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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 21, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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million hoodie march took place, demanding justice for a teenager who was doing nothing more than wearing a hoodie, in the rain, as he walked back into a gated community in sanford, florida. trayvon martin's parents were at today's rally and are at the center of a growing wave of protests across the nation. they have exhibited a stunning degree of calm, but they want swris to begin with an arrest. >> i would urge people to be patient, let the courts decide. but i strongly feels that he needs to be arrested. >> they decided on the scene to be the judge and jury. and i just want this guy arrested so he can be brought to
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justice, >> mr. martin was asked if he thought george zimmerman uttered a racial slur on the 911 tape. >> i think he said words that were not comforting to my ear. like "these people." >> and who are these people? >> he was suspicious because he was young and black with a hoodie. >> arianna jones was at a rally today. here are some of the protesters and their reactions. >> we're here to stand in solidarity! >> folks who have never met each other, folks from all around the country and all around the world are standing up and saying that we want democracy to work for us! that we will not allow the criminal justice system to ignore us. >> if the races were reversed, you'd either have an in-jail black man or a dead one. one or the other. injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. >> other developments have been rapidly unfolding today. activists gathered outside the regional office of florida's division of licensing to demand the suspension of george zimmerman's gun permit.
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but under state law, the a permit is not suspended until the gun owner is charged with a felony. florida governor rick scott is being called upon to appoint a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation. state senator gary spillan and other lawmakers said a special prosecutor was necessary to remove the perception of bias by sanford authorities. there was a capacity crowd at a town hall meeting last night in orlando. local naacp president turner clayton said, "the sanford city manager and mayor were unable to attend because they have been summoned to washington by attorney general eric holder." there are calls for review of florida's so-called stand your ground law. there are also calls for the sanford police chief to resign and today city commission gave him a vote of no confidence in a vote of 3-2. sanford officials have said the decision not to arrest george zimmerman was made by the
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responding officer, who released the shooter after he claimed he acted in self-defense. george zimmerman's neighbor says the media is convicting him prematurely. >> george is a congenial, amiable, admirable person. he had a passion and a care for this neighborhood, to ensure the safety of everybody here. and further more, george is no rambo. he was a caring person. >> this is why the 911 tapes are so important. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, does george zimmerman need to be arrested so justice can be served? text "a" for yes, text "b" for no to 622639 or go to our blog and leave a comment at results of the poll later in the program. i am joined tonight by natalie jackson, an attorney for the trayvon martin family. miss jackson, thank you for your time. i want you to respond to the latest news we've heard that the sanford city commission voted 3-2 tonight as a vote of no
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confidence for police chief bill lee. what do you make of that? >> well, i think that they are seeing what the public is seeing. they are seeing a lot of mistakes made. and really, you don't punish people for making mistakes, but do you punish people for adamantly and stubbornly standing by their mistakes, even to the detriment of a family who lost their 17-year-old child. >> it's now 24 days after the killing of this 17-year-old boy. why have there been no arrested? and have you had any conversation with the sanford police department in their investigation? >> we've had no conversation with the sanford police department. we have had some conversations with the state attorney's office, who now has the case. at this point, the sanford police chief, he doesn't have the case anymore. he passed the buck to the state attorney's office. the state's attorney office has now said that they will convene a grand jury.
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they are convening the grand jury on april 10th. i don't believe there will be an arrest until april 10th. if an indictment comes down. >> do you think there should be resignations with the department at sanford? >> i definitely do. i think that the city commission did the right thing by voting no confidence, because, clearly, this investigation has turned into a circus, and, clearly, the way that it's being handled is biassed and prejudiced. you have a victim, a 17-year-old victim, whose parents have to go out and prove that their son is innocent. >> trayvon martin's mother just spoke at a rally here in new york tonight. here's what she had to say. >> it's the support that we need. we need this kind of support. >> you got it, sis! >> our son was not committing any crime. our son is your son. >> yeah! >> i want you to stand up for justice and stand up for what's right! this is not about a black and
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white thing. this is about a right and wrong thing! >> characterize, if you could for us, natalie, just the determination of trayvon's parents in managing all of this wall the stress. >> these parents are exhausted. they've done nonstop media. they haven't even had a chance to grieve for their son. but for them, this is the important thing. because the people have spoken. the only way that they will get justice is through the people, through the social networking movement and also through the media. only by the pressure of the people and the public has this case gotten any attention. it would have died like countless other cases. >> another lawyer for the family, the martin family, benjamin crump, had this to say. here it is. >> why didn't the sanford police department do a drug and alcohol analysis on him? they did one on trayvon martin, who was dead on the ground. why didn't they do it on george zimmerman? you ask yourself, why didn't
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they take a background check on the man who had just killed this kid in cold blood? they did a background check on trayvon martin. >> i want your response to that. >> yeah. we talked about that. our team has had to find out everything. the sanford police department has not released anything to our team, except the 911 tapes. and that was after a week of constant media pressure that they released those. all the information that we have found, such as george zimmerman's arrest history, the sanford police chief -- the sanford police department said he was squeaky clean. that's what they told the parents. that he was squeaky clean. at a news conference, they were asked, where'd you get that information from? they got it from george zimmerman. they've been taking george zimmerman's word at everything. the young lady who was on the phone with trayvon martin one minute before his death, the phone hung up one minute before his death. this is information that we had to go get. that the family has gotten.
