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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2010 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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really according to trade unions hitting the common man they want to cut pay some countries the raising the retirement age and slashing pensions and they all say they're talking about slashing jobs jobs in the public sector that's what they're trying to prevent and not so in an effort to reduce these debt these countries have run up or stalled budget discipline and of course small confidence in the euro but this comes a certain respected economists say that it's time to get rid of the year it's time to go back and let countries like the pigs go back to managing their finances and drop out of the. german economy told me let's just listen to that. if we allow those countries to set their own economic policy again and to be sovereign in their currencies we would do europe a service we're doing europe a disservice by having this artificial currency imposed on it it can only lead to political tensions like in greece where the greece population greek population now has to suffer the taxpayers germany has to suffer the only ones that didn't suffer
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in greece with the banks because they were fully rescued so that's to me is a deal that is not quite equitable all over europe really we've seen quite extraordinary scenes from spain as well where there's been a general strike clad and this is the first general strike in spain since two thousand and two and it muxes splits really between the union. government which is always been quite cozy previously and that has now has an unemployment rate of twenty percent. we see transport workers go out on strike so maybe they're just waiting and. going out on strike rather she's been. nearly a hundred percent of steel workers that worked out in the coal industry in spain is almost ground to a halt in dublin there's been a demonstration there is a demonstration going on now and that's been particularly timed to coincide with the members of the irish paul immense come. coming back from their summer recess
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and start work again economic figures from ireland really released last week really terrible it looks like islands is certainly going the way of greece someone drove a truck into the irish parliament building in dublin earlier today in anger there are also protests going on in portugal in italy latvia lithuania cyprus serbia rumania poland and francais this is really a europe wide day of action of course that biggest march taking place in brussels meantime author and economist william angle says the protests could have some political impact i certainly think they have the potential power to change e.u. austerity policies the the way that this crisis has been handled since it first broke in the summer of two thousand and seven from the part of the e.u. governments and the european commission in brussels has been catastrophic to put it mildly. by no means is as disastrous as the wall street bailout that the bush and
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obama administration sort of saluted but it certainly ranks up there in the same direction so what we're seeing right now across europe is a realization among ordinary voters that they are having to foot the bill for the corruption of the big international banks that made this problem in the first place and they don't like that. the ousted mayor of moscow is planning to challenge the decision to sack him in russia supreme court that's according to a source close to u.t. liskov on tuesday he was fired by a president if you were there who said he had lost confidence in the man who had been in charge of the city for almost two decades you've got to pursue going off as the latest. according to moscow's former mir's close friend and state duma deputy and singer. of all challenge his sacking in russia supreme court and under the law he has ten days to file an appeal and defend the court will have ten more days to
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make a decision according to former assistant. is planning to stay active in russia's politics just previously he officially went off the united russia party and also filed a letter to the party well first of all officially xining and secondly complaining about what he called was a strong media campaign against him in the past few weeks and when we talk about i have to say he really is quite a controversial figure since this man stayed in power for eighteen years that is quite a lot of time that's why his sacking caused quite a mixed reaction among many people support for his policies on pension years since the average pension in moscow is higher than in russian cities a lot of people said it was because of. that moscow received a new modern look however there are also many of those who accuse you of failing to
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resolve the traffic problem in the city of failing to protect many buildings and memorials which were of a heritage not only to the city but to be entire nation and were destroyed. getting this and also there's quite a lot of speculation around. who is thought to be russia's richest and most successful businesswoman and many people do see that it was because of the demeanor of moscow that she managed to become so successful at the moment in the city is controlled by a former team until a new marries appointed until a new government is put together under the deal or the united russia party which whole. the majority of seats in the russian parliament has two weeks to file at least three names to the president to pick one candidacy out of the post. and then after he will pick one out he will submit this name to the city schools parliament
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to finally vote on. choose the new head of the city none of these names have been analysts at the moment however analysts do say that we will find them out in the near future and moscow should receive a new head of the cd assume even within the next two weeks or so. that was r.t. is that you go to piss going off with the details of sucking up. while the former leader of the u.s.s.r. . says are you to cough gradually lost credibility over time well he believes he made a strong start in the job. wardy in the first years of law schools term as mayor and those were the most critical years when industry collapsed in the situation in the cities across russia was terrible he did a lot for moscow here exercised firm control over moscow's resources and distributed them in the right way he supported all people women children and war
