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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  March 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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big -- >> i don't get it. wrap it up. >> it's "morning joe." see you tomorrow. see you around for chuck. the best shot at stopping romney. he has friendlier territory saturday in louisiana and then there is wisconsin where it can be his last stand. he can carry his demographic stronghold and you just might keep romney from crossing the 11:44 finish line. today's deep dive into a not so secret weapon. first lady michelle obama is all over the campaign trail ejecting energy telling voters to eat their vegetables. she is a powerful draw on the
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trail. it's wednesday, march 21st 2012. this is "the daily rundown." also developing, the shootout in a sense stand out and the man believed to be responsible for the hate crimes and murders of the jewish school in france am we will thereby live. mitt romney scored a solid double-digit win and walked away with 4/4 of the state's delegates. romney won 47% of the vote. they picked up 35%. newt gingrich was in last place or fourth place. so far of the 54 delegates can creep up to 43 and keeping the tally to just ten. the races where the margin is
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too close to call. romney is just south of half of the 1144 delegates he needs for the nomination. he is sitting at 485. santorum did not yet crack 200 and gingrich trails with 134 and ron paul has 34. a more confident romney than we have seen in weeks declared victory. >> tonight we thank the people for their vote and extraordinary victory. thank you so much. elections are about choices. today hundreds of thousands of people in illinois have joined millions of people across the country to join our cause. he dominated by doing what he is doing. she winning the bluest parts of a state well suited to the brand of moderate conservatism. he put together moderate and moderate and high income voters. he continued to struggle with
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the very conservative, white evangelical and rural voters. nothing changed the pattern, but in illinois, there were not enough to damage him. almost as many said santorum was too conservative and said romney was not conservative enough. he won 73% of voters, santorum won just over a majority of voter who is said romney was not conservative enough. though the race is not over, it's getting more and more difficult see how santorum can ever get to 1144. he looked ahead and was upbeat about louisiana. >> to saddle up like reagan did in the cowboy movies. we are feeling very, very good about winning louisiana on saturday. we will be back here in pennsylvania and pick up a whole boat load of delegates and close the gap and on to victory.
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>> he previewed the attacks that he will level with romney. >> we will need a manager. someone who will pull up government by the roots and throw it out. it's great to have wall street experience. i don't have wall street experience. but i have experience growing up in a small town in western pennsylvania in a steel town. greg up in public housing. >> last night's last place finish, he did finish ahead of puerto rico. gingrich is done in a symbol that his candidacy is no longer taken seriously. he appeared on fox while romney and santorum delivered actual speeches. santorum's campaign is calling on supporters to get behind santorum saying it's up to newt gingrich to decide what his future s. let's go back to romney. he was searching if are a narrative and last night he
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appeared to settle on one. gone were the panderers to the conservative base. he is trying to be more hills. romney began to make the case for how he will run against president obama if he is the nominee. he started that contrast last night. >> for 25 years, i lived and breathed business and the economy and jobs. i had successes and failures. but each step of the way i learned more about what it is that makes our american system so powerful. you can't learn that teaching constitutional law at the university of chicago. enough. we had enough. >> romney also more effectively tried to defend his work in the context of american exceptionalism. >> those jobs helped families buy their first homes. those jobs put kids through school. those jobs helped people live better lives.