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the family has acted as the investigators in this case. this is a relentless family. they are not giving up. if anyone thinks that they're going to stop, they will not. >> well, i want to ask you. you said something very interesting there about how your team has had to do all the work, and they've taken the word of george zimmerman. have you been able to establish any kind of friendship or relationship that you've seen between zimmerman and the local police department, where they might be giving him cover? >> no, we haven't. >> okay. >> i mean, everything would be speculation at this time. but what we have seen, time and time again, is the police department, the sanford police department release information that they consider, which is not, they consider favorable to george, without releasing any other information. if you're going to say this is an investigation, make it a real investigation and that's the reason they're saying, we can't obtain any information. because there's an investigation. >> natalie jackson, i appreciate your time tonight. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> later on in this broadcast,
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we're going to hear from longtime attorney, mike papantonio, who works in florida, and he'll give us clarification on the stand your ground law, which is at the center of all of this. one of the things that is very interesting is that who was pushing the stand your ground law and what are they saying right now? and also, governor jeb bush was very much in favor of it and there was a tremendous amount of lobbying that was taking place by the national rifle association, who by the way has been very quiet throughout all of this. now let's turn to trumaine lee, senior reporter with the "huffington post," who has been closely following this case. is mr. lee with us? good to have you with us. what are the latest developments from florida? what can you tell us? >> what kind of began as an whisper is now an angry war. you see around the country, people are mobilizing. the you have the million hoodis march in new york city. in detroit, there are actions.
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and now it sees the community is galvanizing in a way. and i've been around the block, but i've never seen anything like this. not with sean bell, not with oscar grant. it's just this crazy ground will. >> would you say that this is a sea change when it comes to dealing with race relations and crime in this country? that this is an event that has unfolded on twitter and social media and protests have brought this to a level of awareness that we've never seen before? >> oh, this is clearly a watershed moment, because for some reason, this story resonates with black, white, male, female. it could be your son, it could be me. and we've never seen that. i think this is kind of the perfect confluence. trayvon martin, by all accounts, was an all-american boy. and to be gunned down, i think it kind of hits home. and i've never seen anything like this before. you say twitter, i've been on it from day one, from the beginning. and as you know, "the huffington post" is all online.
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thousands of shares on facebook, thousands and thousands of comments. it's just amazing house social media has got than story out, where in the past, this might have been brushed under the rug and we may have never known the name, trayvon martin. >> you deserve a tremendous amount of credit, mr. lee, because you were one of the first reporters who was on this that would bring it to the level where it is right now. and we've heard some stunning 911 tapes, showing how george zimmerman pursued the 17-year-old boy. and after being told not to, even prior to the grand jury investigation, why can want zimmerman be arrested on that alone? what authorities telling you in your reporting? >> well, first of all, there seems to be enough wiggle room in this law, where it's not clear. because as the law states, you can stand your ground, regardless of the location. i think that's what they're banking on. but a few of the co-authors of the original bill spoke to my colleagues this afternoon, and even they say that george zimmerman should have been arrested, because of the pursuit. because he was actually being the aggressor, that he kind of
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stepped out of, you know, from under the umbrella of protection here. so as of right now, they seem, at least in terms of the law, the police chief, as you said, he doesn't see enough evidence to refute it. but we'll see. >> and finally, would you agree that it has been the release of the 911 tapes that has really brought this to light at a different level? >> i think until that point, people, at least in the media, you know, we deal a lot of times in story lines and stereotypes. and we try to fit things in a box. so i think the broader media, we're trying to figure this out. but once the 911 tapes were released and you hear the shocking sobs from the neighbors and you hear those last minutes and you hear zimmerman's call, i think that kind of drove a few points home. >> and from your reporting, your gut check, what do you think the next big development is? will there be an arrest soon? >> i think -- it would be pure speculation, but i think that's probably the direction we're going in, and i wouldn't be surprised if chief lee was asked to step down. >> trymaine lee, thanks for joining us tonight.
