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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2010 1:00am-1:30am EST

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going to mars. we don't have a problem but every. effort is made. on the palestinian or in the european side to negotiate an end to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear or will call the. song goes you have no. calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention a few words about jewish culture happening and people get so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. time
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to make friends nato hopes for a better russian. seeks moscow's help on missile defense and afghanistan president medvedev set to join this been summit. dishing out democracy at a price the u.s. taxpayers shelling out billions of dollars to fund foreign influence. and living with lear one hundred years after the world lost one of its greatest thinkers revisit the whole story its detente with the russian branches leading.
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world news and much more your tune to r.t. nato seems to be sending a clear message it wants russia as an annoyed the bloke is meeting in this been right now and he's courting moscow to sign up to a joint defense shield and it's hoped that present attendance could signal an historic turning relations between the two sides. explains the common interests the former rivals now have. today here in lisbon portugal where the nato summit is taking place russia nato relations are expected to be key on the agenda russian president dmitri medvedev is expected to be here in talks with nato as the alliance continues trying to improve nato russian relations we've seen u.s. president barack obama call for nato to reset relations with russia similar to the reset that the u.s. called for that was an editorial in the international herald tribune and he also
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called for this summit to be the place that nato establishes that it sees russia as a partner and not as an adversary now he on the agenda will be afghanistan this is an area where we've seen increased coordination between nato and russia and russia has really been looked to for help in fighting the drug trade and increasing routes for supplies getting in and out now also works backed into here russia and nato talk about other joint global challenges including nuclear proliferation for example now also key nato is pushing russia to get on board and their missile defense plans now this is been a sticking point between nato and russia over the years now nato is trying to get russia on board saying that these this missile defense against a common threat a common threat missiles facing both nato members as well as russia now political analysts that we've talked to do say they believe that there is the political will from russia to get together on this issue however
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a lot of details remain to be heard and in addition there's going to be a need for nato to meet halfway as what we're hearing now aside from those improvements in russian relations which many would characterize that there are still some and many that say nato is simply outdated the situation of course with big question marks are also put not only behind me. but also behind the mixed years one two three years we have differences for its current. the relationship to russia the u.s. nuclear weapons in central europe and i'm not sure that this summit can solve these problems so i have the problem with this is that i do not think the approach is correct there are too many strategic differences and they're not really discussed now it's not just analysts who believe nato is outdated it's also average that if in fact right here in this square in the portuguese capital
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a protest against nato is expected to take place later this afternoon in fact right behind me you can see signs advertising not protest now organizers expect thousands here thousands who are opposed to nato whether or not there is a new strategy now they are issues that are key to them include nuclear weapons they want them out of europe and also troops out of afghanistan this highlights the discontent not only among average citizens but that we see trickle out to all levels where we see country nato members who are increasingly weariness over that mission in afghanistan that are reevaluating the resources that they're standing there that are even pulling troops out so people are looking to nato at this summit to put a new face forward and to really change direction because not only are they dealing with needing to partner such an increased era of cooperation but they also need to down discontent among member nations among their governments and their citizens and that's what people are looking for this summit to do we will continue to follow any
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developments to bring you the latest but for now right here from the capital of portugal in lisbon i'm lauren lyster r.t. . what is nato sets out its plans for a decade to come. looking ahead russia's representative says the country wants more joined up thinking in the in the odds to ensure security threats and. really you now after we have lived through the conflict in south ossetia under sharp decline in relations it turns out we might have needed such a test on the one hand these events have shown that old nato policies were provoking such an adequate regimes like the suckers really want to bloody actions on the other hand nato did not get involved in this conflict because europeans did not support the most aggressive part of the bush administration for us nato was a big headache barrett used to be an enemy now an unpredictable partner the left hand of which doesn't know what the right hand is doing we are tired of this we
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want more stability and security on our western borders and in the long run maybe even certainty that there will be no trouble at the whole i think the americans are finally hairless today for them restoring relations with russia is not just very important to foreign relations but also key toward bama success on the domestic front he is saying to his electorate by improving relations with russia we have made americans more secure even if this is part of the domestic agenda that obama has set for his team then time god we are ok with our two most important to worse is to have fewer headaches and even more we don't want someone else to have troubles too to which are really the. best pepe escobar told r.t. that the current nato summit is about promoting pentagon doctrine around the world in effect making the new united nations. they are discussing the so-called strategic concept in lisbon this means we keep our nuclear weapons between two
