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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EST

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moscow calls thailand's actions illegal sentence russian businessman of. the us to stand trial for trafficking arms to the world a war zone. a blow to the very foundations all the e.u. its president failing currency could drive the entire union down with it. and out of the. human race by. the us for abusing prisoners in afghanistan secret detention center with claims there are more cases of torture to be made public.
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global news twenty four seven you're with are live from moscow well moscow has dubbed thailand's extradition of russian businessmen to the u.s. as illegal washington is accused of using unprecedented political pressure to have him handed over america says the man nicknamed the merchant of death trafficked d'armes to dictators and conflict zones all around the world journalist and jackpot and brings us the details from bangkok. after the thai cabinet made its decision this morning mr byrd was rushed immediately to the airport by about fifty elite special forces including police snipers and handed straight over to u.s. drug enforcement agencies who took off and headed straight to america but really it's in retrospect it's no surprise that they did this ever since mr byrd was arrested in march two thousand and eight his case has been surrounded by political
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maneuvering diplomatic pressure legal challenges and many legal mistakes the u.s. almost successfully had him out of the country last year until the thai court overruled that decision so once they made this decision this morning it's quite clear that the thai government just wanted to get him out of the country before they faced a serious political challenge or another legal mistake many people are calling this an illegal extradition on the russian news wires we're seeing that russia's foreign ministry has said they are disappointed in this that they believe it is politically motivated and they insist this is still any legal expert isha despite two rulings in thailand's criminal court saying victor boot guilt was not proven the thai government has still decided to hand him over to the u.s. i consider this unprecedented political pressure on the legal process and on thailand's government this is an example of striking injustice we as a state will continue to give all necessary support to be to boot as
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a russian citizen mr booth wife also talked to the press this morning this is what she had to say about the build up of the do not claim that operation was a secret at eight am the cabinet ordered to extradite it to book although the prime minister of thailand said that while court proceedings are ongoing won't be extradited this operation was illegal it was done after lobbying from the us but was shipped to the united states if he was just a thing without his documents and without the russian embassy being informed the operation was so quick because it is illegal under title or. and to appeal most people say the case is quite weak that's not just mr bird's legal team but that's the broad opinion of the legal community he was arrested here in a sting operation by us on the cover agents working in cooperation with thai agents but really they received a promise to deliver rockets and other weapons but there was no real physical evidence of how that would happen or no details about how mr coote would or could
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do that so the case they think is very flimsy what many people believe this is really about is mr boots alleged extensive knowledge of brushes military and intelligence operations. what most people believe is that america wants access to this information and that's what this case is really all about. reporter jackpot and now if europe's single currency fails so will the union itself the warning comes from the e.u. president who was speaking ahead of the meeting of the euro zone's finance ministers ireland and portugal appear most at risk and could be forced to use e.u. bailout money to save them from bankruptcy portugal's foreign minister says his country may even be forced to quit the euro let's now talk about europe's crisis with financial analyst max kaiser the man loved by the people hated by the banks and hello to you so tell me do you believe the e.u. really is in danger of collapsing. well why doesn't the e.u.
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investigate well let me explain something the e.u. right now is investigating criminal activity over there the anglo irish bank four hundred fifty one million dollars of illegal loans that are now parked in offshore accounts implicated are sean fish patrick david drama shown quinn the financial terrorists that are taking ireland down what's the government doing well the last we heard from them they were drinking heavily and hiding under their desks why not just investigate the criminal activity first put the financial terrorist in jail then figure out what to do with the currency now let's talk about solutions here because there are fears the contagion from moderns crippled banking system may spread but if it agrees to an easy you bailed out would not solve the problem for ireland and possibly the whole union. absolutely not in
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less ireland's willing to give up our sovereignty unless ireland is going to become a debt slave unless ireland wants its affairs conducted by the i.m.f. and the i.m.f. everywhere they've gone they've what they've brought destruction and economic mayhem you know they're licking their chops waiting to get in there to cause havoc pay themselves huge fees it going to says to their college array of crony capitalists and terrorist bankers and ireland is quaking in its boots and the government unfortunately arliss not standing up for the people it's abdicated its role as representative of the people the people in ireland are getting completely hammered by these banking financial terrorists are some facts i'm sorry your saying that instead of taking a loan out from the european union you are saying the i.m.f. is not an option either. not the other most of it is it is not an option for any country that wants to remain out of the clutches of speculators and fraudulent bankers who have done all they can possibly do to steal
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our country's wealth loaded with debt the the i.m.f. and the e.u. and the e.c.b. caused ireland's crisis so why are you going to them to ask you to solve the crisis they're the ones that caused the crisis the ireland needs to divorce itself from these financial terrorists and stand on its own two feet but i start tension to portugal now if we can portugal says that it may have to leave the euro how do you think that would affect its own domestic economy. well i mean as the same case where there is portugal ireland greece or any of these other european countries they all are facing the same problem bankers have been allowed to conduct fraudulent activity look what happened in greece for example they allowed goldman sachs to come in advise them on entering into the euro goldman sachs got them to cook their books and commit fraud and now they are in dire straits so now who are they asked to help them get out of their problem while they ask representatives from goldman sachs this is