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share your thoughts on twitter @edshow. we want to know what you think. next, the law that is allowing george zimmerman to roam free got overwhelming support both from republicans and democrats in florida in 2005. mike papantonio will sort it all out for us. and bernie sanders has a plan to bring down gas prices, but republicans prefer to keep blaming president obama. stay tuned. you're watching "the ed show" on msnbc. [ tires squeal, engine revs ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. in here,
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what makes us number one in motorcycle insurance? we love bikes. we love riders. and most of all, we love to ride. perfect hair every time. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. coming up, george zimmerman is a free man because of florida's stand your ground law. details onho supported the controversial law when it passed, that's coming up next. we'll compare paul ryan's radical budget with the president's plan for america with dccc chairman steve israel. and a romney campaign ad compares their campaign to an etch a sketch. how appropriate. richard wolffe will draw some conclusions about mitt romney's campaign later in this hour. and i want to know why scott walker didn't get any tough
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♪ i even get choked up when i think about it. if anything like this would have happened to my brother, i would be livid. so i think -- i look at trayvon's picture and i see my brother. >> i look at that boy's picture and my heart breaks for that family. we lost a child and we know what it's like when you lose a child and it's just the most blatant case of racism and it's just outrageous. >> voices from all over america speaking out. florida's stand your ground law gives people the right to use deadly force and call it self-defense.
11:20 pm
the law allowed george zimmerman to not only shoot and kill a 17-year-old, trayvon martin, but it has enabled zimmerman to walk the streets as a free man. so how did the law pass the florida house overwhelmingly and the senate unanimously? well, how about help from the nra? stand your ground was a top priority of the nra back in 2005. in fact, governor jeb bush signed the bill with the national rifle association's lobbyist, marianne hammer at his side. at the time, harm told upi, "people shouldn't have to depend on law enforcement for protection in every situation." calling criticism of the measure "silly." bush, the governor then, supported that sentiment. >> it's common sense to allow people to defend themselves. and to have to, when you're in a position where you're being threatened, when there's a life-threatening situation, to
11:21 pm
have to retreat and put yourself in a very precarious position, you know, it defies common sense. >> former democratic state senator walter campbell, who supported and co-sponsored the bill in florida now says the measure was sold to lawmakers as a way to expand self-defense rights. campbell now admits the law is being abused. along those lines, state representative dennis baxley, another co-sponsor of the measure, also known as a castle doctrine law, says he stands by it, but believes it is not being applied properly. >> there's nothing in the castle doctrine statute that provides authority for you to pursue or confront other people. this is a self-defense law. there's nothing in this statute to protect somebody who is pursuing and confronting other people. >> so doesn't anybody on the sanford police department know the law? i'm joined tonight by attorney
11:22 pm
mike papantonio, also host of the "ring of fire" radio show. mike, sort this out for us. what's at the crux of all of this? the interpretation of this law? >> well, it is. as a prosecutor, this -- zimmerman could be charged with premeditated murder, ed. there's no need for a grand jury. the grand jury is simply a way for the state attorney's office to cop out and to pass the buck on this one. premeditated murder, a plan to commit premeditated murder can take place in three to five minutes. it can be formulated in that short a time. the elements of premeditation certainly exist here. the child was running away, there was no question about it. he was running away from the point of conflict. the shooter had been clearly warned, don't pursue, we'll take care of it. let the professionals take care of it. and rather than the shooter having a reasonable fear of harm, and those are the key
11:23 pm
words, a reasonable fear of harm for himself, it's clear that there was abundant evidence that zimmerman was acting out of rage about this african-american child in his neighborhood. he had stated that "these people" get away with things like that, and it just shows that there was more going on in this man's mind than simply being a neighborhood watch. so the real question comes down to this, what state of mind is the issue? state of mind comes down and the prosecutors need to focus on the state of mind, what the state of mind of that person was, when the child was running away, taking himself away from the conflict, after the shooter had been told, do not pursue. so here you have this character that is, you know, he's been doing this for years. driving around the neighborhood, hunting, the only way i can characterize is kind of hunting for something. the real thing that concerns me, ed, is that you see this type of thing happen when charges aren't brought. usually, where there is a confidential informant, when somebody has been working for
11:24 pm
