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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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defense also have to speak forthrightly and make it clear we don't want that war, it's in nobody's interest. >> thank you, richard. thank you richard engel one of the great correspondents. dr. brzezinski, your book "strategic vision" that is "hardball" for now. "the ed show" starts right now. good evening, americans, welcome to "the ed show." president obama on a role. american jobs are roaring back, wouldn't you know, republicans they don't have anything to do with it. this is "the ed show" i got a lot to say tonight. let's get to work. >> the economy is growing stronger. the recovery is speeding up. >> good news for the country means bad news for the republicans. >> while unemployment rate is down slightly the american people are asking where are the jobs. we go inside the number with ezra klein and robert reich. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor, i misspoke.
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i wish i wouldn't have said it that way. . >> mitt romney is trying to cover his tracks. but he's only making it worse. bob shrum on his downward spiral. the komen foundation, reverses course on funding for planned parenthood. or was it a head fake? terry o'neill is back with the latest. gasland director josh fox got arrested tuesday. >> this is a public hearing i'm within my first amendment rights. >> today, josh fox returns, to talk about breaking news from the obama administration on fracking regulations. good to have you with us tonight folks, thank for watching. i want to tell you there are things happening in wisconsin we'll get to later on in the show. first tonight, we show this chart a lot. i love charts, really tells a story, gives you a snapshot and tells you what the trend is. we show it a lot, because the private sector job growth under
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president obama and president bush tell a different story. you may notice something different about it tonight. there is oh, yet another blue bar there at the end of the chart. you see, january was the 23rd consecutive month of private sector job growth. this is where it went. it started right here after the stimulus package and for 23 straight months, what have we seen? private sector job growth. the job force added 243,000 jobs in the month of january. unemployment dropped to 8.3%. may i tell you this is the lowest unemployment number since president obama's first month in office? now i'm just asking, i haven't given any commentary yet, is this good news? these are facts, hard numbers. numbers put out by the bureau of labor statistics. manufacturing, we got another good piece of news for you. 50,000 jobs were added in january. 50,000 jobs.
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i want to go on record point out to you tonight that today, when the republicans onhill responded, no where did they say anything about manufacturing, no where did they say anything about 50,000 jobs being created. why? well, heck, president obama talked about it in the state of the union. they can't give him any back-up. that is the highest monthly gain in manufacturing jobs since august of 1998. this is good news for america, isn't it? good news for america is usually translating to good news on wall street. well, how about this. the dow closed at the highest level since may of 2008. look at that, 12,862.23. that is a dandy of a number. president obama sees the economy on the rebound and he should. today he told congress, don't mess it up. >> the recovery is speeding up.
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we've got to do everything in our power to keep it going. so i want to send a clear message to congress, do not slow down the recovery that we're on. don't muck it up. keep it moving in the right direction. >> keep it moving in the right direction. the recovery is happening. just think about this, there are 243,000 families that didn't have this happen to them in december. i wonder what kind of christmas and holiday they had? wonder what kind of new year they had? in january of 2012 they got a job. isn't that great? republicans in congress can't take credit for it because they've done everything they can to obstruct economic progress for the past three years. they want president obama's policies to fail so that they can win in november and he will lose. his policies, they are succeeding and the only thing republicans can do is pretend the good economic news, well it just doesn't exist.
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>> the president's policies have failed. they are holding back this economic recovery. >> the president's policies have failed. it's one of the reasons that regrettably we see the politics of division but the people don't want a division. they want more jobs. >> what i'm suggesting to you today is that we can do better. the american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs? >> do they wake up every morning and wonder what negative thing they can say today about america? the republicans as of late are starting to sound like baghdad bob. they are in total denial of numbers that are put up on the board, and they can't say dog gone it we are going in the right direction, this is good for america, this is good for 243,000 families out there. and we can do more. but they just can't do it. it's not in their dna. there are more jobs in america today than at any point in the last three years. boehner couldn't bring himself
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to say that. he does bring himself to say that is not good enough. >> there certainly some positive news here. but the point we're making is that we could do a lot better. if the president will work with us, on the bills that have passed the house, are waiting action in the senate the american economy could do better. >> yeah, really? is that a fact? those bills passed? what about the ones you obstructed? this will be the standard republican talking point from now until the election. we can do better. well, mitt romney he got the memo, he said in a statement today, unfortunately these numbers cannot hide the fact that the president obama's policies prevented a true economic recovery, we can do better. newt gingrich was forced to admit we are doing better. >> i think he will get some limited credit and depends how much the economy recovers, and what the rest of the year looks like. >> but you don't think as of now he deserves any credit is that what you're saying? >> no, wolf, it's irrelevant.
