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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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every time one hundred people on the internet both elect modem mattie to receive a massive electric jolt anyone can vote he'll do this every night for a week or until he's hospitalized i think you're born rich or so like this is a test of how sometimes he interprets freedom do they want to use it to save or to kill me this is a lot about our society my remark he says his electric shock treatment is symbolic of what he calls the oppression of artists specifically says ship of op vocal religious minorities ten years ago he shot the radical film in which he was authentic we crucified. i'm not the son of god seven inscription on his back. a prominent orthodox christian youth organization in russia sued him for inciting religious hatred knew the most the position the people had the right to be protected from having their beliefs insulted the man deserves punishment all they
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feel for him no beauty he is crazy. about how much he did not wait for a court decision and fled he's now living in exile and bulgaria. i paid a high price i am separated from my homeland but if i had gone to prison i would have paid an even higher price those people have tried to destroy me just maybe. we have laws to protect religion on the one hand and laws that protect individual's right to freedom of expression she was caught between the two but the link was accused of committing hate crimes that i think is wrong with you. since his crucifixion performance dozens of other artists have been fired and have their shows closed most of the mass destruction by christian groups my remark he says he has no fear of death or thousands of responses for him no one should be driven to suicide by religious fanatics says well why are you giving people on the internet
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the power to decide your life and their response ability for your death so as another it would be fun to see someone die suggest someone else a legacy fighting what seems to me were the aim now he didn't get injured today but if anything happens to him over the next week everybody involved in this story will be a loser because there are no artsy sofia bulgaria new york man michael bloomberg has warned the new crop of politicians elected to congress last week could spark a trade war with china because of their ignorance the billionaires said at a climate change conference in hong kong that americans have to stop blaming the chinese and others for their problems and take a look at themselves and instead all he's going to take on has more. if you look back at these me term election campaigns in the u.s. china was everywhere a lot of attack ads featuring china as the source of america's problems as a country that stolen americans jobs so something close to hatred was being
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promoted toward china here some other countries as well but china in particular a new york city mayor michael bloomberg a very influential political figure here in the united states said enough is enough and here is a quote i think in america we've got to stop blaming the chinese and blaming everybody else and take a look at ourselves and of quote elected officials in the us are pretty much in the habit of making scapegoats out of anything in foreign countries if we do very few americans really know something about seemed to have become a great target but michael bloomberg and the have it can backfire badly he said i quote if you look at the us you look at who we are electing to congress to the senate they can't repeat i'll bet you a bunch of these people don't have passports we're back to start a trade war with china if we're not careful here only because nobody knows where china is nobody knows what china is and of course that's
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a pretty harsh criticism of u.s. lawmakers but some elected u.s. officials seem to have no difficulty selling anti chinese or anti any other country ideas in america considering more than thirty million adults in the u.s. can't read well the u.s. has been trying to tame another big export of germany but germany was unapologetic and defended its right to engage as competitively as possible in international trade but as michael bloomberg said the u.s. should stop criticizing other countries for producing more and acts boarding more and get back to work going back to china there's a certain aspect that mr bloomberg finds especially hypocritical china is now making a big push into solar and other environmentally friendly energy technologies and surprisingly the attention it gets in the u.s. is far from positive last month the u.s. trade representative's office. it could investigate china's policies over complaints that the country was using tactics to shut other countries out of the burgeoning market for clean energy mr bloomberg is wondering how can one criticize
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a country that is offering cheaper ways to produce a green to produce green energy the u.s. supposed to be all for it but apparently not when it comes when it's made in china and journalist richard parent says the u.s. should realize that it's part of a global economy under educated citizens. americans tend to travel they tend to not learn foreign languages and america is very isolated from the rest of the world i think mayor bloomberg said is true they don't read they do get most of their news from the media television and this is particularly the case since nine eleven as you know america was attacked and is almost hostile to you know the muslim world in the business world and feel somewhat surrounded it's unfortunate but in the educational system i think that's where america has to has to focus better educated and in more competitive the republicans
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have used the issue of trade in their advertisements the fact is that everything is made in china in addition to that the u.s. has been doing providing subsidies for its own products like cotton. since the end of world war two so it's part of a global economy the u.s. is in a global economy and they have to compete like like everyone else and not look for excuses. this is all seattle to come later this hour currency outlawed one example why there's opposition says the government is focusing on the wrong entries at least trying to raise and rewinds tree. rather than medications i read in college. you know it's expensive. with republicans gaining power in the u.s. congress but here are americans who fear that their health is at risk along with
