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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2010 2:00am-2:30am EST

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russian businessman victor borge is on his way to the u.s. where he is wanted for arms trafficking this comes after thailand approved his extradition. fighting against time the u.s. congress tries to approve the arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington for new members are sworn in they have a different agenda. human rights activists demand transparency in u.s. attention practices in afghanistan to ensure washington is cleaned up its act following claims of detainee torture and abuse. at a brutal mass murder that shocked russia stories arrest of gang leader following the slaughter of twelve people in the southern region across the dog we are at the scene.
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watching r.t. coming to live from moscow a marina joshua into the program first stop the alleged arms trafficker viktor but has left thailand after being handed over to u.s. authorities it follows the thai government's decision to approve his extradition washington accused of a number of crimes including trying to sell weapons to rebels in colombia if convicted he could face a life behind bars let's get the very latest now from of course. igor the extradition decision wasn't expected until the end of the week and he's already on his way to the united states it's all happening very quickly so why is a surgeon. well it is everything is at the moment are pretty extreme. he quickly it's really difficult to see what's the reasons behind this urgency. this is really big news since we were expecting a thai authorities to review its exhibition on friday and now we're still waiting
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for official comments from the russian foreign ministry and from washington as well who to lawrenceville say that this is even legal and it's rejects and ignores the previous rulings made by a thai court be also claim that the united states which has been calling for boots extradition they say that it doesn't have enough evidence for him to be extradited just to remind your victim who's a former soviet air force officer and kirby a businessman who was a wreck arrested in thailand in march two thousand and eight series of band of united states has been calling for his extradition since he's one of there on the charges of terrorism suspected of selling arms to fort wilderness in colombia including surface to air missiles and during the last two years has been in a tight. knit tight prison not denying the accusations against. what you do or this case has been going on since two thousand and eight and is
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still far from over so what's next well first of all it said very little information is being released with for reports from its wife that he was just he just transferred to emerge from the airport in thailand according to the latest reports he may be old lady on his way from thailand to the united states these are some extremely serious charges and if booth will be found guilty of them in the united states then he may be looking at the wife said doc's. office now thanks very much indeed for bringing us the details on this case. top u.s. officials have urged the outgoing senate to ratify the latest nuclear cuts treaty with russia before the end of the year they say america's national security depends on prompt ratification but as artie's gun it's to count reports many republicans are banned on scrapping the deal. obviously this is going to be a last minute push to get this landmark deal passed through the senate before you
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newly elected officials step into office in january there is a very tense partisan game going on here in washington and the a lot of observers say that for many on capitol hill the fight is not about the content of the treaty but rather about scoring political points and the point scoring because it is expected to intensify after republicans gain a considerably bigger influence in the senate in january compared to what they have now the republican senate minority leader has already said their priority will be to have obama voted out of office in two thousand and twelve so basically to make sure that the president fails on his major initiatives so the obama administration is very eager to get the treaty passed on this so-called lame duck session in order to avoid a bumpy ride after january when obama's arguably major foreign policy achievement could well be on the line of the u.s. it proves that and hillary clinton and defense secretary robert gates have just published an urge for the senate to hurry up with a ratification saying the u.s.
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national security depends on the prospects of the treaty to be ratified by by this look promising the treaty was earlier approved by the senate foreign relations committee there had been a long buildup to wait over many months of hearings america's key military officials had been unanimously testifying in support for the treaty leading security experts in the country were saying it's only common sense to have the new arms reduction deal in place actually among those who testified in support for the treaty there were more republicans than democrats so it's wrong to think republicans are all against it some very influential republican senators like richard will guard have strongly advocated for the trade to be passed they've been they've been calling for their party members to put partisan games aside to to put their overwhelming desire to undermine obama aside and do what they believe is right for their country and for maybe on for many capitol hill observers the whole thing. bate it really comes down to this question will some republican senators sacrifice a landmark historic deal just for the sake of denying obama this feather in his