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give him credit if it makes you happy, give him credit. >> it's irrelevant 243,000 people got a job last month. all they do is throw at us, he can't raise taxes on the jobs creators. guess what, take a look at corporate boys here. corporate taxes, you know what they did, they amounted to just over 12% of profit for u.s. corporations. my friends, this is the lowest level in 40 years! the republicans ought to be just dancing in the street over this. unemployment is down, private sector job growth is growing. public sector jobs are going down. that is what they really want. corporate taxes are at record lows. republicans you ought to be loving this stuff. but they can't say anything positive about the president of the united states, they can only root for the economy to fail. it's really kind of sad, isn't it? you know what, we're going to get positive numbers next month and this number right here is
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probably going to be the same proportionately for the whole year, why? because president obama has not raised your taxes. in fact, he went along with the bush tax cuts, democrats did it too. just team up for once, will ya? can't do it. it's election year. get your cell phones out. tonight's question, will republicans ever give president obama the credit he deserves for the economy? text a for yes, b for no to 622639. you can go do our blog at we have the results coming up later in the show. i'm joined by robert reich, former secretary of labor on the clinton administration and now professor at uc berkeley and author of the book "after shock." the republicans are shocked at the numbers are they not, mr. reich? how much longer can the republicans get away with just taking good economic news and spinning it negatively? what do you think? >> they will try to do it, ed
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and continue to try to do it right up through election day. look, 8.3% unemployment in an ordinary economy, in an economy not through what we went through, would be bad. but the trend and the important thing is the trend is in the right direction, this is tremendously helpful to president obama. at the same time, though, it could go because these numbers are variable, could go up in a month. republicans are more likely now to sign up for and vote for an extension of unemployment benefits and also for an extension of the payroll tax cut, because they don't want to be blamed if the economy just one month maybe in february or march, doesn't do as well as it has been doing. they are setting themselves up right now to be blamed if the economy doesn't continue this trend. they don't want that. >> robert, what about manufacturing? 50,000 jobs, the highest number in a single month since 1998. is this a trend do you think,
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and this is what the president talked about in the state of the union address. what do you make of it? >> it's great news, manufacturing jobs in general tend to be better jobs than service jobs, they also are linked to all kind of other jobs, we need strong manufacturing base in this country. but the long term trend, quite apart from what we're seeing over the past six months, long term trend is more and more manufacturing is getting automated. look in a big factory, robots, computerized tools, that is not where a lot of our long term strength will be. nevertheless, it's helpful, positive, in the right direction, good news. >> what are the democrats with the president need to do? we all know the republicans i hope they come along but they have been obstructionist throughout it all. what do the president and democrats need to do? >> besides the extension of the payroll tax cut and extending unemployment benefits. one thing we learned today, ed, is that the long term unemployed as a percentage of the total
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unemployed, keep rising, more and more people who are unemployed are unemployed for six months. they need extended benefits, they can buy stuff and keep other people employed. they have, the democrats can continue to push for this. i think the democrats ought to also say no budget cuts until unemployment drops down to 5%. that is our trigger. and that essentially means, we are not going to sit back and ahow deficit cutting to take precedence over job creation, until we get the unemployment rate down to what it should be, until it is down to near full employment. >> great to have you with us on this friday evening. now ezra klein, msnbc policy analyst, you wrote these are good numbers, what stands out the most to you? >> actually there is nothing bad in them. almost every month, ed, we had some gloomy cloud in the numbers.
