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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 14, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> if i'm a weak front runner what does that make newt gingrich? i'm glad i think i have twice as >> i'm going to tampa. >> the three-ring republican circus rolls on. bob shrum and howard dean are here with the latest. mitt romney drops a bomb on women. >> planned parenthood we'll get rid of that. >> a proposed law in arizona says bosses can fire women for taking birth control? katrina vanden heuvel will have reaction. game on in wisconsin. the recall dates are set. now scott walker is complaining he doesn't get paid enough.
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>> my wife in some ways would love it if i went back to the private sector and made real money. >> john nichols has the latest. >> tonight, another "ed show" exclusive. >> professor ogletree took great pains to hide that. >> the man at the bogus theory, charles ogletree will tell us why he hid the tape of barack obama. good to have you with us tonight, thanks for watching. there is only one thing keeping newt gingrich in the republican presidential race, it's ego. rick santorum pull off a six point win in alabama, a closer race in mississippi, but santorum, he won but never led in any mississippi polls. it was not a good night for mitt romney, who came in third in both states but it was a disaster for newt gingrich. gingrich was selling voters on $2.50 a gallon gas and on his ability to "hey i can win the southern states" so far he has won georgia and south carolina. there is no reason for gingrich to stay in the race.
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but last night, he was defiant. >> we will continue to run a people's campaign. i believe after the primaries are over it will be obvious that the so-called front-runner in fact didn't get there and from that point on we'll be in a whole new conversation. >> not a lot of real estate in your backyard with two states. every day he stays in the race it's bad news for rick santorum. his campaign knows gingrich is cutting in the santorum vote in many states, but santorum's campaign spokesman said they're not asking gingrich to leave. >> we didn't call on newt gingrich to get in the race, we sure won't call on newt gingrich to get out of the race but the fact of the matter is, if he weren't in the race at this point not only would we be meeting mitt romney in the other states, we would be beating him badly.
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>> the super pac is happy to do the work. nick ryan of red, white and blue released a statement saying a week ago we called on newt gingrich to exit the race. tonight, voters in alabama and mississippi said the same thing. even the super pac supporting newt gingrich understands what a big blow the former house speaker was dealt last night. rick tyler of winning our future super pac said "this is pretty important. the pac always felt we needed to win both of these states to change the narrative." it didn't happen. today, tyler made it clear what the gingrich strategy is. >> i predict now that newt gingrich will arrive in tampa on equal footing with mitt romney and rick santorum and ron paul, the reason is none of those people will have the requisite amount of delegates to take the nomination. >> delegate, it's momentum, pr, ability to sell. get some real estate. image is everything, right? gingrich can't bring himself to drop out of the race, because he
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wants to hurt mitt romney. it's personal. gingrich was thrilled with himself last night as he stood at the podium and mocked mitt romney for coming in third. romney responded on fox news today. >> if i'm a weak front runner what does that make newt gingrich? i'm glad i think i have twice as many delegates as anyone else in the process. over the last several contests i earned a million more votes than has either senator santorum or speaker gingrich from the republicans in these contests. >> why even respond to newt gingrich? mitt romney is right about the delegate count, he is the clear leader in pledge delegates. romney is cherry picking the totals. when you add up the states and territories with gop contests, romney has 38% of the vote, three out five voters want anyone but the former governor of massachusetts, mitt romney. this is why newt gingrich must get out of the race if he cares about the conservative movement. he can't win the nomination at this point but majority of
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people in his party want someone other than mitt romney to be a nominee. a contest between mitt romney and rick santorum would allow the republicans on the right wing to make a clear choice. when you look at the vote totals, they could very well choose rick santorum and wouldn't all us liberals love that? if gingrich really wants to hurt mitt romney, he ought to just get out now, have a steak, go to tampa early. you could do that. and who is giving to newt gingrich's campaign? that's the story as it now moves to illinois where that is not traditionally been good territory, that part of the country, for newt gingrich. get your cell phones out, tonight's question, what is more important to newt gingrich? his ego, or his country? text a for ego, b for country. 622639. you can go to our blog at
11:06 pm, we'll bring you results later in the show. i'm joined by democratic strategist and professor bob shrum and former vermont governor howard dean and former chairman of the dnc and cnbc contributor. governor, bob, great to have you tonight. >> what reason should newt gingrich stay in the race for, is there anything other than the way he thinks that would make the case for him to keep ongoing? >> well, that is a really tough question since i had to drop out of my race, actually after bob's candidate administered a whooping in iowa to me. look, this is a very personal decision getting out of the race it's hard for any politician to do and harder for your supporters. you have to take that in consideration. i don't think you ought to tell people when to get out of the case.
