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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 29, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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right now on "news nation," the tale of the tape. new reaction from george zimmerman hours after shot trayvon martin to death. and a new closer look at zimmerman's reported injuries. a forensic video expert will join us with the questions he said sanford police must answer. also, if prosecutors have the option to file charges before the grand jury convenes, will this tape push them to make the decision? kendall coffey will join us. members of congress have a simple choice to make. they can stand with the big oil companies or they can stand with the american people. >> president obama pumped up about gas prices, demanding congress strip big oil company of tax breaks. will the price at the pump prove more of a make or break for the obama administration? and it is one way not to
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worry about the gas prices. 40-state mega millions lottery has turned even nonlottery players into big dreamers. hi, everyone. i'm going to get you started with the "news nation." sanford police have released their surveillance video of george zimmerman to nbc. now, it shows zimmerman getting out of a police car in handcuffs and being led into the police station. within the past hour, nbc news has also zoomed in on the video to get a better view of whether zimmerman has the injuries that he and his attorney have described. his attorney has said, trayvon martin broke zimmerman's nose. a newspaper is also reporting, martin repeatedly smashed zimmerman's head into the pavement. martin's family says the video proves their son did not attack george zimmerman because, according to them, they don't see any injuries. in an interview with usa today, martin's father that, it just shows that everything that
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zimmerman has been saying, that the police have been reporting, is false. in an exclusive interview on the "today" show this morning, george zimmerman's attorney said the video quality is too poor to show his client's injuries. >> it is a very grainy video. however, if you watch you can see one of the officers at something on the back of his head. the video is very grainy and i'm not sure that it has as far as being able to see the injuries that were recently sustained and then later cleaned up. >> nbc's ron allen joins me now from sanford. a lot of questions. one of the ones i'm seeing most, are people wondering if there were photographs as well taken of george zimmerman's injuries? if sanford's police have indicated they will release him if they exist? >> they've indicated they will not release any evidence like that. we don't know if they exist or not. we would presume they do. if the investigation was conducted in a professional manner, that's something that is usually there. i've been listening to talk
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radio here, to people in the community all day since these tapes hit the airwaves. people who think that george zimmerman are guilty are convinced these tapes close the case. and people who think he's innocent think that this is more of a rush to judgment on this and they're saying as the attorney did, this is grainy video and you can't make up your mind about it. the fascinating thing about this case from the start, the emotions really amped up when the 911 call are released. that seems to be happening again to some extent because people have a look. they can see what happened. and the case that the zimmerman camp has been making has been so, so insistent that he was beaten, that he was bloody. but a casual observer, most people at these tapes just don't think that is supported by what they're saying with their own eyes. >> are we expecting any new updates from the sanford police department? as you pointed out, talk radio everywhere. there is nowhere to run or hide, so to speak, from these
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questions. >> i think that is a question for the state attorney, the special prosecutor. the sanford police have basically washed their hands of it to some extent in terms of about this with the public. we've asked for the state, the federal government to look at what we've done. they're still standing by their claim that zimmerman acted in self-defense. there was a statement to that effect. they say there are witnesses, evidence to back up their claim. the state attorney is saying this will take some time. so again, with the videotape, the audio tapes and everything else floating around, the public is making up their own mind. >> thank you very much, ron. zimmerman's father is speaking out claiming that trayvon martin was the aggressor. robert zimmerman gave a graphic description of what he says his son indicated happened. he told this to fox 35 in orlando. >> george was trying to get his head off the concrete. trying to move with trayvon on him. into the grass.
