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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EST

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at long last nato finally turns to russia looking for a strategic partnership as we do in the digital rights in lisbon to participate in the alliance a summit. to understand u.s. foreign policy one must first understand a very basic fact u.s. government wants to dominate the world and sure an influence so broad under the law gives democratizing we should all be looks at how the money from u.s. taxpayers pocket sends up on big american friend politicians over the sea. and one hundred years off of the death of one of the world's greatest remixes. of
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a spark of ideas or is alive and popular is a. very warm welcome to this is a line from moscow with me alice have it and they so wants to see russia as a partner that message was made clear and summits currently taking place in lisbon where the alliance adopted a new strategy there to meet them advantage of is attending and they so russia a council session where he'll consider a proposal from moscow to sign up to a european missile defense shield law as you come out of it let's live now from lisbon ok buddy in a so you seem to be counting on russia in various areas so why is it suddenly seeking moskos help solve to so many years of probably will. now.
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critics of the organization will of course say that it is finally realizing that it is becoming obsolete and in fact began becoming obsolete as soon as the cold war was over and spain fall of the soviet union the very reason for nato is existing disintegrative there was no need for the alliance to continue existing i.e. there are people like of course there are forty two are experts many areas where russia and nato can actually coppery and mutually benefit from the operation specifically and trying to establish security in afghanistan the somewhere in a region where nato is heavily involved in a region where russia that russia is very concerned about and recent joint emissions in that region of specifically fighting drug trafficking that is something that both sides and hailed as a great success and yet another aspect to their cooperation that they could
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emphasize and that they make an example out of and of course there are looking to intensify their cooperation specifically in afghanistan with russia revising transit routes for and nato are about to put troops nato goods have into tarion aid that is sent to the region and so a very strong aerial for cooperation for that the alliance and russia both hope a good novel could be not just one year but one of many and that is what meeting with a diff is expected to talk about at the russian mino council here in lisbon many aspects of the tension of cooperation including barack obama's idea to get russia involved in the european anti missile defense system something that yeah of course russia has always expressed its reservations about that it does now seem the nato wants moscow to be as much involved as possible and perhaps this is one of the first steps towards the proposal made by the russian president was a global and european security system. so in ways than one given is the live your
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lives have really changed quite dramatically a very severe south and. it doesn't it doesn't alice because critics of it will continue to say that this is all talk that the alliance is still being pulled in many different directions because of its very nature made up of twenty eight members with each with their own agenda their own policies their own goals and of course that hinders it from making any kind of unilateral decisions that would make a strong presence in the international arena and of course it does integration of its main followin the reason for its very existence and also question the ness the necessity of the north atlantic treaty organization but some do say that nato is finally realizing that it does need to reorganize itself and perhaps come up with a new strategic concept something that the alliance members have been doing here in
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lisbon and it now remains to be seen whether they will manage to make the trip to the transition from simply speaking about it to actually implementing it and forging closer ties with russia is definitely part of their new strategy now everybody's watching just to see how effective that strategy will be. in putting out of a live for us from lisbon many thanks of an update as. represented to me says most gray wolves the alliance to be predictable paul. now after we have lived through the conflict and south of setia on a sharp decline in relations it turns out we might have needed such a test on the one hand these events have shown that old nato policies were provoking such an adequate regimes like the suckers really warm to bloody actions on the other hand nato did not get involved in this conflict because europeans did
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not support the most aggressive part of the bush administration for us nato was a big headache it used to be an enemy now an unpredictable partner the left hand of which doesn't know what the right handers doing we are tired of this we want more stability and security on our western borders and in the long run maybe even certainty that there will be no trouble at the whole i think the americans are finally heard us today for them restoring relations with russia is not just very important to foreign relations but also key toward obama success on the domestic front. or brian becker from the antiwar campaign also coalition says the u.s. is twisting it allies are continue along hell policy of using a tape to set its foreign policy agenda. nato is functioning basically as a fig leaf for u.s. foreign policy and u.s. military strategy north atlantic treaty organization afghanistan where one hundred fifty thousand so-called nato troops are really american troops for some auxilary
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forces or are there there is a branding of that operation that u.s. military operation to make it look as if the world has come together just against a shared objective against the war on terror against al qaeda but really i believe that nato is nothing but a fig leaf for u.s. military strategy and many of the other nato countries all over europe they are those populations they don't want to go along they don't want their governments to be accomplices for the u.s. war in afghanistan so the obama administration is twisting arms in lisbon it's putting pressure on the different european governments now to abandon the american government as it continues its war in afghanistan the thing on now still ahead chilling at the polls. it was not just a few people who had to be punished but on the time audiology of mass killing. sixty five years on from the convictions of hitler in the circle of the nuremberg trials some have resorted to really start listening that message of hate.
