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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 28, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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killed him. >> cheney was worried about that. >> what did you learn some. >> the heart bycheney said you can live many years and a good quality of life. >> he looks so much better. he looks great. it's way too early, what time is it are? >> time for "morning joe." have a great day, everybody. >> off year election, you say? that to bill clinton in virginia. like only he can. it to shaq who is in the airwaves. in new jersey for chris christie. it to ted cruz touring iowa like hoe has nothing to lose. things are getting tense between the u.s. and key european allies over reports that the nsa has been listening to calls and reading e-mail for years. white house said president obama didn't know about it.
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the deep dive into the relationship between two men known by three letters. w and the vp. the tension that ended their term together gotten better or worse in the last five years? good morning from washington. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. get to my first reads of the morning. with eight days before election day, democrats in virginia are setting sights on their first sweep of statewide offices since 1989 as new jersey governor chris christie goes for a transformational blowout, pulling out all the stops to break maybe even 60%. unheard of for a republican in that state. a string of polls show that terry mcauliffe is several points ahead of his republican rival, ken cuccinelli. the question is what it will lock like on november 5th. he brought in the big dog, long time friend and former president
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you may know by the name of bill clinton. boost turn out particularly among african-american voters in college towns. on sunday, clinton kicked off a four-day, nine-city tour of the state with mcoffive. casting cuccinelli as divicive. he urged democrats not to take anything for granted. >> the one political virtue of extremism is this. if you can really get people all hot and bothered and their inside is in knots, full of anger and steam coming out of their ears instead of a light bulb going off in their brains, they will vote. they will show up every time. >> republicans inside washington run against health care and republicans outside washington run against washington, democrats everywhere are running against the tea party. >> just recently my opponent,
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ken cuccinelli was campaigning at a gathering of his supporters with ted cruz. he refused to stand up for virginia and against ted cruz's shut down strategy. >> they love to criticize terry and say he's a deal maker. remember what we went through and i will say give me one. give me one. just one. >> clinton cast criticism with the health care site's rocky roll out as an unwillingness to govern. >> we have to implement this law and the computer deal will get fixed up. don't worry about that. everybody's forgotten when president george w. bush, a republican, put that medicare part d drug program in, it was more unpopular than the health care law and they had terrible problems with the computers. our side is not so ideological.
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instead of bashing and scream being how incompetent they were, we tried to help people understand the law and make it work. >> clinton begins another marathon day today at 10:15 in norfolk. democrats sweep the state in virginia and republicans get clobbered and it sends a real message to the state of the republican party and if republicans write that off, they do so at their own peril. democrats tried the same ignoring the signs that became the 2010 republican wave starting this virginia in 2009. so far president obama is yet to do a campaign event that was supposed to happen in the shut down, but shut down got in the way. could happen this weekend. hillary clinton will be raising money this week in california. kentucky senator rand paul will speak for ken cuccinelli. he has a libertarian on the ballot and this man in virginia is taking votes from cuccinelli more than mcauliffe which is why
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you see him wanting to be with rand paul. republicans hope to hang their hat on a big win in new jersey. the question is not whether kristi will win, but how big the margin will be and if his all but certain victory will allow him impressive results with younger voters, folks that have been voting democrat. the problem for the gop, he wants nothing to do with the national party. he is closing with the story that made him unbeatable where he was a rising republican star to a rising star. in an interview with the bergen record, he plays up the relationship with the president and defends himself after the storm against the house gop saying this. i would have given the president the exact same treatment if the president had broken his word to me on things he told me were going to happen with relation to sandy. he never has so that's why he hasn't gotten that treatment. kristi gets an 11th hour endorsement from the big
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aristotle, shaquille o'neal. >> i don't endorse many politicians, but chris christie is different. he is working to bring jobs ba being to our cities and to help kids in tough neighborhoods get ahead. he's a good man. excuse me. a great man. join me in supporting chris christie, the governor. >> this is not the first time shaq made a surprising endorse am. he endorsed al gore over bill bradley. at that time it was as much about a basketball rivalry as democratic. michael jordan was on bradley's team so shaq picked gore. he is models off of george bush's. they wanted to show distance from the left house republicans as he used reelection in texas to make his case to donors nationally and governors. cri christie will timeout his