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in doing so, his firearm was shown. trayvon martin said something to the effect of, you're going to die now or you're going to die tonight. >> joining me now, miami criminal defense lawyer and form he u.s. attorney kendall coffey. kendall, you've been on with us from the very beginning covering this story and you heard ron allen talk about the court of public opinion. people listening in on talk radio. people even writing in, tweeting us. the reality is this is about evidence and this is about what kind of case, if charges are filed, could be brought up against george zimmerman. everyone deserves their opportunity to tell their story including his father who is going by hearsay, not an eyewitness. let me play what george zimmerman's attorney said to matt lauer on the "today" show regarding proof of injuries he says his client sustained. let's listen. >> until charges are filed in this case and i have a right to receive discovery, all evidence
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that the police have, they don't have to give to me yet and they're not giving to me. until such a time as charges are filed, i won't have that information. i can't force law enforcement to give it to me. >> is that accurate? >> yeah. that's accurate. police information, their investigative file belongs to them right now and it isn't available to the defense lawyer at this point. that doesn't mean the defense lawyer doesn't know a lot more about what may be the evidence of injuries. he has his own strategic purposes to consider. >> let me also ask you, he was asked about medical records. if george zimmerman in fact received treatment for the gash he said he sustained in the back of the head injury as well. the attorney kind of stammered through answer on that but said he doesn't have anything like that. so if the police did not take photographs and we don't know if that's the case. we'll be fair here. if they did not take photographs here and you're at this video, is that enough to prove that
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these injuries were perhaps life threatening for george zimmerman. this video you're looking at. >> i don't think that video help george zimmerman a whole lot. it does show an injury of some sort on the top of the head. but it is very different from the picture of a brutal beating that zimmerman seemed to be portraying. >> can you say that with certainty? we were listening to the audio a few week ago of whether he had used a racial sure. you had ten people who said they heard the sure. ten people who said they didn't. can you say with certainty, would you bring that into a court of law and say you can see an injury at the top of his head? i've heard from many people, other legal experts who say they don't see anything. >> i thought i saw something. you bring up a great point. that is, can we be certain at that video? no. what we do know is what the jury will see if the charges are brought. so when we get the general sense of the reaction to the video, at the human level. yours, mine, everybody out on the street. we get a sense of what a injury
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might think someday. what a injury might take away from that video, this does not look like a guy who is getting beat up to the point where he needed to kill somebody. so i think at the end of the day, this video does not help george zimmerman on the issue of self-defense. and it actually hurts him, i think, significantly in the court of public opinion. >> two more quick questions for you. the first is regarding the fact that some have speculated, maybe his injuries were cleaned up. maybe police allowed him to change his clothing. i know you're not an officer but you've worked with many of them. would that be usual behavior for investigators to go and allow him to change his clothing before kufg him? >> i wouldn't have expected that. the time line is rather brief between the time of the killing and the time that he was in that video. so i'm pretty skeptical about that. >> and angela corey, the special prosecutor, she's talked about having fought stand your ground laws in the past. she was quoted as saying we
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fight these motions really often. we have won some really tough trials where those defenses were asserted. with that that, she has the power as i understand, and correct me if i'm wrong, to not wait on the grand jury here. wait until april 10th. do you believe that is likely that she'll make a move here soon? >> i think she has signaled that she expects to make the decision herself. the key thing is to recognize that prosecutors bring a case if it is righteous. that means sometimes you bring a case that may not be that easy to get a conviction on if you truly believe in the merits. i think that's what the community is hoping she will do. this won't be an easy case, tamron. i'll give you that. the question is whether it is easy or not, if a terrible crime was committed, the man saw it or the young man, then whether or not it is not a slam-dunk conviction, isn't that the kind of case you consider bringing charges on. >> another big name. marcia clark giving her thoughts. she prosecuted the o.j. simpson case. she said the injuries that made
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it sound like he should have been on a stretcher are not apparent in this tape at all. so a lot of legal voices giving their thoughts. kendall, thank you very much. we greatly appreciate your voice. coming up, i'll talk with a video forensics experts who will take us through the step by step video. he'll tell us what he feels this means for the case. plus, he has a few big questions for the sanford police department regarding the quality of the tape. now to the outrage over rising gas prices. and the resulting battle that unfolded today between president obama and senate republicans. the president took to the rose garden to call once again on congress to revoke tax breaks and subsidies to giant oil companies which total $4 billion a year. >> thank you very much. >> with record profits and rising production, i'm not worried about the big oil companies. with high oil prices around the world. they've got more than enough incentive to produce even more
