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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 29, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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in a last ditch effort speaker boehner changed the bill that stalled last night in an effort to get more republicans on board and now it requires a balanced budget amendment to be sent to the states in a second effort to be approved. and he urged mitch mcconnell to work with him, senate majority leader harry reid. >> this is not what is different from before and give me ideas of what will improve my legislation. keep in mind as i said on the floor, there is no agreement if it is a short-term extension. >> and across the country, americans are furious over the sta standoff and are bombarding the house phones and president obama told people again to keep the heat on the lawmakers, and again, people embarked on a twitter blitz, and campaigning every lawmaker in every single state.
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>> keep it up. if you want to see a bipartisan compromise, a bill that could pass in both houses of congress and that i can sign, let your members of congress know. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me now, and break it down, kelly, because it does change by the second, it seems. where do we stand right now? >> well, this is one story where news is instantaneous, because things have been changing, and things predicted have fallen by the wayside and a new set of realities has merged today. so, here is where we are. the house has worked to try to change the bill that bears speaker john boehner's name, and to make it more attractive to hard-line conservatives and absolutely critical to bring it to the floor to get it passed. that is important because what happens in the house moves to the senate for them to act. much of what is happening here really involves the intricate rules of congress that most of the time we don't get into in the stories that we cover here, but it matters immensely now. so to give you a sense of this, the rules committee, people
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might not have heard of that before, but they decide when the language of a bill is ready, and how to bring it to the floor and what the procedures will be, and they have played a huge role. they were at work until the wee hours talking about the changes 20 t to the bill, and you mex mentio the balanced budget amendment which will sweeten the deal for republicans. but here is the back and forth between republican david dryer who runs the committee and top democrat louise slaughter. >> the speaker of the house of representatives has worked hard and in good faith to put together a bipartisan agreement and it has fallen apart. >> i would like to say, mr. chairman, i don't know where the bipartisan comes from, senator reid and senator durban says right after them, that they have not been consulted on one thing. and that has been a week -- >> yeah, one week ago i have said repeatedly --
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>> but what about -- >> well, i have said repeatedly, if you look at what has happened since then, senator reid no longer supports the bipartisan agreement that was agreed upon last week. >> he said there never was one, but you take your word for it. >> and the bickering word right here in washington, d.c. in a moment like this. some of it is rooted in honest philosophical differences and some of it is exhaustion and some of it is politics of the moment, but that is intense interaction going on. and i can't tell you how many senators have stopped me in the building with utter frustration and eyes wide, how are we going to get out of this? so there is a question among those who understand the rules and the politics of where we go from here and you mentioned senate side of this, and harry reid said that the clock is ticking, and if he does not have his own bill on the floor, the requirements for the time lapsed will take the country past the deadline and that is something that he cannot do, so you have both sides blaming the other and
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then the president step in today in a measured way talking about compromise. following that after the president made the second request to the public to reach out, call, e-mail, tweet your member of congress, then the president's own political twitter handle which is @barack obama is at his campaign and not the white house reaching out to encouraging any of his supporters to contact them to make their voices known. we have also, thomas, checked with various offices, and they say that the phone calls are up and the lines are busy, so if you are trying to call your member of congress today, be prepared to wait. >> busy signals abound. kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. >> and meetings today to plan for the possibility that congress will fail to raise the debt limit by tuesday deadline in washington. the treasury department is working owhon is paid and who do doesn't get paid if there is not enough money for everyone, and meanwhile, people of the big banks were summoned to the meeting at a federal reserve
