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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2010 11:00am-11:30am EST

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he'll do this every night for a week or until he's hospitalized at the new bullet shells and so like this is a test of how society interprets freedom do they want to use it to save or to kill this is a lot about our society matter about the says his electric shock treatment is symbolic of what he calls the oppression of artists specifically says ship of art by vocal religious minority. that years ago he shot a radical film in which he was authentic we crucified. i'm not the son of god seven inscription on his back. a prominent orthodox christian he thought that as they should and russia sued him for inciting religious hatred and knew this was the position their people had the right to be protected from having their beliefs insulted the man deserves punishment all they feel for him now is bt he's crazy. at the moment about how much he did not wait for the court decision and fled he's
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now living in exile in bulgaria no just touched our circle until i paid a high price i am separated from my homeland but if i'd gone to prison i would have paid an even higher price those people have tried to destroy me it is just my view . we have laws that protect religious on the one hand and laws that protect individual's right to freedom of expression he was caught between the two but the look was accused of committing hate crimes that i think is wrong with you. since his crucifixion performance dozens of other artists have been fired and have their shows close most often mass destruction by christian groups. my remark he says he has no fear of death or thousands of responses for it because no one should be driven to suicide by religious fanatics says one why are you giving people on the internet the power to decide your life and theirs for it's ability for your death so as another it would be fun to see someone die suggest someone else legace
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fighting what seems to be a worthy aim now he didn't get injured that day but if anything happens to him over the next week everybody involved in this story will be a loser if there are no artsy so fear. america should stop blaming its problems on other countries such as china and instead focus on its own practices that's the message from new york mayor michael bloomberg who was addressing a meeting on climate change in hong kong let's not get more on this from our correspondent a guy named you can who's waiting for us live in washington d.c. hello to you so the politicians on capitol hill recently have been quite outspoken about casting blame on china for exporting affordable products even some of them threatening a currency war tell us more about exactly what mayor bloomberg had to say. well word before i quote what mayor bloomberg said let me put this in context if you look back at these midterm election campaigns in the u.s. china was everywhere
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a lot of attack ads featured china as the source of america's problems as a country that stolen americans jobs so something close to hatred was being promoted toward china here some other countries as well but china in particular a new york city mayor michael bloomberg a very influential political figure here in the united states said and nuff is enough and here is a quote i think in america we've got to stop blaming the chinese and blaming everybody else and take a look at ourselves and of quote elected officials in the us are pretty much in the habit of making scapegoats out of anything and foreign countries the point where if you americans really know something about seemed to have become a great target but michael bloomberg warned the have it can backfire badly he said i quote if you look at the u.s. you look at who we are electing to congress to the senate they can't reach i'll bet you a bunch of these people don't have passports we're back to start a trade war with china if we're not careful here only because nobody knows where
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china is nobody knows what china is and the full that's a pretty harsh criticism of u.s. lawmakers but some of the active u.s. officials seem to have no difficulty selling anti chinese or anti any other country ideas in america considering more than thirty million adults in the u.s. came from a good well certainly a guy no you know there are some strong words there from billionaire mayor bloomberg but china is not the only country that the u.s. is picking on now is it. no well the u.s. has been trying to tame another big export of germany but germany was unapologetic and defended its right to engage us competitively as possible in international trade but as michael bloomberg said the u.s. should stop criticizing other countries for producing more and acts boarding more and get back to work going back to china there's a certain aspect that mr bloomberg finds especially hypocritical china is now making a big push into solar and other environmentally friendly energy technologies and
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surprisingly the attention it gets in the u.s. is far from positive last month the u.s. trade representative's office said it could investigate china's policies over complaints that the country was using tactics to shut other countries out of the burgeoning market for clean energy mr bloomberg is wondering how can one criticize a country that's offering cheaper ways to produce a green to produce green energy of the u.s. supposed to be all for it but apparently not when it comes when it's made in china all right he's gone it's kind reporting live from washington d.c. thank you well you're watching r t it's good to have your company today and coming up in the program here find out why george opposition says the government is trying to give history and wanted a facelift. the price of perfection why the growing number of fake cosmetics in russia is making shoppers play russian roulette. russian
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prosecutors believe the brutal beating of an investigative journalist in moscow was most likely linked to his work in his newspaper articles and blog oleg kashin dealt with sensitive social and political issues president dmitri medvedev says those behind the attack will be found and punished you could put skin off as more. dr say i like caution is in a critical but stable condition he did suffer from various injuries during that attack and they include broken jaws a broken ankle broken hands and broken fingers and a fractured skull as well he would he went through several surgeries at hospital in fact the doctors even had to put him in a state of an artificial coma to prevent pain shock. but should we consider the surgery we carried out successfully the patient's condition is serious but stable he'll stay in an intensive care unit for the near future we can't make any predictions about his condition the injuries are serious and