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your analysis is right, if he stays in romney has a better chance of winning you have to consolidate the conservative vote if you want a conservative, there are some winner take allstates and romney will get 100% of the delegates if newt stays in, romney wins with 37 or 38%. newt has to figure it out for himself. he got in it, he has to figure when the right time to exit is. >> if he didn't have that one donor, from las vegas he wouldn't have won the two states. >> isn't it amazing how citizens united screwed it up. this would be over if shelley adelson wasn't writing checks. romney will get his butt kick in the fall because he will be associated with the birth control farce and anti-latino stuff he has been talking about. >> this is what mitt romney said about winning conservative voters. >> when you ask in the prior elections who has voted? i won the conservative vote, some very conservative may not be in my camp but they will be when i become the nominee. >> exit polling romney is
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probably correct, 91% of primary voters said they would definitely or probably vote for the eventual republican nominee but he has had a hard time locking this up. is this going to continue or do you see him peeling off the more conservative voters? >> oh it will continue for a while. i think core republican voters at this point are the political equivalent of romney's dog shamus, strapped to the top of the car, car heading toward tampa. if i can put it this way, they may rain on the parade occasionally but because of a couple of factors, it seems to me romney will be the nominee. one is the governor said, newt gingrich stays there, as you said he draws votes away. number two, this is particularly ironic, the romney safety net is rapidly becoming voters, primary voters in blue states like illinois, california and new york, which he can't possibly hope to carry in the fall.
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one thing that is amazing here and goes back again to something that howard said is that if you look at past races, bush in 2000, kerry in 2004, even clinton in 1992, by this far in the process, we had a nominee. i think this is a testimony to romney's weakness i agree he is being battered in the process. he is on a national pander-thon. he was eating grits and saying to crowds was a good mornin. >> he has taken heat, richard viguerie i'm asking newt gingrich and supporters and team to join rick santorum's campaign for president. governor dean, what do you make of that, is that pressure continue to mount as days go on? >> it probably will but newt is immune to pressure, he's a hard-nosed fellow. he will get out when he needs to get out, maybe his calculation is he goes to tampa with a few hundred delegates and gets to be the king maker, that is
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unlikely, we haven't seen a convention like that for 70 years. >> how does this effect, in your opinion, governor, the obama campaign. these numbers coming out of alabama and mississippi say they just don't want president obama, they don't care who the nominee is. >> ed, alabama and mississippi weren't going to vote for obama under any circumstances. here is where it's killing the guys, they go to alabama and mississippi, romney wanted to get right of planned parenthood. how do you think that will play in among republican women in the philadelphia suburbs? that is the swing vote in pennsylvania. this is insane. >> you're saying as this goes on, there are issues that keep propping up that are detriment tall what they are trying to accomplish. >> he's already -- obama is ahead of romney six to one among
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latinos. even if it ends up being three to one, you can't, as a republican, you can't win the presidency without getting 40% of the latino vote. obama has a 20% gap, gender gap now, that is because of the ridiculous birth control thing. this is ridiculous, this campaign, this republican campaign is the most disorganized thing. usually they run much better campaigns, than we do. better organized, better disciplined, i have not seen a republican shambles like this since 1964, not inconceivable if the economy gets better that mitt romney may set the record that barry goldwater set for how many states he gets. >> bob, one of the things on the mind of a lot of people and the president is taking heat for it is gas prices. we know it's not the president's doing, but this does have a political drip to it of sorts. what do you make of it? >> the polls are a little contradictory on this, i think
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it's a two-sided equation. people have been so traumatized what they have been through in the last several years as a result of the bush economic collapse, that any bad news i think tends to register immediately. but in this two-sided equation as and if the job numbers keep getting better, i think the president and governor dean is completely right about this, will get in a stronger and stronger situation. more than that, mitt romney is going to lose his argument. his argument is i'm a ceo, might have been a job destroying ceo, i can fix the economy. well if the economy is being fixed, he needs some other message. right now, his only message in these republican primaries, 90% of his ads are negative is the other guy is worse than i am. that is how he squeaked through in michigan he almost proved you can't go home again. >> quickly, bob, can santorum take illinois? is it still there for the taking? can he get it done in a week? >> he can, i would bet against
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him because of the mountain of money coming at him. didn't work in mississippi, didn't work in alabama, but it did work in michigan and ohio. >> bob shrum, howard deen, always a pleasure. >> answer tonight's question at the bottom of the screen, share your thoughts on twitter, @edshow. katrina vanden heuvel will way in on birth control. scott walker's times as governor is getting short. mike tate and the nation's john nichols will be here with the latest breaking details from the badger state, stay with us we're right back. coming up, mitt romney sticks his foot in his mouth again and reopens the contraception fight. y mutual i, where the cost to both repair your home and replace what's inside are covered. to learn more, visit us today.