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president obama's reforms. investigators are rushing to that tempted murder of a top journalist are focusing on his recent work to see if it could help find his attackers and they caution he was severely beaten days ago in his moscow home covered sensitive social and split screen issues and he's newspaper articles and blogs this kind of has the latest on that topic which has caused wide public outrage in the country. dr say i caution is in a critical but stable condition he did suffer from various injuries during that attack and they include broken jaws of broken ankle broken hands and broken fingers and a fractured skull as well he already went through several surgeries at hospital in fact the doctors even had to put him in the state of an artificial cuomo to prevent pain shock but i'd even leave the should we consider the surgery we carried out
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successful the patient's condition is serious but stable he'll stay in an intensive care unit for the near future we can't make any predictions about his condition the injuries are serious and a lot depends on different factors while an investigation is in full swing at the moment police are questioning continuing to question people in connection to the case and to caution himself the potion the bullet we have questioned more than thirty people witnesses colleagues relatives and friends of the journalist our investigators are studying his articles and his online postings in a search for possible motives to the assault that we're checking the circle of people he knew his business and personal nash works the priority version is that the attack is linked to conscience professional activity or his personal civic activity in his blog. one video from a c.c.t.v. camera which actually captured the attack itself leaked into the internet on monday the police have already strongly criticized this saying that they are now looking into how this video actually got into the web they also say that it doesn't reveal
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the identities of the attackers however it does show how brutally caution was attacked as he was approaching his apartment building in the very center of moscow on the night from friday to saturday the video shows him being approached by two figures and then being brutally beaten with some type of an object presumably a metal rod for several minutes and the fact that neither his a mobile phone or his wallet or his m i pad even were not. stalling shows that this was definitely not a robbery this is far from the first time that a journalist is attacked in russia cautions case and this attack the latest attack has caused a huge wave of outrage both in russia and in the international community especially among journalists people are demanding the authorities to find the attackers and to hold off through all investigation president need to meet the media put this case on the personal control of the chief of russia's police and the prosecutor general
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little journalists work is so risky the state should pay better attention to their professional activity i checked media reports some say those responsible for this attack will never be found but they will be found. hopefully these steps should bring some positive results in the investigation the georgian government is planning to bounce off its symbols and a draft law also in creating and to terrorism and security measures but critics say the administration is simply trying to deflect attention from the real problems the country faces as anger mounts over the government's performance. reports. out with the old in with nothing new the georgian parliament has approved a first hearing of what it calls a freedom charter it's controversial and seeks among other things to wipe out all soviet symbols the author get of blood's a believes it's
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a necessary step to help georgia make a break from the past. actually there are two main parts to it fighting terrorism and getting rid of the country's communist legacy georgia cannot develop in a democratic manner if we allow people with a communist background and mind to keep important posts but lotsa says many progressive e.u. members like poland and not here have successfully adopted such a law and he thinks georgia should follow suit but not everyone agrees and many want the authorities to focus on the present rather than the past it. has no. anything. serious. finger and. nothing to say to this site other critics say that if tbilisi wants to outlaw all things the soviet then it means outlawing the communist party as well a prospect which doesn't go down well with party members. of those in the mountain
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out of their polity this is yet another step in an anti people policy which our government is conducting this is an attempt to rewrite history the situation in the country is critical people are already saying openly that it was better to live under socialism than in the current system the government is just trying to show the west that they belong there. aside from making everything hammer and sickle related illegal the plans would also tighten control over money transfers anyone receiving more than thirteen thousand dollars must name the source of that income. they were based in total control over money transfers. overseas but only for russia but many georgians and that money with hard work is not the straight towards a time to turn a regime. who knows if georgia's parliament has its way this to move the old soldier is soviet symbol in itself could soon to be outlawed it's been almost two
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years since award war two monument was controversial or destroyed in a controlled explosion in the way it's looking right now georgia's government is not just only rewriting history but on wiping it out altogether lucid your job it even goes girl r.t. and you can find more stories analysis opinion and lots of other topics on our website home and here's a look at hot online right now. and british demonstrators are demanding justice for victims of police brutality after a savage that one person a week dies in custody in the u.k. . in the last eighty nine year old southern russian man has become the father. promised a long life by the fortune teller a world war two veteran says he's not planning to stop. the republican party has valves to stop president obama's health care reform program after winning control of congress following last week's made time elections
