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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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inside petersburg she's available in hotels a story of. ducks in a song speak to kowtow to troops on the soto the true story toto do go. into. the ski lift you can see how this. business. telling of fresh start in the russian capital. bolstering global security and cooperating on afghanistan dominates discussions as nails chief visit small scale in a bid to boost nato is partnership with russia. in other news president obama faces
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a tougher challenge to his agenda as the democrats lose their hold over congress in the midterm vote but many americans fear corporate money is now running the country . where one in iraq with u.s. forces stepping down we look at how local militias are falling back to insurgency. it's five pm in moscow in this is r t coming to you live with me and he said now way first stop nato chief says he wants a new start in relations with russia as soon as possible anders fogh rasmussen is in moscow seeking support from the russian leadership on afghanistan and on european missile defense shield parties he couldn't agree is following the talks. nato is an organization that now faces major trial and yes it is at
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a crossroads it has an identity crisis analysts are saying that nato simply has bitten off more than it can chew and in afghanistan in particular and it now desperately needs russia's assistance and counsel and nato also wants to rid itself of what bromates so cold war identity one sided identity and to become a mordant point to the century security organization will be as it needs russia's support crossness and is in most cases to. to see commit videos how on several key issues one of them is a very sensitive issue european missile defense now we know that u.s. plans to deploy elements of missile defense so close to russia's borders said seriously a world relations with russia in the polls to the system was planned to be deployed to protect the continent against the threat from the so-called rogue states now the new dog training nato's blueprint which is expected to be discussed during the
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upcoming russian made zero summit later this month says that russia will be included in the new system but the crown it wants to know included as an observer included as a hands on the to supplant all this is very important the most go to day honors for boss my son during a press conference in moscow sat that nato would start cooperating with russia on this new european missile to fans any time. exercises testing our respective capabilities. and dish. c it's a missile defense which aims at protecting our deployed troops. can be expanded to a territorial missile defense system to protect the whole of our population. and that's what we're going to decide which at the nato summit in lisbon and we would
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very much like to cooperate with russia. when it comes to terry toru miscarriage. another major issue on the trend of today's cross muslims visit to moscow is afghanistan remarkably he comes to the russian capital just a week after an unprecedented joint hope gratian russian intelligence officers helped nato carry out and major antidrug rate on the border between afghanistan and pakistan they destroyed or dropped in producing look for a truce despite russia saying no under no circumstances would sound so just afghanistan mosco he's willing to cooperate with nato on pizza and to drop all this is in afghanistan because off told russia the country which self esteem most from drug trafficking most still have them produce heroin hands up in russia but analysts are saying that both moscow and made to acknowledge that fundamental differences still divides about but the difference being is that now they are ready
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to address these sensitive issues to address the open debate the reason for mr rasmussen to morse go to start is to prepare them as we're meeting them to share opinions about the strip digital for the world for their relationship between russia and nato we have been partners in certain situations both we have never had a strategic partnership between us and they do both russia and they do need these stable strategic relationship in order to be a beer more efficient you know our common here for still to come but the common threats and challenges on nato and russian ties have been slowly recovering seen stan shows over georgia's military invasion insall the second two years ago but it seems that nato and moscow are now seeking to push the reset button similar to that which washington and moscow pushed
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a while ago. well expert in conflict resolution to meet the qur'an and told r.t. that a joint russian nato missile defense project could be a breakthrough for both sides the secretary general. of the joint missile defense council russia russia. corporation with nato on missile defense he made that state his first speech on russia first major speech on any issue. in september last year under the auspices of the carnegie endowment basically you need to realize that no amount of strategic arms reductions of limitations can transform the russian made though russia western russia us relationship one needs to have us to teach a collaborative project now that looks like missile defense is the one playing the silver bullet of the project that has the potential at least to transform the
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entire russian western relationship it's a game changer for if with failed to seize the fall that it could be a game breaker. to the u.s. now where president obama's democratic party has narrowly managed to retain a majority in the senate in midterm elections but the house of representatives is now in the hands of the republicans with congress now divided between the two parties it will be much harder for obama to move forward with his legislative agenda but many voters have other concerns they're worried about the corporate bankrolling of candidates after vast amounts of campaign cash was poured into these elections let's get more now from steve lazar he's the editor of op ed news dot com he joins us now on the line live from new york steve thanks for being with us this midterm election is looking like a stinging setback for president obama who was elected with so much hope for change how much of this is a personal blow to him. i really don't think much of it is i mean in