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coming up, mitt romney sticks his foot in his mouth again and reopens the contraception fight. in arizona, republicans are pushing a law that would allow any employer to fire a female worker for using contraception as birth control. katrina vanden heuvel is here
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next with the latest in the republican war on women. republicans in congress have helped to tank the economy and we have the charts, yes the charts to prove it. labor secretary robert reich will be here for commentary. and the conspiracists says charles ogletree is covering up the president's past. he will set the record straight in an "ed show" exclusive interview. share your thoughts on twitter #ed show. we're right back. ♪ oh. let's go. from the crack, off the backboard. [ laughs ] dad! [ laughs ] whoo! oh! you're up! oh! oh! so close! now where were we? ok, this one's good for two. score! [ male announcer ] share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-eat!
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welcome back do "the ed show."
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from the state that gave us the show me your papers law targeting hispanics, well here comes another doosy. arizona now wants to enact a "show me your prescription law" targeting women. it would force women who wished to have contraception covered by their health insurance plan to provide proof that they are taking it for reasons other than preventing pregnancy. so here's the bottom line. your boss would have the power to ask you why you're on birth control and you'd be required to tell your boss. he or she, what the deal is. and if your reasons, if they clash with your boss' religious beliefs, your boss is allowed to fire you. yesterday, the arizona state judiciary committee endorsed the bill. now it move ts on to the senate. the bill's author, republican it when debbie lesco said it's about freedom. we don't live in the soviet union, so government should not be telling the organizations of mom or pop employers to do something against their moral beliefs. let's bring in katrina vanden
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heuvel, katrina, it's 2012, just a reminder. >> hard to believe. >> it is. 77% of americans believe that birth control should not even be in the public discussion. and allegedly this is tying right in some of the legislation that alec has written and some of the other states, what do you make of it? >> this is not about religious freedom, this is about women's right to control their access to health care, to control their own lives, control their own employment future. you heard mitt romney talking about getting rid of planned parenthood. planned parenthood is a vital health care provider in this country. three million women get family planning, other health services. we're witnessing an attempt to roll back women's reproductive rights and what is interesting about arizona, ed, this right wing group alec, is the tea party states, victories like arizona, you've seen an attempt to roll back workers rights and
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women's reproductive rights and now in this bill, they've seemed to fuse the two together and the irony and hypocracy, they are claiming they want limited government. >> how does forcing a women to explain to her boss about birth control and contraception use have anything to do with protecting religious freedom? >> it doesn't. >> this is a worker's rights issue. >> absolutely. there is a worker's rights issue laced through this, ed. what you're seeing in the attempt to roll back health care services for women, whether it's contraception or breast cancer screenings or pap smears, is to roll back women's access and low income women, all kind of women, for many women planned parenthood, one out of five women, you know this, have gone to planned parenthood at some time in their life for many women that is their access to a
11:21 pm
doctor in a year and the folly of mitt romney saying he will get rid of planned parenthood because it will save money, family planning saves money. it's right on its own terms but it saves money. what will he do, take the money and give it for more tax cuts for millionaires? >> probably. that is probably his plan. >> if he wants to defund planned parenthood, mr. romney and mrs. romney should give back the money they contributed to planned parenthood in 1994. the hypocracy shows how weakest. he's running disgrace fully, pandering to everything that moves because he will say anything to get elected. >> here he is, another infamous comment yesterday about women's health care. here it is. >> of course you get rid of obamacare, that is the easy one. planned parenthood we'll get rid of that. >> he previously attended a planned parenthood fund-raiser
