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they faced this is not a provocation but a warning. before it and you should see several already issued a supreme retreat speaks they have no idea about the hardships to face. they wanted to says it all to two minutes and are in the army for the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victories
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nineteen forty five got on t.v. dot com. in india. the. polish president. beatriz the. taj mahal hotel. the. hotel close. to leave the. church. very collection. was a. fever pitch. come to russia to look over the football's biggest prize. twenty eight. talks to those who have all the playful. five
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years after israeli settlers were uprooted from gaza thousands of jewish people living in the west bank fear they're also about to be forced to. the weather crisis just won't let go rush. in the north west while still reeling from weeks of an unprecedented heat wave wildfires and suffocating smoke. midnight here in moscow now straight to our top story international officials are assessing russia host one of the planet's most spectacular sporting events the football world cup the inspections began in one of the cities which would be used if the country wins the right. reports from russia.
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well the can petition of course is very strong russia is up against countries hold we have had experience in hosting a world cups in other major international football championships countries such as japan the united states united kingdom south korea on down other hand however russia right now is in the pros this is over reparations for the winter olympics in sochi in two thousand and fourteen so it is caught up in that dynamic of preparing for a major international row position also fee fi is known for supporting developing countries which could be moved to work in favor over show holding the world cup after they came to st petersburg could he find spector's visit to a stadium a cold feet jewel staite in case russia wins that this stadium will be used to hold semifinals of the world cup their next stop is moscow to that they will go to social and cazan altogether thirteen russian cities with a pretty stiff eight hundred in this builds their results will be announced on the
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second of december this year so in just a couple of months time meanwhile russians of course a very closely monitoring this bid many of whom hold that rushing deep will win after the inspectors came to st petersburg they held a brief press conference during which they have said that they're going to be very strict with questions and that russia should be prepared for that and to russian authorities have already prepared five hundred kilograms worth of favorite in documentation proving russia's credibility for holding the world cup of course of those the young football players who are learning only learning right now also very much looking forward for this decision to be made hoping it will be in favor of over russia and they will be able to take part is that in this said major international competition as i've ever been at the recruits. for these boys football is their life they train every single day they're just
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twelve you. is old and if the world cup does come to russia in twenty eighteen the hopes and expectations of a nation resting on their shoulders pressure that would make others of their age crumble but for the boys at spartak moscow is youth academy discipline and desire and more important it's not the fear of failure that drives them is the fear of missing the chance to play in a world cup on home turf there are some really want russia to horse to twenty eighteen world cup it's the purpose of my life if we keep working hard we have a good chance of making the team by the trainings no walk in the park before they can even touch the ball they must endure a punishing nonstop fitness routine for the first hour the coaches know the boys have talent but it's their hunger that's the key this man is no stranger to that he knows what it takes to play in a world cup not a lot of it was a defender for the u.s.s.r. in the one nine hundred seventy championships bags of hercules. i was gripped by
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a burning desire to see the world but how could i do that in those days so i told myself that i would be a football player i pledged that never in my life would i smoke a cigarette or drink a gram of wine or beer you know he never had the chance to play in a world cup at home but he knows it's something not to be missed and is playing in front of your own fans hearing the whole country's support behind you is something you can't beat as a footballer you want nothing else i never got the chance but if these boys do it'll change their lives was football's a matter of national pride in russia this is how the country reacted when the team reached the semifinals of the two thousand and eight european championships i. was hope this support will swing fief is vote some of. the most important thing is affordable is a national sport which is loved in every city and village in this country there.
