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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2010 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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the official we can show you on the phone one pulled talk from the. video on demand. an omission st now in the palm of your.
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machine on the dot com. the top stories her abilities lost her dad and we took the pension bill before and senate passes a base and a contested law to raise the retirement age from sixty to sixty two days of nationwide trikes including blockades of water fineries which led to fuel shortages across the country the final goodbye lawmakers and president sarkozy's radical plan is next week but you never say it's not time for citizens rights. version of if you want agree afghanistan and the world's greatest non-court stakes and as it is not between the two and a callback goes demanding more action from the nation at encompassing trafficking as russia is the number one victim hopefully are going to try to step in. and then the russian reporter who covered you know ball-carrier these countries limits and among at least ten that has been surrounded and is in line at least one policeman one gun might have already died in the operation of targeting
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a head to march while the truck with explosives was recovered nearby. up next development of skolkovo said most chaotic great russia silicon valley is powering up at full speed the trauma and all the projects scientific council. tells us what the future holds in arlington you show spotlight. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. however again they're welcome to the spotlight then t.v. show on r.t. i'm al green and my guest in the studio today is roger kornberg. the much discussed project of the city dubbed the russian silicon valley powering at full speed its
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leaders have held the first scientific council meeting and also met the russian president how have they outlined the development of the futuristic city and what are the next steps the cochairman of the skull crow scientific council roger kornberg is here to enlighten us. the name skolkovo innovation city has entered the vocabulary of the russian elite and the foreign media the recent visit of california governor arnold schwarzenegger has brought significant investment to russia's own silicon valley days later some of the world's biggest names in science talk by nobel prize winner roger kornberg came to moscow to outline the first concrete steps in the city's creation mr burke is one of the most respected by chemists he comes from a family of another nobel prize winner arthur kornberg roger think skolkovo will boost scientific progress and take russia to the forefront of innovative
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development and he promises to do his best to make this happen. thank you very much for being with us tonight. first of all any russians russians living abroad like the nobel prize winner andrei game i recently talked to him are often less stopped. mystic about skolkovo then a foreigner is then americans like yourself what makes you to mystically the adventurist spirits of americans they they make the believe that it's going to happen i can tell you the following first of all there is no alternative. russia needs such a project if it is to make best use of its talent and. succeed as a developed country in the future russia has great resources but these are expendable they are being expended now they make the country wealthy at the present time but that will not last forever it needs to leverage its. human
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resources to assure the best possible future it needs to leverage those resources for the benefit of the country and to avoid their loss. otherwise as has happened so often in the past this talent will migrate abroad there are many other countries that have in mind the goals of the scope of a project they are fast implementing them if russia wants to retain its capacity to compete and it must do this now science in the u.s. has also always been internationally very cosmopolitan you have the chance to work with russian scientists before oh i have some of my closest colleagues and most admired amongst them are russian they are working in america for the most part for the very reasons that i have mentioned they are probably not inclined to return to russia because they're so well established where they are now nevertheless many of
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them have contacted me and said they would be glad to offer whatever they can to ensure he's going to have every bit of both even russians both russian citizens and american citizens these people are by now our own arrogance that is most of the of the ones that i'm thinking of that i don't know well one of your best friends among russian scientists is mr author of why did you agree to co-chair the skolkovo council because you're friends with author of what did you have any other reasons why the i was asked by george al for of who i much admire and respect he told me that he thought it would be helpful to the to. his undertaking and. i wished to do what i could to support him. that said then such a project takes on a life of its own it becomes a challenge and i can see many other good reasons why i should try and help it succeed like one first and foremost so that russia will be. more successful as
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a country and a better force for good in the world as a matter of fact is that it is a job for you are you paid for that or indeed indeed i'm offered payment which i must tell you is not beyond what i receive from anyone else to provide such a consulting service i'm offered by many more than i have the time to do and i've chosen to do this i'm at a comparable level of remuneration because of the reasons that i've told you skulk about has already been dubbed the russian silicon valley everybody calls it the russian silicon valley well do you think they will try to will you try to follow the american example to go in the american first steps or is it an entirely different thing. it will be a mistake to copy really what was been done abroad the goals may be similar which in this case as there would be to establish a robust than a vibrant and
