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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  March 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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with the belief that obama doesn't yet have things under control. the fact is, again this is going to be a very hot race for this november election and again it is going to be about the economy. and that's "hardball" for now thanks for being with us. "politics nation" with al sharpton starts right now. welcome to a special edition of "politics nation." i'm al sharpton. tonight's lead-in, just two hours it the republican polls will close in misand alabama. polls showed those races way too close to call. the latest polls have mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich running neck in neck. both states, the stakes are high. romney is trying to convince republicans he can seal the deal while santorum and gingrich are both fighting to become the conservative alternative. willard's already moved on to the next round of voting. he is about to take the stage in liberty, missouri, for his only
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public speech of the night. he is gearing up for his sourry's caucuses, which start tomorrow. santorum has moved on to louisiana, where republicans won't be voting for another two weeks. gingrich is the only one spending eelection night with the folks who voted today. it is change that romney and santorum took off so fast. they couldn't get enough time with these folks over the past few days. >> morning i can't. >> i got kin here in mississippi. >> i heard they got the best grits, looking forward to having some. >> i like grits, i like cheese grits, like grits with gravy, a number of ways you can have grits. got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grit, i tell ya. >> grits? that's one thing these guys can agree on, they also seem to agree that all the other guys are helping president obama.
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>> i do not believe the other two candidates can beat obama. i will not leave the field. >> i understand why the media wants romney they know he can beat romney. >> we go to a convention, signaling our doom in terms of replacing president obama. can you imagine anything that would be a bigger gift to barack obama? >> joining me now, former pennsylvania governor ed rendell exnow an msnbc news political analyst and chip saltzman, a republican strategist, who was mike huckabee's presidential campaign manager in 2008. thank you both for joining me this evening.huckabee's presiden manager in 2008. thank you both for joining me this evening. >> good to be with you. >> chip, let me start with you. admitting helping the president by topping this ray none of them are willing to get out. how much longer can this last? >> the only thing i know for sure, it is not going to end tonight and it looks like newt's in it until the convention. there's still obviously going to see what is going to happen in mississippi and alabama. but they are all going to
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missouri, they are all going to louisiana. my guess is they are going to stay in until somebody gets 1144. and my sense is that could be as late as early june. >> now, governor, let me ask you this, "new york times" spoke to voters in mississippi and alabama and they said things like this coming out today. "there's nobody that i like everything about. i usually don't say that in an election." another voter says, "i don't like anybody in our field." and another one says, "one thing that didn't influence my decision is who ate the most ribs, catfish and grits." not an enthusiastic response from voters today. what does this say about this field? >> well, first of all that last voter is obviously very intelligent, because none of that stuff should matter. what it says about the field is the field has not caught on, none of them have uniformly with any broad swath of republican voters. but remember, al, that only
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affects turnout. if people turn out in mississippi and alabama, it doesn't matter who of these three is the republican nominee, they are going to carry mississippi and alabama and that's been mitt romney's basic argument, on the weakest in the south, any republican, including me, will beat president obama. where is going to matters is the lack of enthusiasm ex-symmss in pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio, it dampens republican turnout in the fall, then it is real serious problems because i think the democrats, they won't be quite as wild-identify, enthusiastic about president obama as they were in '08, but i think there will be a strong level of enthusiasm which will manifest itself in a very good turnout. >> now, chip, we just got some exit poll information in. help me with this. when we look at the exit polls, the gingrich voters in alabama, 69% and 68% in mississippi, say
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that they strongly favored newt gingrich. his voters seem to be the strongest committed in both states. santorum voters, 62% in alabama, 45% in mississippi. romney voters in alabama, 47%, mississippi, 51%. so, if romney is still the presumed nominee, at least in these two states, his voters would have won that -- seeming strongest in alabama not that far ahead of santorum and mississippi in terms of being strongly in his corner. does this mean anything to you? you ran a republican campaign? >> obviously, you want your voters to be as intense as possible and passionate about you, i agree with all the points the governor makes, it pains me to agree with his, but exactly right on the intensity as we go into the primary and into november. but what we are seeing is we have known this, that the newt gingrich supporters and senator santorum supporters are passionate, they are excited, they are on a crusade, they are