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oil. that's why i think it is time they got by without more help from taxpayers who are already having a tough enough time paying the bills and filling up their gas tanks. >> not even an hour after the president spoke, the senate rejected the measure to repeal big oil tax breaks. it was nine votes short of the 60 needed to move the measure forward. all this came as the national average for regular gas inched up another penny today. $3.92 a gallon. luke russert joins us live. there was a poll. 79% of the people surveyed saying they're feeling hardship as a result of these gas prices. >> reporter: absolutely. that's one of the things you hear here throughout the halls of congress. both sides are trying to put forward their plan to lower gas prices. the vote you talked about today in the united states senate, that is something that has been a staple hold of president obama's mantra in washington the last few years. why should big oil companies, specifically the ones targeted today, when he exxon, bsh p,
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chevron, they've put that to the national floor today and it went down 51-47. ironically, four democrats joining with republicans to kill that bill. two republicans crossed over. the two ladies from maine. it shows there is a lot of concern that those prices would be passed on to consumers. nevertheless, mitch mcconnell, the senate minority leader, took this as a victory lap. listen to what he had to say. >> that was their brilliant plan on how to deal with gas prices. raise taxes on energy prices when gas is already hovering around $4 a gallon. then block consideration of anything else to make sure gas prices don't go anywhere but up. >> and it should be noted that it was expected that this would fail today. whoever won this battle all depends on how it will play out as an election issue. democrats are more than happy to
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say they voted to try to stop it. republicans are more than happy to say they tried to stop the obama administration from passing on higher gas prices to the consumer. it all depends how you look it a today. the status quo will continue, those company will continue to get tax breaks. status quo with the budget battles. >> reporter: indeed, the budget battles. the democratic budget is about to be on the floor right now. that will be voted down. the paul ryan budget we've heard so much is expected to be passed around 3:00 today. it will have solely universal support. the conservatives feel it doesn't go far enough. democrats though are already paying this budget, painting it calling it the romney-ryan budget. it won't be law because it can't get through the senate but it is very interesting because mitt romney will have to run on it in november. a lot of things there that are questionable. especially in regard to medicare
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and welfare reform. it will be interesting to see how that plays out with the electorate. >> luke russert on capitol hill. coming up, money well spent? casino mogul says gingrich is at the end of the line after pouring over $16 million into gingrich's campaign. plus -- >> this is not justin bieber's phone number. please do not call again. thank you. >> thank you. i'm going to talk with the great grandmother who wants an apology after tweeted a message leaving her phone ringing off the hook. what exactly he did and what the great grandma is saying to justin. plus, join our conversation. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word.
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the wisconsin primary is tuesday. and analysts say it is shaping up to be santorum's last stand, possibly. within the last 24 hours, the campaign has more than doubled its ad buy in wisconsin and "the new york times" points out, a more subdued santorum is on the scene. they write, quote, rick santorum has eased up on using frass like worst republican in the country when tearing into mitt romney. now mr. romney is uniquely disqualified as mr. santorum has mildly put it to make the argument for conservatives that mr. obama's health care plan should be repealed. let's bring in "washington post" political reporter, good to see you. let me start with this news that ch chuck todd has been able to
2:19 pm
bring in. that there was a meeting between newt gingrich and mitt romney on saturday. gingrich says he made no deal to end his bid for the gop nomination. what do you know about this meeting? >> this is obviously just coming in. chuck todd is confirming it. it is suggested to me that there is an end game at work here even though newt gingrich has scaled back his campaign and said he will fight this to the bitter end. you do see a realization that this is coming to an en. he was at the rnc yesterday meeting with those folks, at the delegate map for himself. even with romney meeting, he was with leaders here and all of these endorsements are coming out. i think there is increased conversation between both of these camps, even talking to santorum folk. they are in touch with the romney campaign and the gingrich campaign. i think this is the end game playing out. >> we know if newt gingrich is meeting with mitt romney and the
2:20 pm
meeting happened, there is more a, a substantive conversation than hey, what's going on with you. we've talked with about the alleged bromanc he. if there is some wheeling and dealing, what would newt gingrich bring to the table for mitt romney? >> he is certainly going to bring some delegates. at this point he doesn't have that many. i think he has about 150, almost 200 delegates. if it comes a point where mitt romney isn't able to get to that 1144 number, then gingrich can come to play and say, listen, i want this to be in the republican party platform. i want to have a speaking role. a prime time speaking role. that's what he brings to the table. i think he has to be careful here. he is setting himself up to be a spoiler. so he has to figure out, does he want to be a spoiler or a statesman in his party? >> let me ask you this. with that said, the new york time has this article on santorum being more subdued.