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bank here in new york and cnbc's bertha coombs has details for us. >> investors who buy u.s. treasuries buy them through banks, and this morning the treasury asked those bankers and dealers who help to sell the treasuries to investors to come in and talk about the situation as the debt ceiling limit looms. it was a regularly scheduled meeting, because on wednesday is normally the day that the treasury would announce the next action of debt, but obviously, that comes after the deadline. from bankers we talked to and senior treasury officials, they didn't really outline any contingency plans about what would happen if the debt ceiling deadline is not extended. a number of bankers have told me they anticipate what would happen is that those debt auctions would likely be postponed. we saw it happen back in 1995 when the government was shutdown. it was postponed for several weeks in terms of the auction,
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because essentially, if the government doesn't have the authority to increase that, then the treasury can't issue more debt. the bankers we talked to didn't go into any particulars, but they said a number of scenarios discussed and issues discussed, but at this point nobody knows what is going to happen, but the one thing that everybody in the room agreed to is that it is very important that the debt ceiling be raised in order to not disrupt the treasury market. that point, no idea what's going to happen and whether there is another meeting if indeed the debt ceiling deadline passes. back to you. >> bertha coombs, thank you. so, is speaker boehner's revised bill bringing in anymore conservatives? we want to bring in steve king who is a member of the tea party caucus, and sir, it is nice to have you with us today. we want your reaction to the change in the boehner bill. how do you feel about it? >> well, i listened to every
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word that came out of conference from everybody who spoke, and listened carefully and it came down to this for me, that this decision then on increasing the debt ceiling would be increase for a temporary period of time, next february perhaps, and then this discussion about a balanced budget amendment then comes up again and no guarantee that it passes, and the language for the balanced budget amendment is so broad and general that it could be a balanced budget amendment without any cap on the gdp percentage cap and maybe not a supermajority to raise the taxes. i'm not moved by this. i think that we have to make a decision as a nation on when not whether but when we will cut spending and when we will get discipline? i don't think that this congress is yet ready for the discipline that we need, but i can't vote for this today, because we have to get to that point when we have the discipline to lay out the direction that actually gets this under control. i don't know that this congress will get to this point, and maybe we need a new congress to get enough will. it takes a lot.
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>> what is the discipline you are referring to? do you feel that the representation that the tea party is giving is that they are undisciplined group not will ing to lis tone speaker boehner? >> i well, it is different scenario that than that. you have constitutional conservatives with a cause including the tea party group, and the people who stepped up to realize that the nation has gone into a debt crisis and people who look at the proposal and realize that even if we accept the bill out here today, it does change the trajectory of the growth of the deficit slightly and so that ten years down the road, we will only owe $24 trillion instead of $25 trillion. that is all we have done. we will sacrifice the standards of the ryan bucket to the tune -- ryan budget to the tune of -- the only year we can count on is next year. the ryan budget cuts $31 billion and this is $7 billion so, it is $24 billion less overall in the budget authority, and this is not enough to change the tra ekt
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j ri and say to the financial markets that we should establish the long-term investments of america. i don't get the sense that wall street is looking at long-term investme investments, but looking at the quarter reports, and some of us needs to look at the destiny of america and who is paying the debt down the road. that is where it is right now. i think that this bill that is before us, if it does go over to the senate, and there have been 58 senators who said they won't vote for something similar to this if not this specific bill, and we get harry reid's bill or some other version and i don't believe that the speaker will bring it to the floor in the house. i think that there is another thing beyond this and we are at it, but it is not an august 2nd crisis. this redefinition of the word default seems to now include when the u.s. runs out of borrowing authority, as opposed to extraordinarily unlikely event that the u.s. would not service the debt. yes, we will. it takes the first dime of each dollar to service the debt which
