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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EST

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a very warm welcome to this is he lived with me on this habit and all the news crew has been freed on bail after spending around thirty two hours in the us jail they were taken into custody in the state of georgia while filming an annual rally near a military base nicknamed the school of assassins. i'm. here after you meet. her respond to the food and whole way were fixed pay a fine after they were accused of taking part in the rally police are still considering another challenge against them for allegedly failing to have a office's instructions despite the crew claiming they followed every order kayleen forty's at the center of the story described the action of the police as brutal. it was very stressful we were treated like any other inmates and of course we were
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not given any special treatment any special privileges we were actually separated men and women and so i didn't get to to speak with my cameramen hardly at all we could see each other occasionally through the window and we sort of you know communicated with each other to try to tell each other that we were doing ok it's a piece. of never any sort of violence never any sort of vandalism in fact the people who do those protests though they were protesting against the you know the so-called school of assassins the school of the america has been for banning they're not protesting against this town and they've actually enjoyed quite good relations with the surrounding community. of columbus georgia this year however has been different. there were some arbitrary detention there were some arrests that innocent bystanders every year of course people intentionally get arrested to draw attention to the issue that at the school of the americas in the human rights issues of its graduates however this here is many people who are not intending to get arrested who are merely innocent bystander do including one man who the owner
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of a barber shop are also arrested and became myself and my camera man included for more than thirty hours many of the people who were filming both journalists and just people who were there filming on their you know small consumer cameras were harassed a very very distinct impression that the police were going after people who were filming and documenting what happened there weren't demonstrators we were covering this as numbers of the news media accredited to cover this event and so of course you know we've had that go to jury charges there's been local charges which have already gone through the system here even though we weren't offered a trial and then also state charges which are still pending we had many people toward solidarity with that outside of the jail we got word that more than two hundred people had gathered for a candlelight vigil outside the jail when they had learned we had been arrests good people. basically the entire. if you are hearing or arraignment showing solidarity
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shown support for as we walk in the court room was full. of activities that people in solidarity of people who believed in our inoffensive and specially members of the press and our right to tell the truth about what happened there. for the palls to twenty years of activity but the minute you count me in question has been the subject of home public scrutiny carol has. there has been a growing public outrage with what's going on at fort benning and any training camp for latin american military and law enforcement officers they've trained around sixty thousand of them many of whom have returned to their countries and became very dangerous they committed all kinds of human rights abuses for example in one thousand nine hundred three the united nations truth commission on el salvador named the army officers who had committed the worst atrocities of the civil war they are two thirds of them had been good it had been trained at the school of the americas in chile the schools graduates ran both
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a. secret police and his and some of his main prisons there which are often referred to as concentration camps generals who led the bloody military coup in honduras in two thousand and nine were trained at the school of the americas which is now called the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation while the name has changed but the practices obviously have. have not caylee now reporter was covering all this in the rally outside fort benning where the training center is located. they said they had this sound from basin of life the hope bed of death. wasteland of sound solid dust and pollution and lindsey france joined me and kazakstan to investigate how this transformation has affected the people here and how it's put its stamp on the environment forever. russian newspaper one hundred published new details of the joined nato russian missile
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defense shield the skulls on the sidelines of last weekend's alliance summit in lisbon under a new proposal offered by president meant that the two sides would come a separate sections of territory while sides together on identifying diplomatic souls the pace the says that simply speaking russia would be responsible for handling the road with cells from the east and nato will cover russia from the west when experts say this time would allow both sides remain secure and independent in terms of their. systems it's also that instructs it would help for the russians of european systems threatening its national security well for more on this without joined live by what is over with and from the mosque a state university of foreign relations and this is the key to many thanks for joining us now russia had repeatedly stated that it will only cooperate on the precondition of absolute equality on all sides of the deal will this latest
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proposal do you think help to achieve that. nato you say in the. future to see is a nuclear weapon free world steel it still provides the combination of nuclear and conventional forces the same one threshold i sure would like to avoid the situation the way i am after establishing all the new newly announced system all for missile defense russia would be also on the sea cover all of the information. which would provide also the formation of a. missile strikes and would. deprive crashaw of the deterrent capability to preserve decorum couple millet this is important. while deciding how it will participate in say european american system this could be done by combining on the russian satellite something formation from so raiders stable or a that. those switches. from for example azerbaijan.
