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they faced it this is not a provocation but a warning of. a full of shit that we should see steverson issued a supreme retreat speaks of they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it is this is it all up to this and for any army the life of a usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. victory one nine hundred forty five dot dot com.
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welcome back here is a look at the top stories of the week on r.t.e. spies lies and videotape many georgians spiritual this is anti russian paranoia could find them accused of espionage next. obama told it to lacking critics say it was just a little beating or something kasnoff folks on here are the republicans to victory in this week's you ask midterm elections. are algo outraged tokyo's angered by president medvedev visit to russia's coral islands which japan claims as its own moscow says it will keep investing for an old region. next an essential material for producing electronic devices poses a threat to human lives what does it take to make your gadget blink find out in our special report next in our. near a gun go an active volcano or the books the city you can clearly see traces of the last eruption in two thousand and two. but the main threat to go is
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a rebel general in the ha. he's a congress but an ethnic tutsi fighting against the congolese government. he's attacked the congolese army several times in two thousand and four two thousand and six and two thousand and seven there's a warrant for his arrest for war crimes his men are accused of massacre and extortion and in this case she did take her resources they kill people they steal telephones they rape our women. in september two thousand and seven four hundred thousand people had to flee the combat zone where he was operating. is the archetype of warlord he has control of the mines to meet him we go to his party stronghold the messy seat four hours drive from goma. once the general's representative has given us permission a driver agrees to take us there. you know and we
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left the government zone. yes most of the people here took sees. we arrived at a roadblock the rebel generals had quotas and not far from here. were coming up to quintus headquarters. from here he can overlook the holy jhon. we're going to visit there a catholic chicks for fear of assassination is ever present. this is general conduct he carries no weapons just a simple swagg a stick. in the heart of his own territory he's permanently surrounded by bodyguards. rewarding patrick. thank you for agreeing to see you also. the rebel leader has no
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problem putting his case to us he sees himself as a man of god so this is our chapel. so let's adopt and that's our flag. this the writing is in hebrew he costs him self in the role of moses saving his people it depends on anyone who agrees that jesus is the king of kings and lord of lords is one of us he's our brother. that's the message god sent us on the tenth of april two thousand and seven. we were sitting in this room when we received a message from the eternal being that this is you know that we must take the decision to change things so you're a priest you've been one for several years and yes for several years now i'm a seventeenth day adventist and living in the forest doesn't stop me carrying out my ecclesiastical missions it's just his lapel pin says rebels for christ
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donald and this is a big organizations it started in america they often come and preach to the billion book the flood and the deal the pastor has even recruited followers where you would least expect it but i mean oh yeah we have people who belong to rebels for christ and who pray with this and who are muslims they've written something over there i don't understand i can't read the muslim language you have members who are muslim yes we have a doctrine. it's christian justice. and if you're a muslim and you accept christian justice you have to behave in the appropriate way and spite of your muslim faith. he may be a man of god but above all he's a fighter. which of the reasons said i have given you lambs so that they may have life and life in abundance but if life is to be in abundance that means the pastor has to protect the land. he has to protect them from threats and if the
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threat is armed the pastor has to protect the sheep from the armed threat. so you have several hats military leader and spiritual leader. they go together well. and i like that. but where security is concerned this man of god prefers to rely on rocket launches. and the battle hardened fighters who worship him. they said here on the island was a bit like a good war leader general laura likes to show mercy to his prisoners there are a few here today rwandan hutus boys they're alive only because they were too young to have killed tutsis in the rwandan genocide they would have been three at the time. and they've been here for six months they eat with us
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and of course we keep them prisoner but we haven't killed them only that but. can the likes to present himself as the leader of congo's tutsis there are a minority in kiev who he says he has a legitimate claim to protect his people. decided on probably up to the big problem there are lots of minorities they can all live freely in the congo except the tootsies we have been chased away from everywhere in the congo and even in north kivu we can only live where i am general loan. he owes his position above all to gen me the rwandan president the tutsi like him. in september two thousand and seven president kagame it openly supported could it is conflict with the congolese army. since it is my new home and make you more not. and do it but given mistakes see good good team accountable for. some political believe this is the terrorist to me. the message is clear is cut them is protege