the authorities in some capacity. you remember, this is a man who was charged with battery on a police officer. i think it's remarkable that that was just dropped out of thin air. you don't get away with battery on a police officer. and you almost ask yourself, was that time that he became an informant? we don't know. there's been no discussion about that. but that's something these lawyers need to be asking about. otherwise, it doesn't make any sense that they failed to perform even basic forensics that points to -- >> mike, has the nra done a terrible disservice to the state of florida and other states by passing this law, under the guise that, hey, they got to protect gun rights. look what this has delivered us. >> the real problem to me, ed, is not -- the nra is the problem, but the real problem is the politician who jumps behind the nra, simply because the nra is feeding him a bunch of campaign money. that's what happened here. when jeb bush thought this was a good idea to pass this, it was the nra -- as a matter of fact, jeb bush at one point said, listen, you got my brother, george, elected, i'm grateful for that. and you start following the
11:25 pm
money on this, there was no reason for this law to pass. >> so there was very little pushback on this law in florida because of the influence of the nra. now, moving forward, do you have any confidence that the grand jury, with the character of this part of the country, is going to be able to deliver justice? >> ed, people don't understand, the grand jury is going to be completely influenced by the state attorney who presents the evidence. this state attorney, obviously, has blown this case from the beginning. so to think that a grand jury is going to be able to be influenced in a positive way by this prosecutor is very far-fetched. >> and what about the justice department being involved? >> well, the justice department, if anything, at best, ed, it's going to cause the state attorney to maybe try a little bit harder. but from what the justice department can really do here,
11:26 pm
from the standpoint of a civil rights case or a hate crime case, it's going to be a long stretch. the positive thing is the justice department looking over the shoulder may cause these officers and the state attorney's office to do the right thing. >> and quickly, do you see this law being changed in florida because of this? >> probably not. the nra has such a strong hold in lobbying here in this state, it would be very difficult. >> all right. and it's in 23 states around america. mike papantonio, thanks for joining us tonight. paul ryan is trying to sell his budget to the people. it will actually harm the most. congressman steve israel tells us why the republicans are pushing such a dangerous vision for america. and scott walker is playing the victim, pretending like he's a grassroots candidate. he's hoping we'll forget all about the koch brothers' money that he's taken in from out of state. not a chance.
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congressman paul ryan claims there's bipartisan support for the billionaire tax cuts and eliminating medicare as we know it. it's all in the budget. here's how ryan is right to sell his radical budget plan. >> this is an emerging bipartisan consensus on how to save and strengthen this program, how to make sure people in and near retirement can actually count on these promises, and how we can save this program for the next generation without bankrupting their children. >> bipartisan? how many democrats are on board? i haven't heard any speak up, on board with ryan's budget plan, which is nothing but robin hood in reverse. and no polling anywhere shows support for any of its rad can go changes to social programs.
11:31 pm
americans overwhelmingly want to leave medicare alone. democrats, republicans, and independents, they all agree. most people also want taxes raised on americans making more than $250,000 a year. but ryan's budget not only gives the wealthy and corporations a $3 trillion tax cut, it cuts billions from social programs and adds to the military budget. today, a group of religious leaders signed a joint statement condemning cuts. one signature was from father thomas kelly of wisconsin. he wrote, as a constituent of congressman ryan and a catholic priest,heim disappointed by his cruel budget plan and outraged that he defends it on moral grounds. republicans are providing a stark contrast to the president's vision for america. democrats need to run on this and run on it hard. let's turn to new york congressman steve israel, chairman of the dccc. congressman, good to have you with us tonight. i mean, this is the golden turkey for you to carve up. i mean, what in this budget is popular? >> i'll tell you, there is very
11:32 pm
little about this budget that is popular or that is right. the more we started looking at the details of this budget, the more we realized it is stacked against the middle class, seniors, and working families. four quick things, ed, that this budget does. if you're a billionaire in this budget, you get an average tax cut of $150,000. if you're an oil company, you get a tax break. if you're a company that ships jobs overseas, you get a tax break. if you're a senior citizen, you lose the medicare benefit as we know it, and it's ultimately going to cost you an additional $6,000. so once again we have republican priorities that are stacked against the middle class, stacked against seniors, and that favor oil companies, billionaires, and companies that ship jobs overseas. >> so that is a hard number. $6,000 is going to be the count on seniors who are on medicare? >> according to the
11:33 pm
congressional budget office, the ryan plan will cost the typical senior, and concluded cost the typical senior an additional $6,000, ultimately, because they essentially put seniors in the greatest generation, on an allowance. they give you a voucher. >> so now it's up to messaging. how will the democrats do this? >> we're going to do the way we've been doing it for the past year. we're going to hold these republicans accountable in every single congressional district. we need 25 seats to take the majority and protect medicare and protect the middle class and we've put these republicans on notice. if you can invest in medicare to protect billionaires, we're going to hold you accountable and let the people in your districts make the decisions. >> mitt romney was given a chance to weigh in on the ryan budget yesterday. here's what he had to say. >> i'm very supportive of the ryan budget plan. i think it's a bold and exciting effort on his part and the part of the republicans and it's very much consistent with what i put out earlier.