11:22 pm
and sought the endorsement when he was running for governor in massachusetts. this is as big a flip-flop as you can find in his entire repertoire. >> also a flip-flop for the republican party this, is not new to many listeners. think about the fact richard nixon and george bush father helped found title x, the family planning program which mitt romney wants to roll back. this is not a women's issue, ed. you know what it is? it's an issue for families in the country. any partner, any man who has a partner or spouse or daughter, he wants them to be healthy and have good health care, mitt romney is attacking that possibility. >> he's going after the poor as well. >> low income women, the poor. he wants to unravel the safety net in this country which is so frayed. >> 58% of americans have an unfavorable view of rush
11:23 pm
limbaugh. 70% think his comments about sandra fluke were inappropriate. yet he thinks it's all a white house conspiracy. here it is. >> anita dunn, obama's former advisor is the pr firm for the movie "game change" and sandra fluke. it's all part of a plan. it is not accidental, none of this stuff just happened whoa, lookie what happened. it's all orchestrated. >> what was orchestrated about his nine hour attack on the georgetown student? >> what do you do whether you're on the run? it was darrell issa's committee which rejected the testimony. that is not a conspiracy. i think what you're hearing is the attempt to get him to silence. she spoke and said i won't be coerced in silencing my voice. she speaks for millions of women who won't allow rush limbaugh to silence their voice with vile visionness. government spending
11:24 pm
underwent a huge increase under ronald reagan, but not under president obama. so then why do republicans only scream about deficits when a democrat is in the oval office? robert reich will join me on that. sarah palin has dubbed herself the president's enemy of the week. after his campaign featured the former governor, half governor, in the latest ad. now she is challenging the president to a debate? details ahead, stay with us. wake up!
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welcome back do "the ed show" thanks for watching. charts, i love charts. since president obama took office, we've seen how republicans have tried their best to absolutely sabotage the economy. here's more proof. this shows the net change in government spending under president ronald reagan and president obama in their first terms. here's the reagan line. here's the obama line. they are so concerned about government spending. take a look at the red line. spending goes way up under president reagan. look at the blue line, where does it go? spending ticks up under president obama but then drops. keep in mind both of these presidents had to do what? get out of a recession. but president obama was saddled with the great recession. and he had a lot of help, too,
11:29 pm
didn't he? let's look at another chart. the first terms of these five presidents, the blue line, light blue line is bill clinton's presidency. with the net change in government spending less than 3%. but look at the red lines, reagan, 12% growth in government spending. bush, 41%. 6% for bush 43, a net increase of 12%. all this government spending has a stimulative effect. when the republicans are in the oval office, no big deal they are happy to help their president kick start the economy with spending. but when it's a democrat in the oval office, all of a sudden republicans are holy smokes, we have to scream about the deficit thing and run away spending. guess what? today the senate passed the transportation bill 77-22. i mean hold it right there.
11:30 pm
you mean to tell me we had some republicans vote with democrats in the united states senate? must be an election year. 77-22 but faces serious republican opposition in the house. joining me now is robert reich, former secretary of labor under president clinton and professor at uc berkeley and author "after shock" good to have you with us tonight. >> good evening. >> a lot of lessons in these charts. what do you take from this, what is the number one thing voters and liberals should take with this up against the argument all the spending that is taking place. >> the biggest argument and in fact the biggest learning from those charts is that ronald reagan and george w. bush both had huge booster rockets getting out of their recession. that big rocket was congress, republicans and democrats, joining together and providing a huge amount of spending that will generate and accelerate the economy out of the gravitational pull of the recessions.
