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sweet and clean. and fair useful. radioactive and dangerous. and even dead and desolate. they only keep their unique secrets of their bottoms unique lakes on our team. download the official tee up location on the phone the i pod touch from the top story. life on the go.
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video on demand on ts money for old comes and says feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. it's all in moscow how late so now it seems raucous or was an equal. historic summit in lisbon near-line moscow's cooperation on european missile defense and a strategy in afghanistan. and sharing influence are brought home to flog the democracy is a ship the money from the u.s. taxpayers pockets ends up funding america or french politicians avis things to say
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cool promotion of democracy is being implemented through a network of guys asians that officially did not any political affiliation. one hundred years after the death of one of the world's greatest ever rights is a mere tolstoy's what some of the some pickle ideas i was alive and popular as at the alter of celebrated novels war and peace and the like it and then that is being remembered around on the. next the mindy of indulgence in the heart of the russian capital in moscow out.
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hello and welcome to moscow hours on this week's program we'll be taking a look at indian culture here in the us and capital. one of my favorite restaurants located on top of the split that hurts how i deal as i'm quite hungry besides is something a little spicy. with winter fast approaching heating a large plate of wholesome indian food is certainly one way to warm up recently renovated dubbo offers an excellent many fool the indian connoisseur including an extensive vegetarian menu and genuinely spicy curries and from mild cheek address the chefs example are always happy to modify any dish personal taste. all just and scientists you know a friend. and we have the beautiful the us you can see. ninety six and we keep the authentic tend. to be available in most.
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popular with russians and ex-pats menus are printed in several languages and the many posts a large collection of interesting hot and cold dishes wonderful thank you very much and speaking of which my food has arrived. how can that. go i thought i'd go to something different and. indian dessert instead of a typical curry here with god which is a clear example of the syrup and he was god rest my life which is a constant scene something from a source try it on. it struck. twenty times. as a person i've ever tried. to
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have surgery. so this was it's the out. of a small i was definitely one of. my delicious canadian desserts let's take a look at this week's entertainment news content against breast cancer has spread around the capital raising awareness of the issue top brands organize various events to help educate women on how to prevent the disease because you know song of the last people who got this campaign and he got on teams and was last month meet me at all on ladies and gentlemen you did they think we've been talking about this morning when you're still all god just coming out was a big success. with my advice was a mistress in primary employ women and be able to finance it so yes we can call such. a retrospective exhibition of work by one of the
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world's top photographers terry o'neill is now on display name the first and the last showcased some of the most iconic images captured by the british photographer o'neill has created portraits of many celebrities including the beatles albums presley brigitte bardot and many others and while traveling to moscow he shared his history behind many of his words. this was one of the first pictures i took when i went to work on the news if i could i go sit by the fish called. feature was famous such a great story. please please me turned to me then number one not used by picture the newspaper sold out so the first picture is a mistake to stay in all the newspapers. myself and welcome to the indian cultural center located in the heart of the capital the
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complex has a fascinating timetable of exciting events and various classes and opens in one thousand and eighty nine ever since its main aim has been to the redskins you know rest and cultural connections given the close friendship and cooperation which has always existed between india and russia is a great interest in admiration in moscow for indian culture also known as the j m c c the center fulfills to a great extent the demand for learning and knowing more about indian culture and its multifaceted traditions. one of the popular activities here to see joe go. well i'm not doing too badly. to get is a step by step system of self discovery and self exploring which allows us to better understand how our bodies around mines work lying on the floor of this i can easily do that. job here at the center of his expansive muscovites the chance to
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get away from that busy kick my skull lives. well from relaxing yoga to something that makes much more noise. these drums are called tablets they use this in a complement to north indian dance transition uses the base of the palm as well as the fingers to produce great variations in sound jancee runs over one hundred and forty conses like this every week some quieter than others. it was open every day including weekends some people know about the sense i actually enjoy the atmosphere most of all and the people there in their family like indian people are generally very friendly so if thinking here and of course i love then say this place when i hear that music. it's like he now says. it.
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really should everything be right welcome to our center thank you so tell me how did you end up living and working here in the us and capital. i belong to. the ministry of external affairs of india has nominated me to come. and that appear as director of the indian cultures and i'm also the instance so ties between russia and india i can say that india and russia are very old friends. the french it goes back into history and ever since the independence of india the ties between india and. russia are all this close in fact two countries enjoy a relationship which can be quite static partnership it goes into. you know international cooperation and you know defense energy economy everything what do you personally miss about your country. values i mean that. especially in
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the country you bring the culture of india here so i really feel like home creating . a little india here but of course you miss friends and family you know and especially you know probably the. deficit and what you think about the russian winter. because i am accustomed to it this is not my first name in russia and i really love the russians and by. recently you can look at everything i had to say thank you. moving on to other indian themed locations in moscow first up let's take a look at the krishna temple various services are held here people gathering to read sing listen to and discuss sacred can do scriptures anyone can visit the temple the matter what your religion or nationality is a note even though elections are held in russian translators are available. the
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indian cultural center also offers a range of indian dance classes the complex office sessions of all levels and also provides the wonderful colorful costumes the catwalk is one of the eight forms of indian classical dances originating from northern india professional indian dance tutors passionately teach the classes of russians unfurnished the secrets behind each of the exotic moves. very much indian culture. by the dance dedication devotional discipline which we found in india similarly the found in shell or so of the field sometimes more. if you fancy something asian but with a contemporary touch rather than traditional take a look at the restaurant in the bar located on the lower ground floor of their target a cinema the venue was always lets in subtle candlelight makes with modern neon.