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veterans in those years i myself used to say that moscow was lucky to have such a mayor as good as your real a school of time past and law school started to change he had a billionaire wife by the authorities began to look more attentively at law school spry but activities questions arose whether the mayor had grown to wall to tackle problems a lot of things have now come to light it turned out that funds allocated for the reconstruction and expansion of my school street in routes were invested in some enterprises from which someone received a huge profit sanctions in recent years have been far from good they've discredited his past achievements. fifteen suspected militants have been killed in two separate counter-terrorism operations in russia's southern republic of dagestan there are no reported casualties among the police but operation is the biggest success for security forces in dagestan over the past month relative to
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solve the militants were asked to persuade them to surrender but the insurgents retaliated by opening fire last week in the region a suicide bomber blew himself up killing two policemen and wounding dozens of civilians. while dagestan's a neighboring republic of him is facing a similar battle with insurgents president you know yes of course. he says that counterterrorist operations are vital for the survival of the southern regions. we know. we don't want to brutally murder or punish anyone as a warning to others we just want to deal with this terrorist disease or perhaps we don't have written permission from the terrorist patient we're treating but for now we don't have any other choice. but to kyrgyzstan is preparing to elect a new parliament following months of political turmoil and ethnic unrest the central asian nation was shaken in april when deadly street riots in the capital
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ousted president back here and in june the interim government had to tackle an outbreak of ethnic violence in the south of the country the general election will be held on october the tenth and it's hoped the results will bring security to the country to the goal of the reports on one man who is among the favorites to be the struggling. as the clock ticks towards the christan elections the country holds its breath while the polls bring stability or plunge the country into another round of violence and chaos meet felix school of the country's former prime minister who could be next to lead the country following the controversial reigns of this kind of cause and could not get becky of coffee is one of the few figures who have not been tarnished in the last fifteen or twenty years so he has a pretty hard moral standing here with population and here is a good chance for us all we need in the next parliamentary elections who have has a different times been the national security general the regional governor and
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mayor of the capital bishkek but what he's most renowned and praised for in his home country is an ability to handle crisis situations. in two thousand and five there were scarce total mass marauders in the capital police and national security had already away at that point that's when all of his friends revolutionaries asked him to take matters into his own hands and in three days he restored order. but also has a reputation for being difficult. he was a close ally of both presidents at the beginning of their terms and soon fell out of favor with both of them finding himself in opposition and twice in prison i need to make that there can never be two or three powerful figures at the top of the. pool of has always been a very powerful person and the key of and a kind of have both felt that he could be the person to sweep them from their post
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and take power into his hands some predict the coolest party are numberless which translates as dignity is in a strong position yet cool it will have to run against a multitude of other priorities all of whom also fancy their chances of challenging him the problem is that it's very difficult to create a democratic country in central asia kyrgyzstan is the most democratic country in central asia unfortunately this is a very immature democracy and sometimes it leads to or some very bad results right now what kyrgyzstan needs is not a democracy or you would be entire i don't think it's possible in kyrgyzstan what it needs is stability and says say tional violence whoever wins the election this is a crucial decision for kurdistan a country that's been to the brink it in a girls' school. and still ahead of you in this program the land is not for sale that's the message from many indian families who are protesting and dying to
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protect their only source of income all the details are coming up right here on r.t. . let's check out some headlines now from around the world this hour western intelligence agencies say they foiled an al qaeda plot to carry out terrorist raids on several european cities supported teams of jihadists who are planning attacks similar to the siege of two hotels in mumbai two years ago the plot was reportedly disrupted by drone attacks on targets in pakistan and afghanistan now from. germany and the u.k. are all on a heightened state of security. colombian officials say up to thirty people have been buried by a landslide in the northwest of the country many of the victims were changing from one boss on a mountain road at the time emergency workers say it could take several days to recover the bodies it comes as heavy rains devastate parts of the country
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triggering widespread flooding and mudslides. in the operation to rescue thirty three miners trapped underground in chile is advancing quicker than expected they could be out by mid october if all goes to plan although the government still predicts november three drills are trying to open up a whole wide enough to pull the men out one at a time they've been stuck some seven hundred meters below the surface since august when the cave in occurred. and pirates have struck again this time seizing a panama fly cargo ship with a crew of fifteen indians off the coast of tanzania the cargo vessel that was heading to south africa it is the third incident in four days off the east african coast there's been a sharp increase in piracy with at least sixteen ships currently being held by hijackers. the youngest son of the north korean leader has been appointed
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a second income on the country's central military commission it comes a day after kim jong un was also made a four star general the moves are being viewed as a gradual transfer of power due to the ailing health of his father kim jong il a u.s. white house spokesman called the developments the ultimate reality show. well peter lavelle and his cross told guests discuss whether the elevation of the north korean leader's youngest son is likely to trigger any reforms in the country. a lot more rhetorical fuss about kim jong il's a. reaffirmation by our cooperation at the conference as general secretary there was just one problem kim jong il did not show up at the conference was he too ill to show up nor are we seeing yet kids going at the party conference and even the old regime is very much emplace and it's all the other possible if not likely they can go on will simply continue the policies of the old regime.