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bipartisan accomplishments and reelection as he perfectsa a more anti-washington message. many governors feel they have no choice to utter that their party is taking a beating nationally. listen to this. >> the government almost shut down. now they are tapping somebody's phone and now this. this is creating an issue of confidence in the minds of the american people. we are sitting in a room and figure out what's good and what's bad and how we fix it. the problem is washington talk past one another. >> listen to him quickly pivoting and noting that there was a democratic governor in talking about working it out with the democrats. he is running for reelection in a swing state if you haven't figured that out. republican governors against washington and every candidate who was not incumbent are trying
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to use the disgust d.c. as for mike enzi who said he was blind sided from his former friend. >> mike also said he and i are fishing buddies which is simply not true. never happened. the fact of the matter is washington is not going to election the next senator. the people of wyoming will elect that senator. mike has a record if you review the finances of 84% of his funs from washington-based pacts. >> the weekend split the two halves of the party with purity and electability. in his third visit, ted cruz hunted pheasant with steve king and made the battle of president obama's health care law will help the gop in 2014. >> all the washington strategists say in 2014. let's go back to the model of
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06, 08, and 12. keep your head down and win races. that's not how you win races. that's based on the idea that if your opponent is here, you want to be to the right so that you can capture every marginal voter up to where they are. the problem is if you do that, you destroy every single reason anyone has to show up. >> don't miss this jab from a guy who may give cruz competition. if he decides to run, this is what former presidential candidate and caucus winner said when asked weather cruz's strategy helped or hurt the gop. >> i would say that in the end he did more harm. i think it was not his objective. the objective was not doing a good job pointing it out. it's one thing to have a goal
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and the other thing to get to that goal. >> there is a record number of women in the 113th congress. many made their presence known in recent talks to end the government shut down. women had a harder time when it comes to winning governor's races. there five republican governors. then new hampshire's who is the sole female democratic governor. all but brewer are running for reelection. in 2004 and 20007 they had nine. women could break that record if you include incumbents. 27 women are running for governor and among them mary burke who is seeking to challenge scott walker and wendy davis. a handful of primaries, women will square off against each other with florida, massachusetts and pennsylvania all potentially. pennsylvania congresswoman allison schwartz, one of three
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women running in new york as part of an event with emily's list. she joins me now. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm okay. let me ask the basic question. why do you want to be governor? >> what he has done to pennsylvania and disadvantaged pennsylvanians and left them with little vision to the bottom of economic growth on acceptable states and graded assets and cutting education and really people not trusting him on even the development of the shale and the energy. inexpensive and domestic-produced energy. it's really -- i just looked at what was happening to my home state of pennsylvania and the governor who lacks vision or the ability to get it done. >> let me stop you there. >> it's there for us and i want to take my years of experience
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and my determination and focus and get things done for pennsylvania. >> sounds like you want to get him out of office. is there something that has nothing to do with corbett that makes you want to be governor? >> it starts with incumbent and the fact that he has not done the job he should do for pennsylvania. it's a sharp contrast between the lack of vision that tom is ineffective and the experience i had in elected office now. i have always been someone who was strongly principaled and strongly a democrat. i sought to get things done. i am known in pennsylvania as the mother of chip. the children's health insurance program. it made a difference in millions of lives. that's what we want. can you get things done? can you find the common ground? do you have a vision and are the priorities ours?
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i am running because i have the skills and the experience and i'm ready. >> let me ask you about medicaid funding. governor corbett wants to accept it, but he wants the federal government to allow him to adjust the plan his way or in a way that the state could design it. do you have any problem with that if you were governor? would you want the same flexibility that governor corbett is asking in. >> he's not asking for flexibility. what governor corbett has done is delay the availability for working families in pennsylvania. over 500,000 people in pennsylvania will be disadvantaged. are disadvantaged by living in pennsylvania because of governor corbett's decision not to expand medicaid and to act for conditions that are untenable. as governor, i would accept the billions of dollars from the federal government reserve.