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december, good month, 200,000 jobs, 45,000 of them were messengers and couriers, employment for christmas, taking gifts around. there was nothing bad here. one thing we haven't mentioned, revisions, we went back in the last couple months, said november, we added 55,000 more jobs than we originally thought. in december, 3,000 more jobs than we originally thought. you talked about the manufacturing jobs, the other big winners this month, 70,000 jobs in professional and business services, another 35,000 in health care. this was a good number through and through. really as i said in the post today, it was a recovery jobs number not an okay number. >> so is it a problem that we keep losing public sector jobs? we've seen these radical governors across america attacking firefighters, police officers and teachers, their war on public education is unprecedented in american history. figure that in, if we had gone full bore on the stimulus
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package would the governors not fighting it who knows what the numbers would be. >> it's not helping. so the number of public sector jobs we have lost in the last year is about 270,000. so if you had not lost those jobs it would have been like adding another month in which we had more job creation than this month. that would be big, bring unemployed by.2,.3,.4%. it's not that big of a drag, the full number was 257 in the private sector, we lost 13,000 public sector jobs. what is galling is not that it's big but so needless of all the things government can do it can insure it does not fire anybody. but we have chosen to not take that route. >> ezra klein, good do have you with us tonight, thank you. >> answer tonight's question there at the bottom of the screen. share thoughts on twitter. mitt romney keeps trying to explain what he really meant when he said "i'm not concerned about the very poor" bob shrum joins me for the romney train wreck. last night the president of
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the national organization for women told me on the program that five years from now, the susan g. komen foundation will not exist. after today, does she stand by the statement? she will join me and more developments out of wisconsin. stay with us. erything - everything. but why energy? we've got over 100 years worth. is it safe to get it? but what, so we should go broke with imports? look, i'm just saying. well, energy creates jobs. [announcer:] at conocophillips, we're helping power america's economy with cleaner, affordable natural gas. more jobs, less emissions. a good answer for everyone. we gotta be careful. it's cleaner. it's affordable. look, if it's safe, i'm there. [announcer:] conocophillips.
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coming up, mitt romney's awful week got even worse today. bob shrum is next. yesterday ellen degeneres stepped up for our pennsylvania teacher friend. today, ellen is being attacked by a right wing group because of her sexuality. that story ahead. josh fox, brought attention to the dangers of fracking in his movie "gas land" tonight the obama administration is taking steps to make the process safer. if you care about the environment you want to see the story. this is breaking news and josh fox is here. share thoughts on twitter, #edshow. we're right back. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight.
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welcome back to "the ed show" thanks for watching tonight. here's the thing about mitt romney which i think is kind of funny. he's kind of short on personality but this dude is full of material. now he's gone on record twice to say he misspoke when he said "i'm not concerned about the very poor." >> i misspoke, i wish i wouldn't have said it that way. i made the same thought, part of my speeches over the last year or two which is i'm really concerned about middle income americans. i want to help middle income americans, get people out of poverty in the middle income category but of course i'm concerned worried about all americans. >> he tried out a similar line in another interview.
8:19 pm
>> john, it was a misstatement, i misspoke. i've said something that is similar to that but quite acceptable for a long time and when you do i don't know how many thousands of interviews, now and then you may get it wrong, i misspoke. >> romney isn't exactly brimming with the political savvy a national candidate needs but i guess he's getting by. he engages the mouth before the mind often. a man running for president of the united states? if he gets the nomination? but we're not seeing a public servant here. what we're seeing here is a corporate suit, and sometimes an empty suit. he needs to think before he talks. it's constant backtracking with romney. maybe romney should do, i don't know, a little community organizing first. let's turn to bob shrum, democratic strategist and professor at nyu. i want to play another bit of sound first. here it is. >> we ought to provide help to the people who have been hurt
8:20 pm
most by the obama economy. that is the middle class. it's not those at the very low end certainly not those at the high end. >> rich people are doing fine. very poor have a safety net, they are taken care of. in our country the people that need the help most are not the poor who have a safety net, not the rich doing just fine but the middle class. >> the rich are doing just fine. corporate tax levels are at 40 year low at 12.1%. this guy, i mean what he means to say and what he says he keeps tripping over himself how can he get through it or will this be their guy? >> i think it's a big problem. he will be the republican nominee, even the best candid e candidat candidates, if i can use romney's word, misspeak, or have a misstatement, it's an epidemic for him. i'm unemployed, worried about a pink slip, $400,000 isn't much money. i don't care about the very poor, on and on.