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a productive high tech industry there are two reasons why it would be a mistake to attempt a direct copy of that the circumstances are different and what works in one place will never be the best design or plan for what may work another and the other reason is that the technology of the future will be different from the technology of the past based on discoveries that have not yet been made and so again far the best way is to. to evaluate the circumstances and then to try and make the best possible decision how to proceed based on the current circumstances well let's take a look at the latest developments concerning of the creation of russia as a variation of the silicon valley and the reported by spotlights yearly and they deem me the bat. while the school in the vacation center reason not yet built it is already much more than just the territory redesignated on the map it's currently
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taking shape in the minds of designers from five countries france great britain the u.s. and sweden who won the bid to create a concept for the russian innovations and it might eventually tune out to be something as who touristic as the building of the business school which already exists in scowcroft and was designed by british based architect david a gyre who says he was inspired by a russian pioneer of geometric abstract art because in your mileage the construction of the center will take three to five years and around seven billion dollars dollars of investment meanwhile you don't have to be in school to be part of it the project but this happens we'll be able to work outside the technology park until two thousand and fourteen and all this time into tax breaks attributed to in the vacation sent to members by russian law americans have shown enthusiasm venture investors from the u.s. and some top silicon valley executives flocked to the russian capital guided by the
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california governor arnold schwarzenegger the former action heroes visit contributed greatly to promote in russia's efforts in the high tech sphere as for some practical results of guests from the u.s. pledged investments amount into round and new and used doors with i.t. giants google and intel announcing their readiness to set up the design of the board to resume skolkovo. world what we just saw was the actual skulk around because there's a big big beautiful building is actually a business school so somewhere in the vicinity nothing is built yet but can you tell us you haven't been there i know but do you have the slightest idea when will that start functioning when when it would start functioning on a regular basis mislead the. project i do not know the answer to that question but i think it depends very much upon several factors first the final decision of the government to invest in this project i'm not aware that that final decision has
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been taken secondly the development of a an appropriate plan which should involve a contribution from the council of which i am a member and then finally the actual implementation all of these things i believe are yet to be done or decided well can you name a single high tech industry that should become a could become the cornerstone of our all of this of this revolution made maybe nano which is which is like a great obsession in the kremlin today and the two and the russian two russians got a nobel prize this year for for nanotechnology do you think this may be the driver the locomotive of the of this scientific revolution i think that's possible but i would add that perhaps the greatest opportunity the future lies in the biological round i think that biotech will ultimately become the leading or the driving force in technology innovation in the world the reason is that it is agreed by all if the
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twentieth century was the age of physics and it culminated in the high tech industry that we have today. the twenty first century is without a doubt the age of biology and in particular of human biology and the important benefits from that are yet to be seen but all would agree on avoidably very great let's talk a bit more about about the international nature of science when you're talking about this call for project are you discussing are you even interested in the percentage of russian and non russian brains that will be there or remain here in the county don't care i mean certainly the objective is to identify the best talent . and to enable it to succeed regardless of their nationality just as an america regardless of nationality or indeed in other places indeed it would be a great benefit to the country if
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a significant amount of talent came from abroad bringing with them. knowledge ideas a different point of view that could augment what is homegrown. well you are a celebrity you're one of the best in the world you're a story like like like a guest star like in any movie there is the guest star can you name a couple of other people of of your rank in science that already have official invitation is or or with which the russians are talking to i didn't know somebody else who can join you look we have a council of very capable people which includes mostly leaders in. this general sort of activity in russia as and appropriately so but then to the council. it has been possible to bring a leader from biotech in america dr phillip frost who is perhaps the most
