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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 1:00am-1:29am EDT

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get a human voice face to face with the news makers. they faced this is not a provocation but a warning. before it should step you should a supreme retreat because they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it is this is. all too new to. the army life. is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. to true nineteen forty five dot com.
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in moscow she's available in hotels for. toto keep lists it is congress photo east west coast center. for sky. sloviansk book historical hotels of escape culture in a city. called smalls. of untold club the struggle for leicester tropicana hotel. bolstering global security and co prayed seen on afghanistan will dominate discussions and keep the peace that small scale mean it beats imposed nato supply on the ship but. barack obama's democrat says results from the u.s.
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midterm elections showed gains for republicans but some voters say none of the candidates were dragged them out of the troubled economy. there are fears groups in iraq by the u.s. to help build security back into the hands of al qaida. so you're watching r t we're broadcasting live from moscow welcome to the program combating international terror beefing up a global security and deciding the future of national defense where the key issues russia and nato want to work on during the visit of the secretary general to moscow . russian president and foreign minister later on tuesday. cross to our correspondent. because i mean what exactly will be doing during this visit whether
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relations between moscow and they take the stand. he. asked to meet the russian president on foreign minister to discuss a new strategy for global security russia and nato and russia currently stepping up . gratian. defense systems in europe and also in conventional arms control and today still sorry i'm sure it's all good gracious work the upcoming russian nato summit which is due to take place in least one of. the coming months to may tells position on missile defense systems in europe and also the new blueprint neda's blueprint for a new strategy of the twenty first century to russia's. security interests and concerns
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now as far as the missile defense shield in europe is concerned what russia wants to know is how is it going to be integrated into the new system as a mere observer or a hands on the dishpan in that system in the whole throw says from its construction to activation we know that previous plans by the us administration on to the president george w. bush had seriousness sport relations with russia but after president obama scrapped those plans now several countries been saying in particular germany just recently that russia must be integrated into the new system into the new show. at the moment nato and russia are assessing common threats and challenges of the twenty first century and this document is expected to be ready by the time the example summit takes place at least now another important issue on today's agenda is again
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a stern nato desperately needs russia's help in the war in afghanistan blossom says visit comes on the heels of that there was successful ration care adult with the help of russia's intelligence agencies for drugs to see for trace would destroy it would have between afghanistan and pakistan and trucks would some two hundred medium. the russians actually the country suffers most stuff from my trucks produced a mechanic most still have got to start with ends up in russia and the new russian foreign minister said on monday that russia under no circumstances go to sunday school just afghanistan and such since the state was willing to take part in the oath gracious like the one they were the last week ends against drug trafficking from the canister currently mosco is russia's educating afghan intelligence officers and its unit. the city's oh so it has recently provided the brushwood for
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military supplies to afghanistan so coke ration continues on today's talks perhaps a likely to become an eyes great before the sides see the war atop the discussions in these. it's interesting that just yesterday night shortly after his arrival in most major sceptic general. on his page in facebook time has come for a fresh start in nato russian relations the clear message to the russian people he says is that nato does not see russia as an enemy but as a pawn no strategic importance together we can make the world safe on the basis of trust and confidence andras what will still no one sees that this blueprint indeed includes russia as nato scott not and it was just pushing for more than just words from nato. yes you mention their cooperation a lot they attach to it i mean with russia and nato working together on so many
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issues also analysts saying about how the future now looks for them both. full of course nato and russia realize that there are certain disagreements divides on several issues but what is important that they now seem to be ready to discuss those. issues together the open debate nato and russia have been slowly recovering our. military challenges military invasion itself the set you know this two thousand and eight and actually these upcoming summit will be the first time that the sides sit together at the same table for talks up to the van so the two thousand and eight in georgia sell the said well another primary source of tension says i was ready. to deploy missile defense system in eastern europe too close to russia's borders russia had strongly opposed those plans and russia's stance on it has been that once money shoot is another month so. so it is more likely that
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russia will continue with its. entities. and it wants to. keep asking hard questions tonight where exactly is the. most. trying to set. the region a very. chaotic thanks so much indeed for that. well to the us now where voting in mid-term elections has come to an end within the last hour and despite a loss of seats the democrats have retained a majority in the senate the republicans have won control of the house of representatives the congress divided between the two parties it would make it much harder for president obama to go forward with his legislative agenda but many voters have other concerns and worried about the corporate bankrolling
