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russia brings together afghanistan. to discuss how to tackle drug traffickers and terrorism in central asia the afghan war seems the major cause of instability.
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clashes are held every day despite the time of year and weather conditions right now it's extremely hot here but as you can see the troops are fully dressed in their uniforms still have to get used to it since this is what they'll have to wear on the job. takes you to the front line of the anti drugs border guards are put through tough training for the mission ahead. a human rights group says the scandal involving an ex israeli all the officer posting pictures of a cell posing with the palestinian detainees is just the tip of the iceberg. investigators say a blast in southern russia the engine could have been the work of the al qaeda linked militant behind munches moscow metro bombings police in the capital on high alert. i started to look at american history and politics and
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realized that my whole life i would like to. ideals hundreds of u.s. nationals feel the american dream has failed them and choose to denounce their citizenship. i live from our studios here in central moscow twenty four hours a day this is our team the russian resort of sochi has welcomed the presidents of afghanistan pakistan in tajikistan the high ranking meeting was set up to discuss how to keep the central asian region stable and prevent the work of drug traffickers. has been following the talks there. providing security and fighting drug trafficking these were the two topics which took a front seat during today's summit in sochi where the route to this is not going to
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be easy russia afghanistan pakistan and the cheekiest on a well aware of the challenges they will meet some in the world wonder whether success is even possible and if so whether all countries of the international community are committed to achieve it by bringing the four nations together russia shows its commitment to support it peaceful stable and prosperous afghanistan and stability in the whole region probably drug threat is a common problem in the region i've already had a chance to discuss it with the presidents of afghanistan and pakistan and the counter to their strengths should be a joint effort neither afghanistan nor russia nor any other country is able to attack on their own with as i've already sent this is a joint problem and we shall combat it jointly while this summit which is the second in a row is of course a significant achievement of the four countries and it will take a long way towards strengthening economic regional ties providing jobs all of which
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are critical for the people of these countries russia is ready to align resources behind peaceful goals of of ghana stand just recently russia signed to over the last portion of again a stance debt and overall was twelve billion dollars all this is done because for russia central asia is a traditional sphere of interest and it has always been sensitive to stability which the afghan conflict is causing currently it's drug trafficking and islamic radicalism which are the main security threats opium comes all the way into russia and further into europe through to jake is done because no visas are required to travel from to take a stand to russia and this is why the drug floods and easily through the open door so tightening security on. these border was one of the main topics discussed today i t z corpuscle not want to see for himself what challenges the people who are
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providing security on the border on the tribal border between afghanistan and to a facing every day turning a boy into a soldier is a tough task but getting him ready to go to one of the most tricky borders in central asia is even more difficult. work i don't know if the other people don't don't go that's why at this training center in done there is no time for games when it comes to dealing with going to stand the center of the global heroin trade. classes are held every day despite the time of year and weather conditions right now it's extremely hot here but as you can see the troops are fully dressed in their uniforms have to get used to it since this is what they'll have to wear on the job after six months trained soldiers are sent to guard the border while new conscripts arrive continuing the cycle the stones border with afghanistan stretches twelve hundred kilometers around seven hundred fifty miles dodgy border guards are being trained by the russian federal security service under
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a deal signed back in two thousand and four the use of different weapons physical education combat deck ticks and survival techniques are all poured over the course . terrorism drug and arms smuggling and human traffic have put this region in the global spotlight that's why there are currently over twenty international organizations including the u.n. in the working to educate stand alone. afghanistan produces over ninety percent of people in the world according to the united nations the death toll from opiates in the two countries is five times more than all the needle soldiers who died in afghanistan since two thousand and one but according to the sheet of the law an independent analyst and the author of dozens of articles about the flow of do. he's unlikely to stop no matter how strong and in demand that water well you know this problem may have various technical solutions but it will never be fully
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solved while there is fighting in afghanistan and global demand for all p.s. . afghan opium production has grown where third since the us led invasion it's thought the billion dollar business brings more money than all foreign investments put together that's why it's unlikely even the most advanced border control system bastable would solve the problem completely business is simply too good you've got this going off r d just on middle east expert james thinks there is a chance that afghanistan could become a source of cooperation between russia and the us. i think russia are a strange thing strengthening its presence in the world in the last few years and i think it's interesting that afghanistan a country which for ten years in the one nine hundred eighty s. was a source of conflict between the two powers is now a source of potential cooperation between ties that are remarkably improved between moscow and washington they both have exactly the same issues there whether it's drug trafficking or islamic radicalism so i think it's very much