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but maintaining a rebel army of six thousand men owning it and feeding it is an expensive business and the lands controlled by the general contain mine gold tin and co ten times. this beauty you exploited natural resources in the zones you control. would i have told my men not to get involved in the mining business down business. because then they would always say we're fighting for diamonds for gold for coltan and so on we have always tried to stay outside that rule now otherwise people will say that lauro is fighting his war in the east for diamonds and cold so i don't want to touch it but can that denies any connection with colton but he also claims to control the economic activity in the region. we are
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a movement and our members know that their survival depends on the success of the c. n.d.p. . they donate money every month to feed the soldiers really. i cook at this as well is that my organization is very large as long as the population is kept safe the population is productive while i have to do is go out and hold a ceremony and i have everything i want. everything except the mines difficult to believe. we go back to go to find out whether the coltan does or doesn't finance his revenge. we learn that one of his close relations a former rebel general is trading in minerals from can does region their old allies accused of extorting money together in two thousand and four. we try to meet this man who has since become a businessman in his death a discreet little store room behind a gas station he also owns we often see movies. doesn't it has belonged to you
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it's closed here as going to the office ok willfully on the street. we have a hidden camera with us. but when we get there we can't meet the former general they tell us he's in belgium. and even if they want to film the office to sell it to you q did you keep it like that. there's no point in filming us for a documentary about depose. if you did it live what's in it for us. at the back of the building there are some sacks of minerals but they won't tell us where they come from. a lot. more.
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generalized from the town i bet on gives us the story he has personally made general couldn't as well as his colleague the ex general turned businessman. you'd feel seen at the time of the rebel. and he was an officer in the form of aussie d. he takes the coltan from the messy see the area occupied by the dissident former general couldn't. he also visits the mines and when he kali to get the call tan which he brings here little duck kilometer it's processed locally and then exported exposed to such a lick they do compete in. the un rang the alarm bells in two thousand and three they confirm that precious metals are at the very heart of the wars that have bloodied the region they imposed an embargo on arms and criticized the financing of rebellions from the sale of coal to. eighteen thousand u.n. peacekeepers are deployed in the congo five thousand in this region alone in direct confrontation with general can dismiss. these helicopters have even fired on qantas
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troops. the u.n. spokesperson is sylvie fundal the bet she's been here for four years when she talks about the general she doesn't mince her words. you could just do you see condoleezza rebel a dissident. and we yes he's a rebel a dissident a warlord he's a general and he was dismissed from the congolese army that's what he's been accused of serious human rights violations he still recruiting children there are children among his soldiers but he hides them in the cash to come only cash or have any of the cases been proved i think of it that certainly they had been massacred thus nessie did and they have been murders of people they suspected of collaborating with rwandan soldiers who could have asked for the clinical but all to one day. soon given the building but it is in no doubt the mineral trade
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pays for the permanent war. into kanya hopeful for one of their main sources of funds is the illegal exploitation of natural resources that. and that's why it's so important to reestablish the authority of the state and the state's control of the mines. in this region and the cure rate so precious metals are trafficked in small claims under the very eyes of the un peacekeepers sylvie can't get over the latest trick employed by m.p.c. a coal town export based in south africa. they use this helicopter to avoid checks on their mineral transports. by giving it a united nations little girls. self-esteem that's of course that's unacceptable for the un we have a mandate to protect the civil population and to support the congolese government
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it's a shock to learn that private companies day to use our logo to transport their cargo . of possible fiddle not to forget. the un is powerless. today the secretary general's special representative is in town we take the opportunity to ask his excellent c. william swing a few questions. for years up to the un report nothing has changed for this or that of them is it true that terrible things are happening massacres absolutely it was a case like you we talked to him about massacres he talks to us about a training program for the congolese army. the office they have to complete the training program if they're getting there slowly but a lot of people are suffering in the meantime if you don't you one last point. as far as the mines a concern some of them are under the control of these groups you know and they're supplying the rebels and if it is then no way of cutting off their financing and