2:21 pm
might gingrich serve as some sort of kryptonite? >> in some ways, that probably could happen. they do have this odd relationship where they're sort of frenemies. this game of stopping mitt romney. i think santorum, he can be subdued one day and he can be a very strident in his language the next. i think that article says that he was very critical of mitt romney, calling him, saying that he was the worst person to go up against obama in his kind of modified that language a little bit. i think santorum has gone back and forth in his language and about mitt romney and about obama. i think we're in a situation where santorum's back is up against the wall. this wisconsin primary. then it goes to pennsylvania. we've got to see if this will be his last dance. >> he is doubling his ad buying. we know that his campaign says the demographics of pennsylvania, we're not talk b
2:22 pm
the urban areas but the more blue collar, white voters who are very conservative these days in that state, might find him more appealing than they did once upon a time. let me put out these endorse. s. marco rubio and former remember that 41 have now officially he said dorised mitt romney. at this point, as it was appointments out, where else would he go? with the bush family, at least, barbara and the former president, they've already given him love for lack of a better description. so this does makes it formal. >> that's right. and romney actually has a pretty go good relationship with bush senior. so this is not unexpected. i will say the rubio endorsement was very exuberant and that is very effective, more effective than jeb bush's. you saw the somewhat tepid endorsement, too. in that way, it is something
2:23 pm
that romney welcomes and he feels like he can use it to turn around his fornts with la teen over voters. >> no big confetti flying from the sky on any of these cases but good news for him. thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks, tamron. still ahead, new details about the pilot on the jet blue flight. there are reports he was acting straining even before the plane took off. how does this sound? $540 million and counting. a record mega million jackpot. up for grabs tomorrow. are you feeling lucky? today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travel cards. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. show us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up to 100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come.
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it's never too early to retire. >> spin, spin, spin. >> probably give a lot to some charities. >> i'm going back to france. >> it seems like everyone plans to win the world's biggest lottery jackpot ever. the friday mega millions jackpot rose today $540 million and could still climb because sales are at a fevered pitch. kevin tibbles joins us live from chicago. a great place to spend a lot of money. i know, because i lived there for ten years. you sure are laid back. you look confident. did you pick the winning ticket or something? >> i did appreciate that line that it's never too early to retire. i did like that one. and i must say, chicago is a great place to spend your money in some of the restaurants here. it's not a bad place to get a good meal. in answer to your question, i did pick up a couple. i've been doing a lot of live shots on this. i should have a couple hundred
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in my pocket. these are the lucky numbers. so the rest of you folks out there, just save your money because i've already got the thing wrapped up. and i'll take you all out to a nice chicago steak, should the lucky numbers, what do you need? six with the golden ball. the golden thing at the end. >> i've never played. let me ask you this. well, are you out with a lot of people? do people do mostly like quick picks? or did you find that folks have their favorite numbers? >> you can do like your mother-in-law's birthday and all those things. most of the people that i have been watching, observing in my role as a reporter, intrepidly at folks, most of the time it is quick pick. and the ticket spits out. it costs like what, $10 to to go a movie and dream? for $1 you can buy a ticket and dream all want. i think it is a good deal. >> as soon as the show is over, i'm going out with my executive producer.