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a. vast amounts of campaign cash was poured into these elections a spokesman for the u.s. green party says the runaway spending is detrimental to the country's political system. of the important thing to point out is that that money comes from corporations and corporate money has poisoned our democracy but the real problem is an election system that is rigged against us in several ways there are state laws regarding ballot access that democrats and republicans have passed together to privilege themselves to privilege their own candidates while hindering the ability of other parties and independents to participate in the democratic process we need to get those laws overturned and we need to make the us a multi-party democracy the only real democracy is a multi-party democracy well with political difficulties in sight for getting
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legislation through former congressman thomas andrews says it will make it even harder for washington to solve its pressing economic problems. there are a lot of things that need to be done in this country that are not being done unfortunately the script in this election is is number one we haven't seen the change in the economic prospects of this country change enough with a nine point six percent unemployment rate nationally and in some of these very competitive districts double digit unemployment rates and of course the deficit has continued to increase as the economy has continued to slide so what you have is people who are taking advantage of that very dire situation and saying it's the politicians in washington who are spending like drunken sailors and causing this economic collapse and we need to change fundamentally the decision makers in washington d.c. the problem that we're going to face is that these candidates who are now being elected who have been running on the basis of this very very high octane rhetoric
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and all these negative ads are not going to be in a position or feel that they're going to be comfortable compromising and engaging in the kind of give and take that you need in order to make a government work people are anxious they're nervous they want to see a media change what they don't want to see is gridlock and i'm afraid that one of the consequences of this election will be gridlock in washington and i think that will translate into a pox on everyone both parties houses if washington can't step up and get some things get some things done once the election smoke is cleared here in the nation's capital. from los angeles their former congressman talking to us from washington. well still ahead fighting for survival and the high. cost of themselves even if it means breaking the door. this week has been the bloodiest in iraq for months at least seventy six people have been killed and two hundred wounded in a series of attacks in mainly shia neighborhoods in baghdad the blast came just two
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days off the militants took a christian congregation hostage even the. the eight dead total u.s. pullout showed you the end of next year when iraqis say they feel abandoned escalating violence but some are losing more than protection sunni praised by u.s. for its help providing security is now forming back into the hands of local warlords and al-qaeda policy reports. there is still a force to be reckoned with tens of thousands of sunni muslims angry at the shiite iraqi government known as the sons of iraq four years ago they were won over by american dollars to fight al qaeda one of the strains they live in the neighborhoods in which they keep watch. we did a great service to iraq some were members were working with the terrorists before they joined us and they give us information about the armed groups but despite attempts by the iraqi government to disarm them in communities like this they
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continue to patrol the streets because they insist iraqi soldiers just can't keep the peace. security forces sometimes just turn a blind eye to what's going on there's lots of he rights violations and there aren't enough human rights organizations defend and protect people. but all these paramilitary groups upholding the rule of law or are some of their activities questionable as suggested in the four hundred thousand iraq documents released by wiki leaks in one account her sons of iraq leader is said to be responsible for the murder of innocent civilians conducting insurgent activities under the guise of a sons of iraq leader extortion and rape. they are everything has a positive and a negative some leaders use their position for settling trouble scores stockpiling weapons making money and killing innocent civilians but the majority brought stability. but that majority also feels abandoned by an america which armed trained
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and paid them and despite big promises less than half of the ninety thousand strong force has been given work or absorbed into iraqi security forces this man is one of the few who has but he's afraid to reveal his identity. to talk after the americans were finished with his groups after iraq was secure they no longer supported us especially when the iraqi government charged our leaders with crimes a lot of the leaders have lost trust in the american and iraqi government and are afraid that by working for them they might face charges and or assassination. iraqi security officials say hundreds of sons of iraq members have returned to al qaeda and that many of the thousands now in the iraqi government payroll secretly aid the insurgency for observers like honeyed deal iraqi security forces are running a losing race to keep up to speed to either integrate the groups or to be able to