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to use that in a uniquely pennsylvania way to make sure that we provide health services to those under medicaid and working families and to make sure we do it in a way that's cost-effective and high quality. it's being done in other states and in fact by living in pennsylvania, more than half a million people will be disadvantaged. you should never be disadvantaged by living in pennsylvania. >> i want to ask you about the penn state scandal. that was a decision the governor made to sue and have the state sue the ncaa on behalf of penn state that was levelled with the university. did you agree? >> there is a lot to talk about and a lot of criticism of the governor and the way he handled it in particular. the attorney general is looking into that. we will see how that tushes out. the fact is that many pennsylvanians and those who love state and care about penn
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state really are very upset with the way the governor handled it. i do think the dollars are being paid and could come back to pennsylvania and penn state. for penn state, they want to move on. it's a great university and they want to move on. >> sounded like you agreed with the decision to sue. you may not have agreed with the wayy that handled the situation, but considering the money costing penn state. >> this is a decision that penn state and the boards made to accept this. and to move on. i think that is something i want to respect. would i like to see more of that moan spent in pennsylvania? sure. the governor has done nothing to protect children from child abuse and that is equally unacceptable. >> one of the potential criticisms is the idea that you might be too liberal to win state-wide and it's hard for
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anybody from philadelphia not named ed rendell to win statewide. >> that's old fashioned wisdom. the fact that pennsylvanians i agree with pennsylvania's majority and they believe women should have access to health services that they need. and family planning is the debate we had in this country and pennsylvania. we have a governor who has been a dismissive and demeaning of women. that's not what they want to see. i stand with pennsylvanians and believe they will stand with me. >> allison schwartz, we will be watching the campaign and one of the hottest races in 2014. thanks for coming on. >> good to be with you. >> up next, senator rubio's big indication. a fresh start for a famous landmark and a lot more numbers you need to know to get through your day. a look at the politics planner. jeb bush is going to be in
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>> time for monday's data bank to start your week with numbers that won't save the world, but might save you during that walk ward pause. first up, zero is the chance that senator rubio's office gives marco rubio supporting a conference meeting. the immigration bill with a more limited bill that might come out of the house. rubio spokesman said we are recognizing the reality that the house will not pass immigration
9:21 am
reform. this time the only approach that has a chance of success is to focus on the aspects of reform on which there is a consensus through a series of individual bills. rubio is saying if there is a dummy bill out of the house that would force a conference commito to get the bill passed, he would not support his own bill. next up, $24 million is how much money outside groups have spent either for or against all the folks running for governor or state legislature in the state of new jersey. they said that's a record amount for the exlection that will likely see chris christie cruising to a second term. remember between new york and philly it's expensive to run ads in the garden state. a lot of money for an election we know is going on. next up, 45 is the margin that makes chris christie jealous. how many points bill deblasio has in a new poll from the new
9:22 am
york stay mayor's race. both candidates agreed to debate it and it's the anniversary of super storm sandy. that brings us to the next number. 364 is how many days ellis island has been closeded for repair after the destructive storm. the halls and buildings will be back hope, millions of documents and photos and other artifacts remain at other facilities until more repair work is done. speak of storm, the next number is 1982. the last year that only two hurricanes emerged from the atlantic. how about that? despite predictions earlier, scientists say that dry dusty air from the sahara and sinking air over the atlantic are top factors. i guess we won't talk about climate change. finally, 22 is how many points
9:23 am
the wide guys in vegas said we are an underdog with the team from them. up next, secrets and spies. president obama to diplomatic damage control as the leaks keep on coming from edward snowden from the top adviser to the president about what the president knew and when he knew it. first today's trivia question. what is the most populous state with one woman in its congressional delegation. the first person to tweet the correct question will get the on air shout out. the answer and more coming up next. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action.
