back home. so, i would expect real republican resistance here to try to get a short-term continuing resolution so that next year when they meet to really extend, i mean, really do the full budget work, it will be more republicans working on it
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rather than democrats. that will be the smart play, it seems to me, the necessary play given the election returns. >> lynn, the earmarks make up a small percentage of the overall spending. is it a problem, though, for both parties? >> it's totally a problem for both parties. it exposes the horrible hypocrisy in the way we govern. you run on the principle of no earmarks and we need to cut the deficit. then when it comes to your personal desires, whether you're a republican or a democrat, you load up the bill. either we stand for principle and we walk the walk or we don't. too many politicians from both parties don't walk the talk. and it's really bad and i agree with pat about what the best strategy is are for the republican. >> we're going to wait and we're going to be watching that news conference with senator cornyn. thanks to our company. they will be back. but now we want to go back to what our top story was today. that shocking shooting at a
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florida school board meeting. joining me now is bill husfelt the school superintendent you heard just a few minutes ago on that tape. superintendent, good morning. thank you for being with us. how are you doing? >> well, i'm alive. and from about 24 hours ago, less than 24 hours ago, that was in question. so, i'm doing great. >> as i was watching that tape and i heard those shots being fired, frankly, i'm kind of amazed that you're standing here talking to me. did you think you were a goner? >> yeah, you know, you could tell by the look in his eyes that he was serious and he told us he was going to die and we were, too. it wasn't a game, it was real. he was, he was just as intent on doing this. mike jones, i know you've seen the shooting part, but our security officer that came in, he saved all our lives yesterday.
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there's no doubt in my mind. if he would not have come in when he did, he would have continued shooting. i have been in the area and seen all the shots back behind where everybody had ducked and god was with us, i'm telling you. >> i know you have called that security guard a hero but also watching that tape i may say you may have delayed long enough for that security guard to come into the room because you were talking to him, you engaged him, you sounded so incredibly calm. you seemed it have all your wits about you and i wonder what was going through your mind at that point. >> well, you know, we did, we were his hostages and the only thing i could think about is just get him to talk, get him to talk because time is what we needed. we knew the police were on the way. we had already seen some signs of that and we saw the lights outside and, so, you know, we were all doing a lot of praying while we were talking and just,
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you know, god was there with us and i'm not saying that just because of any other reason than i believe that, but he was intent on killing himself and killing us and he told us that and he was going to do what he had to do to make that happen. >> you don't have any recollection of his wife. he had come in and said that he was there, in part, because his wife had been fired. we now learned from the police, i guess, from a teaching position. >> right. and i had no idea what he was talking about. i didn't know who he was talking about or what he was talking about. i didn't know if she was a teacher or support person or a lunch room lady or bus driver. we had no idea what he was talking about and then he stafrted talkistafrt ed talking about taxes. he wasn't well. i feel so sorry for the family that they're having to endure this but i'm thankful to be standing here talking to you today. >> we're glad you're here, too.