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a case of stockholm syndrome these countries are being held captive by financial terrorists and to get out of their problem they're asking the same financial terrorists please sir how do we escape the clutches of your terrorism you know ireland they went to war against the ira the irish republican army but they seem to just give a pass to you know sean fitzpatrick how come for sean fitzpatrick hasn't been executed by the state for financial crimes why why is he allowed to go go free he's a terrorist why is the irish government soft on terrorism our banks if we may let's turn our attention to the past week of economic news here we had the apec summit just a few days ago in yokohama japan before that we had the g. twenty in seoul and the really the only agreement all possible agreement to come out of the g. twenty in seoul was america and china agreeing to perhaps a scaled back on the currency wars do you see that as i used to stand to the agreement or do you think the currency wars will continue and can you just simplify what exactly is a currency war. all the currency wars are all the various countries around the
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world trying to deep base their own currency to make their exports competitive so the united states because they have no ability to engineer any growth in the u.s. because they have spent all their money committing mass murder in places like iraq and afghanistan want countries like china to voluntarily adjust their currency to help americans continue to overconsume and china saying no we don't think that's a good idea anymore so china's. engage in bilateral currency swaps with russia iran brazil to give everybody huge stockpiles of each other's currency so that these countries can do business outside of the u.s. dollar as a reserve currency and this is what we're talking about the currency war is a post u.s. dollar as a reserve currency era and as robert zoellick has said just recently he's looking for a new global currency with some kind of gold component as the u.s. dollar reserve currency era is now finished all right financial analyst and host of
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the kaiser report max kaiser live in paris thank you. well you are watching r t and still to come fighting against time the u.s. congress tries to approve the arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington before new members are sworn in bringing a whole different agenda. and georgia releases our spy film based on an alleged a russian network we try to separate fact from fiction. well the u.s. and afghanistan are trying to downplay rumors of a dispute brewing between the two of them and follows president hamid karzai as criticism of washington's water in afghanistan because i demanded the u.s. led coalition to reduce military operations and night raids against suspected taliban commanders which often result in civilian casualties but the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says the strikes are crucial to fight insurgents
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all this is just days before a crucial nato summit where the alliance will unveil its new combat strategy up until two thousand and fourteen but as our teaser jihad office reports rules of engagement are the only thing troubling afghanistan. thirty eight billion dollars have been poured into afghanistan by the u.s. since the two thousand and one invasion to bolster security and economic development a significant chunk of that money humanitarian aid to provide food build health clinics schools and one of the poorest countries in the world all part of the u.s. effort to win over hearts and minds and to convince ass ganz to reject the taliban and al qaeda drop off some humanitarian aid supplies as much as we can give the people the knowing that we are out here we are the good guys that there is a dark cloud looming over the battle for hearts and minds it's known as america's
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black hole in afghanistan a secretive place. analysts and human rights activists still depict as a liability to america's so-called war on terror former detainees have described the bug room detention facility as the scene of heinous crimes a place into which people simply disappeared without a trace two detainees were tortured to death by u.s. forces in two thousand and two while the scandal exposed the use of torture to obtain information from detainees today bob graham rename part when detention facility rarely makes the news bob graham is still very much a black hole it's a prison facility that is operating that we don't have very much information about there are about six hundred or so detainees that are there many of them captured outside of afghanistan although
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a list of names that were released last year a federal court recently denied access to any other information pertaining to those detainees. mobile outrage in condemnation over detainee abuses america's the tourist guantanamo bay prison forced the u.s. to change its practices there but those languishing within the walls of bug room were less lucky the detention facility at guantanamo bay is that is the most transparent or tied to silly in history bob graham detention facility and afghanistan to have the same standards for litigation process bob graham is in a wartime theater it's an act of war zone it would be an precedent to have such access to the original bob graham detention facility may have been renamed relocated but it will take more than a fresh coat of paint to ease the fear afghans associate with the prison reports of a prison with an imprisoned persist with afghan president hamid karzai recently demanding greater afghan insight into the prisons affairs and greater legal
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recourse for its detainees which is why human rights advocates insist the billions . dollars sent to afghanistan does little to buffer and sign an image of america has already been tarnished by places like bob graham and out of the. human race by this is seen as sheeple critical and inconsistent and i think it's a problem for the government mixing humanitarian aid with contentious u.s. policies and nontransparent detention practices really a different reality on the ground for the people of afghanistan hypocrisy is basically what it is jan huff this r t washington d.c. barack obama. outgoing senate to ratify the latest nuclear cuts treaty with russia inside the next six weeks democrats fear republican gains in the upper house during midterm elections could derail the star deal and the military experts in the system erika's national security depends on prompt ratification but as r.t.
