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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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this is an example of striking injustice we as a state will continue to give all necessary supports to be tribute as a russian citizen to the u.s. prosecutors are step to decide on the fate of russian businessmen victor brut who faces charges of supplying weapons to terrorists after being extradited from thailand. that we are the world. without nuclear weapons i'll show you the pictures for a massive defense project a world with nuclear weapons and see threats all the round issues back on the agenda after republican success in mid-term elections. and in ireland too far european union warns of economic collapse if our of the end
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and the whole you don't whether the economic storm. and on the business desk with the european union considering the liberal lies they share of the gas market being the world's largest producer is no longer enough for gazprom to guarantee market dominance i'll have that and much more in twenty minutes time. live from our studios in central moscow you're watching r t with me and you so now it's two pm here in the russian capital six am in new york where russian businessmen and gun running suspect viktor boot has been put in jail after extradition from thailand moscow insist the thai decision to hand him over to the u.s. authorities was illegal and says it will continue to fight for him if convicted boot
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could face life behind bars. reports. u.s. justice department refuses to give me personally any comment regarding what will happen next to victor boot but i can tell you that prosecutors are preparing to address the media some point wednesday that would detail how the the trial would proceed if there is to be a trial where he will be held in the time being as i mentioned i did reach out to the justice department to just find out basic questions when the arraignment would be where mr boot would be relocated to whether he would be held under special administrative measures and the justice department wrote me back saying that they would not comment or answer any of my questions obviously this has added a tense element to the relations between the united states and russia russian foreign minister sergei lavrov weighed in on the situation questioning why this clandestine activity is taking place at the moment.
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despite two rulings in thailand's criminal court saying viktor boots guilt was not proven the government has still decided to hand him over to the u.s. why consider this unprecedented political pressure on the legal process thailand's government this is an example of striking injustice we as a state will continue to give all necessary support to boot as a russian citizen. shortly after the extradition was underway you will see the fischel say that they followed all the legal procedures they hope that what is happening right now with the activities surrounding viktor booth that it would not impact relations between moscow and washington in any way let's take a listen to what was said. we have. a broad and deep relationship with russia it is guided by our mutual national interests i
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don't expect that this will have any impact on our relationship it is fully consistent with both our. bilateral treaty obligations with thailand and fully consistent with international law this was a very quick and purse ice perceived that went under way that surprised victor broods wife who now remains to this as to what is happening with her husband and what will happen when she will see him next we do get to speak with her here's what she said yes it's hard for me to talk about but what happened was totally unexpected for both myself and victor's lawyer the thai cabinet held a closed meeting where a political decision was taken to extradite my husband to the us the extradition took place within four hours of the meeting against all the rights and laws of the country the only law that exists in thailand is u.s. influence i guess this decision was paid for and what is come to light in this
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story with this story is the u.s. justice system is wide what the due process in the united states is all about because so many secrets have been kept so many people have been kept in the dark about what is happening with all of this while the u.s. has been aggressively campaigning to get him extradited and. so right now while many are questioning what due process and the u.s. is really all about well daniel is still an investigative journalist and writer says the u.s. is trying to make victor boot a scapegoat. i can't possibly see how it would be a fair trial because again americans have spent ten years actually trying to get out of their trouble they spent two years and a half trying to get him out of prison in thailand to the united states and now actually when they have him in their grasp in the united states if they actually do put him on fair trial and he wins this case imagine what's going to happen to the united states they're going to turn into
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a locking stock of the entire world so no the trial is not going to be a fair trial but again victor would simply has no secrets to tell so in a fair trial he would go whole but again he won't go home i mean the whole idea of viktor buddhism merchant of death is a hollywood phenomenon the trouble is not an arms merchant he was you know he's a cargo merchant he was he was a transporter so if americans think you could actually get secrets out of him they're very very very wrong you know the russians know there's the americans know this there's two ways to look at this or we're going to have a show trial of a bit of a closed door trial i think probably they're going to go for the show trial because again is a very useful piece of the mantel piece because as i said before it's a big debate is just a pawn of this global game where the end game is to get out of russia any way and any means possible. costs there from daniel a stolen investigative journalist and writer well in other news new york conservatives have been talking to us foreign policy with a bush flavor at a meeting in washington the right wingers have called to boost the enormous
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military budget fight threats coming from china and iran and question moscow's nuclear might and even a russian political outsider joerg into how neo cons work for return of an american dominance in the world. neoconservative leaders came together for two days of quote restoring america's leadership in a democratic world without ever acknowledging the role their policies played in its decline they reassured each other that china's rise didn't signal imperial demise were different from china you know we have a liberal regime we make mistakes all the time and we had you know there are things in our history for which we need to apologize and have apologized but at the end of the day we think of ourselves as trying to promote human rights and lift all boats and prosperity and that's not how the chinese regime thinks of itself and they painted a rosy picture of their continued occupation of afghanistan and their ability to control afghan president hamid karzai despite new corruption charges and revelations electoral fraud cars i don't know which version one point zero of