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ginger littleton, a board member, comes out and almost joked about it since then but she took this purse that her mother-in-law had given her and she gave clay duke a whack and it wasn't the smartest thing she's ever done. did you think he was going to shoot her? >> for a second, but then it was kind of obvious that he didn't want anything to do with the women. he told all the women to leave. he told all the women to get out. we've got a great board and we work well together and we respect each other and care about each other, ginger was trying to help. ginger knew we were trapped and god bless her. she was trying to get in there to do something to help us. i am just very thankful she wasn't shot. she's a great lady and she probably, as you said, prolonged it some, too, because it probably got him thinking about something else instead of just starting to shoot. >> i have to ask you finally and maybe the answer seems obvious
10:16 am
and you haven't had a lot of time to think about it, given everything you've been through, superintendent, do you think you'll ever be the same? >> yeah, i'm very confident in my faith and i know that i was surrounded by angels and god with me. if i was going to die, i knew where i was going to go and i don't say that to make some kind of headline or anything. i believe that and i believe that with all my heart and if it was my time to go, i was going to go. i just, i just had faith that god had something in mind and it just worked out. >> well, as i said before, the way you handled the situation was incredibly impressive and we're glad to see you here this morning. thank you, superintendent, we really appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you, have a great day. >> you, too. coming up in just about 20 minutes, we are going to hear from other members of the panama city school board, including ginger, the woman who took that purse. she's going to come on and talk to us. there she is hitting the gunman
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with her purse. she will be my special guest. we have a lot of other news going on. developing story out of greece right now. hundreds of protesters clashed with police today in central athens. about 20,000 people marched to parliament during a general strike against labor reforms. it has closed factories and ground transportation around greece has been disrupted. breaking news out of arizona right now. the border patrol says one of its agent, brian terry, was shot and killed after exchanging gunfire with several suspects. it happened near rio roko. at least four suspects are in custody and thir still looking for one more. the fbi is in charge of that investigation. another night in the deep freeze for florida. how it is affecting everything from tourism to food prices. that's coming up. [ sneezes ] client's here.
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both police and residents fear there may be a serial killer on the loose after the remains of four bodies were found along the remote long island beach. forensic reports led investigators to think that they were dumped at oak beach periodically over the last year and a half. here's the big concern, police say if it is a serial killer, the murders may escalate. clint van zandt is a criminal profiler. >> good morning, chris. >> what are investigators looking for right now to tell them whether or not this is a serial killer. >> one thing they need to do very quickly is identify the victims. you know, new york has seen its share, unfortunately, that area of serial killers. you can go back to 1993 joel rifkin was the individual that terrorized that individual. he killed 17 women and it was
10:22 am
just in 2006 that the bodies of four women just like now, four women in that case happened to be prostitutes were found near atlantic city. and that case has never been solved. so, right now police are in a hurry to identify the victims, find out their backgrounds and see what the common strings are and then, chris, they have to find a killer. >> and if it is true that this is a serial killer, if they come to that conclusion, are they right to be worried that this will likely escalate, clint? >> i think they are. normally serial killers don't quit over their own volition. we can find some examples where they have, but most of the time as an fbi profiler, if you see a serial killer stop her activities, they were in jail, they've been killed or they moved to another area of the country. someone like this keeps going and many times the media stories can spur that person on. and even though this was the, this was the body disposal site,
10:23 am
perhaps the dumping ground, should one killer be responsible for the death of what we now know of four women? this person or these persons could easily move on to another site and, chris, there could be other victims that we're just not aware of. that's part of the reason why the search in that area and that's why the fbi has come in to help see if these victims could come from a multiple state area. >> all right, clint, thanks so much, as always. >> thanks, chris. it wasn't danny ocean and his famous ocean's 11 crew but a man hit the craps table at the bellagio. he grabs $1.5 million in chips and then fleed out the front doors. police are just waiting him out and watching the chip windows for any large withdrawals.
