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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2010 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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after the state for the show's afraid only some. correspondent elect c.r.'s rescue will be of course bringing us more updates from the headquarters of the national reserve corp bank where police have surrounded this bank and let me remind you that those bank was owned by russian tycoon i think somebody leaves and that's it from now and you can get more stories from our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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cellphones would be useless without this mineral. tiny piece is needed to make. use of culture and is extracted at a cost to life. this is r t live from moscow word four thirty pm to have binds the recall of the
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japanese ambassador from moscow scandalous tokyo's out crime problem present madrid a visit to russia southern real islands of japan claims i think. the international space station marks the decade of the manned mission grooving a milestone as humanity's longest home away from home but critics say results are needed to justify the multi-billion dollar project. and the u.s. is voting in midterm elections with opinion polls putting republicans in a strong position to some voters here massive corporate backing behind the candidate to put democracy in danger and now our two sits down with the u.s. for time presidential candidate who doesn't belong to any of the two parties ralph nader talks about the real powers that govern america and ways to achieve genuine change. elections are usually an exciting time for the american people however with the two
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party system dominating the political establishment here in washington some ask whether there are higher powers that stake and how much influence they wield over the city now someone is no stranger to this topic is ralph nader he was a presidential hopeful under the independent and green party ticket he sits down now with our. mr nader thank you so much for joining us now my first question to you is about u.s. foreign policy under both political parties i wonder if there are differences between how they look at the start treaty for example or the iraq and afghanistan wars or policies towards iran are there really differences between these two parties when it comes to u.s. foreign policy less and less on the start treaty that there are some republicans that are against it republicans for mostly all the democrats are for it says a little difference there but on iraq on afghanistan israel palestine.
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on the. sofa given the u.s. government to go in there and chasing you but in a country regardless of national sovereignty the similarity between obama and bush the start of the political when bush launched the wars he. was not able to legitimize. obama by extending. the war in afghanistan and expanding drones going to to pakistan going into somalia into yemen it's a no go after anybody that he and the executive branch think are a threat. he has legitimized what bush has put forward in an illegitimate way every election cycle politicians tend to bicker over who should be elected for president or who should be elected for congress but do their policies really differ
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how much dominance does the two party system have over the establishment here in washington and how the country is being run well there is a permanent corporate government in washington for president eisenhower in his farewell address in one nine hundred sixty one pointed out the much quoted passage of the unwarranted influence saw earn saw by the military industrial complex of course no it's much much worse and they have cowed a lot of the media i mean look how the media went along with the falsified drumbeat an invasion of iraq in two thousand and three i mean it was described as full so the two parties are not where the game is really being played they are the tributes you know they're the voice they're the sheen there is the they they say they sign on the dotted line it's the military industrial complex it's largely dissin say should both a defense industry machine that never says enough is enough in terms of nuclear
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subs and drones and fighter bombers and armored vehicles it's out of control eisenhower warned us about it we didn't heed his warning he knew what he's talking about he was a five star general is there a fabricated perception when it comes to the tea party's influence is there much reality behind this perception that socialism is dominating the country well it's a corporate propaganda the tea party is very viewpoints one viewpoint but they're going to share one thing their own about what's going on in the country and therefore being channeled toward washington without being in effect in foreign paper it's wall street over washington wall street is taking control of washington isn't a massive. trillion dollar bailout bailout of these wall street crooks by your tax dollars sufficient evidence so i think the big mistake that democrats and liberals are making is they're not talking to the teper years that they're backing off and
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and adjusting and censoring themselves and inflating the power of the tea partiers and so is the media i mean the only three four hundred thousand people who call themselves tea partiers who spent more than twenty hours in the last six months under initiatives and going to rallies and so forth but you have glenn beck you have fox network you have even the washington post in a new york times pushing pushing and so exaggerates them and that intimidates the democrats to be less progressive and less liberal and so who has the momentum in politics you simply ask one question who's on the often sit in who's on the defensive once the democrats turn became on the defensive they're falling backward and they're not going to recover the dangers of corporate capitalism is something that you've been following all your life i wonder about the corporate influence in this election cycle and in washington in general are the corporations creating