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dream a little bigger. >> we saw a looser romney last night and he tried a few one-liners. >> the regulators would have shut them down for dust pollution. and of course the government would have banned thomas edison's light bulb. they just did. we once built a highway system and the hoover dam. now we can't even build a pipeline. >> interesting hit on that last one. by the way, the hoover dam and the interstate highway system is government works projects. finally the president goes on defense on guess prices and energy. he begins a two-day energy blitz which takes him to three swing states. the white house points out takes him to all four time zones. as they don't point out, the three concern swing states. he begins his trip in boulder city, nevada. they focus on renewable energy
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and uses nearly a million solar panels. later today it is on to an oil and gas production field in new mexico where he touts efforts on drilling. kushing oklahoma is on the southern end of the pipeline and the white house is aware on how vulnerable he is. in a preview of the battle, the gps is going on the air with a hefty buy. both in the market, the president is visiting and hammering the president on gas prices in an ad they call deflect. >> then and now, the difference is president obama's administration is restricted oil production in the gulf. limited development of shale and obama personally lobbied to kill a pipeline bringing oil from canada. instead of helping -- >> at the white house, they put
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up the deflector shield. >> the president is going politics. >> what is fascinating being this trip is there is no specific piece of legislation that the white house is touting on this trip. this is all an official trip. no official campaign aspect to this. no fund-raisers or anything. it culminates in ohio. the bottom line is they know as republicans have realized, the job climate is improving and they shifted the tax on energy and the white house is on defense on that issue. the delegate totals change, but the narrative stays the same. he fails to deliver a knockout blow. the chairman of the republican national committee and joins me now. mr. chairman, how close do you believe is the race to being over as far as you are concerned? >> well, i think it's a
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combination. the math is as close as i have seen out there in the press. good job there, chuck. i think it's a combination of math and momentum. it always is. everything will come dun to those two things and sometimes it's more momentum than math and sometimes it's more math than momentum. i don't know how close it is d to getting over with. my job is to be careful about waging into the middle of a primary battle. governor romney had a good night last night. i have to be neutral, but i don't have to avoid the facts. hoe had a good night and we will at least go through march and see what happens in april. >> i was going to say, there was a state thaw are familiar with called the state of wisconsin where you cut your political teeth. is that a fair thing? if mitt romney wins wisconsin and it is fair for more republican leaders to say it's
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time to call it on mitt rom me? >> it's all fair. there is a lot of unfair out there and people trying to get the party moving in one direction or the other. i think wisconsin will be important. april 3rd is a big day and a huge winner take all day. it's a take all month. i electric to wisconsin as being critical and a state in the cross hairs for i don't know how many years. it seems like decades now that wisconsin is in the news. people there are getting ready. i know that folks are excited about the fact that this primary is coming there. they can use a break from state politics, but they will get it. >> let me say one more thing. clarify something. there is a rule about whether you can get on the nomination ballot about this five-state rule. it's important and i'm hearing a lot from ron paul supporters about this.
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explain it about the issue of do you get to keep your delegates even if you don't win five states? >> well, the rule used to be that in order to control business from the floor, a particular matter or issue or individual would need the majority of five states's delegates to control business on the floor. that rule was amended in 08 to meaning that now the rule is that you only need a plurality to control business from the floor. there is a pretty good argument that in order to control business or get on the agenda in order to move business in the direction that you would lick to go, you would still need a plurality of five states in order to make that happen. it's an important rule. when these candidates are adding up to dell gets or when people have a particular issue, they better make sure that they at least have a plurality of five
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states in order to make these things happen. >> two candidates appear to have it. mitt romney and rick santorum. i want to play a clip for you about the budget roll out from another wisconsin. >> these things are killing me. >> it's everywhere. let me play what was said about paul ryan and your comments about that. >> i think in an important way this is paul ryan's party when it comes to fiscal matters and debt deficit. what paul ryan has done and political and intellectual leadership. above all the presidential candidate to make the case. this was a better way forward than president obama's. >> do you agree with bill? >> i know bill loves paul ryan. regardless of whether you are a republican or democrat out there, i believe what people in this country are starving for
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are people of their word to run for office. people who don't even agree with paul ryan respect them. he is someone of their word. americans are hungry for that. they run for office and say you are going to do somethingful you go in and get it done and you are a person of your word and you win the campaign and sometimes you have to do a lot of governing until you prove you are someone of your word. the majority of americans can respect and support you. >> do you think it's important that the nominee of your party embrace the budget? >> i think all of the candidates have. i think they made that clear. this is a stark contrast to barack obama and still use bills and obama care that he doesn't want to talk about and the debt and the deficit that will cripple this country. this is the truth and americans deserve the truth and paul ryan is giving that truth.
