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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2010 12:00am-12:30am EST

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the cost will be and as leaders lined up to try and join the emu shortages in the shops which are being blamed on member states leaving the public less convinced about signing up. the central dining scene once a thriving basin of patient plant life the r.l.c. has become a disaster area. decades of management. you're watching r.t. broadcasting live from moscow welcome to the program and news crew has been taken into custody in the u.s. state of georgia while filming an annual rally in their military base thousands joined the un authorized demonstration calling for the closure of fort benning nicknamed the school of assassins but that's not going to change in washington d.c.
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for more on this guy the what's going on there now and when can we expect the release of our news crew. well kerry our crew is stealing geralyn columbus georgia we have no idea when they're going to be released arctic correspondent kayleen ford and cameraman john conway were arrested while covering a massive rally outside ford banning which hosts a training center for latin american military officers and policemen thousands of people gathered at the gates of that institution in the state of georgia with demands to shut it down among its graduates are many of latin america's most notorious torturers mass murderers and dictators some call for banning america's terrorist training camp those by all standards nonviolent demonstrations happened at fort benning every year activists say usually few people get arrested by police but this time they say it was different so many more got arrested we talked to caylee in our correspondent earlier during the brief phone call she made from jail she said she had seen indiscriminate arrests of dozens of activists she herself and
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her cameramen were seized as they were trying to capture on camera what was going on as they were doing their job she was furious over there she she was saying they stayed away from the gates of the facility as they were asked to no harm to anybody but never the last both she and her cameramen got taken away kayleen and john were charged with taking part in an unlawful assembly and refusal to to a police officer. to obey a police officer rather you know you know activists of this rally say this year's demonstration was was different because because the authorities by all these indiscriminate arrests try to send a message as they see it to prevent them from speaking out on what's behind the training that thousands of latin american military officers receive in the united states and again i want to mention the rally has brought together thousands of people protesting that is human rights activists victims of torture one of the
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arrested was a ninety year old priest kerry going to fort benning academy's become tourists really and even named the school bus so how has it got this reputation. well carrie you're right there has been a growing public outrage with what's going on at ford and his training camp for latin american military and law enforcement officers they've traded around sixty thousand of them many of whom have returned to their countries and became very dangerous they committed all kinds of human rights abuses for example the nine hundred ninety three the united nations truth commission on el salvador named the army officers who had committed the worst atrocities of the civil war they are two thirds of them have been good it had been trained at the school of the americas in chile the schools graduates rainbow. secret police and his and some of his main prisons there which are often referred to as concentration camps generals who led the bloody military coup in honduras in two thousand and nine were trained at the
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school of the americas which is now called the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation while the name has changed but the practice is obviously have . have not caylee now reporter was covering all this in the rally outside fort benning where the training center is located. and we're trying to find out more what's the what's what's going to happen to them indeed that it's not the first time though it's he who has been confronted by u.s. police is it. well kerry is not the first time in our correspondent put it in an unpleasant situation in the u.s. for doing their job i remember in september one of our correspondents who was covering the u.n. general assembly. verbal e was verbally abused and harassed by you or police officers he was prevented from broadcasting and denies the use of her phone i remember what was later told she had done nothing wrong all this time with caylee and john things have gotten much more
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serious carrie. are you going to do keep us updated with that thank you for that. well you're with are to stay tuned as we have much more coming your way clothing coming a good bargain breeder. at the capitol but first keep your fingers away from the quest to find out what all that means in ten minutes time also. we air all see has become a wasteland and solve and pollution i'm wendy france join me in kazakstan to investigate how this transformation has affected the people here and how it but it's down on the environment forever. people in serbia are getting less enthusiastic about their country joining the european union a new gallup poll highlights concern over signing up to an alliance that's having trouble keeping itself together further explained it's the basics that people are
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worried about with prices in the shops already suffering from you practices. it's government's eyes on the west in just a few days' time serve you'll be presented with a questionnaire by the commission in what's seen as an important step in saving his bid to join the poor us citizens as was the case for the rest of the continent being part of the e.u. is a certainty for peace and stability and normal life they had away from the prairie political rhetoric and the media mongst the public in serbia is the first the difference in fact a recent monitoring report found that more than half the respondents now viewed. negatively and whether i will listen to the politicians or not so focused on joining the e.u. the e.u. gives. us and it seems that our government is being dictated to and controlled by the e.u. which. impose crisis here many e.u.