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movements like the tea party to maintain their control or their entrusts yeah that's their popular front so to speak just like the communist party and its popular front the corporations knowing they can't be out front because people don't like a lot of these big corporations that ripped off by the banks and credit card companies the insurance companies they have the bicameral accounting pfizer's they give the tea party some deceptive information and focus on certain politicians and therefore they continue their work there well behind the scenes i mean we have corporate socialism this country where the profits are kept and the losses are socialized on the back of the taxpayer there is a single department agency u.s. government. who's outside influence over one place not corporate. they control from their outside and putting their executives and i government positions fundie members of congress with their cash thirty five thousand full time lobbyists in
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washington they are the government theodore dreiser's put it very well a minimum years ago he said the corporations are the god i wonder what role does third party candidates have an election cycles and influencing the politics in this country when you have this two party system that has been in place for so long yeah i'm is a two party dictatorship and they control the state laws of ballot access so they obstruct small parties and independent candidates requiring them to spend inordinate amounts of time resist litigation as frivolous to get on the ballot there's no country in the western world that if strikes voters and counted them exercising their democratic rights in most countries in western europe you have multi-party systems if the green party gets over five percent in germany as over five percent of the parliament here a party can get forty nine percent of the opponent and get fifty one percent the party gets forty nine percent is nothing so there's no proportional representation
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that with the electoral college nonsense feeds a two party dictatorship and so the role of third parties to break open that two party dictatorship where is the party that pushes for a living wage so they can support their family on the democrats republicans they're not really pushing for that the democrats have a better rhetoric but barack obama promised a nine dollars fifty cents federal minimum wage in the campaign in two thousand and eight he's never talked about it since it's now seven dollars and twenty five cents won't part wages one third of the workers in this country make low wal-mart type wages is not a major area for a third party so people have got to stop voting for the least worst between the democrats republican and say they're going to vote for who but they believe that they're going to vote for their conscience they're going to vote for the best. interests the american people if it's a third fourth party so be it you mentioned you sent a letter to a number of different corporate executives saying they should have
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a taxpayer appreciation day for all the money that stole from the american taxpayers can you elaborate on that a little bit well i mean the political parties are servicing the top one percent which has of wealthy people which has equivalent wealth of the bottom ninety five percent of the american people and that is a inequality that radiates all the way down to why the poor die more injured more ripped off more the middle class is being pushed down toward the poor wealth inequality is not just a bunch of people at the top who have all a lot of the cold it radiates inequality and harm and devastation all away down the income scale and the republican democrat party have presided over at this tax system that perpetuates it what role does the mainstream media have and pandering to corporate interests well the media puts out some very good reports once in awhile sixty minutes and so forth but by and large they represent the investments
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of their shareholders and that means advertising revenue so they're not going to really go against many of their advertisers with a few luminous exceptions from time to time that's the message me there's independent media that seems to be growing modestly i listen regularly to democracy now amy goodman for example at pacifica radio it needs to be expanded because these these media don't represent advertises they represent news that's why when you turn on them you say gee why haven't i heard that on n.b.c. or c.b.s. why in this little station it's because they're not representing their advertisers they're representing news and i think that that's the that's the essential difference now in the media from what you're saying it seems like a bit of a hopeless situation here in the united states. it's is there any possibility of a revolution here in this country where the people actually were votes against these against us corporate domination well inevitably cycle turns in american
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history and people say enough is enough i thought the bailout of the crooks in wall street would fulfill that enough is enough but i've seen people who are more demoralized and less able to organize but one of these days will be a few billionaires who put a lot of money into thousands of community organizers network throughout the country focusing on congress to move this country forward and put the people back into the sovereignty arena the constitution starts with the people not we the corporations ralph nader it's always a pleasure to have you thank you so much for joining us. the admiral no human a passenger liner sailing in the black sea. august thirty first nineteen eighty six. twenty three twenty. four
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kilometers off shore. crashes into another vessel. four hundred twenty three people died. russian titanic. the close up team has been to know. where russia's first free elections were held a thousand years ago if now party goes to the area that used to be a place of exile since the seventeenth century. where businesses take advantage of the wild growing products. where rich academic life gives birth to innovate of idea come to the tomsk region crusher close up on our.