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a case of russia leading its own initiative to improve security in its own as you say neighborhood that the u.s. can take enough to support i find it almost incredible to think that the americans say that countering the narcotics in afghanistan isn't part of its mission if we look at the the size of the amount of money that drugs bring in in this country over a billion dollars and the taliban are estimated to to accrue some three hundred million dollars of that a year which makes up some forty to sixty percent of their annual income according to nato figures so if they're fighting the taliban the taliban are largely reliant upon money from this drugs trade so it would seem to be a total no brainer to suggest the americans try to cut off this funding counter-narcotics doesn't always involve simply destroying the crops bear in mind although the farmers in afghanistan are reliant on large areas on growing poppy so it's not simply a matter as what was used in vietnam sort of using chemical weapons against these fields border security is element to it removing the demand back of the border in
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other countries whether it's in the west or and elsewhere there are many ways to approach accounting our products tragedy but it would seem that destroying people's fields is the most blunt and the easiest way to lose any form of hearts and minds you might have in afghanistan and brought back a director of the n.t. will and washington says the four countries are attempting to reassert their sovereignty over the u.s. . since the dissolution the breakup of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred ninety one the american government both the democrats and the republicans didn't really matter who was in charge saw south and central asia and and especially the former soviet republics in that region as a new piece of real estate a possibility for an expansion of american of an american empire of an american sphere of influence of course the resources natural gas and oil which are rich in that region are a vital interest for american corporations and the u.s.
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government and the pentagon see these areas as an effort place to stage new u.s. military installations u.s. military bases so we saw the meeting today and in the recent days with russia and tajikistan and pakistan and afghanistan as an attempt by these countries to reassert their sovereignty their control their independence from the american military occupation in afghanistan but an interest by the united states to dominate the region which predates the afghanistan war the us nato military presence in afghanistan is not really a diminishing so called terrorism or the spread of islamic extremism or whatever the pretext is that it's given for it i think we all know now that the occupation by hundreds of thousands or more than one hundred thousand foreign soldiers in afghanistan is in fact that catalyst for the insurgency for the armed insurgency in afghanistan and probably throughout the region the american military and american
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corporations have no constructive role to play in south central asia what you see happening today russia and ghana stand pakistan stand a meeting together and working together independently of western imperial forces is clearly a better path to take. stay with us here on r.t. because there's lots more to come this hour for you including the phrase first coalition government since nine hundred forty five is marking one hundred days in office has been characterized by massive cuts in public spending comparisons to margaret thatcher's government. but first police here in moscow being put on a state of high alert over fears a car bomb in russia's north caucuses could signal more attacks on the capital the chechen militant leader linked to al qaeda or is suspected of being behind the blast in the town of which injured around thirty people investigators know who owned the car which was loaded with explosives outside the city center cafe that
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location of the man is unknown although he's not currently a suspect meanwhile doctors here in moscow are treating four victims of the blast to a flow to the capital up to twenty five people remain in hospitals in p.r. to go from where our correspondent because of reports. red ribbons divide the lives of people in p.r. to course the street full of cafes packed with visitors turned into militants target only police and residents get through the cordon it was the backyard of lianas schaub that militants used for a parking lot likely she wasn't inside by her friend wallace she still tramples as true cause a story of survival. my shop is near the site of the explosion i didn't have the words to express how i feel i've just been there shop is mostly class no the glass has literally turned to dust it's a miracle a shop assistant is and i have seen her in hospital she's covered in blood and in shark she says when the blast shark she ran out of the shop and lost consciousness
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and right on the tram line up to forty kilos of explosives left thirty injured and a huge hole is now where a cafe once was their car they was parked just over there are and you can actually see at this car if you take a closer look it is claimed to. this belongs to local think i was and then defied what hasn't been found here they have been also other reports saying that the car was stolen a couple of days before an explosion but we haven't received any confirmation of this so far takes a driver live on is back on the streets the day after the bombing in this business street is one of his regular routes he was looking for a parking place when the blast smashed windows but left his car untouched watch. what i found a place to park near the tram and there was a blast it was so big that i thought it exploded when a car was pushed to worry i understood it was
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a terror attack tram windows were smashed in although the road is blocked laval isn't afraid to drive around town he says is his job but some do and surely barnes optimism they've started packing up their things saying they want to move away and leave the horrific sight behind. r t a human rights group says the photos posted on facebook of a former israeli officer posing beside bound and blindfolded palestinian prisoners are the tip of the iceberg the group breaking the silence even went as far as publishing photos of all the soldiers in front of palestinian prisoners israeli army had been defending itself by saying it was a one off and promised to investigate palestinian officials say this incident shows the true attitude of israelis. frank from far from the public committee against torture in israel says the jewish states army lacks discipline and psychological training. these incidents are not isolated these incidents are part of a of