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we're going in together. i'm saying this for the record so when we win, you know he has to split it with me. i'm protecting myself here. >> absolutely. >> if you win, i want to you take no gibson's steakhouse rl in chicago so i'll hold you to it. up next, major layoffs at one of the nation's largest electronics stores. details on what's going on with best buy and just how many stores will be shuttered. plus, a moment on the house floor that i think will never be forgotten. a wisconsin woman shares her story of being a rape victim. >> domestic violence has been a thread throughout my personal life. up to and including being a child repeatedly sexually assaulted, up and to and including being an adult who has been raped. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
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two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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here's what the "news nation" is following right now. >> i don't know if i have enough words. it is past devastating. it's scary. really scary. we're afraid for our lives. >> afraid for their lives. director spike lee wrongly tweets an address thinking it was the address of george zimmerman. cuts and closings. the biggest electronics retailer shuts down dozens of stores around the country. a lot of people losing their jobs. and 1 in 88. that's how many children in this country have autism. this according to a starting report. and criminal charges, the jetblue pilot who had that meltdown could spend up to 20 years behind bars. plus we're learning more about his behavior before the flight even took off. we begin this half-hour with the news on trayvon martin's case. a short time ago, sanford police released to nbc its surveillance video have george zimmerman in custody the night of the
2:34 pm
teenager's killing. joining me now, the form he fbi profiler and grant fredericks, a forensic expert. thank you both for joining me. >> i want to start with you. the video is the newest detail here. you have a couple of concerns and questions. when you first saw the video released last night, what was your reaction? >> well, the video is somewhat misleading depending on the question that's being asked. there were some observations that mr. zimmerman had lost weight. that he was fitter than what he had appeared in previous images. the video that was produced by the police department had been squished. which means that the aspect ratio, the relationship to the height and width is not correct. so it makes him look skinnier than he actually is and more frail than he actually is. the image should be wider. so he is actually more stocky
2:35 pm
than he looks. there is a lot of compression which means a lot of lack of detail. >> let me stop you. you actually took images and you enhanced them if you will, according to you, to fit the actual scope. not be distorted. why would the sanford police department send out video in your view, is not an actual scope of what is happening there. >> i'm not going to say that was done on purpose. i think it was probably a product of production. they just didn't do it accurately. it is misleading. so it is compressed so some of the details the court would want to know does not exist in that video such as is there blood on the face, injury to the back of the head. clearly on the shirt there doesn't appear to be any blood.
2:36 pm
>> you've worked on a number of high profile cases, including the kelly case that captured attention, especially in the chicago area. it really hinged on what the jury thought of a videotape in that case. with this tape, can it, grant, be enhanced to give a potential juror if it gets to that point, a better view of zimmerman's head? a better view of his face? >> well, i think that the question is, what did the police actually have? this video is simply a surveillance video from the police department. i don't know why they would have released it. they would have or should have taken close-up photographs of any alleged injuries to his face, his back. they should have seized the clothes. your other witness or expert will deal with that. but there should be better quality images. even from this digital recording system, the original video will be more clear than what we've been given. >> okay. let me bring you this on this.