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the wikileaks founder julian assange is getting support from someone who is frankly no strasker to controversy himself. >> supports wikileaks and committing an act of patriotism because it guarantees i think, i hope, that we have a better shot next time the bad guys try to pull one off on us. >> that is filmmaker michael moore on "count don with keith olbermann" last night. assange is still behind bars. tomorrow, the british court will hear an appeal from sweden on that bill decision. assange is facing rape charges in sweden. unlike anything florida has seen this time of year. bitter cold conditions. in fact, they're affecting much of the east coast but that deep freeze in florida a second day with temperatures as much as 30 degrees below normal will likely
10:28 am
make your food prices go up and could put a dent in some folks' vacation plans. nbc kerry sanders is following that story live in orlando, florida. i just checked with our folks at the weather channel. here in new york, it's 25 degrees. feels like 12. how is it there? >> it's 39 degrees. we started out at 32 here this morning. a record for orlando this time of year. i'm at the wizarding world of harry potter. you see that snow up there, well, of course, that's artificial, but it was cold enough this morning to snow and just look at how i'm dressed and how other folks are dressed. i will take a photo of you in just a second. although it's really put a damper on the vacations. you come to orlando and think you'll not only have some fun at the attractions but that you're also going to be, you know, enjoying the weather. and that is not the case. it's not going to warm up until
10:29 am
friday when it will hit back into the 70s here. but this cold weather is also impacting a another major sector of the economy which is really going to ripple across the country, that is industry. in floridaing a agriculture. the damage there looks like it's still being assessed, but they do know they had 28 degrees or lower for four hours two days in a row and that's when the real damage sets in. so, they're picking as much fruit as they can right now. primarily used to make orange juice and they're trying to get that to the processing plants as much as they can. corn, green beans, carrots completely wiped out. timaomatoes in bad shape. it looks like anywhere you go in the next couple days to go shopping and perhaps into the next couple weeks you'll really feel these prices at the grocery store. chris? >> i saw the sign back there, maybe you should go get a better beer. >> i have to go take a picture first, i promised.
10:30 am
maybe she's gone. >> i don't know what people thought kerry was doing walking with a microphone. thank you so much. we'll keep you posted on developing weather story. couple other things going on. this is the news conference with the school board down there in panama city, florida, where a man walked in and basically took hostages, fired a lot of shots and ended up committing suicide. terrifying situation there. we're going to keep listening in on that for you. also, a couple of republican senators senator cornyn, both holding a news conference and they're very unhappy with the earmarks and the budget bill and a continuing fight over this, we're watching this for you, as well. back with more on a very busy wednesday on msnbc.your som ne? campbell's healthy request can help. ne? low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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if anything, i thought i'd get hit by a bus, but not a heart. all of a sudden, it's like an earthquake going off in your body. my doctor put me on an aspirin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. to my friends, i say, you know, check with your doctor, 'cause it can happen to anybody. [ male announcer ] be ready if a heart attack strikes. donate $5 to womenheart at, and we'll send you this bayer aspirin pill tote. live news conference in panama city, florida. this is bill husfelt, we just talked to him a short while ago.
10:34 am
a superintendent taken with board members had shots fires at him. let's listen in. >> before he finally turns around and i'm telling you mike saved our lives. it doesn't get any more real than that. you don't have to believe that. i was telling you, that gentleman was not going to stop shooting. mike and him got into the shooting barrage and that's what saved our lives. he had more ammunition and he was going to keep going. >> where was mike when the shots first started? >> i think he was in his office or in the building somewhere. when he started spraypainting, i think dr. haley went to get mike. i am not making light of this, but i thought, man, he really hates technology because we had just voted on a thing about technology and we were getting ready to do a technology presentation and i thought, man,
10:35 am
he doesn't want us to spend any money on technology. i didn't know what the v stood for and then when he turned around with the gun, it was totally different then. >> he's good. i went and visited with him in the hospital last night and his family was all there. he was in very good spirits and they were going to keep him overnight for observation and he was going to be released today and i wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see him some time today. >> welcome to the school board, i should say. what was going through your head? >> well, you feel helpless. he was helpless up there. when he pulled the gun out and told everybody to get out except for all the men school board members, he had the gun and we felt helpless. and i think mr. husfelt did a terrific job. he tried to talk to him and
10:36 am
