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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  June 22, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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sirius/xm radio. shoot us an e-mail or tweet us and let us know why you're awake now or you can do what the big three do and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this friday, june 22nd. there's a lot going on today including new revelations in the trial of jerry sandusky as the first accuser to speak publicly talked with ""rock center's"" kate snow. we'll have that exclusive interview coming up. plus hillary clinton gets into costume during swearing-in ceremony. we'll tell you what's going on here later in the show. first, before we get to the news here at 30 rock in new york city, almost two years ago lebron james made the decision to bring his talents to south beach. now he's brought south beach an nba title. the heat routed the thunder last night 121-106 to claim their
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first nba title since 2006. lebron was masterful. notching his first triple-double of the year on the way to being the most valuable player of the finals. the outcome was total vindication for lebron james and the heat who were maligned for their lackluster finals performance last season. we will have full highlights for you later in sports. but first, we have some breaking news. astandoff at a hotel in kabul, afghanistan this morning has left at least 17 people dead. most of them civilians. after the taliban took hostages, dozens of people hostage. local police took back the hotel, rescuing at least 20 guests and killing five gunmen. according to reports, attackers were armed with suicide vests, heavy machine guns and rocket propelled grenades. we'll keep an eye on this story throughout the morning. turning to big financial
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news. the global markets are reeling this morning as moody's downgraded 15 of the world's largest banks. citigroup, goldman sachs, bank of america, jpmorgan chase and morgan stanley join several european banks in the downgrade. officials from the ratings agency said these banks were vulnerable to "outsized losses" creating fears they would not be able to repay their debt information time of severe financial crisis. the downgrade marks the first time since 2007 that moody's has taken across the board action against the banks. let's see how the markets are responding as we get all up in your business. karen is live in london for us. what's going on in the markets as they have already opened in europe? >> thank you very much, mike. we are seeing stock-ecific reaction, so some of those banks trading in europe have fallen on the open today, but some are
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trading higher, this is because the ratings expectations were flagged to the markets. you have to look at individual stocks. morgan stanley after-hours trade hag gotten higher. it was downgraded two notches instead of three. if you look at the wide reaction out there, the ratings reflect the fact that there's increased volatility in markets now. the problem with the ratings downgrade, it fuels the problems for the banks which are already facing smaller profits and increased regulation. the effect here is we may see increased borrowing costs for some of these banks and some investors won't want to hold the debt of these particular banks. where this plays out for customers sis infunding costs. we saw trading losses of $2 billion recently. this was one of the core reasons cited by mood ymood ymoodys' fo
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for the downgrade. to poll politics, where president obama will address a group of latinos today one week after his administration said they would not deport some 800,000 children brought to the country illegally by their parents. mitt romney spoke yesterday questioning the president's relationship with latino voters. >> some people asked if i will let stand the president's executive order. the answer is that i will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the president's temporary measure. as president i won't settle for stop-gap measures. i'll work with republicans and democrats to build a long-term solution. he may admit that he hasn't kept every promise, and he'll probably say even though you are not better off today than you
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were four years ago, things could be worse. he'll imply that you don't really have an alternative. i belive he's taking your vote for granted. i've come here today with a very simple message -- do you have an alternative. your vote should be respected and your voice is more important now than ever before. >> a new pew research poll finds among all registered voters the president currently holds a four-point lead over mitt romney, 50% to 46%. while the associated press shows romney up 2 points from a month ago, but still trailing the president 47% to 44%. well, the political fallout continues after a key congressional committee found attorney general eric holder in contempt over his refusal to turn over documents relating to fast and furious, a botched atf gun sting that resulted in the death of a u.s. border agent. the attorney general was in
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denmark yesterday meeting with european union officials and while there, he called the vote unwarranted, unnecessary and unprecedented. republican speaker of the house john boehner continued to be vocal on the issue hinting that the white house may be involved in a cover-up. >> the decision to invoke executive pvilege is an administration that white house officials were involved in decisions that misled the congress and have covered up the truth. so what is the obama administration hiding in fast and furious? >> boehner intends to bring a contempt vote before the full congress next week. the contempt vote came in response to president obama's first use of executive privilege, to block the release of some 1,300 pages of documents about the case. the white house press secretary bristled during questions
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yesterday. >> is there not a reason to find out what the department of justtijus justice knew when they were giving false information to congress? >> that was discussed including the 7,600 document provide. the issue -- i would refer to you a leading member of congress what in the republican party who said this is politics. >> do you believe there is nothing being covered up by the justice department and the white house -- >> again, the attorney general -- the attorney general -- >> and the -- >> -- referred this matter to the inspector general. the inspector general has full access to all documen we are discussing right now. >> jake tapper got a lot of face time there.