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a lot depends on different factors while an investigation is in full swing at the moment police are questioning continuing to question people in connection to the case and to caution himself the potion the bullet did steve we have questions more than thirty people witnesses colleagues relatives and friends of the journalist our investigators are studying his articles and his online postings in a search for possible motives to the assault that we're checking the circle of people he knew his business and personal nash works with the priority version is that the attack is linked to cautions professional activity or his personal civic activity in his words one video from a c.c.t.v. camera which actually captured the attack itself leaked into the internet on monday the police have already strongly criticized this saying that they are now looking into how this video actually got into the web they also say that it doesn't reveal the identities of the attackers however it does show how brutally caution was attacked as he was approaching his apartment building in the very center of moscow
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on the night from friday to saturday the video shows him being approached by two figures and then being brutally beaten with some type i want to object presumably a metal rod for several minutes and the fact that neither his mobile phone or his wallet or his i pad even were not. stolen shows that this was definitely not a robbery this is for from the first time that a journalist is attacked in russia cross sions case and this attack the latest attack has caused a huge wave of both in russia and in the international community especially among journalists people are demanding the authorities to find the attackers and to hold of through investigation president need to be put this case under the personal control of the chief of russia's police and the prosecutor general that it was a small little journalist's work is so risky the state should pay better attention to their professional activity i checked media reports some say those responsible
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for this attack will never be found but they will be found and have no doubts about it hopefully these steps should bring some positive results in the investigation. you're going to is going to reporting that well republican gains in the u.s. midterm elections are worrying americans who fear the conservative party will try to reject president obama's health care reforms from being at the top of the global life expectancy chart now the u.s. has slumped to nearly fiftieth with many blaming government policy for the slide lauren lyster has been talking to a nine eleven hero for whom curing the system is the only way to stay alive. new york for. the big apple it's this city that never sleeps and just beyond the urban chaos. neither does kenneth george one of the missing. here in his closet and you can see why his of course here kenneth is
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a sick man and despite appearances the photos with us politicians in plaques from the president recognizing him as a hero in the aftermath of nine eleven at ground zero here's what i got from the president obama he still can't afford his health care a lot of the medications i need in college. you know it's expensive his insurance fall short which means every month he has to pick and choose what ailments he treats this is what i do a lot of times i stick with the course here to help me breathe at night and i skip some of the other medications my sleeping pills to help me sleep even without sleeping pills he hasn't slept well since nine eleven a city employee working on highways he was drafted into the search and rescue team in the aftermath of the attack on the twin towers basically picking up human remains and searching to see if anybody was or why the aftermath for him has been forced early retirement in a fixed pension basically a kick you know and a cut in health care which puts him in a deadly dilemma forced to make possibly life or death decisions because of the
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chronic diseases he suffers arising from his work at ground zero i really got a foot in the grave because of the heart and lung disease you know i did was get punished for getting sick doing my job down there the kind of case is unique in that he was a nine eleven first responder grim statistics show he is not alone the united states now ranks forty ninth in the world in overall life expectancy this is a drop from twenty fourth back in one thousand nine hundred nine if put that behind countries such as south korea bosnia as well a bigger pain unit the prime reason for the decline researchers say it's america's deteriorating health care system with a growing number of people who are uninsured or underinsured so. people just like kenneth i think that insurance companies make decisions that are not necessarily towards. the betterment of the patient but some of his patients are even worse off than canada if they don't have insurance
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that means it's all out of pocket a lot of these people are not working there's a lot of problems and i think the president has tried your best to repair a system that's out of whack you as president obama's health care reforms might. help someone like kenneth but there's still lots of red tape to be faced with insurers and now the reforms themselves are under threat from a house now controlled by republicans who vowed to overturn them but as the politicking goes on can it still needs his prescriptions but no way to get paid for these uncovered and you'll still be forced to make desperate choices on which ones he can afford and which ones he can't this in the richest and largest economy in the world in a country where he was praised as a hero by its president but that won't change his grim reality his prognosis as well as of his nobody knows. but just like the city that never sleeps kenneth