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hundred three hundred american owned plus two hundred from france presse two hundred twenty five from britain we built this huge dome the missile dome which might protect us because it hasn't been tested yet against nonexistent iranian missiles and existant north korean missiles that that will go to and we prayed to expand our operations all over the world which is they actually doing that they are right in central asia they are in north africa coupled with a free com you know the african command from the pentagon that they plan to expand to the south specific they plan to spend to the south atlantic even here in south america so nato now is the new un it's a global operation it's full spectrum dominance doctrine which is the official pentagon doctrine the proven in two thousand and four and the agenda is global domination so i would say be afraid be very afraid which is nato mission in
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afghanistan they don't know because they were more or less forced to be there according to day article five of the nato charter so they are there to basically just to support the american trying to find osama bin laden mullah omar and i'm and also what do you which are not in afghanistan by the way there in baluchistan or he was serious then so what is nato doing over there not saying now they're trying to make an arrangement of the russians so they can extract their through https through tragic is that it is because then and russian territory and the russians say ok well rick a few million dollars exit for us not a big deal. well still ahead on the program the vicious ideology that refuses to die. it was not just a few people who had to be punished but. mass killing sixty five years after the nuremberg trials leading nazis to the crimes against humanity we ask why some europeans now normally find nazi past. selling democracy abroad doesn't
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come cheap hard up american taxpayers are finding out their cost the u.s. is spending billions of dollars to finance foreign politicians and parties which fall on its side of the fence after six plates. great party but who's picking up the tab apparently the american taxpayer nine billion dollars spent by the united states agency for international development on promoting washington's democracy initiatives. a new model for influencing a target country's internal politics and favor of u.s. interests to financing training support and guidance to pro u.s. forces in foreign countries another democracy promoter the national endowment for democracy received one hundred thirty two million dollars during two thousand and nine nearly all of it from us government agencies but these are just the tip of the
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iceberg there is an entire network of organizations involved in the democracy promotion business now in its third decade of health real life and democracy and freedom and the people without all across the world. the international republican institute stands although all organizations insist there is no political affiliation the board of directors for both n.d.i. in iraq i suggest otherwise former secretaries of state national security advisers members of congress and even clinton bush and reagan administration officials they all have a history in washington one deeply rooted in sustaining the current foreign policy priorities to understand us foreign policy one must first understand a very basic fact the us government wants to dominate the world. this is what democracy promotion brought the people of one door us. while usa id requests eight hundred thousand dollars for strengthening governance and democracy
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in one door us journalists and activists are being brutalized and killed under the u.s. backed government was was in egypt a revolt against the u.s. backed policies of the his new. mark regime has mobilized these agencies to co-opt opposition groups and sharing the results of the upcoming elections will be beneficial to washington. is a member of an egyptian opposition party they received funding or support from many . people at the very first moment the project of middle east democracy. for democracy but with. or many who study these agencies believe the soft money working behind the scenes is directly linked to the cia they had to have this new organization with a nice sounding name a democracy in it and i sounding name which would be free of the taint of the cia
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and that's when there was a reason the energy was created usa id has implemented democracy promotion initiatives in over one hundred countries in the past twenty five years this year's budget one billion dollars according to usa ideas website spending ten million dollars in a target country increases that amount to democratic change five fold how much of your tax money would you like to go to promoting democracy in venezuela. no not that much which would be ok if foreign governments were giving our politicians money for the election campaign no that would bother me and here in lies the hypocrisy we have a very clear law on the books prohibiting foreign governments from interfering in our elections and supporting and the candidates with money so we do exactly what we prohibit a home encouraging transparency is a stated core element of the u.s.
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government's democracy promotion efforts in foreign countries however here at home the agencies themselves are far from transparent detailed budget programs are unavailable to the public and contact with the media is limited over the last. r.t. repeatedly requested interviews with usa id and a d n d i all of our requests were either tonight or on end jan hopkins r.t. washington d.c. where you can see more thoughts and analysis on that story on our web site right now and let's look at what else we're going to be dot com the german box certainly knows how to take the blues as well as giving them music is well read about the softer side one of sports tough guys. plus why a russian nemesis turning warheads than the headline grabbing sexy spy on a chapman details r.t. dot com.
