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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the world's leading economies have decided to take time out and discuss fresh solutions in the first half of next year with alice roberts who's in the south with more details on the gathering of this so what has the g. twenty so resolution presented to the world's economies. or carry the talking is now over here in seoul the g twenty leaders have managed to draw a veil of consensus over the weekend of pickering that's really taking place over the so-called currency war and the related issue of global trade imbalances that's really dominated discussion here but leaders have managed to agree to that a final communique in which they pledge to induce tighter financial regulations and develop early warning indicators to head off future economic turmoil this of course in the wake of the looming debt crisis taking place in alignment here in seoul a g twenty finance ministers agreed to work on a set of so-called indicative guidelines is only to identify economic imbalances
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and actions that can be used to rectify that this of course something that the us has been pushing for and something that president obama reiterated in his final crest conference just a few moments ago when he said that exchange rates must reflect economic reality however the details of those indicative going to lines will only be thrashed out at the beginning part of next year there was also agreement here to reform the international monetary fund to give emerging markets like china a greater voice of the chief for the i.m.f. is actually hailed these changes this historic and it will mean that china's ranking there will be vote from thirty to sixty a place however on a slightly more negative note an economic deal that we were expecting of between russia and i was actually called for the long and that was on the part of the japanese side and not so it's a time to release the visit by the bed of torture. oregon's out the disputants
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curator lineman's so a consensus agreed to has even led german chancellor angela merkel to hailed this success and held the new atmosphere of cooperation that she sends out this g. twenty summit to talk us through what's happening greater detail i'm now joined by a professor of finance and economics at trying to university donald green many thanks for joining us here on the scene so you don't have a profile communique was it what you were expecting the chief twenty is a talk shop for coordination in economic policy and when you think of what individual nations focus on when they set their economic policy they focus on what's important domestically the u.s. is focused on raising employment. china wants to continue its progress through export led growth but this so this forum of the g twenty is is
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really a means by which individual nations are forced to consider the implications of what they do domestically for the larger stage for the global the global scene and every comment on the communicate that is come out this afternoon as has addressed this particular point saying we are thinking about strong stable balance economic growth and we are nations our individual nation whether it's president obama or prime minister cameron or from my own country prime minister harper they make these statements about commitment but when they leave tomorrow they will go back and focus on domestic issues the tough part is whether or not they will stick to their commitment to also consider the international the global implications of whatever economic policies they bring along that. the so-called currency with
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a standoff that we've seen between the u.s. and china we haven't really had any movement on that so they sell bases that a surprise to you. well it's not a surprise this is not the place for china to now sits economic policy this is this is is a forum where the united states will continue to badger or hector the chinese about their exchange rate but no i never expected any major progress on that front in the i'm not surprised that there was that none of this has come forth but on these global imbalances it's as if the global leaders are beginning to understand international economics better than they've ever done before it's because they are discussing it and i think i think that's an important. feature of the g twenty to go see asians or for deliberations or discussions call them what you will be the leaders come and they and they hear directly from their counterparts in other
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nations what are their major concerns and we are not party to the private discussions we have a rather bland communique or a communique that that that comes out and says you know all fellows well met we are going to push forward but the fact of the matter is. this is this is a talk shop on policy and it's hard to hard to hold them to very very strong significant commitments professor don't agree many minds of those thoughts at that is all we have time for from the g twenty summit here in a solo we have now had the final communique that's been induced by world leaders here so until the next time that the lead is meets i have to wait to see whether these words degree translate into much. detail thank you but that was aussie course without us have us reporting from seoul live here on alt.