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is gone a chicken reports many republicans remain bent on scrapping the treaty itself. obviously this is going to be a last minute push to get this landmark deal passed through the senate before you newly elected officials step into office in january there is a very tense part of going game going on here in washington on the a lot of observers say that for many on capitol hill the five is not about the content of the treaty but rather about scoring political points and the point scoring because it is expected to intensify after republicans gain a considerably bigger influence in the senate in january compared to what they have now the republican senate minority leader has already said their priority will be to have obama voted out of office in two thousand and twelve so basically to make sure that the president fails on his major initiatives so the obama administration is very eager to get the treaty passed this so-called lame duck session in order to avoid a bumpy ride after january when obama's arguably major foreign policy achievement
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could well be on the line of the u.s. it proves that and hillary clinton and defense secretary robert gates have just published an urge for the senate to hurry up with a ratification saying the u.s. national security depends on it for many capitol hill observers the whole debate really comes down to this question will some republican senators sacrifice a little marquee story deal just for the sake of denying obama this rather in his foreign policy cap but what's at stake the treaty will cut nuclear arsenals of both russia and the u.s. by a third it's meant to increase the level of trust between the two nuclear superpowers it's meant to show an example of nonproliferation to other countries and is expected to pave the way for u.s. russia cooperation in other areas as well and many believe what's on the line now is the well advertised reset and not ratifying the treaty could well put the leaders other cooperation plans on. you are with r.t.
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live from moscow and you can always follow up our stories leave your comments and even tune in at any time you want on our website dot com no escape for russia's drink drivers russian policeman and now equipped with a super cold laser sable to do this from twenty places find out high tech details are on t.v. dot com. and even in crisis hit florida selling trucks can be a lucrative business if you offer your customers a kalashnikov as a suite and find out more about the latest promotion on our dot com. now let's get to some other world news making headlines this hour the british government has agreed to pay millions of dollars compensation to its citizens held at america's guantanamo bay detention camp nearly a dozen former detainees say they were illegally imprisoned and u.k. security services were involved in their torture they also claim more authorities had information they were being ill treated yet did nothing to help them. at least
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sixty five people have been killed over eighty injured after the collapse of a five story residential building in new delhi the apartment block was used mainly house migrant workers construction material and bad foundations are blamed for the collapse rescue workers are now at the scene struggling to save doesn't this still trapped under the tent. buckingham palace has confirmed prince william is to marry his long time girlfriend kate middleton the wedding will take place in spring or summer next year the couple became engaged during a holiday last month william and kate started dating eight years ago while studying together at university. well a spy thriller with russian intelligence agencies as the protagonists but it's not the latest hollywood movie it's a georgian film based on an alleged russian spy network busted just weeks ago now
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moscow has slammed tbilisi's accusations calling them a political farce and as r.t. in the crotch of the reports there are a few lapses in the spy story. of. the hammer and sickle. and the f.s.b. in this movie georgians have used classical russian stewart types to put zest into the spy thriller it's georgian state t.v.'s version of the rest of feet between people accused of being russian spies in reality the only evidence police is given to reality is the parent can fashion of one of those arrested a super agent who actually turns out to be a georgian spy. i personally enrolled him and he was my agent from ninety two to ninety four after the rose revolution he was recruited to work for george intelligence also his brother runs the security service of the whole republic of jari and by search it officially this man is
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a georgian agent. but the story is certainly doesn't and there are especially for roussillon one of the suspects appeared to be his father. in may this year my dad went to georgia to visit relatives on the border he was thorough interrogated on where he was going to stay before arrest him and took away sweets he was bringing for his nephews two days later he was arrested he never contacted us afterwards we found out about his arrest by chance and were shocked. six months ago this sixty three year old was detained for crossing the border allegedly with a fake id and trying to sell counterfeit doulas landing here. eighteen years in jail it's only now on the screen because being accused of spying for russia but he's family says a spear knowledge is beyond the age pension or instability in one or two barely
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used the cell phone sure to push just to burns degree on the road one she couldn't even sent some nurse margot here is just one of the obvious blunders of the spy thriller jugend authorities claim that russian citizens screen nick of course the georgian border with a fake passport on a fake identity they also say they never set eyes on his real possible and haven't seized it meanwhile here is the photo from that id well the stamp question where did they get it from. this is a sanction provocation a political action it's known to discredit russia before the upcoming russian nato summit and the o.s.c. amazing circus really wants to attract attention to him and his super secret services but we want to tell him you can't treat old men just like this they're