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the found support here is unconditional they just want more to cheer about and no winning this bid will help it's got the university at that with a world cup at home would give the youth coaches an added impetus so that by two thousand and eighteen their research will talented young players to defend on or a version of football with the emblems of pressure on their chest still not that it's the only thing these boys dream. i've been it r.t. moscow. five years ago israel pulled out of gaza leaving it to the palestinians the aim then was peace but the some jewish settlers refused to leave quietly the consequence was more criticism and ongoing violence so now that israel's thinking over a withdrawal from the west bank as well some settlers are worried they're also about to be forced from their homes. five years on and the pictures still haunt israeli soldier pitted against israeli citizen israelis had hoped that by
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withdrawing one thousand settlers from gaza they'd be extending an olive branch to the palestinians but most underestimated the violence and heartbreak that would follow after the presence of the soldiers and they went to the window and shouted i said why don't you come and knock on the door like normal people they told me your and arrest you were supposed to have loved guards or already the soldiers were crying the children were crying i was crying i looked at the guards i looked at the sea i said that's it it's over. you are full of ryan lived in gaza with her husband and nine children for sixteen years until the last moment they refused to pack up and leave with nothing more than the clothes on their back assigned to their house was the only thing they brought with him. five years ago most israeli supported the withdraw but today more than half think it was a mistake throughout israel there are some dozen communities like this where gaza
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refugees despite the promises made to them are still living in temporary housing. and now in settlements across the west bank people are afraid the same fate awaits them sure goldstein has been mayor of the settlement block for eleven years he's furious with israeli premier benjamin netanyahu who in his latest bid for peace allegedly offered the palestinians ninety percent of the west bank if they agree to direct talks palestinian president mahmoud abbas is under pressure to give an answer in the coming days if the government of israel. would decide to go out of there so why are forming quitting suicide there with the israel if we're going to give the. drive for a. vehicle. terek drive it for ten minutes who can defend it these really government spends more than two billion dollars evacuating eight thousand city has
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from gaza it would need to remove many fifty times that number from the west bank a financial and logistical nightmare a more thorough assessment snipping type of thing until we thought we had a thing here numbers were the first location. was the for in therm maybe we could reach an agreement. for many of those two states and the palestinian sovereignty today more than ever israeli settlers in the west bank have the sympathy of the israeli public the last thing they want is a repeat of these pictures. to what the public say to normal. we're not going to do it like this. we're not going to disengage we're not willing to do any concessions it's time of the arabs it's time of the palestinians to do their part in the game and while the israeli government contemplates another withdrawal the awful of rand still waiting to be reimbursed for her home she was
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promised a new life but he's still living in a caravan five years later policy r.t. keyboards and saw in southern israel. the situation in gaza after the pullout in two thousand and five seem no improvement and in fact israel still in control says dr honey over susi is a political analyst from gaza that i spoke to. what we have in gaza yet is still an israeli occupation because what had been in two thousand and five there was an end of the q.b. she for me as a political analyst i believe that was very redeployment for the israeli army. has increased even more than before and this specially for the past three years especially after the election of hamas. form with the hamas government and policy literature was in gaza and i was going and we have we missed the war in the gaza strip at the end of two thousand and eight so we believe life has become bitter
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things have even bad consequences or for the long term because in illegal tim for some people seeing gaza it becomes independent and we would have the responsibility on the gaza strip for others and for more political analyst they believe here their israeli side would have the full responsibility and the gaza strip still under the israeli occupation up to now this is r t coming up on the program making their voices immigrants in finland hope a part of the road will break down barriers and the threat of racial unrest but not everyone thinks it'll work we've got a report coming up. where the before the strong winds and heavy rains are taking the place of the record heat wave that's been baking russia since the middle of june on sunday up to one hundred thousand people were left with an electricity after a hurricane that some people work suburbs uprooting trees and causing streets to
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flood the storm swept through this eventually areas overturning cars damaged rail lines and christie was forecast to say the hurrican level winds will hit moscow within the next few days there is little respite from the extreme weather which is already endangered lives in russia this year crews have a tough battle as well to get the people because of the number of emergency calls at record levels. hearing tina and yvonne haven't left their partner and for days the husband and wife struggle with the daily heat wave blasting their home but it's better than even thinking about going outside in. side i haven't been out in the streets for days the heat is so difficult for us it's hard to breathe and your hearts can give you trouble with no air conditioning and only one hundred eighty u.s. dollars per month pension even than his wife can only rely on their daughter she hangs what drapes and doorways and perseverance with damp cloths in an attempt to