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in this to win it. and then you see governor romney's people not quite as exciting. now, my guess is if you moved further north and go back to the exit polls in new hampshire and some of the places he was best well known, his voters more intense than newt gingrich and rick santorum voters are. so, this is going to be a challenge for him short term, not long term, because like the governor said, we are going to win mississippi and alabama, no matter who our nominee is. >> now, governor, who. winner is may win alabama, may win mississippi, but they also may be wounded because they've spent the last few days, at least since sunday, continuously attacking each other relentlessly. listen to this. >> romney is probably the weakest republican front-runner since leonard wood in 1920. yes, he is the front runner into the very strong front runner. most conservatives are opposed to him, which is the base of the party. >> they're conservative party, they are not going to no, ma'am market their if the opportunity
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provides itself in an open convention, not going to nominate a moderate massachusetts governor. >> funny listening to these guys, saying what they wish were the case but happens not to be the case f i'm a weak front runner, what does that make newt gingrich? >> wow, governor, it seems like they never read ronald reagan's 11th commandment. >> no, they sure haven't. all of this is obviously going to -- wounds opened here won't heal entirely come november and that's plus for us it is a plus for president obama. but remember, al, you and very had this discussion, once the convention speeches are given, it's sort of a reset, not entirely and some of this baggage will still exist, but the american people, by and large, really start to focus at that convention nominating speech and whoever the nominee is will have an opportunity to sort of get back on track a little bit. again, some of these wounds won't heal and the obama folks are very smart. david axelrod is one of the smartest guys i have ever met in politics. he is going to find a way to weave in these negative
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statements that republicans have made against governor romney, assuming he is the nominee. he will weave him into commercials and ads and mailings and things like that. >> now you chip, when we look at how voters identified themselves in terms of being evangelical voters, mississippi, 81% identified themselves a az evangelical, 73% in alabama. the previous high was 73% in tennessee. so tonight, mississippi's the highest of those that identified themselves as evangelical voters. let's fast forward. let's say mitt romney is the nominee. are these voters going to be enthusiastically with mitt romney? >> i think they will be. i think what you find interesting is mississippi has the highest we have seen of evangelical voter bus yet, mitt romney is competing there and could win mississippi tonight so if he does that i think that bodes well for him and i think at the end of the day, what governor is saying is right, we will heal all these wounds, not
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playing inside baseball now, we are still inside the dugout. this san inner squad scrimmage and it's tough and it's mean and it's rough, but at the end of the day, we will come together and heal up and know tend of the day, our job is to beat barack obama in november. >> let's come out of that dugout, governor. let's take chip out the dugout, let's go on the field. on the field, independent voters going to be crucial to who wins the real game and in the "new york times" poll, president obama is way ahead of mitt romney with independent voters, that is the real ball game, governor >>. >> yeah, there's no question. mitt romney's been forced to move to the right during this entire process. he has been forced to get mired into discussions about contraception and things that an net them ma to women voters and those are moves that don't necessarily heal. and chip, you know that david axelrod is going to be reminding people all about those things, the things that were said, the positions that governor romney took, all of that stuff is going to come back and it is gonna be a problem. is it an overcomable problem?
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sure. but it certainly makes it a steeper hill. >> well, governor ed rendell and chip saltsman, we will be watching tonight, thank you for your time. >> thanks. ahead, just when you think you couldn't possibly do it again, he does. willard's latest gaffe once again shows just how out of touch he is. plus, fueling fear, things are so bad for the gop, their only hope is tanking the economy. we will show you their inside plan. and rush limbaugh's losing advertisers but he is attacking an entire group of women today. terry o'neill from the national organization of women is responding exclusively tonight. you are watching "politics nation" on a special primary night here on msnbc. stay with us. eggland's best eggs.