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buying influence of brutal doesn't come cheap it's hard american taxpayers are finding out that cost the u.s. is spending billions of dollars to finance opposition politicians and parties over seas that face in with washington's foreign policy plans in the second part of our special report on the hand how fits explains how it's being done. great party but who's picking up the tab apparently the american taxpayer nine billion dollars spent by the united states agency for international development and promoting washington's democracy initiatives. a new model for influencing a target country's internal politics and favor of u.s. interests to financing training support and guidance to pro u.s. forces in foreign countries another democracy promoter the national endowment for
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democracy received one hundred thirty two million dollars during two thousand and nine nearly all of it from u.s. government agencies but these are just the tip of the iceberg there is an entire network of organizations involved in the democracy promotion business although all organizations insist there is no political affiliation the board of directors for both n.d.i. in iraq i suggest otherwise former secretaries of state national security advisers members of congress and even clinton bush and reagan administration officials they all have a history in washington one deeply rooted in sustaining the current foreign policy priorities to understand us foreign policy one must first understand a very basic fact the us government wants to dominate the world was. this is what democracy promotion brought the people of one door us.
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while usa id requests eight hundred thousand dollars for strengthening governance and democracy in one door us journalists and activists are being brutalized and killed under the u.s. backed government was in egypt a revolt against the u.s. backed policies of the hosni mubarak regime has mobilized these agencies to co-opt opposition groups and sharing the results of the upcoming elections will be beneficial to washington many who study these agencies pull. leave the soft money working behind the scenes is directly linked to the cia they had to have this a new organization with a nice sounding name a democracy and it's a nice sounding name which would be free of the taint of the cia and that's been there was a reason the energy was created usa id has implemented democracy promotion initiatives in over one hundred countries in the past twenty five years this year's budget one billion dollars according to usa i.d.s.
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website spending ten million dollars in a target country increases that amount to democratic change five fuld how much of your tax money would you like to go to promoting democracy in venice i. know not that much would you be ok if foreign governments were giving our politicians money for the election campaign no that would bother me and here in lies the hypocrisy we have a very clear lure on the books prohibiting foreign governments from interfering and the russians are supporting and the candidates with money so we do exactly what we prohibit a home encouraging transparency is a stated core element of the u.s. government's democracy promotion efforts in foreign countries however here at home the agencies themselves are far from transparent detailed budget programs are unavailable to the public and contact with the media is limited over the last six
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weeks r.t. repeatedly requested interviews with usa id any d i r i n n d i all of our requests were either tonight or an answer to have office our t. washington d.c. on the way and next hour we bring us special report about one of america's most controversial political frontis norman finkelstein well the film link is the balance portrayed him on the court a hall a self hating jews and a street fighting revolutionary biled as well here's a quick preview. my grandmother could not live without her because. he was afraid. and she was very good for the. chief though. our lives frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem but every. effort is made. on the palestinian
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or in the european side to negotiate and to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war call the cowards so long as you have no fear calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention a few words about jewish culture happening and people get so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. it's been dubbed the birth of the international war the first trial of senior nazis in
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the german city of nuremberg sixty five years ago twenty two architects of those horrors faced the tribe you know made up of representatives from the soviet union the u.s. great britain and france this weekend officials of the allied nations will attend an exhibition in your bag to mark the anniversary of the triumph but. some parts of europe being a boring world probably not for them decades on from the atrocities committed. this red army veteran was close to the trial which changed his story his best friend. acted as a prosecutor on behalf of the u.s.s.r. in the new and better hearing sixty five years ago. if it wasn't for them the outcome could have been very different. he understood that the trial was not only about. it was not just a few people who had to be punished but. mass killing his speech impress the judges
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so the number of those in the grows dramatically in a trial which lasted for almost a year twelve high ranking nazis were sentenced to death it was a milestone in history the nuremberg trial laid the foundations of international law as we know it in particular it created a precedent of judging people for starting a war against other nations so nowadays we all know what a crime against humanity is no days most of free europe acknowledges the positive effect of the nuremberg tribunal but some nations have a complex relationship with the past look there's a monument to the soviet army liberators and here just meters away is the monument to a story in soldiers who fought alongside u.p.s.'s troops. is still only an anti-fascist activist andrei says this historic paradox is reflected in the current state of a. shares in this baltic country. even looking at the crumbling streets of this