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president karzai he was very amenable to listening to western advice and we've seen the emerging the last several years version two point zero of course which is a very different figure one who the west is in a sense we stepped away from our mentoring relation with him and became really somewhat adversarial they presented their typical it approach to russia and eminent threat but at the same time no match for u.s. military might i don't worry about every mission the cold war i don't think it's going to happen one reason is i don't think the russians are capable of reading and warned of an imminent danger should the us close any of its eight hundred thirty seven military bases worldwide to reduce the four trillion dollar deficit my greatest fear is that in economic tough times the people will see the defense budget as the place to solve the nation's deficit problems. to find money for other parts of the government i think that would be disastrous in the world environment we see today and what we're likely to see in the years to come unquestionable too
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was america's nuclear arsenal well i hope that we have a world. without nuclear weapons i also hope that page fly just outside the gates of the white house the last two years ago in the presidential election neoconservatives gathered here at this hotel to espouse much of the same rhetoric they had back with the threat of iran and china a permanent presence in iraq and afghanistan and if the rocketing defense budget and they had their foreign backers in the audience the new conservative view is that we need to go all out to eliminate one side and have a victory and then empowered to people to manage. their government and you agree with that view i definitely do among them were former foreign darlings of washington back for a pat on the back even as their influence faded at home i'm not a republican a democrat. a member of solidarity well you can do what you want this is
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your country do want to work well with. you in my own proposals. american. establishment believes that this is important it will be great if they don't we will continue no problem most tellingly democrat turned meal conservative senator joseph lieberman of praise president obama to me the story that in some ways neither party wants to acknowledge muster courage as people at the time is that if you look back at the last two years the story of the obama foreign policy is as march continuity as change from the bush administration policy neo conservatives may be down but they're not out with republicans back in control of the house their foreign policy agenda is back on the table and ford artsy washington d.c. . now as the republicans breathed new life into old red to wreck the democrats are struggling to bring change they're making a last ditch effort to push
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a key arms deal through congress before the end of this here vice president joe biden has warned that failure to ratify the new strategic arms reduction treaty with russia will be in danger of america's national security well his plea follows statements by republicans that the deal should be signed this year with some saying it should be dropped altogether the new start treaty was sealed in april and would slash the two country's nuclear arsenals by a third but it won't come into force until ratified by lawmakers on both sides something moscow says it's been ready to do for months republicans made significant gains in the midterm elections with few willing to cooperate with obama's democrats on the start treaty. the slovenian president says nato needs russia's help in order to move forward this comes ahead of the alliances summit in portugal where world leaders are expected to discuss a new strategy the new of turkey believes that teaming up with moscow is an important step in achieving that. there has to change and you know
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search for a mission for a long time after the ending of cold war did to me the question was if nato is necessary at all but the mission was never completely defined and i think that it cannot be completely defined without a true partnership with russia and we don't have a cold war anymore and we have to figure out what to do this new partnership means and i think that in this book in the coming days we should come closer to that definition. well find out what else the slovenian president has to say about nato as well as the e.u. in about twenty minutes time here on our t.v. more ahead for you this hour exploring space and the moon we tell the story of so-called lunar tanks that the u.s.s.r. sent up to explore the moon and what they found out. but first
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plans for a rescue package for are the enter being drawn up by eurozone finance ministers in brussels members have vowed to support dublin with its struggling economy should it request help this isn't comes on the back of work it appears that some smaller countries are not capable of paying back their massive debts earlier the president of the european union warned the our rich crisis could cause a collapse now nailer of lead wind from a london based investment company says dublin may have little alternative but to take the money. i don't really in a position of much choice because clearly it's a sort of rock and a hard place. and the short term expediency of bail out better than the. immediate reactions of the situation but just you know you what you want to keep an eye on the fact that one country after another appears to be on a slow roast in terms of news flown in terms of the way the market is looking at
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this but my guess would be it's likely to be a short situation for arlen because i believe that they will be forced to take bailout money and that will put them back probably but only in portugal in terms of the country being looked at most closely. that was net mallard may have been from a london based investment company his thoughts on the crisis in arlon while financial analyst max kaiser says our going should seek help from the institutions responsible for its demise in less ireland's willing to give up its sovereignty unless ireland is going to become a debt slave unless ireland wants its affairs conducted by the i.m.f. and the i.m.f. everywhere they've gone they've they've brought destruction and economic mayhem you know they're licking their chops waiting to get in there to cause havoc pay themselves a huge freeze give bonuses to their college array of crony capitalists and terrorist bankers and ireland is quaking in its boots and the government unfortunately in our lives not standing up for the people it's abdicated its role