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it's big primary tonight and msnbc will have full coverage throughout the night. for his part, willard romney went on sports talk radio in alabama, trying to connect with the sports fans down there. and it happened again, a major, major fail. that tape is next. [ male announcer ] this is the network -- a living, breathing intelligence teaching data how to do more for business. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it and tailors it across all the right points, automating all the right actions... [ beeping ] bring all the right results. it's the at&t network -- doing more with data to help business do more for customers. ♪
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we are back with more coverage of the primaries. the polls will close in alabama in two hours. right now, the romney campaign is trying to spin his latest gaffe. in comment about football player peyton manning. >> go to miami or the jet bus i got a lot of good friends, the owner of the miami dolphins and the new york jets, both owners are friends of mine, but let's keep away from new england so that tom brady has a better shot of picking up a championship for us. >> so willard's trying to win over regular joest by bragging about his rich friends who own football teams? just a few weeks ago, he made a similar gaffe when talking about how much he follows nascar. >> not as closely as some of the most ar dent fans but i have some great friends who thank are nascar team owners. >> each round of voting seems to bring us another flub from
6:16 pm
willard. and he admits that he is part of the problem. >> the candidate sometimes makes mistake, i'm trying to work better and harder i drive a mustang and a chevy pickup truck. ann drives a couple of cad, what actually. i love this state, seems right here, the trees are the right height. i like seek the -- i like seeing the lakes. i should also tell my story. i am also an employee. rib, i will tell you what, $10,000, $10,000 bet? i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. needs to repair, i will fix it. the candidate sometimes makes some mistakes. >> joining me now from birmingham, alabama, is erin mcpike, reporter for real clear politics and in washington, david corn, msnbc political analyst and mother jones washington bureau chief. great to have both of you with us. david, let me start with you >> willard has been running for
6:17 pm
president for years now. how does he continue to make mistake after mistake? >> he is showing us his true nature. it is a cliche to say, once you are in a presidential race, you are under the microscope, you really don't hide, all these appearances, all these soundbites, the endless coverage that you can see on real clear politics erin's site. you just can't behind your true nature that is one of the wonderful things about these presidential contest, i think we do get to know these people and more importantly, what they think and what they care b i would half expect mitt romney to say if asked about gas prices, you know, i don't buy my own gas but i have a bunch of friends who own pelt throw chemical firms. he just can't help himself. >> erin, you know, had he, in many ways down south, tried to connect, but he looked like he was very inauthentic and when he sees the ad lib, go from the
6:18 pm
heart, he is talking about owners. the only thing he won down south trying to connect was the joke of late-night tv hosts. watch this. >> folk, i got to tell you mitt's not just walking the walk, he's drawing the talk. >> morning y'all. good to be with ya. i got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits. >> you really think you are going to appeal to southerners by finding reference with them on the issues that matter most to them, their accent and choosing the right breakfast starch? >> i think mitt, think's good guy, just really doesn't connect, you know? >> yeah. >> with the southern voters. like he thought mason-dixon was a hedge fund. >> erin, it's kind of funny, but i mean, it is obvious the connection is not there and he looks like he is just bandering. >> yeah, al, i think that may be true, but look, i think the biggest gaffe that he had down south was when he called jeff
6:19 pm
foxworthy, a blue collar comedian to a blue collar audience that is the biggest thing. some of the other things i'm not sure with were that bad. as far as knowing and having several friends nfl nfl team owners, i think that was a bit intentional and the reason, a lot of speculation for that but people say, you know, after he said that he had friends who were nascar team owners, there was a big uproar about this. i think the romney campaign may have planted the nfl line sort of intentionally just so to minimize some of the damage and say, hey, this is who he is. >> but he has been playing the pandering game before in 2002 when he was running for massachusetts governor, pandering to independent democrats. look at this. it is always a burned for someone to run with r for republican after their name. i think it is to people of the commonwealth doesn't stand so much for republican as it does
6:20 pm
reform. >> is this a serial problem for him, pandering? >> yeah, the issue is not mitt romney's likability, the issue is that people know he is not being aught thingt and true to himself what is he? a northeastern country club moderate republican ex-governor. much in the -- in line with, say, george h. w. bush. now you that type of person cannot win the republican primaries given how the republican electorate has moved so far to the right, particularly drive than way to a large ex-stent by obama hatred. he has to be something he is not. some politicians are better than other politicians. he is no the that good at it. the longer santorum and gingrich stay in the race and make it competitive, the harm he is doing to that little left of soul inside mitt romney. >> but erin, you know, in 2004, i ran for the democratic nomination for president.