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now the actual court dog quest senior nazis were tried during their war crimes hearing sixty five years ago is going on display in the german city this weekend exhibition also features the original film of the hearings on the courtroom with the war crimes of hitler's closest allies with the russian foreign minister officials from france us. well ten the opening ceremony to mark the sixty fifth anniversary of the trials truculence nazi criminals set a precedent form the basis of international news but as our teaser reports some parts of europe are seeing wiring naziism revival. this red army veteran was close to the trial which changed his story his best friend. acted as
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a prosecutor on behalf of the u.s.s.r. in the new number of hearings sixty five years ago you could have says if it wasn't for example the outcome could have been very different. he understood that the trial was not only about here. it was not just a few people who had to be punished but an entire audiology of mass killing his speech impress the judges so the number of those in the dog rose dramatically in a trial which lasted for almost a year twelve high ranking nazis were sentenced to death ten lengthy prison terms it was a milestone in history the nuremberg trial laid the foundations of international law as we know it in particular it created a precedent of judging people for starting a war against other nations so nowadays we all know what a crime against humanity is nowadays the most the free europe acknowledges the positive effect of the nuremberg tribunal but some nations have
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a complex relationship with the past luke there's a monument to the soviet army liberators and here just meters away is the monument to stone in soldiers who fought alongside the v.s.s. troops. is still only an anti-fascist activist andrei says this historic paradox is reflected in the current state of affairs in this baltic country. even looking at the crumbling state of this monument it's clear that ira government doesn't she the red army saviors instead to be glorify those who fought in the side of fascists that's despite the fact a large part of our country would never support such ideas in april two thousand and seven this clash of opinions spilled onto the streets the story in government ordered their relocation of a soviet soldier statue from central to the outskirts of the city thousands of dissenters protested and clashed with the police monuments to free estonia was put
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several hundred meters from the square where the soviet bronze soldier statue used to stand it resembles a cross and in the very heart of it is an emblem which was used by the a stone s.s. legions back in one nine hundred forty s. . from swastika marches to mass as veteran gatherings sixty five years ago prosecutors in newton there could not have expected a legacy like this the trial was meant to make sure fascist ideology stayed in the bloody crossed but the rise of new nazis middle eastern europe is a sign that these ideas still live on let's erosive ski odyssey reporting from thailand is. former. nazi ideologies becoming popular because european governments aren't taking a strong enough stones for i parties became popular in eastern europe because the public in these countries doesn't know enough about its own past i'm teaching
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university students and i realized that they have very limited knowledge about what happened under the second world war what happened with the how a given jewish population what happened under hitler in germany they have some ideas but not enough knowledge how did these dilute grew up and that's why especially young people who are not satisfied with their lives they are very sensitive for new ideas and they don't have immune system against these ideas so i think that the lack of knowledge is one of the largest reason and the lack of proper politic will stand against this side and i this is the second well. let's take a look around the world at some other international stories this hour germany brains on high alert for this week's warning by security officials of an imminent militant attack on police have been posted around the country train stations airports and tourist attractions the potential terror threat has veteran guys in the fall to the
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bottom of that so far also a little officials also confirmed that a suspicious package found in the maybe an airport bound for munich was a security test and contained in the explosives. fears of a second lost or didn't they rescue attempts at a new zealand coal mine where twenty nine workers remain missing they became trapped after a gas explosion in one of the country's biggest coal works five made it to the surface with minor injuries but it's not known what happened today called needs a power outage has left them on integration sparking fears that toxic gases could be building up inside the tunnels. now it's a hundred years since the death of the tolstoy world in the russian writer and philosopher is still remembered in his home country but nowadays well as a literary trademark a favorite author visited the family estate south of moscow. leo tolstoy like his family stayed because it was as far from the madding crowd as you
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could get a place where he could feed dark some get lost among birch trees without anyone disturbing him. a century after his death it's an easy thing bought solitary group after group falling into his house not to minute for contemplation. yes napoleon has never been short of visitors in fact during the high susan summer spring and autumn we have trouble handling the flow of tourists it's pretty hard to get it you have to call it a certain time to book a visit on a particular day otherwise you just won't get there. it's. a great great grandson of the writer my dear tolstoy can recite many of his famous ancestors novels by heart but he says few of the museum's visitors could do the same russians are proud of tolstoy but more is the brand than a favorite author according to polls only eleven percent returns to his books after
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finishing high school selina which. unfortunately most people never go back to classical literature or to being forced to read it as call ins to prefer it it was trendy and popular these days there's nothing bad about that it's just a pity that those people miss out on religion which are. just a few hundred metres from told through history this philosophy still serves as a pillar of strength for base family friend and elaine put their vinnie called belong to do have bourse a christian group that with the help of toll floyd moved to canada in the late nineteenth century fleeing from persecution in russia twenty years ago their descendants came back settling in the village told stories found most of his life what happened is the void that was in me in canada disappeared and it's the spiritual void i found myself here like tolstoy who despised exploitation all for the lane of building their new home all by themselves even though it's already
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taking them a decade like tolstoy they strongly believe in pacifism and a unity with nature and above all they see told stories ideas as timeless i think his ideas having to be reached. and there are just starting to be tapped into and that's why i think russia has a great future and i thought form is throughout his life just to became renowned for defying all sorts of conventions and having his own leo tolstoy once sad to death is terrible because it means the end of everything but this doesn't apply to his own legacy during his lifetime his readership was indifferent aus and a century after his death the count goes in millions lost here war and peace was named the greatest book of all times by music magazine bringing an ultimate moment of peace to this very one year.