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successful entrepreneur in that industry in the world it has been possible to bring dr richard lerner who is the president of scripts in research institute which is also doubtless the most successful of its kind with vast experience in building enterprises that combine academic and commercial activity so i think we have. any example of those people and others the best that we could hope for in the way of advice to god because no you do have enough celebrities i think these people are better than able than i to offer useful advice on the project here but even years that i have read it in the press that that russian press that last summer even you have some troubles getting the russian visa that is. it's true that was a mistake even a mistake i never i never i don't know where that came from mistaken the press some mistake when they were the bees that mistaken the price for a sour i never had and they may have thought that i had already applied for abusing
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them to suppression of this visit and i had not done so quite the reverse is true when the date for this meeting was finally settled and with my complex travel schedule i had to find a window of time in which to join the meeting then and only at that time i applied for a visa it was far too late to obtain through normal channels a little and the. russians involved in the administration of this project could make it possible for me to obtain the visa on the shortest possible notice so so so far as i have you were a democrat a kid on the contrary going to crash into russian drugs as yet no not at all this is yet to come for you so i am told i have not seen it says roger kornberg cochairman of the scientific and technical council spotlight will be back shortly after we take a small break so stay way we'll continue this interview in less than a minute.
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like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many it's not just about them it's about me too. ya gotta shit. and geez. now. since this is my film i get the last word this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light switch. dear mom
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i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain in the past year that i can't take it anymore the stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace and with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with it was a bit always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare side effects serious life changing side effects.
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welcome back to spotlight i'm all going up and just to remind you that my guest in the studio. so today is an outstanding american biochemist professor our structural biology of stanford university two thousand and six nobel prize winner and finally cochairman of skolkovo scientific and technical council roger kornberg roger welcome back to the show well we started talking about russian bureaucracy that you have faced terribly impressed by the cations thankfully not in real life yet but people who have less words in their business cards may face those problems and these russian bureaucracy is a thing that's very frightening for foreigners. the russian parliament has passed a law which facilitates visa procedures for qualified foreign workers in russia earning more than sixty six thousand or more
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a year do you think this is enough i don't mean the sixty six thousand but lifting their critique. barriers to attract more and more scientists to russia i would think the answer is yes because scientists will go wherever a combination of factors prevails first of all an interesting opportunity in scientists will be attracted by a challenge and they will want to do the most fascinating living thing they may possibly undertake and then suddenly out of what support if both are provided and i understand that may be true then russia should have i think encountered no problem but i didn't think so scientists not like many other people a businessman for example are ready to stand in endless lines to get visas and papers and stamps and all that thing because like creative people don't like that they then they like things happen like this that if if if if that were to become a way of life i think it would be a problem because they have to apply for
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a visa on a weekly basis indeed it would be an issue otherwise let's see if people in russia believe in modernization of their country spotlights carter has tried to find out. hi there to be outside to find out if people in this country believe that russia can be modernized without involvement before night use the next year it's simply relying on its own talent to potential new corneas hope that the years of course it can i think we should restore the saudi regime and everything will get back to normal course of business school because of course it can however our government is lacking one small thing for that it's a desire for months or any sation for now i see only statements and promises there is no particular clear cut program i don't think that our government has any idea what they really want there is also this shady enterprise skolkovo i'm a university professor myself and i have been teaching for thirty years so i can tell you that in order to rebuild such
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a huge science and education system that we used to have in our country there have to be very clear and understandable plans in order to modernize our country we should if we destroying what is laughs from our science and education also stop turning high schools into career colleges and the most important step turning science into management suits your do most or more no i think we should try to attract more foreign experts because there is something we can learn from them and vice versa so the exchange of experience and knowledge will only have a positive outcome for both sides. so yes i think it's a carrot that we have enough of our room resources and talents within the country people just need a little more freedom and directions should also try to rely on our younger generation. out i've got sasha here she's going to question thought guest. to visit what does russia need to do in order to attract foreign scientists to work in our