6:21 pm
i know what those hot lights are like. i watched the others that were on that stage. and one thing people will see is who you really are. you can't fake it all the time. it comes out. and they trust you or not trust you, not only by your positions but by your authenticity. this has to bother romney when you look at the polls and it says that -- the question was raised who understands voters' needs and problems, president obama or willard? president obama got 55%, people believing that he understands the needs and problems. mitt romney only 31%. and i don't think this is all on policy. i think this is all on who they think really understands their dreams, their problems, their needs. you have been out there with them. do you see this reflected as you travel around following and covering him? >> yeah, you know, i think that is a big concern for a lot of
6:22 pm
voters but i think what the romney campaign is doing to correct that is going out and saying to voters, i want you to make the right decision in this primary, i just saw app romney yesterday in montgomery and she had an event with about 75 people. it was actually at union upscale restaurant, it was kind of to their base, we want you to go out and do the right thing and pick the guy that can turn around the economy. so i don't think that now he is trying to say anything to the effect of i understand the problems but more, listen, give me the reins to the economy, i can fix t in a way, i think they are moving around this issue of does he understand average americans because, you know, honestly, he doesn't. he has always been a multimillionaire, no, he doesn't understand the every day middle class struggles. >> now, david, i don't want to paint an overly rosy picture because the president did get some bad news in the polling, the "new york times"/cbs news poll says match 7 to 11th, went down answered now has a favorable rating of only 41%.
6:23 pm
how does he deal with that? does this mean anything? make a big deal when he is up. this is down. how do we read this? >> that poll may be an outlier, may be an indicator what is going to happen with polls the coming weeks, could be because of gas prices or anything, but the thing to remember is that all politics is einsteinian, it is relative. barack obama will be compared to whoever the republican nominee is, presumably mitt romney, but not necessarily. and so, while he has fallen in the approval ratings, i would think given the external circumstances our economy is facing, even though a slight tickup in growth and employment numbers, it is still in a pretty bad place, any decent republican standard bearer should be 10 points ahead of an incumbent president with this sort of economy. so the fact that obama is still competitive leading mitt romney is probably the more important
6:24 pm
indicator, although i think overall, no matter how bad mitt romney is doing, and how much of a clown show the republican primary may continue to be it is still pretty much a 50/50 proposition if you look toward november. >> well, david, thank you for being on tonight. erin, you know why i like to have erin on, david? she is authentic, birmingham, still has on her very nice necklace and her nice attire. she didn't come home with a bowl of grits tonight playing with me. thank you, erin. >> she is a great reporter though. >> i had grits and a biscuit for breakfast this morning. i tell you i did. >> bring some back. >> cheese grits and a breakfast. >> oh, lord. you are not running in the primary though. >> i am not, but i just tell you, i did have it. >> all right. thank you both. ahead, pumping fear. the candidates are making all kinds of false promises when it comes to gas prices. we have a fact check. and we are marching against voter i.d. laws, suppressing
6:25 pm
voters. attorney general eric holder is cracking down. that exclusive interview is next. you're watching "politics nation" on a special primary night here on msnbc. stay with us. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning...
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attorney general erinc., holder is making big moves to crackdown on voter i.d. laws and protect the vote. the justice department just rejected texas voter i.d. laws under the voting rights act. earlier, it said no to south carolina's effort to suppress the vote. tonight, in an exclusive interview with nbc, holder spoke out on why he's getting tough. >> these voter i.d. laws solutions that deal with a problem that does not really exist. these laws that disenfranchise people, perhaps as many as 800,000 in texas, are unnecessary and go counter to the great tradition of the american people, which was to expand the opportunity people have to vote. what we are talking about here is a constitutional right, this is not a privilege, the right to vote is something that's fundamental to who we are as americans. >> fundamental as to who we are as americans. he is right on target.