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why is the world leader for the life expectancy of the u.s. has dropped to nearly forty its place with many experts blaming the country's health care policy on he's a lawyer mr has been talking to a nine eleven first responder for whom improvements to the system could be his only hope to stay alive. new york. the big apple it's the city that never sleeps and just beyond the urban chaos. neither does ken it's george from one of the most. deer in his closet and you can see why he is of course you can it is a sick man and despite appearances the photos with us politicians and plaques from the president recognizing him as a hero in the aftermath of nine eleven x. zero is what i got from the president obama he still can't afford his health care a lot of the medications i'm eating called lead. you know it's expensive his
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insurance fall short which means every month he has to pick and choose what ailments he treats this is what i do a lot of times i stick with the course here to help me breathe at night and i skip some of the other medications my sleeping pills that we sleep even without sleeping pills he hasn't slept well since nine eleven a city employee working on highways he was drafted into the search and rescue team in the aftermath of the attack on the twin towers actually picking up human remains and searching to see what it was or why the aftermath for him has been forced early retirement in a fixed pension basically a kick you know and a cut in health care which puts him in a deadly dilemma forced to make possibly life or death decisions because of the chronic diseases he suffers arising from his work at ground zero but i already got a foot in the grave because of heart and lung disease who i did was get punished for doing my job down there the kind of case is unique in that he was a nine eleven first responder grim statistics show he is not alone in the united
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states now ranks forty ninth in the world in overall life expectancy this is a drop from twenty fourth back in one thousand nine hundred ninety it put that behind countries that just south korea bosnia as well as the european union the prime reason for the kick why researchers say it's america's deteriorating health care system with a growing number of people who are uninsured or underinsured. or. people just like kenneth i think that insurance companies make decisions that are not necessarily towards. the betterment of the patient some of his patients are even worse off than canada if they don't have insurance that means it's all out of pocket a lot of these people are not working there's a lot of problems and i think the president has tried. to repair a system that's out of whack you as president obama's health care reforms might. help someone like kenneth but there's still lots of red tape to be faced with
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insurers and now the reforms themselves are under threat from a house now controlled by republicans who vowed to overturn them but as the politicking goes on kenneth still needs his prescriptions but i will tell you paid . these uncovered and he'll still be forced to make desperate choices on which ones he can afford and which ones he can't this in the richest and largest economy in the world in a country where he was praised as a hero by its president but that won't change his grim reality his prognosis as well as of his nobody knows. but just like the city that never sleeps kenneth george may not ever either who's going to take care of my family when i'm gone and even if his family does no one is resting easy concept that right now lauren the sister r.t. new york. let's take a look at some other news stories from around the world the way bill has rocked
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southern iraq killing at least nineteen and wounding many more in blogs are believed to be aimed directly in share muslims the first explosions were in the holy shiite sides of karbala and the jobs where around fourteen died the third car bomb was near a busy street filled with cafes and shops in the city of basra last week a series of blasts killed more than sixty in mainly shia neighborhoods across baghdad. around ten thousand people have fled myanmar to thailand after the country's star general election twenty years fighting between ethnic rebels and government troops is thought to be behind the exodus several have died in clashes near the border as project gun and mortar fire continued into monday afternoon and opposition boycott learn to turnout as low as thirty percent and decisions in elections dismissed by western nations as a sham with allies of the military dictatorship retaining power. and a huge boost for india's long standing wish to become a part a permanent member of
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a reformed u.n. security council president obama has botched the bid in a speech to the country's parliament and he also declared the us indian relationship as a defining partnership of the twenty first century but survivors of india's nine hundred eighty four paul industrial catastrophe are calling on president obama to take action against american corporations blamed for the tragedy considered the world's worst chemical disaster the gas leak at pesticide plant thousands of people . up next a law of representing iraq is demanding justice after let's torture by british troops speaks to our. shine explains what his clients say they went through and why they're demanding a public inquiry. today
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i'm talking to fail shina who's a human rights lawyer and the head of public interest lawyers there representing a group of iraqis who allege that coalition forces abused them during the occupation of iraq they'll sign a thank you very much for talking to r.t. now you're taking a case to the high court representing one hundred forty two iraq east tell me what that's all about. of these iraqi clients complain that over a period of time the whole time that we were in iraq actually from march two thousand and three to december two thousand and eight. they complain of sensory deprivation with hoods or blacked out gobbles or. all sorts of sexual matters the