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is $200 billion a year coming in and it is not a hard break august 2nd, we have time. >> when you say this is an undisciplined congress and it may need a new congress to get it moving, you are talking about people getting out of there and new members coming in, and do you worry that is going to mean tea party members ushered out in the elections to come or the people representing the tea party that is, because america doesn't see that this is working? this dysfunctional back and forth between the two sides. >> well, i don't think that we look at this and say it is dysfunctional in that way at all. there are 87 new freshmen republicans who came here to do a number of things and one of them was to repeal obama care and one was to get the spending under control, and they are still a corps of the conference that can lead us through this. we need more and not fewer people who have strong conviction, and i think that we will see that come out of the other side of the aisle and if we don't find it, and remember that congress is a reflection of the will of the american people. i'd actually like to see us go home and listen to the american people for the month of august
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and come back here. i think that we will be stronger and not weaker when it comes to getting the spending under control. >> congressman steve king, we apologize, because of a tech any clal glitch right there, and thank you for the time, sir, and we will let you get back to work. >> thank you very much. >> i want to bring in nationally syndicated talk show radio host michael smerconish. >> hello, thomas. >> and coming off of the heelings off what congressman king just said, and there are strong conservative voices saying there could be a backlash of the tea party. >> well, at what angle is the backlash coming. and what you just asked the congressman, call me naive, but i would like to think that there is a significant segment of americans who are displeased with the polar opposites and uprising finally from the middle. you know, thomas, i answer telephones for a living and i hear from the callers across the country, and i'm hearing o ing
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of frustration expressed for both directions and might this be a wake-up call? we will find out. >> and one of the possibilities if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling, president obama invoking the 14th amendment which is the clause that says that the validity of the public debt shall not be questioned. that is a last-minute hail mary so to speak to do that? >> well, i get the def-con levels mixed up, but there is a legal school of thought that says he has the authority and it would get us through the interim time period until a court could make a determination as to whether it was properly exercise and we are temporarily out of the woods. >> michael, we talk about the fragile economy and the dismal news out today, and these figures showing that the economy grew at a meager rate of 1.3% in the second quarter and the revised figures showing that the economy grew 0.4% in the first
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quarter and not the 0.9% that originally was reported. we have a fragile economy and people thought we were in a recovery, but this is going to push us to a place we have never been before. >> and i thought that the president when he spoke on this issue, thomas, is when he said that those who have drawn -- i'm paraphrasing, but those who have drawn a line in the sand, because they cannot go along with any tax increase need to realize if we lose the aaa rating the consequential effect is a tax increase on all americans. it is great sense and speaks to the intransigence that has brought us to where we are right now. >> how is this not good business when it comes to people who are at home watching this, and learning about the things going on in d.c. and these are people that we sent there, and we are getting what we pay for. >> sure. >> and how does it translate to everybody to see how the business of the country is being run? >> well, don't know if in is the question that you are asking me, but i think that there is a funk, a malaise that affects all
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of the us. i think that the people who are otherwise prepared to pull the trigger in a financial transaction and maybet is buying a car or a house or a business person who would otherwise make a hiring decision, this whole environment is causing them to say, wow, i better keep the powder dry and see what is going to transpire and we need to get out of the uncertainty before the economy can truly rebound. >> we have four days to go and time is ticking. >> indeed. >> michael, good to see you today, and thanks so much. up next, tracking tropical storm don. yes, there is other news going on in the world. why people in texas are hoping that the storm comes their way and brings much needed relief. and tylenol makes a dosage change to the extra strength pain reliever and we will tell you why they are doing that. and sink your teeth in. shark week is about to begin, and we have a sneak peek at the great white invasion.
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the statesman, to work with the president and the senate, to come up with a bipartisan package to increase the debt welcome back. we are back live with you, and a live look at capitol hill where lawmakers just reconvened, and in a few hours though the house plans to vote on speaker boehner's debt bill. we are watching this closely. other news today, south texas ready for tropical storm don. it is packing winds of 50 miles an hour, and not expected to strengthen much before it reaches the texas coast which is expected to reach later today. and mike slidell is in corpus christi, texas, where i understand, mike, that texas would like to get the rain? >> yes, we are on north padre island and we would like to get the rain and in fact, 75% of the state, thomas, is in the exceptional drought category which is the worst category in