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in the sky. minimums looked forward to be held don't say. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of the racial. era spring of nineteen forty five on our t.v. . morning news today violence is once again flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. china operations are offered a. party's
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top stories russia has dubbed the recall of the japanese ambassador from moscow scandalous tokyo's outcry follows president medvedev resists russia's southern real pilot which japan claims as its own. u.s.
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is roading in midterm elections with opinion polls are putting republicans in a strong position but some voters fear massive corporate backing behind the candidates has put democracy in danger. and the international space station marks a decade of a manned mission proving a milestone as humanity's longest home away from home but critics say results are needed to justify the multi-billion dollar project. more details on all those stories at the top of the hour up next the sport. hello there welcome to the sport and this is what is coming up. crunch game rubin chase their thirst winning the champions league is they play planet and i call. us is a show on the ice just truck flying through k h l e v s like me. going
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to all of the san francisco giants see off to texas to claim bicycles the world series. but first a crucial game could rubin in the champions league tonight they take on pena tonight course in cars than a need a win to have a realistic chance of qualifying for the knockout stages the sides have yet to win a game in group d. and it ended goalless when they paid each other two weeks ago so three points and needed to have any hope of catching leaders barcelona and f.c. copenhagen who are second group lane care scored twice in their two no win at a clearly last week in the russian pair mainly his first since joining on the phone from their need and he believes home advantage would give his side the edge tonight . but a quick look at the shows why both sides are desperate for a victory to bring four points behind copenhagen and five behind barcelona with just the top she's going through with just three games left time is running out for
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the reigning russian champion. about barcelona can book their place in the next round if they beat copenhagen must see evening in the spaniards are flying at the moment having just beaten severe five nil in the league the weekend they are also they also defeated the danes to no at the nou camp but coach pep guardiola is full of praise for the danes picked winds have picked up wins in the other two games. with. little or. little belief. in the global economy. if you can keep cool you can be changed. so what about copenhagen they hope to have brazilian striker cesar sandton back for this one while their manager says they won't be trying to man mark passes legal mess to this by the argentine scoring twice against them last time i met. it's a clever clever culturists me who has tried to stop it much but the players mind
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who tried to stop it not succeeded so but. we don't we don't want to marking or something that's. that will destroy. this ational the team so that's no that's no use now one of the tides of the night is defending champions into man take on tottenham in london a win for the italians would guarantee them a spot in the next round of group a. four three never matic encounter at the san siro gareth bale scored a hat trick for the premiership outfit then but into say he's not the only one they have to be wary of. but you know when we talk about talk to her we're not talking about bill we're talking about a very good team which stays very good on the pitch which is very strong physically . with quality and i think that's what we need to be careful about not only one player but to two to be careful. to the string they have i think meanwhile spurs
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get a. bit of a game after he picked up a hamstring injury and we can get good news them for boss harry redknapp but he says and stop doing post match interviews if he's punished by being the chef they are criticizing a referee match officials after his side's recent loss to manchester united. i would if they were if they want to make an issue of what i said you know make some issues as well don't. you know don't expect me to come out of the t.v. after a game anymore ever and speak to a person who won't do it. if you want me just to come in rubbish and say not to good decision i'm quite happy with the job but with me to come after going now there's one result from the english premier league from monday evening blackpool beating nine man west brom c one to go up to ninth in the table the baggies have probably been as interns are jar red carded in the first half
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advantage for the seaside is a term from people living got a life consolation for west brom. moving to the ice and struggling truck door have pulled off a big upset in the kontinental hockey league after winning three two in overtime at league leaders met in the magni to go visit is made a fantastic starts the guy going take me see the streaming part surrogates you know shot but the puck sam i jumped up and fell back into the next track toward double belly at the beginning of the second period when alexander truly made the most about powerplay three minutes later you have matty elton and paul one back. and then midway through the third period how much flow in next door to the great goal driving around the goal and to keep people guessing if you floating any. sixty minutes couldn't find a winner so it didn't go into overtime where they could be side thirty