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as representative of the people the i.m.f. and the e.u. and the e.c.b. caused ireland's crisis so why are you going to them to ask you to solve the crisis they're the ones that caused the crisis i only needs to divorce itself from these financial terrorists and stand on its own two feet. russia will supply the lebanese army with three helicopters tanks and munitions the announcement comes after prime minister saad hariri of his is to moscow the deal will boost lebanon's poorly equipped military which for a long time has been in need of an overhaul military expert who believes the country doesn't feel safe but unarmed lebanon lebanon certainly will please neither syria or israel. i think that both neighbors syria and the e.u. cereal they wouldn't be happy seeing that live on the way arming because they used to the fact that they've been on these weak state that there is no strong guy me
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that becomes even armed response obviously bombed on doesn't feel very much secure you do it's must see the award you do the. research is let me stop here due to the fact that some toll government almost doesn't control the solvent territory close to zero that's why there are many frets to live on security but the majority of them they are not from external enemies but they are from the situation inside. staying in the middle east israel has decided to withdraw troops from the northern part of small town which straddles its border with lebanon and syria decision meets un demands but will mean splitting the village into two locals in gods are say they want the village to remain undivided regardless of who controls it details of the pullout will be finalized with un peacekeepers over the next few weeks. in other news in brief from around the world iran is testing long range missiles as
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part of what it says is the country's biggest air defense drills the five day war games are being carried out to test the islamic republic's ability to terror possible airstrikes against its nuclear facilities israel and the u.s. say they have not ruled out military action against iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons to iran insist its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. the dominican republic has registered its first case of cholera for weeks after the epidemic broke out in neighboring haiti authorities have set up health checks at the border to try to stop the disease crossing into the country the cholera outbreak has caused violence in haiti after two protesters were killed by un peacekeepers keep peacekeeping troops i should say were blamed for spreading the epidemic which has killed more than a thousand. iraqi president has reportedly said he will not sign the death penalty order of saddam hussein's former aide the death sentence
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given to terror because these last month has drawn international condemnation the seventy four year old former prime minister was sentenced to death by hanging for persecuting shiites and crimes against humanity. now the russians may not have sent a man to the moon but on this day forty years ago the soviet union guided the first unmanned rover to the earth's closest neighbor the automatic remote controlled robots also known as lunar tanks roamed the moon surface in the one nine hundred seventy s. revolutionizing space exploration. has their story. back in the nine hundred sixty s. the lies were on day and night within these walls the soviet union had come up with a plan to send an unmanned rover to the moon but the question was how would it move around then familiar surface once it got there the solution was finally found at this institute we institute them first we wanted to use caterpillars we used to
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make turnings and we loved tanks but it became clear that wheels were more reliable caterpillars could get stuck that would ruin the whole mission and we couldn't have food to make a mistake or you know luna had one popularly known as the luna tank was the first ever remote controlled barbara to land on another celestial body initially slated for a three month mission it will the lunar surface for eleven months during this time it traveled more than ten kilometers taken over twenty thousand images including sound with its own footprints. every lunar morning once in twenty eight days when the sun's rays touch the lunar held solar panel it would wake up bape. a lonely sound in a silent world and set off a new adventure. exactly wait what had was decided far away at the mission control center in the crimea. just left of going was one of the five man men in her team
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which also included and never get or in ten operator and two engineers snoo my luna hoods camera film the moon surface and send black and white pictures back to earth but with a delay of more than twenty seconds months so we had to judge the situation using this picture or luna followed stood still we got basic info on what was going on outside stones the course of movement craters and other such things after that the drug would choose the next what moment. the first steps were difficult but in time it seems the team's work became more creative what's more. we once on women's day we wanted to get our wives flowers but we didn't have time that there was so much work so our navigator suggested drawing a flower like shape on the moon with the rover and we present the women with the pictures he even told journalists that you could see the shape through a telescope but of course that wasn't true. never to. have to send in his last
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pictures back to earth. the luna hold finally stopped in his tracks it's still there to this day but the little rovers steps were a giant leap for mankind and the tracks it left on the moon surface will forever remain a trail blazed for future explorers along the last thoughts that you will look forward to checking out the lunar supposed areas which were explored during the soviet era we know that water based on samples we found we had that one day they will allow us to set up an inhabited lunar base for a lot of. back. the nine hundred sixty is the two superpowers who are sending those people machines to the stars and back with only one go to outdo each other visions of dollars to spend in the race to leave one another behind the decades old and its old friends full full inclined face now united nations against the big go to go together where no one has come before. rich notion out the st petersburg.