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and you can join the crosstalk debate in about an hour's time right here on out. well in india thousands of farmers say they're willing to fight to the death to stop the government building a motorway through their land while some fear losing their livelihood others argue the real consequence will be a full blown food crisis counseling investigates. indian farmers took to their capital recently in protest against a government takeover of their land to build a new two billion dollar highway this followed the deaths of three farmers who were killed after police opened fire on protesters in the state of top of the. will not keep learnt for development to turn in price at any price at any price we're
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ready to die and will not allow anyone to step on our learned. these protests have stalled the government efforts to acquire farmland for industrial in india which means developers have been forced to put the roads refineries and power plants on hold the major talent is the land acquisition if the land acquisition is i mean the production or even pick over the order given an inherent and that is what government is trying to do in case there is you know projects. after big and the land available to you to elaborate only twenty thirty percent then they believe that in the bill is going to happen the land is any more division in a country where two thirds of the population is still dependent on a greek culture fifty five year old age we're saying doesn't want to sell out but nor some offers will be hard to turn down he got a gallop if my learn go i will lose my livelihood what will i do so i say if you are going to take my form give me a fair price for my earned as well as
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a job. some analysts believe that acquiring prime agricultural land for non agricultural purposes a food crisis in the country on a what was it a there will be no food to eat they aren't giving us good conversation and they're still taking our land without the land will we eat either the government listens to our demands or than a month or we will take action. the farmers do have a point after all the government uses a colonial law to pay tiny amounts of compensation to farmers to buy their land for development projects the government plans to update this law by the end of the year to get indian market prices for farmers but until it does vital infrastructure projects remain in them but something is just total just economy can ill afford to go out and sing r t new delhi. there's plenty more waiting for you to be discovered . including all the stories we're covering you can log on any time and take
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a look at here's a quick taste of what's online for you right now little green men do exist trying to save us from a nuclear holocaust because that's what a group of former u.s. air force officers are claiming at present. all of the sexes find out about the russian who served in the all male military for a decade without revealing her secret. source any excuse me joins me with the latest a business update and. mangling your name the idea that we do here that arafat has plans though for a new low cost carrier tell me more about that it does or it's all part of the company's new fifteen year development plan i'll have more on that just
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a bit later for you but first. russia is a major gas producer a gas problem will start the construction of a new gas pipeline to china next year guys from step to see that the two sides move places to an agreement on the basic price during president medvedev said recent state visit to china they also agreed on new times for shipments to china including the route gas quality and the final point of the pipeline earlier this week to supply the. thirty billion cubic meters of gas and uli to china over thirty years starting in two thousand and fifteen. russia's timber industry has been severely hit by the financial downturn in the last couple of years the volume of wood harvested has fallen by more than a third it's still one of the country's top exports but to ensure its profitability the government wants to encourage producers to process the wood here rather than exporting it war our correspondent medina question of our reports from an exhibition of wood processing machinery in moscow attended by prime minister putin
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. but here at the exhibition we're trying to find ways to improve the future of the timber industry in russia in particular we're trying to find ways how to develop the processing sector prime minister vladimir putin has just to held a round table on the development of the industry he sponsored finds that despite some economic difficulties of this year has shown some positive results and that the ak spirit of a role would a materialist has decreased by four percent well out of the moment too much of a russia's would is a big export its role and its association with government is king to address by encouraging producers to process the wood here and add value for. our strategic goal remains on changed russia should get away from exporting room a tear eales we believe that our mission the global market is the products with