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country. so i think the answer is to create opportunity opportunity opportunity so that not it's not only money you start early cutting red tape but it's. it's the springboards that people be looking for here and so there may be people abroad in various places with ideas and they believe passionately in pursuing and there may be an opportunity for their implementation they will go wherever it is possible when you came here and when you when you. got together i mean your council the scientific council what was the first discussion about what was the main subject what was the main burning question if there was one who was to decide what is the role of the council the challenge first of all is to decide how the council will relate to the project as a whole that in turn requires understanding what form the project may take none of
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that is yet decided the challenge before us is to devise a plan that works there are just there is justifiable skepticism as there would be of anything of a new and as yet undefined nature and it is our responsibility to take all the the critical comment that has been made to heart and take advantage in order to formulate a successful plan you don't sound skeptical along. i think because i i have lived my life engaged in such high risk activity that is the nature of science of course it's frightening and of course one can get it wrong and in fact i've often gotten it wrong. but getting it right even once or occasionally is the reward in a case like this i think we have a good chance of getting it right we must try this economy and i've talked to
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a couple of americans who came here to moscow last week as part of a delegation of u.s. venture capitalists and they will lead by i don't short snag of the the california governor himself they visit us call and they have a they met the president so do you think that now investments are guaranteed or on the contrary you know in vestment of that nature is very slow to materialize and i don't think that that needs to be a limitation at this stage what matters is to develop a appropriate plan and then to pursue it and be persistent and eventually the investment will follow so so when people people like like the guys from this delegation come in and then they will walk around and drive this fancy cars and stuff it's oh it's all smiles and then nothing really behind it is that true or it may materialize i don't know how does that work in my limited experience i know you
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know that money but still the venture the venture community is interested in opportunities but very limited in those that it will eventually pursue they would come to explore the possibilities they might decide to invest in the in the odds are always against it but the determination of the founders of the project and their capacity to design an appropriate plan will be decisive in the end. i know you're not about money you're a scientist but but you did make a couple of projects happening in our life so so you know how for if that's the reason i'm asking so what i want to know is what makes you and i'm sure that there that you sound like an optimist here what makes you believe that skolkovo is going to happen that it's not going to become another but tom can village you know nice nice nice on the surface but not really impressive inside there is no guarantee but
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you believe it is it is what i what i think is that we have that it is possible to succeed it is possible to accomplish what all would agree was. worthwhile and to deliver value for money in terms of investment but you won't know it until you see it and you've got it it's up to us to do it and the proof will be whatever is the outcome. now we have two stars one here one on the screen here we've got our own charts nagger on the screen and we've got and we've got roger kornberg here in the studio so. how do you feel about it is it you to make these guys pay their money or is it those guys that are here to pay for people like you to come to work and skulk over who is it's a chicken and egg question but still i think we have different motives i think it
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is true that when the venture community comes to visit scoble their purpose is to make money and to multiply the value of any investment my interest is of course entirely different it's to see such an undertaking be productive in terms of technology to see it succeed and at the levels of both discovery and the translation of discovery into meaningful so practical terms. but according to you of course have your own criteria when you talk to young scientists well we look through millions of projects that they they share we is there such a criteria for the council you skulk about what's the criteria. that has not been finally set down in words but i would insist and i'm sure others would agree there should be only one criterion and that is the quality of ideas person it's what you
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may or may consider it quality you you said biologicals i was no mathematics in that one so physics in the first place one can't really judge mathematics against biology or vice versa but within the realm broad realm of biology for example it is possible to convene a group that will review a proposal vote and then go with the majority decision there's no better way to do it another thing that i think would be nice for your council to have and this is the veto power like if the authority is rushing over to wherever. one some project and they really are very much want it and you see that it's that it's not really promising can you veto it can't can your side of the council veto approached and now that aspect of governance has not been established but i think it's appropriate i think what you've said is entirely reasonable i think a science.


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