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foreign policy cap and but what's at stake the treaty will cut nuclear arsenals of both wash and the u.s. by a third it's meant to increase the level of trust between the two nuclear superpowers it's meant to show an example of nonproliferation to other countries and is expected to pave the way for us washoe cooperation in other areas as well and many believe what's on the line now is the well advertised reset not ratify the treaty could well put the leaders other cooperation plans on. that issue can reporting there now u.s. defense analyst ivan eland believes a key benefit of the treaty is a control system it introduces which would bring trust and could even prevent nuclear war well there's always been the hardliners and if you look at the history of arms control and normally what happens is they work a deal and i think the republicans that are in there now are fairly reasonable and
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i think i would predict it will probably pass very narrowly by the end of the year because it is a priority of because i think it's very valuable not only for the overall relationship but i think for a deficit helps with that somewhat and also of course helps with reducing the danger of nuclear war between the two countries basically this treaty only cuts thirty percent of the warheads anyway which is good and it opens the door to future reductions but the most important thing it does is the verification put the verification back and that's tremendously important people pay attention the warhead totals but if both sides know what's going on you know in one thousand nine hundred five we almost had a nuclear war accidentally and i think it's very important for the two sides to know what's going on in this verification thing and this monitoring is very important and that's the main reason to get this treaty through i think. anyone there the fans analysts from the pan institute think tank. and u.s. and afghan officials are trying to downplay a potential fallout between the two countries this comes after president hamid
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karzai slammed washington's war tactics in afghanistan karzai demanded the u.s. led coalition reduce its military operations in the country he also called for a man to night raids against suspected taliban commanders which often result in civilian casualties but the u.s. state secretary hillary clinton says the surgical strikes are key to winning the war and the exchange of statements comes just days before a crucial nato summit which the alliance expected to set a deadline for and combat operations in afghanistan in two thousand and fourteen but as our office reports america's rules of engagement are in the only thing troubling the afghan president. thirty eight billion dollars have been poured into afghanistan by the u.s. since the two thousand and one invasion to bolster security and economic development a significant chunk of that money humanitarian aid to provide food build health clinics schools and one of the poorest countries in the world all part of the u.s.
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effort to win over hearts and minds and to convince afghans to reject the taliban and al qaeda drop off some humanitarian aid supplies as much as we can and give the people the knowing that we are out here we are the good guys but there is a dark cloud looming over the battle for hearts and minds it's known as america's black hole enough ghana stand a secretive place journalists and human rights activists still depict as a liability to america's so-called war on terror former detainees have described the bug room detention facility as the scene of heinous crimes a place into which people simply disappeared without a trace two detainees were tortured to death by u.s. forces in two thousand and two while the scandal exposed the use of torture to obtain information from. detainees today bob graham rename power when detention facility rarely makes the news bob graham is still very much
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a black hole it's a prison facility that is operating that we don't have very much information about as i indicated there are about six hundred or so detainees that are there many of them captured outside of afghanistan although a list of names that were released last year a federal court recently denied access to any other information pertaining to those detainees. mobile outrage in condemnation over detainee abuse is that america's the tourist guantanamo bay prison forced the u.s. to change its practices there that those languishing within the walls of bug room were less lucky the detention facility at guantanamo bay is that is the most transparent or time to sort of in history bob graham detention facility and afghanistan to have the same standards for the litigation process in a wartime theater to an act of war zone it would be on president to have such
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access the original bug room detention facility may have been renamed relocated it will take more than a fresh coat of paint to ease the fear afghans associate with the prison reports of a prison with an imprisoned persist with afghan president hamid karzai recently demanding greater afghan insight into the prisons affairs and greater legal recourse for its detainees which is why human rights advocates insist the billions of dollars sent to afghanistan does little to bufferin sign an image of america has already been tarnished by places like bob graham and out of the. human rights policies seem hypocritical and inconsistent and i think it's a problem for the government mixing humanitarian aid with contentious u.s. policies and nontransparent detention practices relay a different reality on the ground for the people of afghanistan hypocrisy is basically what it is jan huff this r t washington d.c.