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read and disclosures about u.s. spying threatening america's most crucial alliances. president obama came in with the goal of restoring america's standing in the world. you can argue nothing has done more than the leaks released by edward snowden. they monitored communications by dozens of leaders. this week on the delegation from the european union, get more information on this u.s. surveillance. at the same time world leaders continue to vent anger and frustration. german chancellor angela merkel who does have a close personal bond with president obama and key allies in the years of the crisis. germany is sending their own delegation with the national security adviser and asked him that president obama said to merkel when the two spoke in that phone call last week. >> the president said we are not
9:28 am
going. >> we don't want to get into the business and everything we have done in the past. >> we make necessary reforms. and how can we be transparent. >> on sunday they denied german reports they knew merkel was the subject of spying. the "wall street journal" reports that president obama didn't know about the surveillance program and once he learned about it over the summer, the program itself was halted. back here in the u.s., the chairman mike rogers said critics like germany and france have the wrong when it am cans to the value of surveillance. >> it's a good thing. it keeps the french and the u.s. savey and european allies safe. >> let me move on. >> the whole notion that we go after 50e67 other on what is legitimate protections is
9:29 am
disingenuo disingenuous. >> this is on edward snowden on the intelligence community. is he confidence on everything snowden asked. >> we did in the aftermath review what the approximate potential damage is. i don't think we have certainty about everything he has, but i think we established a good understanding of what the risks are and that we are seeking to mitigate the risks. >> bring in the monday gaggle. daniela gibbs and former governor from maryland and partner at the white house. the senior white house correspondent for the associated press. i will make you start here. ing had hearing him saying no certainty, this goes to the other story, side story here in washington and has to do with the frustration that everybody has that at the nsa and management.
9:30 am
number one, a guy had access to this and couldn't inventory anything. >> this is the biggest problem because without certainty, they can't figure out the strategy for reacting to it. one after another they are waiting for the newspaper reports to tell them what snowden had. within the white house, they don't feel a lost pressure domestically to change their response, but internationally this is a huge problem. when you have someone like angela merkel who is the senior states woman in all the summits where the president is, one of the few world leaders he has a relationship with, they work well together. you have reports that nsa is monitoring her phone calls, this is not the kind of thing that will blow over. >> she grew up in east germany. >> the germans are sensitive. >> we get it. >> this is not -- the french and the obama administration have no sympathy. the germans do.
9:31 am
>> i agree. two issues. access, damage, negligence, trying to get a handle on it is one issue. this begs for a larger question. what you heard there in that interview is look, the president is going to dos in job. they are protecting the united states interns. the only thing that you don't have allies, you have interest. we are not going to stop surveilling. >> sounds like you don't think it should be an issue. you think this is a national security issue. >> yes. >> the of the president's base doesn't like this nsa business. >> a large part. >> he is sticking to it and said what is the president more upset about? the revelations or the tactics? revelations. he made no bones about it. >> he is right and they don't know what he has. that poses a big problem and i spent the last two weeks in
9:32 am
germany and that's all anyone wanted to talk about. >> this is the number one story. >> it's a huge story and a huge problem, but they are going to get to the bottom of it. it's the uncertainty of knowing when things will come out. it's not good. >> there is the issue of why didn't he know about it? it's the health care website. some you can understand why. >> you understand it. they are right. >>s are there is a pattern. on something as significant as surveilling the phone conversations of one of your closest allies, you wonder why that's the type of thing that didn't make it into the oval office sooner. >> number one and republicans are not going to try to take advantage nor do i believe they should. his number one description is to protect the public. a post 9/11 era. job one for him. i wish him to err on the side of
9:33 am
security. >> there has to be a balance though. >> it's a balance. >> right, right. >> then it's going to be. >> a lot of people's minds if something were to happen. why weren't you monitoring. >> the other issue is the nsa mismanagement. that's another thing about this white house. they don't like to fire people in the moment. people then get fired like five months later and decide to leave. general alexander, we know he is leaving and they are trying to say it's not connected. of course it is. everybody in the intelligence community is furious. >> i'm sure you had several people say this to you and people say we don't work on washington's time frame. everyone is calling for someone to be fired. we work on a different time frame. you run the risk of a period like you are not handling an issue and taking it seriously. >> i do. i have been in that position at governor's level and you want to
9:34 am
be careful about this stuff. particularly the relationships. >> feed you people. >> but you do eventually fire somebody and you like to wait? >> you move them quietly. >> you all love that. >> i can make so many jokes. hold off. we will talk more hot politics and that will get you fired up. tension at the top. we look at the rocky relationship between and cheney. what was going on behind the scenes. peter baker has a good job. only on "the daily rundown" on msnbc. has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50
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>> scooter's work on behalf of the american people and sacrificed much. we are all saddened by the news, we remain focused on the many issues and opportunities facing this country.