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high added value such as building materials and paper russia is the place where new job should be created tax paid and territories developed with programs to support the export of products with her levels of processing. meanwhile a prime minister like him and putin has spent half of this week at drafting their representatives for the timber industry just on tuesday have visited russia's republic of commie where he attended one of the biggest timber industry plants he's pacified over there than ten projects with a total investment off over eight hundred million dollars will be fulfilled by the end of this year and this project create additional four thousand new jobs across the country. oh yeah let's take a quick look at the equity markets wall street stocks aflutter negative in the new trade on whether to stay a strong september rally so far has caution to investors enough to offset strong
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u.s. corporate earnings and chinese manufacturing data. european shares are just edging into the bread on the choppy waters days trading session and bouts of labor protests against austerity measures to spread across europe but down to resources is the worst performer on the footsie shouting things the senate also alter court in india look at the closure of one of its plants financial stocks also weigh in with h.s.b.c. i'm to a bank of scotland sinking into the bread. here in moscow the office yes on the my six are making gains that comes amid high asian markets overnight and oil prices banks are leaving the mindsets high with both feet to be honest right up around one of the well to the sun's energy wages are also gaining apart from luke oil not shutting twenty nine percent this hour. russia's top silver mine a polymath will has reported a five fold rise in first off net profit to ninety five million dollars the company benefited from higher prices for the metals and increase sales volumes but the
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results fell below on this full cost on shares and probably metal down around five percent on the my six. russia's national airline ara float is to stop its own budget carrier its part of the company's fifteen year development strategy it concentrates on increasing its domestic business while cutting the number of international flights to set itself a target of quadrupling passenger flow and revenues by two thousand and twenty five . ten k b p m petro vietnam have signed a contract on crude deliveries starting from november you will supply at least one hundred thousand tons of oil each month to vietnam a picture of vietnam has also off the key to set up a parity joint venture it will include a three and a half billion dollar oil refinery in vietnam and some of russia's oil fields. says it's considering buying new fields in vietnam as it looks to expand its operations
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outside of russia. partnership in one of the most dynamic going on the views of the world the east is the dry economy. growth and vietnam is one of the most dynamic economies in the east by two thousand and twenty five they seem to be the most economy. going to go up to ten percent per year so a partnership with them is for us just to teach it valuable assets. and that's your update for now but i'll be back with more for you next hour and of course you can always find the stories on our web site that's called slash as.
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wealthy british style the sun. is not on the president's prime time. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our.
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more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are old today. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and what tomorrow brings the best unsigned sendek going to be from across russia and around the world join us for technology update on our g cultures that so much i'm afraid we're going to need to get a lot of people a very up look at me next to kim isolated and impoverished north korea is badly in need of change how will this happen and who will.
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be soon which brightened a few neighborhoods to move from phones to pressure points. screen stunts on t.v. dot com. it's. just.
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it is now six thirty pm here in the russian capital you're with the headlines now people from across europe are demonstrating against government austerity measures to slash jobs and pensions spain has been paralyzed by a general strike and at least twelve other eurozone countries have been gripped by protests. moscow's deposed mayor is reportedly planning to appeal against his forced resignation in court despite falling out with the russian president who ordered the sacking. gears up for parliamentary election simmering fears of more violence in a country yet to fully recover from a deadly ethnic clashes at this summer former prime minister. is among the
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favorites to now lead the nation. while the nato summit in lisbon in november will focus on the alliances course for the twenty first century from afghanistan on missile defense to improving relations with russia spoke to the former nato boss george robertson about how he sees the future that's next. thank you very much for joining us now i'll begin with a general question on recently we've been witnessing a lot of guerrilla warfare we have poorly trained. armed militants causing a lot of problems that is nato ready to respond to such threats and in what way all of us have to doubt the changing nature of conflict you know after the bell.


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