11:34 pm
>> congressman, why are so they dogmatic about this when there's just no majority support anywhere for any of this. but why do they keep pushing it? >> well, look, years ago, the republicans said that they wanted medicare to wither on a vine. i have to give them credit. they are true to their beliefs. the problem is that they are not truthful with senior citizens. they are not truthful with middle class families. this budget is an assault on seniors and middle class families, and it is part of an extremist agenda to simply end medicare in order to protect the biggest oil companies we have in the company. >> well, that vulture chart that i put up from time to time, i tell you what, this is nothing but vitamins for that, because this is going to take the red line further to the top and it is going to hurt the blue liners more than you've ever seen. and also seniors. seniors vote. but it's interesting how the
11:35 pm
republicans are doing everything they possibly can on a state level to dienfranchise minorities and seniors when it comes to voter i.d. laws around this country. it all ties together. congressman steve israel, great to have you with us tonight. >> thanks, ed. >> thank you so much. we're going to continue producing oil and gas at a record pace. that's got to be part of what we do. >> republicans are standing in the way of lower gas prices and senator bernie sanders is doing something about it. he's coming here to explain. what we saw last year about this time was when money and bodies came in from out of the state. >> scott walker is still spreading lies over on fox. we'll bring you the facts. and a top romney adviser makes the gaffe of the year. >> i think he hit a reset button for the fall campaign. it's almost like an etch a sketch. you can kind of shake it up and we start all over again. >> richard wolffe on mitt romney's etch a sketch moment. today, president obama every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business,
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promote his energy policies in the wake of relentless republican attacks, blaming the president for high gas prices. >> the president of the united states has done everything possible to shut down energy production. >> this president and his secretary of anti-energy, dr. chu, have has a goal of getting to us pay european-level prices of $8 or $9. >> he has done everything in his power to make it harder for us to get oil and natural gas in this country, driving up the price of those commodities, in the case of gasoline. >> so they're sharing talking points. what else is new? all these guys are lying, as president obama pointed out today in nevada. >> i just want everybody to be clear, because sometimes when you listen to the news and you listen to some of these other politicians, they seem a little bit confused about what i'm saying. we are going to continue producing oil and gas at a record pace. that's got to be part of what we do.
11:40 pm
>> fact, domestic oil production is at its highest level in eight years. there are more oil rigs working in the united states that be the rest of the world combined. you won't here that on fox news. and tomorrow, the president is expected to announce his administration will help exneed the southern portion of the pipeline. but all of this has not helped bring down gas prices, because there is no direct correlation. one factor that does directly affect gas prices is oil speculation. and while republicans are throwing blame around, senator bernie sanders has introduced legislation for the republicans to step up and help him stop the speculators and bring the prices down. independent senator from vermont, bernie sanders, joins us tonight. senator, good to have you with us. again, you're doing great work. give us the snurms, senator. how much of a problem is speculation? and if your bill were to get through and signed, what would
11:41 pm
it do to the price? >> well, this is what we do know, ed. there is now more supply available in america today than there was three years ago when the price of gas was $1.90 a gallon. there's less demand now than there was at any time since 1997. so we're not looking at a supply and demand problem. what we also know is that over 80%, repeat, over 80% of the oil futures market is not controlled by people who actually use the oil, airlines, et cetera, but by wall street speculators, like goldman sachs, morgan stanley. >> who are trying to make a dollar. >> whose only goal in life in terms of being on the oil futures market is to make as much money as they possibly can. now, there have been differing estimates as to how much would be saved if we ended the excessive speculation that we have got to end. but this is interesting.