tried to reason with him and get t the gun down. how can we get the gun out of his hands before he kills somebody, kills us all. that's whut that's what we were thinking. a lot of things go through your mind when a person holds a gun. first time a person held a gun on me. he was out there and reason with the gun and i'll tell you something else he did. he was trying to protect everybody in this building. the faculty. he's tying to get them out of the room and when they come back in try to get back out and try to negotiate with the guy and said let the board members go. just let me stay in here. so, you know, i just -- very touching time. >> this was, i think, our second
10:37 am
official board meeting. when i first got elected i got a letter from one of the officials up in tennessee saying i hope you enjoy your new opportunity on the school board, i'm sure it will be very exciting. i don't think he had this in mind. i didn't appreciate how close some of the bullets came to me until probably just then as the first time i had been in the room since then. if you look at the video, his last two shots he fired he was almost leaning over right where i was sitting. one hit my board book and my papers on my desk. i was laying down and it was probably inches from where i was laying. one hit the pole that was right next to me which was, again, inches from where i was. i didn't appreciate it until i just went in there and saw it and that being said, last night i have a 5-year-old and a 4-year-old and we're not telling them much about what happened. when i got home last night i kept it together well until i got home last night and they met me at the door and gave me a big
10:38 am
hug. how fragile life is and hug your wife and your husband and hug on those kids because you never know when literally that might be the last time you get to do that. i held it together pretty well until they met me at the door last night. for me, that put it in perspective. >> what he was talking about -- >> that they are, i think you've requested some information on it and they're looking at that up right now. they're going to get that to you and i think the police have some information, too, on it. they've been working on that and i didn't know her, didn't know him. i didn't know what he was talking about. >> anyone have any recollection of having contact with him? >> someone recognized him, but it was just like they knew who he was. it was not a working thing. i think they knew a relative of his or something like that.
10:39 am
nobody had seen him anywhere in this building before or has any recollection of anything he was talking about. >> yesterday was a difficult time for all of us. i'm not a pansy, but i will tell you i was very afraid. i was scared to death. i did my talking on behalf of my life and my friends. when we tried, bill and i tried our best to talk with them. the first thing i said to him was, hey, what is your problem? can i help you? what's your difficulty? and he looked at us and he kind of mumbled several times and i said, if there's a problem with your wife and your job, i will do anything i can do to help you with your wife and the job. all this time, folks, we were looking for time. we knew we had mr. jones, but, you know, mr. jones is not always in this building.
10:40 am
he's out in schools. you'll notice that i continue to give accolades to him. mr. jones is anywhere we have problems. just last week we had the bus accident up on 388 in 2301. he was there. he is always there when we have a problem. so, we didn't know if he was here or not. then i got into the thing, i said, i'm a pretty good guy. i get emotional about it, but, hey, i've got a great wife, i've been married 40 years and i have two great kids and i'm not ready to die. and i said, let us, please, we just want to talk to you. we will tell you when he turned around and my board member friends will tell you, when he turned around from his drawing, when he turned around and when
10:41 am
he -- we knew we were all in difficulty. it became a bazooka. it was a heck of a day and we don't want to have this happen in our district ever again. it was very difficult and we hope we learn something from it. i think it is our society. we have people who do this from time to time and it is a very difficult time for us, but we'll appreciate the media that you supported us throughout and we do thank you. >> last night you told us that you haven't quite realized it yet, has it hit you? >> i think it's still sinking in. walking into the boardroom for all of us seeing the bullet holes in chairs behind where the board members were sitting,
10:42 am
there was still some blood on the floor when i went in. that makes it pretty real. they were cleaning up some of the blood out here on the walkway. so, by the end of the day, i think it will be very, very real. but i will say, again, the sun is beautiful and it looks great today. oh, yes, this is the purse. i wish i had some more. >> how about $50. >> $50, $55. >> i have three beautiful daughters and they just said, mom, what were you thinking? i don't have an answer for that. i don't know if i was just stupid and i don't know what i was thinking. we're just so thankful it turned out like it did. >> i've got a good friend who
10:43 am
sent me an e-mail this morning. she's a lawyer in new york and she said, i don't know about that ginger woman, but i want her in my fox hole. and that's exactly how i feel about it. i was so glad. i had been representing the school board for 31 years and i was thinking last night that i guess i have been to a thousand school board meetings over 31 years and so many times when you have real contentious issues. i mean just terrible things that you have to deal with and people get very upset. you are talking about their jobs, their children. we just went through a morning's worth of expulsions that are private, but you get parents that get extremely upset with board members and it's kind of scary. and what is so frightening about this event, well, it's frightening because i have seen where the bullet holes were and i had no idea until this morning. what is frightening about this event, it was just an ordinary school board meeting. it was nothing controversial.