6:30 pm
this is exactly why we spent a week in alabama, marching from selma to montgomery, so shed a light on one of the worst tack it was the gop is employing to steal the election, by trying to disenfranchise millions of voters. we are making progress but the fight back is only beginning. both south carolina and texas, those states have said they are going to fight the justice department. i can assure you that activists, ministers, labor leaders in those states organizing to protect their right to vote. and we will be with them. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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and step three, blame president obama for high gas prices, even
6:35 pm
though a real driver of soaring costs is the right-wing's constant talk of a war with iran. >> the biggest driver of these high gas prices is speculation about possible war in the middle east, which is why we have been trying to reduce some of the loose talk about war there. >> there's plenty of loose talk from the gone. another thing they are loose with, the facts. >> said it's because republican presidential candidates are talking in a very muscular way about iran and their nuclear program. it is a real stretch, even for a guy who has gotten pretty good at making excuses. >> you like the idea of $10 gallon gasoline and bowing to a saudi king, you ought to be with obama. >> theed a minute station's policies are actually designed on purpose to bring about higher gas prices. >> wrong xlal wrong! domestic oil production is at its highest level since 2003. but apparently, facts don't
6:36 pm
matter, not when this is all you care about. z. >> our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama a second term. >> joining me now senator sherrod brown, democrat from ohio. senator brown, thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you, reverend sharpton. >> polling out today shows the president's approval rating as taking a big hit. do you think rising gas prices are to blame and is this something that you are worried about in the -- in our own election? >> i'm not worried about it. first of all, i think that mcconnell clip you showed from a couple years ago, could you sort of end the show right there. when everything they do comes out of that, whether it is blocking appointments on the senate floor or not passing jobs bills or undermining the president on a whole host of innish tivgs we have seen it since 2009, we know that put that aside for a moment, i'm very concerned about higher gas prices, not for the president's
6:37 pm
re-election, i don't think the public is blaming him for that but i'm concerned because, you know, every time there's a type line outage, every time there sapphire at a refinery, every time there is turmoil in the middle east and what the president said about loose talk of war, every time any one of those things happen, the oil industry and the wall street speculators use that as an excuse to spike up oil prices. that new study that just came out you 56 cents a gallon -- 56 cents happen been added at the cost at the pump of every gallon of gas because of wall street speculation. that is the biggest part of this coupled with what the president said and the fear mongering that the presidential republican -- republican presidential candidates are doing what did he say the loose talk of war president obama talked about? >> senator, i'm glad you said a couple of things, let me show you two things. one, even the murdoch-owned "wall street journal" says the president cannot be blamed for the recent spike in gas prices. let me quote them.
6:38 pm
it says, u.s. gasoline prices like prices throughout the advanced economies, are determined by global market forces is hard to see how mr. obama's policies can be blamed. and then you contrast that with the fact that in 2011, big oil profits were at a record high. yet the gop continues to cater to them, whose side are you on? $137 billion, setting an all-time record for profits and they are catering to them while doing this fear mongering and blame game on the president. >> the oil industry's influence, the hardest thing do is take away the subsidies they get, the profits for exxon and other big oil companies are huge and seems to be growing, been huge a year
6:39 pm
now and even with that, when we -- when those subsidies and tax breaks, the oil industry were set when oil was $10 or $20 or $30 a barrel, now over 100. now they get we can't take them away, republicans block it the other thing i think, reverend sharpton, you learn as a kid how supply and demand works. right. >> and when supply is relatively high, as it is as you pointed out, president obama during this period right now and president doesn't get all the credit for this, certainly, but there has been more drill, more oil production and because of conservation, demand is not particularly high, now pretty flat, so prices should go down if supply's up and demand is down a little, but it doesn't because of the speculation and because of the loose talk about war in the middle east and the oil industry having that as an excuse to spike up oil prices. >> then you hear the gop actually saying the president wants these prices to go up.
