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those are some even called the reveal. itself now in your most this is the number of u.s. troops that are run becomes the no a since the start of the pool but those have already returned home pay made in the film the scrapheap by the very country they stick to. the u.s. is trying to speed up the process of extradite again ledge to a russian arms to the victims' groups somebody called and has already just spouse to special claim to connect him with new challenges to us before the extradition was approved could now delayed his departure. calls women's rights campaigners sound the alarm they were the eyes of a number of female genital mutilation cases in the u.k. although the project is illegal in the country no one's ever been convicted of the
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crank and thousands of considered to be at risk each. of a u.s. president and federal government violate the constitution on a regular basis well so says the sheriff richard mack he is now advocating state sovereignty is the only way to keep the constitution abiding america intact our interview with him coming up next. artie's sitting down with richard knapp a retired sheriff from arizona who made national headlines in one thousand nine hundred four when he filed a lawsuit against the federal government since then he's been encouraging state law enforcement officials to rise up against federal agents thank you very much for sitting down to speak with me today sheriff mack well thanks for having me it's great to be in new york you call yourself
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a freedom activist you have spoken at more than fifty tea parties around the country demonstrations that sob in america charges are racially motivated and what has been your message to the hundreds of thousands of people that have shown up at these tea parties will ironically use rosa parks as an example of what we're supposed to do against stupid laws i think rosa parks was a hero i think what she did in standing against the laws of the time back in one thousand fifty eight she was arrested in america albeit. yes but it's still america and the bus driver had her thrown off the bus and arrested because she refused to give her seat to a white man she was booked into jail stuff like that and i say that the sheriff a true constitutional sheriff would not have arrested her would have sat down next to her would have shaken her hand and congratulated her for displaying such courage
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in the face of the entire community being against her at least the white community and law enforcement being against her and i say constitutional sheriff today will protect me from nationalized health care or all the incursions and tyranny of the federal government or even the state government if you are a law enforcement for twenty years and you are a sheriff in ours. for eight years and you argue that the sheriff is the most powerful law enforcement official in the united states more powerful than the president yes explain it well first of all it might be apples and oranges because the sheriff has a different assignment than the president but the bottom line is the president of the united states cannot tell your sheriff what to do the president is not the boss of your elected sheriff and the reason the sheriff is such a powerful position is because here is the only law enforcement officer in the
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united states or in the county that's elected by for enough of people and all power in america comes from the source we the people. because other tyrants have stolen power and it's not how the run but it's supposed to be how they're run and james madison said we can safely rely on the disposition of state legislatures to erect barriers against the encroachments of the federal government so the last line of defense in making sure that happens is your county sheriff you sit on the board of a group called oath keepers yes that is a group of law enforcement officials military service men and women that you say are now committed to upholding the old thay have taken to defend the constitution that a novel idea we actually keep our word that is not amazing but what why why do you
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believe that that the constitution is being violated well because it is every day i mean if you read the constitution when i was a rookie cop i made a huge mistake i actually read the constitution and specifically the bill of rights and i saw. one hand what the constitution says i saw on the other hand what the government is actually doing i mean you. you you actually said it yourself when you say the things aren't run this way anymore and that isn't how things are done in government because we don't follow the constitution yet we have everybody stand up there the president on january twentieth will take an oath when he first takes office that he will uphold indy's and preserve the united states constitution and the very next day he commits perjury because he doesn't do it and he's not alone i mean nancy pelosi doesn't keep her roath she doesn't care about the constitution harry reid doesn't care about the constitution why is this all of this uprising
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being seen when president barack obama and the white house where were americans and your fellow tea parties and the sheriff's way george w. bush was sitting in the white house for eight years i've been saying this about bush and clinton i've been saying this last twenty years the white house but the rest of the americans that are turning out are all these tea party ok but it's a valid question and it's a good question and it's a real. phenomenon that exists and the uprising did start big time with brock obama there's no question that this uprising though was happening during the clinton and bush but not on the level that it was not at the level we see no no question about it no question about it i did speaking tours before this but not at the pace i'm doing it now i mean i'm speaking two or three times a week all across america and i never have any fact that we have a black president no i am not arsene that i have never seen now i've i've been