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statues numerous handmade vases carpets and cushions decorate the interior as but with it several characters halls and dance floor this bar is more fun and relaxation. and finally if you're a fan of alternative medicine there's an indian family clinic in the russian capital to be combined knowledge and treatments of both alternative indian medicine known as the at event and traditional medicine qualified specialists from india work in the clinic providing treatment not only for physical disease but also helping to cure depression. in offering various and stress programs. arriving and i'll find a location but it's fancy creating at home data at the ferocious special self this indian food shop is located on the capital's going to ring road and is packed with various exotic items he had dive rice curry paste herbal teas and remedies all
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imported from india itself with a strong smell in the shop as a we had a wonderful collection of unusual spices a little deli in the russian capital from all women's young students it's obvious muscovites have a love of india and its food although unless by sea level one area that warms up muscovite souls is the cultural excitement of foreign art of the country's traditions and world wide history. and from the indian cultural center to restaurants and shops it seems that india can sometimes feel closer to russia than we think. wow if we only smell a vision the aroma inside myself is incredible unfortunately that's all the time we have on this week's program on indian laska i'll see you again at the same time next week so until then for me and the rest the same advice for now.
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margaret mother cannot wipe the. tears were free. and she was very cool. she. was frankenstein smarts. we don't have the problem. every. effort is made. on the palestinian or in the european side to negotiate an end to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war quoting our song goes you have no.
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calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention a few words about jewish culture happening and people get so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. wealthy british soil it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy cause a report on. the russian president the lisbon though for then they tell you summit to me that if it is expected to consider that proposal to the final european shield assigned the alliance claiming these things russia. and sharing influence a board on the fly to democratize a show the money from u.s. taxpayers pocket ends up funding american friendly politicians a busy scene from this a little promotion of democracy is being implemented through a network of organizations should be denied any political affiliation.
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and hundred years of the death of one of the world's greatest ever writes its media telling stories why the philosophical ideas are. popular is that the old third celebrated novels more of peace than on they could end up being remembered throughout russia. as good old days in sports action now with the tata. hello welcome to dispose news here in r t the headlines fast. next best thing to the food bitter rivals are about to claim second spot in the russian premier league standings. and while all is not lost the russian synergy trophy despite their last america's cup champions b.m.w. oracle in dubai. and also in gold bull to retain his labor the hong kong
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when i had a u.s. open champion the graeme mcdowell with rory mcilroy a few shots on the back tied for fourth place. the first and says most go have secured this second place finish in the russian prime a league the other man coming from a go down to beat spartak moscow three in the last but one game of the season keeps an open seven minutes in another blow from scott came early in the second haul shambler us sent off for a second yellow card. a man downstairs call scored twice within ten minutes through keisuke honda and saved. because far as how was red carded for spartak in the dying seconds and bob the three wrong victory with a stoppage time goal for being salvage they draw at home to new champions city need to grab the third and last champions league spot ahead of spartak moscow and the luck of mighty of the two qualifying spazz full of the europa league football ahead
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of spartak knowledge. car. on car being above the relegation box it's just for now a line yeah breathing down their necks following a two want to feed terry. meanwhile the english premier league resumes this weekend with seven matches taking place on saturday and the early one is already under way with second placed all snow into training. two of them to the north of london davi began as you can see there are two neil i had already plates on to take on leaders chelsea was surprisingly one down three nil at helm to sunderland last weekend all the highlights include the still on beat manchester united to go off against a struggling neighbors wigan and liverpool who lost captain steven gerrard to hamstring injury face bottoms west ham. stay with football and qatar's bid to house the twenty twenty two world cup is drawing considerable attash and with some big names jumping on board among those high profile believe this is united manager sir
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alex ferguson for the first saying is the first thing is if you will hear the sense of a by having with the cheating year that the purpose first of all the purpose they have the vision of what can be make. for the small country people because as will be as opposed of the world cup to. be doing of that purpose and when you and those over so finances fine no prob with that i've got the vision for the as achievable as with achievable. a bit of olympic news now as the international olympic committee coordination commission for the twenty's well games has concluded his seventh visit to london and they found the preparations going to plan seventy five percent of the construction ready. and it's a very satisfactory solution if we compare to previews that games
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this week give the time to finish out racing on time and to make the necessary adjustments as you know next year we'll have a number of test events and these test events are essential. to make the necessary i trust months every five. or to the greens now where you have pulled has and crazed is laid at the top of the hong kong open to two shots after cutting a sixty four on saturday and it highlights from day three in founding pool to followed up his exciting second round of sixty by some more classes shots and help by birdies of the last couple of holes thing wish nonsense alone at the top at nineteen on the par for the tournament graeme mcdowell is in second place meaning this year's us open champion is well on his way to closing the gap on martin kaymer in the race to dubai standings while simon dyson remains third following