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. now six months after a two hundred million gallons of oil gushed into the gulf of mexico the u.s. claims its waters are good for fishing but an american oil industry insider told r.t. we've yet to see the worst consequences of the environmental disaster. the problem is that the vast majority of the oil never came to the surface it's in the oceans still today in cold water three thousand four thousand feet deep there could be vast plumes of oil that we can't see this destroying the food chain how is talking about this you know it's tragic the u.s. government and b.p. both wanted this story off the television. and stay with r.t. for more thoughts on why the u.s. government is keeping the story out of the public eye that's right after our recap of the top stories on the half hour. and russian police have arrested
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a man they believe responsible for the brutal slaying of two thousand leads in the country south the twelve killings which included four children shocked the nation five other suspects or all members of a criminal gang are currently being held artie's down as velocity reports. grieving relatives detective still working on the scene and candles in the wind this quiet room neighborhood was the scene of a gruesome murder of two families just days ago the number of victims children among them as well as the way they were killed with knives and razors terrified many individuals in southern russia four out of twelve victims of buried here at the small cemetery everyone who knew these people is in deep shock. victor used to work for their metal family they were farmers his says real hard workers this is the head of the family surrogate his wife and daughter in law yelena with a little daughter and i just can't believe it happened and i don't know who could
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do something like this. for the bodies of the twelve were found in this house investigators believe the killers entered through the back door literally slaughtering everyone who got in their way the owners and their guests who were there to celebrate national unity day together with the a met office the hitmen tried to cover their tracks by burning the house down but the flames went out this man was the first to arrive on the scene but no one was alive by that time i entered the house and i saw three dead bodies in the bad another person was lying on the floor and there was a gas canister in the hallway. six men have already been arrested in connection with the murder two of them are believed to be influential crime boss as. we detain the leader of the criminal group suspected of all the noise in the murders of twelve people november fifth as well as being an active member of this group he is
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also suspected of being involved in this mass murder we are conducting an investigation and gathering further evidence. investigators say the king's resembles the gruesome murders of the nine hundred ninety s. when record tears used scare tactics to threaten paul. also tend to think that this was a contract killing it didn't go according to plan and madoff was at tivoli refusing to crime boss says may have been the target his family and friends just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong this shocked community justice life behind bars but those responsible are truly horrific crime. across the region. and so i had a movie based on real events for some but fiction for others georgia is a spy thriller that it says is based on the real events moscow says the whole thing is a farce find out all the details in just a couple of moments. and i was take
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a look at some other stories from around the world and a four story building has collapsed killing at least sixty four people in india's capital new delhi more than eighty others were injured it's thought the monsoon season rains weekend the buildings foundations emergency crews are working to free doesn't still trapped under the rubble. pakistani officials say a u.s. missile strike is killed at least fifteen people in north waziristan near the afghan border four missiles were fired hitting a house and a vehicle pakistani intelligence sources say the dad are militants and the region is a bad for insurgents and has attracted a series of u.s. drone attacks in recent months. violence and fear continue to spread in haiti in response to the caller outbreak which has now claimed almost a thousand lives the country's second largest city has been barricaded by protesters who blame the u.n. peacekeepers from nepal for the growing epidemic they demanded soldiers leave the
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country immediately there's been no scientific conclusion or the origin of the galbraith but some experts believe the disease was likely imported. police in china have detained for welders over fired on part of walk in shanghai the claimed fifty three alliance reports say the unlicensed builders may have accidentally started the blaze the inferno ripped through the building on monday injuring dozens and forcing many to climb. to escape the twenty eight story tower was undergoing renovation. and getting preliminary results show opposition leader alpha condé has won a tight presidential runoff and the first free vote in more than forty years can again fifty two and a half percent of votes in the second round against former prime minister soledad. but the result was announced hours after the supporters clashed with police in guinea's capital the former premier pulled out of the vote counting process on sunday deciding fraud the election commission has rejected these claims but said it
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is welcome to appeal to the supreme court. georgia has released a film about a recently detained alleged russian spy network the kremlin has blasted his accusations calling them a political farce and as r.t. as it got it and found out the georgian story seems to be falling apart at the seams. of the hammer and sickle. jewish woman and b.f. is be only a beautiful girl is missing in this movie georgians have used classical russian stewart types to put zest into the spy thriller it's georgian state t.v.'s version of the arrest of fifteen people accused of being russian spies in reality the only evidence releases given to reality is the apparent confession of one of those arrested a super agent who actually turned out to be georgian spy. i
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personally enrolled him he was my agent from ninety two to ninety four after the rose revolution he was recruited to work for george intelligence also his brother runs the security service of the whole republic given. by sirte it officially this man is a georgian agent. but the stories certainly doesn't and there are especially for roussillon t.v. spies stories don't usually interest him yet this one caught his eye one of the suspects appeared to be his father. in may this year my dad went to georgia to visit on the border he was thorough interrogated on where he was going to stay we photographed him and took away sweets he was bringing for his nephews two days later he was arrested he never conducted us afterwards we found out about his arrest by chance and were shocked. six months ago the sixty three year old was
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detained for crossing the border allegedly with a fake id and trying to sell. count a few dollars lending he was eighteen years in jail is only now the screen leak of his being accused of spying for russia but his family says as beyond beyond the ailing pensioners ability. did you father use computer internet you know he barely used a cell phone on the shore to push just to bertram's the green on the road won his grandson help him read messages she couldn't even send us. sue who sent the text messages to the other suspects on your isp own georgian police say he did just before he was arrested at what they say was nine pm but here is family insist he was arrested an hour earlier and would have had his phone taken away. here is just one of the obvious blunders of the spy thriller jugend
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authorities claim that russian citizens scrutiny of course the georgian border with a fake passport on a fake identity they also say they never set eyes on his real possible and haven't seized it meanwhile here is the photo from that id well the stamp question where did they get it from. fighting their corner is as so s. russia which says it's the first time they've dealt with such a gross violation of human rights. this is a sanctioned provocation a political action it's time to discredit russia before the upcoming russian nato summit and the overseeing meeting circus really wants to attract attention to him and his super secret services but we want to tell him you can't trade old men just like this they're innocent you can't jail them just because they're russians.
