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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2010 2:30am-3:00am EST

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to the rapid increases in prices there's also told that both china and hong kong can take measures to arrest the rapid growth in real estate prices to prevent the bubble and the soul but between these two kind of big positive over improving global economics and certain positive corporate developments. are all of rising inflation in china and therefore maybe elsewhere in the world these two opposing factors have resulted in the share prices and in the we slightly down but essentially flat that's how business updates for now get more store a small website r.t. dot com slash business.
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for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. are you watching our t.v. main stories we're covering for you this out time to make friends and nato hopes for better russian ties as the alliance seeks moscow's help on missile defense and afghanistan the president get it set to join the summit. dishing out democracy at a price the u.s. taxpayers shelling out billions of dollars to fund on infants. and
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living with one hundred good self. wells most celebrated authors thousands of people still visiting the stars state the russian writer spirit. next to some indian indulgence in the heart of the russian capital in moscow. hello and welcome to moscow hours on the six program we'll be taking a look at indian culture here in the us and capital i want to start out one of my favorite restaurants located on top of the cards how i deal as i'm quite hungry
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response to something a little spicy. and with winter fast approaching heating a large plate of through some indian food is certainly one way to warm up recently renovated double office an excellent many fool the indian connoisseur including an extensive vegetarian menu and genuinely spicy curries and from mild cheese address the chefs that job are always happy to modify any dish personal taste. all just and scientists you know a friend. and we have the beautiful with us you can see started in ninety six and we keep the authentic tend. to be available in most. popular with russians ex-pats menus of presidents several languages and the many posts a large collection of interesting hot and cold dishes wonderful thank you very much and speaking of which my food has arrived. how can that very nice so i thought i'd
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go to something different and introduce you to indian desserts instead of a typical curry here with god which is a clear example of the syrup and he was god rest my life which is a constant scene something i'm not source trade on. it struck. trillions. of us some of them i tried. the lump sum or. so of the surgery. so this was it's the out. there are small i was a staffer when i. cut.
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my delicious canadian desserts let's take a look at this week's payment news content against breast cancer has spread around the capital raising awareness of the issue top brands organize various events to help educate women on how to prevent and cure the disease going to the hospital but for some of the last people who got this campaign and he got on teams in was last month meet me at all on ladies and gentlemen you obviously didn't think we've been talking about this morning when you're still all dog just coming out was a big success. with my advice was a mistress in primary employ women in a few minutes so yes you can call such. a respected exhibition of work by one of the world's top to talk of his terry o'neill is now on display name the first and the last showcased some of the most iconic images captured by the british photographer o'neill has created portraits of
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many celebrities including the beatles albums presley brigitte bardot and many others and while travelling to moscow he shared his history behind many of his works. this was one of the first pictures i took when i went to work on the news if i could i go since if i would go to school. pete was famous subtle unfortunately predatory. please please me turned to me then the one used by the picture is the newspaper sold out so it was the first picture of a nice place to stay in all the newspapers. myself and welcome to the indian cultural center located in the heart of the capitol complex has a fascinating timetable of excising events and various classes and opens in one thousand and eighty nine ever since its main aim has been for the redskins you know rest and cultural connections given the close friendship and cooperation which has
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always existed between india and russia is a great interest in admiration in moscow for indian culture also known as the j. and c. suite the center fulfils to a great extent the demand for learning and knowing more about indian culture and its multifaceted traditions. one of the popular activities here to see joe go. well consulting too badly. to look at is a step by step system of self discovery and self expression which allows us to better understand how our bodies around mines work lying on the floor of this i can easily do that. job here at the center of his expansive muscovites the chance to get away from that busy kick moscow lives. well from relaxing yoga to something that makes much more noise followed by.