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>> it's certainly going to be one half of the debate we will hear. mr. chairman, thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you, chuck. >> incumbent versus incumbent. another falls victim to the demographic. it's about the demographics and what it means for the race going forward. >> can michelle obama be her husband's secret weapon when it comes to reelection? a look at the president's schedule. she going wheels up for that all energy tour he is doing. two days. four states, three swing states. you are watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. hi, i just switched jobs, and i want to roll over my old 401(k) into a fidelity ira. man: okay, no problem.
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the presidential primary was not the only thing decided. it was winner go home time. beaten rather easily in the primary by a freshman. redistricting forced the two to square off. he got a boost from leadership. eric kantor weighed in against the veteran at the last minute. he is breathing a sigh of relief. the second survived the primary challenge, trouncing the former congresswoman who lost her suburban seat in 2010. the eighth district iraq war veteran had the establishment behind her won rather easily and tried to send the freshman home
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in november. the 29-year-old millionaire jason plummer was the republican nominee for the lieutenant governor two years ago at the age of 27. the 12th district seat left open by jerry costello. that was in the fall and pretty much the nightmare for the democrats on that one. that's a race that wasn't clear whether republicans were targeted and now they don't have to. let's turn our attention back to the race between a candidate and the post primary day. who do i have? politico. you know where he's from. >> i demand it. >> you did you manned emand to . got the fix. mark murray calls me up this morning and said it's the demographic, stupid. let's go through quickly what it is. this was the fourth most moderate state of the 17.
9:20 am
36% republicans. just 30% conservative and let me show you where that ranks. michigan and vermont. they were greater than that in the split between moderates and conservatives. blue state, blue state, probably still very blue. michigan and vermont. >> it drops chicago on the eastern seaboard. >> that's what my dad used to say. >> anywhere outside of the media market and outside of cook county south, romney lost because it's culturally. mark is right. it's demographics. we saw them tweet a great thing. romney won in every county that had a city over 45,000 people. that's the fundamental dynamic. >> there is a city and you look at last night and any of the states. birmingham he wins and jack
9:21 am
county he won. mobile or huntsville. everywhere where you find a city of any size, he's going to win. >> let me size up the three wins. the income, education and religion. i am using those as examples. you compare them with ohio and mississippi. the percentages for romney were 31 and 38 and 47. each one about an eight to ten-point difference. income over 100,000. let me do that. white evangelicals. >> it's remarkable. >> college graduates almost half. >> what are it does issy wee literally can go through probably every state that votes from now to the end. they say this will be romney. this is our destiny.
9:22 am
wisconsin has enough of both. it has enough of both to be interesting. you can literally go down the line. romney and santorum. >> that's the scary thing. >> it is, but there is potentially good news from this that's famously learned in 2008 when there was chatter with the blue collar and hispanics that didn't pan out. i think if you are the obama folks and you see a map that is geared towards the virginias to say a white collar professional washington, d.c. raleigh durham-type voter. this is bad news, he is showing he can appeal to that type of voter. it's imperfect. it can be different in the general, but that's the romney
9:23 am
demographic. the new economy. >> what's the next two weeks and how much pressure is he going to get. let me play something. it's sort of like it feels like they are walking align. the romney spokesperson said about santorum's future. >> at some point the reality is going to set in and that mitt is the all but certain nominee. i can tell what you he did when he was running against john mccain after super tuesday. he didn't have the delegates to be the nominee, but at that point he was on track to get the delegates. mitt romney made the decision and it was a difficult one to step aside. >> on the show yesterday he said let's at least give this to wisconsin and he's a romney guy. >> i wrote today that if santorum can't find the way to
9:24 am
win wisconsin, it's hard to seat rational he has for going forward. wisconsin will be the fourth failure to win in a big state. >> it's even-split. >> if you can't win your home state, how can you find a way to claim the nomination? you have places like california, jersey and new york still in the queue. texas is not winner take all. >> it's the good soldier argument. >> you are not using that this time. >> not yet. >> rick santorum, this is what i was going to say. he got out because we knew he wanted to run. does santorum think if romney loses in 2016, he helped himself with this race. i think he is more ideological
9:25 am
than political being. it's interesting the attack. >> you do this 2016. romney with jay martin. continue this on twitter. we are following developments in france where the man believed to be behind the shooting at the jewish school is in a tense standoff with police. today's trivia question, who was the last elected democratic governor of illinois who did not serve time in prison after leaving office. the first correct answer gets a -- piro.obert
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the teen shot last month is demanding again that the alleged gunman be arrested. in a grand jury they are investigating the activists and civil rights leaders keep the pressure up from answers this morning. his dad said he listened to parts of the 911 call and he believes race did play a part. >> zimmerman did go on saying i think he said words that were not comforting to my ear. these people and who are these people. >> nbc's ron allen is in sanford, florida. there was a big protest last night at a local church and more is coming.