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a sense what you could say about this election is that voters didn't vote necessarily for the republicans or for any of the things that republicans were saying they wanted to do they voted out of fear and anger against obama and the democrats not so much personally but but out of fear of what's happening with the economy and with jobs what they're saying is pay attention to us pay attention to jobs don't worry so much about these other things like health care reform or climate change pay attention what's happening to americans pocketbooks well it seems to be all about the money and both parties use massive amounts of that to sway public opinion so who actually be making new politics law makers or large companies and corporations here. it's a very good question you know we have a totally new reality the united states since the supreme court citizens united decision that said that corporations can essentially spend as much money as they want to in campaigns it remains to be seen how much that really is going to affect american politics going forward but it's
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a definite concern i think though that in the short term the biggest question is going to be how are these new rip the party republicans going to make the transition from agitating to governing i think that's a real question and i think that's that question is going to be answered very quickly in the next three to six months now with another major clash between democrats and republicans it looks like a continuing shift of power is happening here is the two party system working effectively in the us. i think we're beginning to see it sort of fray at the edges here progressives have been fairly upset with the progress on many of obama's initiatives in the last in the last year to year and a half the tea party republicans really haven't had the same problems with the old guard in the republican party because they've been united against a common flow but almost right away with decisions about the budget you're going to see some a major problems or erupt between sort of the more moderate if you could even call them that old guard of the republican party and the radical tea party the
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tea party expects no concessions to maybe made to the obama administration they expect tax cuts they expect cuts in spending they expect deficit reduction and they expect to get the economy to be stimulated and i think most people recognize that that's not possible but that's if the republicans are unable to do that and i don't think they're going to be able to present a budget that does all those things then you're going to see real some real some real problems on the republican side while obama seems to stand ready to work with republicans while the republicans are saying that he needs to change that course so in the end how do we see any type of compromise and what kind of sacrifices need to be make here made here i should say to co-op. well the republicans don't think that they need to make any sacrifices so that's the big problem right off the bat and they've been made as much as saying that on national television every time you talk to them over the past week or two so what i think what i think has to happen is obama has to have
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a very clear sense of where he wants to take the economy and the choices that he wants to make i think he has those and then he has to go to the republicans john boehner in in the house and say here's our plan what's your plan how do you achieve what you say that you want to achieve and what things do you want to cut you republicans haven't been able to articulate one single thing that they want to cut and they say that spending cuts are going to are what's going to bring bring the federal budget back in balance but when you can't pin them down on anything so there's some very interesting times coming up in the united states and you know as much as me being a democrat is upset at what happened in the election yesterday the silver lining is now these republicans have to show what they intend to do they're no longer outsiders they're no longer insurgent agitators now they've got to be part of the government part of the solution and it's going to be interesting to see them try to do that but we're certainly be keeping an eye on it and i assume you will too steve glaser editor of the op-ed news dot com talking to us from new york thanks for that
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. now our web site also keeps you up to date twenty four hours a day here's some of what you'll find online right now at our dot com post running low for women in afghanistan a shocking number fall victim to domestic abuse and violence with the suicide rate on the rise despite international efforts. and the moscow landmark metro unveils a new attraction as it turns one of its stations into a public museum for more head to our t.v. dot com. i miss russian antidrug and for sir who authorities want to jail for up to twelve years has been sentenced to two and a half years probation hugo which calls tackled the drug problem in the u. rolls by forcing addicts into rehab but his methods were slammed as inhumane despite winning huge public support sarah firth has more. discussed today then looking for you but of course he has been found guilty kidnapped and killed at the
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tension of these a method the gets caught and the action for that is that. as part of that take me to help pick up forcing people to quit and fight that addiction he was found guilty with to police and we see this case really showing nationwide attention even president but they did come and sing out at first saying that the case needed that closer attention and many supporters have been saying that i fall for a big honest bitch cause she likes to actually have been commended for his actions with pitched of operating a little to help the main foundation city without a new castle in but. the people who actually live that have seen the positive effects of chance have we actually visited your castle by just a vermont guy had the people who is addicted to the cheap ten years ago that would no gays and so the drug addiction was so bad you know people were afraid to go