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a powerplay down queen seeing the final result with his powerful shots. not the news the san francisco giants have won baseball's world series for the first time and i bet fifty five years they beat the texas rangers last night to win the best of seven contests for one it was a tense game in arlington and it was scoreless and so rent a riot the series m.v.p. page had a stunning three run in the seventh inning that put the giants crease in the cellar runs in the ninth to texas but three one is how it ended even the giants are four one series victory the last time they were crowned champions was back in one thousand nine hundred fifty four. and. somebody that's a life and you know any. detail yes. but i keep myself in shape. working her. lips be patient. david things work oh i tend their organization they
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had that operation with me because. i went to be. let's get some action from the n.f.l. now where indianapolis beat houston at home thirty points to seventeen in the only game on monday peyton manning three two touchdowns including this passage a good time or two yard touchdown pretty side in front of seven zero eventually lead the culture victory which allowed indianapolis to square the head to head series with easton and gave the defending i have seen countless self-possession of the sound division made for the first time this season. he won the n.b.a. there are three games to talk about first of all the one which took place in sacramento where the kings defeated toronto on home court one hundred eleven to one hundred eight the kings completely made a mess of the eight in quarter losing sixteen points to thirty straight but gradually they pull themselves together in the remaining pages to grab victory tour again and stop scoring for sacramento with twenty three points. elsewhere in the
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wings for san antonio and she cargo. shorts and eric kane has won the melbourne cup in australia one hundred thousand spectators so the twelve to one romp home at the flemington course with around two hundred metres to go the french train five are all broke away from the rest jockey general motors guiding her home to take the three million dollar prize my lucky day with second of the hottest biography here is that you think. no one cash in america who won by three lengths and finally paid boarding has become far more than a pastime a russian teen has become world champions in the sport for record third time taking on the americans and their own backyard constantine put up of has this report. remove his dream of killing soldiers and shooting enemies for serious consequences of course has come true in the form of pinball and produce of you who don't know
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this and waltz teams competing with each other too should be opponents they use a gun like device called a morgue. which has ballots containing paint there are different kinds of pinball but as a sport pinball was first played at the beginning of the 1980's in the us a thing for me is a mixture of everything i hope the sport and far more games more pain balls means more it's an extremely interesting time how i started with it as a sport and that kind of pinball is more professional than just for fun it's not surprising the americans became the translators with big industry and the best league almost like the n.b.a. for pinball players and all the sports fans gear up once a year for what has become the greatest and most and dissipated pain will invent the world cup in orlando teams from all over the world come to out showing their rivals in proved that they belong at the top most of the teams are from north america as
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a level of their performance he's much hurt except for one team russian legion this is a professional pinball team from moscow that set themselves being of becoming more of number one thousand nine hundred ninety six and were crowned world champions for the third time this year the russians continue to make use to a threshing all their opinions and as a result in the final it was a paint massacre with the russian legion side winning it seven behind all that is its course a lot of blood is because we spend a lot more than any other team and yes we spent time over here by practice and we spend thousands of hours by plane we spend hundreds of hours by making special fitness exercises and it's just our level but it's not just about physical ability or shooting skills or coaches prepare the team for each tournament where it's a battle of wits as well you must know tactics if you're playing just by yourself you will do nothing so that seam and the squad is out of five people and each
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person that squad must know what he's doing to help his guys and so lead him as a real part of the squad they can do. his job as good as possible however is real professionals the team doesn't to be a tourist in their laurels they're dedicated to pinball and want to attract younger souse to the sport and make it for people in russia and the world success is the best advertisement of the month of the truth is that the best league with the best players is in the u.s. where pinball is very popular where delighted to be them on their home ground but of course we'd like to have a strong league here in russia and i hope the sport will grow to be popular and lots of youngsters will get involved and if the russian legion team continue their winning ways it could well achieve their aims of making pain will even more people here in their native land complain but out of the fun and that brings the end of the sport for the moment a bit lighter on. the
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