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a trend or part of a ongoing situation in which particular in the case of palestinian detainees are seen as objects are seen as tools either for entertainment to pose with them and that's and that's only part of the problem and the major problem is that is that detainees particularly when they are handcuffed when they're blindfolded face physical violence face humiliation face psychological violence on the part of israeli soldiers after they're arrested there is something fundamentally lacking in the training of israeli soldiers there are different factors that force people to go to go into the army took the army has as a career so in terms of the average intelligence or the average of capability capacity mental capacity i think that they are all perfectly capable of making moral judgments the problem is that there is not enough i think not enough human rights training in the army to explain and to make it clear what is allowed and
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what is not allowed and then there's not enough accountability soldiers are not held accountable the number of soldiers who are actually prosecuted for violence is so minuscule palestinians are afraid to file complaints because they're one they're fraid of retribution and they know that there will not be sufficient prosecutions for many foreigners an american passport promises opportunity and a better life but an increasing number of u.s. citizens have become disillusioned with that country last year alone of a seven hundred people renounce their citizenship three times as many as the year before auntie's nor and that tell us one expectorate why he did it. ken o'keefe grew up an american in a nation that he believed was the greatest in the world a bastion of freedom and democracy in order to protect those ideals he joined the marine corps and went to fight for his country in the gulf war and that's when the american dream became a nightmare i was punished for speaking out about something that my superiors were
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doing. my life became extremely difficult upon my return with a different perspective i started to look at american history and politics and realized that my whole life i had been lied to. i believed in those ideals you know i believed in what i found out that these ideals were really the way america was presenting itself in the world and it became clear to me at some point that i would renounce citizenship and renounce if he did o'keefe applied to the state department to stop being american claim political asylum in holland and burned his u.s. passport o'keeffe knows that not everyone will agree with what he's done some maintain he could have exerted more pressure from inside the system but however they choose to do it middle east commentator alan hart says americans must do something i have a love hate relationship with america on one level americans are the most uninformed misinformed dumbest people on the face of god's earth that's the bad
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news deep down they're also the most idealistic so i say and americans didn't mind me saying it if they were properly informed about the causes and effects of things in the middle east. they could become engaged to make their democracy work it hasn't always been this way at the end of the second world war the us was leading the world both economically and morally but according to carol turner from the stop the war coalition it steadily eroded that goodwill because it's failing to give. it's ethically now attorneys is increasingly forced back to using its military power to impose its will can i say it's a changing that sense since giving up his u.s. citizenship has made it his mission to oppose u.s.
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military action wherever he can and he was on board one of the gaza bound aid ships raided by israeli c'mon days in may and following that he was branded a terrorist by israel can o'keefe now an irish citizen giving up his country wasn't an easy decision and he insists it wasn't one borne out of hatred you know i realized at a certain point citizenship was a social contract and i didn't agree to the charms of the contract obligations you have rights and you have obligations among the obligations is paying taxes those taxes are being used to commit mass murder i don't agree to that a lot of people misinterpret renounce your citizenship or hate america and that's absolutely not the case at all i have a deep love for the american people and i wish that the ideal of america became a reality until that dream becomes a reality o'keefe and others like him will be staying away from the land of the free and the home of the brave. britain's first coalition
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government since nine hundred forty five is marking one hundred days in office since elections in may gave no single party a clear majority conservative prime minister david cameron heads the coalition along with the deputy prime minister liberal democrat nick clegg since its formation the coalition has unveiled sweeping public spending cuts to record budget deficit critics say the cuts have been too drastic and opinion polls show mixed support for the performance of the government so far have been hades general secretary of compass the left wing think tank says it's only a matter of time before the coalition's popularity drops coalition government is inflicting huge huge cuts on public services here in britain i'm cutting public spending even deeper and hard to miss is that in the one nine hundred eighty s. in this is going to have a dramatic effect on those on both lower middle income. is meant. to be a leader of a party that stands up for fairness he also went into the election. campaigning
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against the conservatives plan to rise in value added tax he went into the election promising to scrap try to if he got into government and all of those things he is broke his promise is a liberal democrat party would have been far better i'm going into coalition with labor and having a progressive coalition we've now in this country faced the real prospect of a double dip recession which is a direct consequence of the huge cutbacks the in part nick clegg is responsible for and as i say when these cuts really start to kick in really start to hurt people then we're going to have a hugely unpopular government on our. well that brings up to date for the moment i'll be back with a look at our main news stories in about eight minutes from now in the meantime extreme weather conditions affect the lives of millions heaters region russia and floods devastated pakistan so what's behind these catastrophes well has been