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countries and they're facing their own big struggles and there are some important questions being posed just how will it. help serbia is a condom. how will the multi cultural institutions built after a decade of war be sustained at a time when leading european politicians saying that multiculturalism is dead and when unemployment in serbia is so high the promises of a better future translate into actual benefits past. drawing. many groups to bring down. any changes the government has also come under heavy criticism from opposition parties for the ill militant selling a state assets in the privatization be the last decade. for ten years the serbian government has been supporting me with promises of a better future but free cheese is only ever presented in
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a mouse trap the government even sold some business is to partners in the european union. industry monopolies have crippled many businesses such as this small dairy farm in belgrade from cow to cart milk production serbia is now no longer profitable and it still the situation changes consumers are going to be getting a drop of the real thing. and the price is sad deaconess and sue farmers simply refuse to accept it now it's hard to find fresh milk in the shops and we're having to sell our coast for meat we're told that the milk monopoly is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to business corruption is with rich businessmen profiting from the government not strong enough or unwilling to oppose private interests investigation documents showing to r.t. reveal the state loss of around twenty million year is from the alleged and devaluing of the lands linked to the sale of great pause money that should have
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belonged to the taxpayer of course there are certain issues. to deal with. corruption as well as. a whole bureaucracy that is still existing here it is a. soil for phenomena like corruption people who no longer feel like the membership will be the answer to the country's problems and trade eve rhetoric holds nice way when continuing economic instability is affecting the lives of the population saira shah. belgrade. well in an interview with r.t. serbian president boris tadic says that despite economic problems kosovo remains one of the top issues for the serbian people that at this hour he tells us that he wanted to move forward welcome nations need to overcome their differences. konami crises. unemployment and the kind of problems on the top of our agenda and this is
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a totally true without strong economy the real development you cannot defend your state and the national interest but people are not thinking of course always are not the problem anymore we have a confrontation between serbs and albanians not between should be and cause so because we don't trickle in a score so in the pan this we have a confrontation between serbs and albanians for almost. fifty years and on the end of the day we have to solve that kind of call. blocking not only serbs sort of single billions but also a whole region in terms of progress and development only true dialogue we can achieve some solution that can be acceptable for prishtina a great. once the world's fourth largest lake central asia as i'll see is now a shadow of its former self with ninety percent of its water lost through soviet
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union irrigation projects it's now little more than an environmental catastrophe resulting is that insofar as reports the sea is demise also poses a serious threat to people's health. care all see is a shadow of its former self those in the kazak city are rask once had the sea at their doorstep but are now confronted by the haunting sight of abandoned ships the water is twenty kilometers away and from the dried up remains sickness comes one local woman who chose not to be named remembers when friends and family started to fall ill. here new diseases a match that we had never seen in high numbers especially related to breathe in my husband's good chronic bronchitis that's how i live you can see salt in the air but you feel it on the skin and you can feel it on the town fields planted to make the
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soviet union completely self-sufficient in cotton consumed the rivers feeding into the air or sea decade by decade it nearly disappeared now what was once the world's fourth largest landlocked body of water is reduced to a pit of sand salt and pollution. the salt clings to them moist seabed like here at the harbor in are all tsk as soon as it's dry enough even the slightest wind carries it into the town and across the country into the lungs of men women and children who don't even know they're bringing it before the grand cotton scheme the erroll see was one of the most picturesque places in central asia as it disappeared along with the soviet union the task of regeneration fell to the heads of newly independent central asian states in the early one nine hundred ninety s. it was then that people learned the extent of the seized the mines that until that
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point was known only to those close to the cultivation projects pesticides used to yield cotton leached into the rivers making the water a silent killer used in. the grinders heavily polluted as well in essence we're living in a disaster area in the past our infectious disease ward had one hundred fifty to one hundred sixty patients especially children with interesting diseases per year it's about five per year it was the exact same with viral hepatitis this is all things to clean water. three years ago a group called the international fund for saving the errol c. stepped in to protect the people from the taint of water. is just the fresh water project sells many issues one possible way lead tap water pipes to the villages and to distant villages they create local water pipe systems but the pesticides aren't just in the fresh water they're blowing across the dusty seabed as well. in