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the investigation began in 2010 after border patrol agent brian terry was shot and killed by a gun involved in the fast and furious program. moving along, this morning jurors pick up deliberations in the jerry sandusky trial after a startling revelation. sandusky's adopted son, matt, claimed through his attorney that the former penn state coach abused him and was prepared to testify. >> reporter: a local lawyer confirmed to nbc news he had been retained to represent matt sandusky as a victim of jerry sandusky's abuse, but none of this is known to the jury. the news broke after final arguments and deliberations began. during the trial, jurors heard wrenching testimony from eight victims who allege being abused by sandusky. but sandusky's attorney said he
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w the accusers wer moved by money. he told the jury that sandusky took the kids everywhere. is that what a pedophile does? when it was his turn, sandusky's response was mocked for the costas interview? >> are you sexually attracted to underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? >> your immediate response would be no, are you nuts? you would be crazy. childhood photos were shown of the victims. i feel like i have ten pieces of soul in my body, memories destroyed by this guy. walking up behind sandusky and pointing to him, he closed give him the justice he really deserves. nbc's kate snow had an
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exclusive interview on ""rock center" with one of the accusers, travis weaver, who was one of the first victims to come forward and until his story on tv. weaver testified in front of the grand jury but was not called as a witness in the current trial. he is suing sandusky and penn state. >> if jerry sandusky were sitting right here -- >> i'd punch him in his mouth. >> would you say anything first? >> no. there would be no reason to say anything. he knows what he did. i know what he did. >> weaver claims sandusky sexually abused him more than 100 times over four years starting in 1992 when he was ten years old. still ahead, lebron james cements himself as the number one sports villain winning a title in miami just like he promised. we'll show you full highlights from his mvp performance last
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night as well as his comments after the game ahead in sports. plus, will the summer heat wave continue? we'll have your full weekend forecast when "way too early" comes right back. . president roosevelt signs the g.i. bills of rights, guaranteeing loans up to $200,000 and helps pay for the completion of his schooling. so you brusd with colgateotal and you didn't.
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[ female announcer ] weak, damaged hair needs new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. active naturals wheat formulas restore strength for up to 90% less breakage in three washes. for strong, healthy hair with life, new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. here we are, downtown des moines -- no, no, that the new
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york city. i get confused easily. i'm old. we're been here on the planet mercury for a couple of days. here is nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> no way that arm is reaching all the way over here. not bad. i'm impressed. made it through the heat wave, that's good. very concerned about the elderly during the heat waves. the heat continues to be the story in the northeast. it will all be over with this afternoon. some big thunderstorms will roll through. that will be the end of our heat wave. the weekend looks nice. this morning, some showers, but the thunderstorms will be mid afternoon, probably around the peak heating, 4:00, 5:00. this morning, still feels very hot. a bit of relief. the humidity will go away by sunday. also i mentioned the chance of strong storms. new york city, philadelphia, d.c., damaging winds. could be some small hail and
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damaging winds. the heat returns from texas to colorado. also the gulf of mexico, we could have aropical storm forming over the weekend. it won't move towards land until monday or tuesday. if you're in florida, especially from tampa, pensacola, keep an eye out for this. the forecast for your weekend, we'll be watching thunderstorms today in the northeast. rest of the country looks quiet. very hot. look at dallas. 100 for your saturday. by the time we get to sunday, much of the nation is pretty quiet. the story is the heat in the middle of the country and the possibility of something developing down there in the tropics. >> and, bill, the heat in south beach. last night -- >> i don't want to hear your bias anti-lebron stuff either. give the guy a little respect. go talk about a high pressure area. leave us alone. all right. as we told you earlier, after nine years in the league, king james was crowned last night. the miami heat blew out the thunder to claim the nba title in front of their home fans, right to the highlights. second quarter, heat, fast
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break, mario chalmers finds lebron for the layup. cap a 10-0 run for the heat. before the half, kevin durant tried to get his team backs into it, hits the three. durant had 32 points in a losing effort. third quarter, lebron drives, out to shane battier who drains the three. lebron had 13 assists, 26 points, 11 rebounds. his first triple-double of the year. only the fifth player ever to have a triple-double in a tie-clinching game. wade, finds lebron. lebron drives, makes the move on kendrick perkins. miami up 13. thunder gting sloppy. durant loses the ball. bosh gets it. boom, dwayne wade. stutter step, layup, foul. wade 20 points. maybe the most surprising performance of the night was from mike miller.