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you're innocent if they think the annoyed yes it's true we should do more we should move against them. if it is that's what we're trying to do that it's. he says that it's shameful that this country is natural riches should be stolen by groups that don't use the money to buy weapons that somebody who keep up our state is. what this diplomat doesn't say is that behind the walls is a web of powerful economic interests. back to become. we've arranged a meeting with the m.d.c. one of the town's biggest coltan divas the olive group. the bosses of these dealerships are usually discreet and retiring but listen im a guy is prepared to meet us as the regional president of the congo federation of business. he purchases minerals sourced from a number of mines in the region and exports the member of. his accountant gives us
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a tour of the property. in spite of the un's boycott recommendations business is booming this company has no problem selling its minerals abroad right now it's selling up to five tonnes a month. you don't want it to. get that demand is so high no one could have enough product to satisfy you. that much well then if that is not the problem with a consequence of the demand that's right if someone asked us for ten or fifty tonnes today we couldn't supply it. the demand comes from foreign companies there is no boycott of congolese minerals when you ask them about it this mineral trade it becomes very very. possible before some people say we think there should be an embargo east because we believe the minerals industry worsens the
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security situation of the island mount. lissa kitty in short no one knows anything but apparently that doesn't prevent foreign companies from making orders especially in belgium the former colonial power or your traditional bias in belgium is yes belgium has always been a big partner for the congo kudo biggest part that. it used to be so is it my think it's a franco belgian or american they have been for us there were many. tracks this is a belgian company specializing in rare metals like cobalt arsenic mercury magnesium and caltech. hundreds from the name of you make or so james it was one of the companies in the two thousand and three u.n. report accused of indirectly funding the civil wars in the congo. the financing of conflict especially in the east and northeast of the country in
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two thousand and six it was bought by two american investment funds it has twenty offices around the world. trix's headquarters there in brussels in the manhattan business district in defiance of u.n. recommendations trax is still buys congolese cult. is this texas could i speak to mr bass. we don't wish to comment on a t.v. program about our politics our presence or activities in africa. they. are used in importing co ten from eastern congo the congo yes. and you know where it comes from. yes we make our checks we have our information and we do know where it comes from. we take the necessary measures to ensure that our suppliers check for us they're very sensitive about that kind of thing.
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according to track says the coltan brought in the congo could under no circumstances come from a war zone but tracks his own supply it sees it differently security seals will be it's difficult to distinguish between what is good and what is bad is given to whether the minerals have been sold by an armed group or not that is going to be because in the mining zones you have the local population who work in the mines and who sell to the dealers buy and build up these our own legal so yeah and in the end you don't know what is coming by and on band and what is not going to pass if you hear what is out of me. it's very difficult isn't it to make coal town traceable it's not like diamonds support. we send x. turn order to us to verify what our supply is tennis we send independent teams to check up on things. it's difficult to believe
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tracks investigators check on mines that neither the authorities nor the exporters debtor visit. well it is money that is unfortunately in the mining zones i don't know where you went but personally i can't go into the mining as owns because of the security situation. in brussels a half dozen traders like tracks this export coal tran to the rest of the world none would agree to be filmed. we had to record a meeting with a hidden camera in order to get any honest comments. this data is based in a small belgian village he buys minerals in goma and exports them to asia from the port of mombasa in kenya. the trip. please those who have nothing further to continue the owner of the company is in his fifty's he's been trading with africa for thirty years ago his company was
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named in the two thousand and three un report. and it is the real named in the un report to yes but i was cleared it was a simple accusation that by buying these minerals you were indirectly financing the war in the east of the country. and they're still talking about that today it started for me when my father said i heard on the radio that you're selling machine guns. that's what the tabloids made of it says it all and then there was more and more noise was off a lot lot and after a few months i was contacted by an ex f.b.i. agent who become a u.n. inspector. and i went to see him it's a quick look at you and what about. he had a document from congolese customs showing three and a half tons of coke ten addressed to our company. and i said to him so