8:21 pm
he even botched up the whole issue of his income tax returns. what he's doing is creating a portrait of himself as someone who comes from the 1% and cares only about the 1%. he doesn't even seem to realize that a lot of middle class people in this country have been pushed down in poverty during this recession, and now as jobs get created we'll have to make sure they have the skills they need to get back out. >> he's got a brand new surrogate, donald trump, we all know trump did the endorsement yesterday. today he tweeted president obama looked uncomfortable at the national prayer breakfast. and all i can say is really? i thought president obama was fabulous yesterday. he spoke from the heart, he talked about the time with billy graham and how they together. you can't script that stuff. how they prayed together. there is a realness' the president. back to trump for a moment. will trump hurt him, would you
8:22 pm
have advised romney, maybe you shouldn't go up on stage with this guy, he's no big asset, what do you think? >> the only reason they did it they were afraid that he might actually go out and run as a third party candidate. i kind of agree with martin mckennon who said this should have been a sister soldier moment, i don't want the endorsement, i'm not taking it, i'm not showing up. instead he stood stiffly on the stage, one of the most awkward events i've seen in a very long time in politics. and trump justa z -- it was the billionaires club. that is where romney comes from and that is what he looks like he's fighting for. he's in the process of creating an indelible portrait of himself he's on the verge of getting to a place you don't want to be in politics where people don't like you very much. >> i hope the american people
8:23 pm
make the connection of what happened yesterday. donald trump with mitt romney in las vegas, a couple of very, very wealthy men, and you have the president of the united states at a prayer breakfast, with spiritual leaders talking about the poor, self sacrifice and putting it to scripture. i mean it's just -- the contrast is just perfect. now, let's talk about the economy. what is good for the economy is bad for mitt romney, fair enough? >> well, yes, because his whole campaign has been premised on the notion that we're in a recession, we're in a downturn i think he's rooting for recession like the republicans and running as a kind of bio-candidate. karl rove said this. he doesn't have a real message beyond saying i'm a ceo and i can fix the country. what has happened today is very similar to what was happening with ronald reagan in 1984 at the beginning of that year, when unemployment in the month of january also went to 8.3%. kept going down, people thought it was 7.4% on election day.
8:24 pm
at that point, walter mondale was complaining about the deficit. all that got him was a deficit of votes. people are going dto be reluctat to change horses in the middle of the recovery. if the numbers keep coming, that will be the other bad thing that happens to romney. he pabinted himself as 1%. >> bob shrum, thanks so much. jcpenney and ellen degeneres teamed up to help out a school district. a radical group thinks that the partnership goes against american values? later, a major development in the secret investigation surrounding wisconsin governor scott walker. he's talking to the district attorney, attorney mike papantonio is here to tell us what that all means. golly, that is deep snow!
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school. >> oh, thank you so much! >> thank you so much. >> unbelievable. >> we believe in you kids. don't ever give up. >> the audience sure liked it. part of the reason ellen was able to give such aero generous gift she is the new spokesman for jcpenney. one group isn't happy she is the face of the company, the anti-gay group one million moms, part of the family association, released the following statement: funny jcpenney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help business when most of their customers are traditional families. more sales will be lost than gained. degeneres is not a true representation of the type of families, the majority will be offended and choose to do no longer shop there. >> fortunately, jc penney is
8:30 pm
standing behind the partnership with ellen degeneres. i applaude them for caving in the pressure from the intolerant few. this is a victory for those folks fighting to move this country forward, not back. i don't know what got the komen foundation to make the decision, i'm glad they reversed it. >> the komen reversal story, is evolving yet again. planned parenthood may still get shutout. the president of the national organization for women is back for the latest. major news out of wisconsin. governor scott walker has lawyered up and is talking to the da investigating his staff. we'll have a full report. breaking news from the white house on fracking regulations. >> health problems. >> i am never healthy. >> explosive conditions in the house. >> "gasland" director josh fox
8:31 pm
is here with reaction.