2:19 pm
92% of the state in extreme or exceptional and it has been extremely dry and hot. dallas today, 28 days above 100 in a row. many areas have had triple-digit heat and we'd like some water. first, the satellite loop, and this is the system that for the main fact that most of the convection or rain is south of the center. we are expecting the center to make landfall this evening between here and south padre and between brownsville and corpus, and that means that most of the rain will avoid the corpus christi area, and sure scattered showers and thunderstorms, but the rainfall totals of two to three inches up to harlingen, and brownsville, and most of the state will not get the rain they
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need with unrelenting heat. and some evacuations, believe it or not. the texas a&m campus in corpus christi decided to be safe, they closed down to campus until monday morning so that is the students had to get out of the dorms yesterday. there are 75 international students who took a bus this morning down to the laredo campus, because they didn't have friends or family to stay with. thomas, the beach today, not bad t . the water temperatures are around 80, and it is going to be a quick hit and then out of the way. we are watching another system that may impact the islands by the first of the week. that may be the next storm on the rundown this season. back to you. >> you revealed where you will be later tonight to all of us, didn't you? at that seafood buffet? >> hey, you and i, no secret, you from baltimore and i'm from maryland, and it is all about the seafood, baby. >> okay. have a good time, mike seidel in
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new lawsuits have been filed in the tragic wrong-way crash on a highway north of new york city that killed eight people, and family members of the woman who police say caused that crash two years ago are now suing each other. jeff rossen has the latest developments for us. >> reporter: it was a fiery crash that killed eight people, but these new lawsuits are explosive claiming extreme horror and preimpact terror. police say that diane shuler was behind the wheel, drunk, high and fully responsible for the wrong-way crash on new york's taconic parkway, and she was killed and so was her brother's
2:25 pm
kids and her sister's. diane was the lone survivor, but now her husband daniel says that others are to blame, too, including diane's brother, warren hans who lost his girls claiming that he is liable, because he owned the van she was driving and allowed the vehicle to be operated by one not competent. >> to sue another family member who has lost children of his the same event is cruel beyond words, and even if it has merit, he will lose anyway, because she was drunk and high. >> reporter: daniel shuler is even suing new york state saying that there were not enough signs on the parkway. >> she killed seven people, and if she were alive today, she would be in jail serving time for those murders and to sue now his family and the state of new york is just surprising. it is shocking to me. >> reporter: but daniel has
2:26 pm
always defended his wife. >> she is not an alcoholic, and my heart knows that something medically had to have happened. >> reporter: but his brother and sister-in-law believe she was careless and have filed their own lawsuit against the estate. they claim their daughters suffered from fear of pending death, and unfair circumstances. >> this is not going to repair the bridge of the tragedy that happened two years ago. >> that was nbc's jeff rossen reporting and now more twists and turns. daniel shuler's lawyer said that he only sued diane's brother and sister-in-law, because they
2:27 pm
requested it. daniel had no intention of suing anyone, until jackie hance asked him to do so to cover medical bills. but the members of the family say it is not true, and thisay y never told anyone to sue. and still, a political standoff over the nation's debt. and i will talk to michael sherer and what he says is are the four red herrings of the debt debate. and the international astronaut who made headlines with her confrontations with a romantic rival is back in the news. details for you next. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information.
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now his amendment includes a balanced budget amendment. and joining me now is kristen welker, and we are spinning it round and round and nobody knows how to end this thing, and yet the white house says there is room for compromise. >> and when the president spoke earlier he state ed thd that ths time to compromise and he said that time is running out, but the secretary treasury said that if we get to august 2nd without increasing the debt ceiling the united states will default on the loans for first time in history. as you have mentioned, what is being considered right now or talked about and debated is a bill that speaker boehner wants to be voted on later on today under his plan, and it was basically a two-step approach, a and the first step would cut spending by $900 billion and then allow the president to increase the debt ceiling for six months, and then they'd have