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talking to russian physicist alexander ginzburg who says the only force to blame is mother nature to be coming your way next. but thank you so much for talking to us now these conspiracy theories that have recently flooded. about how there is a geophysical weapon that somebody is testing that is causing all of these problems
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there icelandic volcano. floods in pakistan the heat in russia is that true. it's an interesting question that comes up at least every few years five years ago when hurricane katrina struck the u.s. sure there was a lot of noise perhaps more of it in the western hemisphere than in europe in russia but people started saying that katrina was the result of russian jew physical weapon tests and that nothing would have happened if it wasn't for the evil empire which meant the former soviet union and modern day russia this year since europe russia and china to a degree have all been affected by disasters. this in se asia in hungary whistleblowers came up with a different theory they are saying these disasters are results of retaliation from the u.s. that perhaps the u.s. wanted to strike pakistan and accidently hit russia and europe. in any case my
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answer to your question is no the amount of energy we are able to exert is far too small to affect energy streams in the atmosphere and the oceans are so as to use those streams as a weapon so then what is causing all this climatic chaos the volcano in iceland the abnormal heat in russia floods in pakistan what is the cause behind all of these things. where did this summer disasters in russia europe and pakistan come from well they didn't really come from anywhere situations like this develop in the atmosphere once every few years we call them blocking situations they are characterized by a cycle and the cyclon pair of equal strength facing one another and the cyclon is a massive air spinning one way and producing to standing streams of air in summer and winter this gives a clear sky it also makes the summers hotter now when we have a pack insisting of
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a strong cycle and a strong and decent learned that there can become very stable this pair will sustain itself until it gets tired. we'd have to either wait for that all of autumn to come so that the strong and the so i can would run out of the solar energy it is sustained by. my point is that there is nothing extraordinary about what we are seeing this summer from the meteorological point of view the only thing that is out of the ordinary is how strong the anti cycling in the cycling are. so to the people who would say that. those conditions are a result of global warming would you say that they are mistaken or that they are correct you don't you little good neither this nor that and there are solid grounds for that sidelines in europe and the cyclons in russia are not direct consequences of global warming it's a regular phenomenon. but as i mentioned before the situation is lasting to learn
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if the temperature difference decreases the force which could get cyclons and anti cyclons apart and eliminate the blocking decreases as well so in this respect i can't insist that it's a direct consequence of global manmade warming but as we see it resolution of such booking situations becomes more and more complicated than that do you think that the kyoto protocol actually helps with curbing greenhouse gas emissions and should everybody sign it like countries that have so far refused to sign it for example do they need to does it actually help i've asked and we've gotten dealings with it all day as we are doing something to nature which nature itself has not been doing before we have to fight it therefore all the efforts to cut greenhouse emissions to fight there's a time zation to growth forests eliminating greenhouse effect and so on very much welcome. on the other hand sometimes excessively enthusiastic green activists and
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other ecologists shout from the rooftops that nuclear energy must not be used as well as solar energy and wind energy because infrasound affect animals and fossil fuels are simply out of the question. but they all flying to conferences and drive to conferences and sit in their offices not in villages and they fight against all these factors there was a summit in copenhagen that didn't produce any particular results what this showed us is that we need to step up our efforts it showed us that climate problems should be discussed at summits copenhagen was the first port internet sense. global warming. it's been said so many times it's been blamed for all kinds of different things and then recently there were some russian hackers who broke into the email correspondence between some european scientists that actually said that there is no global warming so is there or isn't there but i would say that of one
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of the world's centers of meteorology and climate science is in great britain it's the most ancient and great meteorology service that's one thing another thing is that over the past five or ten years or maybe more the country which has been most concerned about global warming is great britain in the summer of two thousand and four i was present at and one of the organizers of a meeting between tony blair's counselor david king and under a larry one of two distinguished counselors of two distinguished leaders one of them was arguing that there was no global warming while the other was saying it exists and that it is man made all this is political climatology both points of view there is global warming because temperatures have risen over the past one hundred and fifty years of observations and over the past decade they have been increasing quicker than during the first one hundred years of observations it is
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a fact we cannot deny that it's. the close up team has been to the kaluga missions where the car industry is rapidly developing. mount argy goes to the area where the first russian fleet was born. where the indigenous people were the first are dixie's navigators and where russia's glorious history is still visible. welcome to the kind of. russia close up on our cheek. the united states of america is waging war within its own army. joe now.


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