9:30 am
the community getting more angry. what more can you tell me? >> you are right. i sat through the town hall meeting and several hundred more outside on the streets. people are getting angry and want justice. remember the ins tent happened on february 26th. it's because of the 911 tapes that you played a part in. what they are hearing is what they think is vigilante justice. zimmerman was a neighborhood watchman, and pursuing a young teen in the apartment complex behind me. the defense and what police
9:31 am
agreed in is that he fired in self defense. how can you claim self defense if you are actually pursuing someone and apparently initiating the confrontation. the tapes it were released over the weekend and again the community demanded that and hearing things on that tape is why people are so upset about this and of course there is a long history of bad blood between the black community and the police department making matters worse. >> some of those counties up north of orlando in particular. ron allen, thanks very much. we will check back in with you. french police are trying to negotiate the surrender of a monarch kuzed accused of killin least three people. yards away from the building where the gunman is holed up. it's a developing situation as we speak. what can you tell us right now?
9:32 am
>> right now that standoff continues. there were rumors minutes ago that the individual had been arrested. we understand that that has not been confirmed. as far as we are concerned at this point, there is 10 or 11 hours of standoff and negotiations between the gunman and the french police goes on. it is about 300 yards behind me. you can't city and it's rare where they were living. it was about 3:30 in the morning. they tried to sway the sun and that didn't work. they were ordering another round of gunfire.
9:33 am
his name is mohammed and he is 24 years old. he grew up and he is french. he returned. he already confess and admitted to carrying out the receipt killings. the french soldier who is said in protest against the adventure in afghanistan. the event where he called the killing of children. >> islamic terrorist quickly now. on the scene there in france. thanks very much. quickly minutes away from the opening and time for the market run down. jackie, very quickly. sorry i'm running late. the market has been open for an hour. >> good morning. we opened higher after investors paused on fresh concerns over a slow down. the headline mess on the sector.
9:34 am
we will get more data on housing with existing home sales. they will be watching shares of oracle after they roared the profits beat forecast as a jump in new sales more than offset a decline in hardware revenues. projecting that sales will range from a drop of 2% to growth of 8%. the new ipad is too hot to handle. they said the tablet hit temperatures of 116 degrees after people played a video game for about 45 minutes. that's hotter than the ipad 2 under similar conditions. it's not so hot that it warrants a recall. >> there you go. the steve jobs difference? just saying. up next, the time into first lady michelle obama and the she is playing.
9:35 am
romney and santorum in receipt days. like many presidents and candidates perform, president obama often the first was trying to win over audiences. >> michelle obama is here. first lady of the united states. she has even begun to bridge the differences that have divided us for so long because no matter which party you belong to, we
9:36 am
can all agree that michelle has the right to bear arms. >> miss obama is one of the biggest weapons. she has come a long way from a rocky start on the campaign trail when opponents seized on remarks that she made on being proud of america. >> let me tell you something. for the first time in my adult life i am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a come back. >> after that incident, the campaign kept her mostly out of the spotlight until the democratic convention where she found her voice. >> so tonight in honor of my father's memory and my daughters's future, let us work to fulfill their hopes and stand to elect barack obama president of the united states of america. >> since then she hit her stride and turned into one of the most
9:37 am
effective fund raisers for her husband on the campaign trail. she's championed bipartisan causes like advocating for military families and battling childhood obesity that even prominent republicans can get behind. >> you got a lot of energy because you are all eating your vegetables and exercising. this is terrific. >> mrs. obama is regularly seen planting gardens and urging them to shop at farmers's markets. she made appearances on ellen and late night and just this week she stopped by david letterman and won over the audience with a story about her late father. >> we're had rules and boundaries. there wasn't anything my dad wouldn't do for us. don't make me cry. this is not oprah. it's supposed to be letterman.