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there and i'm sure there are some races racism here in america i have never seen it at any of the fifty or some odd sixty events i've been to the reason and i want you and everybody listening in america to know and understand it's because of barack obama's policies he took the abuse of the bush administration he took the. use of the clinton administration to the tenth power i'm going to tell you right now for the record i will never take nationalize socialistic brock obama care ever and if he wants to come and arrest me tell him to come on i'll give you my address because i'm not taking i don't want to be speaking to him any time soon because he's watching our scene he's sure that you're watching his this is one of the best news agencies around i want to ask you specifically about the uprising that is being seen between local and state officials and federal officials
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that are now entering states and you know what i call that i call that finally state local officials doing their jobs it's how it recently happened in nevada and a sheriff from one of the counties there posted a you tube video and said himself that that a civil war could break out in this country due to the tension. and the conflict that is growing in between local officials and federal officials yet isn't that scary can a civil war break out i think it can i don't exactly but no i don't think it is but my message is is if the sheriffs of this country and local officials as well but not just sheriffs but chiefs of police and peace officers and county commissioners and county attorney's specially the sheriffs working together with the sheriffs we will keep this peaceful is the only way left to keep it peaceful if we have citizen standing i mean you've heard citizen say i know you've heard citizen you've been
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around guys who these rednecks. and i've said you know i wrote a book called from my cold dead fingers why america needs guns government can't take my gun if unless i've done something wrong and you've heard citizens say they'll take my gun from my cold dead fingers they'll take it one bullet at a time or what not what are we going to do to prevent people when the government comes in and tries to confiscate guns now only because. if you share your meal then you know. except for violent felons yeah people but you see the supreme court just ruled that we have the right to keep and bear arms now it's an individual right they just in mcdonald versus chicago they ruled in our favor this rising tension that is taking place right now between local law enforcement officials and federal officials do you think it's going to get worse no i think it's actually going to get better i think the states just as arizona is doing now with the immigration
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issue going to put the federal government in its place the federal government has overplayed their hand they have made it very clear they're not going to do their jobs to protect our borders don't you find it the epitome of hypocrisy that the federal government claims that we need to risk lives in afghanistan and iraq because we have a war on terror but they refuse to secure our borders you cannot have a war on terror and not secure your borders so arizona now says you're not doing your job we will protect ourselves because we are an independent and sovereign state which they can't yet with which and then i'll go through all of this really had nothing to do with the constitution she didn't even quote anything from the constitution she just said this is a bad idea that's not her job to give her opinion about whether or not this would be good or bad her job is to follow the constitution she did nothing of the sort and yes the state of arizona is still going to protect itself you don't need
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a judge you think they're going to bypass the tax payer any are they already are and my ruling my ruling on the tenth amendment has been bypassed and ignored by the united states congress have they gotten in trouble. the supreme court has no one forced my arm that actually the president of the united states is supposed to enforce my case against the federal government they don't do it clinton didn't do in fact clinton he. this decision from the american people so what. state sovereignty the only solution that we have left is state sovereignty local control the sheriff of this country getting together with county commissioners county attorneys and standing fighting and he wrecked in the barriers against the encroachments of the national government the federal government that they to enter . it will lead to lawful consideration and lawful adherence to the constitution if we follow the constitution we're going
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to be fine we're not in trouble marina because we're following the constitution too closely far from we're destroying the constitution and our own federal government is the greatest threat to our god given constitutional american republic if we make sure they stay within their parameters and their limitations then we're going to survive this if if the federal government doesn't stay within their prescribe limitations in the constitution then this is going to be then this is only the beginning thank you very much for sitting down speak with me marina thanks for having me. four months of preparation. for years to monster mine. the last effort to keep the lead on the eastern front. the lead citadel and.
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long. and are still the. manager of the military. the most heavily reinforced. model of course. it lasted forty nine days one of them bloodiest battles and the turning point a move to push the burning. wealthy british style sign. on. the. market.
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has come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds a report. of a swing state this is not a prohibition but a warning. pay for it and you should just step before you showed us a pretty tree because they have no idea about the hardships the you face. wanted to says it all took two minutes to. bring in the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. to three thousand nine hundred forty five don't call.
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the number of u.s. troops in iraq a company that was the stuff of will but those who will read the times who claim they've been left on the squad that we come through they feel. the u.s. is trying to speed up the process of extraditing and that stross an opportunity to boot from bangkok. and he's ready to stand up to special plate connected with new challenges the u.s. will get submissions from now to lay. down women's rights campaigners sound the alarm over the rise in the number of female genital mutilation cases in the u.k. over the practice is illegal in the country no one's ever they think to the calling the rules and to consider it's beer listening to you. next is going to sports update with the tonya.