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he hit his seventh three-pointer of the game in the fourth quarter. had 23 points off the bench. until last night miller had not hit a three-pointer since 1976. with three minutes to play, the outcome well in hand, coach erik spoelstra took james and wade out of the game, rousing applause from the crowd. it was an amazing performance from james and wade who suffered so much scrutiny. as the clock winds down in miami, all the disappointment of last year's finals collapsed. confetti, the hole deal. new champions, the party gets started in south beach. they won by a final of 121-106 in a game that was really never even close. the only reason to watch t game was to listen to mike brien, the great announcer. lebron was the unanimous choice for mvp after he averaged 28 pots, 10 rebounds per game in
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the series. the first player in any major sport to win the regular season mvp and lead his team to the championship since st. louis in 2004 in hockey. after the game, lebron spoke of what it meant to win the nba title. >> it means everything. i made a difficult decision to leave cleveland. but i understood what my future was about. i understood that coming to miami and being a part of this organization and putting together this team, i knew we had a bright future. you know, this is a dream come true for me. been through a lot the last t years. you know, this is definitely the way that it pays off. >> this one was so gratifying. we love you, miami. thank you for your patience. we remember last year. we wanted to make up for it.
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>> given everything you've been through, when the clock hit triple zeros, what's the first thing that ran through your mind? >> it's about damn time. it's about damn time. >> we all expected it to be a little easier than it was, but we had to go through what we had to go through last year. we needed to. as much as it hurt, we had to go through that pain, that suffering to get to this point of this season and the rest of our careers together. >> hello? given everything you've been through? the pain and suffering? these guys make $30 million a year for playing basketball. the red sox won last night. the heat are the seventh champion to sweep four straight games after losing game one. the nba season is finally over right before half time of the rose bowl. coming up at the top of the
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hour on "morning joe," neck and neck. new polls out this morning show a tightening race for president. we'll take to you that horse race when we come back. we'll huddle around the water cooler and also hillary clinton lets her hair down and dons mardi gras beads and sun glasses without a trip to bourbon street and donny deutsch just arrived. [ morgan ] lopez lomong started running when he was six and he didn't stop for three days and nights as he escaped life as a child soldier. twenty years later, he was still running, he st had a different thing driving him. every step of the way. ♪ visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. join our global cheer. or treat gas with these after you get it.
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okay. we told you at the top of the show that the heat won the title over the thunder last night giving lebron james his first championship. lebron saved one of his best performances for the final game. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends that lebron james and james worthy are the only players in nba history whose first triple-double of the season came in nba title wins. worthy's only triple-double of the 1988 season game in game seven of the final and was also named mvp. let's gather around the water cooler to watch our favorite secretary of state hillary clinton unleash her wild side, spicing up a swearing-in
5:55 am
yesterday of michael hammer. clinton decided to get appropriately attired. hammer and his family were wearing purple, his favorite color, and hillary clinton brought her own accessories. >> i have pant suits in nearly every color. except purple. okay. so, repeat after me. i state your name -- >> i, mike hammer. >> do solemnly swear -- >> do solemnly swear -- >> that i will support and defend -- >> that i will support and defend -- >> the constitution of the united states. how great is she? still ahead, why are you still awake?
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your tweets and e-mails are next. "morning joe" is moments away.
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at the top of show we asked you why are you awake. john tower has your answers. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. bif in new york, i knew when i saw barnicle yesterday in the park in hot pants and a tank top walking under a parry sol he would survive the heat wave, glad he did. >> a man's got to do what a man's got to do. i have this irish skin, i have to protect it. thanks very much. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ the heat is on ♪ on the street >> the miami heat are once again nba champions. lebron james captures that elusive title he so desperately coveted. >> lebron james averaged 28.6 poin points, 10.2 rebounds, 7.4


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