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relatives are now appealing against the charges and hope that their high level lobbying of nato and o.s.c. countries will get them justice it's the democrats who are t.v. moscow. well there's plenty more waiting to be discovered on our website r.t. dot com feel free to log on any time for exclusive stories videos of planes and more here's a quick taste of what's online. a brutally beaten russian journalist has recovered from a close call with death but he's attackers are still at large catch up with the latest on the investigation into their cautions assault. plus russia is looking to build its own bullet train system and is now attracting speedy partners for the project all the details and plenty more stories are t. dot com.
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seven joins us now here in the studio with a few days in the seventies a bearer of good news this morning as we hear the russian billionaire ramana. yeah well basically he's just been featured on a list of the most influential foreigners in london perhaps not but surprising as the owner of chelsea football club will have more a bit later on now. russia's state owned gas monopoly gazprom has dramatically reduced investment in the stockmen field in the barents sea this year the budget dropped from the planned two billion dollars to less than two hundred a million development was put on hold due to falling demand for gas the company says the funds have been redirected to the largest gas field on the year mile peninsula in northern russia the final decision on whether to continue developing stockmen will be taken next spring. russia central bank has doubled its forecast for the country's capital outflow it expects twenty two billion dollars will leave russia in two thousand and ten to fake looks at why the money is taking flight.
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russia is significantly slower rate than the crisis year of two thousand and eight one hundred thirty billion dollars one. without me see i will have to put all the real me close to thirty million dollars. actually the situation deteriorated significantly in the second call will be zero. economic growth in december we think that board botched the reporting season to comment too generous i would say. for next year forthcoming for year so we will have significant for. people they are looking for more interesting places in the world and leagues restructuring russia's central bank estimates that during the first three quarters of this year sixteen billion dollars left the country that's a quarter of the amount compared to the same period last year but analysts warn the impression there's been a dramatic improvement may be misleading i would say the improvement. in the
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general balance of capital inflows. implying that people are actually starting to invest more in russia. just much more to lend to russia indeed alice explained the trend is mostly set by blowing programs and these are quite substantial next year russian government is planning to borrow up to well over fifty billion dollars and robot equivalent of domestic markets and everything bad touch a. morning program is likely to draw a high scale of capital inflows into russia so there is more money but not the right kind of money investors are keenly aware of risk and russia is about to enter a major election cycle starting with parliamentary elections next year and concluding with presidential elections in two thousand and twelve it's a timeline that's likely to dominate investor sentiment and therefore capital flow
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to business r.t. moscow. and russia's central bank has announced it will accept gold as collateral from banks analysts have welcomed the decision as it gives new opportunities to raise cash william prices have almost doubled in two years and demand is still high in october this year investment in precious metals by russian banks a past one billion dollars. and now let's take a quick look at how the equity markets are performing asian stocks are low on tuesday off to woo street slumped on inflation worries but exporters have lent some support on the nikkei shares rose on a weak a yen and in hong kong the hang seng is now trading over one and a half percent lower investor concerns over high interest rates are pointing a sell off in the metals property shares and automakers. and here in moscow the r.t.s. has just opened point eight percent lower echoing those fools in global markets that my six will start trading in a few minutes close to one percent higher on monday. the us nickel and the
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russian government are to invest three point four billion dollars in mining copper and gold deposits in the country's trans by cold region the state will fund building the railway while the company will develop the deposits the new plants are scheduled to be launched in two thousand and fifteen and will compensate for low output at the other unit of the company polar. the owner of chelsea football club the russian billionaire roman abramovich has joined a list of the top twenty most influential foreigners in london the list also includes the mayor of qatar and the founder of wiki leaks website the ranking has been compiled by the evening standard newspaper which is owned by another russian tycoon alexander lebedev. and that's all the business use for now but of course i'll be back with more for you next hour and you can always find will stories on our website dot com slash business.
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wealthy british scientists i say it's not on the front. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred.


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