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these drones are called topless they use this in a complement to north indian dance to musicians use the base of the palm as well as the fingers to produce great variations and sounds the gnc runs over one hundred and forty conses like this every week some quieter than others. it was open every day including the trans sun which people know about the censors actually enter the atmosphere most of all and the people there their family like indian people are generally very friendly. think here and of course i love than say this place when i hear that music. it's like he now says. it's next. commission every three years welcome to our center thank you so tell me how did you end up living and working here in the recent capital. i belong to. the ministry of
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external affairs of india has nominated me to come to school. and that appear as director of the indian cultures and i'm also the instance so ties between russia and india i can say that india and russia are very old friends. the french it goes back into history and ever since the independence of india the ties between india and. russia are all the schools in fact two countries enjoy a relationship which can be quite static partnership it goes into feuds from you know international cooperation and you know defense energy economy everything and what do you personally miss about your country. values i mean that v. how do. you bring the culture of india here so i really feel like home creating. a little india here but off course you miss friends and family you know and especially you know probably the food. that's it and what you think about the
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russian winter. i love because i am accustomed to it this is not my first name in russia and i really love the russians and by. every three years good luck with everything i had to see thank you. moving on to other indian themed locations in moscow first up let's take a look at the krishna temple various services are held here people gathering to read sing listen to and discuss sacred can do scriptures anyone can visit the temple the matter what your religion or nationality is a note even though elections are held in russian translators are available. the indian cultural center also offers a range of indian dance classes the complex office sessions of all levels and also provides the wonderful colorful costumes because hockey is one of the eight forms of indian classical dances originating from northern india professional indian
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dance teachers passionately teach the classes of russians unfurnished the secrets behind each of the exotic moves. very much indian culture. by the dance dedication devotional discipline which we found in india similarly be found in the rush hour or so of the fields. if you fancy something asian but with a contemporary touch rather than traditional take a look at the restaurant in the bar located on the lower ground floor of their target a cinema the venue was always lit in subtle candlelight makes with modern neon. put the statues numerous handmade vases carpets and cushions decorate the interiors but with it several characters halls and dance floor this bar is more fun and relaxation. and finally if you're
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a fan of alternative medicine there's an indian family clinic in the russian capital to a combined knowledge and treatments of both alternative indian medicine known as the at event and traditional medicine qualified specialists from india work in the clinic providing treatment not only for physical disease but also helping to cure depression. in offering various and stress programs. arising and i'll follow education but if you fancy creating an at home data at the ferocious special self this indian food shop is located on the capital's gone and ring road it is packed with various exotic items and dives rice curry paste herbal teas and remedies all imported from india itself with a strong smell in the shop as a we had a wonderful collection of unusual spices a little deli in the russian capital from old village young students it's obvious
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muscovites have a love of india and its food although unless spicy level one area that warms up muscovite soles is the cultural excitement of foreign ought of the country's traditions and world wide history. and from the indian cultural center to restaurants and shops it seems that india can sometimes feel closer to russia than we think. wow if we only smell of this in the aroma inside the salt is incredible unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's program on indian laska i'll see you again at the same time next week so until then from a a less the same. but out.
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for europe. are comfortable shuttle bus will take you into space. just a few hours i'm sure to fly and scaring you start. your direct. for the. face to face with the. british.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy. in two. years. some song and prisoners are still a lot. as well for sure. those so many years of. summer hoping to find the same. longing for justice. those so many years of past and memory is still in my eyes as well.
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time to make friends and they too is sending a clear signal that it wants better toys in russia as the allowance seeks moscow's help on missile defense and afghanistan present a bit of days due to join the lisbon summit for what's being hailed as an inspiring meeting. dishing out democracy at a price u.s. taxpayers all shelling out billions of dollars to fund foreign politicians and parties the cash is being spent to further washington's blueprint for governments in other countries. living with neo one hundred years after the death of one of the world's most celebrated authors thousands of people
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are still visiting the tolstoy state that makes a good russian writer spiritus can't live because his philosophies remain relevant today. with all the very latest in the world of sport is up next with the top. hello and welcome to the school's round up here not to the headlines. st petersburg have already clinched their second title in four yes there are still some unfinished business in their russian premier league. preparations fully on track for the london olympic sounds the i.o.c. commission finds. holes this shot for a go on the joy in third place of the hong kong open to bring you the latest action
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for one of the season and events. it's almost over in the russian prime in a just one round to go with the need having already secured the title last week all eight games up late still to be asli on saturday the biggest one seems to. go go head to head in the on the mound seed second just two points above rubin so a big trade would guarantee them a champions league spot next season and a couple of dual dog games on the schedule as well as a line in need a big tree over terry we want to stay in the top lies they are tied on twenty six points with a car to entertain sport acknowledge. meanwhile the english premier league resumes this weekend with seven matches taking place on saturday everyone will see second place also will host seven placed in the old. bottom to take on leaders chelsea will surprise a new one down three mail at home to sunderland last weekend all the highlights include manchester united are the only team left between the league meeting
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struggling neighbors wigan liveable the last captain steven gerrard to hamstring injury in england's two one defeat to france at wembley on wednesday played the role of the west ham and also in full vault on welcome new costs. and the north london clash between the guns and spread as probably the biggest fixture over the weekend a victory against also in gears team a chance to go top as they trail chelsea by just two points in the table. it is a big motivation for us because we created a momentum. we have won five of the last six and even though one really lost your point it is only one shot on goal so i believe that we have created a momentum evo just to continue talking is a good team and respect. want to produce a great performance to win the game so let's just do it.