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ward off the heat and the trouble it brings. nice and cool. this couple is peering through thanks to their daughter the others are not moscow's prolonged heat wave has endangered thousands of lives with the brunt of it falls on the elderly emergency services are getting twice as many colds daily as they would in any other month with the result being that not every patient gets help in time there are no official statistics on how many people have died in the past two months but many still find a way to speak out. ambulances are bringing old people in huge numbers all of them are suffering from heat stroke in the hospitals all windows and doors are open so the smoke is everywhere even in the surgery rooms in the intensive care unit would close the windows but they're still full of smoke it's forty degrees and the smell of rotting bandages is everywhere medics are working round the clock trying to get
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every patient on time even private healthcare has seen an increase in calls me the pressures of the research we get a lot of calls and some not from regular clients which we handle it all we will start and will stocked the ambulance it's all simon screaming but without the weather on their side even the medical men may find themselves playing it down on the brain. gas religion or the r t moscow. the commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan says he is not bound by the july twentieth date set for a troop pullout general david petraeus says he could well advise president obama not to go ahead if it releases from long time american public support for wars made an all time low with july being the deadliest month for u.s. and nato troops since two thousand and one but frustration growing about the occupation of afghanistan politicians in germany are even suggesting talking to the taliban terrorist organizations to avoid a further escalation of violence frederick william angle's author of the
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bestselling book century of war told me instability in the central asian region is in america's interest. comments about pulling out by july of next year are simply ludicrous as petraeus indicated the nato troops and certainly the u.s. force command are not at all planning to pull out because the afghan. patient you have to understand it has nothing to do or very little to do with afghanistan for say it has to do with russia it has to do with china it has to do with the central asian countries and spreading what some of called a thirty years war scenario to prevent the independent development economically of china russia and the c.o. shanghai cooperation states so this is all politics on the part of obama about pulling up next there's even a question of what is the taliban in afghanistan today because. the u.s. military gun press releases call any quote unquote opposition groups that are
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trying to get occupy occupation armies out of their country after thirty years of war they call them the taliban automatically answer very unclear whether this is an organized force as it was before. october two thousand and one but the german politicians in the conservative wing are really quite desperate at this point because they realize that this is a highly unpopular war german soldiers are coming back in body bags and. they can't fathom the sense of it so they're they're fishing for some kind of dialogue the human rights thing is is simply a face saving device which means that they. are pretending to do something worse in reality they're not going to do anything. or frederick and they'll speak to me there on the vietnam war is regarded by many as america's bloodiest defeat in history so what did almost sixty thousand u.s. servicemen really die for find out what vietnam veterans really think about the war
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thirty five years on and our special report in fifteen minutes time. she joined the military because i thought that it was my duty that it was something that i do to help my country. my government that it is necessary for america to feel. there was a lot of drug abuse there was a lot of murder of american officer soldier there were a lot of. people the way i always thought i wanted to limit a lot of medals to get me to have a lot of desperation. but afterwards i realize that they don't mean anything. that importance. i don't i don't i never kept the medal. now to say the program coming up shortly tonight immigrants living in finland could
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soon be represented by their very own palm and the country's trying to deal with a relatively new phenomenon of large scale immigration before any potential problems to nasty. again all the right notes has become a success two decades ago he ran to study in europe met his wife in italy and both moved to where he continued his education. here then i came direct i was. very busy so i didn't have a lot of stress i get a lot of sports fans. and i tried my written off life this speaking six languages it's not been difficult for most in to integrate now he has a two year old daughter and a home in helsinki but not every immigrant in finland is as successful. as
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a local newspaper and claims newcomers are often denied jobs simply because they don't have a finnish name born abroad to a finnish mother she joined up with other immigrants to propose a parliament to fight for the rights of the newcomers the. finnish society systematically not ready to understand that it's changing and even though currently the amount of immigrants is only about three percent of the population if measures are not taken now the problems are only going to grow more and organizers say the immigrant parliament will be an independent nonpolitical organization but not many finns including this member of parliament from the finnish folk support the project i don't think it's a good idea. to integrate people who. are coming in to fail on down they are not predictable many immigrants or refugees from troubled regions like somalia and iraq and some of them don't speak finnish that
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means they can't find a job so they live on state handouts it's provoked a backlash from right wing nationalist in the country authorities support. the immigrant problem is seeing me help stop the rise of racial hatred we would like to do the policy so that we can also hear the voice of immigrants so i think that this pallium is a good idea because this gives morris. to migrants and they can act as a kind of a device or board that voting is going through next year imperial would finish problem in three elections every registered immigrant who's over eighteen in his move in food for at least two years will be able to take port every person sure we have the right for a decent life and to travel but having this right doesn't mean abusing it living where the means of others' feelings may be new to the immigration issue but it's long become a part of the reality for many other european state and now the time has come for