9:38 am
>> her official business is touted by the white house, they are less open. the same day as the letterman appearance, she held fund raisers in new york. the traveling press was allowed before they were ushered out. she crisscrossed the country and visited 19 states in less than nine months. the access has been limited at her 27 campaign stops. during her 22 official stops, they almost always role the campaign events that are coupled in battle ground states like minnesota and north carolina and florida where she visited five states since june of last year and her campaign events, she is likely to bring up accomplishments pertaining to women. her husband's appointment of two women to the supreme court and health care reform. on women's issues taken center stage, the campaign may have no better advocate than the first lady.
9:39 am
the press secretary to president clinton, dee dee meyers. you were on the 92 campaign and you had a political spouse was that seen as an effective surrogate in somebody who you were nervous about the swing voters at the time. compare that balance that was struck then and what the obamas have done now. >> worry hillary clinton, we started the campaign and they liked to say buy one get one free or two for the price of one. we realized that that was not an effective positioning because people didn't want the first lady to be in charge. that was never the strategy for the first lady. mrs. clinton wanted to play a policy and did play a substantive role and some of it worked and some less well. subsequent for taking a lesson and what work and what didn't. >> it's funny that you say this. this is generational. we had the baby boomer first
9:40 am
ladies. michelle obama with a close baby boomer and all were working women and raised kids and were in. it seems that i got the chance that with laura bush and president obama, they have to play an old fashioned role. >> one of the lessons from hillary clinton is the country has not cut up with the idea of a first lady being an independent actor in the role of first lady. they want her to be second to the president. fining something to do is uniquely her own and a challenge for each of the first ladies. michelle obama found that role in her healthy eating and exercise. that has been effective, but she was not able to advocate what's on the president's agenda. the country is not there. >> not there yet. >> a political front. she is a more effective fund-raiser.
9:41 am
she gets more. was this the case with hillary? the spouse is a better fund-raiser than the vice president? >> i have to look at the numbers with hillary and al gore, but the first lady is a rarer commodity and as we know, it's supply and demand. there is a bit of mystery. she was not as public as she could have been. she held that to take care of her family and she didn't -- being a super public person was not high on the list. >> she didn't like it in 08 and she didn't want a comment taken out of context. >> it's a lot where every word is analyzed and looked at and becomes twitter fodder. that's uncomfortable for most people and it is for mrs. obama. she has chose tone limit her visibility and say exactly what she wants to say. i think that made her a successful and a higher value commodity.
9:42 am
>> when will we get to a position where the spouse can be an active member of the administration? >> the spouse will also be unelected unless we change the way we run our campaigns and it will be a little bit of attention. even looking at what hillary was allowed to do and what michelle obama was allowed to do, there was a lot of suspicious with having earned her own money. with michelle obama it's great and we are proud of you, but we don't want you to be a huge player where you are not elected. >> the governors. thanks for coming in. >> first the white house soup of the day. the president is not there. chicken noodle. doesn't feel like a chicken noodle time of year unless you have allergies. you are watching "the daily rundown." we always hear about jobs leaving america. here's a chance to create jobs in america.