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monument it's clear that government doesn't she the red army save yours instead to be glorified those who fought on the side of fascists that's despite the fact a large part of our country would never support such ideas in april two thousand and seven this clash of opinions spilled onto the streets the historian government ordered the relocation of a soviet soldier statue from central to the outskirts of the city thousands of dissenters protested and clashed with the police monuments to free estonia was several hundred meters from the square where the soviet bronze soldier statue used to stand it was ambles across and in the very heart of it is an emblem which was used by the a stone s.s. legions back in one nine hundred forty s. from swastika marches to mass as veteran gatherings sixty five years ago prosecutors in newton better could not have expected a legacy like this the trial was meant to make sure fascist ideology stayed in the
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bloody cross but the rise of new nazis men in eastern europe is a sign that these ideas still live on let's. see reporting from tallinn is stony. a look now at some other major world news this hour rescue. minute trapped underground in a new zealand call my are on hold due to fears of a second explosion twenty nine miners the missing movement twenty four hours after a powerful blast tore through the tunnel as two men managed to escape with slight injuries it's still not known whether the other miners have survived rescue organizers have said the level of toxic gases is still too high to send a crew below ground. german magazine has reported al qaeda and associated islamist groups are plotting a terror attack on the german parliament specially goes says it's planned for february or march next year with two militants having already arrived in berlin
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several weeks ago the information comes from a tip off by a jihadist to the german interior ministry but other parts of the country also reportedly targeted armed police have been posted around the country at train stations airports and tourist attractions. back to back explosions in eastern afghanistan have killed at least three people and wounded thirty six others authorities believe that the blasts which happened just a few hundred meters away from each other might have been the work of suicide bombers at riding bikes the taliban has claimed responsibility for both attacks big sing that the targets have been police and intelligence officials. in a century since the death of the world renowned russian writer leo tolstoy the author of celebrated novels war and peace and i look at n n i's being remembered throughout the country or not just write it all story was a much contested philosopher excommunicated by the russian orthodox church r.t.
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visited his family estate south of moscow to find out the feelings that morton russians have. leo tolstoy like his family estate because it was as far from the madding crowd as you could get a place where he could feed dark some get lost among birch trees without anyone disturbing him. a century after his death it's an easy thing bought solitary group after group falling into his house not to men and for contemplation we. just had to learn has never been short of visitors and start during the hi susan some are spring and autumn we have trouble handling the flow of tourists it's pretty hard to get it you have to call it a certain time to book a visit on a particular day otherwise you just won't get there. it's. a great great grandson of the writer my dear told story can recite many of his famous ancestor's novels by heart but he says few of the museum's visitors could do the same russians
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are proud of tolstoy but more is the brand than a favorite author according to polls only eleven percent really toss these books after finishing high school. unfortunately most people never go back to question call it torture or to been forced to read it at school instead they prefer it it was trendy and popular these days there's nothing bad about that it's just a pity that those people miss out on religion which are. just a few hundred metres from told this beat this film also be still serves as a pillar of strength but based family all fred and elaine put their vinnie called belong to do hogwarts a christian grove that with the help of told to canada in the late nineteenth century fleeing from persecution in russia twenty years ago their descendants came back settling a village told stories most of his life what happened is that void that was in me
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in canada disappeared and it's a spiritual void i found myself here the boy like tolstoy who despised exploitation . all for them and lane of building their new home all by themselves even though it's already taking them a day case like tolstoy they strongly believe in pacifism and a unity of big nature and above all they see tolstoy's ideas as timeless i think his ideas haven't yet been reached and they are just starting to be tapped into and that's why i think russia has a great future and as our form is throughout his life toaster became renowned for you find all sorts of conventions and finding his own. leo tolstoy once out of the death is terrible because it means the end of everything but this doesn't apply to his own legacy during his lifetime his readership was in defiles and a century after his death the count goes on millions lost here war and peace was