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there for it to let their children live and they say that now there's been a. very very positive impact and even more interesting at least some of the drug addicts at least like to. see the treatment that themselves the these methods are incredibly harsh but actually they work the weekend up in the fountain you have any worries that he has that the same approach that despite the criticism is the most important thing here is that you to test the fact that these methods are having a positive impact with this chap eagle carried out over two hundred operations against drug dealers as a result the mortality rate is high up to the gypsies are afraid to sell drugs and consequently don't bribe you for it is clearly the authorities that didn't like that. incest is all to compare the meth is a bitch cause in this case again had to you can sit back with the foundation's been up for a take much longer for even ten years at the. they've now got to a situation where they're actually working with both parties and that's working
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very well but that's about all been legal within the law certainly the city that that sunday chavez called himself has said that they would submit that they had to fill a gap about a problem that wasn't being addressed properly in the first place took a day to russia. official statistics put around thirty thousand people a good thing i could take as an unofficial statistic say that that's not. really a drug addict in russia certainly a drug addict it is an issue that needs to be tackled. brazil's new president who has vowed to intensify the government's efforts in fighting rampant poverty but despite advances made by her predecessors hunger and unemployment are still the reality for millions of brazilians but now the downtrodden are stites step in government and leading their own fight for change from the ground up or a lister reports from sao paulo just a simple life. tending your own garden. growing your own food it's
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a simple life worth fighting for even if you've built it illegally says six times they've tried to kick us off and together with the church and with some politicians we've been able to appeal standing your ground because another life when you've worked to escape is always in sight not far from where you toil these are the favelas they are the slums in brazil it's the way the majority of the poor live in this country and we're here just a stone's throw away on a settlement and this is where a group of people now live off the land in a commune as an answer to the poverty and joblessness in the slums of brazil is the largest country in south america and almost half of the farmland is controlled by just one percent of the landowners and there's a lot of activism to a huge social movement in fact behind changing that. misty struggles so brazil can do radical agrarian reform so that we can. settle bill land and get rid of property pushing to get all poor brazilians like the forty families living here back to the
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earth after they were pushed off by the world. when the green revolution led by powerful foundations and governments like the us turned farming in the developing world into an expensive and high tech agricultural industry with this revolution huge businesses occupy the land and this has been happening since the one nine hundred fifty s. and they've been kicking small farmers off the land they kick them off and they send them to the city saying that the cities need workers but the cities didn't need all those workers so while the land became a means to produce and export food for the world to consume benefiting the few people who controlled it. the large landowners the bank owners and the multinational corporations small land workers like these lost their jobs to technology or lost their land going into debt trying to compete and were left to starve or today it is very much an oppressor capitalism is becoming
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a monster because wherever the market or product is the principal focus everything or everyone else and at the excluded but everyone's included here in their own collective socialist solution a model of their dream for brazil if. we want wealth distribution for the poor and the workers we want land distribution to green revolution of their own. a simple life worth fighting for lauren lyster r.t. sao paulo brazil. but look now at some other stories dominating world news this hour the government to agree to spend international mail deliveries for forty eight hours after a series of letter bombs were found in athens some were sent to foreign embassies while three were posted to germany's chancellor the italian prime minister and the french president police have already charged two men and are now searching for five others spectate of involvement an extreme left wing group is thought to be behind the attempted attacks. iran has denied reports that an execution is imminent clear
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a woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery earlier this year the mother of two sentence was suspended after the case sparked international outcry over the authorities said she could still be hanged for murder the iranian foreign minister has reportedly told his french counterpart that no decision in the case has yet been made. and a volcano in indonesia which first erupted last week has unleashed its biggest blasts yet sending a huge ash cloud into the sky reports say this latest activity from mount merapi was three times as powerful as the initial blast ten days ago about seventy five thousand people have already been evacuated from the area near the volcano and more are fleeing from their homes at least thirty nine people have been killed since the eruptions began. now russian cars have long been known for being completely unremarkable but a group of enterprising upstarts have driven themselves to the brink of change to brink to change that perception from clunky old cans to roaring world royalty
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artie's tom barton reports. when you think of russia. what do you think. of the. but don't be too hasty a team of russian car engine it has managed to convert two old russian work horses into race horses. but the ones that we bought this car for five thousand dollars back in two thousand and three now after all our work it's worth three hundred thousand dollars. the first is this old larder it was rescued by andre and brought here to moscow's auto mechanics institute there it was stripped out given a monstrous engine and all the frankenstein treatment needed to create its new look . might encourage says there are limits to cars in this case i could do whatever i
