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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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and. more news today. flared up thing these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of canada truth giant corporations are on the day. the big. telling a lead from the cold war to real partnership. common security structure in europe and cooperating on afghanistan dominated talks between made us cheap and the russian leaders in most states. president obama faces
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a tougher challenge to his agenda as is the democrats lose their hold over congress in the midterm vote but many americans fear corporate cash may now be running the country. and it could be back to square one in iraq with u.s. forces stepping down we look at how local militias are falling back to insurgency. it's midnight in moscow good to be with you here on r t our top story russia has reaffirmed its readiness to create a joint anti-missile defense system in europe with nato but only on an equal basis the reassurance comes after a meeting in moscow between the russian leadership and nato as chief artie's a catarina retro but has been following the high level talks. both nato and moscow realize that a new global security strategy is needed for the twenty first century and it is
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time for change it is time that nato and moscow boast that partnership now nato is an organization that is currently facing serious challenges has an identity crisis analysts say that north atlantic alliance has bitten off more than it can chew and its and in afghanistan in particular nato so wants to read itself always so cold war one sided identity ross wilson is a moscow today for talks all the two main issues the first one is anti missile defense and you were recently nato invited russia to participate in that system but the kremlin keeps asking hard questions on what role will it be given will it be just a mere observer of the new technology or will it the to supply in the new system as a hands on mom but will it to dissipate in the entire process starting from construction to at savation up this system well sergei lavrov today says that of
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course the. new system will be discussed in detail cheering the upcoming russian made us summit in lisbon in two weeks' time but he said that russia sees. its agreement to accept the invitation is only possible if they take part in the system as equal partners look at the condition of. nato is a serious organization everything that comes from the organization is taken very seriously by russian partners in nature have a clear understanding russia's participation in this project is possible and will be based on equal footing before we go into this project this work should be carried out in full leaders of our state take decisions well russia is currently providing nato with crucial support in afghanistan it provides a military supply routes for the afghan war and just recently russia took part for the first time a. in many years an unprecedented joint open ration against. several drug producing
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look or a trace of trucks were hundreds of millions of dollars were destroyed russia hope raising with nato on antidrug boluses in afghanistan is one of the top priorities because after almost about can produce terror in hands up in russia russia and nato acknowledge of course that their fundamental disagreements that still divide the russian nato ties have been slowly recovering after russia repelled georgia's military invasion and saw the setting in office two thousand and eight been there is sun city or tornadoes moving east woodside it's nice to see it as one of the top grad students national security but it seems that chances are high that the two sides could push the reset button similar to that the the united states and russia pushed a while ago it was most uncertain the the two sides should not treat each other as cold war anime's anymore but rather like modern day partners the right approach would be true develop
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a true strategic partnership between nato and russia and focus on the areas where we are faced with the same security challenges areas where we share she cured she contra and show my approach would be the pragmatic true to go for a true strategic partnership made his blueprint for change also says further cooperation with russia a top priority but most go is pushing for more than just words from nato. dmitri source law from the russian council on foreign and defense policy says russia is ready to expand its cooperation with nato and afghanistan on certain conditions. brussels seems to seems like linking expansion of the poorest of nato operations in afghanistan to nato support of russia's that. is first and foremost signing a legally binding agreements with may to limit expensive u.s.