2:37 pm
we're looking at this video and we can only respond to what we're seeing. there may be a clearer video the saabford police and investigators have but that is what we're at. you've been around a lot of police departments. would it be logical to assume here that if george zimmerman has these facial injuries and other injuries sustained from this alleged life threatening fight that he says he was in, would the police take photographs? >> well, they would and they should. as it was that. we've got, what is going to be much better than this video is number one, the police officers at the scene of the shooting, and any emts who came to both treat the shooting victim as well as zimmerman. secondly, when he was taken to the police department, the observations of police officers. was his nose broken? was he bloodied? did he have garbs on the back of his head? we see the police officers right behind him. if this guy had a gash in his
2:38 pm
head, i would notice. and the police department should have taken him to the hospital to document any alleged injuries. many times you and i can refuse to go. but in a situation like this, it would seem like the police department should have compelled him to document these injuries. and number two, should have charged him with manslaughter at that time. >> we know the lead investigator recommended manslaughter charges. you are also an fbi profiler. we are hearing from george zimmerman's father, he says that his son, and this is all hearsay, according to his son, trayvon martin threaten his life here. when you look at this video and you look at george zimmerman's demeanor, and this is a few hours after so i don't want to imply that this is immediately after. but as an fbi profiler, is there anything fair that you can glean from what we're seeing or is this standard procedure? >> let me give you a balance. number one, it is a couple hours
2:39 pm
later. each of us respond to shock, tragedy, in different ways. we may have that dear in the headlight look and we may be able to motivate around. but what we see in the video notwithstanding the compression that grant points out, we see someone even with his hands behind his back handcuffed doesn't seem to have too hard of an issue around, motivating around. should he have been injured, it looks like those injuries were not sufficient to have damaged his ability to walk. again, all of that should have been documented. this is nice to see but what is important is what eyewitnesses were able to get and what a hospital or emt was able to document. >> real quick, i have to get you in one more time. if this is the only video and if there are no photographs, and he don't know if any of this is the case. would this be video that one might see brought into court and have a video expert like
2:40 pm
yourself testify on? >> well, clearly it's a piece of evidence. i think what is important, fred pointed out. if an officer were standing near him, he would see something. and there is actually an image of a police officer examining the back of mr. zimmerman's head very briefly as he comes out of the car. so there is evidence to suggest there was injury to his head. >> okay. thank you very much, grant, thank you, clint. also, spike lee is apologizing for retweeting what he thought was george zimmerman's address. the home actually belongs to david and elaine mclean. an elderly couple living in a hotel because they are afraid for their lives. lee has 250,000 followers and some posted pretty hostile responses and threats after he tweeted out the couple's address by mistake. the couple says they have a son named william george zimmerman who lived with them in the '90s. he is saying he has become a target. >> they're calling him with some
2:41 pm
nasty phone calls. it is just making the whole family just scared. it's very, very scary. >> last night, spike lee tweeted out this message. i deeply apologize to the mclean family for retweeting their respect. please leave the mcclains in peace. and he could face up to 20 years in prison for interfering with a flight crew. the criminal complaint says his strange behavior began at takeoff. he reportedly made incoherent comments about religion and later yell at air traffic controllers to be quiet before trying to force his way into the cockpit. jetblue says he has been suspended. and best buy says it plans to close 50 big box stores in favor of opening 100 mobile locations in the u.s. the move is meant to help cut $800 million in costs. officials say a couple of
2:42 pm
factories are -- a couple of factors are leading to the declining sales and an increase in online shopping. and disturbing news on the number of u.s. children now affected by autism. the centers for disease control now reports as many as 1 in 88 children are affected by autism. chief science and health correspondent bob bazell joins us in studio. this came from the study in 2008. it was obtained, the information. but it has been updated -- i'm sorry. >> this is the latest data. it shows in 14 sites where they monitor, which are reliable academic institutions, the numbers, 1 in 88. even more starting in boys, it is 1 in 54. >> we're also seeing an increase in hispanic and black children as well. >> right. a lot of this has to do with increased definition changes. definition changes over time. i don't think that anybody, in fact, this number has gone up since 2002 when they first
2:43 pm
started taking it by 78%. so there has been an enormous number of children defined on the autistic spectrum. >> does this mean more children are autistic? before it was 1 in 210. in alabama they're saying 1 in 47. >> most experts that i've spoken to say it is change in the definition. a lot of things are being called autism now that used to be called something else. they range from very bad things like mental retardation to less bad thing like learning problems. all of those are now under the umbrella of ought i. that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of kids who need help. but the classical definition is a child total socially withdrawn. doesn't make eye contact and can't perform any skilled tasks. a lot of these kids don't fall into that category. so the definitions are changing. the people with autism speaks, the major advocacy organization
2:44 pm
says while they think at least half is something in the environment that hasn't been identified yet, a lot of doctors don't agree with that. they think it is the definition. >> i should correct. 1 in 47 children in utah, not alabama. >> it is a lot of kids falling under the definition. curiously, a lot of parents seek, when kids, in some places, when kids have the definition, they end up getting enhanced educational services. and unfortunately, our schools as you well know are such that a lot of parents want that for their kids. >> bob bazell with the latest on the numbers. a lot to think about there. hopefully the children will get the help they need. next up on "news nation" -- >> this is not justin bieber's phone number. please do not call again. thank you. >> i'm going to talk with a grandmother who actually left that voice message on her phone.