2:32 pm
to come back to the drawing board and do it all again, and under that second step, they would have to include a balanced budget amendment. now, that is something that the speaker has just added today, because as you remember that last night speaker boehner had his bill, and he wanted it to get voted on, but he just didn't have the votes, so that is something that he changed today so it would appeal to the tea party freshmen who said they would not vote for the bill. now, speaker boehner's office saying they feel confident about this going to the floor and passing, and the house the only problem is that it is a n nonstarter in the senate. and of course, senator reid has his own plan, and under that plan, it would slash $2 trillion in savings and increase the debt ceiling through 2013 which is the plan that president obama favors, but the big question right now, thomas, is what is mitch mcconnell going to do? right now, senator mcconnell is
2:33 pm
putting his support behind speaker boehner's plan saying that is the vehicle really to increase the debt ceiling. but if speaker boehner's plan gets to the house, and then let's just say it does not get through the senate, the question is, will mitch mcconnell come over and join harry reid? will they be able to work out sort of a compromise bill that could pass both chambers? right now, mitch mcconnell is throwing his support behind speaker boehner, and we will have to see what he does once speaker boehner's bill moves through the house. but no one right now, including the white house, seems to know how this is going to be resolved and that is why there is a lot of concern. of course, all eyes also on the markets right now. we saw the dow dip yesterday. of course, opened a little bit lower, and there is a lot of concern as we head into the weekend, thomas. >> it is a volatile day, and red arrows across. the only one with green has been the nasdaq and the dow jones
2:34 pm
fluctuating from 100 points down to now roughly 66. we will continue to watch. kristen welker, always great to see you. thank you. >> thank you, thomas. and joining me now is editor of "time" magazine and he writes about the top red herrings of the debt ceiling debate to reflect political realities. thank you, michael, for joining us, because i believe there are a lot of red herrings going on in washington, d.c. when we get to thisthis. number one that goes back to president obama, and you explain? >> well, paul ryan put through a budget earlier in the spring that would have reduced drastically the cost of medicare and turned it into a voucher program. the republicans were upset that the president did not counter with the proposal at that time, and continued into the debt ceiling debate. but this is different, because the president is negotiating behind the scenes and put forward a number of proposal as
2:35 pm
and again public with the proposals he is willing to accept and endorsed the reid plan and said good things about the gang of six plan, but the republicans because they are the legislative body here in the house says that the president does not have a plan, and there is no plan, and nothing on the table and it is misleading at this time. >> and should the democrats reject the idea of compromise? >> well, it is true that the democrats don't like the word compromise, and republicans love it, because they don't like tot hear it, and the democrats do like to hear the word compromise, but both have come pro -- have compromised. the boehner plan is drastically different than last week and moved to center and the spending cuts are the result of compromise agreements in first batch with the president. both parties are working toward compromise, but it is rhetorically democrats have been beating the republicans over the head with the word compromise, because the republicans don't like to use the word.
2:36 pm
>> and number three, not raising the debt ceiling is no big deal. >> yeah, this is one that there is not that many people still saying, but you do hear it. you heard rick perry a couple of days ago come out to say, i'm sure they will be able to pay their bills. it is not a big deal. business community is united and wall street is united and economists on the left and the right are reunite and ron paul has written an op-ed saying he expects it to lead to i here interest rates. and two impacts if we default, and one is market confidence which could raise rates by itself and the second is to pay bills and we borrow so much right now it is possible to pay the bills without money for very long. >> and last but not least, if the this debate is about getting americans back to work. >> that is right. both parties love to talk about jobs. they still do it all of the time, because they know that is what americans want to hear, and the problem is that this debate is not about jobs, especially in the short-term. in the short-term, all of the plans scored so far are going to
2:37 pm