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innocent you can't jail them just because they're russians. relatives are now appealing against the charges and hope that their high level lobbying of nato and o.s.c. countries will get them justice it's a democrat show r t. ten minutes from now we'll talk to an oil industry insider about the environmental consequences of the gulf of mexico oil catastrophe but first it's you're here with the latest most news in just a moment. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news maker. hello
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and a very warm welcome to the business program gazprom is still suffering from the effects of the financial downturn the and such an economic outlook and europe is creating uncertainty in russia's biggest company but gas problem has been working to diversify its customer base our correspondent but in a question of explains how the strategy is progressing from the council of russia conference taking place at headquarters in moscow. a large was a mansion today about how the gas industry will recover from the financial downturn and gazprom announced that it will return to pre-crisis level of two thousand and eight by only twenty twelfth and this was one of the main hard lines of the gas form that is taking place at the moment add gas problems moscow had quarters according to the deputy chairman of the board alexander to mediate if the gas
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demand in europe has fallen quite significantly due to the crisis and it has just started to pick up but it hasn't reached the pre-crisis level but a to tell you more and in terms of that the a longer perspective for the gas consumption in europe we're willing quis out quite a significantly and to give you more details that will nansen today at the conference the european gas to consumption will reach three hundred eighty billion cubic meters gas annually by two thousand and twenty meanwhile despite the fact that most of the russian gas x. now flows into europe at the main focus and the main drive for the future growth lies in a completely different direction and it's the asian pacific region. demand for gas in the asia pacific region will definitely grow while analysts predict it's not even to mention energy demand in such developing countries like china and india
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also plans to supply at least turn billion cubic meters of gas to south korea starting from twenty seventeen by that time we expect the korean market to have grown by a further fifteen percent but the main focus is a china this november gazprom plans to continue negotiations over gas supplies into the country and aleksandr them invaded also mentioned today that gazprom is a relaunching work over sakhalin three four and five projects and this of follows the overall company's strategy to diversify its. doesn't the asian up pacific region meanwhile there are two major gas transportation project that the i touch in today and these were north stream and a south stream while the construction of a noise stream project is almost done and the first gas supplies why the pipeline now is will start next year in twenty eleven however the situation over at the south stream project as is still unclear and alexander the midday do for only
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mentioned today that other players from of the global energy community are welcome to participate and this project. time to take a look at the equity markets european stocks a sinking further into the red meat session on tuesday following public forums in china and the system will treat our lender still is quite modest comes under pressure to accept a bailout from the euro. the russian markets on the slide here in moscow with but indices shedding nearly two percent banks and energy majors are way into shutting nearly three percent on both and ross net is down to the true percent on my six the sound. russia's largest still make a superstar has almost double its profits in thought or to beating analyst expectations that you can jump to a long three hundred seventy million dollars as the company benefited from hyrule commodities prices. russia central bank has doubled its forecast for the country's
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council outflow it expects twenty two billion dollars will leave russia in two thousand to tend to my feet crest who looks at why them on is taking flight. capital is still flowing out of russia although at a significantly slower rate than in the crisis year of two thousand and eight one hundred thirty billion dollars flooded out told me sierra will have to put all coal real me close to fuel to get over that was actually the situation deteriorated significantly in the second call for me zero actually. economical for the dissimulating budget board budget their policies in becoming too generous i would say. for next in the forthcoming free year so we will have significant. budget deficit so people they are looking for more interesting places in the world and rings least actually russia central bank estimates that during the first three quarters of this year sixteen billion dollars left the country that's a quarter of the amount compared to the same period last year but analysts warn the
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impression there's been a dramatic improvement may be misleading i would say the improvement. in the general balance of capital inflows. implying that people actually starting to invest more in russia they're just much more willing to lend to russia indeed analysts explain the trend is mostly said by borrowing programs and these are quite substantial next year russian government is planning to borrow up to well over fifty billion dollars and robot equivalent of domestic markets and everything bad touch a break morning program is likely to draw a high scale of capital inflows into russia so there is more money but not the right kind of money investors are keenly aware of risk and russia is about to enter a major election cycle starting with parliamentary elections next year.


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