9:38 am
>> daily flash back. this day in 2005 when louis scooter libby, vice president's chief of staff resigned after being indicted on obstruction of justice and false statements in that cia leak case. that brings us to today's deep dive. we are learning that the scooter libby affair deepened a crack in the fractured relationship between president bush and vice president cheney. president bush and vice president cheney seemed to move in locked step for a while. a new book while my next guest reveals the problems in the relationship. when the president asked donald rumsfeld to resign, he kept it secret from dick cheney until it was time to pick a replacement. condoleezza rice replaced cheney as the top adviser. bush and cheney disagreed on who to trust. president bush said he had a sense of vladimir putin's soul. they rolled their eyes and he
9:39 am
joked when he looked into putin's soul, he only saw the letters k, g, and b. with the nomination falling apart cheney responded i tried to tell him. president bush and vice president cheney disagreed on dozens of issues from north korea to gun rights to detaining terror suspects. the scooter libby affair was the last straw. the split is memorialized at the presidential library. one of the most famous vice presidents is virtually absent from every key exhibit at the library. the decisions they made together changed the course of the country. what do the disagreements reveal about the decisions and the legacy? peter baker authored the new book, days of fire. bush and cheney in the white house. peter? good morning to you. here we are. scooter libby indictment
9:40 am
anniversary. that was the last straw. what was the first one? where did this crack start? that seems to be what i think everybody has been trying to figure out. >> one of the surprising things is people have this idea of the puppet master theory about how powerful cheney was and the truth was even if you look at the early days and find examples where bush didn't go along with vice president chenno important things. cheney wanted to attack iraq back in july of 2002. the president said no. it begins to draw apart even further after the invasion and after the weapons aren't there and after things go bad in iraq. the president thinks about his second term. what is he go to do some he begins to go more towards diploma diplomacy. north ka rhea and iran and cheney feels that's moving away from the principals they shared.
9:41 am
>> this is when it's clear they have more bush's era than cheney. that was the first piece of evidence. >> that's the biggest example of that right. she is very interested and eager to have a deal with north corae that doesn't see military options. they felt like they should take a much harder line. >> there was always something with this relationship that the push people liked us in the media to assume that was the split sometimes. it was almost a good cob bad cop routine that i thought they were going isn't this great? some of it was forever show. any evidence of that? >> cheney does take the arrows. >> he seems to be fine. >> exactly. comfortable doing it. >> she not going to run for president. he is a very useful foil for president bush. he told aaron hughes he was worried about this perception.
9:42 am
you don't understand. this is good for me. this is useful for me politically. it begins to irritate him and wear at him. the second term is coming along and vice president cheney offers to drop off a ticket. they is decide to think about it and in part he said the show is in charge. visitors that come over lunch and meetings and would make the point, look, i like dick cheney a lot. i didn't do what he wanted to do half the time. >> the scooter libby indictment is seen as the most public break between the two. it led to what seemed to be an 18-month pretty much a freeze in their relationship. is that fair to say? >> i think they parted as having been partners and not really friends. bush went back to texas and said in dallas when i saw obama's
9:43 am
hand go occupy that day, i thought free at last, free at last. he was no longer second fiddle. he was free to say what he wanted and he begins going after president obama on some of these national security issues. >> did that make bush uncomfortable? >> he asked visitors. what do you think is going on with vice president cheney. he rarely gave much indication. >> it did seem in the first 18 months, the lone voice against president obama's national security, the loudest lone voice on the right is cheney. per are they think they accomplished something and forced president obama's administration to rethink the investigation into the officers who were involved in interrogations that went too far. they believe they were standing up for principal. that was the interesting proxy fight. when he was criticizing obama it seemed potentially to be in effect when he wasn't saying about president bush. >> let me go big picture.