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hello welcome to the sports update on r t thanks for watching good headlines first . russia's closest rivals for the twenty eighteen world cup finals hosting fee fun delegation and immediately brown their big unbeatable. clearly was not the defeats apparelled russians in one day to go into the rain delay into the rogers cup title in canada. and take your pick the strikes flew in this past week ending the russian premier league choose your favorite from all girls go to war. and i'll start with football says one half of football away from the group stages of the europa league the russian side held a full goal first leg advantage against cypriot minnows on north to says with a game to no on the way in a lot of my come. for signs of the secret so far not able to even come into
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the army bands in leeds so male male stay away for girl says scott advantage. several champions league playoffs second legs later on as well part is on and on select all square with two goals of peace from the first leg basel have a one new advantage obama sherriff cup will tell a view with a free to avoid go. sells bricks to bremen offering to one up against sampdoria while sylvia host the last one they will to braga in the opening lag in portugal. and as well second legs coming up on wednesday in one of the more most interesting match ups of full time european champions i.x. will entertain do not make key of in amsterdam martin jol as man was hoping to bring a five year exile from the group things snatched a potentially crucial away goal in a water hole draw in ukraine a week ago and they will be desperate to build on that at the amsterdam arena on
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wednesday however i x. have been turned over it will mean you europe before and we didn't i was thirty three year old captain andriy shevchenko currently in terrific form they will have to be on the job. just. believe me five five. to go to the next round so. i look forward to seeing. a great fun. over in england match the city have sent out a signal of in-town to the premier league one of the world's richest globes beating liverpool three mail on monday their biggest win over the reds in seventy three years a critical display from the home side and won which was watched by billionaire schaefer monsoor on his fast visit to its funds but it was the relative veterans of gareth barry and carlos status that made the vital difference. a brace with
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a penalty sixty seven minutes and. meanwhile syrian founds may be seeing a familiar face the season former aim to stop and current barcelona strikers love me bring him a bit is reportedly ready to put pen to paper with a similar long ahead of the season start on sense and say the proposed transfer fee has not been disclosed but the swede is expected to take around six million euros per year for him of it was expected to move the sum off to the spanish giants signed mon time tell you do you feel you are from below and sam some italian soldiers are stating that the deal is done well others are saying no long strike a marker for yellow could be moved to bar such as part of the green. now it's almost a decade away but already it's false turning into the two horse race world cup twenty eight team has nine official bits but according to the bookmakers it's russia are england's to lose russia hosted a fee for technical inspection team last week with england's speed for twenty
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eighteen and twenty s. went into currently in this sport light today choose these the second day of the first visit with the panel already having been to downing street where deputy prime minister nick clegg labelled the english bit exceptionally strong before presidents a lot of wasn't part of the delegation but speaking from singapore and lived to be siding somewhat with russia stating angle and would be the easiest option but russia is a powerful content on december the second is the dates with the hosts for both championships named them. i think the really very few nations that claim the same passion that we have in football. so i believe this is an exceptionally strong unbeatable bid we in this government believe in it we hope that you will believe in its. intent as carlin was not to be to russian play on monday to live there or just go up in montreal first up against the dane was without
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a question it's over was now he has had won the first two games of their semifinal before rain halted proceedings back on saturday the two day way of doing little to dampen the twenty year old spain however goes down the russian east straight sets six two six three a busy afternoon for the dane with eight seed. we take in the final. in moscow and however unable to save a best for last week was now winning bot. to battle for second place in a six three states to defeat was not you know one of two clients the room three titles this season alongside christ has. been a great day for me i want to. please them now happy that i won my first turn around here and. now the world's number one golfer tiger woods is back in the headlines and again it's not for on course matters he and his wife allan nordegren are
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officially divorcing nine months after news of tiger's now multiple affairs first surfaced the full terms of the divorce have not been disclosed but both sides will be sharing the parenting do you do is all of their two children aged three and one it's believed alan could receive up to seven hundred million dollars from boras first billionaire who's had enjoyed a hill some image throughout his career have bought a low speed car crash near his home on november twenty seventh last year became a prelude to one of the most written about sex scandals of all time. to formula one now on the belgian grand prix on sundays taking place at spa franco's shunk one of the most historic circuits on the formula one calendar and one that is almost universally popular with a drive as. that. of corners the slow speed corners. goes up. so the feeling is that you have that i mean this unique but at the
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same time i think we would have front that's the races and becoming very. miley's love this start as well we have more to go down for you which is expensive for all of us but. we know how beautiful it is that's for. back to football finally another weeks done and dusted in the russian premier league with eighteen throwing up plenty of strikes well worth a second look we've chosen the pick of them it's goals galore thanks. thanks thanks
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thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks
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thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thank you. that's like business school for now i'll be back with more action and scores less than two hours time and after this let's check the wild weather.
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disarming saddam hussein.
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past majority of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. flies again over embassy in kabul. jurors to once occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. in the manner. it is appropriate to that in cordons is which is speaking with the geneva convention if a slap stomach slap if you can should diminish so that it shocks them especially if it gets slapped but you don't actually break in tune. could interrogation techniques that we use in jail if kuantan are approved by the senior leadership of
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our governor. here with me and nothing to. do we believe in transference. every month we give you the future we hope you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g.


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