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borders combine it together we as a technical capability. american and european saw the lights. interceptors only in can be a nation that this system would be able. to cover europe and russia from say potential strike by worse ok theoretically russia and they say would be safe for a missile strikes in no one's national security threaten so is this really the win win situation that is our history or all there any hidden dangers which you say. in fact this will be when the women if a west will be able to decide that it got to the kind of sectors of security which each side these are responsible for and obviously we see more than the speed of the missiles which for twenty minutes from continent to continent you need to know. in
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march in advance the information about the strikes of zero point which means that you know diddly if you establish such a system it should respond to its electronic compatibility this it's a space which it controls far beyond your own ted at that is this is why i suggest and will discuss what was in the proximity ha for years a technical but i'm out there so it's a future system and establish a kind of flows also first sponsibility aware each side would be a collective most often formation but the decision making process of who is a strength wasn't this. possibility is. stalled as the missile strike on the sponsored by the actual business or should be taken politically and to get. like a well is service sector as a performer but it's. beyond national borders so what does that mean for security. in fact. in the direction in which missiles start them from the territorial of
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certain states is common to only by a certain quantity or a set the lies below given eyes a tool united states or russia or some european powers. come to roll a lot of. airspace to be warned in advance about zip about actual strike from destroying those fuel for example are impatient i was in your system against potential strikes from iran or north korea would require. much more informational to be built this well for us should be involved as i may be informational capability for located that european powers from this point of your russia need the tools or west to establish the system into a full scale and their shit you are ready afford negotiations for that i can examine think you can director of the center for the euro atlantic studies in the last case a university of international relations many thanks thinks the us. now one of the world's full phonology slate the our all thin central asia is now moving for one of
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the. west ecological disaster is the pilot steers a soviet era rig ation project for water thought it receding fifty years ago causing a drastic change in the local climate and killing of most of marine life but one of the greatest threats the rapidly disappearing water is still is to people's health is a false report. the air all see is a shadow of its former self those in the kazakh city of aralsk once had to see at their doorstep but are now confronted by the haunting sight of abandoned ships the water is twenty kilometers away and from the dried up remains sickness comes one local woman who chose not to be named remembers when friends and family started to fall ill but as you say q new disease is a match that we have never seen in high numbers especially related to breathe in my
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husband's good chronic bronchitis that's how we leave you calm sea salt in the air but you feel it on the skin and you can feel it on the tongue. fields planted to make the soviet union completely self-sufficient and cotton consumed the rivers feeding into the air will see decade by decade it nearly disappeared now what was once the world's fourth largest landlocked body of water is reduced to a pit of sand salt and pollution. the salt clings to the moist seabed like here at the harbor in are all tsk as soon as it's dry enough even the slightest wind carries it into the town and across the country into the lungs of men women and children who don't even know they're breathing it before the ground cotton skinny erroll see was one of the most picturesque places in central asia as it disappeared along with the soviet union the task of regeneration fell to the
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heads of newly independent central asian states. in the early one nine hundred ninety s. it was then that people learned the extent of the seized the mines that until that point was known only to those close to the cultivation projects pesticides used to yield cotton leached into the rivers making the water a silent killer. heavily polluted as well and in essence we're living in a disaster area. or infectious disease ward had one hundred fifty to one hundred sixty patients especially children with a string of diseases and per year it's about five per year and it was the exact same with viral hepatitis this is all frank's to clean water. three years ago a group called the international fund for saving the arrow c. stepped in to protect the people from the tainted water. the fresh water project sells many shias one possible way lead tap water pipes to the villages and to
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distant villages with a great local water pipe system but the pesticides aren't just in the fresh water they're blowing across the dusty seabed as well. in addition multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is on the rise exacerbated by this toxic combination special rehabilitation warrants are reserved in area hospitals. our government pays fifty percent of what it calls ecological extras to our salaries they throw in extra for living near buchan or with the rockets are launched and the aral sea we have serious problems with the draft young people come in unfit for service. small dams now trapped what little water flows into the upper air all see irrigating the desert little by little but walking through this place that's been given a new lease on life one can see the legacy of mismanagement it begs the question