9:44 am
could it be perception that people had of bush in 1998 and 1999 that he was a moderate and maybe a little bit toot right of his father and bushes represented the more moderate wing of the republican party and cheney represented the more conservative populous and that may have been forgotten? they are looking back and this was a political marriage of convenience. it did unite wings of the party. >> president bush was more conservative than his father. >> on social issues. >> i think at the end he wishes he were more like his dad. >> here ends in the more conventional administration than he started with. >> interesting. i didn't know if i was ready to read it, but i enjoyed it a lot. there was more to this than scooter libby. good luck with this.
9:45 am
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>> trivia. pennsylvania is the most populous state that only has one woman in the congressional delegation and you just saw her. allison schwartz. the only woman out of 20 members of the house and senate. congratulations to today's winner. send your trivia questions to we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
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if our website still isn't loading properly, we're probably just overloaded with traffic. millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunately, the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. so if you're in a rush, consider using our low res website with simpler fonts and graphics. >> let's bring back the monday gaggle. daniellea, and julie. it is amazing. i go back to a conversation i had last week which iessentially democrats are the party that can't seem to get government right and republicans are the party that don't want to govern. which is worse right now as far as the public is concerned? >> that's harsh. >> but it's sort of why this is
9:53 am
everything. >> look, they're in a tough predicament right now, but i -- i don't think anybody feels like the website is not going to get fixed. like it's a problem, it was a disaster. i think people will be fired. you know, but at the end of the day, they will fix it and it will work. what i think is really disingenuous are the republicans who are outraged. they don't want health care to work so all of their pot shots are not about trying to make it get better, they just want to kill it. >> governor, if the website becomes a proxy for whether the law works or not -- >> the website is a short-term story. it's people getting their health insurance. everybody new he was wrong at the time, you could keep your health if you wanted it. >> let me ask you this. >> yes. >> if you were in congress -- >> i feel strongly about that. >> i see that. would you be trying to work to change parts of the law or simply give up on it? >> it's so unworkable. it's a lousy law. it was put together negligently. but with regard to the people who put it together, it's
9:54 am
actually working. they want to move away from employer-based health care. they're dropping their -- >> who wants to move away from employer-based health care? employers. >> and, by the way, medicaid rolls exponentially increasing here. that's the role here, government health care. >> julie, this is obviously on one hand, the white house knows, they essentially lucked out with the crazy shutdown strategy because if it wasn't for that, this would be as much of a feeding frenzy as it is with snl. it would have been a month of this. >> absolutely. i think that it's going to go on probably for a few more weeks at least. if it does get fixed, then there's a possibility that they could get the numbers that they need, the right mix of people they need. but what we're all talking about and the white house is worried about is that mix. if you have young, healthy people who don't really feel an incentive anyway to get health insurance and they have maybe tried to log on already and they have given up or not going to come back, that mix isn't right. >> the numbers don't work and
9:55 am
they won't work. >> i've been told basically december 15th, december 1 to 15 if they look -- they have been using massachusetts as sort of the enrollment, watching that, and it was that initial enrollment before the last one before the law kicked in that they got a bunch of young people to show up. and this is it. if it's not working by december 1st, then suddenly they won't get the young folks and the whole law comes undone. >> it's a problem. they're under a timetable. they have got to get this working by the end of november, absolutely. >> this is the high water mark for obama care. it goes south from here. forget about the glitches with the health -- >> that's a high bar setting. >> the numbers don't work. that's the problem. >> that's a high bar, all right. shameless plugs, julie. >> e.p.'s fabulous health care reporter who's working 24/7 on stories. >> who's creating deadlines. >> he is colleague smart on health care. >> last week caps progress 2050
9:56 am
released a new poll about how americans feel about diversity and the coming demographic change. it's our our website. >> new book, "america hope for change" and my princeton tigers over harvard, 51-48. it was a beautiful weekend. >> ivy league football, why not. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." we'll see you right back here tomorrow at 9:00. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye. avo: t volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st. for details, visit today.
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