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meanwhile american film director michael hoffman is the man behind the movie the last station one about tolstoy he says people are really reading the novels because they go deep inside human psychology i don't think people understand the sense of fun and tolstoy which there is in the sense of a life in the sense of identity part of it's in translation as i know there's been new translations in english. that have been really well reviewed and really well loved and people are reading the book one piece and the qur'an that again is really a philosopher what's amazing and i still remember reading unaccredited there actually turns in the story that or so this role and so truthful that i actually took my breath away i mean literally like stopped i still had to stop reading in the middle of the book that that was so moved. i'll update he went on main headlines in just a few minutes time that has the business. i
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. hello and welcome to the business news trade between former soviet states has accelerated shopper this year at a meeting of c.i.s. prime ministers and st peters said the founder of dissent encouraged evidence of improved corporation the customs union of russia belarus and kazakhstan forms the new regional trade and is not going to hold reports although some thorny issues remain progress is being made. of stone are gearing towards full scale integration and speeding up the next phase of the customs union the single economic space with a free trade area and a common external trade policy the meeting of the prime ministers of the three countries is taking place within the framework of the u. region economic community which also includes kyrgyzstan to decus down because to moldova or renia and ukraine some of these countries are also showing interest in
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joining the customs union now the key document is a final agreement on the single economic space of russia belarus and kazakhstan which is due to start functioning next year and to provide more mutually beneficial opportunities for its members in a free trade area now i'd like to remind you that the customs union of the trilateral union of russia belarus and council which came into effect this year has been designed to simplify the movement of capital between the member countries under a unified tariff and customs territory now the creation of the customs union has stirred up the long lost in a go she ations on russia's accession to the world trade organization after russia said it would see the accession in a joint. account of style and now according to russia's president. there are few questions remaining in the negotiations with the european union on the matter and they should be solved quickly at the same time the first year of the customs union
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. has revealed some serious discrepancies currently existing export duties on russian oil for bella ruse almost brought the countries to an oil war well is any really wise about twenty million tons of russian oil at domestic prices for two years is only a fraction of it at home most of it is being refined and re exploited to europe at much higher prices feeding the belorussian budget that today's meeting may finally put an end to the conflict as the russian prime minister was and has promised to lift all the duties for valorous on russian oil once all the documents on the single economic space are signed. up for her live reporting there and the customs union doesn't come without costs finance minister alex it could run believes that russian oil companies may have to pay an extra fifteen billion dollars and two to two techs harmonization whether national companies will be compensated for these costs by either subsidies or it increase in extraction taxes. there's no point in
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privatizing rushing to closures for the time being that's according to the head of the state corporation which controls several hundred center prices in russia is a show with him about it is that it's not reasonable to privatize russian technologies for the time being i would even say it could be harmful privatization would hinder the development of the enterprise under control we first have to transform the enterprise into joint companies create holdings and distribute companies between them and help them develop financially. a look at the markets now the russian equity markets close flat positive on friday they are just broke the six hundred point benchmark finishing just a tenth of a cent i might six have an up and down session and just. looking back at the last week the russian markets were pulled in both directions with virtually equal force upbeat economic data. from the u.s.
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encourage the bulls while inflation war isn't china feel the bets the markets and that of the weak. but largely unchanged the past week has seen. the continuation of the tug of war between the bulls and the bears you know there are people who are seeing a lot of economic data coming out of the u.s. coming out of asia a lot of quality. of general motors which was very well received through a lot of good news in the market and good developments but the biggest fear now is inflation is special in china where the central bank had to act to stop the rapid increases in prices there's also talk that both china and hong kong can take measures to arrest the rest of the growth in real estate prices to prevent the bubble and so all of between these two kind of big positive over improving global economics and certain positive.


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