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and nato military infrastructure i mean troops and the terrorists in central europe and nato is quite reluctant about supporting this russian initiative but still i think the sides could agree on first expansion of russia's support of reconstructing the old soviet era economic infrastructure the terrorist or afghanistan second. egremont with me to transfer the real to the troops to afghanistan through the russian territory to russia expands of its supports of training of gamble lease corpse. drugs corpse i think these are the possible areas of the group's tonight's other big stories in the u.s. where president obama's democratic party has narrowly managed to maintain a majority in the senate in the midterm elections but the house of representatives
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is now in the hands of the republican opposition with congress now divided between both parties it will be much harder for obama to move forward with his legislative agenda but many voters have other concerns analysts say people are worried about the corporate bankrolling of candidates after vast amounts of campaign cash was poured into these elections. and we have a totally new reality the united states since the supreme court citizens united decision that said that corporations can essentially spend as much money as they want to in campaigns it remains to be seen how much that really is going to affect american politics going forward but it's a definite concern i think though that in the short term the biggest question is going to be how are these new reply tea party republicans going to make the transition from agitating to governing voters didn't vote messes. really for the republicans or for any of the things that republicans were saying they wanted to do they voted out of fear and anger against obama and the democrats not split so much personally but out of fear of what's happening with the economy and with jobs what they're saying is pay attention to us pay attention to jobs don't worry so much
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about these other things like health care reform or climate change obama has to have a very clear where he wants to take the economy and the choices that he wants to make i think he has those and then he has to go to the republicans john boehner in the house and say here's our plan what's your plan how do you achieve what you say that you want to achieve and what things do you want to cut and republicans haven't been able to articulate one single thing that they want to cut and they say that spending cuts are what's going to bring the federal budget back in balance but you can't pin them down on anything so there are some very interesting times coming up in the united states. remember our web sites also keeping you up to date twenty four hours a day here are some of what you'll find online right now when you click on our. hope in short supply for women in afghanistan a shocking number fall victim to domestic abuse and violence with the suicide rate on the rise despite in are not weapons. and the moscow is
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a landmark metro unveils a new attraction as it turns one of its stations into a newseum with more head over to dot com. russia is mourning the death of a veteran of post soviet politics viktor chernomyrdin in the one nine hundred ninety s. and was russia's prime minister during the difficult transition from communism in ninety three russia and the us created a joint commission on economic and technological cooperation known as the gore churn in the commission that also dealt with the use of plutonium extracted from nuclear weapons and it also served as a presidential representative on the balkans during the yugoslav war in the last few years he was russia's ambassador to ukraine weathering strained relations between kiev and moscow. a famous russian anti-drug enforcer who authorities wanted jailed for up to twelve years has been sentenced to eat two and a half years probation you go to bitch call tackled the drug problem in the year
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olds by forcing addicts into rehab but as controversial methods or slam is inhumane despite winning huge public support r.t. sarah forth has more. this comes today then looking for you but of course he has been found guilty of kidnapping and legal at attention a decent method the bitch took the action for that is that. as part of that take me to help pick up full sick people to quit and fight that addiction this case really showing nationwide attention even president but they did come and sing about it as saying that the case needed that closer attention and many supporters have been saying that i fall for a big honest bitch culture that actually have been commended for his action seen a lot of a lot of the public reaction has been a very positive towards this i did pull simply fighting drug addiction i've never seen it with pitch of operating efficiently to help the main foundation city
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without a new question but. the people who actually live that have seen the positive effects of this actions have we actually visited your castle but just say for the guy at the people who is addicted to the chief ten years ago they would know you guys and so they took a picture with. you know people who are afraid to get their break let their children live in a serious and now there's been a. very very positive and even more interesting at least some of the drug addicts at least like to. see the treatment that themselves the these methods are incredibly harsh that actually they were this chap eagle carried out over two hundred operations against drug dealers as a result the mortality rate has hugged the gypsies are afraid to sell drugs and consequently don't bribe you for it is clearly the authorities that didn't like that took addiction to russia. official statistics that are out thirty thousand people a good. unofficial statistics say that. tug at it
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in russia. a drug addicted is an issue that needs to be tackled. iraq has been shaken in the wake of its bloodiest week for months at least ninety one people were killed and more than two hundred wounded in a series of attacks centered around baghdad shere neighborhoods a series of blasts came just two days after al-qaeda militants took a christian congregation hostage the resulting fire fight left fifty eight dead with a total u.s. pullout scheduled for the end of next year despite escalating violence many iraqis say they're feeling abandoned and that's forcing song to join the enemy one sunni militia group praised by the u.s. for its help in providing security is now falling back into the hands of local warlords and al-qaeda as artie's parsley are reports. there is still a force to be reckoned with tens of thousands of sunni muslims angry at the shiite iraqi government known as the sons of iraq four years ago they were won over by
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american dollars to fight al qaeda one of the strains they live in the neighborhoods in which they keep watch. we did a great service to iraq some where members were working with the terrorists before they joined us and they give us information about the armed groups. but despite attempts by the iraqi government to disarm them in communities like this they continue to patrol the streets because they insist iraqi soldiers just can't keep the peace. and security forces sometimes just turn a blind eye to what's going on there's lots of he rights violations and there aren't enough human rights organizations defend and protect people. but all these paramilitary groups upholding the rule of law all some of their activities questionable as suggested in the four hundred thousand iraq documents released by wiki leaks in one account his sons of iraq leader is said to be responsible for the murder of innocent civilians conducting insurgent activities under the guise of