2:45 pm
she wants it to stop. we got the scoop from her personally. the supreme court justices are expected to follow practice and take a preliminary vote tomorrow on how they'll decide the challenge of the president's health care law. that vote would then kick off three months of behind the scenes deliberations before their decision is announced in june, perhaps. and an emotional moment in the house of representatives yesterday. as wisconsin congresswoman gwen moore shared her own story of being raped as a young woman. she spoke to urge her colleagues to reauthorize the violence against women act. >> it really brought up some terrible memories for me of having, you know, boys sit in a locker room and sort of bet that i, the a kid, couldn't be had. then the appointed boy, when he saw that i wasn't going to be so willing, completed a date rape and then took my underwear to
2:46 pm
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new questions about the night that trayvon martin was shot dead. plus, an honest assessment of mitt romney. a texas grand mom wants an apology from justin bieber after tweeted part of a phone number to his 19 million followers on twitter. the message read, call me right now and included a dallas area phone number with the final digit replaced with a question mark. well, thousands of super excited fans started calling versions of the number. and many ended up dialing with number of 81-year-old dilcie
2:50 pm
fleming. weeks later, her phones are still ringing and she has had to change her voicemail message. >> this is not justin bieber's phone number. please do not call again. thank you. >> i am joined now by dilcie fleming, grandmother in texas, who received all those phone call. thank you for your time. >> you're quite welcome. >> do you even recall the first phone call? >> well, it was on a tuesday evening, i believe, about 10:30. and i didn't know what was going on. i answered the phone only because i thought maybe it was a family member. and then i explained to them that that wasn't justin's phone number. i hung up and my phone rang again. and it went on and on. until i finally decided, i need to do something and i did. so i was able to sleep a little.
2:51 pm
then all these voicemails were left. >> did you know -- >> and they're still going on. >> did you know which justin when they called and asked for him, did you know who the heck they were even talking about? >> well, after a while i got to thinking, i didn't understand all of this. i don't know the young man or anything. but i had seen his picture in my daughter's magazines that she had. and that way, then i was familiar with who he was. but that was all. i'm not a follower of his. and i'm sure he is a very nice young man. but this must be a joke that just didn't turn out like they thought it would. >> have you heard from justin bieber's people? or better yet, justin bieber? >> no, not a word. >> i also read a report that you're thinking about maybe even suing. >> i'm not suing him. all i would like to have is an apology from him and possibly
2:52 pm
concert tickets for two great grand daughters. >> so you're willing to go -- so you want two concert tickets. >> they're 4 and 5 years old. >> they would enjoy it. so you're taking this in stride, it seems. >> oh, i am. i've kind of gotten used to it, you might say. but i would like for it to quit. and like i said, i would love to have an apology for this. >> i would love that for you, too. >> and my tickets. >> and your tickets. spoken like a true texan. and her tickets. well, thank you so much. we'll see what happens. i'm certainly hoping that justin bieber will reach out and he'd better given you more than two with all these girls calling. thank you so much. great pleasure. >> thank you, and have a good day. >> thank you. and the gut check is up next.
2:53 pm
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it's on this news surveillance video of george zimmerman arriving after shooting trayvon martin. the video shows him being led away in handcuffs. he said his video proves the story that zimmerman has told is not true. they said they see no injuries as were indicated in the police report that his head had been bashed in. his nose had been broken. that is what his attorney also says. his attorney says this video is too grainy to show those injuries. what does your get tell you? does this tape convince you, george zimmerman should be charged with manslaughter? go to to cast your vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm back here tomorrow. i'll talk with the man who started the petition that actually sparked the huge online
2:57 pm
protests in the trayvon martin case. he's the guy that brought it to the world online. martin bashir is up next. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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