reduce slightly gdp which reduces generally employment, and there is a long-range benefit of solving the fiscal plan, but nothing short-term. the idea has been floated of the short-term tax stimulus in the bill, but it is not a priority, ap when you hear both sides talking about the jobs, there is not the vehicle to change the jobs picture. and in fact, the instability caused by the debate has definitely reduced investment in recent weeks and hurt the jobs picture. >> and that makes it more skiddish down the line. michael, thanks for coming on today. >> thank you, thomas. and more of the showdown on "meet the press" with david gregory. it is david plouffe on sunday. more outrage in the uk as people there learn about a second family devastated by murder who may have had their phones hacked. sarah payne was 8 years old when
2:38 pm
she was kidnapped and killed by a pedophile in 2000 and her mom found a powerful ally at nrm"ne of the world," and that woman was the editor at the time rebekah brooks, and now there is question about the sincerity of their relationship. and jay, as we hear more about this, it is disturbing to see if this is true the motivation behind it. >> yeah, absolutely, thomas. always good to talk to you, and there is new outrage tonight. the latest nurn t eest turn in investigation has revealed that sarah payne, the mother of the 8-year-old girl was a victim of the hacking scandal and initially not thought to be on the list of phones who had been hacked, but a closer look shows that payne's voice mails had been listened to by a representative of the "news of the world" tabloid, and the newspaper was involved in the campaign for tougher child abduction laws and instrumental
2:39 pm
in the sarah's law named after the little girl. it was at that time that "news of the world" gave payne a cell phone and she said she considered then editor rebekah brooks a friend, and wrote an editorial in the final edition of the tabloid saying quote the news of the world and more importantly the people there became my very good and trusted friends. now though, she has said she is devastated and deeply disappointed by the new information. the revelation raises the tenor of the debate here whether news corp. is fit to own tv licenses. tom watson who has been highly critical of news corp. calls the revelation, a new low in the investigation, thomas. and jay, have they put up any argument that if they provided the phone, they thought it was theirs and they were giving it to sarah payne in an interim basis or any defense for this? >> no, not at all, thomas. in fact, what they have said initially is that the phone was given to her to help with that work in creating sarah's law,
2:40 pm
and that's why they gave it to her. all we have heard to this poini brooks who said she was a friend of sarah payne and can't believe this happened though many question that. >> thank you, jay gray in london. and topping the news, two bulgarian women who came to the u.s. for the summer to improve their english discovered smoke detectors in their tampa apartment were actually hidden cameras. the cameras were hidden in the living rooms, and bedrooms and even the bathroom. police are investigating. johnson and johnson says it plans to lower the dosage for extra strength tylenol and will lower the maximum dosage from eight pills to six to prevent e accidental overdoses. they say that acetaminophen overdose is the most common in
2:41 pm
the u.s. and also, back in 2009 nowak was accused of attacking a love interest of her boyfriend. and following six different attacks on women this month, police in ann arbor, michigan, released these sketches. they are suspected of carrying out the attacks n. each case women walking alone were targeted late at night or early in the morning, and twot a tacks included rapes. ron allen has more. >> reporter: this is a disturbing situation here in ann arbor, michigan, on the edge of the campus of the university of michigan a prominent and well known university. students are not here, but it is freshmen orientation week and you have thousands of new students and parents trying to understand what is going on at this place. six attacks in the last 12 days and sexual assaults of a woman in a parking garage and a couple
2:42 pm
of women groped while they were walking down the street. two of the victims are u of m students and the other victims are between the ages of 18 and 22 and all of the incidents happen beg tween 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. when the women were alone. police have a composite sketch of a man they believe is responsible, but they are not sure if it is more than one man responsible for the incidents. university officials have declined requests for interviews, and they don't want to talk about ate publicly, and they are distributing communication to the community as police are trying to catch this man or men they are calling a predator. thomas, back to you. >> brian allen, thank you. coming up for you, "entourage" wraps up the filming of the next season. we will have more on that coming up with courtney hazlett in the scoop. and you may not believe it, but something has been accomplished in the halls of
2:43 pm
congress. the 76 women who serve the halls of congress finally got their own restroom on their floor. for the last decade, they have had to walk down two floors to their own restroom. and there was a tweet called flotus, which stands for first lady of the united states sends articles to a menu item which does not fall in with the first lady's healthy eating initiative and it is a doughnut burger stucked between a glazed burger and sliced and grill and in case you are wondering that adds up to 1,500 calories and those are the things that we thought you should know. [ drew ] give me volume.