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russia's a finance minister driven has warned that if some countries keep trying to obtain competitive advantages artificially keeping their currencies low it could lead to a surge of protectionism and you can watch our full interview in twenty minutes time but here's a preview for you now. i. do wish i think this problem may get worse if some countries will strengthen for example the ruble by weakening their own currencies and trying to gain competitive advantage of course it can force other countries to use different defense measures tariffs or import restrictions so we need to find a common path without resplendent seem to be interests of different countries. well meanwhile foreign minister sergei lavrov says he hopes november's russia nato meeting will mark an end to the distrust and uncertainty of the post cold war
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period they describe the alliance says a previous relationship with moscow as twenty eight gang up on one nine hundred ninety s. he said were full of backward looking tactics including a sidestepping of past promises speaking to the media on the sidelines of the g twenty summit but rather said that he was optimistic about the future of the russian nato partnership forest also stressed that cooperation must be equal with no country's security placed above and others. as well plenty still to come through this hour including. on the yemen that mail bomb was simply a hoax by intelligence services. the church there has introduced reforms banning the practice of one eyed adduction long standing tradition of marriage making which not only goes against islam but also cost a woman whom the. ngos working with palestinians say they
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provide vital help to the people but israel claims that only provoking trouble as a result the israeli interior ministry has been withdrawing work for aid workers critics say anyone who sympathizes with palestinians is being branded a terrorist. really you know there are the visitors israel doesn't want activists from around the world who come here to photograph and protest palestinian suffering where most of the n.g.o.s only bring more fuel to the conflict make it much more harder to solve the conflict bring more hate to the conflict and they have huge he kidnapped human right which is why from the beginning of the year the israeli ministry of interior started with doing work permits from international n.g.o.s oxfam save the children and medicine some pontiff have all been affected everybody who voices of propellants today and.
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anybody who supports justice propels and palestinian refugees is an enemy of israel and says pro quo a terrorist i simply don't buy i don't think there's evidence that someone in tears say they have no choice but to do they work illegally emily's origins are palestinian but she can't live here because she can't get a visa for while she managed to evade the israeli authorities by leaving and returning every three months and lying to them that she lived in jerusalem but they eventually cautioned on and have given her one month to get out the more business you have in your passport the harder it gets. getting from initially it was more being overwhelmed than any understanding you know which borders to you is how to speak you know how to talk to soldiers what to say what not to say n.g.o.s monitor is an israeli organization that tracks non-governmental organizations working in
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the area its staff won't speak on camera but they haven't shied away from writing on the nature of this website because a several charities working in the west bank and gaza of having links to terrorist organizations here it says that the palestinian children's welfare fund owns a hate filled. website dedicated to the glorification of jihad and the denunciation of israel there has been no evidence whatsoever and no cases that anyone's heard of a people in n.g.o.s committing any kind of violence the palestinian for instance on stones and the grenades i'm on idea of soldiers and who is helping them you see a blonde girl from switzerland who i don't know where eighty mormeck speeding cars are for six months and plans to stay six more he's a volunteer with the international solidarity movement which israel claims has terrorist links they therefore want to cross into the west bank is a human rights groups that are credible throughout the world and yet they are being
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stopped from entering many times in i mean the un report richard falk was stopped from entering so this stretches up to the united nations for many n.g.o.s the challenge remains how to draw attention to the work they do without getting kicked out of the country many israelis continue to question the work they doing in the first place policy r.t. israel. and we've got plenty more future discover online including blogs features and videos as a taste of what you can find right now at r.t. dot com russian prisoner has devised an unusual method for getting drugs into jail by training his female friend that more about how parenting is thought thank god for crime erotica. and. also the ugly side of being. fake cosmetics maybe cheaper than the real price to pay for these and how to make up for the much greater discover why looking and smelling good can turn out
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bad more on our website. there are claims that last month's human scale is all part of the public this is the study by american intelligence institute says to sway public opinion before the mid-term elections explosives were said to have been found inside ten cottages on to called planes heading to the us but now some reports suggest that weren't in any bombs on board a tool discontinuous twenty knots and says this and this custom to store is not in splitting up the four vents is going to the polls. well i think we have to look back at passage of students for example the underwear bomber flying to detroit from amsterdam who was allowed to basically board the plane no questions asked we had
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the times square physical bomber where something fizzled in times square in the and the guy was sitting there waiting to take off at kennedy airport and when the federal agents came in he said i've been expecting you what took you so long i mean here's another case now we're being told that this u.p.s. cargo flight was either going to blow up over new jersey new york maybe upstate new york maybe pennsylvania and maybe canada it seems like once again we've gotten one of these stories that may have been engineered prior to the election we're always sitting here in washington waiting for october surprises before major elections and this may have been another october surprise i think we've seen skepticism from the government of god or from yemen from the united arab emirates i think we're going to have to wait to see if there's any some real smoking gun evidence that comes out right now it's all very anecdotal and can conjecture all at this point
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now to some of the international news in greece. iraqi leaders ended eight months of political stalemate by supporting the reappointment of maliki has been a step but a sunni backed coalition led by a rival walked out of the parliamentary session in protest before the vote they claim to other political blocs more keeping a promise to vote on a power sharing agreement and they say the action underlines how fragile and not government is going to be. an attack on an anti terrorist police headquarters in pakistan's largest city correction as the twenty dead at least one hundred taliban fighters who claimed responsibility exchanged fire with officers of the criminal investigation and and detonated a massive car bomb becomes a day after the same leader to arrested several wanted militants in the city last took place in the shelling pakistan's commercial capital.