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named the greatest book of all times by music magazine bringing an ultimate moment of peace to this bleachery warrior actually we cut our teeth at. all the races business is on the way now with you. hello and a very welcome to the business news like many other governments around the world russia has taken steps to reduce this budget deficit but with parliamentary and presidential elections approaching its steering clear of unpopular austerity measures instead texas ought to be raised particularly on business and make poor reports. taxes in russia are going up from the beginning of two thousand and eleven the increase would be the equivalent of two percent of g.d.p. to reduce the budget deficit which is expected to be a little below five percent but these will not be temporary measures. there is
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a difficult period ahead and there will be a new trend for taxes which will not be temporary taxes are going to increase many countries except it's such measures but priority should be first given to ending tax breaks and creating neutrality in the tax system which applies equally to all companies which the measure which is cause most concern among lawmakers is the decision to increase insurance payments for companies to thirty four percent from fourteen percent although this will have little impact on nonresident companies operating in russia the increased insurance premiums on payroll funds will apply to the first four hundred fifty thousand troubles ever sellers of foreign companies pay a higher than this traditional small businesses right for that will be exactly fifty four percent which is a dramatic increase compared to what the bank today for nonresidents i for the companies that trade does russia rather than operate in a country it's completely irrelevant there are fears the cancellation of tax breaks will be a deterrent to those wishing to invest in russia but the head of ernst and young's
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tax and legal practice and c.i.s. at mit yet have says that's unlikely we as a country will not be able to attract investment by simply reducing taxes even by evolution completely you really need to create the stimulus. with. incentivising to. the finance ministry is trying to have its cake and eat it by reducing the budget deficit scaring business and for the most part the experts believe this will be possible as even off to the tax hikes the government will be taking a small series that in almost any other developed country. business or. a look at the markets now play russian equity markets closed to positive on friday for a six two hundred point benchmark finishing just a tenth of a percent the my six had an op and down session and ended just a little time. looking back up the last week the russian markets were pulled in
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both directions with virtually no fools upbeat economic data from the us encouraged the bulls why don't play should wars in china feel the best. the markets and that of the week. down but largely unchanged the past week has seen. the continuation of the tug of war between the blues and the bears you know there are people who are seeing a lot of our beat economic data coming out of the u.s. coming out of asia a lot of quality a.p.o. always a big general motors which is very well received there are a lot of good news in the market and good developments but the biggest fear now is inflation is special in china where the central bank had to act to stop the rapid increases in prices there's also told that both china and hong kong can take measures to arrest the rapid growth in real estate prices to prevent the bubble and so all of between these two kind of
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a big positive over improving global economics and certain positive corporate developments and defeat here of rising inflation in china and therefore maybe elsewhere in the world these two opposing factors have resulted in the share prices and in the week slightly down but essentially flat russia is creating a special zone to boost into astral innovation the so-called titanic valley it will be set up in central russia by the end of the here. is expected to attract national and foreign investors in the hope of a shift from producing raw materials to more advanced output archies timofey reports. the russian government isn't through z. asked for special economic zones gambling ports and high tech i've either got one or it's under development so why not do the same for titanium the best the business it will give enterprises the opportunity to develop them at a g.e. study out it called us and also bring out partners here with new technology
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including introduction of titanium valley wants to attract shipbuilding power plants engineering pecial chemistry medicine and nuclear engineering will be located in the euro mountains next to the world's biggest titanium producer this imperial of the smart people in china can use thirst of all we are inviting other partners and our buyers but these are the companies like boeing air bus good tree and rolls royce is fully corresponds with their games to cut costs so we are ready to invest some two hundred fifty million dollars into city and vali even though the decree to set up the economic zone will not be signed for another couple of weeks companies are already showing an interest of the acim feel of the small has spent seven hundred million dollars in preparation and it's not the only one its neighbor russia is leading pipe producer chel pipe is also actively modernizing our society thirty million dollars. let's listen to. this.
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business. however the creation of the titanium valley will not be swift but to four years could be needed to create the infrastructure to figure out a super business r.t. girls that's all we have time for now but you can always get more stories while website r.t. dot com slash that's us.


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