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various techniques designed to intimidate and coerce including harshing where threats and insults of the shouted directly into people's faces. a whole range of issues it's a male rape. all sorts of very troubling aspects of the u.k.'s interrogation policy none of which is pretty fully explored. there's a sort of odd sexual element to a lot of these claims is an exercise nature of it is not. do with nakedness accusations of pornography having been. yes well it's clear that the interrogation policy included a directive to always. strip that the iraqi internal force make us and keep them naked if they wouldn't cooperate. now this nakedness was to take place often in front of
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a group of soldiers who would be laughing and sometimes when so some of our clients refused to strip so force was used to strip the iraqis and then shades into other matters so for example one of our clients complained that one of the soldiers straddled his back and masturbated arnie's on his back when he was naked that kind of that kind of abuse can often follow from that struggle to strip clients but there are other aspects as well for example many of our clients complain that they were played loud hardcore pornography all night sometimes. of the they were intended to render themselves unclean or porn mags were left in the showers and the toilets and they'd be observed to see how they reacted to the. female and male soldiers and guards were having sex in
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front of our clients masturbating in front of a whole range. of sexual matters which are very troubling and no one has got the beginning of an explanation as to what on earth was going on this is all taking place within a secret compound. which is where the joint forward interrogation team was operating and they were a compound within a compound on some. well not to the military chain of command but to london and no one seems to go anywhere near them by design. we're not aware that the red cross every inspected the the area that was the joint for interrogation team so they seemed to be able to do what they wanted. and one of the. interrogators in the inquiry gave evidence on the twenty sixth of april of this
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year saying the only limits to coercion were the with the limits the stretches of one's imagination and you can see that very clearly in all of the the complaints that are being made it's easy to imagine that these kinds of abuses could have been perpetrated by rogue elements in the armed forces but in fact you're seeking to prove that this ill treatment is systemic in the armed forces there's no doubt that this is systemic within the interrogation. policy because we have those documents from the inquiry so we know for example that there was a policy of getting them naked get the make you keep them if they don't cooperate the way in which there was to be searched the harshing we have video. the training video of this on the web site these are clearly systemic issues and it's absolute nonsense to suggest this is a few but. that's the interrogation policy needs to be exposed we need
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to ensure that we never go into theater again with with an interrogation policy which is blatantly unlawful what kinds of people are these iraqis that are making these allegations tell me tell me a couple of their stories how they came to be arrested what happened. in their homes usually with their wives usually one o'clock two o'clock in the morning and the door is exploded open twenty sol. they're abused caff often right for sometimes hooded sometimes the women and children are abused in two of our cases pregnant women have miscarriages because they've been so badly abused . our clients are iraqis and civilians they don't know what they've done they're never told they're never charged and after days weeks months years
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they're venture release but not before they've been subjected to all of this abuse kept in solitary confinement deprived of food and water deprived to sleep etc etc. but they all seem to be by and large iraqi civilians who are going about their lawful business and they've no idea what they've done wrong and they still don't know what they've done wrong because no one ever told them but you're going to be charged with x. y. and said you are the public interests lawyer do you think it's in the public's interest to spend public money proving that there is damage corruption inside our armed forces i think it's in the public interest if we go into a place like iraq. supposedly to enforce the rule of law and principles of democracy fairness and justice good old fashioned british principles that we behave in accordance with that and we haven't done and i think it's in the public interest that that behavior should be exposed and eradicated but those who are responsible
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brought to account. thank you very much thank you very much. for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get any human voice face to face with the news makers on our team. a moment when the word change forever. now seems planned to nothing. new such. as the first
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but probably not the landstuhl military this one thing. will make. sure the common good in the future. come out of this is all see coming to life from moscow to headline. free to kill itself absolve the russian aussies castrato south electric traffic and the instant deadly internet followed allowing people online to vote if he lives or dies.
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quits murdering at chicago's least talkin message from new york city mayor michael bloomberg who tells americans to stop complaining about others on the side about the states. and no red stars in georgia the country said something assembled in the lead seen by many as an ill timed attempts to revive a star in the race the street. next door meet the children of his son put from radiation the hiroshima and nagasaki after nuclear bombs were dropped on the japanese cities at the end of the second world war. maturity a capital project in the american military base here by the slum became and any attack the ground zeroes wrong lap contaminated and deserted the marshall islands are scattered for hours southwest of honolulu as this is nowhere from north.


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