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george may not ever either who is here take care of my family when i'm gone and even if his family does no one is resting easy currents. right now laura mr r.t. new york it's right now just one in quarter past the hour here in moscow you always see and remember you can noise check out our stories analysis and many more objects on our website and go home and it's a taste of what's waiting for you online right now britons and take to the streets to demand justice for victims of police brutality as a survey says one person a week dies in custody in the u.k. . the russian owners from around russia unite to prove that their pet wrote and saw the fairest of them all over one hundred routes strutted the stuff but only one went home with the cheap to find out more at all to dot com. while the georgian government is preparing to introduce
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a ban on old soviet symbols and says the move will help to fight terrorism and expand democracy but many fear the new measures are just an excuse to suppress dissenting views so over the government's performance. as more. out with the old in with nothing new the georgian parliament has approved a first hearing of what it calls a freedom charter it's controversial and seeks among other things to wipe out old soviet symbols the author of clubs and believes it's a necessary step to help georgia make a break from the past. there are two main parts to it fighting terrorism and getting rid of the country's communist legacy georgia cannot develop in a democratic manner if we allow people with a communist back and mind to keep important policy. but lotsa says many progressive e.u. members like poland a lot here have successfully adopted such
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a law and he thinks georgia should follow suit but not everyone agrees and many want the authorities to focus on the present rather than the past it shows that through you. has. anything. serious to think about and. nothing to say to the site other critics say that if tbilisi wants to outlaw all things the soviet then it means outlawing the communist party as well a prospect which doesn't go down well with party members. of those in the un to not only politics but this is yet another step in an anti people policy which our government is conducting this is an attempt to rewrite history the situation in the country is critical people are really saying openly that it was better to live under socialism and in the current system the government is just trying to show the west that they belong that. aside from making everything hammer and sickle related
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illegal the plans would also tighten control over money transfers anyone receiving more than thirteen thousand dollars must name the source of that income. is not to say we're off base in total control over money transfers. overseas don't only from russia but millions georgians money with work after the straight road stores that are targeted area and regime. who knows georgia's parliament has its way this time of the unknown soldier a soviet symbol in itself could soon to be outlawed it's been almost a year since a world war two monument was controversially destroyed in a controlled explosion and the way it's looking right now georgia's government is not just on rewriting history but on wiping it out altogether if this is georgia. r.t. time now to check out some other international news making headlines this hour a car bomb in iraq has left at least ten people dead and dozens injured locals say
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shia muslims were targeted around the city years a pilgrimage site the attack follows a series of bombs which killed more than sixty people in mainly shia neighborhoods across baghdad last week. around ten thousand people have fled me in mar after the country's the first a general election in twenty years officials say they've escaped to neighboring thailand several people have been killed in clashes between rebels and government troops near the border allies of the ruling military are expected to win the election which western countries have dismissed as neither free nor fair turnout was as low as thirty percent after an opposition boycott. well makeup is supposed to enhance beauty but that's not always the case in russia tons of cosmetics are making their way into stores across the country leaving many suffering seriously from the side effects and while shoppers are taking a gamble buying the products both already seem unable to stop the trend. reports.
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up to thirty percent of all cosmetics in russia afaik it's a huge figure but even these official stance by the ministry of internal affairs could just be the teeth of the iceberg almost every month police raids torus with illegal goods produced both in asian countries and incandescent operations in russia's own backyard but counterfeit leap sticks and perfume us to everywhere. russia is a huge country and it's really very hard to control all flows of product but the loathing to britain to make it even worse last february there if used an obligatory certification for cosmetics and there are no longer inspections so how could it be better to go to an interpol shop in the center of moscow so as here don't even make any secret out of was there a frame of how much is chanel thirty dollars thirty dollars it's cheap as you know it's fake award is produced in the united arab emirates illegally know there is
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a license it's well strange it's the same it just may not be that curable than the original it's not always easy to tell the real from fake even an expert can a fail to spot the difference the price can be a real quote a ten dollar tab for chanel or george or money going to tease that your person a fake brand and most likely it will smell bad into the bargain. fake is always many times cheaper but the real price to pay could be much greater when the running a book most current from a scene a special and unforgettable luke she could hardly imagine what kind of special it would turn out to be a porn movie here the first week was all fine but then my i started it in terribly became a read and were wondering i couldn't drive because i couldn't see anything i was diagnosed with blepharitis inflammation of the eyelids it led to kind of allergy thrown into says she'll never ever get anything from a dubious shop again but the problem still remains as there is no guarantee even in