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addition multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is on the rise exacerbated by this toxic combination special rehabilitation wards are reserved in area hospitals so. our government pays fifty percent of what it calls ecological extras to our salaries. they throw in extra for living with the rockets launched and the aral sea we have serious problems with the draft young people come in unfit to service. small dams now trap what little water flows into the upper air all see irrigating the desert little by little but walking through this place that's been given a new lease on life one can see the legacy of mismanagement it begs the question is bringing the water back enough to overcome the years of neglect or is the pollution too great to turn the dust bowl back into a thriving basin lindsey france r t kazakstan. well that's out of the now at some
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other news from around the world. for you officials in new zealand pairing to send a high tech robot into a mind blowing fraud as explosion which left twenty nine workers trapped underground to transmit pictures and assess toxic gas levels which have so far in the search efforts involved running a started on the ventilation show the sheraton down to that there has been no communication with them since the disaster the. united states special representative to north korea has met south korea's nuclear envoy discuss the latest on kong young's atomic program stephen bosworth stripping include stops in seoul tokyo and beijing and comes off the young a new brain and richmond facility to a visiting american but experts his reports claim to korea is generating great fuel went for
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a new reactor. stricken ireland has confirmed that it will receive a massive bailout from the european union following a week of speculation darwish government is negotiating with the e.u. and the international monetary fund for loans with just under one hundred billion euros it's the second emergency rescue package organized by the euro zone this year as part of the deal the government will outline its spending plan for the next four years to restructure the country's banking industry and bring down the budget deficit. it's not on its own in europe when it comes to struggling with debt i speak of the bells cross-talk panel discuss in a few hours take thirty g.m.t. whether governments will ever be able to pay off their deep debts and what might happen they fail. to make a point here it's like let's move this to i'd like to move to a medical metaphor and let's say your neighborhood and everybody knows he's been
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drinking and he's a drinking problem and he's been drinking it for a long time and now he's started to been drinking he's having blackouts and he's ended up in the hospital and so it's a crises so everybody's gathered in the village in the waiting room deciding what to do and we have. roland on one side and he's the doctor and he goes listen you know this is this is a terrible situation this man's got to stop drinking i mean the alcohol is the cause of his problem the sooner he stops drinking the better and then we have mark on the other hand who says you know i mean that's true he's been drinking too much but if we cut him off right now he's just going to have a heart attack and die we have a systemic collapse all right and my situation is i'm looking at this as you know that guy's going to be hauled off to the to the room and let's let's start praying so this is basically what it is cannot stop the dead you've got to stop spending to cut down debt whether or not it's too late is now the question.
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the peregrine falcon is the world's most prevalent but i'm pretty sure it's a risk with many a few thousand left in the wild but the former surgeon is on a one crusade to get the country's endangered list welty went to see his debate. what bergner. this is how we teach our young four corners to work with the birds of . a yard has been turned into a classroom and the birds of prey have a magnetic attraction. yes it was scary the first time then we slowly got used to them and it became interesting. mohammed shimmery is a surgeon by profession and moved to north
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a city here in sawyer times now he's embarked on a tough mission to restore the peregrine and seek a falcon population of the region for five seven years we didn't have the permission to release the birds the ones that were born in the census stayed here for more than a century peregrine's have been a reassigned to north as city and it did mohammed over a decade to get the falcon bridge in project on track britain peregrine's in captivity has proved to be difficult when you're more than one she peregrine had no chicks for eight years no matter what male felt bring she didn't want to mate. mohamed has a story to tell about each of his one hundred fifty brutes every day the result long to do list in just three people so they're all kept very busy. they say it takes a lot to train the falcon for hunting but in the wild birds have a completely different existence. the falcons born in captivity are trained to hunt
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and live in the wild every year a few are released one even made its way as far as morocco only go in to prove the success of the operation. if they continue releasing at least twenty five thirty five birds annually there is a chance that the species will stay here is not hunted down nowadays though there are rare cases i think one day will see peregrine's not passing by is now the build a nest here meanwhile mohammed dreams about getting a green light on his falcon risk. is the people who should get to like the birds of bree you really love nature and the other forest ambulance so maybe with all felt in school we can somehow help the environment if the youth understands the environment in the right way we will live well with the paragon population now on the rise he wants to turn his attention to the falconry school teaching the locals how to look after the birds of prey and allow them to saw over their satan mountain