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meanwhile qatar's bid to has they twenty twenty two world cup is drawing considerable attention with some big names jumping on board and on those high profile believe as a as united manager sir alex ferguson for the first thing is the first thing is well you know if you will hear the sense of my having with cheating here that the purpose first of all that the purpose. of the vision of what the can make make a life. for the small country people because his will be as simple as that of the world cup. you know when you've got purpose and when you go and there's also finances fine no problem but of go the vision for as achievable as what they do is actually achievable. a bit of olympic news now as the international olympic committee coordination commission for the two thousand and twelve games has concluded its seventh visit to london and they found the preparations going to plan
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seventy five percent of the construction already. and it's a very satisfactory solution if we compare to previous is it cames this week give the time to finish a racing on time and to make the necessary adjustments as you know next year we have a number of tests events and these test events are essential. to make the necessary adjustments that we fly. moving stateside and see the n.f.l. now where the chicago bears are beginning to find their fullness that's why the town season and as its final stretch the depleted miami dolphins shot out sixteen zero at home by the visitors from their windy city it has more in chicago's record seven hundred regulus sings and victory. the bears have been both lucky and good in two thousand as they went for with number seven and they came out strong
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against the injury riddled golf it's robbie gould all put into school over the forty six yard field goal the whole team lost quarterback chad pennington chad hit the season ending injury. will jailed bears the fates charles tillman with the pick the bears called on their kicker again in the third the twenty eight year old making a total of three kicks on the day while the defense will support the bears offense wasn't able to find the zone so the fourth quarter meant for the finally powering through the lines to make it sixty three the bears recording their force shut out winces two thousand and six the golfing heaven so for the pointless night since two thousand and seven chicago for the n.f.c. north division with seven wins and three losses. moving to the green is now way young pulled her lanes made way through the hong kong open with
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a one shot advantage of american anthony kaun perfect conditions in founding hands very low schools on the second day of action can start and supposedly last as malaysian open champion had three birdies on the front nine and six on the back for a nine on their sixty one but spilt did even better burning five when the road to get close as ever for a fast area fifty nine however a couple of balls towards the end of the day and his hopes of achieving that mark anyway those birdies were enough for a one stroke over only andretti mcilroy also had a fantastic round including the shot of the day they twenty one year old held in his approach for a go on the most difficult hill of the course the ninth and the irishman is now tied for third at simon dyson. meanwhile fans of long distance running will get more chances to see what has brought a stalls on the biggest stage. that's off the ethiopian legend heilig bristol i said decided not to retire just yet stating he will suit up for the twenty's well
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london olympics the thirty seven year old pulled out of the new york marathon with a need three earlier this month but the nine hundred ninety six and two thousand and nine pick medalist now feels ready to go into and for some more prizes you're. the one you're. going on. right. now russian women's volleyball team have ended the season on the highest possible note by winning the world championships in japan and some of the players are already making plans for the future in your limited pool of also one of the previous world championships has changed a club and is now targeting europe's top competition as well as gold and that's why these twelve olympics. i'd like to win the champions league this season that's why
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i have to cross now down and join to do not know most go to be able to win things like that i also want to win the national championships and of cool i dream of winning the olympics. finally and for that he has kept a low profile sans his cell lost of operate so that a dumbass the thirty four year old however is aiming to not only get back in the ring early next year but get back at his brazilian foe eventually lost ampara as manager told us more on what the most immediate future holds we. come back at the end of january we don't know who the opponent will be at the but we only have four b.c. of bird in our sights i'm also going to make the fight happen some people won't be ready to fight until april may because we're planning to have another one before that would be good you know when you're the best player distance both analysis check the weather stay with us.
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my grandmother did not like we're going to become. she was afraid. and she was very cool. she felt. our lives frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem but every. effort is made on the palestinian or in the european side to negotiate in to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war call being cowards so long goes you have
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no fear calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention a few words about jewish culture happening and people gets so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. for the full story we've got. the biggest. voice face to face with the news makers.
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today. and these are the images. of. the day.
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