6:40 pm
governor mitch daniels what he says is outrageout. >> let's give the president credit for domestic policy that worked, he wanted higher gas prices and they got them. they got the doubling of gas price and perhaps worse is a conscious policy of this administration, maybe the one thing they set out do and actually accomplished. >> i mean, is he serious? >> hard to believe a guy that would say something so stupid would be elected governor, especially a state next to mine a lot of people in indiana, i got to think that would embarrass them a little you the governor would only say one of the only successes the president has had is that he wanted to double gas prices. no president wants to do that. that kind of politics is shameful and not good for our country. we have got to focus, my biggest fear is not the president's re-election, he is going to win my state, win the country. my biggest fear is that these oil prices caused not by the president but by partly
6:41 pm
republican and partly republican talk of loose talk about war and intransigence and speculation on wall street that that is going to hurt this economic growth. we have had -- my state, i believe we have 13 of the last 14 months, we have seen economic growth, manufacturing job growth. i want to keep that going. 200,000 new jobs. not enough but 200,000 new johns each of the last three months. and some of these guys want to pull back on this and that's just -- >> we cannot let them because people really need the jobs and people certainly need to have gas prices where they can go and do what they do work as well as their family outing yous. senator sherrod brown, thanks fof for coming on the show tonight. >> my pleasure. ahead, this 17-year-old young man was shot and killed in orlando. the shooter claims self-defense, even though the boy was up armed. mounting questions for the police department tonight. and we will try to get some answers. and as advertisers flee rush
6:42 pm
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score! [ male announcer ] share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-eat! we're back with disturbing news about a shooting in florida. three weeks ago, 17-year-old tray von martin was walking back to his father's girlfriend's house in a gated community near orlando, florida. he was shot and killed by the
6:47 pm
neighborhood watch captain. that man claimed self-defense even though the team was unarmed and he is free today. the police chief says there's not enough evidence to charge him. tray von's family is devastated and fighting back. >> this guy was not arrested. i don't understand, as a mother. my heart is broken. >> self-defense against an unarmed teenager? there's a lot of unanswered questions and we need answers now. joining me now from tallahassee, florida, martin family attorney benjamin crump. he is suing the police for more evidence. thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you, reverend sharpton. and the family thank you. >> and tell them that i -- i appreciate that and we will be with them through this investigation. but let me show you this, here is what the police chief said yesterday about the watch captain, george zimmerman.
6:48 pm
watch this. >> mr. zimmerman has made the statement of self-defense. until we can establish probable cause to dispute that, we don't have the grounds to arrest him. >> your response, mr. crump? >> reverend sharpton, where else in the world does that happen, where i can shoot and kill you and then say self-defense and the police take my word for it on the scene? one of those things, when you think about the facts of this care the neighborhood watch homeowner's association loose cannon calls 911 and says he sees a suspicious person, and the question is, what makes trayvon martin suspicious? he is just a kid walking home. but that 911 tape will tell us that but they won't release the tape. >> why won't they release the tapes? what are they saying and why are you suing to get those tapes? what do you think is on the tape? >> well, i think the tapes are
6:49 pm
going to tell us three important things. it's gonna tell us why he ignored and just disregarded the police instruction when they told him to stay put, we are on our way. and then number two, they are going to tell us why he thought trayvon martin was suspicious. and then thirdly, overall, it is going to tell his general overall mentality when this grown man, 28 years old, 200 pounds, got out of his car with a 9 millimeter gun and confronted this young man weighing 140 pounds who had a bag of skittles and a can of iced tea. after he was shot and killed, the parents told his parents, sabrina fulton and tracy martin, these all they found on him. so odd man with a 9 millimeter gun and a kid with a bag of skittles and he claims self-defense and the police don't arrest him, he goes home and sleeps in his bed that night while trayvon martin goes to the medical examiner, dead. >> so, this young man is dead.