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a sons of iraq leader extortion and rape. everything has a positive and a negative some leaders use their position for settling trouble scores stockpiling weapons making money and killing innocent civilians but the majority brought stability and. but the majority also feels abandoned by an america which armed trained and paid them and despite big promises less than half of the ninety thousand strong force has been given work or absorbed into iraqi security forces this man is one of the few who has but he's afraid to reveal his identity. to talk after the americans were finished with his groups after iraq was secure being no longer supported us especially when the iraqi government charged or leaders with crimes a lot of the leaders have lost trust in the american and iraqi government and are afraid that by working for them they might face charges and or assassination. iraqi
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security officials say hundreds of sons of iraq members have returned to al qaeda and that many of the thousands now in the iraqi government payroll secretly aid the insurgency for observers like ideal iraqi security forces are running a losing race to keep up to speed to either integrate the groups or to be able to secure iraq without them and i think that how that the training given by the u.s. was not complete and it never will be because america wants iraqis to keep beating them they don't want to rock to build a strong army and that way they can justify staying in the country and making sure iraq is never strong enough to control the region. in army bases like those iraqi federal police are trained in intelligence the tactical side exploitation and medical anything like that they do patrols connor is that for many iraqis what the americans left behind was destruction and devastation it will take a lot for them to rebuild the words of their minds. armed and dangerous these
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paramilitary groups struggle to find a place for themselves meeting some observers to warn that while they might have been used for short term military gains in the end they could be the roadblocks to peace policy r.t. baghdad. turning back to one of our top stories now the republican gain of the house of representatives in the u.s. midterm elections to assess the impact that this may have on the democrats we get perspective from scott on the website antiwar dot com thanks for joining me so president obama promised change but now do you think he's going to have to change the way he works with the republicans controlling the lower house while obama never really delivered on any of the change that he promised and now that the republicans are back in power in congress will have even more incentive to move to the right especially since they're going to be able they're only going to be able to make hay out of trying to obstruct him on domestic issues the only place that
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will really be able to move with the cooperation of of the republicans is in escalating the war and that means just like was easily predicted never leaving iraq not at the end of two thousand and eleven not ever if the american pentagon has their way and it's continuing to escalate in afghanistan pakistan yemen and somalia and god knows where else how significant do you think the republican gains are what impact do you think this could have not at home only but also with the international arena. well as we saw during the bush years the republicans in congress are often more hawkish even than a republican president even more hawkish than dick cheney at sometimes passing resolutions in support of particularly for example when israel gets into a fight in lebanon or in the west bank or gaza even if the bush administration was trying to get them to chill out a little bit the congress would always pass resolutions completely endorsing
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everything that they were doing. continually there's pressure from the israel lobby in congress to ratchet up the sanctions on iran and which they continue to do and this is obama's agenda as well he'd never brought any of that change that he talked about but now matters are worse basically all the incentives are on him to move even further to the right and how about the start treaty do you think that that could be impacted by the republican gains in the congress. yeah it looks like in fact that antiwar dot com we recently published an article by a man named darwin bond graham from the los alamos study group who talked about how the democrats in order to get the republicans in the senate to sign on which the democrats still control the senate but by less of a majority now but you need two thirds to ratify a treaty and in order to get the republicans to sign on to the start treaty they basically had to add so many amendments and riders to the thing that it basically allows for the creation of brand new generations of hydrogen bombs dozens and
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dozens uncounted new facilities for manufacturing hydrogen bombs more submarines more air power and they've changed the accounting methods for the nuclear warheads in such a way that actually united states doesn't really have to reduce their stockpile of nuclear weapons hardly at all so they've turned what ought to be the most important issue in the world to the mutual. reduction of american russia's nuclear weapons stockpiles towards zero and turned it into a farce turned it into a way for republican congressmen to get bankrolled so that they can run again next time and keep the companies that manufacture nuclear weapons and or make the parts for the manufacture nuclear weapons in business at the expense of the rest of us and at the risk of our entire species in fact considering the results do you think it's fair to say that the democratic agenda of the last two years was a failure. well absolutely barack obama
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particularly in the middle east he came in with his big cairo speech promising hope and change in the israeli palestinian conflict i have trouble believing that he was naive about how difficult it would be to achieve anything there but he just set the whole world up for a giant disappointment there as virtually nothing at all has changed the so-called settlement freeze never even kicked in now they're debating whether they're going to keep it or not. and across the world the wars rage on pakistan is continuing to unravel obama has escalated american so-called covert force cia and special operations command in yemen and in somalia. and. well really continues us on the path toward bankruptcy so maybe that's a success for the obama team it seems to be what they want but it's certainly a tragedy for the united states and for the people of the various you know more than a handful of countries that we're at war with right now all right we're going to have to leave it at that scott horton from antiwar dot com speaking with us from
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l.a. taking a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe the greek government has suspended international mail delivery for forty eight hours after a series of letter bombs were discovered in athens some were sent to foreign embassies three were posted to germany's chancellor italy's prime minister and the president of france police have already charged two men and are now searching for five others suspected of involvement an extreme left wing group is thought to be behind the attempted attacks. iran has denied reports that an execution is eminent for a woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery earlier this year the mother of two sentence was suspended after the case start international outcry but authorities said she could still be hanged for murder the iranian foreign minister has reportedly told his french counterpart that no decision in the case has yet been made. of al qaeda in indonesia that first erupted last week has unleashed its
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biggest blast yet sending a huge ash cloud into the sky reports say this latest activity from mount merapi was three times as powerful as the first blast ten days ago about seventy five thousand people have already been evacuated from the area near the volcano and more are fleeing from their homes at least thirty nine people have been killed since the eruption started. up next to find out how the iraqi military will cope with the challenges that lie ahead our team meets general mohamed a. spokesman from iraq's ministry of defense.