10:44 am
no reason for someone to come and be all upset. the wonderful meeting of all those kids being honored for all their academic achievements. thank goodness they were all gone and then just almost a fun kind of meeting toward the end talking about head lice of all things and scratching your head and then suddenly out of no where comes this individual. that's really the frightening thing because you're not, you know, when you know you have a problem, you can have security there and prepare for it, but this was out of the clear blue and i think it's going to change all of us, no question about it. thank you, all. >> if there's no more questions, i would just kind of like to in closing say that i would put the character and the demeanor of this board and what happened in this situation up against any training that could have been done. i know there will be a lot of arm chair quarterbacks that will question things that were done and use of force and managed
10:45 am
force and everything, but, let me tell you, unless you're in the situation, unless you're in the middle of something like this, you don't know how you'll react and this superintendent and mr. register and talking the man down and doing their best to try to alleviate the situation, mike jones and mrs. littleton and doing what they could to protect this board. i can't tell you how proud i am to be chairman of this group of people, this team that's working. and there's going to be a lot of questions and a lot of things coming up and a lot of issues that we're going it have to deal with. there will be a time for that. right now we're just happy and blessed to all be alive today and we just thank god and we appreciate you coming out, thank you. >> seemingly ordinary people acting extraordinarily it seems to me under the most life threatening conditions, shocking conditions you can imagine. i'll bring our company back in. pat, i don't know how you feel, but when that spokesman talked
10:46 am
about character and demeaner and the way those folks acted under life or death stress, i thought, was remarkable. >> i think it was extraordinary, all of it. i mean that woman with the courage she had taking her purse and hitting that gun with the purse, you know, and trying to disarm him that way just acting really naturally out of instincts and the chairman saying let everybody go, let the rest of the board members go. hold me hostage and if you're going to have to kill somebody, kill me. but let them go. these were ordinary people who, quite frankly, this comes up, chris, this comes out of an intercharacter of people that reveals itself in a time of crisis. everyone there that we've watched on that long tape the one fellow trying to argue and reason with him saying, take it easy. and then the chairman saying, look, please, let those folks go in the audience and let those folks go and the rest of the
10:47 am
board. if you have a problem, i'm responsible. i mean, this is, this is, as i say, this is extraordinary on the part of these individuals. frankly, it makes you proud to be an american to have folks reacting like that in a crisis like that. >> you know, john, you and i have been reporters for a long time and i never cease to be amazed how normal people react to circumstances that are so awful. >> yeah, this is just compelling television, compelling video and as pat was saying, the bravery of each of the individuals in the room on this day in such, you know, very trying circumstances was remarkable. i mean, i think all of us have, at one point after seeing this video put ourselves in the situation that these board members are in and asked ourselves what would we do? but to be so calm in the face of all this, the superintendent, in particular. it's just remarkable. >> it sounded to me almost like he was just dealing with another
10:48 am
upset teacher or upset parent. but, you know, to offer himself, essentially. and, lynn, i thought that was a great e-mail. i want ginger in my fox hole. >> don't we all? >> i've lifted your purse, your purse could hurt somebody. we'll have her on a little bit later. don't you just want to hear her story and what she was thinking at that moment. >> i want her in my fox hole is a great line. that kind of courage and that kind of character really does give you faith in where our instincts can take us, if we are confronted and we live up to the best that's in us. those people lived up to the best in them. and that man f's faith in god. that was so moving and so sincere and, obviously, that gave him the strength to be so calm. that was a lovely, lovely testimony to the best that can be inside of someone. >> well, we're going to talk to ginger and continue to follow this story and my thanks to all
10:49 am