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i'm martin bashir and coming up at the top of the hour, the great boehner compromise with the tea party. the floored bill becomes a poisoned pill as the speaker of the house makes a deal with the
2:47 pm
tea party to push through his version of a debt ceiling hike. we will speak to two united states senators who know very well that this bill is dead on arrival. so where do we go from here? stay with us. stay out of the water and on your sofa. discovery channel's shark week is back for another bite. plus, a preview of the most anticipated filmps hitting the theaters this week, and will vincent chase bring the "entourage" to the big screen? we want to get the scoop from pop columnist courtney hazlett. >> happy friday to you, thomas. and great news, shark week, discovery channel's week with the great whites returns. and to kick it off is "great white invasion" which shows that great whites are hanging out with people where i want to go surfing or swimming. to a frightening week to kick off the shark week. and another interesting show is called "jaws comes home" where
2:48 pm
they track several sharks over a period of time and talk about their migration and that sort of thing and all of the episodes are, of course, hosted by andy samberg, our own andy samberg from "saturday night live" and if he were not busy on another project, we would have dragged him out to talk about it. i am looking forward to it, and we turned this into a cultural event and people say, look, that is what it is, and there are bars here in new york city having shark events and beach parties and viewing parties and that sort of thing, so check where you live if you want to get in on the action. >> excellent. talking about the movies coming out this weekend and some big ones that are expected blockbusters. >> well, we have been hearing about this one and we will show you a clip of it in a second for quite some time and talking about the western sici-fi "cowboys and aliens." take a look. >> those of us who like to see
2:49 pm
things getting blownup, this is up your alley, and it has olive ya wild and daniel stern in it, and getting pretty good reviews and a movie getting better reviews would be "crazy stupid love" starring julieann and steve correl, and they show you all of the previews in the trailer and they are so good that you wonder if there is anything good left in the movie, and i am told there is. >> i read the prompter and i shouldn't have. >> why? >> because it is telling me about smurfs. i'm offended here. >> i full disclosure was not a full smurf fan -- >> is you are in blue right now. >> it has nothing to do with the smurf's movie and tepid reviews at best and that is being kind. i'm in a kind move, and one
2:50 pm
thing i'm looking forward to is the "entourage" movie and it is not out this weekend and no script yet, but the producer mark wahlberg says it is in the works and he said if i have to finance myself, i would do it, and we will do a movie and it is a question of when and how quickly, and it is a fantastic idea, and take a page out of the "sex in the city" handbook, and i would not do four movies, but i would. >> and you did not wear blue for "smurffes." >> let the record reflect. >> for the latest in movie and entertainment news logon to just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea,
2:51 pm
gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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time now for the "newsnation" gut check. a florida homeowner is under fire for posting a jesus sign in her yard. homeowners associations there are urging her to remove the
2:54 pm
sign, but the woman says she would violate her freedom of speech and her religion. wtlv reporter from our nbc station in jacksonville has more for us. take a look. >> reporter: four years ago sarah phillips moved into her sutton lakes home, and says she has never had a problem, until now. >> we have had it out for about a month. and we have not had any complaints from our neighbors here in the neighborhood or anything. >> reporter: no complaints until she received this letter from the sutton lakes homeowners association telling her that this jesus sign is a violation of the covenant. >> it is basically telling us to remove the sign under the bylaws of the association that we are not in compliance, and that we should remove the sign. >> reporter: phillips says she did sign the covenants restrictions an conditions or ccr, but never agreed to prohibit the free exercise of her religion. >> my feeling is that i did not give away f waway my freedom of or religion, and just my rights
2:55 pm
as an american citizen. >> reporter: and another woman has a statute in her yard, and agrees with the homeowner's right to express their faith. >> i believe it is ridiculous and it shows what is our faith and it is ridiculous for that. >> reporter: and the sign is hardly noticeable, but they say if she is not removing it within three days, she is subjected to a fine of $1,000 per day. phillips says she plans to keep it right where she is. >> what does your gut tell you on this? should the homeowner be forced to remove that sign? go to "newsnation" and take a look at what "newsnation" is saying about the gut check yesterday about the father of four young girls in texas who has been on the sex offender list for ten years now, and it is because of rape for having sex with the woman he married, and back then they were high school sweethearts.
2:56 pm
we asked if frank rodriguez should be removed from the sex registry, and 95% of you said yes, and 5% said no. that is going to do it for me on this edition of "newsnation." i'm thomas roberts, and tamron hall will return monday. catch "newsnation" at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. but don't go anywhere, because martin bashir is coming your way next. ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit
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good afternoon it is friday july 29th, and here is what is happening. mr. speaker, pick up the phone. calls flood the congressional switchboard and boehner finally compromises. >> we have a deal? we have a deal? >> i'm smiling. >> with the tea party, a poisoned pill added to a bill more certain to be killed by the senate than the last one. >> it is unfair. it is bizarre-o. >> the


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