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the teeth stores for you. mccourt they make fakes at home but they're also huge fake productions entire factories with equipment similar to those the real brains use or they can just steal from real thick trees so you could get the gene when in an underpass but just as well a fake is especially shop with your so it looks a lot like a game of russian roulette you'll never know for sure whether it's fake or not and whether you'll be left a beauty or beast grief notion artie mosca. on a just a moment kareena is here with the business. for the feel we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. brighten
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. from months to. come. and i welcome to business russian billionaire. buying back a stake in europe's leading construction company star back for more than five hundred million dollars basic element was forced to sell a twenty five percent stake in the company at the height of the global financial crisis now he's buying back seventy percent of the throw through his company russ parea struck bag aims to make russia a top free market will build infrastructure for the south for the sochi olympics in
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two thousand and fourteen in a little deal bass will also sell a twenty six percent stake in road building concerned trying to strike back. the federal reserve's plan to pump another six hundred billion dollars into global markets has been met with great skepticism among businessmen and politicians alike however presidential aide arkady dvorkovich says that the extra cash could benefit russia. i think that in the short term there will be a big effect on the russian economy but some additional capital inflows into russia of course you know interest currently foreign capital is very small and we are interested in attracting further capital so in the short term can be seen as a plus for us. the head of the world bank robert zoellick suggest bringing back the gold standard to reduce currency volatility rather than a form of tie to gold he says major currencies will be linked to a range of assets through what he calls an open cap or count it comes as leading
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countries from the us to china are depreciating their currencies to make their exports cheaper however that makes money worth less and it could even lead to hyperinflation. now let's take a quick look at how the markets are performing this hour wall street is following any more monday morning trading commodity prices and natural resources stocks under pressure from a rising us dollar the dow jones is selling point seven percent and the nasdaq is down point three percent last week u.s. stocks were at their highest level since lehman brothers collapsed in september two thousand eight thousand euro markets are also lower after a strong performance in the previous week banking stocks and dragging the european in this is lower and world bank of scotland moving over three percent on the footsie followed by lloyds banking group anglo-american and commerzbank is topping the list on the dax trading over five percent here in moscow markets and the day in the black energy majors were among the top gainers on the r.t.s.
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but nor was the winners list finishing four and a half percent higher on my six banks before particularly well pretty was that close mark when survivor metropole says investors seem value and russian stocks. their expectations of market growth market performance the russian economy in my view will be adjusted. in the near future because more and more factors more and more market data indicates more robust domestic consumption recovery that coupled with the strong commodity prices that should lead russian economy growth pace higher versus what's expected now and a lot of investors fact a marker cannot make expectations with their models that's number one number two russia has not introduced any measures of capital control so for unlike their emerging market economies markets such as brazil china for example and this
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certainly is another plus. to russia investors in our eyes. and staying with the markets that my six has offered to buy twenty percent of rival exchange r.t.s. for one hundred fifty million dollars remaining eighty percent could be swapped for shares in a new my six joint stock company which will become the parent company of my six group next year r.t.s. has already announced plans for an i.p.o. next year. coming gas prices drove gas from profits in the first half of the year the monopoly lifted net profit by sixty seven percent to sixteen billion dollars both domestic and export markets were stronger with revenues up seventeen percent. russia's foreign trade surplus has grown thirty seven percent so far this year to over one hundred twenty billion dollars however the growth is lost to do so rising oil prices they jump from less than fifty dollars a barrel to over eighty dollars russia is the largest oil producer in the world and
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around half of its exports are represented by oil at petro chemicals. that's all for this hour but you can always find most stars on our website www dot com slash business or join me at twenty past the hour. culture is the same of charging you for your progress in the markets there's the
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taliban bad guys republican party to make itself felt in washington how will this impact us foreign policy and the ongoing war in afghanistan. wealthy british science it's time to explain the time. for the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our team in india all g.'s available in the move go into joint be heard showings on the violence the gateway head to the grand imperial. to talk western coast coromandel you can allege hotel to. don't. run this in the hotel retreat.
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the international association of russian language and literature teachers will host the world festival of russian language. are you interested in a better understanding of russian language and culture can you sing russian songs well. participant of the world festival of russian language and will an exciting trip to st petersburg in russia. for more information visit the festival website. to promote freedom of expression. there was. a stage crucifixion electrocuting.
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tried to reject president obama's health care reform after the party in the. life expectancy. of old soviet symbols to move. well with a republican u.s. politics what's next for america strategy in afghanistan will it change or remain the same people have to go head to head in that debate that's coming up next in cross talk thanks for watching.


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