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where you can check out our stories anytime you like at our team dot com there's much more for you there let's take a look and see what's lined up today airport controversy about california man became a national sensation when you've reported his encounter during it is security down after refusing to go through a body scanner. and on course to be the country's warmest november to date and russia's mild weather is breaking more records details at our t.v. dot com. well it's time now to get down to business here in our tease that joins them we're hearing about the european union is considering liberalizing the ghauts market
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yesterday said and it also proposing easy access for independent producers to the pipeline network now this means if a gas problem of being the world's largest producer is no longer enough to guarantee its dominance of the market that pool has this report. last year gazprom sales to europe fell about twelve percent due to the financial downturn demand is now recovering but at the same time the russian gas monopoly is facing ever stiffer competition the european union favors diversity in the gas market and wants to liberalize the transportation networks should dislike the idea but some experts believe there is little to fear market means to. an end to the markets continue but his hope to the market i think in this is in favor probably because they are almost a supplier for europe and now they have also the chance to take to the market that will do the cost some of the table because to the cost. i think is a good development for europe this station is also called for the trust in the
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customer still because gazprom is facing increased competition in europe particularly from alternative sources of gas production energy majors such as shell which traditionally focus on oil production and now paying more attention to developing their gas businesses i can reject the fact that the share of gas revenues and the total structure total revenue structure of oil and gas majors global made for us i think is increasing while oil revenues share is decreasing actually the main competition for gas from a in europe crowd is not from our oil and gas majors themselves accounts from qatar elegy producers for african gas producers gazprom is not unaware of the problems it faces in europe analysts believe it needs to be more flexible in its pricing in long term contracts something the company is reluctant to do for the moment instead it's focusing on diversifying its customer base in the fast growing markets of asia and india nick
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who business on t.v. . there were no new alliance is considering building a second vehicle assembly factory in russia's far east the company can't keep up with the growing demand it will face a production shortfall of two hundred thousand cars by two thousand and fifteen the new plant will not only help to cover the deficit but also transport costs currently it takes about forty days to bring spare parts by sea from japan to renaissance plant in the petersburg region. general motors may increase the size of its i.p.o. on wednesday by about a third to four hundred seventy eight million shares this could make it the largest global i.p.o. in history the move is in response to stronger than expected demand for shares in the carmaker which is generating solid profits after last year's bankruptcy after the i.p.o. the government stake in g.m. should fall to twenty six percent from the current sixty one percent the u.s. spent forty nine and a half billion dollars to rescue g.m.
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last year the car maker has returned a fifth of this hoping to pay off the rest through the sale of stock. the euro remains under pressure after europe's finance ministers failed to come up with a clear plan to deal with ireland's debt crisis dublin is discussing measures with its european counterparts but it's resisting calls to accept a bailout call machall from a just b. c. explains why ireland small economy could become a big problem. it may not be a big economy we can and still have quite a big impact for the european economy as a whole and really what it comes down to is that conditions in our own got a lot worse from a financial market perspective and what it could mean for the real economies elsewhere in europe is that we could actually help him to continue doing so those are the now is a problem but it could impact possibly portugal even more so and eventually in the spring so this is what the market is quite nervous about it's more about the contagion risk rather than just our story by itself. and now it's time to
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take a quick look at the equity markets european stocks are mixed on wednesday putting pulls in asia and will street the footsie it's flat it's a negative after tumbling nearly two and a half percent on tuesday on concerns over europe problems and anticipation of more money she policy tightening in china industrials on financials are lending support on the docks in frankfurt. and here in moscow markets are flat to mix this out coming off the earlier losses the r.t.s. is still differing lower of the my six is a third of a percent into the black you call i'm alleging some support but banks are really outperforming is getting one point four percent on both courses bt is high on. the russian government is imposing a ten percent export duty on. the new tariff will come into effect in the middle of december the finance ministry estimates the change will bring an additional three hundred million dollars to the state budget next year on the global market the price of copper is down for
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a second day that's amid concerns chinese authorities will take action to slow their economy china is the world's top cop a buyer. i'm not sold the business user now but i'll be back with more few next hour and in the meantime you can always find more stories on our web site that's slash business.


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