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using his delegate lead to play up inevitability again. the center for american progress from the white house staffer. casey hunt from the associated press. republican strategist and you are no longer an informal adviser. >> that's why i'm wearing a tie. >> you were part of the google chat. you are one of the cool things we get to do and all of them get to pull down. i made a lot out of this issue. i want to show you something that's by the way about a 60-30
9:47 am
split. it's a 10,000 sample. santorum leads among them and across 16 states. 43-17. this is the religion. >> i don't think it has to do with religion, but the emphasis on the issues that the two candidates are talking about on the campaign trail. i think some of those evangelicals think about social issues. they see santorum talking about it more. romney is running for president to fix the economy and he is talking about lowering taxes and helping small businesses. because of that, that is why you see a lot of them. >> see if it is all
9:48 am
religious-based. you can't help but ask, is this the question. >> a few days ago, he did a lot of controversial pastors. speaking to the folks in the congregations and to the pastor who is fact gathered to see him, it's something they raised. rom no's faith raises questions. it's a reason for them to be skeptical of romney where they may not otherwise be. it's like kevin said. santorum is speaking to the issues that they care about, but there is a sense of distrust there. >> i had somebody say to me the difference is that mccain had the same problems. mccain's military service allowed him to trump. when you start out with one question being skeptical and maybe it's religion and something else to overcome that is easier. they may be when he is the nominee. >> he has a record of being a moderate governor in
9:49 am
massachusetts. that continues to create that angst i think for a lot of conservative voters and one of the things that the voters may create another argument for them to be worried about. if it was religion they felt more guilty and they have a rational. i think the issues are complicated and it's hard to tease out. >> i want to go state of the race. fair to say that santorum shouldn't be forced out yet, but after wisconsin it's fair? >> these campaigns have to make their own decisions. it's not our police to tell anybody to get out of the race. governor romney will be the nominee. every day we continue to compete internally as a party i think is a day where we can't turn our collective interests as a party to president obama and the democrats and their big tacking and spending ways. we want to try to this
9:50 am
party around one nominee. and i believe that nominee is going to be governor romney. >> but you think if santorum wants to go through wisconsin, you don't think that's doing damage to the party? >> every day we're going through this internal battle is one day where we're not turning it to president obama. >> how concerned are they about wisconsin? >> last night, you saw what romney needed all along to not have people saying that he almost lost to santorum in one of these big -- >> it was someone of those. >> it was a rout. >> no caveats, no asterisks, no anything. >> wisconsin is another opportunity for santorum -- probably one of his last opportunities to cast doubt on romney's strength. if he does very well there, suddenly you're going to have these question marks returning into the narrative. >> before we go to break and go on the other side, romney's winning in places, in the suburbs where he needs to do well in the general. are you concerned? >> no. look, i don't think 12 points is a rout.
9:51 am
he didn't hit 50. but on the other hand, it was an important victory. we should recognize -- >> i don't think you get to be in charge at the -- >> it's not a rout? >> it's not just me. but i would say i think that the challenge here is, it's hard to tell santorum to move out of this race when three weeks ago he's winning three major states in a row. you have to show a little bit more success -- >> the landing gear is down. >> but he wasn't making headway with the delegates. >> hang on right there. we'll talk more on the other side. trivia, who was the last elected democratic governor of illinois who did not serve time in prison after leaving office? this is the answer, adelaide stevenson. he never went to prison but he also was never elected. three straight democratic-elected governors went to prison. we'll be right back.
9:52 am
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let's bring back the panel. you worked on health care messaging. next week's the health care supreme court fight. the messaging, it's clear, you guys never got your arms around the messaging. david actixelrod said communicag health care is a challenge. >> it is a challenge. this case gives us an opportunity to tell people what's at stake. the challenge we have in health care is there's a lot of benefit that is people don't feel because they don't see when they're having additional insurance protections, et cetera. obviously, it's not something we've been super successful at. but i think it gives us a new opportunity to ensure that people understand what's at stake. >> what's funny, when i hear democrats trying to explain the health care law, it was like
9:56 am
watching paul ryan trying to explain the tax plan -- >> oh, come on! >> it is just republicans have a hard time telling that plan. democrats have a hard time telling that. >> there's an actual difference in what the impact will be. >> i think the real reason they have a problem is that the public's opinions have calcified on two of the main issues related to the health care issue which is the size of it, trillions of dollars. they feel like we don't have it. and the scope of it. it was a very big experiment that hasn't really helped -- >> those aren't the biggest concerns about it. the mandate, which we look forward to -- >> i have got to go to shameless plugs. casey? >> steven olmaker, these numbers are coming from him. >> google plus hangout that i did with governor romney, find
9:57 am
it on youtube. >> there's a great video on the ryan budget where you can learn all about it. >> that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." coming up, chris jansing and company. look, i don't play 'bout my facial hair. but if i grow this out a little bit, i look too much like an english country gent... naaah. a little this way
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