11:42 pm
goldman sachs, itself, and goldman sachs maybe the major speculator on the oil futures market, they have estimates that the price of a gallon of gas would go down by 56 cents. other suggests that the number might be, that the number might go down even lower. >> and senator, you heard those sound bites from those three republican candidates. are they lying? >> yeah, they are. the truth is, as the president indicated, we are doing a lot of oil drilling right now, but i think, at the root of the problem, is not the supply issue. i think the root of the problem is that our friends on wall street, who caused this recession through their greed, are at it again, and by manipulating the oil futures market, they're driving up prices. what we are trying to do, ed, now is demand that the commodity futures trading commission, an
11:43 pm
arcane agency, which regulates the oil futures market, use emergency power to end excessive speculation. >> now, we've been down this road before. identical legislation was overwhelmingly passed in the house in 2008 and it's not likely to pass the house this time. obviously, the republicans are going to try to make this an issue. this really has been their best issue, blaming the president for gas prices, don't you think? >> i think it's a potent issue, because people are disgusted. they're profoundly angry and it's hurting the economy. but i'm not as pessimistic as you might be. i think if we rally the american people to say, end excessive speculation, let supply and demand play the role it's supposed to play, we could win in the house as well. >> senator, great to have you with us tonight. great work. thank you so much. >> thank you. scott walker lied through his teeth about the recall election this week on fox news. fox host greta van susteren, did she let him off the hook? oh, yeah. i got commentary, ahead. and tim tebow may be taking a knee in the swamps of new jersey. breaking the tim tebow news, coming up.
11:44 pm
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11:45 pm
we don't know yet. we haven't got that far. we're still in the process. that is a possibility. >> john elway of the denver broncos introducing his new quarterback peyton manning. today the new york jets announced that they had agreed with a trade with denver for tebow. that means the heisman trophy winner and the icon would come to play in the swamps of new jersey for a foul-mouthed coach that starred in soft-core footsie flicks. sounds like an odd couple to me. but hold on a minute, late today, the deal hit a snag. no deal yet because of a contract issue. meanwhile, other news in the league, an unprecedented move, the nfl suspended new orleans saints head coach sean payton for a year without pay. payton is accused of trying to cover up a system of cash payouts to players for things like interceptions, fumble recoveries, and injuring other players. according to the nfl, multiple sources confirm that players
11:46 pm
pledged fund on bounties with other players, offering $10,000 to any player who knocked brett favre out of the nfc championship game in 2010. in my opinion, the saints should forfeit their super bowl trophy and it should go right to the vikings, but i'm not holding my breath. coming up, scott walker is, well, he's laying it on really thick and i'm going to set the record straight big time. and it is one of the worst political gaffes in modern history. richard wolffe on "today's" etch a sketch moment. stay with us.
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
wisconsin governor scott walker lied his way through an interview on fox news this week and greta van susteren, the anchor, let him do it with such hardball questions like this. >> your recall, how's it going? so far, you don't have any opponents, official opponents. why?
11:49 pm
who is considered the most serious candidate among most people? why has it gotten so fierce here? do you have any regret how you handled the collective bargaining issue? given the state of the state, how are you doing? what's your unemployment level? is that a fair description of this, that this has been hijacked by some degree on the national level? well, i think this is going to be a very fascinating recall race. governor, great to see you, and of course, go badgers this week. >> i need some journalism professor from a reputable college that teaches journalism to step forward on the ed show and tell me that was just one hell of an interview. what journalism professor would think that this is a good interview. who? question mark. i want to know. scott walker is facing the largest recall election in the history and greta van susteren asks him, how's it going? she completely ignored the the fact republicans have lost their majority in the senate, with the recent retirement of tea partier pam galloway, and not once did she ask about the ongoing john doe investigation, centered around walker's time as
11:50 pm
milwaukee county executive and that interview was done in milwaukee. the investigation has already resulted, and i know it's not a big deal for journalism to bring this up, in 15 felony charges and three misdemeanors against six of scott walker's closest aides and associates. walker has set up a legal defense fund. i'm sure governors all over the country do that. they set up a legal defense fund. and hired a couple of criminal attorneys. but greta pretended like, well, that really didn't happen. her weak interview let walker get away with lies like this one. >> the out of state money, even before there was a recall campaign, clearly came from the big government unions and special interests from washington. you'll see the vast majority of money coming in from, i believe, out of the state, in the end. our last report showed that more than 76% of our contributions came from people who gave us $50 or less.