6:50 pm
the police confirm all he had was skittles and an iced tea. the other man, who was not a policeman, not in uniform, we don't even know if trayvon knew who he was, approaches him, kills him, and he says, self-defense? even if they got in an altercation, how is that self-defense and how do you -- how are you allowed to kill somebody? >> you know, reverend sharpton, all he had to do was follow the police instructions and he never confronts this kid. it's -- you can't claim self-defense if you go start the altercation and if he would have just stayed put and followed the instructions, it wouldn't have mattered. >> followed what instructions, mr. crump? quickly? >> neighborhood watch is you see something that you think is suspicious, you call the police. you don't go try to confront the person. it's called neighborhood watch, not neighborhood shoot. >> well -- >> it's -- >> that's critical, so the
6:51 pm
neighborhood watch supposed to watch, call the police, he didn't do that went and took it in his own hands with a 9 millimeter? >> exactly. reverend sharpton, you hit it right on the nail. we think trayvon martin didn't know who the heck this white man was that approached him before he got killed. >> well, they need to release the tapes and i'm going to be coming to florida to see you and the family. the tapes need to be released. all sides need to see what happened here. benjamin crump, we are going to stay on this story, as i promised you. thank you for your time tonight and let the family know we are going to stay right on this and look for these tapes to be released. we will be right back. >> thank you, reverend. wake up!
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6:54 pm
nearly two weeks after calling georgetown law student sandra fluke a slut, rush limbaugh still is in big trouble.
6:55 pm
140 advertise verse bailed on him and today we learned his fake apology didn't fool anyone a new poll shows only 29% of american americans believe it was sincere, 53% believe it was insincere. rush was back at it again today, only this time attack an entire organization of women. >> the nags, the national association of gals, it is our pet name for the new gang. any way, the president of the n now gang was speaking to the nation, laughing about what i had done, they are not offended, folks. they are not outraged, they are not upset over the moral depravity of any of this, it, they are happy, clapping their hands a godsend. >> calling her and fellow women nags, giving them a pet name?
6:56 pm
this is outside appalling, joining me now is terry o'neill, president of the national organization of women. thanks for joining us. terry what is your response to rush limbaugh today? >> the fact is rush limbaugh appears to think he can somehow gain from continuing his relentless attacks on women and the reality is that what he is i in fact achieving is women are mobilize on on their own, through now chant hearse throughout the country, organizations with us, the feminist majority foundation urkt american association of university women, womens' groups around the country are sitting up and taking notice of his relentless attacks on women and frankly, we are going to make a big difference this year. >> move on com has a new grassroots ad that calls for rush and other big republicans out on the latest comment about women. look at this.
6:57 pm
>> pay for you to have sex, want you to post the videos online so we can all watch a woman impregnated through rape should accept that horribly created gift, the gift of human life, accept what god has given you and make the best of a bad situation. >> these respect our words, they are all real things said by prominent members of the republican party. >> judging from their comments, the gop must have a serious problem with women. >> has this galvanized, terry, and backfired in a big way this misogynist anti-woman stuff we have been hearing the last few weeks from rush and some of the gop primary candidates for president? >> it has backfired hugely. in fact, the meeting he was referring to the conference he was referring was to the conference of a now region, several states, now activists
6:58 pm
gathered. what we had in new orleans was an enormous number of women from other organizations in the area came to this meeting because they are galvanized and mobilizing, what they want to know is how can we help, feed into what the now chanters are doing. the move on ad is absolutely right. there is a relentless war against women who knows why it is happening the way it is happening, but this these politicians are saying those things about women. honestly, women are not going to take it mobilizing for the 2012 elections, having a massive nationwide voter education project to let women know what's really at stake in the 2012 elections and i think we will be far more successful than anyone
6:59 pm
predicted six months ago, simply because these electioned official don't get it independent women, republican women, the men that care about them do not want this relentless war on women and make the politicians who sport war on women pay for at the polls. i'm glad you said that the men that care about them because i'm a son of a woman and have two daughters. for him to say a lot of people weren't offended is an outrageous, insensitive assessment. >> it is, what he said about sandra fluke was deeply offensive and it was not the words slut and prostitute that were really the most offensive. what was offensive was three solid days, three hours each day on his program, basically engaging in verbalizing sexual fan it is a business is this 30-year-old young woman. >> is terrible. we are going to have to leave it there, keep watching and working


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