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what all this fuss about that. there was no penalty the matter is closed. back in the city who are you buying from at the time. although it was never the same people today when you buy a shipment you can't know what the people have been involved. it's not possible to . you know how long the chain is one little fellow has ten kilos another has one hundred you can't know them all. the physical is when you buy a coat and that comes from a rebel zone the rebels can buy more machine guns will the thought of it this way that's right. well what has happened is that since the report was issued what if you go pull nothing it pissed everyone off but nothing changes. nothing has changed and this trader has seen no disruption in his business with the congo this
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is when was your last shipment of coke ten. fifteen tons about a month ago. and where did you send it to china in the chinese ask you where the cotton came from they know it's from africa but they couldn't care less. than from the congo goes to china. five hundred million of the billion mobiles made every year are produced in china most big international brands like nokia and motorola subcontract some of their manufacturing to china. but for human rights campaigner mark olivier hermann china is not the only country involved not by a long way. to put people working at hooter's china manufacture for china is the workshop of the world china manufactures for us the companies that manufacture in china are often subsidiaries of western companies so it's too easy
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to say that the chinese are the problem was in one or less we are the chinese this is the global economy but you can't distinguish between western companies china and the other players everything is interdependent the other that on the. mark olivier hermann has been working on this campaign for six years the christian organization he represents has a presence across the world who he's someone to be taken very seriously he's had successes before. and i've been in exile a hopeful we organise an election in brussels after seven the belgian airlines have been or was transporting colton from the great lakes region i'll call that i was only on it and we wanted to question that they'd been named in the un report. for the nuts and we wanted to tell them that they had to face up to their responsibility as it of us but i did it don't as long as this conflict continues in the east and you can't be quite sure that you're not funding into account because of what all you have to face up to your responsibilities and suspend your
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activities all of us feel that it is just fun as activity to fit and in fact two days later sabina and then said it was suspending the transport of minerals from airports in the great lakes region i think on. now he's targeting the mobile phone manufacturers facing public criticism the telephone companies have boosted their public relations output on its website motorola claims it doesn't use coal to hand sourced from illegal mines in the democratic republic of the congo. look here has requested its suppliers not to buy call time in the congo. and both companies have factories in china. should we believe them. motorola refused to see us. the head of nokia france did agree to speak to us but apparently he isn't aware of the code of good conduct published on his company's website.
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sneaky yet did you know that mobile phones contain a rather rare mineral cocoa turn and a u.n. report it recommends stopping the purchase of coal time in the congo because it's paying for wars and massacres. i don't recall just kidding about the did a good of us that. nokia has a position on this on its website and it stated here it was june of this year. polls that fit. the description i'm calling cuckoo i'm absolutely sure that if there's been a worldwide ban on the use of this mineral nakia will have complied with such a measure but more to give out political because it was real don't feel systems that it's actually about not using coltan that comes from the congo respected so well with one of the most careful companies in the world in terms of our respect for the environment and it is that all to overspend your view on what we believe that production is good but destruction of the environment has no place in our
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values we don't just say i'm sure that we are respecting this directive not to use colton from the congo you can see a lot of the stuff if the big brands are so sure of themselves they must supply the evidence that their mobiles are not helping make the conflicts worse by the fact that in a supply evidence that they're not sourcing their minerals from the conflict zones they're going to this we saw in our conversations with company bosses they have never been able to show evidence that effective controls are in place to fit in you know plus they publish codes of practice that we've never had any proof that they can put these codes of practice going to actually get patted to. the protests and second. today thousands of people are still dying around the cotinine. inexistent blood the cold hand still exists. i'm holding a mobile phone and i know that the microprocessor it contains uses coltan.
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misses and if this coke have has been obtained at the cost of the massacre of ten or twenty villages through slave labor the suffering of children fall. to work in the mines by the armed militia cut by don i mean it's so like this is immoral for all this violence all this blood to get your hands on precious materials that our lord implanted in our other thing. then.


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