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safe to hunt rather than be hunted. and then it r.t. from north. wonderful now business updates on the way for you in just a few moments stay with us. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get the cuban voice face to face with the news makers. and i want to welcome to our business program thanks for joining me down plans to double oil production by the year twenty twenty and to new export markets but at
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the same time the country wants to diversify its economy and it's looking for foreign investors prime minister spoke exclusively with business r.t. about those plans. because i stand if known for the wall because we have a huge reserves of the natural resources before but over the minerals and etc but to be only support for resources to the war is not. just a nation is to be to have a competitor for a free market economy to her for a competitive. population with a higher standard of education mr prime minister it's been almost a year since the creation of the customs union of russia kazakstan and valorous how would you assess its work what problems have been revealed during this year and where has it been most successful of course we did have some difficulties the past
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may be will be some difficulties in the future but at the same time we do hear for very achievable results and seeing the results that quantum is and the process within the custom union became more competitive. enterprises within custom union have more competitive advantages because the market is much bigger than it used to be before especially for because of standing on the sixteen million population now we can put a use of those four hundred seventy million population this is a good advantage for us the new tariff policy in the customs union will be based on current tariffs existing in the russian federation it will get ninety percent of all the duties while kazakhstan all receive only seven percent what is your peer is this workable it's not only workable it's already working order to feel the one
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teachers of that i think gives the possibility to set up a new enterprise system the territory of all of custom union including kazakhstan and the order they feel. or interest from foreign companies to invest in kazakhstan because now all of the illusion what a much bigger market not only sixty million population and deal with it if you think the interest from the alternate investors kazakstan plans to double while extraction by twenty twenty what will be the priority in the country's energy policy and what export markets will cause a strong target kazakhstan explained and to double the export possibilities by twenty twenty just to nation for export to four in the digital sources he said some additional countries through the russian pipeline system to europe through the. consortium project through russian territory book would
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boost to do harm. to china i think we will explore of much as possible even though all the existing capacity is not enough when we have discussed. with all the members of all the neighboring countries the possibility for a future expert but the first choice is russia. and let's look at the markets now asian markets are trading mixed tokyo stocks up one percent hitting a five month high at one point on monday we're seeing worries about the again strength continue to encourage a shift back where the lag nikkei index bank sank is losing over a quarter of a status out of the russian equity markets called what positive on friday the r.t.s. broke this sixteen hundred point benchmark finishing just a tenth of a percent up to my six had an up and down session and ended just a little higher. the global financial markets have been trapped between encouraging economic data from the u.s. and worries about inflation in china it's a trend that's likely to continue in the coming week that's according to stephen
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the shots came. we probably will see more of the same. the inflation risk out of china and out of other parts of the world is very serious i think people are still concerned what the implications of quantitative easing in the united states will be . sold that there is still a lot of concerns that are weighing on investors' minds on the other hand you know we are approaching december the last month of the year despite the fears and a lot of problems with european euro zone that china. seems to be ending on a positive note so maybe you know people will try to see kind of a positive ending to two thousand and ten so i think we'll probably see more of the same. people being concerned selling their shares and taking some profits close to the end of the year and people who are more optimistic loading up on chairs say but
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i think we'll probably see markets a little changed there are no major announcements also it's going to be a short the short week in the u.s. because of the things giving holiday. that's our business update for this hour we'll be back with more in less than thirty minutes what.
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they faced this is not a prohibition but more of. a force it let me show you some just everybody is sure to support your dream speech so they have no idea about the hardships to be faced. by one it's businesses it is all going to needs to. bring in the army the life of abusing them it is the most precious thing in the world. years of self-sacrifice and heroism but those who understand it fully you have to live a. real life stories from world war two six. thousand nine hundred forty five don't r.t. dot com.
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it's. no there time for look at the headlines now free the press and our t.v. news crew trying to film an annual rally against the so-called at school of a
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