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as general mohamed i'll ask again an advisor and spokesperson with the iraqi ministry of defense so thank you very much for joining us here are not forthcoming the american soldiers have left by and large the majority do feel confident that the actual soldiers and the iraqi security force is able to keep the situation so calm and. it is a good question it's worth talking about the readiness of the iraqi security forces because the number of american troops left in this country is less than fifty thousand it's important the americans a gone what's also important is the timing the timing of implementing this phase of the agreement was put forward by the minister of defense why did he choose this time each timing has
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a meaning there are steps that need to be taken so that the iraqi forces will be ready by december the thirty first twenty eleven we believe that we will be ready enough to have full security control at that stage and for all the american forces to leave iraq as well you say that the timeframe was given by the iraqis and not motivated from the american side. if the recent departure of american troops was because washington wanted to improve a bomb as pitcher. so what or if it was because of american pressure or desire it doesn't matter to me as an iraqi as an iraqi i welcome the american withdrawal and i wish that we will be ready by the thirty first of december twentieth levon to say goodbye to the americans for good because we will be fully ready to take over as a rocky's we cannot accept that the americans will stay in iraq for good i don't
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care for the reason but we will not let anyone stay in iraq for a long time and the timing issue is very important but having timetables is critical because they serve as a pressurizing factor on us we have to meet each deadline we have to improve the level of the iraqi security forces the difference between iraq and afghanistan is that we have put timetables for everything we're doing the afghans not doing that they were lying on the americans and nato to do things for them. how well trained have your soldiers been by the americans. and how the current iraqi soldier is different to the soldiers we had before two thousand and three today's iraqi soldiers were young during the two thousand and three war but they were also trained on russian weaponry like for instance on the russian tank later iraqi soldiers were trained on american weapons which is different to mine but we still have a lot of russian made technology here and many pilots who were trained on russian
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planes so we need their help to keep training the americans maybe in charge of getting our soldiers ready whenever we get another expertise from for example france or russia we go to those countries and we get the help that we ask for. evidence that there have been tertius that security forces are now if well trained enough just two hours ago there was a bomb not far from that. do you think that you are convinced. back a safe and secure place. they are not untrained but the training they receive is not enough when the americans came in the borders were open to terrorists and violence spread the americans dismissed the iraqi government who did not think to form an iraqi army before two thousand and four and it was too late because the terrorists were already in we got volunteers we gave them brief training and sent them to the field they were combat soldiers with not enough training the bombs that
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are going off in iraq today and not a measurement for how well the soldiers were trained bombs were going off even when the united states was in the country we need better intelligence who is behind these bombs and how they managed to still carry them out. at the moment the iraqi security forces one and there has been a law that's been put forward to reintroduce conscription do you think that this you know will be implemented. and they feel that this compulsory service has not been approved yet it's still a draft only the retirement law was approved for now we don't need compulsory recruitment because when we ask for example for ten thousand volunteers we have at least one hundred thousand young people coming to volunteer so we don't need it the countries need compulsory recruitment when they need soldiers and they don't have them besides we don't have the facilities and equipment to train all these
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personnel when we have them in the compulsory recruitment we have enough soldiers for now in the future when iraq is stable enough and investment will start coming in the young men will go towards civilian projects by that time we will be having a lack of personnel and by that time we will need the compulsory service. general thank you very much for joining us on our back of it wants. the admiral know he was. a passenger liner sailing in the black sea. august thirty first nineteen eighty six. twenty three twenty. five kilometers off shore. crashes in.


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