11:31 pm
barack obama gets the opposite. in the clinton administration i was proud to be a member of that administration and we suffered the same fate as the barack obama administration. mid-term election, first term of the bill clinton administration, congress taken over by the republicans and suddenly, they talk about austerity, balancing the budget. they don't want to spend money. whereas in the reagan administration, we had military -- they spent like mad like in the george w. bush administration. >> we had the big three under the bush administration, bush 43, the tax cuts, two rounds of them. that were not paid for. we had a couple wars that were not in budget. what is the best case that the obama administration and democrats out on the trail looking for votes, what is the best case to make with this scenario the way it's played out? >> well, what they can say quite honestly is that president obama did the best he could with the
11:32 pm
terrible hand he was dealt, primarily by the george w. bush administration, not with standing the absolute inability and unwillingness of republicans in congress to cooperate on anything. this economy is struggling and finally getting out suddenly, gradually i should say, out of the gravitational pull of the great recession, the worst recession since the great depression, but he had no help from the republicans. unlike george w. bush, unlike ronald reagan, when they had helped from republicans and democrats, creating a great booster coming out of those terrible recessions before. >> so we have a transportation bill passing in the senate today, it goes over to the house. this is yet another opportunity for the tea partiers to go out there and obstruct and not pass something in the house and cause all kind problems and again, not create the kind of jobs we could if we passed this, how do you see this playing out? >> well, the tea partiers are going to try to stop everything
11:33 pm
in its tracks, they will try to convince the leadership, john boehner and others, that nothing should go forward, why help barack obama at all? why show anything? but i think john boehner has shown some signs in recent weeks, ed, i don't want to give him too much credit, the republican leadership in the house are nervous if they go in the elections just having said no, no, no, no to everything, the voters won't be all that pleased. so transportation in the past has been bipartisan, it's just possible boehner may prevail over eric cantor and some of the tea partiers in the republicans of the house. >> always a pleasure, robert reich, great to have you with us tonight. >> thanks, ed. in wisconsin, the date for the walker recall is set. the governor is busted complaining his $140,000 salary isn't enough.
11:34 pm
>> my wife in some ways would love it if i went back to the private sector and made real money. >> the nation's john nichols and mike tate of the wisconsin democratic party on the recall and latest on the walker investigation. right wing conspiracy theorists claim a harvard professor was trying to cover up president obama's radical past. >> we hid this throughout the 2008 campaign. >> harvard professor charles ogletree is my guest, exclusively. man, i'm glad aflac pays cash. aflac! ha! isn't major medical enough? huh! no! who's gonna help cover the holes in their plans? aflac! quack! like medical bills they don't pay for? aflac! or help pay the mortgage? quack! or child care? quack! aflaaac! and everyday expenses? huh?! blurlbrlblrlbr!!! [ thlurp! ] aflac!
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. welcome back to "the ed show." if you care about the republican war on workers, take out your calendar tonight and circle the date. it's tuesday, june 5th, 2012. wherever i go around the country people talk about this story. what's happening in wisconsin? this what is we have been
11:38 pm
waiting for. today in wisconsin a dane county judge approved the date for the recall election of scott walker. his lieutenant governor and four republican state senators. this is unprecedented in american political history, this kind of a recall. primary races will be held on may 8th and the general recall election on the first tuesday in june, which is june 5th. i've already circled the calendar. scott walker might be looking at the last 12 weeks in office unless the long arm of the law catches up with him first. prosecutors have brought charges totaling 15 felonies and 3 misdemeanors against six aides. the focus of the investigation was center around political activities on taxpayer time during walker's times as the milwaukee county executive. lots of guilty people there, right? late last week, walker, well he lawyered up. he hired two high-powered attorneys for his legal defense fund? a governor needs a legal defense fund?