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the government of iceland is this to get to the u.s. embassy in the country is spying on us twenty six since the inquiry was opened up to three other scandinavian countries don't similar probs u.s. officials say no espionage is taking place but the embassy does have a counter-surveillance program to deal with potential threats they claim security was tightened after the from attacks on december second africa nine hundred ninety eight. chechnya has brought in the new laws to try and stamp out the practice of men kidnapping their brides to some it may seem just a quaint custom but for the women involved it can often be traumatic. as discovered when a kidnapping goes wrong it can even end in death. it was the moment of families torn apart a church in brighton happened which here remains a ritual rather than an outrage the man simply chooses the woman he wants and forcibly takes her but the kidnapping of one young girl called him on one terribly
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wrong. i knew she went shopping good back. loans we had it and good outside and saw her being kidnapped yes she was shouting we saw it all. the kidnapper and his accomplice grabbed him on jumped into a car and sped away but a short way down the road they question to be tried. telling a young girl. when they were driving here they crashed in the old. girl so there was an awful tragedy the car was just a piece of metal you couldn't tell what car it was. some say could lend brights runs and occasional blood religious leaders and churches strongly disapprove and no laws have been brought in to curb the practice because it is as i'm able to go to the corner chechens never had such as this is. every friday i say during the. this is for it's a sin. and those who commit it will be punished during this life and on the
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judgement day. and. the girls who've been kidnapped rarely bring this matter to a courtroom as such a case may be considered it is graced by war but they never forget about it result no one saw the experience forty years ago should have to shop and was heading home when it happened the news they weren't taking me away and i didn't even know who was kidnapping me it was several men in the car and then you know one only on the second or third day did i find out who i was telling people. reasoner remembers the day she spend not knowing what was coming next lost and frightened she had no choice but to stay with her kidnapper chris' youngest daughter was almost her age two months later resign or ran away but her life was changed forever . this really is a big tragedy because your life doesn't belong to you any longer you come to mend
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it if you were kidnapped even if you spend two or three days there and return home you're not considered a virgin you belong to someone of the water but now trichoniscus and tough on the practice with the new lowers ishtar over i think this last fills a global issue i think many families where girls are brutal up to feel themselves moved to q i love writing letters will face a prison sentence and have to face over certain solving dollars in fines to the girl's family even religious leaders force and a girl to marry her kidnapper will be punished evans older appears to be a strong supporter of bill's intention are yet to see whether the old plantation has been ended only on paper or a real it's a sound art scene from crossly coming up next i'll special report looks at the red army operation which freed europe bringing with it the for the nazis. this is just a parliament building in. sixty five
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hours a. week to finally target. the army. became the symbol of the little sunshine sitting. on the fig tree where not teacher. the fallen. on r.g.p. . well that's all it is hey with the business update now and news that russian vodka result gets stronger yes a lot of alcohol content out in market share those reports both can make a russian stand out as a great in principle to buy ukrainian rival numero food have more details on this story later in the program but first the g twenty summits in south korea struggled to reach agreement on key issues which could affect the recovery of the global economy politicians fail to find common ground on currency devaluations as well as trade imbalances. reports on the divisions in so. reports of
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raised voices behind closed doors contrasts sharply with the image of unity two years ago then the leaders of the g twenty stood united in their efforts to avoid an acid crash turning into a global depression now member countries are divided on key issues the last g. twenty meeting pledge not to pursue currency wars since then the u.s. and around six hundred billion dollars of stimulus to drive down the dollar in this conflict so there's no problem please through a more volatility of the. currency market. i think both of. us have a bet for the world economy even former us federal reserve chairman alan greenspan stepped into the fray saying that the u.s. should not devalue its currency the move has divided emerging markets brazil condemning russia welcoming a new wave of capital inflows russia could actually benefit from that emulates in
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a different situation to the other say so-called bric countries russia has not had a substantial amount of capital inflows in the last couple of years in fact quite the opposite flaws in the last two years of total almost two hundred billion so it actually could do it reversing some of that in taken some money back a proposal from the head of the world bank for a new reserve currency met with silence in contrast with a desire in two thousand and eight to create a new world financial order on trade the g twenty is also struggling to get the world's leading manufacturers not just to sell goods but to buy them as well along with china germany opposed a u.s. suggestion of targets for cutting exist trade imbalances one ray of hope however is that all leaders did agree to avoid protectionism. michael business on t.v. . and a meeting with russian president dmitry medvedev british prime minister david cameron has revealed that many british companies are interested in russia's high tech hub