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secure iraq without them and i think of how that does not mean that the training given by the u.s. was not complete and it never will be because america wants iraqis to keep beating them they don't want to rock to build a strong army and that way they can justify staying in the country and making sure iraq is never strong enough to control the region although. in army bases like those iraqi federal police are trained in intelligence the tactical side exploitation and medical anything like that they do patrols counter i see is that for many iraqis what the americans left behind was destruction and devastation it will take a lot for being to rebuild the words of the minds. armed and dangerous these paramilitary groups struggle to find a place for themselves leading some observers to warn that while they might have been used for short term military gains in the end they could be the roadblocks to peace policy r.t.e. baghdad. brazil. new presidents do has promised to follow the path of popular
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predecessor by making the fight against poverty her number one priority despite the huge strides made in recent times many remain trapped by their circumstances people struggling to find work in cities and coming up with their own ways to survive and feed their families in this to reports just a simple life tending your own garden. growing your own food it's a simple life worth fighting for even if you've built it illegally six times they've tried to kick us off and together with the church and with some politicians we've been able to appeal standing your ground because another life one you've worked to escape is always in sight not far from where you toil these are the favelas they are the slums in brazil it's the way the majority of the poor live in this country and where here are just a stone's throw away on a settlement this is where a group of people now live off the land in a commune as an answer to the poverty and joblessness in the slums brazil is the
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largest country in south america and almost half of the farmland is controlled by just one percent of the landowners and there's a lot of activism to a huge social movement in fact behind changing that. misty struggles so brazil can do radical agrarian reform so that we can settle the land and get rid of property pushing to get all poor brazilians like the forty families living here back to the earth after they were pushed off by the world. when the green revolution led by powerful foundations and governments like the us turned farming in the developing world into an expensive and high tech agricultural industry with this revolution huge businesses occupy the land and this has been happening since the one nine hundred fifty s. and they've been kicking small farmers off the land they kick them off and they send them to the city saying that the cities need workers but the cities did. need
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all those workers so while the land became a means to produce and export food for the world to consume benefiting the few people who controlled it. the large landowners the bank owners and the multinational corporations small land workers like these lost their jobs to technology or lost their land going into debt trying to compete and were left to starve or today it is very much an oppressor capitalism is becoming a monster because wherever the market or product is the principal focus everything or everyone else and that excluded but everyone's included here and their own collective socialist solution a model of their dream for brazil. think that we want wealth distribution for the poor and the workers we want land distribution the green revolution of their own. a simple life worth fighting for lauren lyster r t so paulo brazil. some well news in brief. greece has suspended all mail and package delivery is abroad
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forty eight hours after a series of possible search for them the series of acronyms three of them were addressed to germany's chancellor angela merkel italian pm silvio berlusconi french president nicolas sarkozy parts of arkansas and closed off and security has been tight because foreign missions police have already charged two men the finger of blame is on towards greek on the extremists. an iranian woman who was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery or whatever they want to be hanged from the letter and spirit of information comes from a human rights group which says the execution of so. many take place today to use stoning sentence was suspended at the course and international outcry she was convicted of adultery and being an accomplice to. a powerful storm heading towards the. haiti which is still recovering from the january
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earthquake and a recent outbreak of cholera the country's highest level of warning that people may have to flee most have nowhere to go more than a million survivors very plastic tents a shelter the storm is already course at least nineteen deaths in eastern caribbean many electricity poles are down and roofs of rooms. are now rushing because would be a long way down any list of the world's best but a group of engineers are trying to perform the mother of all u. turns by restoring the country's water making image a rescue battered old bang is and turned them into souped up soviet super cars party's top bottom reports from the racetrack. when you think of russian cars what do you think of. the looks a good good good this side of the. car. but don't be too hasty
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a team of russian car engine it has managed to convert two old russian what courses into race horses. but when we bought this car for five thousand dollars back in two thousand and three now after all our work it's worth three hundred thousand dollars . the first is this old larger it was rescued by andre and brought here to moscow's auto mechanics institute there it was stripped out given a monstrous engine and all the frankenstein treatment needed to create its new look . my inquiry says there are limits to cars in this case i could do whatever i wanted. with the much in you it's made for drag racing so there are no limits to its technical characteristics i don't everything i possibly could to this car the second is this old vulgar soviet car built decades ago it now has a thousand horsepower but it wasn't always like that. it's a beautiful car named the best car of nine hundred fifty seven it's very high
