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you know without taking the headlines now what lies beneath the u.s. administration goes to great lengths to get its hands on the edged russian arms to boot testing the limits of international rule as they push for his penchant extradition. the big apple of discord plans to build a mosque near ground zero in new york a split opinion with some saying the issues just a way of drawing attention from america's economic struggle. and political prince a self-proclaimed royal seeks to make to the russian president from the kremlin saying it's his goal given right to rule the country. but since the birth of the idea in ancient greece democracy has undergone many changes in definition but it's still essential for politics and peace that's according to historian and theorist
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john donne who spoke with. democracy originally meant that it's the people who hold power and exercise who you say that sometimes that's a thumping false could you elaborate on that well it's not what we have today because very obviously i don't rule the united kingdom and you don't rule the united kingdom and. so you could argue about how many people do it but certainly not very people when they very definitely are ministers is in athens the systems weren't a very large proportion of the population but they did take all the better public the sessions and there went to very many people who were chosen to exercise special powers observe the en route to the military leaders elected
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and that was seen as a rather undemocratic practice because the spirit necessary because in war you want to be quite sure that you were led by the people who are most likely to lead you to victory do you think that democracy as it exists today has changed for better or who us first what democracy is is a greek word for naming that particular set of break arrangements a long time ago and there's arrangements essentially disappeared too and all thousand years ago roughly a little bit less. and they didn't create it they have never really reappeared except on very small scale and they don't have much to do with the way in which any modern state is gulf states much bigger. and they are there gotten through a complicated public iraq receives. the government a relatively small numbers of innocents professional politicians. and that's something that is a very different structure and it's ridiculous to describe that as rude by the
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people. in today's west democracy has become the only acceptable for government how to. well it's essentially happened because the. two principal competitors to us and western history. and aristocracy collapsed in the course of the nineteenth and twentieth century and what we now call democracy is what was left instead which involves all the citizens almost all citizens. in the east of notional form in the way the power is actually held which involves them very very sporadically and pretty feebly i think one could say do you think democracy can be used to cover our. school system well i think it always is i mean that is in a way the main point i want to make i mean this is democracy is both the name of
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a form of government not very clearly defined form of government and a political pretension or party political claim which is the form of government he's actually authorized by the people of the very very great majority of states in the world. governments which claim to be authorised by the people at large but if you ask how the people actually do their authorizing the answer is they have a very very small bit off rate if they intervene in some countries barely at all and in any countries only every few years and they're very briefly and in a way which gives the mix stream little control over the outcome near. us had a profound effect on democracy could you describe that roughly speaking since the end of the second world war the united states has definitely been a theory opinion that the rest of the world should be governed in much the same way
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as it was government has been much the most part. awful state in the world there for that period of time and it's insisted with a very investments and very in tell us if innes on the merits of its way of its approach to governing other peoples and obviously. for a long period of time between shortly after the end of the second world war and the collapse of the soviet union it was essentially in a global power struggle with a completely different way of organizing power and both of which i mean called themselves democracy and base of which had some grounds for calling themselves democracy or neither of which on the i'm offering have very strong grounds for calling themselves democracy because that isn't what democracy meant. the u.s. version of democracy is viewed with suspicion and in the islamic world in the same health class america is sponsoring insurgency part oh twenty first century
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democracy the united states has no particular insight into most of the rest of the world and it's had for a long time very considerable surplus power over any other potential competitor has done a. very considerable overconfidence about its capacity to judge what's good and bad for other countries and obviously under the. george w. bush presidency it interferes a lot in other parts of the world on the basis of that judgment in a very indiscreet way and yet that is how democracy seen isn't it nowadays in this to be evangelical way for george w. bush self said that democracy was the best weapon in fighting terrorism what did you think when he said yes but i thought he was a fool. when you i thought he was a fool and the people behind him were knaves if you see what i mean i mean that