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the voluntarily withdrawal of over the counter cold medicines has helped keep kids out of the emergency room. adverse reactions in kids under the age of 12 both before and after the 2007 withdrawal. while the overall number of cases remain steady visits by kid under age 2 went down 50%. all right, talk about a hard foul. after some pushing and shoving during a florida high school basketball game, the ref ejected a player and then that player turned on the official, first pushing him and then he grabs
10:53 am
the ref and throws him to the ground. officials and police escorted that player off the court. he's been suspended from school, as well as from the team. house democrats aren't giving up on repealing don't ask, don't tell this year without one final fight. we could see another attempt to end the policy on capitol hill as early as today. speaker pelosi announced her member's decision on twitter, had a little shot in it on the other side. the house will vote on representative patrick murphy's stand alone dadt repeal bill tomorrow. senate action on dadt is long overdue. luke russert joins us right now. luke, how does this bill look? >> it was filibustered by the republicans last week, chris, was essentially a defense authorization bill that contained a dadt provision in it. what essentially they're going to do now is take the dadt
10:54 am
repeal and take it out of that bill and pass it as a stand-alone measure. that is the ultimate goal. what the house will do around 3:30, 4:00 p.m. today they will introduce this bill and it should pass. last time it came up it passed in may, 234 to 194 and enough democrats in the house to move this forward. the big question is, what happens in the senate? i spoke to senate sources th s said that joe lieberman is trying to whip this bill and get to the magic 60 vote number. the real enemy is the clock. there is so much the senate has to do. obviously, the tax cut bill will go forward today and they might start on the s.t.a.r.t. treaty. now one thing the house is doing is passing it in a certain way so less procedural hurdles going forward and less opportunities to filibuster in the united states senate. that being said, though, there is no guarantee that the senate will get to that magic number of 60. one interesting piece of this
10:55 am
legislation, though, chris, a lot of people are talk about, this now might open up the possibility of a defense authorization bill passing. one has passed the united states congress over the past 40 something years and that is something that a lot of democrats and republicans would like to see moving forward as it dictates where exactly the money goes for the united states military, quite an important issue, chris. >> i'll say, thanks, luke. >> be well. aubrey is a retired member of the u.s. army and legal defense network. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, what's your take on the murphy bill? is it more symbolic because the house is more likely to pass it or do you think it has a real chance in the senate? >> no, i think this bill is likely to pass, will pass today in the house and it will go over to the senate and i predict it will pass the senate. there are 60 votes to pass this bill in the senate. what we need is an opportunity to get the bill up in the senate in the next few days, pass it and send it to the president for
10:56 am
his signature. that could happen this week or early next week. >> one thing that has been sited by some of the opponents of this. you have called on him to fall in line and salute or resign. he has said, "when your life hangs on the line, you don't want anything distracting. mistakes and inattention or distractions cost marines' lives." what is your response to that? >> well, that's pure speculation. he's trying to predict what may happen. i don't think the general is up for that. he doesn't have the ability to do that. it's all right if the general wants to become a lobbyist and join senator mckean in trying to stop repeal of don't ask, don't tell. but if he wants to do that, he needs to go home tonight, take off that uniform, write his letter of resignation, send it to secretary gates. and then tomorrow morning he can get up, put on his brooks brother suit and go up to capitol hill and lobby. but he has crossed the line.
10:57 am
that cannot stand. >> aubrey sarvis from the service member legal defense network. we'll keep watching this, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up at the top of the hour, utah senator orrin hatch and tim kaine on the president's tax cut proposals and the $2.2 trillion spending plan. plus, meet the woman who took on a crazed gunman at a school board meeting. she tried to use her purse to take down the shooter. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. that saves you hundreds of dollars a year. it's called the new humana walmart-preferred prescription plan. ♪ it's a breakthrough in medicare prescription drug plans... hey buddy! hey grandpa! ...with monthly plan premiums less than $15
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