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quality it's a beautiful car but i wanted to make it more powerful originally it only had seventy five horsepower. so we know the story of this car and what it used to be the main difference after all the modifications is this not your typical vulgar engine. so let's see what i can do. clearly the engineers behind these russian muscle cars haven't worked in vain they're part of moscow's elite motor engineering university that created futuristic concept cars and placed its designers throughout the world's top car companies but the dreams of these engineers to race haven't so far crossed the starting line not that they want to hide their creations away we even would like to invite people to come here to show them everything we've been doing and tell them all about it. dre
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will continue to bring their groups out this test track to flex their muscles and whether they'll be pushing the boundaries of technical possibility or pushing the limit competitively the need for speed will drive them on the kind of i'm with them we need to look at the past for inspiration maybe when we look back at what we used to have we can use it to create new cars. tom barton r.t. . if he knows the business. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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would be so much brighter if you knew more about someone from funniest impression. on t.v. dot com. welcome to the program hey i say with michelle i was folly the world bank is a lotus i'll look for russia's growth but it says domestic consumers a driving the local economy housing to offset a global slowdown. we expect a four point two growth reduce your risk. for next year occur around four point five that's the best part of recovers. so it was. this
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growth in particular is driven by domestic demand which is produced it's locally driven right so you're less perhaps there on a deeper trench will be sort of. you know it's hard workers. russia's oil output has reached historic high for the second month running with daily extraction reaching over ten million barrels. percent over the same period last year to more than four hundred twenty million barrels in ten months despite food costs on the decline russia has been squeezing more oil out of existing fails is also known as new fields in the pacific. time no cycle look at the markets and stocks in asia are following a gain a move straight the markets are up aids ahead of expected monetary easing from the us later in the day hong kong's hang seng is let to its highest in twenty eight months rising one point nine percent gains in banks the oil countess in japan
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markets are closed for a national holiday. and hair loss goals is closer to one choose day most of the major. bucking the trend was. down about one percent this comes on the news of searches conducted by the police as a bank of one of. those on the negative is nineteen point five percent of the russian flagship carrier could help share if the gain is the company's profit report says its net profit sourced one hundred thirty percent according to russian accounting standards. now the internet may become russia's second most popular promotion told to television analysts say this could happen as soon as the end of this year but it's not just advertising which is becoming popular on the net online buoying is also a growing favorite among russians as tim a fake reports. when the entire world is your fingertips whether it's buying high tech gadgets or just paying the bills virtually everything can be done through the
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internet and russians are getting hooked with around you at this point what is it you know we examined what people are searching for it turns out the use of the phrase buy online has increased threefold since two thousand and eight the requests are coming from moscow and st petersburg which accounts to over seventy percent of all such requests by research by google and citibank shows russians most often pay for things like telecom services twenty nine percent of operations railway tickets and music each account for more than ten percent news and data represents six percent along with air tickets however the volume of web purchases in russia amounts to no more than one percent of the g.d.p. in comparison the figure for england is seven times higher than comment about the market of internet purchases in two thousand and ten is around twenty billion dollars according to our estimates in two years it could grow up to twenty nine billion dollars last year despite the crisis it showed substantial growth and for
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some companies online where the costs are less and profitability is greater it's a pickle porch of an online buyer in russia as a young single male from moscow with higher education women it seems still prefer the classic shopping techniques timofey across the business r.t. moscow. now last summer's hate wave has left one point four million russians below the poverty line the drought killed up to forty percent of cops in some areas and push prices to the highest floor if i have the pockets of the what's hot in those living off allowances banks as the last fourteen percent of the population is now encouraged it says rising incomes should ensure the poverty spike is temporary. despite a resident of was between russia and talks about gas supplies a warming up as. tatiana political points during his visit to turkmenistan russia's world deputy prime minister viktor to call said that russia is interested in all
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turkmenistan gas pipeline project he also didn't exclude the possibility that russia could raise the gasoline prices from turkmenistan in case the demand in europe grows zuckoff smithing is particularly important now after the tensions between the two contras over the gas trade escalated last week just to remind you a week ago one of russia's top officials eager search and doubted the visibility all for one the throat minister of gas pipeline project and he also said that there are them in istanbul be able to supply gas to the west without crossing the russian territory. in a strong accused russia in interfering in its efforts to build energy ties with europe. and that shop day for now headline news coming up next.


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