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a second straight round of sixty five andretti my kingaroy meanwhile slip joined forth with anthony can the twenty one year old adding another sixty six to his overall school leaving him four strokes behind. in sailing russian you'll see energy are still in contention for a semi final spot in the trophy taking place in dubai that despite struggling throughout the opening day of the second round robin the synergy you'll face stuff an uphill challenge in the form of b.m.w. oracle racing both the overall leaders and reigning america's cup champions and oracle skipper james taylor did all the right things in the priest start the russians tried to hook him box the impious flag the penalty meaning sooner just started three booed lengths behind oracle and lost food to eight seconds they're americans maintain that overall lead still make it into the next stage the russian
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outfit is tied for fourth place with top four making the semi's and two more races still to go. now founds of long distance running will get more chances to see one of his biggest stars of the biggest stage that's after ethiopian legend heiliger bristle eyes have decided not to retire just yet stating he will suit up for that's what the twelve london olympics the thirty seven year old pulled out of the new york marathon with a knee injury earlier this month bob in one thousand nine hundred six and two thousand olympic medalists now feels ready to come to hand for some more prizes. i don't know if you knew your year and meet you but the morning you want me makes me feel sad to see. yourself. trying to come. back here. talking now and another moscow have missed the chance to go top of the standings following
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a to walk defeat at the hands of fellow high fliers c b. s one to get a call did say business to some of the animals blushes by natan a last gasp goal for them but that was mere consolation for the nominal state one points adrift of play this must be a top course while at the all round of the table middleton the prisoner moved off the bottom of the beating speeches for he was also on home ice. mosh last now and for that humiliating to has kept a low profile since is so last of all brits of the sponsor june the thirty four year old however is aiming to not only get back in the ring early next year but get back at his brazilian full eventually the last emperor as manager told us more on what the most immediate future holds we. come back for the end of january we don't know who the opponent will be but we only have to be sure of bird game in our state bird emotional goal is to make different happen but
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won't be a defining to april or may so we're going to have another one before that. and stay with martial arts where the battle of champions was held on friday here in the russian capital constantin but out of her sports. fans have different points towards always argue which fighting to make this stuff work however the battle of champions is probably the best way to find the truth the can petition is unique it gives an opportunity for athletes of eighteenth waiting styles to face a trial or in one ring this time one thousand world and european champions to battle it out in the lemon boats to discover who's fighting background beats the rest this version of google's not a show all of these fights a very tough and they are all for real every school fight now has its own matha they're all sure that their way is the right one so every time they face each other it's a matter of order to win them and there's that anyway it's at the school that wins but a particular fight for it in a particular value always seems to be one of the most impressive fights of the
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night was between that and the like sanders that's when the rivals have already met each other twice and the score was equal and this time five books eleven scored a point swing over the twenty seven year old in itself and big ticket would do but they often respond to fist fighting what to top the evening's menu with two world titles but allowed in two disciplines alexander russia faced michael six zero from the u.s. to become world champion and been credited on the russian whistle a dominated from the opening round giving his opponent no chance to get back into contention twenty two year old so much inskeep kept throwing his weight onto the floor though the russian was delighted with the victory assured long before the end of the encounter there was a teen age of sadness as it's his last have a fight bowing out of the ring at the top due to a long term injury. that an animal on the one hand i'm very happy and would like to
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thank everyone and my opponent as well but on the other hand it's a little bit sad as i have to finish my professional career because of injuries so it was my last fight in the ring or whatever i'm going to stay involved in training young fighters. and in the final battle of the night. but the question go for it fabio who really for the world title in keep boxing the thirty eight year old italian never really student chance in a blizzard of bunches and kicks from the russian thirty year old classic of seemed with rush his opponent lending punches to the stomach and had many an early or a day or two for the italian the referee had to stop the fight in the third round after a hail of blows a good day's work though for the formidable russian soyuz who's now grabbed hold of belts and and the crown of absolute world champion. my opponent is a very non-typical kick boxer and i experienced problems with his kicks in the first round but my tough training helped me that i'm sure the punches i threw it in would finally find the target and that's what happened. martial arts other people
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in russia a full house at the luzhniki arena was evidence with big daters getting the red chance to see the top fighters from various martial arts in action doing battle in one ring can say about half of our team. that's like this is faulty now let's have a check on the state and. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on.
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