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is bringing the water back enough to. overcome the years of neglect or is the pollution too great to turn the dust bowl back into a thriving basin. lindsey friends are kazakstan. and that was the first in a series of special reports from the size of one of the walls was environmental to stay with us for more on the al sea region throughout the week. and of course you can always find more on that issue on our website altie dot com there's also plenty of other stories that he was welding pleading for to help them explain to me if we drop off the sound poll finds here with our russian cargo planes unique parachutes in addition to a lot of equipment tearing down tops. it is the end of the line for this kind of trusty old trami with designs where the trunk soon meaning it will be clear by the model which heralded the electric era all that and much more on our website on
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a. channel. apologies for that flight down cookouts now serbia is set to face a key questions from the e.u. commission over its readiness to join the union but with the bloc currently struggling to keep its weakest states afloat there's skepticism in the alliance about accepting an all the new. ports even in serbia many doubt membership will bring any great benefits to their troubled country. its government's assembly on the west in just a few days' time serve you be presented with a questionnaire by the commission and what's seen as an important step in serbia's bid to join the e.u. for our citizens as was the case for the rest of the continent being part of the e.u. is the certainty for peace and stability
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a normal life then away from the pre political rhetoric in the media amongst the public in serbia is different in fact a recent monitoring report found that more than half the respondents now view e.u. accession negatively. on joining the. e.u. . and it seems. take it to. the e.u. what you do not impose crisis here at many e.u. countries and they're facing that big struggles and there are some important questions being posed just how will you exception help said he is a condom a and when unemployment in serbia is so high that the promises of the basic teacher translate into actual benefits. for ten years the serbian government has been striving to once the e.u. with promises of a better future free cheese is only ever on offer in
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a mouse trap the government even sold some businesses to partners in the european union. people hit no longer feel like eve membership would be the answer to the country's problems and prairie eve rhetoric holds in this way but continuing economic instability is affecting the lives of the population so if. denigrate the prospects of serbia joining the e.u. and the optical faces were up for discussion when aussies think you should not say sat down with serbian president but i just thought it and you can watch the full interview in about fifteen minutes but here's a quick preview. except that serbia is actually putting chances of joining the e.u. under threat by refusing to cooperate with kosovo and you're facing a really tough choice what's your priority. for sure i'm not making that kind of difference when i was elected for president of serbia. and to main
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street to trickle down it's to become a state of fear to defend that authority that you can see going to my country i'm going to continue my efforts in the direction you're talking about people that. mentioning course was a main problem of the country different opinion polls in past few years you have to know that serbia is a very much affected because of economic crisis and in that respect all serbian people are. and the citizen said thinking that economic crises. i'm employed with the kind of problems to talk before are jammed and this is a totally true without strong economy and the real development you cannot defend your state and the national interests. or you can use that interview or right now at some of today's other top stories in brief and the u.s. especially ria has called the recent revelations the funk the country's nuclear
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program provocative but not a crisis stephen bosworth is visiting south korea was responding to a report on american science with the north has a new uranium enrichment plant with more than one thousand centrifuges well there have also been claims that an experimental light which will react is being developed not of the revelations has been can. rescue is out of mind in new zealand are preparing to use a specialized were able to reach twenty nine miners trapped since an explosion three days ago rescue efforts have been severely hampered by a dangerous tense against preventing anyone from entering the mine the drilling of the ventilation shelf down to where the miners are believed to be more than a kilometer underground is expected to become consumed on monday however officials acknowledge the miners may not survive the initial explosion. games or go away navigable versions business these are off to
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a very short break for solace. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. much brighter if you knew. from phones to. t.v. . that i welcome to this program hey are with me scholem's folly kazakhstan is planning to