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this country to find its solution before the software emerging problems turn into a nationwide crisis you've got this going off or d. healthy. the bottom of russia's late by cause attracted the attention of another v.i.p. tourist this time top hollywood director james cameron the dive for the bottom on board the russian media the submersible the subway just fifty sixth birthday he follows in the steps of politicians and celebrities including the russian prime minister and the president of mongolia and it was not his first time on board this particular vessel even cameron used it back in one nine hundred ninety seven while shooting the box office in titanic he said the underwater experience also inspired his recent blockbuster avatar. rapper wide clip shows bid for the presidency of haiti made headlines last week so tale of that he's miniport my went to meet his fellow us rapper immortal technique to ask if the music industry can offer more than just empty words to haiti right now that
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interview coming right up. you took the incentive to help raise money for haitian so many hundreds of thousands that are still in need why did you feel that you actually had to fly over to haiti to see the dispersant on the funds i went there at the request of. haiti and always around eighty. there's
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a club s.o.b.'s in downtown new york that was gracious enough to involve themselves personally in the cause to support the haitian people. and when i heard about the what was going on i said you know whatever you guys need from me and they said we want to get the word out about what's really going on here you know so the best way to do that is to come down there not to read pamphlets full of statistics or to just study them in books but also to actively participate in them you know i think that's the line between an activist and a revolutionary where you have to involve yourself a lot more than the particular cause and have the most serious commitment sometimes i get accused of being too serious but because of the territory i'm. ask about a few things that you saw there the children the orphans from what i read you actually were holding think a one year old in your hand and then when you were done holding out of a child past that one year old off to another level you're all talking about that
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experience and what you saw in terms of the kids in the orphanage there the thing that struck me is how young of the country it is and when people come to me and asked me you know what is haiti need as i say that haiti needs schools they need education they need to be able to learn how to be self-sufficient self-sustaining and to not always be reliant on foreign aid which is equivocal to the large corporations and large countries paying themselves and saying that they're donating money to hire these are foreign aid is this is a deceptive i'm not saying that all of that is i want to clarify that i'm in no way shape or form ungrateful or i'm trying to discount the support that. haiti has gotten from every major i did see from a country to a corporation because they have saved people's lives they've pulled people out of rubble they've done an extraordinary amount of things but i think that there is a level of corruption that exists to meet the surface when we talk about foreign
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aid when we talk about donating to a cause when we talk about the fees that are incurred for certain aid organizations that have what is it forty percent off the top they go to their expenses. i think it's a little disingenuous but. that's my opinion but when i look at haiti and what it signifies when i see that someone who is eleven years old worrying about raising three other kids around them younger than them it really. struck a chord according to the new york times only five percent of the rubble has actually been removed do you see that with your own eyes what did it look like when you were. walking through absolutely as you go through port au prince and the surrounding areas and you'll see buildings that are still collapsed their. counterpart to the white house is still in shambles broken down people are trying
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to build rebuild their own independent businesses. on the rubble itself you know that making every desperate attempt they can to take. whatever structure is still left and build something out of it. when we talk about their safety and what their living conditions are what i saw is that the people who are inside the tent cities there are usually about two or three families per ten so when you look at those tents it's a little misleading because it's like oh they're fine now they have a tent you know no they don't and that's fine you know what happens when hurricane season comes how those tents going to hold up to that you know i think that there is something to look at in terms of a long term vision of what is going to happen to the country who's in the in control of it now it's it's a military state it's a police state run by america and the u.n. and the u.n. at interchangeable entity sometimes i want to ask you about that because you were
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a little harsh in terms of the united nations that what it has gone or has not done for haiti despite the promises that have been made. by the united nations and independently by the united states what do you think the interests are when we talk about people's interests and whether they're genuine. it's hard to say i'm sure some people's interests are very much genuine i'm sure there are people on ground level and people who are below that is executive food chain that sit there and say you know what i'm trying to do something good for the people i'm trying to go out there i bust my in order to make that happen but i don't. they're the ones that design the program the ones that design the protocol you know just the worker bees very well paid worker bees but they don't know how the hive is being formed do they haitians believe from what they told you that the u.s.
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is going to fulfill the promises that it has made in order to help them help them rebuild the younger ones are they really are very positive people. no matter what life throws at them it's like we're going to get through this and if the u.s. is willing to partner with us and help us then hopefully they'll stay to stay true to their word so they're hopeful whereas when i talk to some of the. old a you know they look at it as oh here's the country they kidnapped or at the last president in over here's a country who's been involved in supporting you know brutal dictatorships for decades really here to help haiti right now has an opportunity to completely rebuild that system. from scratch what do you think is going to happen and how do you think it's going to happen it's a country that lives under military occupation a loss to haitian people a proactive.


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