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welcome back to "the ed show" thanks for watching tonight. after a massive public outcry, this morning the susan g. komen foundation made a stunning announcement. >> major breaking news right now on msnbc, regarding komen. it is now apologizing for pulling grant funding from planned parenthood. >> the decision by komen to apologize and amend the policy regarding groups under investigation was greeted enthusiastically by planned parenthood supporters and officials. >> the decision by the susan g. komen foundation to reverse their decision goes do show you when women speak out, women win and women's health has a big victory. >> i have no idea why the susan komen foundation did what they did, or why they reversed it,
8:35 pm
i'm glad in the end, they came to the right decision. they will continue to fund planned parenthood. >> but, a closer look at the statement released by komen founder nancy brinker has some wondering, was this really a reversal? komen says the decision to stop funding cancer screenings at planned parenthood was not political. komen also states it will continue planned parenthood's current funding, but current funding was never the issue. komen maintained all along existing grants would remain untouched. the issue and outrage was next year's funding. we will fund existing grants including those of planned parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants. a komen board member confirms what greg sergeant the anounsment does not means planned parenthood is guaranteed future grants.
8:36 pm
predictably the right wing is outraged over the non-reversal. >> susan g. komen bunch, the race for the cure, they have caved big time to the nazis at planned parenthood. >> this is quintessential confusion. >> who is providing abortions, that is what this is coming down to. >> yes, the pro-choice militant lobby did a smear campaign against the komen foundation. >> it worked. >> it worked. >> at least when you pay the mob for protection, they offer the protection. here they are intimidating a group and not actually doing what they are promising to do, which is the mammogram. >> i'm joined by terry o'neill, president of the national organization for women, terry, good to have you back with us tonight. thanks for joining us last night. there is a pretty interesting development in all of this. was this a head fake, a pr stunt or is it for real? what do you think? >> i think it could be a first
8:37 pm
step toward komen doing what it needs to do. but clearly, i don't view their statement as an unequivocal reversal. komen has deeply compromised their credibility. certainly among women and certainly among those who support women's health and needs to do more to re-establish its credibility, having gone back and forth as to what the rationale was for trying to defund planned parenthood, first they said because investigation, then it was because planned parenthood makes referrals for mammograms, doesn't perform them. then oh no, it was about the investigation, so you kind of getting whiplash trying to figure out what it is that is actual hi motivating -- actually motivating them. >> will the story stay alive until they are making a definitive statement on where they stand for future funding? looking back at it, the funding that planned parenthood has never really been in question
8:38 pm
until this came up or am i wrong on that? >> the current funding they always said they would honor the grants that they had made for current funding. >> but in past years, this has never been a big issue, has it? >> no, you know, this is the thing. this is why i said yesterday that komen has fundamentally transformed what it is. it used to be an organization that would bring women together, you could be, consider yourself pro-life, consider yourself pro-choice, but you could agree on the need to cure breast cancer. just breast cancer. now, what komen has done, yes, until this morning, it had firmly jumped into political attacks on planned parenthood. now, backing off of that does not get komen out of politics, because in fact now what it's doing, and now that a spotlight is being shown on it, people will find out, it has defunded $12 million of grants to organizations like johns hopkins
8:39 pm
university, because johns hopkins does stem cell research. so what komen is doing is engaging in that same scorched earth politics of the sort that karen handle, the extremist politician. >> do you think she is the problem? >> i think she is one of the problems. i have read, i have been reading as much as i can. my understanding is there are a number of very extreme anti-abortion people on the board. of komen or have been on the board and certainly komen is feeling enormous pressure but they are feeling pressure from people who also are disingenuous in the way they advocate about this. komen needs to come clean. >> coming clean, let ee tas talt that, a board member says nancy brinker's job is safe.
8:40 pm
should it be? >> not as long as komen is a political organization so far it is and continues to be a political organization. i think they have taken a step going back to a health organization. if they don't get there, she shouldn't stay on. >> why don't they call for karen handle to be removed? >> we did today, put out a statement at the very least, karen handle needs to resign or be fired. komen's statement itself said we don't want our work to be marred by politics. then take the politician out of your senior policy position. that is the first thing you need to do. >> terry o'neill, good to have you with us tonight, thanks so much. i think it's a pretty good head fake. next, the investigation surrounding governor scott walker's days as milwaukee county executive, have already taken down at least four of his top aides. finally, walker is talking. stay with us. ♪ my sunglasses. [ tires screech ]
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up next, political panel, mike papantonio and goldie taylor on the latest developments out of wisconsin and other headlines today. the big finish the? the director josh fox is here to talk about it. don't forget to tweet us #edshow, we're right back. who has a million things to pick up each month on top of her prescriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply and would always be there to answer questions about her health. now mary gets 3 refills in one and for 3 months, she's done. more or less. ask your pharmacist about a 90 day supply today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. ( seth ) wouldn't you like to know ? something sparkly ? maybe. something sweet ? mmm... let's just say it's a surprise.