11:51 pm
when you see the buses of people coming in, the charter planes coming in, and the money being spent. and you know, that's been hard to recover from. >> walker playing the victim again. when in reality, he is the one raking in out of state money. and just last month, he picked up $200,000 from florida, $700,000 from the koch brothers. walker is getting away with it because the right-ringers on fox are giving him a pass. tell me, greta, what kind of grade would you give yourself on that interview with all these investigations and felonies? mitt romney's campaign spokesman let the cat out of the bag. he revealed the true strategy of the romney campaign and now romney's opponents are jumping all over him. richard wolffe joins me next. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
11:52 pm
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11:54 pm
can be served? 99% say yes, 1% of you with say no. coming up, mitt romney's campaign aide shakes up the conversation by comparing their campaign to an etch a sketch. richard wolffe joins me next. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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[ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. and in the big finish tonight, mitt romney won illinois last night, the primary, but disaster struck early this morning. his senior adviser, senior
11:56 pm
adviser -- went on tv and gave an eye-opening response to a question about campaign strategy. >> is there a concern that the pressure from santorum and gingrich might force the governor to tax so far to the right, that it would hurt him with moderate voters in the general election? >> well, i think he hit a re-set button for the fall campaign. everything changes. it's almost like an etch a sketch. you can kind of shake it up and we start all over again. >> romney's camp may have given rick santorum some new momentum. santorum hit the trail today, armed with an etch a sketch, and a clear message to conservative voters. >> you take whatever he said and just shake it up and it will be gone and he's going to draw a whole new picture for the general election. well, that should be comforting to all of you who are voting in this primary, that whoever you're going to vote for is going to be a completely new candidate. remove all trace of any kind of marks and be able to draw a new
11:57 pm
picture. >> romney looked like a lock for the nomination. he was on a path to the magic number of delegates, 1144. but after his adviser's commen s, romney's campaign is totally shaken up. see how easily that happens? joining me tonight is msnbc analyst, richard wolffe. >> very impressive. >> you know, i haven't used one of these -- you know, these are 52 years old, i believe, or 59 years old. how much damage control is needed now? if this is really going to be the thinking of the romney camp, or was this just a misstep in words? >> well, look, i know people are having fun with this whole metaphor thing all day. and yes, yes, he is a blank screen and you can erase him at any point with the flick of a wrist. yes, he's a mechanical device and the more time you spend with him, the less you like him. but, actually, remember the etch a sketch was a 1950s invention built for decades by the
11:58 pm
american workers whose jobs were all outsourced to china. so is this a metaphor for romney? you tell me. >> romney responded to the comments this afternoon. here it is. >> the issues i'm running on will be exactly the same. i'm running as a conservative republican. i was a conservative republican governor. i'll be running as a conservative republican nominee -- excuse me, at that point, hopefully, nominee for president. the policies and positions are the same. >> richard, we are talking about a senior adviser saying that once this primary's over, they can just wipe the slate clean and start all over again and we get a brand-new candidate from the right. what do you think? >> you know, he was asked the position question, are you taxing too far -- is a candidate going too far to the right to alienate moderate voters? and that was his response. the idea that you can have a reset, that we'll just forget everything he's ever said and every position he's ever said. either he thinks people have am these ya or he thinks the obama campaign is completely
11:59 pm
incompetent. in this environment, you cannot wipe anything clean. even naive or dumb or brilliant strategy masqueraing as amateurism. >> but he's shifted positions before the etch a sketch? >> he shifts positions all the time, and he prides himself on the fact that you cannot even assess where his positions are, for instance, the budget that can not be scored. but there is something inherently slippery. it's not just about shifting positions, it's positions you cannot get your arms around. he thinks that is going to carry him through. he thinks that hatred of obama is going to carry him through. but you've got to stand for something, and the etch a sketch stands for jaggedy lines that don't look like much. >> or it could be a senior adviser who has no idea where his candidate is and he's just looking for an out so he can get back on these shows and cover his fanny on stuff like that. richard wolffe, great to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. that's "the ed show."


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