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spoke of a little bit of the british to education in june twenty summit said that despite their own huge advantage of developments in the project a host of businesses were ready to invest in the innovation center. has had this look at the markets now and here in russia that fall into the red for the second day echoing global trends have been because one of the top loses cheating world in two percent on the us and over in europe so long case have dropped sharply on the open offer fresh worries over rate hikes and shares tumbling in shanghai and his worries avons debt levels rattled investors footsie is down more than one percent this hour and is this in the story over in asia stock markets have plummeted on concern china might further tyson credit and phase only europe's debt crisis in hong kong is down almost to set. the news in greece we know his post a third quarter net profit of twenty nine million dollars down fifty five percent from the
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second largest k.k.k. sidewise and final expenses as the main cause for the drop remain positive pleasure to be left to continue to play. no she's biggest state and shipping company solve conflicts says it's putting an i.p.o. next year with may sell one fourth of the show as her home for the receive funds going towards the federal budget and the other hoff kept in the company unless s. made some call flop to be was between three to four billion dollars and say it's most likely to attract foreign investors. moving to precious metals a good news for a foreign gold mine is russia could lift some restrictions on gold mining in the country and natural resources ministry plans to lift the threshold to state and deposits the. gold it means foreign companies will now be able to exploit deposits of up to two hundred tons before they're declared a strategic reserve previous threshold was just fifty times that made gold mining
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in russia impractical for foreign companies as the head of a vocal goal to mccutcheon explains. you start with something smaller sort of becomes big now what does the government come by and say we have a commission has to decide whether you can have or not and you say wait a minute i've already spent you know one hundred million dollars on this thing and i'm going to tell me i don't own it. so by having that risk removed. just the risk of you know whatever happens to be the fewer there are the better and by having the barrier reef that the two hundred tons it helps remove a lot of those risks and needs to miss a nice fans now on the sadie's benz may start to use them because here in russia russian car company has offered their dime to agree to stop production of c classical and most affordable in the sales range the offer was made after gaza's latest car the volga sabir failed to meet the expected demand. and finally premier involved make
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a russian stand as agreed in principle to buy ukrainian rival numero is according to the newspaper details of the deal were not disclosed however experts believe the mayor of famous for its honey and pepper if used to be worth up to four hundred million dollars in september the ukrainian brand rejected a bit by u.k. basis jupiter stocks there. and i should update you now we can always find most henri's on our website dot com slash business. it's.
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for your convenience our comfortable shuttle bus will teach you to smoke. just a few hours observing persian forest and scary to scurry mirrors in your direction . on the moon. crater. scorching soil. are included. a photo with the wilds of the lunar rover for free. though so many years of past since on the prisoners are still
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a lot. as well as the fortunes of. those so many years of past. summer hoping to find the same. others take their executioners and i'm longing for justice. though so many years of past and memory is still in my eyes as well. yes. pete. more news today i bought a limb says once again flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations or.
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in vietnam multis available in international her tone. during the intercontinental hanoi westlake otoh shirts in hanoi hilton oprah somerset grand sedona sweeter knowing. full so i don't care about her. in the eighties available in oil and resources spawn. there it's time for look at the headlines now here not putting a stop to currency wars well financial leaders need to find time to run question in their final statement to be trying to sound. on one to charity and human rights
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groups and israel are being forced underground as the permits are withdrawn and accusations of supporting terrorism. also a washington reporter claims they can and mail bomb shelter simply hopes by budget services to influence voters before the mid-term elections. but as the g twenty summit of the world's leading economies wraps up the hot topic has been the currency rates has been rising tension between countries threatening global trade growth well russia's finance minister thinks it could ruin says russia is almost immune from the country's financial policies and that's results has more flexibility at global summits he also warned that if some nations continue to weaken their currencies it could force others to respond leading to a surge of protectionism. i mean it's now a goal for the.


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