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in our political panel tonight, we have a major development in wisconsin with governor scott walker and the secret investigation surrounding his times as milwaukee county executive. today, walker announced that he will finally meet with the district attorney leading the investigation, john chisum. he has also lawyered up, hired a pair of attorneys. walker, the governor, released this following statement saying "i will voluntarily meet with mr. chisholm to -- the news is
8:45 pm
the latest in a seers legal developments surrounding walker and several former aides, two of his associates, deputy chief of staff was arrest and charged with embezzling $60,000 from a veterans charity event. another chief of staff was charged with four felony counts of misconduct in office. she is accused of using a secret e-mail system to do campaign work while being paid by milwaukee county taxpayers. a fourth walker associate facing two misdemeanors for using county resources to raise money for walker's gubernatorial campaign. scott walker has yet to publicly comment on his innocence. i'm joined tonight by goldie taylor, and also mike papantonio, and host of the
8:46 pm
"ring of fire" radio show. he's lauer elawyered up, why wo want to come forward and meet with the district attorney? what does it say? >> ed, there is not a prosecutor in this business who at one time in their career hasn't had a target in an investigation come to their office and want to talk. here's what that target usually believes. they usually believes they are there to get more information where the prosecution is going, they want to get some direction about what the prosecutor is up to, they typically think they can outhouse he'll t hustle the. they are always wrong. what i've seen in this situation is you have very, very methodical textbook investigation taking place. very talented prosecutors. this is extremely risky for him to go in and act like he was hustle them because he's the guy at risk in the big thing. >> why wouldn't walker speak to
8:47 pm
his innocence, say i have nothing to do with this, i'll help you out any way i can, why he publicly say he's innocent? >> the e-mails coming out right now point to the opposite. there are e-mails pointing to meetings taking place with people from outside the state. goes all the way up to the rnc, where you have his people meeting with the rnc right before the election, it goes that far. it goes to tim russell. can you imagine having to rely on tim russell as the guy who will keep you out of trouble? this is a guy i can promise you, is telling the prosecutors everything, he's a guy $60,000 embezzlement charge against him. this is the guy walker has to count on, there is no honor among thieves. fbi raids, immunity for john doe witnesses, this is a classic investigation. i'll tell you something, these investigators are talented he better be careful when he walks
8:48 pm
in that office. >> goldie taylor, what do you think it means for the recall? where do you think this goes as far as the recall is concerned? why wouldn't republicans step up in the state of wisconsin and say you have way too many problems? what about that? >> i think it only strengthens the recall and at the end of the day, the national republicans have put their arms around scott walker and can't let them go, they will let him go by force when he takes a perp walk. >> i've never seen mitch daniels, jan brewer as of late, walker is getting knocked off his perch and other governors are stepping up to keep the narrative alive. turning to our politics, the head of the congressional black caucus said this. >> one of the things we have to do is quit trying to send subliminal racial messages during the campaigns, governor romney and speaker gingrich have been guilty of saying things
8:49 pm
that are not helpful to a society begging for racial inclusion. >> accused of being a racial -- is that what you were referring to? >> that and other comments about appearing before the naacp. i also think that when you say that you're not, you know, interested in the poor, that creates a problem. >> how big a problem is this going to be for the republicans when you've got members of congress who are holding him accountable in the sound chamber? >> i think it's absolutely a problem for a party who contends that they are out to reach out to african americans across the country. they've been unsuccessful at that, here's the reason why. they can't get it right. it isn't about reaching out it's about getting in touch and understanding what people's daily challenges are on a day-to-day basis, quality health care, access to quality education, meaningful jobs, meaningful wages, all of those are in the mix. when you refer to the first
8:50 pm
african american president as the food stamp president, when you refer to their parents as criminals or wanting to put school children to work as janitors, those kind of things won't ring well with african americans across the country and they haven't. so they are going to have real problems this fall as those statements come back to haunt them. >> quick comment on the job numbers, mike papantonio, what does it mean for president obama? does it make it easier for him? >> well, it does but you know what, listen these are the republicans who wouldn't give obama credit for the success of the bail out of the auto industry, they wouldn't give him success of libya. they wouldn't give him success for the bin laden story. so it's important to the american people because they keep hearing positive things, regardless of the fact the republicans at every turn want to turn it in something negative. they are the most negative do-nothing congress we have had in the united states in a very long time, ed. >> golie taylor, mike papantonio, thank you for your
8:51 pm
time. the practice of hydraulic fracking is having a serious impact on the environment. it's making some folks in this country sick. that is what they believe. tonight, president obama's interior department is drafting rules to combat the practice. the director of "gasland" josh folks joins me next, stay with us. when i grow up, i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon.