11:39 pm
walker might be reading the tea leaves. on monday the rookie governor attended an event sponsored by charlie sykes sh the democratic party of wisconsin captured what i think is priceless audio. >> frankly my wife in some ways would love it if i went back to the private sector and made real money. >> really? when was the last time you heard a politician running into an election talk about going back to the private sector and making real money? governor walker doesn't think $144,000 a year isn't real money? walker makes three times more than the public teachers that he went after. it took money out of the pockets of teachers, snowplow drivers, they're a big problem. librarians, did all that to balance the budget and they started losing jobs. but he's whining about raking in the big bucks in the private sector? walker also may be considering jumping ship before the feds or
11:40 pm
the voters of wisconsin bounce him out of the governor's mansion in that state. let's turn to mike tate, chairman of the wisconsin democratic party, john nichols, washington correspondent "the nation" magazine and author of the book "uprising" gentlemen, great to have you on board. i keep hearing rumors about the governor may be resigning. now this is a big recall election, this is what everybody in wisconsin waited for, to get this date and move forward. mike, what do you make of the conversation about possibly the governor resigning, do you think he would ever do it? >> i think this is a governor that is far too arrogant to think about his party first before him. i think this is a guy who probably broke the law but i honestly believe in his own head he doesn't think he broke the law. i think he thinks rules are meant for other people. i believe in 83 days we will elect a different governor. >> john, what will we see? >> the government accountability board could be pressured, i
11:41 pm
think we have a date we know where we're going but we'll see some candidates holding back for a little bit more. what we know is this. kathleen falk is running hard, has a good deal of union support. kathleen vinehout is running, a rural populist campaign, not a lot of money but passion. there is a great deal of talk that wisconsin secretary of state doug lafollett may be getting in the race. everybody is watching tom barrett, the current mayor of milwaukee and the 2010 candidate, and he's running for reelection, his election is april 3rd, what that means is there is -- would be time on this time line for him to be reelected and then pivot in a gubernatorial race. >> mike, what do you hear, if anything, about russ feingold the former senator getting in or senator herb cole may be going
11:42 pm
after the position? >> there has been talk about both those men. obviously, great public servants, both very -- remain very popular even though russ lost in 2010, remains very popular. i have spoken with both of them, i'm sure john talked to russ and others as well. it's just herb cole is retiring, he's 77 years old, looking to spending time watching more bucks games back home. >> what about the money, there will be money to support walker, how will the democrats fare in that regard? >> here is one of the things, ed, i think this will be one of those rare situations where the candidate with the most money doesn't necessarily win. scott walker has outspent progressives 12 to 1 since we started collecting petitions in november.
11:43 pm
his numbers stayed the same or gotten worse. so i think this may be a problem that scott walker can't buy his way out of without the koch brother money in the world. >> john nichols, this is an unprecedented recall effort in american history, you got four senators, what are the chances of these four republicans being defeated and the power swinging back to the democrats in the senate? >> well you're right, ed, this is an unprecedent election. you're talking about something that never happened before, where in a single election, recall election you would see both the executive branch and the legislative branch switch power. we know governor walker is vulnerable. what is interesting of the four state senators who have been targeted for recall, three of them represent districts that voted for barack obama. i think there is a good possibility you see the senate switch. >> mike tate and john nichols,
11:44 pm
the date, june 5th. we'll cover it. thanks so much. coming up, sarah palin says she is willing to debate the president any time, anywhere. i hope it's 8:00 p.m. on msnbc. , i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join at but we couldn't simply repeat history. we had to create it. introducing the 2013 lexus gs, with leading-edge safety technology, like available blind spot monitor... [ tires screech ] ...night view... and heads-up display. [ engine revving ]
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the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. up next, sarah palin responds to an obama campaign video featuring her. and challenges the president to a debate? don't forget to use twitter using #edshow, we're right back. [ cellphone rings ] ♪ ♪ you do ♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do ♪
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sarah palin challenges the resident do a debate? she would gladly debate him. she is upset with the latest ad, highlights remarks she made on fox news discussing president obama's relationship with professor derrick bell. even though palin did make the remarks, she is calling the president's campaign tactics divisionary. here is a portion of the ad. take a look.
11:48 pm
>> barack obama has never been, i think, seen in the conventional traditional way of we who would describe a man of valol and his profession as a community organizer, what went in his thinking this philosophy of radicalism. he is bringing us back, sean, to days that you could harken back to days before the civil war. >> wow. palin responded i'm not running for any office but more than happy to accept the dubious honor of being barack obama's enemy of the week, if that includes the opportunity to debate him on the issues americans are actually concerned about. how about just fixing the last movie that came out about you? the righties at humanevents, think a palin-obama debate would
11:49 pm
be a great deal. one writer quoting "what's the matter, mcfly, you're not chicken, are you" pretty bold considering the recent glimpse in a palin debate session. >> all this talk and jibberjabber of global warming defeats that we should be concerned about heat and that -- i -- mark it's not my fault the cards are not here. >> okay, i think we need to take a break. >> if they did debate, do you think she would say can i call you barack? next, sean hannity claims the video of the president and harvard professor derrick bell has been hidden for years.
11:50 pm
the culprit at the center of this outrageous cover-up, professor charles ogletree joins me next. stay with us. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on foreign oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan built a car inspired by zero. because zero is worth everything. the zero gas, 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all.