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claim was made in defense of a very forward military and political policy on the united states of the united states in various parts of the world and that policy has not proved at all wise and it was inherently objectionable in some respects well known decent motives behind the tool but there were a lot of not very decent motives behind it and it was a very stupid policy what has the removal of dictatorial regimes in basic iraq and afghanistan to force us about the process of democratization the process of democratization you could say is progress towards a very good outcome which hasn't actually come out anywhere in the world so far so if you have an ambitious can of democratization what those two experiences taken together of taught us is that it's absolutely hopeless. tried to move fast in the direction of that car and by bombing countries to pieces
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and invaded them. without bothering to inform yourself about what was. the. beliefs and practices of most of their inhabitants. and neither under saddam said the whole of the. new afghanistan which isn't really under anyone ever. promising candidates for rapid democratization it isn't possible to democratize anywhere by bombing it invading it do you think that democracy is in essence compatible with. me. yes i do i think it's quite likely this in the longer run. any islamic country which is really successful economically. will. flourish culturally and will and insisted on something much more what we call democracy as it's governmental
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system but it won't be able to do so rapidly and there's a lot of stuff in the way i don't think it's true for example that you're wrong couldn't be what we call a democracy it was the truth in humans majority of them who are moving in that direction and be assisted to do so by being molested from the outside you hope that introducing democracy into open democratic societies ultimately has the next facts explain us well it depends on how you do the introducing a bit i mean you could say in a way that in the very long run britain introduce democracy into india. but it did so jolly slowly. the absolutely crucial point is that at the point that introduced democracy it withdrew. please. the indians. got on with this in their way. and the results are sparse the
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biggest democracy in the world in our understanding of democracy and all that it has pretty alarming characteristics in many ways it's been a triumphant success i'm here particularly pessimistic about the ability of democracy to bring peace to the middle east well i do think that the middle east is not the sort of place where democracy is going to assist peace falls. i mean it is a very important fact that the. the mayster peace of this group amongst the palestinians won the elections in gaza and they won the elections in gaza because more of the population of gaza agreed with their decision of what was going on and what it meant than with that of their opponents and i think that. i mean israel anyway. within the jewish population i mean it has been
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a democracy since it became a state but it hasn't become much more specific as a result of being a democracy and it's. started off in a very bad place and. it's small for me i can get back from that position but it is clear to me that democracy is irrelevant . thank you very much. disarming saddam hussein. mass majority of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. is again over embassy in kabul. cherished he once occupied afghanistan.
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now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. it is appropriate to that in accordance with just we can if he did even. if a slap stomach slap if you can should do so that it shocks them especially if it gets slapped but you don't actually break any bones could interrogation techniques that we use injured to phone tom are approved by the senior leadership of our governor. we have nothing to. do we believe in transparency. question is the same on the taxpayers' money i mean i see you have a real serious this the world needs to turn up robin hood should the rich be taxed more for the benefit to everyone else and what kind of.
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if six.
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what lies beneath the u.s. administration goes to great lengths to get its hands on the alleged russian arms dealer to boot testing the limits of international law as they push for his urgent extradition. big apple of discord to build a mosque at ground zero in new york opinion some say she was just a way of drawing attention from america's economic struggle. prince a self-proclaimed boils to of the russian president from the kremlin saying it's his given right to rule the country. the sports news is next now with the topic. at all welcome. to the europa league group stages after
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a six one aggregate win over. have a three two deficit to overcome against the young boys in their champions league play off on wednesday. and take your pig in the spots we can name the russian premier league choosing a favorite from our goals go already. so there's got most scoring to group stages of the europa league the russian side beating cypriot minos on north asis six one on that group gets two one was the final score in cyprus with corfu opening the spring midway through the second half and saying responding with goals from same to doing better and mark gonzales. and there was more second legs coming up on wednesday in the champions league one of the most interesting match ups full time european champions will entertain does not my cave in amsterdam martin jules man who are hoping to bring a five year exile from the main stage snatched
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a potentially crucial away go in they want to join ukraine a week ago and with the club's finances in the perilous state they will be desperate to build on that at the amsterdam arena however i ought to have been turned over at home in europe before and we did i was thirty three year old captain chandler currently in terrific form they will have to be all that god. just goes into play he was but believe me he scored five goals in the five six matches so he's back to his old back to his best them in most of the game and he wants to go to the next round so. i look forward to see him you know because he's great meanwhile told him go into the second leg against young boys knowing that only a win will do if they are to reach the group stages the london side was stunned by an early onslaught in switzerland with young boys powering into me three mail inside the first half hour but harry redknapp side rallied well to close the gap to