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wanted. with the money in you it's made for drag racing so there are no limits to its technical characteristics i don't everything i possibly could to this car the second is this old vulgar soviet car built decades ago it now has a thousand horsepower but it wasn't always like that. it's a beautiful car named the best car of nine hundred fifty seven it's very high quality but i wanted to make it more powerful originally it only had seventy five horsepower. so we know the story of this car and what it used to be the main difference after all the modifications is this not your typical vulgar engine. so let's see what i can do. clearly the engineers behind these russian muscle cars haven't worked in vain they're part of moscow's elite motor engineering university that's created
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futuristic concept cars a place to designers throughout the world's top car companies but the dreams of these engineers to race haven't so far crossed the starting line not that they want to hide their creations away but yeah i'd like to invite people to come here to show them everything we've been doing and tell them all about it. dre will continue to bring their brutes out to this test truck to flex their muscles and whether they'll be pushing the boundaries of technical possibility or pushing the limit competitively the need for speed will drive them on. tom barton r.t. . new year's up next here on our team with the latest business. that's right time to delve into the world of business russia services are growing up the faso space since june that softer the hit wave the summit caused the sector to contract the chop killed up to forty percent of crops in some areas pushed up
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prices and lowered the business activity index but last month the index rose from fifty one point five to over fifty five indicating a strong recovery in the service sector this data is in line with the recent world bank report which claimed rising incomes would soon erase a short term increase in which the levels. we expect a four point two growth rate this year and a slight improvement for next year at around four point five as the best the credit recovers. so it was second message is that this growth in russia in particular is driven mainly now by domestic demand which is produced it's locally driven right so you're less vulnerable perhaps there aren't any pretense will be sort of rationing in outside markets. the internet is set to become russia's second most popular promotion till after television analysts say this could happen as soon as the end of this year online advertising as wedding from
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a shopping christian shopping on the web a stress it's my think. when the entire world is it your fingertips whether it's buying high tech gadgets or just paying the bills virtually everything can be done through the internet and russians are getting hooked on your stories but if we examine what people are searching for it turns out the use of the phrase buy online has increased threefold since two thousand and eight the requests are coming from moscow and st petersburg which accounts to over seventy percent of all search requests on buying research by google and citibank shows russians most often pay for things like telecom services twenty nine percent of operations railway tickets and music each account for more than ten percent news and data represents six percent along with air tickets however the volume of web purchases in russia amounts to no more than one percent of the g.d.p.
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in comparison the figure for the u.k. is seven times higher than what about the market of internet purchases in two thousand and ten is around twenty billion dollars according to estimates in two years it could grow up to twenty nine billion dollars last year despite the crisis it showed substantial growth and for some companies online where the costs are less and profitability is greater but typical portrait of an online buyer in russia is a young single male from moscow with higher education women it seems still prefer the classic shopping techniques timofey across the business archie moscow. a look at the markets now and most of the forces and making sites like gains but investors not making any big moves so far this resistance factor coming as markets await comic announcements from the us that has brushed. as for two days of national holidays. over in europe stocks are also trading in a tight range of head of today's u.s. federal reserve announcement among the biggest movers our shares of source it which
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rose three percent in paris up to the bank top earning expectations. just stocks are high after an improving jobs picture and the republican party's take over the house of representatives though the market waited anxiously for the outcome of the federal reserve meeting. better rules will become the first country outside russia sell bonds to nominated in rubles the move will save better almost as much as two and a half percent and interest compared with boring in dollars even though dollar loans are cheaper better rules would have to pay to convert the money into rubles which it uses to trade with russia through a bond issue also supports russia's efforts to promote the ruble as the reserve currency. plus a grow is giving the mine at b.h.p. billiton a run for its money with a rival bit for canada's corporation that in the state says full sa grove wants to put together
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a coalition of canadian and russian banks to support its bit but touch corp is valued at forty three billion dollars that's higher than beachhead but it turns latest offer of thirty eight billion dollars the deal is yet to be approved by any of it canadian government with the ruling to be announced today. spokesman said the company will comment later on wednesday. that perhaps not the business update but you can get more store a small website r.t. dot com slash business. the admiral no human a passenger liner sailing in the black sea. august thirty first nineteen eighty six. twenty three twenty. four kilometers off shore. crashes into another vessel. four
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hundred twenty three people died. russian titanic. download the official location on the phone i pod touch from the choose outs to. which all teach life on the go. video on demand oxys minefield costs and says feeds now in the palm of your. question on the. wealthy british. market why not. find out what's really happening to.


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