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[ male announcer ] join the masters of style... even trimming, a close shave, and accurate edging... with the new gillette fusion proglide styler. ♪ yeah [ male announcer ] new fusion proglide styler from gillette. many americans believe fracking is an unsafe drilling practice that is ruining the environment and making american people sick. today, breaking news the obama administration interior department is drafting rules requiring companies to disclose the chemical make up of fracking fluids. the proposed rules would also require drillers to make sure waste water does not leak in the environment according to reuters. josh fox is the journalist who brought this to the world's attention with the movie "gasland" we showed you how he was arrested at a hearing on
8:56 pm
fracking because republicans didn't want him there. here is a clip from "gasland". >> same story water trouble. >> after they drilled the water was bad. >> oh, man. >> health problems. >> i am never healthy. >> explosive conditions inside the house. >> whoa! whoa! >> let's bring in josh fox, academy award nominated film maker, director of "gasland" currently working on "gasland ii" thank you for joining us after you were arrest and out and being able to talk. thank you for that. the new regulations, what do you know about them, will it help? >> this is the interior department, what i think they are saying is that this is only about public lands. so certainly we need the disclosure of chemicals all across the united states. in 2005, the energy act of -- energy policy act of 2005 exempted fracking companies from
8:57 pm
reporting the chemicals they were in jjecting in the ground. that was an exemption, it needs to be overturned. there was a bill in congress called the frack act, that needs to be supported by the president. it's not adequate to have it on public lands, that is a small fraction of the activities. the gas companies have to disclose. >> what are are they using, how damaging is it? >> 600 different chemicals we know about they use in fracking. so many of them have health effects from benzene, neuro-toxins, things dangerous to human health. if they get in water supplies they can contaminate the supplies forever as was the case, is the case in pavilion, wyoming, and pennsylvania and thousands of cases across the country. >> i had a gentleman call my radio show he said he was living in colorado, the surveyors came on his land, started doing zstuf to get ready.
8:58 pm
he asked who they are with, they said this is where we're trialitria drilling. he was subjected to the aftermath of the fracking, that is what he claims, is that a common story, do you hear this often? >> all the time. we have drilling in 34 states. a huge, this is the largest domestic natural gas campaign in history. for the other part of the rules that is they are suggesting some how there is a way to fix the casing problem. that is an impossibility. this is not a controversial thing to say, the industry has been trying to fix these problems of oil case for decades, there is no way to fix it. over the life of the gas well, 50% of those well casings will fail that is the industry's number. an inch worth of concrete protecting the ground water from the compounds that come up with
8:59 pm
the well, from the radioactive material in the waste water, an inch, not concrete, an inch worth of cement. it fails over time. if you drill the well next to the well you drilled you can crack the cement. industry has said there is no way to solve a cement casing problem, obama administration rules are saying we want to you fix that problem. that doesn't add up to me. >> when does "gasland ii" come out? >> ironically after being arrested by congress the film focuses on the level of contamination we missed in the first movie, which is contamination to our political system. every fracking dollar that is in congress, and they make enormous campaign contributions in lobbying, is a contaminant in the political system, toxic. >> they are protecting their activities. >> i have no doubt if oil and gas was not contributing huge amounts of money i wouldn't have been arrested by the republican chair on wednesday morning. >> josh fox, thanks for your


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