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is more important to newt gingrich? 99% of you said his ego. 1% said his country. we don't get a 99 to 1 very often. coming up, harvard law professor charles ogletree is my exclusive guest. he's here to respond to sean hannity's attacks on him and his friend, derrick bell. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] this is the network -- a living, breathing intelligence teaching data how to do more for business. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it and tailors it across all the right points, automating all the right actions... [ beeping ] bring all the right results. it's the at&t network -- doing more with data to help business do more for customers. ♪
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we revealed the video that by their very own admission, friends of barack obama have been keeping under lock and key. >> oh, lock and key, does it every time. welcome back do "the ed show," that is sean hannity with the big news about a video of president obama hugging a college professor, derrick bell. what we haven't focused on, until this broadcast, is hannity's conviction how another professor, charles ogletree, kept the video under lock and key. >> it's interesting in 2011, another professor at harvard, professor ogletree, actually played the tape and says this at the end of it. and i want to play it for you and i have a question. >> now what makes this so interesting when you think about it, of course we hear this throughout the 2008 campaign, i
11:55 pm
don't care if they find it now. >> of course we hid it. >> absolutely! if hidden, if you consider abc and pbs which aired the tape in 2008 hidden, obama was the president of the harvard law review at the time and professor bell was protesting for greater diversity on the harvard law faculty. >> open up your hearts and your minds to the words professor derrick bell. >> i am joined tonight by professor charles ogletree, the jesse clemenko professor of law and director of the charles hamilton houston institute for race and justice at harvard law school. professor, great to have you with us tonight. >> my pleasure.
11:56 pm
>> how in the world did you keep that tape under wraps all those years? how did you keep it under lock and key so successfully? >> i'm afraid i didn't, ed. if you look at the tape and my presentation, i'm laughing, the audience is laughing because every time you say something about obama, folks will find a way of making it into a cause celeb. the tape was taped in 1990s, taped by wgbh, is on youtube and available. as soon as hannity made the claim it was hidden, the reality is frontline had to say wait a minute, we taped obama and his student members of the law review in 2008 before the election. that tape has been online since 2008. it's on youtube. the so whole idea of the secrecy was the same joke about is he a muslim, no he's not, he's a christian. the same joke a week ago whether he's a citizen, no he's a
11:57 pm
birther who is born in kenya, not in hawaii. same people who said he's not a citizen because he's a mulatto. every time you bring up the name barack obama, people will come up. i love barack obama, i love deer bell, i'm having an event to memorialize professor bell on march 28th, most of them will be white and women supporters of a guy who was very much moderate, very considerate and a scholar in the work he did as a teacher. >> professor ogletree, how did you react when you first heard the tape would be made out to be a big deal and part of a cover up and conspiracy, what was your reaction? >> my first reaction ed, was to ignore it. glenn beck said ogletree was part of the black power movement in 1970. i was in high school, i was a junior. he said i was an editor of the black panther newspaper. i was at stanford editing the newspaper. he said i went to angela davis trial every day. he said angela calls me tree. everybody calls me tree. that sense of people trying to find anything that will hurt this president that makes no sense at all. i'm going to keep praying for
11:58 pm
both hannity and all the other folks who have this sense of trying to bring the president down. he's a great man, done a great job, will be reelected in november. no matter what people say he's the best choice, i'll be out there for him. they can call me whatever they want. as long as they don't call me chuck as long as they don't call me something else out of name. >> how disturbed were you when you saw this was nothing but a personal assassination attack on professor bell who you knew very well, and very connected to? how did you feel when he became a target in all of this, to try to prove to people out there that well, president obama is a radical and hanging around radicals. >> well, it breaks my heart, ed. professor bell was a great man, my teacher, a teacher of my daughter, who went to nyu, also a teaching assistant. i spoke at his memorial at riverside church last year.
11:59 pm
i lectured at one of his last classes in september, 2011. i read his books. >> it was gut wrenching to you. it was unfair and gut wrenching to you and this is just an example of they will stop -- they will never stop anywhere when it comes to trashing people to get their point across to take down this president. that is what this is about, isn't it? >> they can trash me all they want to they need to leave derrick bell alone. 5000 new people have gone to look at his website to learn about him. that is what it has done. this man was a well-known scholar, taught at predominantly white schools, very large following of white women and men, and make him sound like he's a racist or radical is unacceptable and so we will defend him and you know what, this shed a lot of light on a great scholar, teacher and great man. >> professor, thank you for the invitation, thank you for


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