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double oil production by twenty twenty and is eyeing up new export markets but at the same time the country also wants to diversify its economy was looking for foreign investors the country's prime minister spoke exclusively to business all about the plans. because i stand if known for the wall because we have a huge reserves of the natural resources before but over the minerals and etc but to be only supplier for resources the world is not so good well just to nations. to be to have a competitor for a free market economy to have for a competitor for the. population with a higher standard of education mr prime minister it's been almost a year since the creation of the customs union of russia calloused on and valorous how would you assess its work what problems have been revealed during this year and
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where has it been most successful of course we did have some difficulties the past may be will be some difficulties in the future but at the same time we do hear for very achievable results and i see in the virtue board results that our quantum is and the process within the custom union became more competitive. enterprises even custom union have more competitive advantages because the market is much bigger than it used to be before especially for because of standing on the sixty million population now we can produce out of those four hundred seventy million population this is a good one touch for us the mere tariff policy in the customs union will be based on current tariffs existing in the russian federation it will get ninety percent of all the duties while council start or receive only seven percent what is your opinion is this workable it's not only workable it's already working and they
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already feel that wondrous of that i think it gives the possibility to set up a new enterprise system the territory of all the benefits of custom union including because of them and they already feel more. or interest from foreign companies to invest in kazakhstan because now they're looking for a much bigger market not only six population and they're over there they feel that interest from the. investors kazakstan plans to double oil extraction by twenty twenty what will be the priority in the country's energy policy and what export markets will kazakstan target kazakhstan explain and to double the export possibilities by twenty twenty and distant nation for export of oil in the digital sources if the additional countries through the russian pipeline system to europe through c.p.c.
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pipeline consortium project through or through russian territory but would believe . to china i think we will explore as much as possible even though they exist in capacities north now and we have discussed and with all the members with all the neighboring countries the possibility for a future expert but the first choice is russia. ten percent stake of russian call producer from current shareholders roles technology and the investment dialogue deals worth an estimated two hundred ninety million dollars and is expected to be reached next spring if it takes place to share of running this after we reach thirty five percent even though that will give a significant power in the boardroom companies planning to secure a controlling stake in the near future apart from the secondary public offering also its share split six hundred million dollars. now debt stricken ireland has
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confirmed that it will receive a massive bailout from the european union it's a second emergency rescue package. is there in this year first being for greece the government is negotiating with the un the international monetary fund for loans worth just under one hundred billion euro it's thought this is a deal the government will outlaw its spending plan for the next. we'll have to restructure the country's banking industry and bring down the huge budget deficit the case is also ready to help. being you really learn a new officials fear the public's financial problems might spread to countries with large budget deficits. see how the markets of performing and european stocks have turned toward negative for the first time on monday afternoon as gains related to news of a rescue package for either prove shortlived banks have turned negative with gains for drug an all time stocks of painting the markets and russians stocks of climb for the full day on the back of high oil prices the news of the
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a package to ireland its bad bank lead to be both at the center of both the bulls this bucking the trend though of gas from the new coil which are trading records. for this we can respond more stories on our web site. business.
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wealthy british style is not easy that's not on the president's side of the front. of the. markets but scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two cars a report on our. sweet and clean. salty and fair use for. radioactive and dangerous. and even the dead and
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desolate. they all keep their unique secrets of their bottoms unique lakes on our team.
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it's all her miles davis is seeing new crew a jail while attempting to film a nano protest find the minute she based the school and all the fun things in the us is that released on bail the correspondent come out also forced to pay a fine after they were accused of taking paulson the only thing. that the russian defense did on the for the russian daily on the blog. from rove and training at their respective the agreement reached a long weekend nato summit in lisbon has already been dealt with song called on to pave the way for one president a cooperation between russia and the alliance. and as a growing number of stubbins opposed the prospect of joining the e.u. inside the alliance fears also agree that any.


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