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free to and strife in germany before admitting that all involved with the club realise that the importance of a positive result you want to because games mcrib unknown to me i'm for the club in general would a president looking forward to my side in the wake of the lawsuit and put so much hard work in crowd whole season you know showed great consistency for the course of the season which is always difficult in such as such a hard league and. to get here when no one to make the most of it and know make sure we win the game and get through to the group stage. and staying in england. to have sent out a signal of in towns in the premier league one of the world's richest club speccing livable for email on monday the biggest winner of the reds in seventy three years a clinical display from the hosts with billionaire shane monsoor impressed on his first visit to london it was gareth barry and carl stennis who made the vital difference. a brace with a penalty sixty seven minutes and. meanwhile syrian founds may be seeing
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a familiar face this season for what interests and current barcelona strikers la abraham of which is reportedly ready to put pen to paper with a similar long ahead of the season start on saturday the proposed transfer fee has not been disclosed by the swede is expected to make around six million euros per year abraham of that show was expected to move some of the spanish giants signed long time targets david mayo from. some italian sources are stating that the deal is already done while others are saying milan strike a market for yellow could be moved to barcelona part of the brain and. now it's almost a decade away but already it's false turning into a two horse race world cup twenty eighteen has nine official bids but according to the bookmakers it's russia or england's to lose russia host of a three for technical inspection team last week with england speed for twenty eight and twenty twenty two currently in the spotlight the panel continued their
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inspection on tuesday after visiting downing street where deputy prime minister nick clegg labelled the english been exceptionally strong c. four presidents a lot of wasn't part of the delegation but speaking from singapore he looked to be siding somewhat with russia stating angled would be the easiest option but russia is a powerful come tandem december the second is the date where the hosts for both championships named them. i think the really are very few nations that claim the same passion that we have in football so i believe this is an exceptionally strong unbeatable bid we in this government believe in it we hope that you will believe in it. all until now where caster semenya was back in the spotlight facing the media in belgium following a long absence from the track banning the results of. a nineteen year old is due to compete in have fast
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a diamond league meeting on friday in brussels that was quite he'll be was a lot of time to spend with my family and friends of my chain but knows not to just watch them trainees it was really good in others but my. it was a little bit. of city me who you know was just sittin there. it was a little bit bent to formula one now as a twenty town season restarts after a one month break at the belgian grand prix and sunday's race will take place at spa franco's shown one of the most is story circuits on the formula one calendar and one that is almost universally popular with the dr as. a circuit for type of corners slow high speed corners the circuit goes up and down so the feeling is that you have that i really miss very unique but at the same time i think we would have fantastic races in the car in that we have my lease here in my case i love
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this start as well we have more to go down pretty which is special for all of us but. this by we know how beautiful it is that's how important is to do we need this back. now the world's number one golfer tiger woods is back in the headlines and again it's not for on course matters he and his wife ellen nordegren are officially divorcing nine months after news of tiger's now multiple affairs for a surf aced the full terms of the divorce have not been disclosed but both sides will be sharing the parenting duties of their two children aged three and one it's believed alan could receive up to seven hundred million dollars from sports first billionaire woods that enjoyed a wholesome image throughout his career bought a low speed car crash near his home on november twenty seventh became a prelude to one of the most written about sex scandals of all time. and on to the russian prime unique finally where week eighteen threw up plenty of
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strikes well with a second look we've chosen the pick of them it's goals galore. and
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you're up to date for the moment coming up after this a check on the world weather with the man had lines at the top of the hour stay tuned. culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money i mean hundreds of years of a real mystery and it's not just the world means the return of robin hood should the rich be taxed more for the benefit of everyone else and what kind of.
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motion would be soo much brighter if you knew about songs from phones to christians . these food stamps on t.v. don't come. on. the news today volunteers once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today.
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